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Reproductive performance of Angus and Brahman cows grazing common Bermudagrass or endophyte-infected tall fescue

Brown, M.A.; Tharel, L.M.; Brown, A.H.J.; Miesner, J.R.; Jackson, W.G.

Special Report Agricultural Experiment Station, Division of Agriculture, University of Arkansas: 15-21


Accession: 002479794

80 American Angus and 80 Brahman heifers born in spring 1985 were kept on common bermudagrass or endophyte-infected tall fescue pastures during 1988-91. Averaged over the 4 years, differences in calving percentage due to pasture type was similar for the 2 breeds, with an advantage of 8.1% (P<0.05) for bermudagrass over fescue.

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