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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 2457

Chapter 2457 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Pawlikowski, T., 1992:
Phenology of bumble bees (Apoidea, Bombus Latr.) in the Torun Basin

Bullock, S.H.; Solis Magallanes, J.A., 1990:
Phenology of canopy trees of a tropical deciduous forest in Mexico

Ghate, V.S.; Kumbhojkar, M.S., 1991:
Phenology of deciduous ornamental trees from western Maharashtra

French, K., 1992:
Phenology of fleshy fruits in a wet sclerophyll forest in southeastern Australia: are birds an important influence?

Duhayon, G.; Rasmont, P., 1993:
Phenology of large bees (Bombus, Xylocopa and Habropoda) in the Maures massif (France, Var)

Reena Mathur; Bhatnager, P.S., 1992:
Phenology of major plant species at Ambagarh Reserve Forest, Jaipur

Gasparini, C., 1991:
Phenology of some plant species in the Spipola gorge, Bologna, Italy

Robinson, J.C., 1992:
Phenology of the banana plant in the subtropics

Injac, M.; Krnjajic, S., 1989:
Phenology of the cabbage moth (Mamestra brassicae L.) in the Belgrade region

Zhigarevich, G.P.; Yakubov, Z.B., 1990:
Phenology of the codling moth and times for its control

Beckett, David, C., 1992:
Phenology of the larval Chironomidae of a large temperate Nearctic river

Briggs, K.G., 1992:
Phenology studies of wheat in the Thailand tropics - do they offer clues about field adaptation to heat?

E.S.aer, M.H.; E.H.ttab, A.H.; Khalil, N.A.; E.M.rshedi, W.A., 1991:
Phenology, growing degree days and attributes related to growth and yield of maize grown in conventional and equidistant plant spacings

Rincon, C.A.; Silva, L.C. de, 1992:
Phenology, leaf area index and dry matter production in three soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) lines under irrigation in a sandy soil

Mor, M.; Cohn, E.; Spiegel, Y., 1992:
Phenology, pathogenicity and pathotypes of cereal cyst nematodes, Heterodera avenae and H. latipons (Nematoda: Heteroderidae) in Israel

Martinson, T.E.; Dennehy, T.J.; Hoffman, C.J., 1994:
Phenology, within-vineyard distribution, and seasonal movement of eastern grape leafhopper (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) in New York vineyards

Hagen, H.E.; Ham, P.J., 1994:
Phenoloxidase activity in Simulium damnosum s.l. and S. ornatum s.l. following an Onchocerca infection

Seigle-Murandi, F.; Guiraud, P.; Steiman, R.; Benoit-Guyod, J.L., 1992:
Phenoloxidase production and vanillic acid metabolism by Zygomycetes

Clifford, M.; Ramirez-Martinez,. Jr.;, 1991:
Phenols and caffeine in wet-processed coffee beans and coffee pulp

Singh, K.N.; Sachan, G.C., 1992:
Phenols and phenolic acids in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) resistant to tobacco caterpillar (Spodoptera litura)

Dalezios, N.R.; Bartzokas, A., 1993:
Phenomenological features of precipitation series in agricultural regions

Cabezudo, B.; Navarro, T.; Perez Latorre, A.V.; Nieto Caldera, J.M.; Orshan, G., 1992:
Phenomorphological studies on the vegetation of southern Spain. I. Cistus L

Cyngaleu, N.M., 1990:
Phenophases of sweet cherries in the Grodzenskai region

Doss, S.; Powell, C.A.; Miller, A.J., 1991:
Phenothrin lotion, the latest recruit in the battle against headlice: the results of two controlled comparative studies

Hendrickson, D.A.; Nixon, A.J.; Erb, H.N.; Lust, G., 1994:
Phenotype and biological activity of neonatal equine chondrocytes cultured in a three-dimensional fibrin matrix

Dehio, C.G.ossmann, K.S.hell, J.S.hmulling, T., 1993:
Phenotype and hormonal status of transgenic tobacco plants overexpressing the rolA gene of Agrobacterium rhizogenes T-DNA

Aida, Y.; Okada, K.; Amanuma, H., 1993:
Phenotype and ontogeny of cells carrying a tumor-associated antigen that is expressed on bovine leukemia virus-induced lymphosarcoma

Brumbley, S.M.; Carney, B.F.; Denny, T.P., 1993 :
Phenotype conversion in Pseudomonas solanacearum due to spontaneous inactivation of PhcA, a putative LysR transcriptional regulator

Napoli, C.; Klee, H., 1993:
Phenotype modification in horticultural crops through hormonal control

McLeod, R.; Mack, D.G.; Boyer, K.; Mets, M.; Roizen, N.; Swisher, C.; Patel, D.; Beckmann, E.; Vitullo, D.; Johnson, D., 1990:
Phenotypes and functions of lymphocytes in congenital toxoplasmosis

Chavananikul, V.; Chantaraprateep, P.; Sanghuayprai, N.; Buarak, B., 1993:
Phenotypes of F2 crossbreds between riverine and Thai swamp buffaloes

Gack, S.; Vallon, R.; Schaper, J.; Ruther, U.; Angel, P., 1994:
Phenotypic alterations in Fos-transgenic mice correlate with changes in Fos/Jun-dependent collagenase type I expression

Knauber, D.C.; Banowetz, G.M., 1992:
Phenotypic Analysis of a Dwarf Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) with Altered Phytochrome-Mediated Growth Responses

Utrillas, M.; Rafel, O.; Perucho, O.; Ramon, J., 1992:
Phenotypic analysis of a synthetic population of rabbits, selected for the global objective of litter weight at 60 days old through overlapping generations

Howard, C.J.; Sopp, P.; Preston, P.M.; Jackson, L.A.; Brown, C.G., 1993:
Phenotypic analysis of bovine leukocyte cell lines infected with Theileria annulata

Guzman, J.; Wang, Y.M.; Teschler, H.; Kienast, K.; Brockmeyer, N.; Costabel, U., 1992:
Phenotypic analysis of bronchoalveolar lavage lymphocytes from acquired immunodeficiency patients with and without Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Burrells, C.; Sutherland, A.D., 1994:
Phenotypic analysis of lymphocytes obtained by bronchoalveolar lavage of normal sheep

McGorum, B.C.; Dixon, P.M.; Halliwell, R.E.W., 1993:
Phenotypic analysis of peripheral blood and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid lymphocytes in control and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease affected horses, before and after 'natural (hay and straw) challenges'

Molina, M.C.; Garcia, M.D.; Caso, O., 1992:
Phenotypic and chromosomic aberrations in plants regenerated from callus

Levitz, S.M.; Dupont, M.P., 1993:
Phenotypic and functional characterization of human lymphocytes activated by interleukin-2 to directly inhibit growth of Cryptococcus neoformans in vitro

Lewczuk, A.; Janiszewska, M.; Grudniewska, B.; Bochno, R., 1992:
Phenotypic and genetic correlations among some reproductive traits in Polish Large White and Polish Landrace sows

Adamov, M., 1993:
Phenotypic and genetic indicators of predisposition to metabolic disorders of high yielding dairy cattle

Rose, M.; Young, R.A.; Eady, S.J., 1992:
Phenotypic and genetic parameters for production characters of cashmere goats in south west Queensland

Hagger, C., 1993:
Phenotypic and genetic relationships among feather scores, income minus food cost and food conversion ratio in laying hens

Capy, P.; Pla, E.; David, J.R., 1993:
Phenotypic and genetic variability of morphometrical traits in natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster and D. simulans. I. Geographic variations

Capy, P.; Pla, E.; David, J.R., 1994:
Phenotypic and genetic variability of morphometrical traits in natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster and D. simulans. II. Within-population variability

Holub, E.B.; Beynon, J.L.; Crute, I.R., 1994:
Phenotypic and genotypic characterization of interactions between isolates of Peronospora parasitica and accessions of Arabidopsis thaliana

Thangaraj, T.; Muthukrishnan, C.R., 1991:
Phenotypic and genotypic coefficients of variation in Fsuperscript 3 and BIP progenies of chilli (Capsicum annuum L.)

Chongkid, B.; Maneephong, C.; Singburaudom, N.; Purivirojkul, W., 1992:
Phenotypic and genotypic correlations between each pair of rice characters under yellow orange leaf virus infection

Ardelean, M.; Ropan, G.; Mitre, V.; Moldovan, O.; Ardelean, L., 1992:
Phenotypic and genotypic correlations in strawberry and their use in breeding

Rezai, A.; Karbasi, B.M., 1991:
Phenotypic and genotypic correlations of protein percentage and some other traits in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Baya, A.M.; Lupiani, B.; Bandin, I.; Hetrick, F.M.; Figueras, A.; Carnahan, A.; May, E.M.; Toranzo, A.E., 1992:
Phenotypic and pathobiological properties of Corynebacterium aquaticum isolated from diseased striped bass

Katageri, I.S.; Kadapa, S.N.; Khadi, B.M., 1992:
Phenotypic associations in Upland cotton

Keller, L.; Ross, K.G., 1993:
Phenotypic basis of reproductive success in a social insect: genetic and social determinants

Kliemchen, A.; Schomburg, M.; Galla, H.J.; Lüttge, U.; Kluge, M., 1993:
Phenotypic changes in the fluidity of the tonoplast membrane of crassulacean-acid-metabolism plants in response to temperature and salinity stress

Choi, S.O.; Chung, J.D.ng, 1992:
Phenotypic characteristics of F1 hybrid in temperate Cymbidium species

Sagan, M.; Huguet, T.; Duc, G., 1994:
Phenotypic characterization and classification of nodulation mutants of pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Parker, J.E.; Szabo, V.; Staskawicz, B.J.; Lister, C.; Dean, C.; Daniels, M.J.; Jones, J.D.G., 1993:
Phenotypic characterization and molecular mapping of the Arabidopsis thaliana locus RPP5, determining disease resistance to Peronospora parasitica

Markwei, C.M.; LaRue, T.A., 1992:
Phenotypic characterization of sym8 and sym9, two genes conditioning non-nodulation in Pisum sativum 'Sparkle'

Saha, D.N.; Parekh, H.K.B., 1991:
Phenotypic co-relation among body weight with body measurements in crossbred cattle

Kuhn, I.; Katouli, M.; Lund, A.; Wallgren, P.; Mollby, R., 1993:
Phenotypic diversity and stability of the intestinal coliform flora in piglets during the first 3 months of age

Adhikari, T.B.; Mew, T.W.; Teng, P.S., 1994:
Phenotypic diversity of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae in Nepal

Hansen, G.; Vaubert, D.; Heron, J.N.; Clerot, D.; Tempe, J.; Brevet, J., 1993:
Phenotypic effects of overexpression of Agrobacterium rhizogenes T-DNA ORF13 in transgenic tobacco plants are mediated by diffusible factor(s)

Geers, R., 1993:
Phenotypic engineering for feed efficiency and animal welfare: some preliminary results from poultry and pigs

Bagnato, A.; Oltenacu, P.A., 1994:
Phenotypic evaluation of fertility traits and their association with milk production of Italian Friesian cattle

Mapelli, S.; Faranda, S.; Manzocchi, L.A., 1992:
Phenotypic expression in in vitro culture of a mutation affecting endosperm IAA content

Slimane, M.N.; Pousse, H.; Maatoug, F.; Hammami, M.; Ben Farhat, M.H., 1993:
Phenotypic expression of familial hypercholesterolaemia in Central and Southern Tunisia

Wooley, R.E.; Nolan, L.K.; Brown, J.; Gibbs, P.S.; Bounous, D.I., 1994:
Phenotypic expression of recombinant plasmids pKT107 and pHK11 in an avirulent avian Escherichia coli

Peter, A.T.; Markwelder, D.; Asem, A.K., 1993:
Phenotypic feminization in a genetic male dog caused by nonfunctional androgen receptors

Wilcox, M.H.; Cook, A.M.; Thickett, K.J.; Eley, A.; Spencer, R.C., 1992:
Phenotypic methods for speciating clinical Aeromonas isolates

Keller, L.; Ross, K.G., 1993:
Phenotypic plasticity and cultural transmission of alternative social organizations in the fire ant Solenopsis invicta

Oliva, G.; Martinez, A.; Collantes, M.; Dubcovsky, J., 1993:
Phenotypic plasticity and contrasting habitat colonization in Festuca pallescens

Counts, R.L., 1993:
Phenotypic plasticity and genetic variability in annual Zizania spp. along a latitudinal gradient

Van Oosterhout, C.; Brakefield, P.M.; Kooi, R.E., 1993 :
Phenotypic plasticity and life history traits in selection lines of Bicyclus anynana

Gebhardt, M.D.; Stearns, S.C., 1992:
Phenotypic plasticity for life-history traits in Drosophila melanogaster. III. Effect of the environment on genetic parameters

Sacco, T.P.racino, V.M.ffei, M., 1992:
Phenotypic plasticity in Mentha viridis lavanduliodora

Blom, C.W.P.M., 1992:
Phenotypic plasticity in Plantago maritima

Kuiper, D., 1992:
Phenotypic plasticity in Plantago species

Sultan, S.E.; Bazzaz, F.A., 1993:
Phenotypic plasticity in Polygonum persicaria. I. Diversity and uniformity in genotypic norms of reaction to light

Sultan, S.E.; Bazzaz, F.A., 1993:
Phenotypic plasticity in Polygonum persicaria. II. Norms of reaction to soil moisture and the maintenance of genetic diversity

Sultan, S.E.; Bazzaz, F.A., 1993:
Phenotypic plasticity in Polygonum persicaria. III. The evolution of ecological breadth for nutrient environment

Montaldo, H.; Martinez Lozano, F.J., 1993:
Phenotypic relationships between udder and milking characteristics, milk production and California mastitis test in goats

Blada, I., 1989:
Phenotypic resistance of white pines to blister rust in Romania

Gomez, J.M., 1993 :
Phenotypic selection on flowering synchrony in a high mountain plant, Hormathophylla spinosa (Cruciferae)

Bachmann, K., 1992:
Phenotypic similarity and genetic relationship among populations of Microseris bigelovii (Asteraceae: Lactuceae)

Malik, B.P.S.; Singh, V.P., 1991:
Phenotypic stability and variability in mungbean

Patel, P.B.; Nanadanwankar, K.G.; Kukadia, M.U., 1992:
Phenotypic stability for grain yield and yield-contributing characters in rabi sorghum

Sarma, R.N.; Roy, A.; Borthakur, A.; Sarma, S.K., 1993:
Phenotypic stability for grain yield in rajmah (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Kaw, R.N., 1991:
Phenotypic stability for reproductive stage cold tolerance in rice

Patil, H.S.; Narkhede, B.N.; Bapat, D.R., 1991:
Phenotypic stability for various characters in sorghum

Bharodia, P.S.; Agiodia, A.V.; Vaghani, J.L.; Patel, D.B.; Patel, J.R., 1991:
Phenotypic stability for yield in wheat

Dobhal, V.K.; Gautam, N.K., 1994:
Phenotypic stability in adzuki bean (Vigna angularis)

Prasad, V.S.R.K.; Singh, D.P., 1992:
Phenotypic stability in bitter gourd

Sharma, A.K.; Godawat, S.L., 1991:
Phenotypic stability in foxtail millet (Setaria italica L.)

Singh, A.K.; Singh, R.N., 1992:
Phenotypic stability in spring wheat

Katiyar, P.K.; Ram, L.; Katiyar, R.P., 1992:
Phenotypic stability of advance generation populations of chickpea for yield and its components

Balakrishnan, P.C.; Devadas, V.S.; Unnithan, V.K.G., 1991:
Phenotypic stability of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) cultivars for annual yield of nuts

Tomar, S.K.; Singh, S.P., 1992:
Phenotypic stability of hybrids and their parents for seed cotton yield and its components in desi cotton (G. arboreum L.)

Ram Niwas; Ram Kumar; Singh, V.P., 1993:
Phenotypic stability of pea (Pisum sativum L.) genotypes for seed yield and its component characters

Nandekar, D.N.; Dubey, K.C.; Upadhyay, P.C., 1992:
Phenotypic stability of tuber yield of potato

Suryavanshi, Y.B.; Ugale, S.D.; Patil, R.B., 1991:
Phenotypic stability of yield and yield components in pearl millet

Krstinic, A., 1984:
Phenotypic stability, adaptability and productivity of certain clones of arborescent willows

Pankowski, J.W.; Spike, P.W.; Barr, H.L., 1992:
Phenotypic value of corrective matings in Holstein cattle. 1. First generation

Reinheimer, J.A.; Morelli, L.; Bottazzi, V.; Suarez, V., 1995:
Phenotypic variability among cells of Lactobacillus helveticus ATCC 15807

Gowda, J.V.N., 1991:
Phenotypic variability and heritable components contributing towards spike in Gladiolus

Martiniello, P.; Baviello, G.; Lamascese, N., 1994:
Phenotypic variability for morphological and yield parameters in woody forage accessions of saltbush (Atriplex halimus L.) and tree-medic (Medicago arborea L.)

Rainard, P.; Sarradin, P.; Poutrel, B., 1994:
Phenotypic variability of X-protein expression by mastitis-causing Streptococcus agalactiae of serotype NT/X and opsonic activities of specific antibodies

Pecetti, L., 1992:
Phenotypic variability of agronomic traits among landraces of durum wheat from Portugal, grown in a dry Mediterranean environment

Li, G.G.ang; Zhang, L.Y.ng; Chen, R.Z.u, 1992:
Phenotypic variation and changes of chromosome number in plantlets regenerated from potato protoplasts

Welz, H.G.; Leonard, K.J., 1993:
Phenotypic variation and parasitic fitness of races of Cochliobolus carbonum on corn in North Carolina

Maley, M.L.; Parker, W.H., 1993:
Phenotypic variation in cone and needle characters of Pinus banksiana (jack pine) in northwestern Ontario

Schmid, B., 1992:
Phenotypic variation in plants

Davies, L.J.; Cohen, D., 1992:
Phenotypic variation in somaclones of Paspalum dilatatum and their seedling offspring

Dangerfield, JM.; Hassall, M., 1992:
Phenotypic variation in the breeding phenology of the woodlouse Armadillidium vulgare

Barnes, B.V.; Han, F., 1993:
Phenotypic variation of Chinese aspens and their relationships to similar taxa in Europe and North America

Estrada Pena, A.; Estrada Pena, R., 1991:
Phenotypic variation of Dermacentor marginatus (Ixodidae) in the Palaearctic Region

Estrada Pena, A.; Albo, A.; Gutierrez, J., 1991:
Phenotypic variation of larval Argas (Carios) vespertilionis (Argasidae) in Spain and northern Africa

Zeven, A.C.; Mohamed, H.H.; Waninge, J.; Veurink, H., 1993:
Phenotypic variation within a Hungarian landrace of runner bean (Phaseolus coccineus L.)

Magariños, B.; Romalde, J.L.; Bandín, I.; Fouz, B.; Toranzo, A.E., 1992:
Phenotypic, antigenic, and molecular characterization of Pasteurella piscicida strains isolated from fish

Garcia, M.J.; Hernandez Gonzalo, R.; Valdes Valdes, J., 1991:
Phenotypic, genotypic and environmental correlations in a group of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) lines

Mazza, M.C.M.; Mazza, C.A.S.; Sereno, J.R.S.; Santos, S.A.; Moura, A.C., 1992:
Phenotypical characterization of Pantaneiro cattle in Brazil

Dicenta, F.; Garcia, J.E., 1992:
Phenotypical correlations among some traits in almond

Vozda, J.; Hartmann, J.; Pesek, J., 1991:
Phenotypical variation of quantitative traits in homozygous and heterozygous genotypes of maize

Nakajima, Y.; Momotani, E.; Ishikawa, Y.; Murakami, T.; Shimura, N.; Onuma, M., 1992:
Phenotyping of lymphocyte subsets in the vascular and epithelial lesions of a cow with malignant catarrhal fever

Felding, G.; Sorensen, J.B.; Hansen, A.C., 1994:
Phenoxy herbicides in runoff from a small agricultural watershed

Manzoni, M.; Molinari, F.; Tirelli, A.; Aragozzini, F., 1993:
Phenylacetaldehyde by acetic acid bacteria oxidation of 2-phenylethanol

Anaya, A.L.; Hernandez-Bautista, B.E.; Jimenez-Estrada, M.; Velasco-Ibarra, L., 1992:
Phenylacetic acid as a phytotoxic compound of corn pollen

Nadaska, M.; Psenak, M.; Erdelsky, K., 1994:
Phenylalanine ammonia lyase, shikimate dehydrogenase and sanguinarine in elicited tissue cultures of Papaver somniferum L

Corchete, M.P.; Diez, J.J.; Valle, T., 1993:
Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase activity in suspension cultures of Ulmus pumila and U. campestris treated with spores of Ceratocystis ulmi

Whetten, R.W.; Sederoff, R.R., 1992:
Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase from loblolly pine. Purification of the enzyme and isolation of complementary DNA clones

Bernards, M.A.; Ellis, B.E., 1991:
Phenylalanine Ammonia-Lyase from Tomato Cell Cultures Inoculated with Verticillium albo-atrum

Yamada, T.; Tanaka, Y.; Sriprasertsak, P.; Kato, H.; Hashimoto, T.; Kawamata, S.; Ichinose, Y.; Kato, H.; Shiraishi, T.; Oku, H., 1992:
Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase genes from Pisum sativum: structure, organ-specific expression and regulation by fungal elicitor and suppressor

Claudot, A.C.; Jay Allemand, C.; Magel, E.A.; Drouet, A., 1993:
Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase, chalcone synthase and polyphenolic compounds in adult and rejuvenated hybrid walnut tree

Sivaprakasam, K.; Vidhyasekaran, P., 1993:
Phenylalanine ammonialyase gene for crop disease management

Marchini, J.S.; Cortiella, J.; Hiramatsu, T.; Castillo, L.; Chapman, T.E.; Young, V.R., 1994:
Phenylalanine and tyrosine kinetics for different patterns and indispensable amino acid intakes in adult humans

Cortiella, J.; Marchini, J.S.; Branch, S.; Chapman, T.E.; Young, V.R., 1992:
Phenylalanine and tyrosine kinetics in relation to altered protein and phenylalanine and tyrosine intakes in healthy young men

Bosset, J.O.; Butikofer, U.; Sieber, R., 1990:
Phenylalanine breakdown - another pathway of natural production of benzoic acid in smeared cheese

Marchini, J.S.; Castillo, L.; Chapman, T.E.; Vogt, J.A.; Ajami, A.; Young, V.R., 1993:
Phenylalanine conversion to tyrosine: comparative determination with L-phenylalanine and L-phenylalanine as tracers in man

Southorn, B.G.; Kelly, J.M.; McBride, B.W., 1992:
Phenylalanine flooding dose procedure is effective in measuring intestinal and liver protein synthesis in sheep

Nahrstedt, A.S.hwind, P., 1992:
Phenylalanine is the biogenetic precursor of meta-hydroxylated zierin, the aromatic cyanogenic glucoside of unripe akenes of Xeranthemum cylindraceum

Leach, C.K.; Morris, N., 1990:
Phenylalanine: ammonium lyase of oak marble galls and leaves of Quercus robur

Cooke, L.R.; Penney, R.E., 1992:
Phenylamide resistance in Phytophthora infestans in Northern Ireland - a changing situation

Lamaty, G.M.nut, C.H.ssani, M.; Bessiere, J.; Doukhan, G., 1992:
Phenylbutane derivatives as main constituents of Monanthotaxis capea essential oil

McDonnell, S.M.; Love, C.C.; Pozor, M.A.; Diehl, N.K., 1992:
Phenylbutazone treatment in breeding stallions: preliminary evidence for no effect on semen or testicular size

Jitoe, A.; Masuda, T.; Nakatani, N., 1993:
Phenylbutenoid dimers from the rhizomes of Zingiber cassumunar

Nishibe, S.; Sasahara, M.; Ying, J.; Lu, Y.C.ang; Tanaka, T., 1993:
Phenylethanoid glycosides from Plantago depressa

Sugiyama, M.K.kuchi, M., 1993:
Phenylethanoid glycosides from Osmanthus asiaticus

Otsuka, Hideaki, 1993:
Phenylethanoids from Linaria japonica

Matalon, R.; Michals, K., 1991:
Phenylketonuria: screening, treatment and maternal PKU

Robins, R.; Woolley, J.; Ansarin, M.E.gles, J.G.odfellow, B., 1994:
Phenyllactic acid but not tropic acid is an intermediate in the biosynthesis of tropane alkaloids in Datura and Brugmansia transformed root cultures

Kitamura, Y.N.shimi, S.K.noshita, T., 1993:
Phenyllactic acid in Duboisia leichhardtii root cultures by feeding of phenylalanine

Lyons, P.C.; Hipskind, J.; Vincent, J.R.; Nicholson, R.L., 1993:
Phenylpropanoid dissemination in maize resistant or susceptible to Helminthosporium maydis

De Tommasi, N.; De Simone, F.; De Feo, V.; Pizza, C., 1991:
Phenylpropanoid Glycosides and Rosmarinic Acid from Momordica balsamina

Fauvel, M.T.; Taoubi, K.; Gleye, J.; Fourasté, I., 1993:
Phenylpropanoid Glycosides from Avicennia marina

Eribekyan, M.I.; Agababyan, E.Y.; Arutyunyan, L.S.; Mnatsakanyan, V.A., 1991:
Phenylpropanoid glycosides of Pedicularis condensata, P. wilhelmsiana and P. sibthorpii

Oganesyan, G.B.; Galstyan, A.M.; Mnatsakanyan, V.A.; Shashkov, A.S.; Agababyan, P.V., 1991:
Phenylpropanoid glycosides of Teucrium polium

Cometa, F.; Tomassini, L.; Nicoletti, M.; Pieretti, S., 1993:
Phenylpropanoid glycosides. Distribution and pharmacological activity

Sukrasno, N.; Yeoman, M.M., 1993:
Phenylpropanoid metabolism during growth and development of Capsicum frutescens fruits

Koul, S.K.; Taneja, S.C.; Malhotra, S.; Dhar, K.L., 1993:
Phenylpropanoids and (-)-ledol from two Piper species

Kuono, I.; Yanagida, Y.; Shimono, S.; Shintomi, M.; Yang, C.S.u, 1992:
Phenylpropanoids from the barks of Illicium difengpi

Kurkin, V.A.; Zapesochnaya, G.G.; Dubichev, A.G.; Vorontsov, E.D.; Aleksandrova, I.V.; Panova, R.V., 1992:
Phenylpropanoids of a callus culture of Rhodiola rosea

Klis, S.F.L.; Vijverberg, H.P.M.; Bercken, J. van den, 1991:
Phenylpyrazoles, a new class of pesticides: an electrophysiological investigation into basic effects

Koch, E.; Leadbeater, A.J., 1992:
Phenylpyrroles - a new class of fungicides for seed treatment

Reynolds, A.; Wardle, D.; Zurowski, C.L.oney, N., 1992:
Phenylureas CPPU and thidiazuron affect yield components, fruit composition, and storage potential of four seedless grape selections

Bittencourt, P.R.M.; Gracia, C.M.; Martins, R.; Fernandes, A.G.; Diekmann, H.W.; Jung, W., 1992:
Phenytoin and carbamazepine decrease oral bioavailability of praziquantel

Greve, L., 1991:
Pherbellia scutellaris (Roser, 1840) (Diptera, Sciomyzidae) new to Norway

Vala, J-C.; Gasc, C., 1990:
Pherbina mediterranea: immature stages, biology, phenology and distribution (Diptera: Sciomyzidae)

Löfstedt, C.; Hansson, B.S.; Petersson, E.; Valeur, P.; Richards, A., 1994:
Pheromonal secretions from glands on the 5th abdominal sternite of hydropsychid and rhyacophilid caddisflies (Trichoptera)

Mori, K.; Amaike, M.; Oliver, J.E., 1992:
Pheromone Synthesis, CXLIII. Synthesis and absolute configuration of the hemiacetal pheromone of the spined citrus bug Biprorulus bibax

Mori, K.; Ishigami, K., 1992:
Pheromone Synthesis, CXLV. Synthesis of the enantiomers of rhynchophorol ((E)-6-methyl-2-hepten-4-ol), the male-produced aggregation pheromone of the American palm weevil, Rhynchophorus palmarum

Anderbrant, Olle, 1993:
Pheromone biology of sawflies

Altstein, M.; Ben Aziz, O.; Gazit, Y., 1994:
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