Prediction of digestibility and intake of sheep fed Leguminosae or Gramineae hays: comparison between the in vitro digestibility, characteristics of gas production or dry matter degradation

Khazaal, K.; Dentinho, M.T.; Ribeiro, J.M.; Orskov, E.R.

Sustainable animal production and the environment Proceedings of the 7th AAAP Animal Science Congress, Bali, Indonesia, 11-16 July, 1994 Volume 2 contributed papers: 271-272


Accession: 002463886

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Hays were made from forage crops (Medicago sativa, Melilotus segetalis, Trifolium resupinatum, Secale cereale, hexaploid triticale, Avena sativa and Lolium multiflorum), cut at 3 stages of maturity, and fed to Merino sheep. Prediction of DM intake (r = 0.79) and digestibility (r = 0.57) from measurements of in situ degradation of DM and gas production were highest using multiple regressions.