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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2453

Chapter 2453 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Asakawa, M.; Hasegawa, H.; Ohnuma, M.; Tatsushima, T.; Ohbayashi, M., 1992:
Parasitic nematodes of rodents on the off-shore islands of Hokkaido

Lamberti, F., 1991:
Parasitic nematodes of vines and their control

Clouston, A.D.; Walker, N.I.; Prociv, P., 1993:
Parasitic origin of a solitary necrotic nodule of the liver

Aoki, Y.; Wambayi, E.; Iwanaga, M.; Makino, Y.; Maina, M.N., 1993:
Parasitic pathogens associated with diarrhoea in Mombasa, Kenya

Borg, S.J. ter; Ast, A. van, 1991:
Parasitic plants as stimulants of host growth

Val' kyunas, G.; Ezhova, T., 1992:
Parasitic protozoa in the blood of birds in the USSR. 9. Haemoproteidae of Passeriformes, Charadriiformes and Anseriformes

Knoff, M.; Serra Freire, N.M. da, 1993:
Parasitic protozoa of Mugil platanus Gunther, 1880 from the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Soshkin, D.V., 1993:
Parasitic protozoans of aquatic insect larvae in the River Ucha basin near Moscow

Ramirez B.W., 1988 :
Parasitic relationships among chalcidoid fig-wasps and the syconia of Ficus (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea)

Lagoke, S.T.O.; Parkinson, V.; Agunbiade, R.M., 1991:
Parasitic weeds and control methods in Africa

Kulisic, Zoran, 1993:
Parasitic zoonoses in small animals

Lord Soulsby, 1991:
Parasitic zoonoses: new perspectives and emerging problems

Yeshbir Singh; Singh, S.P.; Mathur, K.K., 1991:
Parasitisation of Heliothis armigera (Hb.) on Bengal gram in Delhi

Jaenike, J., 1988:
Parasitism and male mating success in Drosophila testacea

Mulvey, M.; Aho, JM., 1993:
Parasitism and mate competition: liver flukes in white-tailed deer

Margulis, L., 1993:
Parasitism and parasitology : anachronistic flags

Pearsall, I.A.; Walde, S.J., 1994:
Parasitism and predation as agents of mortality of winter moth populations in neglected apple orchards in Nova Scotia

Grenfell B.T., 1992:
Parasitism and the dynamics of ungulate grazing systems

Fedorov, K.P., 1991:
Parasitism as a type of biocoenotic relationship

Leija Tristan, A.; Salazar Vallejo, S.I., 1991:
Parasitism by Progebiophilus bruscai (Isopoda: Bopyridae) on the shrimp Upogebia dawsoni (Thalassinoidea: Upogebiidae) in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Torres, P.; Teuber, S.; Miranda, J.C., 1990:
Parasitism in Chilean freshwater ecosystems. 2. Nematode parasites of Percichthys trucha (Pisces: Serranidae) with a description of a new species of Camallanus (Nematoda: Spiruroidea)

Torres, P.; Ruiz, E.; Rebolledo, C.; Mira, A.; Cubillos, V.; Navarrete, N.; Gesche, W.; Montefusco, A.; Valdes, L.; Alberdi, A., 1990:
Parasitism in fish and human riverside communities from Huillinco and Natri Lakes (Great Island of Chiloe), Chile

Torres, T.M.; Contreras, A.; Cubillos, V.; Gesche, W.; Montefusco, A.; Rebolledo, C.; Mira, A.; Arenas, J.; Miranda, J.C.; Asenjo, S.; Schlatter, R., 1992:
Parasitism in fishes, fish-eating birds and human communities from Yelcho and Tagua-Tagua Lakes, Xth Region of Chile

Bosch, J., 1992:
Parasitism in wild and managed populations of the almond pollinator Osmia cornuta Latr. (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae)

Zhang, Z-Q., 1991:
Parasitism of Acyrthosiphon pisum by Allothrombium pulvinum (Acariformes: Trombidiidae): host attachment site, host size selection, superparasitism and effect on host

Zhang, Z.Q.; Chen, P., 1993:
Parasitism of Aphis gossypii (Homoptera: Aphididae) by Allothrombium pulvinum larvae (Acari: Trombidiidae) in cotton fields: spatial dispersion and density dependence

Baker, GL.; Pigott, RG., 1993:
Parasitism of Chortoicetes terminifera (Walker) (Orthoptera: Acrididae) eggs by Scelio parvicornis Dodd (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae)

Quintela, E.D.; Sanchez, S.E.M.; Yokoyama, M., 1992:
Parasitism of Encarsia sp. (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) on Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius, 1889) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

Tedford, E.C.; Jaffee, B.A.; Muldoon, A.E.; Anderson, C.E.; Westerdahl, B.B., 1993:
Parasitism of Heterodera schachtii and Meloidogyne javanica by Hirsutella rhossiliensis in Microplots over Two Growing Seasons

Hawkeswood, T.J., 1991:
Parasitism of Melanitis leda bankia (Fabricius) (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae: Satyrinae) by a tachinid fly (Diptera: Tachinidae) in Queensland, Australia

Mertens, M.C.A.; Stirling, G.R., 1993:
Parasitism of Meloidogyne spp. on grape and kiwifruit by the fungal egg parasites Paecilomyces lilacinus and Verticillium chlamydosporium

McPherson, R.M., 1993:
Parasitism of Pseudoplusia includens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) by Copidosoma truncatellum (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) using various laboratory procedures

Buxton, J., 1989:
Parasitism of Simulium species by mermithid nematodes in forest areas of Sierra Leone

Nakamura, S.; Sotoyama, T.; Hayasaka, S.; Kameyama, Y.; Maruyama, S.; Katsube, Y., 1991:
Parasitism of Toxocara canis larvae in Japanese quails by inoculation of the ascarid eggs

Maruyama, S.; Nino, T.; Yamamoto, K.; Katsube, Y., 1994:
Parasitism of Toxocara canis larvae in chickens inoculated with the ascarid eggs

Ozawa, A.; Satou, M.; Masuda, T., 1992:
Parasitism of an indigenous parasitoid Encarsia transvena (Timberlake) on the sweetpotato whitefly, Bemisia tabaci Gennadius, in sweetpotato fields

Kitt, J.; Schmidt, GH., 1993:
Parasitism of egg-batches of the pine processionary moth Thaumetopoea wilkinsoni Tams (Lep., Thaumetopoeidae) in the mountains of Lahav (Israel)

Abreu, J.M. de; Sgrillo, R.B., 1989:
Parasitism of eggs of Erinnyis ello (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae) by Telenomus dilophonotae and T. connectans (Hymenoptera: Scelionidea) in rubber plantations in Bahia, Brazil

Umoru, PA., 1993:
Parasitism of frit fly (Oscinella spp. (Dipt., Chloropidae) and Geomyza tripunctata Fall. (Dipt., Opomyzidae)) by hymenopterous parasitoids in grassland in northern England

Jaffee, B.A.; Ferris, H.; Stapleton, J.J.; Norton, M.V.; Muldoon, A.E., 1994:
Parasitism of Nematodes by the Fungus Hirsutella rhossiliensis as Affected by Certain Organic Amendments

Poinar, G.O.J.; Curcic, B.P.M., 1992:
Parasitism of pseudoscorpions (Arachnida) by Mermithidae (Nematoda)

Youm, O.; Gilstrap, F.E.; Browning, H.W., 1990:
Parasitism of stem borers (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) associated with corn and sorghum in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas

Vovlas, N.; Vlachopoulos, E., 1991:
Parasitism of the Mediterranean reniform nematode Rotylenchulus macrodoratus on grape in Crete, Greece

Watanabe, M.A.; Yoshii, C., 1992:
Parasitism of the scale Selenaspidus articulatus (Hemiptera-Homoptera: Diaspididae) by Aphytis sp. (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae)

Kajita, H.; Samudra, I.M.; Naito, A., 1992:
Parasitism of the tobacco whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae), by Encarsia transvena (Timberlake) (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) in Indonesia

Tidemann, S.C.; McOrist, S.; Woinarski, J.C.; Freeland, W.J., 1992:
Parasitism of wild Gouldian finches (Erythrura gouldiae) by the air-sac mite Sternostoma tracheacolum

Astaf' ev, B.A., 1991:
Parasitism: nature of the phenomenon and its definition

Reinemeyer, C.R., 1994:
Parasitisms of dairy and beef cattle in the United States

Herbert, D.A.J.; Zehnder, G.W.; Speese, J.; Powell, J.E., 1993:
Parasitization and timing of diapause in Virginia Microplitis croceipes (Hymenoptera: Braconidae): implications for biocontrol of Helicoverpa zea (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in soybean

Losey, J.E.; Calvin, D.D., 1991:
Parasitization efficiency of five species of Trichogramma (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) on European corn borer eggs

Gaikwad, B.B.; Bilapate, G.G., 1992:
Parasitization of Achaea janata and estimation of losses on castor

Hochberg, RJ.; Bert, TM.; Steele, P.; Brown, SD., 1992:
Parasitization of Loxothylacus texanus on Callinectes sapidus: aspects of population biology and effects on host morphology

Kaczorowski, G., 1990:
Parasitization of sugarbeet cyst nematode in seedlings of weeds and sugarbeet cultivated with a three-year rotation

Murakami, Y.; Hiramatsu, T.; Maeda, M., 1994:
Parasitoid complexes of the chestnut gall wasp (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) in two localities before introduction of Torymus (Syntomaspis) sinensis (Hymenoptera: Torymidae), with special reference to prediction of results after release of the parasitoid

Garraway, E.; Bailey, A.J.A., 1992:
Parasitoid induced mortality in the eggs of the endangered giant swallowtail butterfly Papilio homerus (Papilionidae)

Dicke, M.; Vet, L.E.M.; Wiskerke, J.S.C.; Stapel, O., 1994:
Parasitoid of Drosophila larvae solves foraging problem through infochemical detour: conditions affecting employment of this strategy

Hawkins, B.A., 1993:
Parasitoid species richness, host mortality, and biological control

Memmott, J.; Godfray, H.C.arles J., 1993:
Parasitoid webs

Feng, M.G.; Johnson, J.B.; Halbert, S.E., 1992:
Parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Aphidiidae and Aphelinidae) and their effect on aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae) populations in irrigated grain in southwestern Idaho

Simandl, J., 1992:
Parasitoids (Ichneumonidae) of an endemic population of pine sawflies (Hym., Diprionidae)

Bouletreau, M.; Fouillet, P.; Allemand, R., 1991:
Parasitoids affect competitive interactions between the sibling species, Drosophila melanogaster and D. simulans

Souza, B.M. de; Bueno, V.H.P., 1992:
Parasitoids and hyperparasitoids of mummies of Brevicoryne brassicae (Linnaeus, 1758) (Hemiptera: Aphidiidae)

Askew, R.R.; Neill, M.P., 1993:
Parasitoids and inquilines of the agamic generation of Andricus lignicola (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) in Britain

Kalita, D.N.; Borah, D.C., 1993:
Parasitoids and predators of jute pests in certain localities of Central Brahmaputra Valley zone of Assam

Barriga, T.J.E., 1990:
Parasitoids and predators of larvae of Cerambycidae and Buprestidae (Coleoptera) in Chile

Berube, C.; Parrella, M.P., 1993:
Parasitoids and predators prey for us

Caballero, P.; Vargas Osuna, E.; Aldebis, H.K.; Santiago Alvarez, C., 1990:
Parasitoids associated to natural populations of Spodoptera littoralis Boisduval and S. exigua Hb. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Hanson, P., 1991:
Parasitoids associated with coffee in Costa Rica

Olszak, R.W., 1994:
Parasitoids associated with different aphid species, their effectiveness and population dynamics

Schurian, K.G.; Fiedler, K.; Maschwitz, U., 1993:
Parasitoids exploit secretions of myrmecophilous lycaenid butterfly caterpillars (Lycaenidae)

Avilla, J.; Artigues, M.; Marti, S.; Sarasua, M.J., 1992:
Parasitoids of Cacopsylla pyri (L.) (=Psylla pyri L.) found in a commercial pear orchard in Lleida which had not been treated with insecticides

Jonasson, T., 1994:
Parasitoids of Delia root flies in brassica vegetable crops: coexistence and niche separation in two Aleochara species (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae)

Yeshbir Singh; Singh, S.P., 1991:
Parasitoids of Heliothis armigera (Hb.) on pigeonpea in Delhi

Gut, L.J.; Brunner, J.F., 1988:
Parasitoids of Rhagoletis pomonella (Diptera: Tephritidae) in southwest Washington

Randrianandrianina, L.; Razananaivo , 1991:
Parasitoids of Spodoptera littoralis Boisduval (Lep., Noctuidae) on cotton in Madagascar

Daane, KM.; Barzman, MS.; Kennett, CE.; Caltagirone, LE., 1991:
Parasitoids of black scale in California: establishment of Prococcophagus probus Annecke & Mynhardt and Coccophagus rusti Compere (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidae) in olive orchards

Horvath, L.; Szabolcs, J., 1992:
Parasitoids of cereal leaf beetles, Oulema Goeze spp., in Hungary

Coto, T.D.; Saunders, J.L., 1993:
Parasitoids of eggs and pupae of Milghitea melanoleuca Hampston (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), miner of capsules of Bixa orellana L

Schaupp, W.C.; Jr.; Volney, WJA.; Waters, WE., 1991:
Parasitoids of endemic and epidemic populations of Choristoneura occidentalis Freeman and Choristoneura retiniana (Walsingham) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in southern Oregon

Barczak, T., 1991:
Parasitoids of the black bean aphid complex - Aphis fabae (Homoptera, Aphididae) in Poland. I. Communities of parasitoids on the spindle tree - Euonymus europaeus L

Barczak, T., 1991:
Parasitoids of the black bean aphid complex - Aphis fabae (Homoptera, Aphididae) in Poland. II. Parasitoid communities on beet - Beta vulgaris L

Barczak, T., 1991:
Parasitoids of the black bean aphid complex - Aphis fabae (Homoptera, Aphididae) in Poland. III. The role of parasitoids in the regulation of the pest population

Toit, W.J. du; Schutte, M.S.; Steyne, W.P., 1991:
Parasitoids of the heart-shaped scale, Protopulvinaria pyriformis (Cockerell) (Hemiptera: Coccidae) on avocados in South Africa

Mckenzie, C.L.; Richerson, J.V., 1993 :
Parasitoids of the horn fly in rangeland ecosystems of Trans-Pecos Texas

Rajeshwari, S.K.; Chacko, M.J., 1992:
Parasitoids of the mango shoot caterpillar Penicillaria jacosatrix Guenee (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in southern India

Kumar, P.; Kishore, R.; Sengupta, K., 1991:
Parasitoids of uzi fly, Exorista sorbillans Wiedemann (Diptera: Tachinidae), XV: comparative efficiency of three hymenopteran parasitoids

Kumar, P.; Kishore, R.; Jayaprakas, C.A.; Sengupta, K., 1991:
Parasitoids of uzi fly, Exorista sorbillans Wiedemann (Diptera: Tachinidae). XIII: Studies on the efficiency of Nesolynx thymus (Girault) at the field level

Germanaud, J.; Poisson, D.; Padonou, C., 1993:
Parasitologic infestation in hospital foodhandlers and risk to AIDS patients

Fischer, P.; Kipp, W.; Bamuhiga, J.; Binta-Kahwa, J.; Kiefer, A.; Büttner, D.W., 1993:
Parasitological and clinical characterization of Simulium neavei-transmitted onchocerciasis in western Uganda

Sarwat, M.A.; el Okbi, L.M.; el Sayed, M.M.; el Okbi, S.M.; el Deeb, H.K., 1993:
Parasitological and clinical studies on human scabies in Cairo

Kato, K.; Kagei, N.; Hayashi, Y.; Ando, Y., 1992:
Parasitological and epidemiological survey of anisakid larvae from sardines, Engraulis japonica, caught in the sea near Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, where human anisakiasis prevailed

He, Y.X.; Yu, Q.F.; Hu, Y.Q., 1992:
Parasitological and histopathological studies on rhesus monkeys infected with Chinese mainland strain of Schistosoma japonicum

Eckert, J.; Deplazes, P.; Ewald, D.; Gottstein, B., 1991 :
Parasitological and immunological methods for the detection of Echinococcus multilocularis in foxes

Deplazes, P.; Arnold, P.; Skaggs, J.; Gessler, M., 1992:
Parasitological and immunological monitoring of chemotherapy for canine leishmaniasis

Shalaby, S.I.; Ibrahim, M.M.; Mahmoud, N.A.; E.A.saly, T.M., 1989:
Parasitological and pathological studies on encysted metacercariae in the musculature and different organs of Tilapia nilotica

Pandey, V.S.; Doko, A.; Magnus, E.; Verhulst, A., 1993:
Parasitological and serological prevalence of trypanosomosis in various breeds of cattle in Benin

Ewald, D.; Eckert, J.; Gottstein, B.; Straub, M.; Nigg, H., 1992:
Parasitological and serological studies on the prevalence of Echinococcus multilocularis Leuckart, 1863 in red foxes (Vulpes vulpes Linnaeus, 1758) in Switzerland

Rabello, A.L., 1992:
Parasitological diagnosis of schistosomiasis mansoni: fecal examination and rectal biopsy

Romaniuk, K.; Liminowicz, J.; Filus, K.; Szelagiewicz, M., 1992:
Parasitological evaluation of liquid manure and soil fertilized with sewage from an industrial pig farm

Trotti, G.C.; Corradini, L.; Visconti, S., 1990:
Parasitological investigations in a cattery in Ferrara

Banse, V.; Gigi, J.; Verstraeten, L.; Wauters, G., 1993:
Parasitological investigations of faeces

Asc, Z.; Ylmaz, M.; Ay, S.; Barlas, H.H., 1991:
Parasitological investigations on 6-12 age group children at the Harput Orphanage

Macchioni, G.; Barducci, S., 1989:
Parasitological observations in the dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)

Perez, I.F.; Lopez Guerrero, E.C.; Vazquez, F.A.R., 1991:
Parasitological survey of sheep from the Segovia province

Thompson, J.H.Jr, 1990:

Vaucher C., 1991:
Parasitology collections in museums

Cho, S.Y., 1990:
Parasitology in a quickly changing society: past, present and future of parasitology in Korea

Navratil S., 1991:
Parasitoses in the fry of selected freshwater fish species under the conditions of stripping and rearing

Svobodova, V.; Svoboda, M., 1994:
Parasitoses of dogs and cats. Opportunistic protozoal infections of the digestive system of dogs and cats

Stankov, M.; Popovic, M.; Mren, M.; Masic, Z.; Obradovic, J., 1991:
Parasitoses of pigs - distribution of the most important ectoparasites and endoparasites in Vojvodina

Arriolabengoa Igarza, A.; Lucientes Curdi, J.; Gortazar Schmidt, C.; Calvete Margolles, C., 1992:
Parasitosis of stray dogs in north-eastern Spain

Szekely, C., 1994:
Paratenic hosts for the parasitic nematode Anguillicola crassus in Lake Balaton, Hungary

Thomas, K.; Ollevier, F., 1992:
Paratenic hosts of the swimbladder nematode Anguillicola crassus

Blasiak, J., 1993:
Parathion and methylparathion-altered fluidity of native model membranes

Singh, D.K.; Agarwal, H.C., 1993:
Parathion in soil: a reassessment in sub-tropical climate of Delhi

Bush, M.R.; Abdel Aal, Y.A.I.; Rock, G.C., 1993:
Parathion resistance and esterase activity in codling moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) from North Carolina

Siegfried, B.D.; Ono, M., 1993:
Parathion toxicokinetics in resistant and susceptible strains of the greenbug (Homoptera: Aphididae)

Torrance, A.G., 1992:
Parathyroid disorders in the adult dog

Miravet, L.; Salica, D.; Graulet, A.M.; Gueris, J.; Kuntz, D., 1992:
Parathyroid function and vitamin D in post-menopausal osteoporosis

Kream, B.E.; LaFrancis, D.; Petersen, D.N.; Woody, C.; Clark, S.; Rowe, D.W.; Lichtler, A., 1993:
Parathyroid hormone represses alpha 1(I) collagen promoter activity in cultured calvariae from neonatal transgenic mice

Barlet, J.P.; Abbas, S.K.; Care, A.D.; Davicco, M.J.; Rouffet, J., 1993:
Parathyroid hormone-related peptide and milking-induced phosphaturia in dairy cows

Seitz, P.K.; Cooper, K.M.; Ives, K.L.; Ishizuka, J.; Townsend, C.M.; Rajaraman, S.; Cooper, C.W., 1993:
Parathyroid hormone-related peptide production and action in a myoepithelial cell line derived from normal human breast

Schilling, T.; Pecherstorfer, M.; Blind, E.; Leidig, G.; Ziegler, R.; Raue, F., 1993:
Parathyroid hormone-related protein (PTHrP) does not regulate 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D serum levels in hypercalcemia of malignancy

Pecherstorfer, M.; Schilling, T.; Blind, E.; Zimmer-Roth, I.; Baumgartner, G.; Ziegler, R.; Raue, F., 1994:
Parathyroid hormone-related protein and life expectancy in hypercalcemic cancer patients

Thompson, G.E., 1993:
Parathyroid hormone-related protein and mammary blood flow in the sheep

Gröne, A.; Werkmeister, J.R.; Steinmeyer, C.L.; Capen, C.C.; Rosol, T.J., 1994:
Parathyroid hormone-related protein in normal and neoplastic canine tissues: immunohistochemical localization and biochemical extraction

Ferrari, S.; Rizzoli, R.; Chaponnier, C.; Gabbiani, G.; Bonjour, J.P., 1993:
Parathyroid hormone-related protein increases cAMP production in mammary epithelial cells

Ye, W.M., 1994:
Paratrichodorus renifer Siddiqi, 1974 found in China associated with imported Azalea

Power, S.B.; Haagsma, J.; Smyth, D.P., 1993:
Paratuberculosis in farmed red deer (Cervus elaphus) in Ireland

Pacetti, A.; Belletti, G.; Fabbi, M.; Mutinelli, F.; Genchi, C., 1994:
Paratuberculosis in red deer

Körmendy, B., 1992:
Paratuberculosis vaccine in a large dairy herd

Weingärtner, K.; Elsebach, K.; Bittinger, A.; Thomas, C.; Riedmiller, H., 1992:
Paraurethral actinomycosis

Jezová, D.; Michajlovskij, N.; Kvetnanský, R.; Makara, G.B., 1993:
Paraventricular and supraoptic nuclei of the hypothalamus are not equally important for oxytocin release during stress

Pheerasatian, N., 1992:
Parawood furniture

Hatzius, T., 1993:
Parcellation of agricultural production cooperatives in Peru - solution to a principal-agent problem

Jarvinen, J.A.; Hedberg, W.A., 1993:
Parelaphostrongylus tenuis (Nematoda) in white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in central Iowa

Woolger, C.; Power, T.G., 1993:
Parent and sport socialization: views from the achievement literature

Manjit Singh; Jindal, S.K.; Solanki, K.R.; Kackar, N.L., 1991:
Parent juvenile progeny relationship in Prosopis cineraria (L.) Druce

Buhmann, C., 1994:
Parent material and pedogenic processes in South Africa

Navale, P.A.; Harinarayana, G., 1992:
Parent offspring regression in pearl millet

Alvarez, E.; Garcia Rodeja, E.; Calvo, R., 1992:
Parent soil materials and toxic species of Al in acid soils of Galicia (Spain)

Oliveria, S.A.; Ellison, R.C.; Moore, L.L.; Gillman, M.W.; Garrahie, E.J.; Singer, M.R., 1992:
Parent-child relationships in nutrient intake: the Framingham Children's Study

Roitberg, B.D.; Mangel, M., 1993:
Parent-offspring conflict and life-history consequences in herbivorous insects

Penedo, M.C.T.; Fowler, M.E., 1992:
Parentage verification in camelids

Hall, H.G., 1990:
Parental analysis of introgressive hybridization between African and European honeybees using nuclear DNA RFLPs

Michaelis, C.A.; Warzak, W.J.; Stanek, K.; Van Riper, C., 1992:
Parental and professional perceptions of problems associated with long-term pediatric home tube feeding

Ortega, R.M.; Andres, P.; Azuela, M.; Encinas-Sotillos, A.; Gaspar, M.J., 1994:
Parental death from cardiovascular disease and dietary habits in an elderly group

Kopec-Schrader, E.M.; Marden, K.; Rey, J.M.; Touyz, S.W.; Beumont, P.J., 1993:
Parental evaluation of treatment outcome and satisfaction with an inpatient program for eating disorders

Romero, C.; Cuadrado, C., 1992:
Parental genome influence on seed-set in different wheat X rye crosses

Reik, W.; Sasaki, H.; Ferguson Smith, A.; Feil, R.; Bowden, L.; Penberth, J.; Surani, A.; Gurtmann, I.; Klose, J., 1993:
Parental imprinting and epigenetic programming of the mouse genome: long lasting consequences for development and phenotype

Ferguson Smith, A.C.; Surani,, 1993 :
Parental imprinting in mouse development

Qiu, Z.Q.; Tenenhouse, H.S.; Scriver, C.R., 1993:
Parental origin of mutant allele does not explain absence of gene dose in X-linked Hyp mice

Fellenius, J.; Lappalainen, R.; Sjoden, P.O., 1991:
Parental verbal behaviour at mealtimes: negative correlations with children's eating and drinking habits

Rapp, J.; Dallah, C.N.; Schulz Key, H., 1994:
Parenteral administration of cytokines and drugs in rodent filariasis via osmotic pumps

Viejo, R.E.; Casaro, A.P., 1993:
Parenteral copper supplementation in pregnant cows

Rossow, N.; Staufenbiel, R.; Ramin, U.; Hamann, J., 1994:
Parenteral feeding for calves

Loras Duclaux, I.; Lachaux, A.; Gall, C. le; Fournier, V.; Hermier, M., 1994:
Parenteral feeding of children at home: practical modalities

Ballester, I.; Moya, M.; Campello, M.J.; Cortes, E., 1993:
Parenteral feeding: stability of ionized calcium during 24 h in solutions with the Ca:P ratios modified by the phosphate content

Rajesekaran, T.; Antony, P.X.; Nataraja, T.H., 1992:
Parenteral ivermectin - I. Safety of ivermectin injection in horses

Birkhahn, R.H.; Awad, S.; Thomford, N.R., 1994:
Parenteral monoacetoacetin and liver regeneration interaction after partial hepatectomy in the rat

Keller, K.M.; Wirth, S., 1992:
Parenteral nutrition in growth-retarded adolescents with Crohn's disease

Booth, I.W., 1992:
Parenteral nutrition: an update

Stallion, A.; Foley-Nelson, T.; Chance, W.T.; Zhang, F.S.; Fischer, J.E., 1994:
Parenteral vs enteral nutrition in tumor-bearing rats

Zhang, Q.G.bert, A.; Baggett,. Jr.;, 1992:
Parents and mating systems affect the transfer of gynoecious flowering to Chinese monoecious cucumbers

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Parents' behavior and attitudes toward screening children for high serum cholesterol levels

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Park life

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Park planning and participation in London

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Parks and recreation heed the environmental call

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Parks, politics and pluralism: the demise of national parks in Togo

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Parmalat: no further diversification

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Parmigiano Reggiano gains new friends. Guaranteed quality from small-scale cheesemakers

Anonymous, 1993:
Parmigiano-Reggiano, the worldwide imitated yet 'unrivalled' cheese

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Parodia sensu stricto in Argentina, part I

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Paromomycin in the treatment of mild-to-moderate intestinal amoebiasis

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Paromomycin is effective as prophylaxis for cryptosporidiosis in dairy calves

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Part 2. Potato nematodes. Ways of spread, distribution in Germany, legal requirements

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Part 3. Statistical comparisons: the fifteen republics and the former USSR

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Part 6. Potato nematodes. Nematicides (II), threshold values

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Part IV: Trace elements in honeys at the 1992 awards

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Part time employment

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Part time farming in the Valencia Community: a methodological approach

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Part time farming in the new Federal Lander (dash) information and speculations

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Part-time farming and pluriactivity. Developments in research and information

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Part-time farming as an urban survival strategy: a Nigerian case study

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Parthenocarpic tomato: a new opportunity for today's agriculture

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Parthenocarpy in tomato

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Parthenocarpy in tomato

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Partial characterization of a closterovirus-like particle transmitted from cherry (Prunus avium) infected with several viral diseases

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Partial characterization of fimbriae of Xanthomonas campestris pv. hyacinthi

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Partial Characterization of Glutathione S-Transferase Isozymes Induced by the Herbicide Safener Benoxacor in Maize

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Partial characterization of the lettuce infectious yellows virus genomic RNAs, identification of the coat protein gene and comparison of its amino acid sequence with those of other filamentous RNA plant viruses

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Partial characterization of the translational inhibitor present in seeds of Cucumis melo L

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Partial characterization of virus causing leaf narrowing symptoms on broad bean

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Partial characterization of volatile fungistatic compound(s) from soil

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Partial cloning of the genome of infectious hypodermal and haematopoietic necrosis virus, an unusual parvovirus pathogenic for penaeid shrimps; diagnosis of the disease using a specific probe

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Partial closure of laryngotomies in horses

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Partial colouring of wood using the selective penetration of liquid I. Selective penetration and staining patterns

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Partial cutting in a second-growth Douglas-fir stand in coastal British Columbia: productivity, costs, and soil impacts

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Partial drying and post-thaw preconditioning improve the survival and germination of cryopreserved seeds of tea (Camellia sinensis)

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Partial duplication of the EGF precursor homology domain of the LDL-receptor protein causing familial hypercholesterolemia (FH-Salerno)

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Partial fruiting regulation of olive trees (Olea europaea L.) with paclobutrazol and gibberellic acid in the orchard

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Partial identification and copper tolerance of soil bacteria from copper-impregnated bog and from a salt marsh

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Partial identification of peptides from the water-insoluble fraction of cheddar cheese

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Partial insertion and treatment at drying-off. Results of a survey of American farmers by Upjohn Laboratories

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Partial nucleotide sequence of the enzyme pyruvate, orthophosphate dikinase of Entamoeba histolytica HM1:IMSS

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Partial purification and characterization of a cellular binding protein for the mouse mammary tumor virus

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Partial purification and characterization of mold antigens commonly found in foods

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Partial purification of Golgi-bound arabinosyltransferase and two isoforms of xylosyltransferase from French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

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Partial Purification of a cis-trans-Isomerase of Zeatin from Immature Seed of Phaseolus vulgaris L

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Partial purification of carnation mottle virus by polyethylene glycol precipitation

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Partial purification of farnesyl pyrophosphate:drimenol cyclase and geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate:sclareol cyclase, using cell culture as a source of material

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Partial purification of rice yellow stunt virus and characterization of virus structural proteins and RNA genome

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Partial purification of the cyanide-resistant alternative oxidase of skunk cabbage (Symplocarpus foetidus) mitochondria

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Partial purification, some properties and possible physiological role of an oxalate oxidase from grain sorghum leaves

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Partial rearing of a phytophagous lady beetle, Epilachna vigintioctopunctata (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

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Partial reduction in activities of photorespiratory enzymes in C3-C4 intermediates of Alternanthera and Parthenium

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Partial replacement of corn with dates in layer diet

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Partial replacement of saturated fatty acids with almonds or walnuts lowers total plasma cholesterol and low-density-lipoprotein cholesterol

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Partial resection of the large colon for the treatment of stenosis associated with verminous colitis in a horse

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Partial resistance in the control of the potato cyst nematode Globodera spp. l. Determining the degree of resistance

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Partial resistance of barley to powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis f.sp. hordei)

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Partial resistance of some native varieties of winter wheat to Puccinia persistens Plowr. f.sp. tritici Eriks

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Partial resistance of wheat varieties to brown rust

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Partial resistance to Heterodera avenae in wheat lines with the 6Mv chromosome from Aegilops ventricosa

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Partial resistance to powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis f.sp. hordei) in some spring barley varieties

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Partial safening of corn (Zea mays) against the herbicidal activity of XRD-498

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Partial sequence analysis of 130 randomly selected maize cDNA clones

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Partial sequence of an expressed major histocompatibility complex gene (DQA) from arctic fox (Alopex lagopus)

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Partial sequences of 18S ribosomal RNA of two genera from each of six flowering plant families

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Partial structure of the gene encoding the 78 kDa gastrin binding protein excludes a close relationship with the peroxisomal trifunctional enzyme

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Partial substitution of fish meal with different meat meal products in diets for sea bream (Sparus aurata)

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Partial substitution of sodium chloride by potassium, calcium or magnesium chloride in semi-hard cheese

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Partial vs. general equilibrium analysis of trade policy reform

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Partial-digest DNA sequencing

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Partial/total decontrol of fertilizers: implications on logistics of fertilizer movement

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Partially acidulated phosphate rock (PAPR): a promising fertilizer material-a review

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Partially saturated soils - water transport and deformation

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Participants' ethical attitudes and organizational structure and performance: application to the cooperative enterprise

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Participants' perceptions of the efficiency of AGRICOR's institutional and infra-structural support to the Kolontoane beef project

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Participating in on-farm research: the different expectations of researchers, extentionists and farmers

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Participation and associative leisure

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Participation and the environment

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Participation by members of machinery syndicates in their self-help facility - to what extent are the extra capacities this releases being exploited

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Participation in a worksite cholesterol education program in a university setting

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Participation in leisure activities after the death of a spouse

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Participation in leisure activities as a moderator variable for older adults who have experienced the death of a spouse

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Participation in macronutrient trials

Anonymous, 1993:
Participation in sport

Anonymous, 1992:
Participation in sport and leisure in Wales 1991/92

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Participation in the National Cooperative Dairy Herd Improvement Program and usability of records in USDA-DHIA genetic evaluation across time

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Participation in the process of educating agricultural specialists

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Participation of a cyanobacterial S layer in fine-grain mineral formation

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Participation of birds in the circulation of tickborne encephalitis virus in the Asiatic part of Russia. Communication 1. Natural foci in the Far East

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Participation of calcium and calmodulin in mechanisms of development of sensitization in the edible snail

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Participation of calcium ions in the processes of growth and development

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Participation of chloroplast adenylate kinase in the reaction of pea leaves to cytokinin

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Participation of cytokines and immune sera in the cytoadherence of red blood cells parasitized by Plasmodium falciparum in endothelial cell cultures

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Participation of farmers and technicians in an integrated cabbage pest control research programme

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Participation of farmers in agricultural technology transfer: the case of the correspondent

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Participation of farmers in the evaluation of cassava varieties

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Participation of house mice, Mus musculus (Rodentia, Muridae) in the epizootics of plague in the northern Aral territory

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Participation of inorganic orthophosphate in regulation of the ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase activity in response to changes in the photosynthetic source-sink balance

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Participation of nitrogen released from roots in nitrogen transformation in soil and in the process of formation of soil extra-nitrogen

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Participation of rural women in the homestead vegetable farming systems of Bangladesh

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Participation of saprophages (Mesofauna) in the decomposition of leaf litter

Navara, J.; Jesko, T.; Duchoslav, S., 1994:
Participation of seminal roots in water uptake by maize root system

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Participation of small producers in the producer-researcher model of research-extension

Freitas, M. de, 1991:
Participation of the forestry sector in the Brazilian economy

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Participation of the superior ovarian nerve in the regulation of ovulation in the prepubertal rat: differential effects of unilateral and bilateral section of the nerve

Anonymous, 1994:
Participation today

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Participation, trip frequency and site choice: a multinominal-Poisson hurdle model of recreation demand

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Participative farmer testing of four low external input technologies, to address soil fertility decline in Mono Province (Benin)

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Participative institutions in rural development

Olin, M., 1992:
Participative process in tube well irrigation development

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Participative villager empowerment for socio-economic development

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Participatory action for nutrition education: social marketing vitamin A-rich foods in Thailand

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Participatory action research in irrigation management: an example from Kirindi Oya

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Participatory action research on the informal sector: a field action report from Jakarta

Rofi' ie, A., 1990:
Participatory action research on the labour cooperative movement: a field action report from Bandung

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Participatory agricultural research from the viewpoint of non-governmental organizations: the experience of CADERH

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Participatory community development in Bophuthatswana

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Participatory curriculum development: a case study in agricultural extension

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Participatory data collection, analysis and reporting. Workshop Report, Kwale Water and Sanitation Project, Kwale, Kenya 5-14 November 1990

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Participatory data-gathering tools and techniques in rural reconstruction

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Participatory development and self-evaluation: the experience of farmers at the Gal Oya Settlement Project in Sri Lanka

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Participatory development and traditional systems: the case of the Borana of Ethiopia

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Participatory diagnosis: tools and basis for experiments with producers

Uphoff, N., 1992:
Participatory evaluation of rural development projects

Feuerstein, M.T., 1993:
Participatory evaluation: the Patna experience

Hubley, J., 1994:
Participatory learning for water and sanitation

Anonymous, 1991:
Participatory methods for learning and analysis

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Participatory methods in planning and political processes: linking the grassroots and policies for sustainable development

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Participatory needs assessment: a key to FSRE

Gray, M.E.; Steffey, K.L.; Oloumi Sadeghi, H., 1993:
Participatory on-farm research in Illinois cornfields: an evaluation of established soil insecticide rates and prevalence of corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) injury

Kerr, D., 1991:
Participatory popular theatre: the highest stage of cultural underdevelopment

Matsuura, P.T., 1989:
Participatory program evaluation as a strategy for community building

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Participatory research as a tool for community development

Lugeye, S., 1993:
Participatory research in an academic setting

Govan, H., 1993:
Participatory research in giant clam farming

Sanchez, R.; Ardon, M., 1990:
Participatory research with small farmers in integrated pest control programmes. How applicable is it?

Cervinskas, J., 1993:
Participatory research: an alternative approach

Dwaraki, B.; Narayanaswamy, N., 1994:
Participatory rural appraisal for a vibrant co-operative sector

Asamba, I.; Muinde, J.; Ayieko, J., 1993:
Participatory rural appraisal for sustainable resource management in rural Kenya

Vigoda, M., 1994:
Participatory rural appraisal in a women's health education project in Bangladesh

Anonymous, 1991:
Participatory rural appraisal. Proceedings of the February 1991 Bangalore PRA trainers workshop

Kabutha, C.; Thomas Slayter, B.; Ford, R., 1993:
Participatory rural appraisal: a case study from Kenya

Torres, A.T., 1992:
Participatory strategies for the alleviation of rural poverty

Tuladhar, S., 1994:
Participatory video as a post literacy activity for women in rural Nepal

Lugeye, S., 1993 :
Participatory village development planning in Morogoro, Tanzania

Carter, J.; Gronow, J., 1993:
Participatory vs. promotional approaches to tree cultivation on private land: experiences in the middle hills of Nepal

Akong' a, J., 1991:
Participatory-action research in the development process

Murphy, M.R.; Kennedy, P.M., 1993:
Particle dynamics

Christou, P., 1992:
Particle gun transformation of crop plants - using electric discharge ACCELLTM technology

Ulmer, M.G.; Knuteson, J.A.; Patterson, D.D., 1994:
Particle size analysis by hydrometer: a routine method for determining clay fraction

Alden, A., 1993:
Particle size analysis of ground mink feeds

Patil, R.T.; Sokhansanj, S., 1992:
Particle size characterization in alfalfa cubes using machine vision and NIR

Scott B.J.; Conyers M.K.; Fisher R.; Lill W., 1992:
Particle size determines the efficiency of calcitic limestone in amending acidic soil

Nagatomo, Y.; Tamai, M., 1994:
Particle size distribution and degree of weathering of the 'Akahoya' tephra deposit: studies on 'Akahoya' (glassy volcanic ash) (Part 4)

Escudey C.M.; Diaz Q.P.; Salazar Q.I.; Foerster M.J.; Galindo G.G., 1992:
Particle size isolation in soils and soils fractions. Freeze dried effect

Oshio, S., 1992:
Particle size reduction and passage rate of digesta through the gastro-intestinal tract of cattle fed orchardgrass hay

Horne, D.S., 1993:
Particle sizing and zeta-potential measurements relative to processed milk

Chen, F.W.; Jamaludin Kasim; Chew, L.T., 1991:
Particleboard from bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris)

Poblete W.H.; Peredo L.M., 1990:
Particleboards made from peeling residues of Chilean species

Poblete W.H.; Sanchez A.J.P., 1991:
Particleboards with Pinus radiata bark

Chaabouni, M.; Flick, D.; Techasena, O., 1992:
Particles flow in industrial grain driers

Corazza, L.; Ialongo, M.T.; Simeone, A.M., 1991:
Particular aspects of brown rot and powdery mildew epiphytotics on apricot

Pinon, J., 1991:
Particulars of distribution of rusts of cultivated poplars in France

Borovskaya, M.F.; Matichuk, V.G., 1989:
Particulars of maize rust development in Moldavia

D' yakov, A.V., 1990:
Particulars of the immunizing activity of zineb

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