Seasonal changes in plasma thyroid hormones, total lipids, cholesterol and serum transaminases during pregnancy and at parturition in Barki and Rahmani ewes

Okab, A.B.; Elebanna, I.M.; Mekkawy, M.Y.; Hassan, G.A.; El Nouty, F.D.; Salem, M.H.

Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 63(9): 946-951


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-8318
Accession: 002487829

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Some hormonal and hemato-biochemical characteristics were determined at various stages of pregnancy and at parturition in 32 Barki and Rahmani ewes during summer and winter. Plasma T-4 concentration was highest (P lt 0.05) during early pregnancy, and decreased gradually reaching the lowest values during late pregnancy and post-partum. The overall mean plasma T-3 did not vary significantly between various periods of pregnancy, but values at post-partum period were less (P lt 0.05) than pregnancy values. The calculated T-4:T-3 ratio decreased gradually until parturition suggesting a conversion of T-4 to T-3. Stage of pregnancy had a significant influence (P lt 0.01) plasma cholesterol but not on plasma total lipids. Values of both compounds were lowest near parturition. The highest overall mean values for serum GOT and GPT were noted after mid-pregnancy but values dropped significantly (P lt 0.01) shortly before parturition and in the post-partum period. The overall mean plasma T-4, T-3 and cholesterol were higher (P lt 0.05) in winter than in summer, but this trend was reversed in the case of plasma total lipids and cholesterol was not significant, although the Barki ewes showed higher (P lt 0.05) values of plasma total lipids than the Rahmani during the summer season. The Barki ewes also showed higher (P lt 0.01) overall mean plasma T-4 and T-3 and serum GOT, and lower (P lt 0.01) values of serum GPT than the Rahmani.