Outer membrane proteins of Fusobacterium necrophorum biovars A, AB and B: their taxonomic relationship to F. necrophorum subspecies necrophorum and F. necrophorum subspecies funduliforme

Ainsworth, P.C.; Scanlan, C.M.

Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation Official Publication of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians Inc 5(2): 282-283


ISSN/ISBN: 1040-6387
PMID: 8507709
DOI: 10.1177/104063879300500227
Accession: 002450587

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Eight bovine F. necrophorum strains (FN2101, a biovar A; 2117 a biovar A; FN 2118, a biovar A; FN 3001, a biovar A; FN 2030, a biovar AB; FN 2035, a biovar B; FN 2079, a biovar B and FN 3004, a biovar B) were used. The strains were biotyped, using the procedures described by Fieves (1963 presses Acadamique Europeenes Brussels). Electrophoretic comparisons of the outer membrane proteins (OMP) of F. Necrophorum biovars A, A AB and B demonstrated that the major OMP from 38 to 45 kD were markedly different between biovar A (including biovar AB and biovar B), however the, the OMP profiles among the strains from each biovar were very similar. Strains FN 2030, FN 2101, FN 2117, FN2118, and FN 3001 had a major protein band 44.5 kD; FN 2079 at 43.5 kD; and strains FN 2035 and FN 3004 at 38.4 kD. The OPM profile data of this study conformed to the newly established taxonomic criteria for biovar A(including biovar AB strain FN 2030) as F. necrophorum subspecies necrophorum and biovar B as F. necrophorum subspecies funduliforme.