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Response of winter wheat varieties to interactions between nitrogen nutrition and growth retardants

Kurekova, Z.; Repka, J.

Rostlinna Vyroba 39(7): 613-618


ISSN/ISBN: 0370-663X
Accession: 002482169

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Five winter wheat cultivars, Hela, Agra, Kosutka, Roxan and Selekta, differing in habit and DM production traits including number of leaves, tillers/plant and leaves/tiller were grown outdoors in large plastic pots (35 kg soil each). At the end of tillering in the absence of N and growth retardant application, Kosutka produced the largest shoot biomass (0.387 g/plant) and Hela the lowest (0.271 g). Foliar applications of N as ammonium (2 mM) and alpha -dichlorisobutyric acid (50 mg/kg) increased the total absolute vegetative DM in Hela, Selekta and Roxana by 16.5, 11.2 and 8.5%, respectively, compared with the control but decreased it in Agra (4.3%) and Kosutka (6.95%).

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