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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2491

Chapter 2491 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rainey, D.W.; Amunategui, F.; Agocs, H.; Larick, J., 1992:
Sensation seeking and competitive trait anxiety among college rodeo athletes

Landolt E., 1991:
Sense and nonsense in botanical nomenclature

Kammerlehner, J., 1994:
Sense and purpose of snacks - nutritionally and physiologically valuable when containing milk and milk products with carbohydrate- and fibre-rich foods

Lynam, J.K.; Herdt, R.W., 1992:
Sense and sustainability: sustainability as an objective in international agricultural research

Stewart, J.B.; Kustas, W.P.; Humes, K.S.; Nichols, W.D.; Moran, M.S.; D.B.uin, H.A.R., 1994:
Sensible heat flux-radiometric surface temperature relationship for eight semiarid areas

Borgelt, S.C., 1993:
Sensing and measurement technologies for soil specific management

Buck, N.L.; Schmidt, W.L., 1992:
Sensing overhead power lines for accident prevention

Bereswill, S.; Pahl, A.; Bellemann, P.; Zeller, W.; Geider, K., 1992:
Sensitive and species-specific detection of Erwinia amylovora by polymerase chain reaction analysis

Thomas, E.J.; King, R.K.; Burchak, J.; Gannon, V.P., 1991:
Sensitive and specific detection of Listeria monocytogenes in milk and ground beef with the polymerase chain reaction

Weiss, L.M.; Udem, S.A.; Salgo, M.; Tanowitz, H.B.; Wittner, M., 1991:
Sensitive and specific detection of toxoplasma DNA in an experimental murine model: use of Toxoplasma gondii-specific cDNA and the polymerase chain reaction

MacPherson, J.M.; Gajadhar, A.A., 1993:
Sensitive and specific polymerase chain reaction detection of Toxoplasma gondii for veterinary and medical diagnosis

Lotter, H.; Mannweiler, E.; Schreiber, M.; Tannich, E., 1992:
Sensitive and specific serodiagnosis of invasive amebiasis by using a recombinant surface protein of pathogenic Entamoeba histolytica

Finnegan, E.J., 1992:
Sensitive assay for the excision of transposable elements using beta -glucuronidase reporter gene

Tirasophon, W.; Tassanakajon, A.; Boonsaeng, V.; Panyim, S.; Wilairat, P., 1993:
Sensitive detection of Plasmodium falciparum in blood and mosquito by DNA amplification

Ulrich, P.; Niessner, R., 1992:
Sensitive fluorescence immunoassay for terbuthylazine

Katz, J.B.; Alstad, A.D.; Gustafson, G.A.; Moser, K.M., 1993:
Sensitive identification of bluetongue virus serogroup by a colorimetric dual oligonucleotide sorbent assay of amplified viral nucleic acid

Zhuang, W.Z.; Hattori, M.; Onuma, M.; Kodama, H., 1992:
Sensitive method for the detection of antibodies to infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus

Zhang, G.H.; Baek, L.; Nielsen, P.E.; Buchardt, O.; Koch, C., 1994:
Sensitive quantitation of endotoxin by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay with monoclonal antibody against Limulus peptide C

Kirkpatrick, B.W.; Monson, R.L., 1993:
Sensitive sex determination assay applicable to bovine embryos derived from IVM and IVF

Miura, H.; Shimizu, A.; Imada, S., 1993:
Sensitive stage of strawberry fruit to light for coloration

Nikam, P.J.; Gupta, S.K., 1992:
Sensitivity analysis of drainage design equations

Tiscareno Lopez, M.; Lopes, V.L.; Stone, J.J.; Lane, L.J., 1994:
Sensitivity analysis of the WEPP watershed model for rangeland applications. II. Channel processes

Wang, D.F.; Yin, Y.G.; Cheng, Y.S.; Zheng, L.Z.; Liang, J., 1993:
Sensitivity analysis on interior noise responses of the tractor cab

Eddo, R., 1993:
Sensitivity and involvement of plant growth regulators in differentiation and morphogenesis

Hoffman, A.M.; Viel, L.; Staempfli, H.R.; Muckle, C.A.; Yager, J.A., 1993:
Sensitivity and specificity of bronchoalveolar lavage and protected catheter brush methods for isolating bacteria from foals with experimentally induced pneumonia caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae

Wainstein, M.V.; Wolffenbuttel, L.; Lopes, D.K.; Gonzalez, H.E.; Golbspan, L.; Ferreira, L.; Sprinz, E.; Kronfeld, M.; Edelweiss, M.I., 1993:
Sensitivity and specificity of clinical, serological and tomographic diagnosis of encephalitis by Toxoplasma gondii in the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)

Miller, M.A.; Hodgson, Y., 1993:
Sensitivity and specificity of potassium hydroxide smears of skin scrapings for the diagnosis of tinea pedis

Hortobágyi, T.; Israel, R.G.; O'Brien, K.F., 1994:
Sensitivity and specificity of the Quetelet index to assess obesity in men and women

Courtney, C.H.; Zeng, Q.Y.n, 1993:
Sensitivity and specificity of two heartworm antigen tests

Carisse, O.; Pelletier, J.R., 1994:
Sensitivity distribution of Venturia inaequalis to fenarimol in Quebec apple orchards

Tena, M.T.; Castro, M.D.L. de; Valcarcel, M., 1992:
Sensitivity enhancement by using an HPLC flow-through sensor for determination of pesticide mixtures

Ganguly, L.K.; Khatua, D.C., 1993:
Sensitivity of Agrobacterium tumefaciens (Smith and Townsend) Conn. strain to some antibiotics

Baffone, W.; Bruscolini, F.; Pianetti, A.; Albano, V.; Salvaggio, A., 1992:
Sensitivity of Campylobacter jejuni to 15 antimicrobial agents

Yulug, N.; Oztunal, O.; Akyon, Y.; Cerikcioglu, N.; Ozalp, M., 1991:
Sensitivity of Candida species isolated from tinea pedis of soldiers to imidazoles

Singh, S.S., 1992:
Sensitivity of Leucaena leucocephala cotyledons to gamma irradiation

Hefnawy, Y.A.; Moustafa, S.I.; Marth, E.H., 1993:
Sensitivity of Listeria monocytogenes to selected spices

Hefnawy, Y., 1990:
Sensitivity of Listeria monocytogenes to some selected spices

Trijono, S.; Lim, P.K.C.; Mak, J.W.; Storey, J.; Abdullah, N.R., 1991:
Sensitivity of Malaysian isolates of Plasmodium falciparum to a number of antimalarials using the WHO in vitro micro-test

Moens, M.; Moermans, R.; Hendrickx, G., 1991:
Sensitivity of Meloidogyne incognita second stage juveniles to ozone treatment

Vasil' eva, I.S.; Gutova, V.P.E.shova, A.S., 1992:
Sensitivity of Ornithodoros papillipes Bir. to Icon

Bada, R.; Higgins, R.; Couture, Y., 1992:
Sensitivity of Pasteurella multocida and Pasteurella haemolytica isolates to different antibacterial agents

Raharimalala, L.; Lepers, J.P.; Lepers Rason, M.D.; Rabarison, P.; Ramambanirina, L.; Roux, J., 1993:
Sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine in Madagascar between 1982 and 1993

Kruger, B.M.; Manion, P.D., 1993:
Sensitivity of Populus tremuloides to toxic metabolites of Hypoxylon mammatum and susceptibility to H. mammatum infection

Messier, S.; Nadeau, M.; Higgins, R., 1994:
Sensitivity of Streptococcus agalactiae to different antimicrobials

Whelan, H.G.; Butcher, M.R.; Gaunt, R.E., 1992:
Sensitivity of Venturia inaequalis (black spot) on apples to DMI fungicides in New Zealand

Copeland, R.S.; Koros, J.; Ouko, M.; Taylor, K.A.; Roberts, C.R., 1992 :
Sensitivity of a ribosomal RNA gene probe for identification of life stages of Anopheles arabiensis and An. gambiae (Diptera: Culicidae) using three storage methods

Battilani, P.; Racca, P.; Rossi, V., 1993:
Sensitivity of a simulation model for Cercospora leaf spot on sugarbeet to meteorological data

Kettunen, J.; Paassonen Kivekas, M.; Karvonen, T., 1992:
Sensitivity of a soil-water flow model

Mohideen, M.K.; Irulappan, I., 1990:
Sensitivity of amaranthus (Amaranthus spp.) to gamma irradiation

Schulz, U., 1992:
Sensitivity of apple powdery mildew (Podosphaera leucotricha) to triadimefon

Peeters, J.E.; Derijcke, J.; Verlinden, M.; Wyffels, R., 1994:
Sensitivity of avian Eimeria spp. to seven chemical and five ionophore anticoccidials in five Belgian integrated broiler operations

Andrade, J.R.A.; Figueiredo, J.B.; Lins, J.L.F.H.A., 1993:
Sensitivity of bacterial samples from bovine mammary glands to penicillin and streptomycin in a culture medium with and without dimethyl sulphoxide

Fogarty, N.M.; Gilmour, A.R., 1993:
Sensitivity of breeding objectives to prices and genetic parameters in Australian Corriedale and Polwarth dual-purpose sheep

Chartier, R.; Bore, J.M.; Paulin, J.P., 1992:
Sensitivity of cider apples to fire blight. Observations under the conditions of natural infection

Holdren, G.R.Jr; Strickland, T.C.; Shaffer, P.W.; Ryan, P.F.; Ringold, P.L.; Turner, R.S., 1993:
Sensitivity of critical load estimates for surface waters to model selection and regionalization schemes

Suzuki, N.; Hori, H.; Asano, S., 1993:
Sensitivity of cupreous chafer, Anomala cuprea (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae), in different larval stages to Bacillus thuringiensis serovar japonensis strain Buibui

He, Y.X.; Hu, Y.Q.; Yu, Q.F., 1992:
Sensitivity of different isolates of Schistosoma japonicum from China to praziquantel

Chapman, H.D.; Hacker, A.B., 1994:
Sensitivity of field isolates of Eimeria from two broiler complexes to anticoccidial drugs in the chicken

Ramteke, B.R.; Dakshinkar, N.P.; Pandit, A.V., 1992:
Sensitivity of field isolates of Eimeria tenella to anticoccidial drugs in chicken

Yan, K.Y.; Dickman, M.B.; Xu, J.R.; Leslie, J.F., 1993:
Sensitivity of field strains of Gibberella fujikuroi (Fusarium section Liseola) to benomyl and hygromycin B

Quarles, Sl, 1991:
Sensitivity of handheld dielectric moisture meters to a wet core

Hodge, S.E.; Greenberg, D.A., 1992:
Sensitivity of lod scores to changes in diagnostic status

Prokhorova, I.N.; Kuz' menko, I.Y.; Artem' ev, M.M.; Levitin, A.I.; Kulikova, L.N., 1992:
Sensitivity of malarial mosquitoes to DDT and malathion in the south of European Russia

Povoa, A.; Hills, D., 1994:
Sensitivity of microirrigation system pressure to emitter plugging and lateral line perforations

Ferrazzoli, P.; Paloscia, S.; Pampaloni, P.; Schiavon, G.; Solimini, D.; Coppo, P., 1992:
Sensitivity of microwave measurements to vegetation biomass and soil moisture content: a case study

Khangarot, B.S.; Ray, P.K., 1989:
Sensitivity of midge larvae of Chironomus tentans Fabricius (Diptera Chironomidae) to heavy metals

Silva, J.T.A. da; Braga, J.M., 1992:
Sensitivity of phosphorus extractants and critical levels in ten soils of Minas Gerais State

He, Z.H.; Etoh, K.; Shi, C.H.; Shen, Z.T., 1993:
Sensitivity of plant height genes to GA3 and their relationship with enzymes in rice

Murai, K.; Tachibana, N.; Okayama, A.; Shishime, E.; Tsuda, K.; Oshikawa, T., 1992:
Sensitivity of polymerase chain reaction assay for Rickettsia tsutsugamushi in patients' blood samples

Novikova, N.I.; Limeshchenko, E.V., 1992:
Sensitivity of root-nodule bacteria with a vague taxonomic position to bacteriophages of various Rhizobium species

Reed, H.E.; Sammons, D.J.; Smail, V.W.; Taylor, G.J., 1992:
Sensitivity of soft red winter wheat cultivars to chlorate-induced toxicity

Chod, J.; Polak, J.; Jokes, M.; Pivalova, J., 1992:
Sensitivity of some cabbage hybrids (Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata) to turnip yellow mosaic virus

Kosner, J.; Bromova, P., 1993:
Sensitivity of some varieties of the Czechoslovak wheat assortment to photoperiod

Evans, R., 1993:
Sensitivity of the British landscape to erosion

Pavlova, V.V.; Kozhukhovskaya, V.A.; Gnezdneva, N.P., 1992:
Sensitivity of the causal agents of cereal leaf spots to fungicides

Zakhidov, S.T.; Marshak, T.L., 1992:
Sensitivity of the chromatin of differentiating spermatogenic cells of diploids and allotetraploids of Bombyx to the effect of DNase I. Cytochemical study

Roversi, A.; Ughini, V., 1993:
Sensitivity of the flower buds of cherry to winter frosts

Milly, P.C.D., 1993:
Sensitivity of the global water cycle to the water-holding capacity of soils

Westerhof, I.; Van den Brom, W.E.; Mol, J.A.; Lumeij, J.T.; Rijnberk, A., 1994:
Sensitivity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system of pigeons (Columba livia domestica) to suppression by dexamethasone, cortisol, and prednisolone

Nijskens, J.; Deltour, J., 1991:
Sensitivity of the internal climate of a greenhouse to the external climate and construction features

Allaire F.R., 1992:
Sensitivity of the relative value for genetic change in cow herd life

Daji, H.; Morita, K.; Igarashi, A., 1992:
Sensitivity of three cell lines to Japanese encephalitis virus infectivity assay

Pangui, L.J.; Houndete, A.; Belot, J., 1993:
Sensitivity of ticks to acaricides in Benin

Kay, S.H.; Monks, D.W.; Hoyle, S.T.; Robinson, D.K., 1994:
Sensitivity of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) and vegetable crop seedlings to fluridone in irrigation water

Sargent, S.; Brecht, J.; Zoellner, J., 1992:
Sensitivity of tomatoes at mature-green and breaker ripeness stages to internal bruising

Kelly, J.M.; Schaedle, M.; Thornton, F.C.; Joslin, J.D., 1990:
Sensitivity of tree seedlings to aluminum. II. Red oak, sugar maple, and European beech

Workman, S.; Skaggs, R., 1994:
Sensitivity of water management models to approaches for determining soil hydraulic properties

Cicolani B.; D.S.batino A., 1991:
Sensitivity of water mites to water pollution

Cao, W.; Moss, D.N., 1994:
Sensitivity of winter wheat phyllochron to environmental changes

Ghosh, S.K.; Yadav, R.S.; Sharma, V.P., 1992:
Sensitivity status of Plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine, amodiaquine, quinine, mefloquine and sulfadoxine/pyrimethamine in a tribal population of District Sundargarh, Orissa

Nijskens, J.; Halleux, D. de, 1991:
Sensitivity study of a greenhouse climate dynamic model

Bradford, K.J.; Trewavas, A.J., 1994:
Sensitivity Thresholds and Variable Time Scales in Plant Hormone Action

Loblay, R.; Swain, A.; Soutter, V., 1991:
Sensitivity to MSG

Smith, C.M.S.; Cresser, M.S.; Mitchell, R.D.J., 1993:
Sensitivity to acid deposition of dystrophic peat in Great Britain

Stec, E., 1990:
Sensitivity to antibiotics and certain chemical compounds in Bacillus cereus strains isolated from food products and cases of alimentary intoxication

Hartman, E.G., 1993:
Sensitivity to antibiotics of bacteria isolated by the Netherlands Health Services for Animals in 1991

He, Z.H.; Shi, C.H.; Shen, Z.T., 1993:
Sensitivity to gibberellic acid (GA3) of seedlings and endosperms of rice lines with different genes for height

Birchmore, R.J.; Russell, P.E.; Ashman, P.I.; Stanley, S.; Buschhaus, H., 1992:
Sensitivity to prochloraz of Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides isolates from France

Houe, H.; Eriksen, L.; Jungersen, G.; Pedersen, D.; Krogh, H.V., 1993:
Sensitivity, specificity and predictive value of blood cultures from cattle clinically suspected of bacterial endocarditis

Dey, P.; Singh, R.P., 1993:
Sensitization effect of some long chain fatty acids on the photodegradation of chlorpyrifos

Fernández de Corres, L.; Moneo, I.; Muñoz, D.; Bernaola, G.; Fernández, E.; Audicana, M.; Urrutia, I., 1993:
Sensitization from chestnuts and bananas in patients with urticaria and anaphylaxis from contact with latex

Duchén, K.; Björkstén, B., 1991:
Sensitization via the breast milk

Sosedova L.M.; Novokhatskii N.K.; Il'ina V.V., 1991:
Sensitizing properties of fodder yeast dust

Chen, Q.; Wang, J.; Rayson, G.; Tian, B.; Lin, Y., 1993:
Sensor array for carbohydrates and amino acids based on electrocatalytic modified electrodes

Maze, R.C.; Parekh, K.T., 1993:
Sensor for measuring low volume spray deposit

Steinmetz, V.; Crochon, M.; Bellon, V., 1994:
Sensor fusion for peach maturity evaluation

Price, R.R.; Gaultney, L.D.; Huang, X.M., 1992:
Sensor to optimize corn seed planting depth

Velez Colon, R.; Caloni, I.B. de; Martinez Garrastazu, S., 1992:
Sensorial and chemical evaluation of sapodilla (Manilkara sapota L. V. Rogen, Achras sapota Lynn.) varieties

Baldet, T.; Geoffroy, B.; D.A.ico, F.; Cuisance, D.; Bossy, J.P., 1992:
Sensorial structures on the wing of Glossina (Diptera: Glossinidae)

Franz, C., 1990:
Sensorial versus analytical quality of marjoram

Andresen, O.; Froystein, T.; Rodbotten, M.; Mortensen, H.P.; Eik Nes, O.; Lea, P., 1993:
Sensoric evaluation of boar meat with different levels of androstenone and skatole

Cubero Atienza, A., 1992:
Sensors for agricultural use

Minaev, V.S.; Sovlukov, A.S., 1993:
Sensors for fuel and lubricant stocks on the base of long lines sections

Paquot, M., 1992:
Sensory analysis and product formulation

Snelten H.J.; Schaafsma G., 1992:
Sensory and health aspects of tannins in red wine

Reed, D.R.; Mela, D.J.; Friedman, M.I., 1992:
Sensory and metabolic influences on fat intake

Chen, J.H.; Hotchkiss, J.H.; Lawless, H.T., 1992:
Sensory and microbiological quality of Cottage cheese packaged in high-barrier films with added CO2

Pagliarini, E.; Beatrice, N., 1994:
Sensory and rheological properties of low-fat filled 'pasta filata' cheese

Polivanova, E.N.; Ivashkevich, O.P., 1992:
Sensory apparatus of antennae of the sunn pest Eurygaster integriceps (Insecta, Heteroptera) during disturbance of hormonal balance

Cotton L.N.; White C.H., 1992:
Sensory characteristics of commercial yogurt

Portier, A.; Golias, J.; Kopec, J.; Kyselakova, M.; Nemcova, A.; Suderlova, L.; Mis, D.; Balik, J., 1994:
Sensory comparison of Moravian and Alsatian wines

Shakeel U.R.hman ; Desai, H.K.; Upadhyay, K.G., 1994:
Sensory evaluation in development of a dairy product

Muir, D.D.; Banks, J.M.; Hunter, E.A., 1993:
Sensory evaluation of Cheddar

Raj, A.B.M.; Nute, G.R.; Wotton, S.B.; Baker, A., 1992:
Sensory evaluation of breast fillets from argon-stunned and electrically-stimulated broiler carcasses processed under commercial conditions

Jorge, N.; Chaves, J.B.P., 1992:
Sensory evaluation of dehydrated mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) in different drying and storage conditions

Alberti, P.; Sanudo, C.; Santolaria, P.; Touraille, C., 1992:
Sensory evaluation of meat in young bulls fed with different diets

Diamond, L.; Soon, E., 1994:
Sensory evaluation of oral nutritional supplements: a comparison of patient and dietitian preferences

Granger, R.L.; Khanizadeh, S.; Fortin, J.; Lapsley, K.; Meheriuk, M., 1992:
Sensory evaluation of several scab-resistant apple genotypes

Nsofor, L.M.; Chukwu, E.U., 1992:
Sensory evaluation of soy milk-based yoghurt

Gilmore, M.M.; Green, B.G., 1993:
Sensory irritation and taste produced by NaCl and citric acid: effects of capsaicin desensitization

Whalen, L.R.; Wheeler, D.W.; LeCouteur, R.A.; Yovich, J.V.; Boggie, L.C.; Grandy, J.L.; Kainer, R.A., 1994:
Sensory nerve conduction velocity of the caudal cutaneous sural and medial cutaneous antebrachial nerves of adult horses

Mysinger, P.W.; Wolfe, D.F.; Redding, R.W.; Hudson, R.S.; Purohit, R.C.; Steiss, J.E.; Wright, J.C., 1994:
Sensory nerve conduction velocity of the dorsal penile nerves of bulls

Jeffery, N.D.; Smith, K.C.; Franklin, R.J.M.; Mayhew, I.G., 1993:
Sensory neuronopathy of possible toxic etiology in a dog

Suzuki, H.; Sekiguchi, T.; Yamada, A.; Mizukami, A., 1994:
Sensory preconditioning in the terrestrial mollusk, Limax flavus

Drewnowski, A., 1992:
Sensory preferences and fat consumption in obesity and eating disorders

Lyon, B.G., 1993:
Sensory profile changes in broiler tissues due to cooking, storage, and reheating

Rothe, M.; Kornelson, C.; Schrodter, R., 1994:
Sensory profiling and consumer studies on margarines

Hough, G.; Bratchell, N.; MacDougall, D.B., 1992:
Sensory profiling of dulce de leche, a dairy based confectionery product

Sasira Babu, K.; Sreenivasulu, K.; Sekhar, V., 1993:
Sensory projections of identified coxal hair sensilla of the scorpion Heterometrus fulvipes (Scorpionidae)

Mela, D.J.; Marshall, R.J., 1992:
Sensory properties and perceptions of fats

Banks, J.M.; Hunter, E.A.; Muir, D.D., 1993:
Sensory properties of low fat Cheddar cheese: effect of salt content and adjunct culture

Alsadon, Abdulla A., 1993:
Sensory quality attributes of butterhead lettuce cultivars grown in arid conditions

Abrahamsen, R.K.; Narvhus, J.A.; Mutukumira, T.; Tronstad, M., 1991 :
Sensory quality of cultured skim milk and its content of metabolites from growth of lactic acid bacteria

Quali, A., 1991:
Sensory quality of meat as affected by muscle biochemistry and modern technologies

Bowker, R.M.; Brewer, A.M.; Vex, K.B.; Guida, L.A.; Linder, K.E.; Sonea, I.M.; Stinson, A.W., 1993:
Sensory receptors in the equine foot

Kimmel, S.A.; Sigman Grant, M.; Guinard, J.X., 1994:
Sensory testing with young children

Moss, B.W.; Hawe, S.M.; Walker, N., 1993:
Sensory thresholds for skatole and indole

Bostan, K.; Ugur, M.; Aksu, H., 1992:
Sensory, chemical and microbiological characteristics of Tulum cheese sold in skin or plastic drums

Shaw, J., 1992:
Sentinel herd study of bluetongue virus in Puerto Rico

Larson, Dm, 1993:
Separability and the shadow value of leisure time

Cheng, T.C.; Wallace, M.C.; Merlie, J.P.; Olson, E.N., 1993:
Separable regulatory elements governing myogenin transcription in mouse embryogenesis

Li, X.; Gutjahr, T.; Noll, M., 1993:
Separable regulatory elements mediate the establishment and maintenance of cell states by the Drosophila segment-polarity gene gooseberry

Willms, W.L.; Plowman, S.A., 1991:
Separate and sequential effects of exercise and meal ingestion on energy expenditure

Nazario, G.M.; Lovatt, C.J., 1993:
Separate de Novo and Salvage Purine Pools Are Involved in the Biosynthesis of Theobromine but Not Caffeine in Leaves of Coffea arabica L

Wet, C. de; Leibbrandt, M., 1994:
Separate developments: the different effect of homeland policy on two Ciskei villages

Keen, M., 1993:
Separate interests

Christopher, D.A.; Mullet, J.E., 1994:
Separate photosensory pathways co-regulate blue light/ultraviolet-A-activated psbD-psbC transcription and light-induced D2 and CP43 degradation in barley (Hordeum vulgare) chloroplasts

Sapra, K.L.; Mehta, R.K.; Shingari, B.K., 1992:
Separate sex rearing of commercial broilers

Kirchmann, H.; Widen, P., 1994:
Separately collected organic household wastes

Pearson, T.C.; Slaughter, D.C.; Studer, H.E., 1993:
Separating early-split from normal pistachio nuts for removal of nuts contaminated on the tree with aflatoxin

Shatadal, P.; Jayas, D.S.; Bulley, N.R., 1992:
Separating contiguous wheat kernel image regions using mathematical morphology

Downie, B.; Bergsten, U., 1991:
Separating germinable and non-germinable seeds of eastern white pine (Pinus strobus L.) and white spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss) by the IDS technique

Barden, C.L.; Bramlage, W.J., 1994:
Separating the effects of low temperature, ripening, and light on loss of scald susceptibility in apples before harvest

Vujcic, Z.; Vidojevic, S.; Petrovic, S.; Jankov, R.M., 1990:
Separation and characterisation of Populus canadensis pollen antigens

Cotrim, A.R.; Schuchardt, U.; Severin, D., 1991:
Separation and characterization of the products obtained by liquefaction of hydrolytic Eucalyptus lignin

Corradini, D.; Corradini, C., 1992:
Separation and determination of 5-hydroxymethyl-2-furaldehyde and 2-furaldehyde in fruit juices by micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography with direct sample injection

Kaniou, I.; Zachariadis, G.; Kalligas, G.; Tsoukali, H.; Stratis, J., 1994:
Separation and determination of carbadox, nitrofurazone, nitrofurantoin, furazolidone, and furaltadone in their mixtures by thin layer and high performance liquid chromatography

Ren, J.C.; Deng, Y.Z.; Cheng, J.K., 1993:
Separation and determination of polyols by high-performance capillary electrophoresis with laser-based interference refractive index detector

Khachik, F.; Beecher, G.R.; Goli, M.B.; Lusby, W.R.; Smith, J.C., 1992:
Separation and identification of carotenoids and their oxidation products in the extracts of human plasma

Zuanon Netto, J., 1991:
Separation and identification of cations for thin layer chromatography

Li, X.B.; Guo, Y.; Wang, Y.J.; Zhu, D.; Liao, X.K., 1989:
Separation and identification of the cis-5,11,14-eicosatrienoic acid of the seed oils of Podocarpus nagi Zoll. et Morr. and P. fleuryi Hickel

Eslami, M.; Hashemi, P.; Sarbolouki, M.N., 1993 :
Separation and indirect detection of amino acids by reversed-phase ion-pair chromatography

Vakker, V.G., 1991:
Separation and overlapping of spatial-temporal niches in imaginal forms of five helminth species in populations of Rana arvalis in the central Irtysh basin

Lee, S.S.; Vick, B.A.; Stack, R.W., 1988:
Separation and purification of two toxins produced by H. sativum P.K. & B

Hollar, C.M.; Brown, R.J., 1992:
Separation and quantification of alpha s1-casein, alpha s2-casein, beta -casein A1, Asuperscript 2 and B and kappa -casein A and B using isoelectric focusing, and cation-exchange and anion-exchange fast protein liquid chromatography

von Dohlen, CD.; Stoetzel, MB., 1991:
Separation and redescription of Hormaphis hamamelidis (Fitch 1851) and Hormaphis cornu (Shimer 1867) (Homoptera: Aphididae) on witch-hazel in the eastern United States

McKeown, D.; Machum, A.; Machum, M., 1994:
Separation anxiety in canines

Lu, H.G.; Zhong, L.; Guan, L.R.; Qu, J.Q.; Hu, X.S.; Chai, J.J.; Xu, Z.B.; Wang, C.T.; Chang, K.P., 1994:
Separation of Chinese Leishmania isolates into five genotypes by kinetoplast and chromosomal DNA heterogeneity

Reed, I.M.; Oakley, D.L.; Dudley, L.Y., 1993:
Separation of activated sludge by ultrafiltration

Clavero, M.R.S.; Hung, Y.C.; Beuchat, L.R.; Nakayama, T., 1993:
Separation of aflatoxin-contaminated kernels from sound kernels by hydrogen peroxide treatment

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Separation of aggressive and non-aggressive pathotypes of Phoma lingam using inoculation of selected dihaploid lines of winter oilseed rape

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Separation of arsenic (III) and arsenic (V) by sulfhydryl cotton fibre and determination of trace arsenic by derivative gas chromatography

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Separation of crown tare and dirt tare and how it can be used in the field

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Separation of dairy cow serum alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes and identification of its tissue of origin using polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

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Separation of ferrous impurities

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Separation of fructose from carbohydrate mixtures. Part I. Non-chromatographic methods

Bhatt, S., 1993:
Separation of fructose from carbohydrate mixtures. Part II. Chromatographic methods

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Separation of glucose electrolyzing products by high-performance liquid chromatography

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Separation of high-density lipoproteins into apolipoprotein E-rich subfractions by fast protein liquid chromatography using a heparin affinity column

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Separation of insect infested grains from a mass of wheat

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Separation of mixed lots of tall fescue and ryegrass seed using machine vision

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Separation of multi-components from beet molasses by simulated moving bed chromatography

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Separation of phenylurea herbicides by packed column superficial fluid chromatography

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Separation of protein and starch in an air stream

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Separation of rabbit spermatozoa using Percoll density gradient centrifugation

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Separation of soil elements by electro-dialysis. Application to the separation of the forms of ferrous iron present in a waterlogged soil

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Separation of specific stages of spermatids from vitamin A-synchronized rat testes for assessment of nucleoprotein changes during spermiogenesis

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Separation of sugar colorants through sucrose chromatography

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Separation of sugars and polyols by liquid chromatography using bare silica gels and evaporative light scattering detection

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Separation of the sexes during fattening in an attempt to produce pig carcasses meeting the demands of the market

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Separation of tonoplast vesicles enriched in ATPase and pyrophosphatase activity from maize roots

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Separation of tryptic fragments of bovine lactoferrin and their ability to bind to Trypanosoma cruzi

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Septal nectaries in the genus Allium - shape, position and excretory canals

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Septata intestinalis frequently isolated from stool of AIDS patients with a new cultivation method

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Septic arthritis and unpasteurised milk

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Septic tank effluent and groundwater pollution

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Septic tank filter field designs for soils with perched aquic conditions

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Septicaemic pulmonary melioidosis with cutaneous pustules

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Septoria in lettuce and Sclerotinia in cabbage

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Septoria leaf spot disease of celery: action of adjuvants on plant surfaces

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Septoria leaf spot, a potential biological control for banana poka vine in forests of Hawaii

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Septoria nodorum control under decreasing returns for wheat - optimal choice of fungicides and their timing

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Septoria sp. nov., a new sunflower pathogen discovered in Yugoslavia

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Septoria thymi sp. nov. from Bulgaria

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Sequence analysis and antigenic cross-reactivity of a venom allergen, antigen 5, from hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets

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Sequence analysis and molecular detection of mouse hepatitis virus using the polymerase chain reaction

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Sequence analysis of a Fasciola hepatica glutathione S-transferase cDNA clone

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Sequence analysis of an opaque2 mutant of Zea mays

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Sequence analysis of bovine adenovirus type 3 early region 3 and fibre protein genes

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Sequence analysis of genes in livestock. Possibilities of the use of databanks

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Sequence analysis of sheep T-cell receptor beta chains

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Sequence analysis of the 3'-terminal RNA 1 of wheat spindle streak mosaic virus

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Sequence analysis of the 3'-terminal halves of RNA 1 of two strains of barley mild mosaic virus

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Sequence analysis of the parsnip yellow fleck virus polyprotein: evidence of affinities with picornaviruses

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Sequence analysis of the zebrafish hox-B5/B6 region

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Sequence analysis of two porcine rotaviruses differing in growth in vitro and in pathogenicity: distinct VP4 sequences and conservation of NS53, VP6 and VP7 genes

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Sequence and characterization of the major early phosphoprotein p32 of African swine fever virus

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Sequence and diversity of rat T-cell receptor alpha -chain-encoding genes

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Sequence and expression of a wheat gene that encodes a novel protein associated with pathogen defense

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Sequence and expression of tRNAGlu gene of cucumber chloroplast genome

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Sequence and functional characterization of a third inositol trisphosphate receptor subtype, IP3R-3, expressed in pancreatic islets, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, and other tissues

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Sequence and methylation of 5.8S rRNA in fern, Osmunda regalis

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Sequence and organization of large subunit rRNA genes from the extrachromosomal 35 kb circular DNA of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum

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Sequence and pattern of expression of a bovine homologue of a human mitochondrial transport protein associated with Grave's disease

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Sequence and primary structure analysis of specific DNA fragment related to pollen fertility in radish chloroplast genome

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Sequence and structure databanks in molecular biology: the reasons for integration

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Sequence and structure of defective interfering RNAs associated with cucumber necrosis virus infections

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Sequence and structure of the galactose adherence lectin of Entamoeba histolytica

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Sequence data to settle the taxonomic position of bean common mosaic virus and blackeye cowpea mosaic virus isolates

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Sequence determination of rRNA genes of pathogenic Vibrio species and whole-cell identification of Vibrio vulnificus with rRNA-targeted oligonucleotide probes

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Sequence determination of the displacement-loop region of bovine mitochondrial DNA from a single oocyte by using the polymerase chain reaction

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Sequence determination of the nucleocapsid protein gene of the porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus confirms that this virus is a coronavirus related to human coronavirus 229E and porcine transmissible gastroenteritis virus

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Sequence divergence of a TFIIIA-type zinc finger protein from fish ovarian tissue

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Sequence evolution in mitochondrial ribosomal and ND-1 genes in lepidoptera: implications for phylogenetic analyses

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Sequence homology and similar periodicity of 700 bp between satellite DNAs of buffalo and cattle

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Sequence identity in an early chorion multigene family is the result of localized gene conversion

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Sequence of a (1-3,1-4)- beta -glucanase cDNA from oat

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Sequence of a Brassica campestris myrosinase gene

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Sequence of a DNA probe specific for Anopheles quadrimaculatus species A (Diptera: Culicidae)

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Sequence of a cDNA coding for a 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase homolog from apple fruit

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Sequence of a cDNA encoding beta -tubulin from Babesia bovis

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Sequence of a cDNA encoding chloroplast fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase from rapeseed

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Sequence of a cDNA encoding rice (Oryza sativa L.) leaf ferredoxin-NADP+ reductase

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Sequence of a cDNA from Linum usitatissimum encoding the stearoyl-acyl carrier protein desaturase

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Sequence of a cloned tomato ubiquitin conjugating enzyme

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Sequence of a major Eimeria maxima antigen homologous to the Eimeria tenella microneme protein Etp100

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Sequence of a novel abscisic acid- and drought-induced cDNA from wild tomato (Lycopersicon chilense)

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Sequence of a poplar bark storage protein gene

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Sequence of a soybean (Glycine max L.) phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase cDNA

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Sequence of a tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) gene coding for type A phytochrome

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Sequence of a vegetative homolog of the pea seed lectin gene

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Sequence of mature phosphoglycerate kinase from spinach chloroplasts

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Sequence of the Gossypium hirsutum D-Genome Alloallele of Legumin A and Its mRNA

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Sequence of the NS1 gene of the K23 isolate of tick-borne encephalitis virus and identification of conserved motifs

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Sequence of the Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar phaseoli syrM gene

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Sequence of the cDNA encoding the 17-kilodalton protein of the photosynthetic oxygen-evolving complex of pea

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Sequence of the dengue virus type 2 (strain PR-159) NS1 gene and comparison with its vaccine derivative

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Sequence of the fifth largest subunit of RNA polymerase II from plants

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Sequence of the gene coding for ammonia monooxygenase in Nitrosomonas europaea

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Sequence of the goat alpha s2-casein-encoding cDNA

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Sequence of the mitochondrial tRNA(Thr) and tRNA(Pro) genes from European seabass, Dicentrarchus labrax

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Sequence of the spike protein of the porcine epidemic diarrhoea virus

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Sequence of weed emergence

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Sequence relationship of retrotransposable elements R1 and R2 within and between divergent insect species

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Sequence relationships among the coat proteins of strains of pea mosaic, white lupin mosaic, and bean yellow mosaic potyviruses

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Sequence requirements for myosin gene expression and regulation in Caenorhabditis elegans

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Sequence similarity between Borna disease virus p40 and a duplicated domain within the paramyxovirus and rhabdovirus polymerase proteins

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Sequence similarity between a major allergen from the dermatophyte Trichophyton tonsurans and exo 1,3- beta -glucanase

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Sequence similarity of putative transposases links the maize Mutator autonomous element and a group of bacterial insertion sequences

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Sequence similarity scores and the inference of structure-function relationships

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Sequence similarity searches, multiple sequence alignments, and molecular tree building

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Sequence specificity of furin, a proprotein-processing endoprotease, for the hemagglutinin of a virulent avian influenza virus

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Sequence variability in the 5' non-coding region of hepatitis C virus: identification of a new virus type and restrictions on sequence diversity

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Sequence variability of the glycoprotein gene of bovine respiratory syncytial virus

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Sequence variation in the outer-surface-protein genes of Borrelia burgdorferi

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Sequence, expression, and evolutionary conservation of a gene encoding a glycine/tyrosine-rich keratin-associated protein of hair

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Sequence, expression, and mapping of rat Mhc class Ib gene

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Sequence-specific DNA damage using iodine-125-labeled antisense oligonucleotides

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Sequence-specific interaction between S1F, a spinach nuclear factor, and a negative cis-element conserved in plastid-related genes

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Sequences 5' of the homeobox of the Hox-1.4 gene direct tissue-specific expression of lacZ during mouse development

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Sequences and structures required for recombination between virus-associated RNAs

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Sequences containing the second-intron enhancer are essential for transcription of the human apolipoprotein B gene in the livers of transgenic mice

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Sequences of the Cotton Group 2 LEA/RAB/Dehydrin Proteins Encoded by Lea3 cDNAs

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Sequencing and analysis of cloned DNA fragment specific for Plasmodium vivax

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Sequencing and antigenic studies of a Norwegian virus isolated from encephalomyelitic sheep confirm the existence of louping ill virus outside Great Britain and Ireland

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Sequencing and characterization of the kinesin-related genes katB and katC of Arabidopsis thaliana

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Sequencing and characterization of trypsin modulating oostatic factor

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Sequencing batch reactor technology for biological treatment of industrial wastewaters

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Sequencing by hybridization (SBH) with oligonucleotide probes as an integral approach for the analysis of complex genomes

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Sequencing of PCR-amplified DNA

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Sequencing of a soybean alternative oxidase cDNA clone

Noolandi, J.; Forsyth, R.; Shi, A.C., 1993:
Sequencing using pulsed field and image reconstruction

Sinsinwar, B.S., 1993:
Sequential and parallel fodder production in wheat (Triticum aestivum)-based cropping system with special reference to nitrogen economy

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Sequential assembly and polymerization of the polyprenol-linked pentasaccharide repeating unit of the xanthan polysaccharide in Xanthomonas campestris

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Sequential assimilation of soil moisture from atmospheric low-level parameters. Part I: sensitivity and calibration studies

Bouttier, F.; Mahfouf, J.F.; Noilhan, J., 1993:
Sequential assimilation of soil moisture from atmospheric low-level parameters. Part II: implementation in a mesoscale model

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Sequential batch anaerobic composting of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste

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Sequential batch-fed effluent storage reservoirs: a new concept of wastewater treatment prior to unrestricted crop irrigation

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Sequential changes in the development of the pancreatic lesion of zinc toxicosis in sheep

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Sequential check and computer analysis of a cloned DNA fragment specific for Plasmodium vivax

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Sequential chemical/biological oxidation of 2-chlorophenol

Jiang, J.; Gill, B.S., 1993:
Sequential chromosome banding and in situ hybridization analysis

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Sequential concentration of chloroquine in human hair correlates with ingested dose and duration of therapy

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Sequential decision card for wild oat management in spring barley

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Sequential development of deaminases in resistant and susceptible tomato varieties infested with root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita

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Sequential development of flowers and seeds on the mainstem of an indeterminate soybean

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Sequential effects of follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone on mouse cumulus expansion in vitro

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Sequential expression of two late nodulin genes in the infected cells of alfalfa root nodules

Howard, J.L.; Sova, J.E., 1993:
Sequential extraction analysis of lead in Michigan roadside soils: mobilization in the vadose zone by deicing salts?

Ramos, L.; Hernandez, L.M.; Gonzalez, M.J., 1994:
Sequential fractionation of copper, lead, cadmium and zinc in soils from or near Donana National Park

Wilson, R.G., 1992:
Sequential herbicide application for weed control in sugarbeets

Johnson, B.J., 1993:
Sequential herbicide treatments for large crabgrass (Digitaria sanguinalis) and goosegrass (Eleusine indica) control in bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) turf

Chung, S.C.; Christian, G.D.; Ruzicka, J., 1992:
Sequential injection methodology for fermentation monitoring

Fafchamps, M., 1993:
Sequential labor decisions under uncertainty: an estimable household model of West-African farmers

Mandal, P.C.; Gupta, P.P., 1993:
Sequential pathological studies in goats infected intratracheally with Aspergillus fumigatus

Mandal, P.C.; Gupta, P.P., 1994:
Sequential pathological studies in the udder of goats intramammarily infected with Aspergillus fumigatus

Woodison, G.; Balfour, A.H.; Smith, J.E., 1993:
Sequential reactivity of serum against cyst antigens in Toxoplasma infection

Ames, M., 1993:
Sequential sampling of surface-mined land to assess reclamation

Manzur, B.E., 1989:
Sequential sampling plan for citrus rust mite Phyllocoptruta oleivora (Ashm.) (Acari: Eriophyidae)

Alvarez R.J.A.; Martinez W.O., 1990:
Sequential sampling plan for larvae of the fall armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on maize

Lee, H.L., 1992:
Sequential sampling: its application in ovitrap surveillance of Aedes (Diptera: Culicidae) in Selangor, Malaysia

Paterson, E.; Clark, L.; Birnie, A.C., 1993:
Sequential selective dissolution of iron, aluminium, and silicon from soils

Plummer, E.L., 1992:
Sequential simplex optimization strategies in agrochemical/drug design

Van Vleck, L.D.; Boldman, K.G., 1993:
Sequential transformation for multiple traits for estimation of (co)variance components with a derivative-free algorithm for restricted maximum likelihood

Thompson, J.D.; Dommee, B., 1993:
Sequential variation in the components of reproductive success in the distylous Jasminum fruticans (Oleaceae)

Pietri, A.; Fusconi, G.; Blasi, P.; Moschini, M., 1993:
Sequestering effect of zeolite supplementation on radionuclides and aflatoxin in ruminant and monogastric diets

Hart, J.J.; D.T.maso, J.M., 1994:
Sequestration and oxygen radical detoxification as mechanisms of paraquat resistance

Rowell Rahier, M.; Witte, L.; Ehmke, A.; Hartmenn, T.; Pasteels, J.M., 1991:
Sequestration of plant pyrrolizidine alkaloids by chrysomelid beetles and selective transfer into defensive secretions

Sein, K.K.; Brown, A.E.; Maeno, Y.; Smith, C.D.; Corcoran, K.D.; Hansukjariya, P.; Webster, H.K.; Aikawa, M., 1993:
Sequestration pattern of parasitized erythrocytes in cerebrum, mid-brain, and cerebellum of Plasmodium coatneyi-infected rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta)

Pelloux, H.; Chumpitazi, B.F.; Santoro, F.; Polack, B.; Vuillez, J.P.; Ambroise-Thomas, P., 1992:
Sera of patients with high titers of immunoglobulin G against Toxoplasma gondii induce secretion of tumor necrosis factor alpha by human monocytes

Bianco, P.; D.E.erico, S.; Medagli, P.; Ruggiero, L.; Liverani, P., 1992:
Serapias politisii Renz (Orchidaceae), new for the Italian flora

Hulme, M.A.; Dawson, A.F., 1992:
Serbian spruce is as vulnerable as Sitka spruce to damage by the Sitka spruce weevil

Guo, S.; Beckett, L.; Chumlea, W.C.; Roche, A.F.; Siervogel, R.M., 1993 :
Serial analysis of plasma lipids and lipoproteins from individuals 9-21 y of age

Jilkova, M., 1992:
Serial analysis of sugarbeet in the technology laboratory of the Research and Breeding Institute for Sugarbeet at Semcice

Magno, W.B.; Shapiro, S.H., 1993:
Serial light and electron microscopic changes in renal glomeruli in mice fed griseofulvin

Conover, C.; Kuljis, R.; Rabii, J.; Advis, J.P., 1993:
Serial long-term assessment of in vivo LHRH release from a discrete area of the ewe median eminence using multiple guide cannula assembly and removable push-pull cannulae

Mitchell, D.M.; Fleming, J.; Harris, J.R.; Shaw, R.J., 1993:
Serial pulmonary function tests in the diagnosis of P. carinii pneumonia

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Serial response decrement in the auditory pathway of the locust

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Serological diagnosis of canine leishmaniosis: dot ELISA as a simple alternative to ordinary ELISA

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Serological diagnosis of fungal infections

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Serological diagnosis of human parasites

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