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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2475

Chapter 2475 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Luick, B. R.; Ayers, A.; Cheeke, P. R., 1992: Rate of passage of black locust leaf and alfalfa meal in the rabbit gut

Gidenne, T., 1992: Rate of passage of fibre particles of different size in the rabbit: effect of dietary lignin level

Blair, Graeme J.; Till, A. R.; Boswell, C., 1994: Rate of recycling of sulfur from urine, faeces and litter applied to the soil surface

Van Der Kamp, Bart J., 1993: Rate of spread of Armillaria ostoyae in the central interior of British Columbia

Triolo, E.; Materazzi, A., 1992: Rate of tobacco mosaic virus degradation in solarized soil

Penagini, R.; Bartesaghi, B.; Conte, D.; Bianchi, P. A., 1992: Rate of transient lower oesophageal sphincter relaxations of healthy humans after eating a mixed nutrient meal: time course and comparison with fasting

Arner, S. L.; Gansner, D. A.; Birch, T. W., 1990: Rate of value change in New England timber stands

Pantelis, G.; Ritchie, A. I. M., 1992: Rate-limiting factors in dump leaching of pyritic ores

Reddy, M. V.; Singh, K. B., 1993: Rate-reducing resistance to Ascochyta blight in chickpeas

Berenbaum, M., 1991: Rated GP (generally patronizing)

Coelho, A. M.; Franca, G. E.; Bahia Filho, A. F. de C.; Guedes, G. A. A., 1992: Rates and application methods of nitrogen fertilizer in irrigated maize crops

Shlapunov, V. N.; Nadtochaev, N. F., 1992: Rates and dates of application of fertilizers when growing grain maize on dernopodzolic sandy loam soil

Section 3, Chapter 2475, Accession 002474015

Melgar, R. J.; Smyth, T. J.; Cravo, M. S.; Sanchez, P. A., 1991: Rates and dates of nitrogen fertilizer application for maize on a latosol in the central Amazonia region

Vawter, Lisa; Brown, Wesley M., 1993: Rates and patterns of base change in the small subunit ribosomal RNA gene

Polupan, N. I.; Kovalev, V. G., 1993: Rates and prediction of the development of Solonetzisation in irrigated soils of southern Ukraine

Niki, Etsuo; Matsuo, Mitsuyoshi, 1993: Rates and products of reactions of vitamin E with oxygen radicals

Sharon, M. D.; Rowley, W. A.; Novak, M. G.; Platt, K. B., 1992: Rates of Borrelia burgdorferi infection in Ixodes dammini (Acari: Ixodidae) in southwestern Wisconsin

Subramanian, S.; Manoharan, A.; Ramaiah, K. D.; Das, P. K., 1994: Rates of acquisition and loss of Wuchereria bancrofti infection in Culex quinquefasciatus

Hughes, Austin L., 1993: Rates of amino acid evolution in the 26- and 28-kDa glutathione S-transferases of Schistosoma

Arvanitoyannis, I.; Blanshard, John M. V., 1994: Rates of crystallization of dried lactose-sucrose mixtures

Chakrapani, G. J.; Subramanian, V., 1993: Rates of erosion and sedimentation in the Mahanadi river basin, India

Fattal, B.; Dotan, A.; Tchorsh, Y., 1992: Rates of experimental microbiological contamination of fish exposed to polluted water

Min' ko, O. I.; Farmakovskiy, D. A., 1992: Rates of generation of hydrogen and methane in soils as a function of moisture content

Castle, S. J.; Berger, P. H., 1993: Rates of growth and increase of Myzus persicae on virus-infected potatoes according to type of virus-vector relationship

Wamberg, S., 1994: Rates of heat loss in female mink (Mustela vison) measured by direct calorimetry

Section 3, Chapter 2475, Accession 002474031

Section 3, Chapter 2475, Accession 002474032

Ellis, R. H.; Qi, A.; Summerfield, R. J.; Roberts, E. H., 1993: Rates of leaf appearance and panicle development in rice (Oryza sativa L.): a comparison at three temperatures

Lafarge, M., 1992: Rates of leaf emergence on main stems of spring barley grown at different altitudes: differences associated with tillering type and environmental effects

Ignotas, V.; Panamarioviene, A., 1992: Rates of lime fertilizers and their distribution on light soils

Cui, Y. B.; Wang, S. M.; Chen, S. L., 1993: Rates of metabolism and nitrogen excretion in starving grass carp in relation to body weight

Newman, E. I.; Eason, W. R., 1993: Rates of phosphorus transfer within and between ryegrass (Lolium perenne) plants

Section 3, Chapter 2475, Accession 002474039

Lesser, D. H.; Rubin, K., 1993: Rates of return on hotel investments

Sasahara, T.; Tsurumi, I.; Abe, T., 1991: Rates of seedling establishment in progeny of a cross between cultivars with a low rate of establishment. II. Year-to-year variation and the effect of changes in sowing date on seedling establishment in parents and a reference cultivar

Terry N.; Carlson C.; Raab T.K.; Zayed A.M., 1992: Rates of selenium volatilization among crop species

Nambu, K.; Kunimatsu, T.; Kyuma, K., 1994: Rates of soil acidification under different patterns of nitrogen mineralization

Smilga, H., 1994: Rates of surface water runoff for designing drainage systems

Venkatesh, G.; Chandrasekhara Reddy, C., 1989: Rates of swarming and absconding in the giant honey bee, Apis dorsata F.

Moriyama, En; Gojobori, T., 1992: Rates of synonymous substitution and base composition of nuclear genes in Drosophila

Gilchrist, A. N., 1992: Rates of terbuthylazine and its mixtures with terbumeton for weed control in poplar and willow nurseries

Wakatsuki T.; Rasyidin A., 1992: Rates of weathering and soil formation

Bergelson, Joy; Newman, Jonathan A.; Floresroux, Ernesto M., 1993: Rates of weed spread in spatially heterogeneous environments

Fries, R.; Kobe, A., 1993: Ratification of broiler carcase condemnations in poultry meat inspection

Kpikpi, W. M., 1992: Rating Musanga cecropioides and Delonix regia as papermaking hardwoods

Penrose, L. J.; Thwaite, W. G.; Bower, C. C., 1994: Rating index as a basis for decision making on pesticide use reduction and for accreditation of fruit produced under integrated pest management

Snowdon, P., 1992: Ratio methods for estimating forest biomass

Plas C.; Harant H.; Danner H.; Jelinek E.; Wimmer K.; Holubar P.; Braun R., 1992: Ratio of biological and chemical oxidation during the aerobic elimination of sulphide by colourless sulphur bacteria

Akimov, S. V.; Oksynyuk, A. N., 1994: Ratio of live weight and backfat thickness in boars

Dewey, C. E., 1993: Ration-induced diarrhea in grower pigs

Mikhailina, N. I.; Mikhailin, N. V., 1990: Rational application of fungicides on wheat

Maithani, G. P., 1993: Rational approach to forest productivity

Lode, H.; Schaberg, T., 1993: Rational approach to the diagnosis of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP)

Draber, W.; Fujita, T., 1992: Rational approaches to structure, activity, and ecotoxicology of agrochemicals

Moneret Vautrin, D. A.; Kanny, G.; Frasie, J. M., 1992: Rational basis for diet treatment in food allergy

Von Itzstein, Mark; Wu, Wen Yang; Kok, Gaik B.; Pegg, Michael S.; Dyason, Jeffrey C.; Jin, Betty; Van Phan, Tho; Smythe, Mark L.; White, Hume F., 1993: Rational design of potent sialidase-based inhibitors of influenza virus replication

Ivanis, N.; Depolo, A.; Prica, M.; Uravic, M.; Peric, R.; Rubinic, M.; Rahelic, V., 1991: Rational diagnostics and therapy of liver hydatid

Wawrzynczak, Stefan, 1994: Rational feeding of high-yielding cows

Papanek, D., 1992 : Rational irrigation of tulip bulbs

Hutl, G.; Nadlinger, M., 1992: Rational measurement of soil parameters

Pienkowski, K., 1994: Rational mechanization of family farms

Anonymous, 1994: Rational mechanization of family farms. Proceedings of a conference held in Lublin, Poland, 9-11 February 1994

Section 3, Chapter 2475, Accession 002474069

Chowdhury, R. N.; Xu, D. W., 1993: Rational polynomial technique in slope-reliability analysis

Koontz, S. R.; Hudson, M. A.; Hughes, M. W., 1992: Rational price formation in live cattle and live hog futures markets

Otto, F., 1992: Rational tapping off and dosing techniques for milk products

Section 3, Chapter 2475, Accession 002474073

Paz de Vazquez, D.; Ruiz, R. M.; Cardenas, G. J., 1990: Rational use of energy

Zapryanov, A., 1991: Rational use of pesticides in integrated plant protection systems

Baturin, A., 1992: Rational use of sires

Gomez Gutiernez, D. J., 1992: Rational utilization of agroforestry resources

Dai, X. J., 1993: Rational utilization of land resources in the hilly area of Xuzhou-Lianyungang

Poortvliet, E. J.; Klensin, J. C.; Kohlmeier, L., 1992: Rationale document for the Eurocode 2 food coding system (version 91/2)

Burnside, Orvin C., 1992: Rationale for developing herbicide-resistant crops

South, Db, 1993: Rationale for growing southern pine seedlings at low seedbed densities

Van Egmond, H. P., 1993: Rationale for regulatory programmes for mycotoxins in human foods and animal feeds

Anonymous, 1993: Rationale for the census. An interview with Guido Rey

Cole, J. F. H.; Canning, L., 1993: Rationale for the choice of species in the regulatory testing of the effects of pesticides on terrestrial non-target plants

Dardenne, Mireille; Bach, Jean Francois, 1993: Rationale for the mechanism of zinc interaction in the immune system

Kimble, J. M.; Buol, S. W.; Witty, J. E., 1993: Rationale for using ECEC and CEC in defining the oxic and kandic horizons

Srivastava, Rajeev; Prasad, Jagdish, 1992: Rationale in the taxonomic classification of some swell-shrink soils of semi-arid tropics in India

Randev, A. K.; Tewari, S. C.; Sharma, R. K., 1992: Rationale of resource use in apple cultivation - a case study of tribal area in Himachal Pradesh

Prentice, Ross L., 1992: Rationale, feasibility, and design of a low fat diet intervention trial among postmenopausal women

Anonymous, 1993: Rationalisation and amalgamation of existing agricultural extension services in the RSA: Proceedings of 27th conference 10-13 May, 1993, Overvaal Resorts, Warmbaths

Rao, W. K., 1992: Rationalisation of application of fertilizer inputs in coffee

Brunelli, A., 1991: Rationalisation of chemical control of fungal diseases

Sharma, A., 1993: Rationalising rural development: an approach for logistic decisions

Russell, P., 1993: Rationalization means fewer, bigger cheese plants

Rimsova, L.; Sosnova, J., 1992: Rationalization of cattle enterprises in the Prerov nad Labem collective farm

Kramer, H., 1991: Rationalization of harvesting technique from the yield standpoint

Alves, M. do C. F. G. P., 1991: Rationalization of national olive oil production capacity: a critical review, from harvesting to storage of olive oil

Masthan, S. C.; Hussain, M. M.; Raja, V., 1993: Rationalization of population, fertilizers and weed control measures on productivity and economics of rice in farmers fields of A. P

Culjat, M., 1991: Rationalization of soyabean production within the concept of integrated farming systems

Lobotka, J.; Kovac, S.; Opath, R., 1991: Rationalization of technology and power system in the breeding of dairy cows

Bolotin, S. V., 1992: Rationalization of the calculation of nutritive value of diets during a laboratory control

Anonymous, 1991: Rationalization of the measurement of small roundwood in the forest

Lisa, L., 1993: Rationalize mechanization with the use of the computer

Alston, Jm; Carter, Ca; Smith, Vh, 1993: Rationalizing agricultural export subsidies

Jorgenson, M. E.; Voldeng, P. S., 1993: Rationalizing barn environment control and energy management

Rothbard, J. B.; Busch, R., 1989: Rationally modulating the immune response: the importance of MHC-peptide interactions

Kal' nitskii, B. D.; Dvinskaya, L. M.; Kusnetsov, S. G.; Niyazov, N. S. A.; Aitov, S. N.; Bataeva, A. P.; Kalenyuk, V. F., 1992: Rationing of protein, amino acid, and energy nutrition in piglets

Gries, G., 1992: Ratios of geometrical and optical isomers of pheromones: irrelevant or important in scolytids?

Section 3, Chapter 2475, Accession 002474113

Thakur, G. L.; Verma, H. D., 1992: Ratoon crop of sugarcane as influenced by gap filling and nitrogen levels

Sutaryo, B.; Suprihatno, B., 1993: Ratoon crop performance in some rice hybrids

Beverly, R. B.; Byous, A. W., 1992: Ratoon cropping mechanically harvested lima bean is possible in the southern Piedmont

Comstock, J. C.; Shine, J. M, Jr; Perdomo, R., 1993: Ratoon stunting disease among sugarcane cultivars in Florida's untreated seedfields

Gillaspie, A. G, Jr; Davies, M. J., 1992: Ratoon stunting of sugarcane

Yadava, R. L., 1992: Ratooning of sugarcane

Anonymous, 1991: Ratooning potential of sugarcane varieties

Schellinck H.M.; West A.M.; Brown R.E., 1992: Rats can discriminate between the urine odors of genetically identical mice maintained on different diets

Ramirez, Israel, 1993: Rats discriminate between starch and other substances having a similar texture

Lupton, Jr; Chen, Xq; Frolich, W; Schoeffler, Gl; Peterson, Ml, 1994: Rats fed high fat diets with increased calcium levels have fecal bile acid concentrations similar to those of rats fed a low fat diet

Caderni, G; Dolara, P; Spagnesi, T; Luceri, C; Bianchini, F; Mastrandrea, V; Morozzi, G., 1993: Rats fed high starch diets have lower colonic proliferation and fecal bile acids than high sucrose-fed controls

Siebert, S. F., 1993: Rattan and extractive reserves

Siswanto, B. E., 1991: Rattan inventory method in the Sungai Aya Hulu forest complex, Hulu Sungai forest district, South Kalimantan

Wahjono, D.; Siswanto, B. E., 1991: Rattan inventory methods in Bengkulu Selatan Forest District, Bengkulu

Anonymous, 1993: Rattan management and utilisation: proceedings of the rattan (cane) seminar India, 29-31 January 1992, Trichur

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Thalley B.S.; Carroll S.B., 1990: Rattlesnake and scorpion antivenoms from the egg yolks of immunized hens

Yabe, T., 1993: Rattus rattus in urban buildings in Japan

Toscano de Brito, A. L., 1993: Rauhiella silvana - a new species of the subtribe Ornithocephalinae (Orchidaceae) from Bahia, Brazil

Gubar, S. I.; Konstantinova, E. P.; Kunakh, V. A., 1993: Rauwolfia cultured cells: indole alkaloids production and their determination

Khan, S. N.; Misra, B. M.; Tivari, R. K., 1993: Ravenelia sessilis, a destructive rust on Albizia chinensis in nurseries

Savindra Singh; Dubey, A.; Singh, M. S., 1991: Ravination in the subhumid tropical environment of India. (A case study of Deoghat area, Allahabad district, U.P.)

Sharma, S. K., 1993: Raw material requirements for pulp and paper industry - Role of cooperative sugar mills

Saboiev, S. S.; Mastonshoeva, Kh S., 1992: Raw material reserves of 2 species of the genus Hypericum L. and Origanum tyttanthum Gontsch. in the western regions of Gorno-Badakhshan district of Tajikistan

Koz' yakov, A. S.; Grishchenko, T. M., 1992: Raw material reserves of Convallaria majalis L. and its protection in the Ukraine

Feairheller, S. H., 1991: Raw material supplies of animal fats

Baynast, R. de, 1991: Raw materials actually available for industrial non-food exploitations

Vincent, P. M., 1992: Raw milk cheese

Eyles, M., 1992: Raw milk cheese: the issues

Peretz, G., 1992: Raw milk cheese: things are moving!

Barbano, D. M., 1992: Raw milk quality: milk quality improvement in the United States

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Murphy, S. R.; Mcniven, M. A., 1994: Raw or roasted lupin supplementation of grass silage diets for beef steers

Boltshauser, M.; Stoll, P., 1991: Raw potatoes for finisher pigs

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Gruchala, L.; Pomeranz, Y., 1992: Raw-starch degrading amylase(s) affect enzyme-resistant starch

Rashmi Aggarwal; Srivastava, K. D.; Singh, D. V., 1993: Raxil - a potent fungicide to control loose smut of wheat

Garrett, P. W.; Dudzik, K. R., 1989: Ray tissues as an indirect measure of relative sap-sugar concentration in sugar maple

Panter, K. E.; Gardner, D. R.; James, L., 1992: Rayless goldenrod toxicity in livestock

Baum, David, 1994: RbcL and seed-plant phylogeny

Anonymous, 1993: Re Urological complications following live donor kidney transplantation: effect of urinary schistosomiasis

Tee, Es; Lim, Cl, 1992: Re-analysis of vitamin A values of selected Malaysian foods of animal origin by the AOAC and HPLC methods

Maslin, B. R.; Thomson, L. A. J., 1992: Re-appraisal of the taxonomy of Acacia holosericea, including the description of a new species, A. colei, and the reinstatement of A. neurocarpa

Berkvens, D. L., 1991: Re-assessment of tick control after immunization against East Coast fever in the Eastern Province of Zambia

Noda, Kazuhiko; Kawabata, Chisato; Kanzaki, Ken, 1994: Re-classification of developmental stage of wheat grain

Brown, V. K.; Gibson, C. W. D., 1994: Re-creation of species-rich calcicolous grassland communities

Sullivan, W. A., 1994: Re-engineering your hospitality operations

Bialeschki, M. D.; Michener, S., 1994: Re-entering leisure: transition within the role of motherhood

Tarasenko, A. P.; Shatokhin, I. V.; Solntsev, V. N.; Popov, N. A.; Efremov, P. P., 1992: Re-equipping the SK-5 Niva combine harvester for harvesting lucerne seeds by the Neveika method

Warren, R. C.; Miller, D., 1993: Re-establishment of Laelia crispa

Reveal, J. L., 1992: Re-establishment of a discarded name in Crepis L. (Asteraceae)

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Beard, Jl; Smith, Sh, 1992: Re-evaluation of apparent hypometabolism in iron-deficient rats

Keshavarz, K.; Nakajima, S., 1993: Re-evaluation of calcium and phosphorus requirements of laying hens for optimum performance and eggshell quality

Colda, G., 1993: Re-evaluation of the V-hedge system for pears (and apples) (part 1)

Belem, P. A. D.; Oliveira, M. R. de; Padovani, C. R., 1992: Re-evaluation of the film test as a screening method for Eurytrema infection in cattle

Brugh, M., 1992: Re-evaluation of the pathogenicity of A/chicken/Alabama/75 (H4N8) influenza virus

Rimler, R. B.; Wilson, M. A., 1994: Re-examination of Pasteurella multocida serotypes that caused haemorrhagic septicaemia in North America

Yue, De; Gosselin, Andre; Desjardins, Yves, 1993: Re-examination of the photosynthetic capacity of in vitro-cultured strawberry plantlets

Noba, K.; Ba, A. T., 1992: Re-examination of the systematics of 3 species in the genus Boerhavia L. (Nyctaginaceae)

Freysinger, V. J.; Alessio, H.; Mehdizadeh, S., 1993: Re-examining the morale-physical health-activity relationship: a longitudinal study of time changes and gender differences

Rouaze Romet, Marielle; Savu, Lia; Vranckx, Roger; Bleiberg Daniel, Fanny; Le Moullac, Beatrice; Gouache, Patricia; Nunez, Emmanuel A., 1992: Re-expression of thyroxine-binding globulin in post-weaning rats during protein or energy malnutrition

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Wolff, G., 1992: Re-opening of higher forestry education at Eberswalde

Goyal, S. K.; Pandey, R. N.; Modi, M. K., 1993: Re-payment capacity of defaulter and non-defaulter borrowers of cooperative societies in Haryana

Duren, E. van; Meek, H., 1994: Re-regulating Canada's agrifood sector: a case study of how to improve competitiveness

Opai Tetteh, E. T.; Hoosen, A. A.; Moodley, J., 1993: Re-screening for syphilis at the time of delivery in areas of high prevalence

Section 3, Chapter 2475, Accession 002474196

Section 3, Chapter 2475, Accession 002474197

Anonymous, 1994: Re-use systems in the Kerang Region

Anonymous, 1992: Reabsorption of surplus agricultural labour into the non-agricultural sector: a study of township enterprises in China

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Anonymous, 1991: Reaching out effectively: improving the design, management and implementation of poverty alleviation programmes

Daniels, P. N., 1994: Reaching out to all America: coordinated nutrition education across USDA programs

Cheunwattana, A., 1990: Reaching out to young readers in the countryside: Thailand's experience

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Anonymous, 1994: Reaching the unreached: ecotechnology and rural employment: a dialogue

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Section 3, Chapter 2475, Accession 002474211

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Section 3, Chapter 2475, Accession 002474218

Gilbert, J.; Tekauz, A., 1993: Reaction of Canadian spring wheats to Septoria nodorum and the relationship between disease severity and yield components

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Section 3, Chapter 2475, Accession 002474251

Fiedler, H. J.; Hohne, H.; Heinze, M., 1988: Reaction of conifer seedlings to fertilizer treatment with various calcium compounds

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