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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 2492

Chapter 2492 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Cho, S.H.; Freese, W.R.; Yoon, I.J.; Trigo, A.V.; Joo, H.S., 1993:
Seroprevalence of indirect fluorescent antibody to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus in selected swine herds

Nachimuthu, K.; Raj, G.D.inakar; Thangavelu, A.; Koteeswaran, A.; Palaniswamy, K.S.; Venugopalan, A.T., 1993:
Seroprevalence of infectious bursal disease in Tamil Nadu

Cutlip, R.C.; Lehmkuhl, H.D.; Sacks, J.M.; Weaver, A.L., 1992:
Seroprevalence of ovine progressive pneumonia virus in sheep in the United States as assessed by analyses of voluntarily submitted samples

Saini, S.S.; Sharma, J.K.; Maiti, N.K.; Kwatra, M.S., 1992:
Seroprevalence of precipitating antibodies to bluetongue virus among domestic ruminants of Punjab State

Martin, M.; Casal, J.; Lanza, I.; Rubio, P.; Carmenes, P., 1994:
Seroprevalence of transmissible gastroenteritis virus and porcine respiratory coronavirus in Catalonia

Banerjee, S.; Banerjee, M.; Cimolai, N.; Malleson, P.; Proctor, E., 1992:
Seroprevalence survey of borreliosis in children with chronic arthritis in British Columbia, Canada

Diguimbaye, C., 1991:
Serosurveillance of rinderpest in Chad using the indirect ELISA

Diallo, I.; Bloch, N., 1991:
Serosurveillance of rinderpest in Niger. Problems of sample collection and results of a serological survey

Suresh, S.; Ramkrishna, J.; Saseendranath, M.R.; Tresamol, P.V.; Bhat, M.N., 1993:
Serosurvey of bovine brucellosis in Tamil Nadu. A recent study

L.C.rre, S.; Chemineau, P., 1993:
Serotonergic 5HT2 receptors mediate the inhibitory action of serotonin on luteinizing hormone secretion in ovariectomized, estradiol-treated ewes that are refractory to short days

Nutzinger, D.O.; de Zwaan, M.; Schönbeck, G., 1991:
Serotonin and eating disorders

Vieira, R.; Aldegunde, M., 1993:
Serotonin and its N-acetylated and acidic derivatives in insect brain as determined by high-performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Day, T.A.; Bennett, J.L.; Pax, R.A., 1994:
Serotonin and its requirement for maintenance of contractility in muscle fibres isolated from Schistosoma mansoni

Novak, M.G.; Rowley, W.A., 1994:
Serotonin depletion affects blood-feeding but not host-seeking ability in Aedes triseriatus (Diptera: Culicidae)

Adrian, J., 1991:
Serotonin in plant foods and its metabolism

Luine, V.N., 1993:
Serotonin, catecholamines and metabolites in discrete brain areas in relation to lordotic responding on proestrus

Mathiasen, J.R.; Tomogane, H.; Voogt, J.L., 1992:
Serotonin-induced decrease in hypothalamic tyrosine hydroxylase activity and corresponding increase in prolactin release are abolished at midpregnancy and by transplants of rat choriocarcinoma cells

Mochizuki, M.; Tamazumi, T.; Kawanishi, A.; Azuma, T.; Shimizu, T., 1992:
Serotype 2 reoviruses from the feces of cats with and without diarrhea

Hennessy, K.J.; Iandolo, J.J.; Fenwick, B.W., 1993:
Serotype identification of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae by arbitrarily primed polymerase chain reaction

Bacon, L.D.; Witter, R.L., 1994:
Serotype specificity of B-haplotype influence on the relative efficacy of Marek's disease vaccines

Furuya, Y.; Yoshida, Y.; Katayama, T.; Yamamoto, S.; Kawamura, A., 1993:
Serotype-specific amplification of Rickettsia tsutsugamushi DNA by nested polymerase chain reaction

Kubo, K.; Takahashi, T.; Sawada, T.; Doda, I., 1993:
Serotypes and antimicrobial susceptibility of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae isolated from apparently healthy slaughter pigs

Hsu, M.M.; Chang, J.C.; Yokoyama, K.; Nishimura, K.; Miyaji, M., 1994:
Serotypes and mating types of clinical strains of Cryptococcus neoformans isolated in Taiwan

Lammler, C.; Wibawan, I.W.T.; Schott, S.; Kielwein, G., 1993:
Serotypes and properties of group B streptococci (Streptococcus agalactiae) associated with bovine mastitis in Thuringia, Germany

McDowell, S.W.; Ball, H.J., 1994:
Serotypes of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae isolated in the British Isles

Pfeiffer, T.J.; Ellis, D.H., 1993:
Serotypes of Australian environmental and clinical isolates of Cryptococcus neoformans

Wood, R.L.; Nord, N.A., 1992:
Serotypes of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae isolated from field cases of swine erysipelas, 1981-91

Viera, F.J.B.; Trigo, F.J.; Meza, L.J.; Romero, F.A.; Perez, G.T.; Guemes, F., 1993:
Serotypes of Pasteurella multocida and Pasteurella haemolytica isolated from inflamed lungs of sheep and goats

Hird, D.W.; Kinde, H.; Case, J.T.; Charlton, B.R.; Chin, R.P.; Walker, R.L., 1993:
Serotypes of Salmonella isolated from California turkey flocks and their environment in 1984-89 and comparison with human isolates

Kramontong, I.; Neramitmansook, W.; Tanticharoenyos, T.; Kortheerakul, K., 1992:
Serotypes of Treponema hyodysenteriae isolated from swine herds affected with swine dysentery in the central region of Thailand

Buczek, J.; Koziol, T., 1991:
Serotypes of enteroviruses isolated from pigs in Poland

Low, J.C.; Wright, F.; McLauchlin, J.; Donachie, W., 1993:
Serotyping and distribution of Listeria isolates from cases of ovine listeriosis

Mendoza, M.; Russian, E.; Villanueva, E.; Torres, E. de; Albornoz, M.C.B. de, 1992:
Serotyping of 48 isolates of Candida albicans: predominance of serotype A over serotype B in Venezuela

Ohba, M.; Ueda, K.; Aizawa, K., 1992:
Serotyping of Bacillus thuringiensis isolates by extracellular heat-stable somatic antigens

Dromer, F.; Gueho, E.; Ronin, O.; Dupont, B., 1993:
Serotyping of Cryptococcus neoformans by using a monoclonal antibody specific for capsular polysaccharide

Darminto, 1992:
Serotyping of infectious bronchitis viral isolates

Ichikawa, T.; Nakanishi, T.; Kobayashi, H.; Iki, K., 1994:
Serovars and antibiotic susceptibility of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae isolates from pneumonic lungs of pigs

Bole Hribovsek, V., 1993:
Serovars of Salmonella, isolated in veterinary laboratories in Slovenia from 1979 to 1991, and their comparison with serovars isolated in human medicine

Arianoutsau, M.; Rundel, P.W.; Berry, W.L., 1993:
Serpentine endemics as biological indicators of soil elemental concentrations

Westbrooks, R.G.; Cross, G., 1993:
Serrated tussock (Nassella trichotoma) in the United States

Nishioka,; Ferreira, M.S.; Kleber, M.; Burgarelli, N., 1992:
Serratia marcescens bacteremia associated with schistosomiasis mansoni

Moser, P.; Collomb, R.; Steiner, C., 1992:
Serratia rubidaea as a cause of red spots on soft cheese

Ehlert, G.; Taraz, K.; Budzikiewicz, H., 1994:
Serratiochelin, a new catecholate siderophore from Serratia marcescens

Akhmed, I.; Voziyan, P.A.; Klyashtorna, G.V.; Miladera, K.; Kholodova, Y.D., 1990:
Serratula tinctoria L. and S. wolffii Andrae - promising sources of biologically active phytoecdysteroids

Alsina, M.; Zemba, C., 1994:
Sertaconazole in seborrhoeic dermatitis of the scalp

Thompson, H.M., 1991:
Serum B esterases as indicators of exposure to pesticides

Devgun, M.S., 1991:
Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D in Wistar rats fed vitamin D deficient or normal diet: effect of ultraviolet irradiation and temperature

Burnand, B.; Sloutskis, D.; Gianoli, F.; Cornuz, J.; Rickenbach, M.; Paccaud, F.; Burckhardt, P., 1992:
Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D: distribution and determinants in the Swiss population

Ohnishi, K.; Murata, M., 1992:
Serum C-reactive protein (CRP) values of patients infected with Taenia saginata

Yamamoto, S.; Shida, T.; Honda, M.; Ashida, Y.; Rikihisa, Y.; Odakura, M.; Hayashi, S.; Nomura, M.; Isayama, Y., 1994:
Serum C-reactive protein and immune responses in dogs inoculated with Bordetella bronchiseptica (phase I cells)

Weiland, O.; Zhang, Y.Y.; Widell, A., 1993:
Serum HCV RNA levels in patients with chronic hepatitis C given a second course of interferon alpha-2b treatment after relapse following initial treatment

Loutan, L.; Plancherel, C.; Soulier-Lauper, M.; Pascual, M.; Subilia, L.; Chevrolet, J.C.; Unger, P.F.; Grau, G.E., 1992:
Serum TNF in patients with severe malaria treated by exchange transfusion

Casanueva, V.; Cid, X.; Cavicchioli, G.; Oelker, M.; Cofre, J.; Chiang, M.T., 1992:
Serum adenosine deaminase in the early diagnosis of typhoid fever

Stevens, R.G.; Blumberg, B.S., 1992:
Serum albumin and the risk of cancer

Jain, A.; Singh, A.; Khan, F.H., 1993:
Serum albumin polymorphism in Jersey cattle

Nutting, D.F.; Tolley, E.A.; Toth, L.A.; Ballard, S.D.; Brown, M.A., 1992:
Serum amylase activity and calcium and magnesium concentrations in young cattle grazing fescue and Bermuda grass pastures

Mascart-Lemone, F.; Donnen, P.; Paluku, B.; Brasseur, D.; Van den Broeck, J.; Vaerman, J.P.; Hennart, P.; Duchateau, J., 1991:
Serum and breast milk antibodies to food antigens in African mothers and relation to their diet

Soprano, Dianne Robert, 1994:
Serum and cellular retinoid-binding proteins

Mittal, N.K.; Sachdev, H.P.; Yadav, H.S., 1990:
Serum and rectal mucosal magnesium status in acute and chronic diarrhoea

Sumano, L.H.; Ocampo, C.L.; Lopez, P.G., 1994:
Serum and synovial concentrations of penicillin G in horses after two different dose schemes

Njeru, C.A.; McDowell, L.R.; Wilkinson, N.S.; Linda, S.B.; Rojas, L.X.; Williams, S.N., 1994:
Serum and tissue tocopherol in sheep after intramuscular injection and(or) dietary vitamin E supplementation

Hanuka, N.; Ighbarieh, J.; Manor, E., 1992:
Serum antibodies in rickettsia patients as determined by immunoblotting technique

Morris, E.R.chel; Hampton, S.M.; Morgan, J.B., 1992:
Serum antibody levels to three food antigens in atopic and non-atopic subjects

Herrera, J.R.V.; Masangkay, J.S.; Momongan, V.G.; Limcumpao, J.A., 1993:
Serum antibody profile of captive Tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis) to selected bacteria and viruses

Tigges, M.G.; Loan, R.W., 1993:
Serum antibody response to purified Pasteurella haemolytica capsular polysaccharide in cattle

Knekt, P.; Heliövaara, M.; Rissanen, A.; Aromaa, A.; Aaran, R.K., 1992:
Serum antioxidant vitamins and risk of cataract

Malvy, D.J.M.; Burtschy, B.; Arnaud, J.; Sommelet, D.; Leverger, G.; Dostalova, L.; Drucker, J.; Amedee Manesme, O.; Group, C.C.ildren And Antioxidant Micronutrients French Study, 1993:
Serum beta-carotene and antioxidant micronutrients in children with cancer

Schlesinger, D.P.; Rubin, S.I., 1993:
Serum bile acids and the assessment of hepatic function in dogs and cats

Ejderhamn, J.; Strandvik, B., 1991:
Serum bile acids in relation to disease activity and intake of dietary fibers in juvenile ulcerative colitis

Parise, E.R., 1992:
Serum bile acids in schistosomotic hepatic fibrosis

Martínez-Jordá, R.; Rodriguez-Sasiain, J.M.; Suárez, E.; Calvo, R., 1990:
Serum binding of ketoconazole in health and disease

Hinchcliff, K.W.; Olson, J.; Crusberg, C.; Kenyon, J.; Long, R.; Royle, W.; Weber, W.; Burr, J., 1993:
Serum biochemical changes in dogs competing in a long-distance sled race

Gandotra, V.K.; Chaudhary, R.K.; Sharma, R.D., 1993:
Serum biochemical constituents in normal and repeat breeding cows and buffaloes

Raina, A.K.; Ramesh, V.; Raina, R., 1993:
Serum biochemical indices in non-descript Kashmiri and Jersey cows

Rupde, N.D.; Rode, A.M.; Sarode, D.B.; Zade, N.N.; Jagtap, D.G.; Kaikini, A.S., 1993:
Serum biochemical profile in repeat breeders

Mohammed, S.; Addae, S.; Suleiman, S.; Adzaku, F.; Annobil, S.; Kaddoumi, O.; Richards, J., 1993:
Serum calcium, parathyroid hormone, and vitamin D status in children and young adults with sickle cell disease

Panzera, M.; Ferlazzo, A.M.; D.A.ra, D.; Ferlazzo, A., 1992:
Serum calcium, phosphorus and alkaline phosphatase in growing lambs

Balakrishnan, V.; Balagopal, R., 1994:
Serum calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper and zinc level in regular breeding buffaloes

Leung, A.K.; Siu, T.O.; Chiu, A.S.; Robson, W.L.; Larsen, T.E., 1990:
Serum carotene concentrations in normal infants and children

Reunanen, A.; Knekt, P.; Aaran, R.K., 1992:
Serum ceruloplasmin level and the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke

Klag, M.J.; Ford, D.E.; Mead, L.A.; He, J.; Whelton, P.K.; Liang, K.Y.; Levine, D.M., 1993:
Serum cholesterol in young men and subsequent cardiovascular disease

Mane, K.S.; Pargaonkar, D.R.; Bakshi, S.A.; Markandeya, N.M.; Deshpande, W.S.; Tandle, M.K., 1994:
Serum cholesterol level in post partum true anoestrus cows following PGF2 alpha (analogue) administration

Baruah, K.K.; Baruah, R.N.; Baruah, B.; Baruah, K.K.; Baruah, A., 1991:
Serum cholesterol level of purebred Jersey Heifers as influenced by dietary protein

Sharma, V.; Sharma, A., 1991:
Serum cholesterol levels in carcinoma breast

Panamonta, M.; Settasatian, N.; Kaplan, E.L.; Chaikitpinyo, A., 1993:
Serum cholesterol levels in patients with acute rheumatic fever

Osterman, J.; Lin, T.; Nankin, H.R.; Brown, K.A.; Hornung, C.A., 1992:
Serum cholesterol profiles during treatment of obese outpatients with a very low calorie diet. Effect of initial cholesterol levels

Israelsson, B.; Jarnblad, G.; Persson, K., 1993:
Serum cholesterol reduced with FibrexReg. - a sugar-beet fibre preparation

Shekelle, R.B.; Tangney, C.C.; Rossof, A.H.; Stamler, J., 1992:
Serum cholesterol, beta-carotene, and risk of lung cancer

Vanhanen, H.T.; Blomqvist, S.; Ehnholm, C.; Hyvönen, M.; Jauhiainen, M.; Torstila, I.; Miettinen, T.A., 1993:
Serum cholesterol, cholesterol precursors, and plant sterols in hypercholesterolemic subjects with different apoE phenotypes during dietary sitostanol ester treatment

Sandker, G.W.; Kromhout, D.; Aravanis, C.; Bloemberg, B.P.; Mensink, R.P.; Karalias, N.; Katan, M.B., 1993:
Serum cholesteryl ester fatty acids and their relation with serum lipids in elderly men in Crete and The Netherlands

Yvore, P.; Mancassola, R.; Naciri, M.; Bessay, M., 1993:
Serum coloration as a criterion of the severity of experimental coccidiosis in the chicken

Clapper, J.A.; Green, M.L.; Diekman, M.A., 1993:
Serum concentrations of immunoactive and bioactive luteinizing hormone (LH) in gilts. I. Biopotency of LH increases during prepubertal development

Ratzmann, G.W.; Paul, W., 1991:
Serum concentrations of magnesium, inorganic phosphate and activity of alkaline phosphatase in healthy infants

Campbell, J.W.; Hallford, D.M.; Yim, H.S.; Heird, C.E.; Perez Eguia, E., 1992:
Serum constituent profiles from birth through the feedlot period in Debouillet lambs

McMaster, D.; McCrum, E.; Patterson, C.C.; Kerr, M.M.; O'Reilly, D.; Evans, A.E.; Love, A.H., 1992:
Serum copper and zinc in random samples of the population of Northern Ireland

Kitagawa, H.; Kano, M.; Sasaki, Y.; Hirano, Y., 1991:
Serum creatine kinase activities in dogs with dirofilariasis

Canessa, A.; Bono, V. del; Miletich, F.; Pistoia, V., 1992:
Serum cytokines in toxoplasmosis: increased levels of interferon- gamma in immunocompetent patients with lymphadenopathy but not in AIDS patients with encephalitis

Kataria, N.; Bhatia, J.S.; Ghosal, A.K., 1991:
Serum dehydrogenase levels of camel (Camelus dromedarius) in relation to climatic conditions, sex and age

Mahashabde, S.D.; Jagadish, S.; Gatne, M.M.; Ranade, V.V., 1992:
Serum disposition of long acting and double strength conventional formulation of oxytetracycline in buffaloes

Kataria, A.K.; Sharma, K.N., 1993:
Serum electrophoretic studies in sheep vaccinated with live sheep pox virus 'Roumanian strain'

Zaman, T.; Khan, M.Z., 1991:
Serum enzyme profiles in hydropericardium affected broiler chicks

Junker, L.; Engel, S.; Berger, I.; Barleben, H., 1990:
Serum enzymes of patients with hypertension degree 1 before and after nutritional damage regarding polyenoic acid and ion contents

Kumar, P.; Kumar, M.; Joshi, H.C., 1993:
Serum enzymes profile in experimental hypomagnesemia in yearling buffaloes

Singh, R.; Bhardwaj, R.M.; Rana, J.P., 1992:
Serum enzymes profile in post-parturient haemoglobinuria in buffaloes

Sarda, P.; Babin, F.; Crastes de Paulet, P.; Crastes de Paulet, A.; Descomps, B.; Rieu, D., 1992:
Serum fatty acid composition of the foetus, of the mother and of human-milk-fed premature infants on days 2, 15 and 35 after birth

Harper, A.F.; Lindemann, M.D.; Kornegay, E.T., 1992:
Serum folates and reproductive performance in sows over four parities in response to increasing levels of dietary folic acid

Ferguson, D.C.; Peterson, M.E., 1992:
Serum free and total iodothyronine concentrations in dogs with hyperadrenocorticism

Farshid, A.A.bas; Sundararaj, A.; Parthasarathy, K.R., 1993:
Serum gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase as a differential diagnostic aid in jaundice in canines

Noda, K.; Nakayama, K.; Oku, T., 1994:
Serum glucose and insulin levels and erythritol balance after oral administration of erythritol in healthy subjects

Kamei, J.; Kawashima, N.; Kasuya, Y., 1993:
Serum glucose level-dependent and independent modulation of micro -opioid agonist-mediated analgesia in diabetic mice

Salmanoglu, B.; Sel, T.; Krvar, E.; Marasl, N.; Ergun, H., 1993:
Serum glucose, free fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, and alkaline phosphatase in broilers in relation to the administration of various doses of diethylstilbestrol

Abe, F.; Miyamoto, N.; Tahara, Y.; Takahashi, J.; Shima, K., 1993:
Serum glycated albumin concentrations during pregnancy

E.H.wy, A.M.;, M.S.S.; Mahgob, M.A.; Mostafa, N., 1991:
Serum growth hormone and somatomedin-C in patients with bilharzial hepatic fibrosis and post hepatic fibrosis

Kazmer, G.W.; Zinn, S.A.; Rycroft, H.; Campbell, R.M., 1992:
Serum growth hormone in and semen characteristics of proven AI dairy sires after administration of growth hormone-releasing factor

Davis, S.L.; Wehr, N.B.; Laird, D.M.; Hammond, A.C., 1994:
Serum growth hormone-binding protein (GHBP) in domestic animals as measured by ELISA

Hall, W.F.; Eurell, T.E.; Hansen, R.D.; Herr, L.G., 1992:
Serum haptoglobin concentration in swine naturally or experimentally infected with Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae

Jimenez, A.; Sanchez, J.; Barrera, R.; Rodriguez, J.; Andres, S.; Mane, M.C., 1993:
Serum hypogammaglobulinaemias as predisposing factors for neonatal diarrhoea in sheep

Morsy, T.A.; Kenawi, M.Z.; Zohdy, H.A.; Abdalla, K.F.; el Fakahany, A.F., 1993:
Serum immunoglobulin and complement values in scabietic patients

Abel Francisco, S.F.; Quigley, J.D., 1993:
Serum immunoglobulin concentrations after feeding maternal colostrum or maternal colostrum plus colostral supplement to dairy calves

Sultan, N.; Turet, S.; Bayram, M., 1992:
Serum immunoglobulin levels in women with toxoplasmosis

Hall, I.A.; Campbell, K.L., 1993:
Serum immunoglobulins in normal dogs and dogs with skin disease

Hill, K.K.; Hill, D.B.; McClain, M.P.; Humphries, L.L.; McClain, C.J., 1993:
Serum insulin-like growth factor-I concentrations in the recovery of patients with anorexia nervosa

Robinson, J.A.; Allen, G.K.; Green, E.M.; Garner, H.E.; Loch, W.E.; Walsh, D.M., 1993:
Serum interleukin-6 concentrations in endotoxin-infused neonatal foals

Yazdanbakhsh, M.; Duym, L.; Aarden, L.; Partono, F., 1992:
Serum interleukin-6 levels and adverse reactions to diethylcarbamazine in lymphatic filariasis

Morrison, H.I.; Semenciw, R.M.; Mao, Y.; Wigle, D.T., 1994:
Serum iron and risk of fatal acute myocardial infarction

Itoh, N.; Itoh, S., 1992:
Serum iron, unsaturated iron binding capacity, and total iron binding capacity in dogs with Babesia gibsoni infection

Parise, E.R.; Leite-Mór, M.M.; Rosa, H., 1992:
Serum laminin in hepatosplenic human schistosomiasis

Dhaliwal, G.S.; Chaudhary, R.K.; Prabhakar, S.; Sharma, R.D., 1992:
Serum levels and half life of sulfadiazine administered intravenously following caesarean section in bovines

Oliveri, M.B.; Mautalen, C.; Bustamante, L.; Gómez García, V., 1994:
Serum levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in a year of residence on the Antarctic continent

Hayafuji, C.; Tomomatsu, T., 1992:
Serum levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 of normal subjects

Yamamoto, S.; Tagata, K.; Otabe, K.; Shida, T., 1993:
Serum levels of C-reactive protein in dogs and simple techniques for its measurement

Hall, C.A.; Beach, G.G.; Ragland, W.L., 1993:
Serum levels of avian thymic hormone

Umapathy, E.; Makinde, M.O.; Mandisodza, K.T., 1993:
Serum levels of follicle stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, testosterone and oestradiol in prepubertal boars

Diez Monforte, C.; Fernandez Celadilla, L.; Barcelona Ulied, J.A.; Garcia Alvarez, J.; Bascuas Asta, J.A.; Abad Gavin, M., 1992:
Serum levels of prolactin and progesterone in sows after administration of bromocriptine and naloxone (inhibitor of endogenous opiates)

Sel, T.; Ergun, H., 1992:
Serum levels of specific liver enzymes (aspartate aminotransferase, alanine aminotransferase, lactate dehydrogenase) and alkaline phosphatase in normal sheep and sheep showing signs of fluorosis in eastern Anatolia

Vannucchi, M.T.; Vannucchi, H.; Humphreys, M., 1992:
Serum levels of vitamin A and retinol binding protein in chronic renal patients treated by continuous ambulatorial peritoneal dialysis

Angotti, E.; Cortese, C.; Cavalcanti, E.; Lucia, F.G.; Colonna, A., 1993:
Serum lipid levels and peripheral atherosclerosis evaluated in a population of southern Italy

Scragg, R.; Baker, J.; Metcalf, P.; Dryson, E., 1993:
Serum lipid levels in a New Zealand multicultural workforce

Telci, A.; Salmayenli, N.; Aydin, A.E.; Yamaner, S.; Sivas, A.; Eldegez, U., 1992:
Serum lipids and apolipoprotein concentrations and plasma fibronectin concentrations in renal transplant patients

Caruso, M.G.; Giangrande, M.; Clemente, C.; Messa, C.; Guerra, V.; D.L.o, A., 1993:
Serum lipids and biliary sludge during pregnancy

Kato, I.; Ueda, K.; Hasuo, Y.; Kiyohara, Y.; Ohmura, T.; Iwamoto, H.; Nakayama, K.; Fujishima, M.; Shirota, T., 1992:
Serum lipids and nutritional intake in a Japanese general population: the Hisayama study

Tao, S.; Li, Y.; Xiao, Z.; Cen, R.; Zhang, H.; Zhuo, Y.; Zhou, B.; Chen, P.; Li, Y., 1992:
Serum lipids and their correlates in Chinese urban and rural populations of Beijing and Guangzhou

Hughes, J.K.; Mendelsohn, D., 1990:
Serum lipoprotein (a) levels in 'normal' individuals, those with familial hypercholesterolaemia, and those with coronary artery disease

Dimski, D.S.; Buffington, C.A.; Johnson, S.E.; Sherding, R.G.; Rosol, T.J., 1992:
Serum lipoprotein concentrations and hepatic lesions in obese cats undergoing weight loss

Lehmann, R.; Bhargava, A.S.; Günzel, P., 1993:
Serum lipoprotein pattern in rats, dogs and monkeys, including method comparison and influence of menstrual cycle in monkeys

Noro, A.; Higuchi, K.; Nakajima, N.; Sitoh, T.; Tomabechi, T., 1993:
Serum lipoprotein profiles by gel filtration in cows

Cobbaert, C.; Kesteloot, H., 1992:
Serum lipoprotein(a) levels in racially different populations

Stahringer, R.; Byerley, D.; Kiser, T.; Randel, R., 1994:
Serum luteinizing hormone, 13,14-dihydro-15-keto-prostaglandin F2 alpha and cortisol profiles during postpartum anestrus in Brahman and Angus cows

Agarwal, R.; Singh, R.N.; Gupta, B.D.; Agarwal, D.K.; Arora, A.K., 1993:
Serum magnesium, calcium, zinc in infantile tremor syndrome

Piccione, G.; Fazio, E.; Panzera, M.; Ferlazzo, A., 1992:
Serum measurements of thyroid function of calves reared at different altitudes

Zheng, W.; Blot, W.J.; Diamond, E.L.; Norkus, E.P.; Spate, V.; Morris, J.S.; Comstock, G.W., 1993:
Serum micronutrients and the subsequent risk of oral and pharyngeal cancer

Gbodi, T.A.; Synge, B.A.; Atawodi, S.E., 1990:
Serum mineral status of zebu cattle under traditional husbandry with or without dry season cottonseed-cake supplementation in Jos-Plateau of Nigeria

Baldinotti, F.; Matteucci, D.; Mazzetti, P.; Giannelli, C.; Bandecchi, P.; Tozzini, F.; Bendinelli, M., 1994:
Serum neutralization of feline immunodeficiency virus is markedly dependent on passage history of the virus and host system

Tan, Z.L.; Lechtenberg, K.F.; Nagaraja, T.G.; Chengappa, M.M.; Brandt, R.T., 1994:
Serum neutralizing antibodies against Fusobacterium necrophorum leukotoxin in cattle with experimentally induced or naturally developed hepatic abscesses

Lepage, O.M.; Laverty, S.; Marcoux, M.; Dumas, G., 1993:
Serum osteocalcin concentration in horses treated with triamcinolone acetonide

Miettinen, T.A.; Tilvis, R.S.; Kesäniemi, Y.A., 1990:
Serum plant sterols and cholesterol precursors reflect cholesterol absorption and synthesis in volunteers of a randomly selected male population

Vicenti, L.; Gula, M.; Carazzone, W.; Fortina, R.; Quaranta, G., 1992:
Serum profiles of estradiol 17 beta , progesterone and some electrolytes in pregnant cows of the Piedmont breed with vaginal prolapse

Jiao, S.X.; Wang, R.X.; Cai, Z.H.; Zhao, S.G.; Liao, S.R., 1992:
Serum profiles of five reproductive hormones during the first oestrous cycle in Fengjing and Landrace gilts

Campbell, J.; Hallford, D.; Wise, M., 1994:
Serum progesterone and luteinizing hormone in ewes treated with PGF(2 alpha) during mid-gestation and gonadotropin releasing hormone after parturition

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Serum steroid concentrations during different stages of the sexual cycle and gestation in female dromedaries

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Serum testosterone and initiation of spermatogenesis in indomethacin-treated immature rats

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Serum thyroxine, estradiol-17 beta , and testosterone profiles during the parr-smolt transformation of masu salmon, Onchorhynchus masou

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Serum titres of Pneumocystis carinii antibody in health care workers caring for patients with AIDS

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Serum vitamin E levels in dogs with pyoderma and generalized demodicosis

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Serum-free cultivation of Plasmodium falciparum gametocytes in vitro

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Serum-free cultivation of several Plasmodium falciparum strains

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Serum-free propagation of Toxoplasma gondii in vitro: a way towards better defined antigens

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Serum-independent and serum-dependent cytoadherence in the interaction of Entamoeba histolytica with mammalian target cells

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Serum-myoblast proliferation and gene expression in double muscled and normal cattle

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Service is most important for consumers: choice of travel agency and participation in the Guarantee Fund hardly play a part

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Service is the key

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Service management in the commercial foodservice sector: an industry perspective

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Service on flights - issues and analysis by the use of diaries

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Service quality and management: the perceptions of hospitality employees

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Service: the key to frequent guest programs

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Services for farmers and new information technologies

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Services marketing - necessity of Croatian tourism

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Services marketing: the case of museums

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Sesquidiploid hybrids between sloe and myrobalan plum and their role in the origin of Prunus domestica

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Sesquiterpene alcohol from the fruits of Laurus nobilis

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Sesquiterpene composition of basil oil. Assignment of the 1H and 13C NMR spectra of beta -elemene with two-dimensional NMR

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Sesquiterpenes from Carlina corymbosa and Arctotheca calendula

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Sesquiterpenes from Cleome droserifolia

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Sesquiterpenoids of the essential oil of Artemisia jacutica Drob

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Sessile , pedunculate and red oaks in forestry in France

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Sessile inflorescence - a putative new mutant in birdsfoot trefoil

Runeckles, V.C. (Chair), 1991:
Session 126: Ecological implications of global climatic change

Manning, W.J. (Chair), 1991:
Session 127: Global climate change effects on vegetation : methods of assessment

Soroushian, P. (Moderator), 1993:
Session I: fiber-cement technologies and markets

Moslemi, A.A. (Moderator), 1991:
Session I: new developments in mineral-bonded wood and fiber composites

Geimer, R.L. (Moderator), 1993:
Session II: emerging technologies

Dinwoodie, J.M. (Moderator), 1991:
Session II: gypsum fiber and particleboards: a new opportunity

Thayer, A.G. (Moderator), 1993 :
Session III: gypsum and gypsum-fiber developments and markets

Godfrey, J.M. (Moderator), 1991:
Session III: related technologies

Moslemi, A.A. (Moderator), 1993:
Session IV: applications and markets

Dix, R.J.H. (Moderator), 1991:
Session IV: business and market opportunities

Anonymous, 1993:
Session of CITS subcommittee Measurement & Process Control in Peterborough, April 22 and 23, 1993

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Set aside: danger for neighbouring fields?

Anonymous, 1993:
Set aside: from the old to the new regime

Anonymous, 1993:
Set fair for France

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Set of equipment for preparing, conveying and distributing feed mixtures

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Set of equipment for the manufacture of particleboards in small factories

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Set of machines for establishing plantations on stony soils

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Set point weight of the human body: how Cabanac's theory stands at present

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Set-aside and extensification of agricultural production: implications and opportunities for nature conservation and the river engineer

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Set-aside and organic farming

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Set-aside fallow or grassland: reservoirs of beneficial invertebrates?

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Set-aside land under grass fallow. Effects on measurable factors of soil fertility

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Set-aside of agricultural land: policy, practice and problems

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Set-aside: a weeder and seeder of volunteer crops

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Set-aside: an analysis of the situation in the Italian Marches

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Set-aside: effects of rotational fallow on slugs, nematodes and cereal foot rot diseases

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Set-aside: in theory and in practice

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Set-aside: potential and management for wildlife conservation

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Set-aside: the German experience

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Setaria labiato-papillosa parasitosis in a cow

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Setaria verticillata - a new host record of Claviceps fusiformis Loveless

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Sethoxydim control of grassy weeds in California rice

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Setting acceptance levels of contaminants

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Setting agricultural research priorities: lessons from the CGIAR study

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Setting and monitoring targets improves dairy farm performance

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Setting and use of artificial fertilizer distributors

Gaudet, C.; Cureton, P.M., 1993:
Setting cleanup goals for contaminated sites: towards a nationally consistent approach in Canada

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Setting percentage of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) and its relation to yield

O.Brien, P., 1992:
Setting policies and priorities for public research

Holsinger, K.E., 1992:
Setting priorities for regional plant conservation programs

Torkildsen, G., 1994:
Setting programmes

Beach, E.D.; Fernandez Cornejo, J., 1994:
Setting research priorities in the public sector: a suggested framework for the AARC center

Anonymous, 1994:
Setting research priorities: towards effective farmer-oriented research

Zhang, Z.X., 1994:
Setting targets and the choice of policy instruments for limiting C02 emissions

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Setting the course

Schmidt, U.; Tiller, J.; Treasure, J., 1993:
Setting the scene for eating disorders: childhood care, classification and course of illness

Dattilo, J.; Light, J., 1993:
Setting the stage for leisure: encouraging reciprocal communication for people using augmentative and alternative communication systems through facilitator instruction

Cassells, A.C., 1991:
Setting up a commercial micropropagation laboratory

Blanc, A. le; Koenig, J., 1994:
Setting up a network for management of small grain genetic resources

Erler, J., 1991:
Setting up an expert system on forest mechanization

Bhatia, O.P.; Thukral, A., 1990:
Setting up of effluent treatment plant for sugar industries

McKinney, L.C., 1994:
Setting workable regulatory thresholds

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Settleability studies on sugar mill waste

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Settlement and resettlement: experience from Uganda's National Parks and Reserves

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Settlement patterns and the utilization of rural services: a view from Malaysia

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Settlement processes and nation building in the Tibetan Himalayas. Plan and first results of a DFG priority programme

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Settlements and their changing functions

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Settler strawberry

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Settling characteristics of feedlot cattle feces and manure

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Settling volume, water holding capacity and fermentation characteristics of dried beet pulp and extracted carbohydrates in an artificial rumen

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Seven new members of the Sox gene family expressed during mouse development

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Seven new species of Cheletophyes (Acari: Prostigmata: Cheyletidae) associated with carpenter bees in India

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Seven new species of Dactylogyrus Diesing, 1850 (Monogenea) from Puntius Hamilton (Cyprinidae) of Thailand

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Seven new species of freshwater nematodes

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Seven new species of the genus Liparis (Orchidaceae) from Asia

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Seven species of beetles new to the Lithuanian SSR found in 1976-1987

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Seven trends driving U.S. food demands

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Seven years experience of a modified 'over the top' procedure for cruciate ligament repair in dogs

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Seven-day validation of doubly labeled water method using indirect room calorimetry

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Seven-year growth response of radiata pine to area of herbaceous weed control

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Seventeen years of cropping systems and tillage affect velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti) seed longevity

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Seventy years and three eras of vitamin D

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Seventy years of state variety trials of sugarbeet

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Sever incidence of rust in Aji Jalapeno (Capsicum spp.) in the location of Carmen (Dagua, Valle)

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Several distinct types of sequence elements are required for efficient mRNA 3' end formation in a pea rbcS gene

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Several insulin-like growth factor-I analogues and complexes of insulin-like growth factors-I and -II with insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-3 fail to mimic the effect of growth hormone upon lactation in the rat

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Several methods of maintaining the supply of colostrum

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Several problems about entering into the international market for the township and village enterprises

Fan, X.J., 1993:
Several problems in standardization of rural cooperative foundations

Chen, K., 1991:
Several problems of Chinese agricultural modernization: an argument with comrade Shao Ning

Anonymous, 1992:
Several problems on reforming the agricultural land system

Du, J., 1992:
Several problems regarding the study of agrarian reform in China

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Several problems relating to transformation from traditional to modern agriculture in view of the experience of Southern Jiangsu

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Several rattan destroying powder post beetles and their prevention methods

Mens, P. le, 1992:
Several reasons for being optimistic

Melendez, A.; Valencia, E., 1990:
Several years of experience with Thiodan in Colombia, with special reference to beneficial organisms in cotton

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Several years outdoor measurements of direct drift in field cropping

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Several years' of trial experience with Hoe 75032 (amidosulfuron) for weed control in cereals

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Several-year observations on the incidence of Trichomonas vaginalis infection in women at one industrial plant

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Severe MLO infection of lettuce in northern Italy

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Severe attacks of Phoma exigua var. heteromorpha on oleander in nursery

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Severe attacks of bean yellow mosaic virus in Vicia faba in Umbria

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Severe candidal infections in neutropenic patients

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Severe cardiomegaly secondary to anemia in a kitten

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Severe cases of concave gum on Navelina orange in Apulia

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Severe chlorotic spot symptoms in cucumber mosaic virus strain Y-infected tobaccos are induced by a combination of the virus coat protein gene and two host recessive genes

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Severe damage by insects and fungi in Christmas-tree plantations

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Severe deprivation in childhood: a case report from Thailand

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Severe derangement of the coagulation profile following multiple bee stings in a 2-year-old boy

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Severe dieback of almond trees in Italy caused by Verticillium dahliae Kleb

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Severe disease in adult dairy cattle in three UK dairy herds associated with BVD virus infection

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Severe disease outbreak in red Trillium wildflower populations

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Severe early undernutrition and psychomotor development. Effects of a rehabilitation programme

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Severe encephalitis in a horse caused by free-living soil nematodes

van den Anker, J.N.; Wildervanck de Blecourt-Devilee, M.; Sauer, P.J., 1993:
Severe endophthalmitis after neonatal skin lesions with positive cultures of Aspergillus fumigatus

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Severe falciparum malaria: survival with oral therapy

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Severe farmer's lung following a workplace challenge

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Severe flea infestation in dairy calves

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Severe forms of infantile visceral leishmaniosis; early life saving treatment with antimonials

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Severe foul-in-the-foot in dairy cattle

Wernery, U.; Ali, M.; Wernery, R.; Seifert, H.S., 1992:
Severe heart muscle degeneration caused by Clostridium perfringens type A in camel calves (Camelus dromedarius)

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Severe hyperlipidemia due to multiple factors in a child with nephrotic syndrome

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Severe hypomagnesemia associated with pentamidine therapy

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Severe hypophosphataemia during enteral feeding

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Severe illness caused by Rickettsia conorii

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Severe leukocyte depletion does not affect follicular rupture in the rat

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Severe liver infection by Capillaria hepatica in a child

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Severe malaria in adults in Cameroon: comparison of two therapeutic regimens using parenteral quinine

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Severe mortality in broiler chickens associated with Mycoplasma synoviae and Pasteurella gallinarum

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Severe neutropenia in a female cat treated with griseofulvin

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Severe outbreaks of respiratory disease in dairy herds caused by bovine respiratory syncytial virus

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Severe outbreaks of rot caused by Phellinus pini in pine forests in southern Italy

Sander, J.E.; Wilson, J.L.; Bush, P.B.; Rowland, G.N., 1994:
Severe pododermatitis in broiler breeder hens housed on pressure-treated slats

Soyez, C.; Jonville Bera, A.P.; Creche, J.; Autret, E., 1994:
Severe poisoning by Lepiota josserandii

Rangaswamy, K.T.; Anilkumar, T.B.; Vishwanatha, K.P.; Shambulingappa, K.G., 1993:
Severe recurrence of pigeonpea phyllody at GKVK, Bangalore

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Severe reversible hyperglycemia as a consequence of niacin therapy

Guala, A.; Giorcelli, V.; Gallo, G.; Pastore, G.; Rossi, M.; Mainardi, P.C., 1992:
Severe sideropenic anaemia in a female middle-distance runner

Huxtable, C.R.; Chadwick, B.; Eger, C.; Shaw, S., 1994:
Severe subacute progressive myopathy in a young Silky Terrier

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Severe symptomatic hyponatremia associated with lisinopril therapy

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Severe visceral leishmaniosis with hepatic involvement. Diagnostic value of the Western Blot technique

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Severe vitamin A deficiency in a rural village in the Hararge region of Ethiopia

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Severe vitamin A deficiency in black neonates in a tertiary referral hospital in South Africa

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Severe vs moderate energy restriction with and without exercise in the treatment of obesity: efficiency of weight loss

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Severe wilt disease of lettuce in Apulia caused by Pythium tracheiphilum Matta

Luc, P.V.; Spiridonov, S.E., 1993:
Severianoia annamensis sp. n. from a Surinam cockroach Pycnoscelus surinamensis from Quang Tri province, Vietnam

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Severity of Rhizoctonia solani on the leaves of rice and turmeric

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Severity of anaemia influences pattern of amino acids and alpha -keto acids in haemodialysis patients

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Severity of brown spot in several coffee genotypes with resistance to Hemileia vastatrix B. B

Burgner, D.; Hickey, M., 1992:
Severity of imported falciparum malaria

Behrens, R.H., 1992:
Severity of imported malaria

Wien, H.C.; Turner, A.D., 1994:
Severity of tomato blossom-end scarring is determined by plant age at induction

Xue, G.; Burnett, P.A.; Helm, J., 1994:
Severity of, and resistance of barley varieties to, scald and net blotch in central Alberta

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Sevin as an effective acaricide of livestock

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Sevoflurane anesthesia following administration of atropine-guaifenesin-thiopental in spontaneous-breathing adult cattle

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Sewage disposal 2000 - the city of Cologne's sewage disposal concept - its contents and its implementation

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Sewage disposal in rural areas - a cost comparison - centralized vs. decentralized

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Sewage disposal. Where do we stand? Proceedings of 6th international conference organized by Sherkin Island Marine Station, 8-9 November 1990, Cork, Irish Republic

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Sharpen your pencil and work out the quota price yourself

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