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Pasteuria nishizawae sp. nov., a mycelial and endospore-forming bacterium parasitic on cyst nematodes of genera Heterodera and Globodera

Sayre, R.M.; Wergin, W.P.; Schmidt, J.M.; Starr, M.P.

Research in Microbiology 142(5): 551-564


ISSN/ISBN: 0923-2508
PMID: 1947427
DOI: 10.1016/0923-2508(91)90188-g
Accession: 002452725

This study describes Pasteuria nishizawae sp. nov., a fourth species of the genus Pasteuria. This mycelial and endospore-forming bacterium parasitizes the adult females of cyst-forming nematodes in the genera Heterodera and Globodera. The distinct ultrastructural features and unique host range found for this bacterium separate it from two closely related species, Pasteuria penetrans, which parasitizes several species of root-knot nematodes of the genus Meloidogyne, and Pasteuria thornei, which appears to parasitize only one species of the root-lesion nematode, Pratylenchus brachyurus. Because these obligate bacterial parasites of nematodes have not been cultured axenically, the taxonomic relationships described here for each species are based mainly on developmental morphology, fine structure of the respective sporangia and endospores, and their pathogenicity on nematode species.

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