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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2456

Chapter 2456 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Arias, M.; Escribano, J. M.; Sanchez Vizcaino, J. M., 1993: Persistence of African swine fever antibody reactivity on ELISA and immunoblotting assays

Jones, R. M., 1993: Persistence of Arachis pintoi cv. Amarillo on three soil types at Samford, south-eastern Queensland

Cipolla, A. L.; Casaro, A. P.; Terzolo, H. R.; Estela, E. S.; Brooks, B. W.; Garcia, M. M., 1994: Persistence of Campylobacter fetus subspecies venerealis in experimentally infected heifers

Jaindl, R. G.; Doescher, P.; Miller, R. F.; Eddleman, L. E., 1994: Persistence of Idaho fescue on degraded rangelands: adaptation to defoliation or tolerance

Morakote, Nimit; Sukhavat, K.; Khamboonruang, C.; Siriprasert, V.; Suphawitayanukul, S.; Thamasonthi, W., 1992: Persistence of IgG, IgM, and IgE antibodies in human trichinosis

Ravi, V.; Desai, Anita S.; Shenoy, Poornima K.; Satishchandra, P.; Chandramuki, A.; Gourie Devi, M., 1993: Persistence of Japanese encephalitis virus in the human nervous system

Buschena, C. A.; Doudrick, R. L.; Anderson, N. A., 1992: Persistence of Laccaria spp. as ectomycorrhizal symbionts of container-grown black spruce

Shimazu, M.; Mitsuhashi, W.; Hashimoto, H.; Ozawa, T., 1993: Persistence of Metarhizium anisopliae (Deuteromycotina: Hyphomycetes) as a control agent of Anomala cuprea (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in a forestry nursery

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455010

Gonzalez, R. N.; Sears, P. M., 1994: Persistence of Mycoplasma bovis in the mammary gland of naturally infected cows

Kekcheeva, N. G.; Kokorin, I. N.; Popov, V. L.; Chereshkova, E. A.; Smirnova, N. S.; Vovk, O. A.; Shirokova, E. M., 1992: Persistence of Rickettsia prowazekii in cotton rat macrophage cultures

Buhler, W. G.; Gibb, T. J., 1994: Persistence of Steinernema carpocapsae and S. glaseri (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae) as measured by their control of black cutworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) larvae in bentgrass

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455015

Barnes, E. H.; Dobson, R. J., 1993: Persistence of acquired immunity to Trichostrongylus colubriformis in sheep after termination of infection

Smith, S. Ray, Jr; Bouton, Joseph H.; Hoveland, Carl S., 1992: Persistence of alfalfa under continuous grazing in pure stands and in mixtures with tall fescue

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455019

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455020

Katti, R. Y.; Giddanavar, H. S.; Shamala Naik; Agadi, S. N.; Hegde, R. R., 1994: Persistence of callose and tapetum in the microsporogenesis of genic male sterile Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp. with well formed endothecium

Sahoo, A.; Sahu, S. K.; Shamila, M.; Sethunathan, N., 1990: Persistence of carbamate insecticides, carbosulfan and carbofuran in soils as influenced by temperature and microbial activity

Gangwar, S. K.; Kumar, D., 1991: Persistence of carbaryl residues in/on cauliflower (Brassica oleracea L. var. botrytis) at higher altitude

Bhatnagar, A.; Gupta, A., 1991: Persistence of carbofuran residues in soil, chickpea green pods, seeds and associated weeds

Smith T.J.; Wilcock R.J.; Pridmore R.D.; Thrush S.F.; Langdon A.G.; Wilkins A.L.; Northcott G.L., 1992: Persistence of chlordane applied to an intertidal sandflat

Orazio, C. E.; Kapila, S.; Puri, R. K.; Yanders, A. F., 1992: Persistence of chlorinated dioxins and furans in the soil environment

Kinfe, Birhanu; Peeper, Thomas F., 1993: Persistence of chlorsulfuron and BAY SMY 1500 in air dry soil at room temperature

Hill, Bernard D.; Inaba, Dan J.; Schaalje, G. Bruce, 1992: Persistence of deltamethrin in baled alfalfa hay

Kapadia, M. N.; Puri, S. N., 1991: Persistence of different insecticides on cotton leaves against the larvae of Chrysoperla carnea (Stephens)

Singh, Y. P.; Gangwar, S. K.; Thakur, N. S. Azad, 1992: Persistence of endosulfan in/on maize at medium high altitude hills of Meghalaya

Ishihara, Michio, 1992: Persistence of females that produce only female progeny in Lepidoptera

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455034

Wang T.; Kadlac T.; Lenahan R., 1989: Persistence of fenthion in the aquatic environment

Negre, M.; Gennari, M.; Raimondo, E., 1993: Persistence of fluazifop-butyl and fluazifop in soil and soybean. Field and laboratory experiments

Yadav A.; Malik R.K.; Panwar R.S., 1991: Persistence of fluchloralin in sandy loam soil

Romanowski, G; Lorenz, Mg; Sayler, G; Wackernagel, W., 1992: Persistence of free plasmid DNA in soil monitored by various methods, including a transformation assay

Cooke, L. R.; Little, G., 1992: Persistence of fungicidal protection of potato leaves against blight after treatment with two- and three-way fungicide mixtures

Fairey, N. A.; Lefkovitch, L. P., 1993: Persistence of herbage treatment effects in barley and consequences for subsequent crop experimentation

Patel, M. P.; Shelke, V. B.; Kshistaria, M. K., 1992: Persistence of herbicides applied to pre-monsoon groundnut and their effects on the succeeding crops

Scheunert, I.; Schroll, R.; Dorfler, U., 1993: Persistence of herbicides in agricultural soils

Dubey, J. P.; Baker, D. G.; Davis, S. W.; Urban, J. F.; Shen, S. K., 1994: Persistence of immunity to toxoplasmosis in pigs vaccinated with a nonpersistent strain of Toxoplasma gondii

Susa J.B.; Boylan J.M.; Sehgal P.; Schwartz R., 1992: Persistence of impaired insulin secretion in infant rhesus monkeys that had been hyperinsulinemic in utero

Spitzer, Eric D.; Spitzer, Silvia G.; Freundlich, Lawrence F.; Casadevall, Arturo, 1993: Persistence of initial infection in recurrent Cryptococcus neoformans meningitis

Giga, D. P.; Canhao, J. S., 1992: Persistence of insecticide spray deposits on different surfaces against Prostephanus truncatus (Horn) and Sitophilus zeamais (Motsch.)

Randhawa, S. K.; Sandhu, K. S., 1992: Persistence of isoproturon and methabenzthiazuron applied for weed control in onion (Allium cepa)

Delmont, J.; Testa, J.; Courtois, P.; Capdevielle, H.; Tien, C. le; Roungou, J. B., 1992: Persistence of low levels of Plasmodium falciparum resistance to chloroquine in the autochthonous population of the Central African Republic

Nath, A.; Sharma, V. P.; Dubey, J. K.; Thapa, C. D., 1992: Persistence of mancozeb on white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus

Otaki Y.; Saito K.; Tajima M.; Nomura Y., 1992: Persistence of maternal antibody to chicken anaemia agent and its effect on the susceptibility of young chickens

Kasperczyk, M.; Filipek, J., 1993: Persistence of meadow fescue (Festuca pratensis) variety Skrzeszowicka under different habitat and grassland management conditions

Moody, J. P.; Inglis, Fraser G., 1992: Persistence of metaldehyde during acute molluscicide poisoning

Storm, G. L.; Fosmire, G. J.; Bellis, E. D., 1994: Persistence of metals in soil and selected vertebrates in the vicinity of the Palmerton zinc smelters

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455056

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455057

Redondo, M. J.; Ruiz, M. J.; Boluda, R.; Fontq, G., 1994: Persistence of pesticide residues in orchard soil

Garrido, A.; Malagon, J.; Busto, T. del, 1990: Persistence of pesticides and the effect of solar radiation on their effectiveness for the control of Capnodis tenebrionis L. (Coleoptera: Buprestidae)

Loher, W; Weber, T; Rembold, H; Huber, F., 1992: Persistence of phonotaxis in females of four species of crickets following allatectomy

Balwinder Singh; Kalra, R. L., 1991: Persistence of phorate in soil and its uptake and metabolism in groundnut crop

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455064

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455065

Prakash, Anand; Rao, Jagdiswari, 1993: Persistence of resistance in stored paddy to Sitotroga cerealella Oliv

Meher, H. C.; Agnihotri, N. P., 1990: Persistence of sebuphos in soil as influenced by initial concentration, moisture and temperature

Meher, H. C.; Agnihotri, N. P.; Gaur, H. S.; Srivastava, K. P., 1991: Persistence of sebuphos residues in soil as influenced by the cropping season

Feder, Henry M.Jr.; Gerber, Michael A.; Luger, Stephen W.; Ryan, Raymond W., 1992: Persistence of serum antibodies to Borrelia burgdorferi in patients treated for Lyme disease

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455070

Mook, Douglas G.; Atkinson, Barbara; Johnston, Laura; Wagner, Sue, 1993: Persistence of sham feeding after intragastric meals in rats

Mook, Douglas G.; Yoo, David; Wagner, Sue, 1993: Persistence of sham feeding after real-fed gastric loads in rats

Senapati, H. K.; Sahoo, B. K.; Pattnaik, M. R.; Pal, A. K., 1992: Persistence of some common pesticides in pigeonpea

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455074

Ferrando M.D.; Alarcon V.; Fernandez Casalderrey A.; Gamon M.; Andreu Moliner E., 1992: Persistence of some pesticides in the aquatic environment

Chivinge, O. A.; Mpofu, B., 1988: Persistence of some selected herbicides in semi-arid regions after repeated annual applications

Davis, E. S.; Fay, P. K.; Chicone, T. K.; Lacey, C. A., 1993: Persistence of spotted knapweed (Centaurea maculosa) seed in soil

Awasthi, Md, 1989: Persistence of synthetic pyrethroid residues on mango fruits

Sahid, I. B.; Teoh, S. S., 1994: Persistence of terbuthylazine in soils

Bursey, Charles R.; Goldberg, Stephen R., 1994: Persistence of the component parasite community of Yarrow's spiny lizard, Sceloporus jarrovii, 1967-1991

Szeto S.Y.; Burlinson N.E.; Rahe J.E.; Oloffs P.C., 1989: Persistence of the fungicide vinclozolin on pea leaves under laboratory conditions

Beltran, V.; Coscollan, A.; Gamon, M.; Pelegri, R.; Badia, V., 1992: Persistence of the residues of three insecticides in the control of the artichoke borer

Morcombe, P. W.; Young, G. E., 1993: Persistence of the sheep body louse, Bovicola ovis, after treatment

Jitender Kumar; Jai Prakash, 1993: Persistence of thiobencarb and butachlor in soil incubated at different temperatures

Blouin, E. F.; Kocan, K. M.; Murphy, G. L.; Ge, N., 1993: Persistence of tick-derived Anaplasma marginale in cultured bovine turbinate and endothelial cells

Dubey, J. P.; Thulliez, P., 1993: Persistence of tissue cysts in edible tissues of cattle fed Toxoplasma gondii oocysts

Tsering, K.; Patel, B. N., 1991: Persistence of tobacco leaf curl virus (TLCV) in its vector, Bemisia tabaci Gennadius

Parihar, N. S.; Gupta, A., 1990: Persistence pattern and safety evaluation of quinalphos in chickpea

Dear, B. S.; Jenkins, L., 1992: Persistence, productivity and seed yield of Medicago murex, M. truncatula, M. aculeata and Trifolium subterraneum on an acid red earth soil in the wheat belt of eastern Australia

Campbell, R. N., 1993: Persistence: a vector relationship not applicable to fungal vectors

Senapati S.K.; Ghosh S., 1992: Persistency of toxicity of insecticides in jute leaves against lepidopteran pests

Brayshaw, D., 1990: Persistent Pharaoh ants take the bait

Sharp, M. W.; Rawson, B. C., 1992: Persistent Salmonella typhimurium PT 104 infection in a dairy herd

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455098

Itoh, Naoyuki; Itoh, Sayako; Kawara, Satoshi; Ogasawara, Toshimi, 1994: Persistent atrial standstill in a Siamese cat

Beacham, B. E.; Kurgansky, D., 1990: Persistent bite reactions responsive to photochemotherapy

Travaline, J. M.; Criner, G. J., 1993: Persistent bronchopleural fistulae in an AIDS patient with Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia: successful treatment with chemical pleurodesis

Niculescu F.; Rus H.G.; Retegan M.; Vlaicu R., 1992: Persistent complement activation on tumor cells in breast cancer

Keusch, G. T.; Thea, D. M.; Kamenga, M.; Kakanda, K.; Mbala, M.; Brown, C.; Davachi, F., 1982: Persistent diarrhea associated with AIDS

Lima, A. A. M.; Fang, G.; Schorling, J. B.; Albuquerque, L. de; McAuliffe, J. F.; Mota, S.; Leite, R.; Guerrant, R. L., 1992: Persistent diarrhea in Northeast Brazil: etiologies and interactions with malnutrition

Yurdakok, K.; Oran, O., 1992: Persistent diarrhoea

Lambert, M.; Gigi, J.; Bughin, C., 1992: Persistent diarrhoea and Blastocystis hominis

Black, R. E., 1993: Persistent diarrhoea in children of developing countries

Bhan, M. K.; Bhatnagar, S., 1993: Persistent diarrhoea in infants and young children

Roy, S. K.; Akramuzzaman, S. M.; Haider, R.; Khatun, M.; Akbar, M. S.; Eeckels, R., 1994: Persistent diarrhoea: efficacy of a rice-based diet and role of nutritional status in recovery and nutrient absorption

Roy, S. K.; Akramuzzaman, S. M.; Haider, R.; Majid, N.; Khatun, M.; Akbar, M. S.; Alam, A. N., 1992: Persistent diarrhoea: factors affecting absorption and clinical prognosis during management with a rice-based diet

Dong, W.; Pestka, J. J., 1993: Persistent dysregulation of IgA production and IgA nephropathy in the B6C3F1 mouse following withdrawal of dietary vomitoxin (deoxynivalenol)

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455113

Weatherley, A. J.; Hong, C.; Harris, T. J.; Smith, D. G.; Hammet, N. C., 1993: Persistent efficacy of doramectin against experimental nematode infections in calves

Ishibashi, Makoto; Moriyoshi, Koki; Sasai, Yoshiki; Shiota, Kohei; Nakanishi, Shigetada; Kageyama, Ryoichiro, 1994: Persistent expression of helix-loop-helix factor HES-1 prevents mammalian neural differentiation in the central nervous system

Fullerton D.T.; Neff S.; Getto C.J., 1992: Persistent functional vomiting

Rudby Martin, L.; Nilsson, O., 1991: Persistent haemonchosis in ewes despite correct anthelmintic treatment

Fooshee, S. K.; Holland, M.; Cooper, R. C.; Fooshee, M. E., 1992: Persistent hematuria secondary to a lower urinary tract foreign body in a cat

Zenger, E., 1992: Persistent hyperkalemia associated with nonchylous pleural effusion in a dog

Boeve, M. H.; Stades, F. C.; Linde Sipman, J. S. van der; Vrensen, G. F. J. M., 1992: Persistent hyperplastic tunica vasculosa lentis and primary vitreous (PHTVL/PHPV) in the dog: a comparative review

Wood, J. I. N.; Dunn, K.; Chanter, N.; Brauwere, N. de, 1993: Persistent infection with Streptococcus equi and the epidemiology of strangles

Green, Wendy C. H.; Rothstein, Aron, 1993: Persistent influences of birth date on dominance, growth and reproductive success in bison

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455125

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455126

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455127

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455128

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455129

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455130

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455131

Buonavoglia, C.; Marsilio, F.; Tempesta, M.; Buonavoglia, D.; Cavalli, A., 1994: Persistent pestivirus infection in sheep in Apulia (southern Italy)

Servatius, Richard J.; Ottenweller, John E.; Gross, Jennifer L.; Natelson, Benjamin H., 1993: Persistent plasma cholesterol elevations are produced by one or three stressor exposures in rats fed a normal laboratory diet

Walker, C. H., 1990: Persistent pollutants in fish-eating sea birds - bioaccumulation, metabolism and effects

Prohaska, Joseph R.; Bailey, William R., 1993: Persistent regional changes in brain copper, cuproenzymes and catecholamines following perinatal copper deficiency in mice

Gross, A. S.; Wilson, D. C.; King, L. E., 1990: Persistent segmental cutaneous anesthesia after a Brown Recluse spider bite

Sanford, S. E.; Staples, J. W., 1992: Persistent sporotrichosis in a dog

Larcher W.; Meindl U.; Ralser E.; Ishikawa M., 1991: Persistent supercooling and silica deposition in cell walls of palm leaves

Naik, B. G.; Verma, S., 1992: Persistent toxicity of endosulfan, phosalone and monocrotophos against mustard aphid Lipaphis erysimi (Kalt.) on rapeseed

Krishnaiah, N. V.; Kalode, M. B., 1992: Persistent toxicity of selected granular insecticides against rice brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stal) in different soils

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455141

Rideout, B. A.; Moore, P. F.; Pedersen, N. C., 1992: Persistent upregulation of MHC Class II antigen expression on T-lymphocytes from cats experimentally infected with feline immunodeficiency virus

Loffelmann, M.; Schall, S., 1993: Persistent urachus associated with urolithiasis in a cat

Gaiha, R.; Deolalikar, A. B., 1993: Persistent, expected and innate poverty: estimates for semi-arid rural South India, 1975-1984

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455145

Mishra, R., 1992: Personal characteristics and strategies as factors of rural leadership effectiveness

Rodrigo, I., 1993: Personal choice of livelihood by members of farm family households in rural Portugal

Hsu S Y.; Lin C.J.; Lo C.C., 1991: Personal computer as an aid in sugarcane crossing program

Hsu, S. Y.; Lin, C. J.; Lo, C. C., 1992: Personal computer as an aid in sugarcane crossing program

Dergunov, A. V.; Usmanov, R. R., 1992: Personal computer programs for calculating volumetric mass, moisture, and structure of soil

Daelemans, J., 1993: Personal computers on pig farms

Kneller, P. B.; Rust, M.; Eils, L. M., 1992: Personal cups in hot beverage vending machines

Sharma, V. P.; Ansari, M. A., 1994: Personal protection from mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) by burning neem oil in kerosene

Gamino, S. Z.; Torres, J.; Gutierrez, C., 1993: Personal safety when handling pesticides

Kirjonen, J., 1991: Personal values and motivation for exercise

Holland, S.; Pybas, D.; Sanders, A., 1992: Personal watercrafts: fun, speed - and conflict?

Lawton, M. P., 1994: Personality and affective correlates of leisure activity participation by older people

Weglage, J.; Rupp, A.; Schmidt, E., 1994: Personality characteristics in patients with phenylketonuria treated early

Crotts, J. C., 1992: Personality correlates of the novelty seeking drive

Maddi, S. R.; Hess, M. J., 1992: Personality hardiness and success in basketball

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455162

Prapavessis, H.; Grove, J. R., 1994: Personality variables as antecedents of precompetitive mood states

Karamustafa, K.; Ilhan, I., 1994: Personnel education in Turkey's hospitality sector

Verhenne, E., 1992: Personnel hygiene in the manufacture of milk products

Anonymous, 1993: Persons and powers of women of diverse cultures: essays in commemoration of Audrey I. Richards, Phyllis Kaberry and Barbara E. Ward

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455167

Bhavsar, B. K., 1993: Perspective and prospective of the role of artificial insemination and gynaecology in enhancing livestock production

Sharma, S. K.; Jain, C. K., 1992: Perspective of irrigation in Madhya Pradesh

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455170

Li, Q., 1992: Perspective on Chinese peasants' burden

Sharma, B. L.; Palak Bhardwaj, 1993: Perspective on agro-ecological problems (a geographical study in environmental impact assessment)

Suarez, Donald, 1992: Perspective on irrigation management and salinity

Carruthers, R. I.; Onsager, J. A., 1993: Perspective on the use of exotic natural enemies of biological control of pest grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Listopad, G. E.; Tseplyaev, A. N.; Shaprov, M. N., 1993: Perspective technology of melon growing for Nizhnee Povolzh'e

Swinnen, S., 1993: Perspectives for animal producers in the European Community

Doluschitz, R., 1992: Perspectives for dairy farms in grassland regions

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Green, D. A. G., 1994: Perspectives from agricultural economics on research methodology for sustainable agricultural development

Kline, W., 1993: Perspectives from the chemical industry

Agarwal, S. K., 1991: Perspectives in aridzone ecology

Anonymous, 1993: Perspectives in bioconjugate chemistry

Anonymous, 1990: Perspectives in mycological research (Volume-II)

Heege, H. J., 1992: Perspectives in the mechanization of plant production

Kavgic, P., 1994: Perspectives of elements electronics and automatics application in agricultural engineering

Narasimham, M. V. V. L., 1991: Perspectives of forest malaria in India

Wietbrauk, H.; Longuet, D., 1993: Perspectives of recyclable packaging of milk products

Szereto, E., 1992: Perspectives of the milk product sector

Masterovoi, V. M., 1992: Perspectives of use of two-circuit drives in tractor hydrostatic transmissions

Petrusevicius, V., 1993: Perspectives of using alternative energy sources in agriculture

Dinwoodie, J. M., 1993: Perspectives on European standards for wood-based panels

Brosius, P., 1992: Perspectives on Penan development in Sarawak

Repassy, H.; Symes, D., 1993: Perspectives on agrarian reform in East-Central Europe

Henderson, K. A., 1994: Perspectives on analyzing gender, women, and leisure

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Steenis, M. J. van, 1992: Perspectives on biological control of cotton aphid (Aphis gossypii) Glover

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Ngeh Ngwainbi, J.; Lane, R. H., 1994: Perspectives on fat content

Eshete, A., 1991: Perspectives on gender and development

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455203

Foy, C. L., 1993: Perspectives on integrated weed management for sustainable agriculture - key note address

Rassekh, S., 1991: Perspectives on literacy: a selected world bibliography

Posta, J. , 1992: Perspectives on machine parts rehabilitation

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Klein, Melvin P.; Sauer, Kenneth; Yachandra, Vittal K., 1993: Perspectives on the structure of the photosynthetic oxygen evolving manganese complex and its relation to the Kok cycle

Section 3, Chapter 2456, Accession 002455216

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