Roses suitable for growing as own-rooted plants

Zlebcik, J.

Zahradnictvi 19(3): 189-196


Accession: 002485342

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In continuation of earlier trials, 4-year (1988-91) results with 20 further cultivars are reported. Yield of single node cuttings from the stock plants, rooting percentage, first year overwintering, growing-on to market size, and growth on the permanent site were considered as criteria. From the data the following 13 cultivars are considered to be suitable for growing on their own roots in the Czech Republic: Anne Coocker, Cantilena Bohemica, John S. Armstrong, Ludvik Vecera, Kore, Margo Koster, Mount Shasta, New Dawn, Pink Spray, Pruhonice, Queen of Bermuda, Westerland and Rosa X paulii.