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Progesterone profiles of dairy cows

Buvisindi 5(0): 9-14

Progesterone profiles of dairy cows

The postpartum progesterone profiles of 41 cows on two farms were studied. The progesterone was assayed in the fat-free part of milk samples collected daily on one farm and three times a week on the other. Progesterone was assayed by a RIA-method using sheep anti-progesterone antibody, tritiated progesterone as tracer and dextran-coated charcoal to separate free progesterone from antibody-bound. About half of the cows had a normal progesterone profile with a short anovulatory interval post partum and regular follicular and luteal phases with low progesterone during the follicular phase and high progesterone during the luteal phase. The abnormal changes found in the progesterone profiles of the cows were symptomatic for hormonal imbalance of the hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis; luteinization of small follicles during the postpartum anovulatory interval; defective or slow growth of the first postpartum corpus luteum (CL) and of the CL of pregnancy; formation of follicular cysts; luteinization of follicular cysts and endometritis. The sampling frequency is of significance for the evaluation of various factors in the ovarian activity. Few samples or samples taken far apart give a poor representation of the actual ovarian function. This study was conducted to evaluate daily changes of progesterone in milk concentrations from calving to conception for the assessment of necessary sampling frequency during studies of various aspects of dairy cow reproduction.

Accession: 002468643

Related references

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