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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2482

Chapter 2482 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Charles, J.G.; Walker, J.T.S.; White, V., 1993:
Resistance to chlorpyrifos in the mealybugs Pseudococcus affinis and P. longispinus in Hawkes Bay and Waikato pipfruit orchards

Mamluk, O.F.; Slageren, M.W. van, 1993:
Resistance to common bunt, yellow rust, leaf rust and Septoria tritici blotch in wild einkorn and wild emmer wheat

Kawazoe, U.; Fabio, J.D., 1994:
Resistance to diclazuril in field isolates of Eimeria species obtained from commercial broiler flocks in Brazil

Grosscurt A.C.; Stoker A., 1991:
Resistance to diflubenzuron in insects

Dunaevskii, A.G., 1991:
Resistance to diseases and pests and possibilities for the genetic defence of yield

Waliyar F.; Mcdonald D.; Nigam S.N.; Rao P.V.S., 1989:
Resistance to early leaf spot of groundnut

Jimenez Diaz, F.; Goheen, A.C., 1991:
Resistance to fanleaf virus among grape cultivars and Vitis species

Singh, P.J.; Dhaliwal, H.S., 1993:
Resistance to foliar blights of wheat in Aegilops and wild Triticum species

Collins, P.J.; Lambkin, T.M.; Bridgeman, B.W.; Pulvirenti, C., 1993:
Resistance to grain-protectant insecticides in coleopterous pests of stored cereals in Queensland, Australia

Mcgrath, D.J.; Vawdrey, L.; Walker, I.O., 1993:
Resistance to gummy stem blight in muskmelon

Yan, Z., 1993:
Resistance to haustorial development of two mistletoes, Amyema preissii (Miq.) Tieghem and Lysiana exocarpi (Behr.) Tieghem ssp. exocarpi (Loranthaceae), on host and nonhost species

Pang, S.Z.i; Nagpala, P.; Wang, M.; Slightom, J.L.; Gonsalves, D., 1992:
Resistance to heterologous isolates of tomato spotted wilt virus in transgenic tobacco expressing its nucleocapsid protein gene

Cabello, T.; Vargas, P., 1989:
Resistance to high temperatures in the developmental stages of Trichogramma cordubensis Vargas and Cabello and T. pintoi Voegele (Hym.: Trichogrammatidae)

Kobayashi, N.; Ikeda, R.; Domingo, I.T.; Vaughan, D.A., 1993:
Resistance to infection of rice tungro viruses and vector resistance in wild species of rice (Oryza spp.)

Arnone, S.; Bacchetta, L.; Saccardo, F., 1993:
Resistance to insect and animal pests

Gevrey, J., 1992:
Resistance to insecticidal and acaricidal treatments

Mansur, Levi M., 1992:
Resistance to iron-deficiency chlorosis in PI 437654 soybean

Villareal, R.L.; Mujeeb Kazi, A.; Fuentes Davila, G.; Rajaram, S.; Toro, E. del, 1994:
Resistance to karnal bunt (Tilletia indica Mitra) in synthetic hexaploid wheats derived from Triticum turgidum x T. tauschii

Singh, Ravi P., 1993:
Resistance to leaf rust in 26 Mexican wheat cultivars

Radu, A.; Paraschivu, M.; Radu, A.; Urechean, V.; Nastase, V., 1992:
Resistance to lodging of the stems in maize. Reciprocal effects

Victoria K.J.I.; Cassalett D.C., 1991:
Resistance to main diseases of sugarcane in Colombia

Olivieri, A.M.; Zazzerini, A.; Alba, E.; Pirani, V.; Tosi, L.; Vannozzi, G.P.; Monotti, M., 1990:
Resistance to major sunflower diseases in Italy

Togushov, A.N.; Vlasov, V.I., 1991:
Resistance to mastitis of cows of different genotypes in the Crimea

Nuez, F.; Esteva, J., 1993:
Resistance to melon dieback in Spanish landraces of melon

Anisimova, L.A.; Siunova, T.V.; Boronin, A.M., 1993:
Resistance to metals in gram-negative bacteria isolated from sewage and soils of industrial regions

Dey, S.K.; Dhillon, B.S.; Kanta, U.; Sekhon, S.S.; Saxena, V.K.; Malhi, N.S.; Khehra, A.S., 1993:
Resistance to multibiotic stresses in maize (Zea mays L.)

Wise, R.P.; Gobelman Werner, K.S., 1993:
Resistance to oat crown rust in diploid and hexaploid Avena

Marchi, A.; Addis, G., 1990:
Resistance to organophosphorus insecticides in Sardinian populations of Culex pipiens (Diptera: Culicidae)

Ushimaru, T.; Shibasaka, M.; Tsuji, H., 1994:
Resistance to oxidative injury in submerged rice seedlings after exposure to air

Niks, R.E.; Ellis, P.R.; Parlevliet, J.E., 1993:
Resistance to parasites

Hovelmann, L.; Franken, H., 1994:
Resistance to penetration and dynamics of root development under winter wheat on recultivated soils on loess in relation to soil cultivation

Wilson, C.R.; Jones, R.A., 1992:
Resistance to phloem transport of potato leafroll virus in potato plants

Colon, L.T.; Budding, D.J., 1993:
Resistance to potato late blight (Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) De Bary) in wild Solanum species

Colon, L.T.; Eijlander, R.; Budding, D.J.; Ijzendoorn, M.T. van; Pieters, M.M.J.; Hoogendoorn, J., 1993:
Resistance to potato late blight (Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary) in Solanum nigrum, S. villosum and their sexual hybrids with S. tuberosum and S. demissum

Wilson, C.R.; Jones, R.A.C., 1993:
Resistance to potato leafroll virus infection and accumulation in potato cultivars, and the effects of previous infection with other viruses on expression of resistance

Li, L.Y.; Huang, Y.J.; Tan, W.Z.; Yang, J.X.; Lu, J.J., 1992:
Resistance to powdery mildew, yellow rust and leaf rust in wild relatives of common wheat

Cochran, D.G., 1994:
Resistance to pyrethrins in the German cockroach: inheritance and gene-frequency estimates in field-collected populations (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae)

Elzen, G.W.; Leonard, B.R.; Graves, J.B.; Burris, E.; Micinski, S., 1992:
Resistance to pyrethroid, carbamate, and organophosphate insecticides in field populations of tobacco budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in 1990

Anonymous, 1991:
Resistance to red rot

Ham, P.J.; Baxter, A.J.; Thomas, P.M.; Phillips, L.; Townson, H., 1990:
Resistance to reinfection of Simulium with onchocerca, and potential mechanisms for control

Reimers, P.J.; Bordeos, A.A.; Calvero, A.; Estrada, B.A.; Mauleon, R.; Nahar, N.S.; Shahjahn, A.K.M.; Darwis, S.; Zaini, Z., 1994:
Resistance to rice blast in a line derived from Oryza minuta

Jeyarani, S.; Velusamy, R., 1994:
Resistance to rice mealybug in whitebacked planthopper-resistant rice varieties

Cabunagan, R.C.; Flores, Z.M.; Koganezawa, H., 1993:
Resistance to rice tungro spherical virus (RTSV) in rice germplasm

Kobayashi, N.; Ikeda, R.; Vaughan, D.A., 1993:
Resistance to rice tungro viruses in wild species of rice (Oryza spp.)

Singh, K.; Reddy, M., 1993:
Resistance to six races of Ascochyta rabiei in the world germplasm collection of chickpea

Tronsmo, A.M., 1993:
Resistance to snow mold fungi (Microdochium nivale and Typhula ishikariensis) in grasses and cereals

Tronsmo A.M., 1992:
Resistance to snow mould fungi in breeding material of grasses

Chen, P.; Buss, G.R.; Tolin, S.A., 1993:
Resistance to soybean mosaic virus conferred by two independent dominant genes in PI 486355

Gut, M.; Cygankiewicz, A.; Ptak, B., 1993:
Resistance to sprouting in the ear in strains and varieties of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). II. Spring wheat

Lin, T.F., 1993:
Resistance to stem borer (Chilo suppressalis) and the performance of agronomic characters of newly developed indica rice lines

Kudsk, P.; Mathiassen, S.K.; Petersen, E.F., 1992:
Resistance to sulfonylurea herbicides in chickweed

Fromusoh, E.S.; Wilde, G.E.; Hatchett, J.H.; Collins, R.D., 1994:
Resistance to the Russian wheat aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae) in wheat and wheat-related hybrids

de la Rosa, M.C.; Mosso, M.A.; García, M.L.; Plaza, C., 1993:
Resistance to the antimicrobial agents of bacteria isolated from non-sterile pharmaceuticals

Swiezynski, K.M.; Dziewonska, M.A.; Ostrowska, K., 1993:
Resistance to the potato leafroll virus (PLRV) in the progeny of a highly resistant potato clone

Oudich, H.; Flach, E.; Hasnaoui, M.; Kachani, M.; Ouhelli, H., 1993:
Resistance to theileriosis of imported and local breeds in Morocco

Maingi, N., 1993:
Resistance to thiabendazole, febantel, albendazole and levamisole in gastrointestinal nematodes of goats in Kenya

Cishahayo, D., 1993 :
Resistance to thrips and correlations with population characters

Velusamy, R.; Kumar, M.G.nesh; Edward, Y.S.J.hnson Thangaraj; Babu, P.C.S.ndara, 1994:
Resistance to thrips in traditional rice varieties

Bui, P.T.; Jenns, A.E.; Schneider, S.M.; Daub, M.E., 1992:
Resistance to tobacco mosaic virus and Meloidogyne arenaria in fusion hybrids between Nicotiana tabacum and an N. repanda X N. sylvestris hybrid

Carr, J.P.; Marsh, L.E.; Lomonossoff, G.P.; Sekiya, M.E.; Zaitlin, M., 1992:
Resistance to tobacco mosaic virus induced by the 54-kDa gene sequence requires expression of the 54-kDa protein

Marte, M.; Buonaurio, R.; Torre, G. della, 1992:
Resistance to tobacco powdery mildew (Erysiphe cichoracearum) induced by a necrotic strain of potato virus Y (PVYN)

Stanek, R.; Lipecki, J., 1991:
Resistance to triazines of Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.) Med. is located in chloroplast

Tronsmo, Anne Marte, 1993:
Resistance to winter stress factors in half-sib families of Dactylis glomerata, tested in a controlled environment

Kennedy, G.G.; Barbour, J.D., 1992:
Resistance variation in natural and managed systems

Marull, J.; Pinochet, J.; Felipe, A.; Cenis, J.L., 1994:
Resistance verification in Prunus selections to a mixture of thirteen Meloidogyne isolates and resistance mechanisms of a peach-almond hybrid to M. javanica

Barker, K.R., 1993:
Resistance/tolerance and related concepts/terminology in plant nematology

Jafarpour, B., 1993:
Resistant cultivars of apricot to bacterial canker (Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae) in Mashhad

Golovkina, L.S.; Zvereva, Y.F., 1991:
Resistant forms of Phytoseiulus as a component in the system of cucumber protection under greenhouse conditions

de Deckere, E.A.; Kloots, W.J.; van Amelsvoort, J.M., 1993:
Resistant starch decreases serum total cholesterol and triacylglycerol concentrations in rats

Tasman Jones, C., 1993:
Resistant starch in the athlete's diet: a sustained source of energy

Karous, M.; Mares, S.; Kelly, W.E.; Anton, J.; Havelka, J.; Stoje, V., 1994:
Resistivity methods for monitoring spatial and temporal variations in groundwater contamination

Harmsen, A.G.; Chen, W., 1992:
Resolution of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in CD4+ lymphocyte-depleted mice given aerosols of heat-treated Escherichia coli

Dailey, A.T.; LeRoux, P.D.; Grady, M.S., 1993:
Resolution of an actinomycotic abscess with nonsurgical treatment: case report

Fleischman, H.; Ifudu, O.; Friedman, E.A., 1992:
Resolution of fungal peritonitis after early catheter removal without amphotericin B therapy

Medleau, L.; Chalmers, S.A., 1992:
Resolution of generalized dermatophytosis without treatment in dogs

Milota, M.R.; Wu, Q.L., 1994:
Resolution of the stress and strain components during drying of a softwood

Anonymous, 1991:
Resolutions of the International Conference on Travel and Tourism Statistics, Ottawa, Canada, 24-28 June 1991

Bougnoux, M.E.; Gueho, E.; Potocka, A.C., 1993:
Resolutive Candida utilis fungemia in a nonneutropenic patient

Schirone, B., 1993:
Resonance wood in Picea orientalis

Sheffield, E.A.; Guthrie, R.; Penland, D.; Myers, K., 1993:
Resort recreation programs for conference groups: programs and pricing

Terry, G.A., 1994:
Resort timesharing: growth and situation analysis

Sheffield, E.A., 1993:
Resorts and film commissions: developing a location filming program

King, B.; Whitelaw, P., 1992:
Resorts in Australian tourism: a recipe for confusion?

Markandya, A.; Perrings, C., 1991:
Resource accounting for sustainable development: a review of basic concepts, recent debate and future needs

Markandya, A.; Perrings, C., 1994:
Resource accounting for sustainable development: basic concepts, recent debate and future needs

Murphy, P.W.; Sardar, M.A., 1991:
Resource allocation and utilization contrasts in Hypoaspis aculeifer (Can.) and Alliphis halleri (G. & R. Can.) (Mesostigmata) with emphasis on food source

Wolstenholme, B.N., 1990:
Resource allocation and vegetative-reproductive competition: opportunities for manipulation in evergreen fruit trees

Ahmed, S.; Rahman, S., 1992:
Resource allocation by subsistence farmers in Asia: some findings

Mantino, F.; Marini, M., 1993:
Resource allocation in Italian farm households

Atlin, G.N.; McRae, K.B., 1994:
Resource allocation in Maritime cereal cultivar trials

Dennis, D.T.; Blakeley, S.D., 1993:
Resource allocation in developing oilseeds

Darwish, D.S., 1991:
Resource allocation in screening for broomrape tolerance in faba beans

Panin, A., 1993:
Resource allocative efficiency of smallholder farmers in Botswana

Anonymous, 1993:
Resource and sanctuary. Indigenous peoples, ancestral rights, and the forests of the Americas

Hossain, M.M.; Rakkibu, M.G., 1993:
Resource availability, training and tree planting on private land: a study in a Bangladesh village

Yang, L.Q., 1992:
Resource characteristics and fertility improvement ways of paddy soil in Xinjiang

Kelly, C.K., 1992 :
Resource choice in Cuscuta europaea

Juo, A.S.R.; Hossner, L.R., 1992:
Resource conservation and sustainable agriculture on wet soils

Goldman, A., 1992:
Resource degradation, agricultural change, and sustainability in farming systems of southeastern Nigeria

Alagh, Y.K.; Sarma, A., 1990:
Resource flows to agriculture: concepts and case studies

Degnbol, P., 1992:
Resource management and artisanal fisheries: relevance and conditions

Short, K.M., 1992:
Resource management and socioeconomic development in the Japanese coastal fishing industry

Devendra, C., 1994:
Resource management for increasing animal productivity and enhancing the environment

Croll, E., 1993:
Resource management: land, service and enterprise

Shannon, M.A., 1991:
Resource managers as policy entrepreneurs. Governance challenges of the urban-forest interface

Nand, S., 1993:
Resource optimisation in Indian phosphatic fertiliser industry

Anonymous, 1991:
Resource papers of NPK production technology and NPK product characteristics. Conference on production and use of multinutrient (NPK) fertilizers, Bangladesh, 25-26 November 1991

Fairey, D.T.; Lefkovitch, L.P.; Owen, R.E., 1992:
Resource partitioning: bumble bee (Bombus) species and corolla lengths in legume seed fields in the Peace River region

Melkania, N.P., 1991:
Resource potential, plantation, utilization and management of multipurpose woody species in the Himalayan region

Sharma, V.P.; Singh, R.V., 1993:
Resource productivity and allocation efficiency in milk production in Himachal Pradesh

Wani, S.A.; Mathur, S.C.; Singh, C.B., 1992:
Resource productivity and allocation in dairy farming with different breeds of cows in temperate regions of Kashmir

Adewumi, M.O., 1994:
Resource productivity and efficiency in fish farming enterprise: the case of Kwara State of Nigeria

Murthy, D.R.; Naidu, M.R., 1992:
Resource productivity and resource use efficiency of milk production in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh

Sunandini ; Haffis, S.; Parthasarathi, P.B.; Reddy, Y.V.R., 1993:
Resource productivity and resource use efficiency on paddy farms of Andhra Pradesh

Mattigatti, R.; Murthy, H.G.S.; Hiremath, G.K.; Mallikarjunappa, S., 1993:
Resource productivity in cow milk production - an impact of Operation Flood programme

Zeeman, G.; Lettinga, G., 1992:
Resource recovery from animal slurry (energy, fertilizers and soil conditioners)

Pearson, R.A., 1993:
Resource requirements for draught animal power

Seidel, G.E., 1993:
Resource requirements for transgenic livestock research

Pathania, M.S.; Sharma, K.N.S., 1993:
Resource structure of biogas technology for rural energy needs

Shete, S.M.; Nawadkar, D.S.; Sale, D.L., 1992:
Resource use and input-output relationship of mixed and arable farming in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra

Mbata, J.N.; Matekwa, J.C., 1993:
Resource use efficiency among small-scale farmers in selected areas of western Kenya

Sabur, S.A.; Haque, M.Z., 1992:
Resource use efficiency and returns from some selected winter crops in Bangladesh

Das, M.R., 1993:
Resource use efficiency in agriculture: a cross-sectional analysis

Rana, R.K.; Tewari, S.C.; Raina, K.K., 1993:
Resource use efficiency in seed-potato production

Velayudham, K.; Zeaudeen, P., 1993:
Resource use efficiency in sesamum production

Singh, K.V.; Kumar, S.; Malik, R.N., 1993:
Resource use efficiency of sugarcane farms (a micro-level study of western Uttar Pradesh)

Groenewald, J.A., 1993:
Resource use entitlement, finance and entrepreneurship in sub-Saharan smallholder agriculture

Hatzius, T., 1993:
Resource use in Andean agriculture - neoclassical and new institutional concepts for understanding rural institutions

Sharma, R.; Moorti, T.V., 1994:
Resource use productivity in tea farming in Himachal Pradesh: a regional study

Tscharntke, T., 1993:
Resource utilization and coexistence in a species-rich parasitoid community

Kopelman, AH.; Chabora, PC., 1992:
Resource variability and life history parameters of Leptopilina boulardi (Hymenoptera: Eucoilidae)

Traniello, JFA.; Kozol, AJ.; Fournier, MA., 1992:
Resource-related spatial patterns of search in the ant Formica schaufussi: a field study

Svinareva, G.A.; Golovko, O.M., 1990:
Resource-saving technology for the manufacture of dried skim milk

Ukhanov, V.Yu, 1993:
Resource-saving technology for treating poultry slurry

Hohl, A.E.; Tisdell, C.A., 1993:
Resource-use conflicts related to environmental conservation and ethical stances in contemporary economic thought

Saini, G.R., 1993:
Resource-use efficiency in agriculture

Coakley, P.; Comstock, G.; Cohen, D.H.; Steiner, P.R.; Nakamoto, T.; Sutigno, P.; Maplesden, F.; Horgan, G., 1992:
Resources and composite product opportunities in the Pacific Rim

Ahmad, M., 1993:
Resources and expertise fuel cigarette factories

Rugarabamu, G., 1993:
Resources and the sustainability of poverty alleviation programmes

Koz' yakov, O.S.; Zil' , J.P., 1990:
Resources of Acorus calamus L. on the plains of the Ukrainian right bank

Gade, H.; Hammer, K., 1991:
Resources of the Gatersleben gene bank as source material for plant breeding

Urushibata, I.; Isogai, A.; Matsumoto, S.; Suzuki, A., 1993:
Respirantin, a novel insecticidal cyclodepsipeptide from Streptomyces

He, L.; Burris, J.S., 1992:
Respiration and carbohydrate metabolism during germination of sh2 and Sh2 sweet corn seed

McCullough, D.E., 1992:
Respiration and dry matter accumulation of spring and winter cultivars of rye (Secale cereale L.), triticale (X Triticosecale Wittm.) and wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grown under field and contrasting temperature regimes

Wustmann, G.; Wehner, W., 1991:
Respiration and emanations from apples under different storage conditions

Gordon, L.K.; Fil' chenkova, V.I.; Minibaeva, F.V.; Alekseeva, V.Y.; Balashova, T.K.; Tsentsevitskii, T.K., 1992:
Respiration and generation of the superoxide radical in root cells under the action of exogenous ribonuclease

Hansen, A.P.; Yoneyama, T.; Kouchi, H.; Martin, P., 1993:
Respiration and nitrogen fixation of hydroponically cultured Phaseolus vulgaris L. cv. OAC Rico and a supernodulating mutant. I. Growth, mineral composition and effect of sink removal

Haigh, G.R.; Carver, T.L.W.; Gay, A.P.; Farrar, J.F., 1991:
Respiration and photosynthesis in oats exhibiting different levels of partial resistance to Erysiphe graminis D.c. ex Merat f.sp. avenae Marchal

Mariko, S.; Koizumi, H., 1993:
Respiration for maintenance and growth in Reynoutria japonica ecotypes from different altitudes on Mt Fuji

Besseling, A.E., 1992:
Respiration is the pivot in storage technology

Martin, P., 1989:
Respiration of a colony of Leptothorax unifasciatus (Latr.) reared in the laboratory

Byzova, J.B.; Kidawa, A., 1990:
Respiration of collembolans (Collembola) cultured in a constant temperature

Hokkanan, T.J.; Silvola, J., 1993:
Respiration of cultivated Histosols in the field and laboratory measurements and the relationships between respiration and soil properties

Hew C.S.; Yip K.C., 1991:
Respiration of orchid flower mitochondria

Amaki, W.; Imamura, N.; Higuchi, H., 1993:
Respiration of styles treated with high temperature in Lilium longiflorum

Singh, K.K.; Chen, C.; Epstein, D.K.; Gibbs, M., 1993:
Respiration of Sugars in Spinach (Spinacia oleracea), Maize (Zea mays), and Chlamydomonas reinhardtii F-60 Chloroplasts with Emphasis on the Hexose Kinases

Kai, M.; Kubo, K., 1993:
Respiration pause and gait after the start dash in a horse

Ortiz, O.; Alcaniz, J.M., 1993:
Respiration potential of microbial biomass in a calcareous soil treated with sewage sludge

Inoue, H.; Takahashi, B., 1991:
Respiration rate and ethylene production in avocado (Persea americana Mill.) fruits in Japan

Song, Y.; Kim, H.K.; Yam, K.L., 1992:
Respiration rate of blueberry in modified atmosphere at various temperatures

Lappin, M.R.; Orton, C.; Allan, G.S.; Gill, J.H.; Ladd, L.A.; Zuber, R.M., 1993:
Respiratory & pulmonary conditions: refresher course for veterinarians. Proceedings 222, 4-8 October 1993, University of Sydney

Rahman, A.S.ukor A.; Huber, D.J.; Brecht, J.K., 1993:
Respiratory activity and mitochondrial oxidative capacity of bell pepper fruit following storage under low-oxygen atmosphere

Harrison, J.F., 1994:
Respiratory and ionic aspects of acid-base regulation in insects: an introduction

Palma, T.; Stanley, D.W.; Aguilera, J.M.; Zoffoli, J.P., 1993:
Respiratory behavior of cherimoya (Annona cherimola Mill.) under controlled atmospheres

Mcdonnell, E.; Farrar, J.F., 1993:
Respiratory characteristics of isolated barley mitochondria and intact barley roots

Blake, R.I.I.; Shute, E.A.; Waskovsky, J.; Harrison, A.P.J., 1991:
Respiratory components in acidophilic bacteria that respire on iron

Wullschleger, S.; Norby, R., 1992:
Respiratory cost of leaf growth and maintenance in white oak saplings exposed to atmospheric CO2 enrichment

Rodriguez Perez, R.; Fernandez Perez, B.; Dominguez Alevarez, L.M.; Naval Calvino, G., 1992:
Respiratory cryptosporidiasis in patients with HIV. Two case reports

Mascaró, C.; Arnedo, T.; Rosales, M.J., 1994:
Respiratory cryptosporidiosis in a bovine

Martin Sanchez, A.M.; Rodriguez Hernandez, J.; Fuertes Martin, A.; Canut Blasco, A., 1991:
Respiratory cryptosporidiosis: a new case

Helm, T.N.; Tomecki, K.J., 1992:
Respiratory dimorphic fungal infections

McKean, J.D.; Rueff, L.; Tubbs, R.; Johnson, W.; Schwartz, K.; Wetzell, T., 1993:
Respiratory disease in swine, part 2

Beek, P.N.G.M. van; Empel, P.C.M. van; Bosch, P.G. van den; Storm, P.K.; Bongers, J.H.; Preez, J.H. du, 1994:
Respiratory disease, growth depression and arthritis in turkeys and broilers caused by a Pasteurella-like bacterium, Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale or 'taxon 28'

Wailly, P. de, 1993:
Respiratory diseases in cage and aviary birds

Bhatnagar, MC.; Bana, AK.; Tyagi, M., 1992:
Respiratory distress to Clarias batrachus (Linn.) exposed to endosulfan - a histological approach

Deer, H.M.; Beck, E.D.; Roe, A.H., 1993:
Respiratory exposure of museum personnel to dichlorvos insecticide

Albino, J.A.; Shapiro, J.M., 1994:
Respiratory failure in pregnancy due to Pneumocystis carinii: report of a successful outcome

Fielden, L.J.; Duncan, F.D.; Rechav, Y.; Crewe, R.M., 1994:
Respiratory gas exchange in the tick Amblyomma hebraeum (Acari: Ixodidae)

Fielden, L.J.; Rechav, Y.; Gaigulo, S., 1993:
Respiratory gas exchange in ticks (Acarina: Ixodidae)

Done, S.H.; Spencer, Y.I.; Higgins, R.; Brown, I.H.; Hannam, D.A., 1993:
Respiratory infections in pigs 1986-1993

Gallant, J.E.; Hoehn-Saric, E.; Smith, M.D., 1991:
Respiratory insufficiency from dapsone-induced methemoglobinemia

Fei, Y.L.; Li, J.R., 1992:
Respiratory metabolism during dormancy and germination in apple seeds

Devaraj, P.; Selvarajan, V.R.; Durairaj, S., 1993:
Respiratory metabolism in brain regions of Oreochromis mossambicus during phosalone toxicity

Astafurova, T.P.; Vaishlya, O.B.; Zaitseva, T.A.; Lapteva, T.A.; Chirkova, T.V., 1993:
Respiratory metabolism in pea leaves under hypobaric hypoxia

Nanos, G.D.; Romani, R.J.; Kader, A.A., 1994:
Respiratory metabolism of pear fruit and cultured cells exposed to hypoxic atmospheres: associated change in activities of key enzymes

Manohar, M.; Duren, S.E.; Sikkes, B.; Day, J.; Baker, J.P., 1992:
Respiratory muscle perfusion in ponies during prolonged submaximal exercise in thermoneutral environment

Young, Eric, 1993:
Respiratory oxygen response and respiratory quotient of apple stem sections during chilling

Kandaswamy, S., 1993:
Respiratory paralysis and coma in a case of severe organophosphorus poisoning

Shetty, P.S., 1992:
Respiratory quotients and substrate oxidation rates in the fasted and fed state in chronic energy deficiency

Kulkarni, A.N.; Keshavan, R., 1989:
Respiratory response of a freshwater fish Chela phulo to Dimecron

Sampath, K.; Stanley, A.; Sivakumar, V., 1990:
Respiratory responses of Heteropneustes fossilis exposed to different temperatures and sublethal levels of methyl parathion

Choudat, D.; Goehen, M.; Korobaeff, M.; Boulet, A.; Dewitte, J.D.; Martin, M.H., 1994:
Respiratory symptoms and bronchial reactivity among pig and dairy farmers

Zuskin, E.; Zagar, Z.; Schachter, E.N.; Mustajbegovic, J.; Kern, J., 1993:
Respiratory symptoms and ventilatory capacity in swine confinement workers

Hostnik, P., 1993:
Respiratory syncytial virus in cattle

Lindgren, C.; Jing, L.; Graham, B.; Grögaard, J.; Sundell, H., 1992:
Respiratory syncytial virus infection reinforces reflex apnea in young lambs

Chazaud, P., 1993:
Responding to changes in demand

Shiver, B.D., 1994:
Response and economics of mid-rotation competition control in southern pine plantations

Hiremath, B.R.; Patil, V.S.; Biradar, D.P.; Hunshal, C.S., 1992:
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Response of cattle to high environmental temperatures

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