Sensitivity of field isolates of Eimeria tenella to anticoccidial drugs in chicken

Ramteke, B.R.; Dakshinkar, N.P.; Pandit, A.V.

Poultry Adviser 25(7): 69-73


Accession: 002490095

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Six groups of 6 Rhodo-White male chickens were orally infected with Eimeria tenella. Group 1 was given amprolium and furaltadone together at a dose rate of 0.6 g/litre drinking water; Group 2 received amprolium alone at 1.2 g/litre drinking water; Group 3 was given the same treatment as Group 1 together with 10 mg/kg body weight levamisole, injected 16 h before infection and 7 days pi; Group 4 was given the same treatment as Group 2 together with levamisole as in Group 3; Groups 5 and 6 were uninfected and infected unmedicated controls, respectively. All the drug treatments were equally effective when compared on the basis of body weight gain. When individual treatments were compared with Group 6 controls, amprolium alone and in combination with levamisole (Groups 2 and 4) gave the best results in terms of weight gain.