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Residual effect of phosphorus fertilizer and phosphorous recycling in a farming system. I. Phosphorus uptake by crops, residual effect of phosphorus fertilizer and changes of soil available phosphorus

Shen, S.M.; Yin, X.Y.; Zhang, L.

Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology 3(2): 138-143


ISSN/ISBN: 1001-9332
Accession: 002480516

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A six year field experiment conducted on a calcic cinnamon soil showed no significant difference between the crop yields from applying phosphorus fertilizer once every six years at a high rate and once every year at a low rate. The latter gave slightly greater yields than the former, but was more effective in establishing the soil available phosphorus pool. The residual effect from one application of phosphorus lasted more than five years on the calcic cinnamon soil, and although the recovery of phosphorus was as low as 7% at the first year of application with the high rate, the total recovery in six years was as high as 34%. The proportion of residual phosphorus entering the soil available phosphorus pool was ~ 17% after six years of applying phosphorus every year with the low rate, but only 2% from one application with the high rate.