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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2494

Chapter 2494 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gennaro, M.C.; Abrigo, C., 1991:
Simultaneous determination of creatinine, uric, L(+)-ascorbic and orotic acids in milk by reversed-phase ion-interaction HPLC chromatography

Yashan, H.; Yunqing, D., 1993:
Simultaneous determination of fat soluble vitamins A, D3, E and K1 in fortified milk powders by HPLC

Dieckmann, H.; Stockmaier, M.; Kreuzig, R.; Bahadir, M., 1993:
Simultaneous determination of fenpropimorph and the corresponding metabolite fenpropimorphic acid in soil

Kiba, N.; Goto, Y.; Furusawa, M., 1993:
Simultaneous determination of glucose and 1-deoxyglucose in serum by anion-exchange chromatography with an immobilized pyranose oxidase reactor

Murakami, K.; Kakemoto, M.; Harada, T.; Yamada, Y.; Ogawa, H., 1992:
Simultaneous determination of glucose and maltose by HPLC using immobilized enzyme reactor and electrochemical detector

Zhang, X.; Rechnitz, G.A., 1994:
Simultaneous determination of glucose and sucrose by a dual-working electrode multienzyme sensor flow-injection system

Ohkura, T.; Takechi, T.; Deguchi, S.; Ishimaru, T.; Maki, T.; Inouye, H., 1994:
Simultaneous determination of herbicides in water by using FRIT/FAB-LC/MS

Zhu, Z.I.; Gu, Z.C., 1993:
Simultaneous determination of iodide and nitrate by catalytic kinetics

D'Amato, A.; Semeraro, I.; Bicchi, C., 1993:
Simultaneous determination of linuron and trifluralin residues in carrots and their pulp by liquid chromatography and gas chromatography

Carson, M.C., 1993:
Simultaneous determination of multiple tetracycline residues in milk using metal chelate affinity chromatography

Miyauchi, Y.; Sano, N.; Nakamura, T., 1993:
Simultaneous determination of nicotinic acid and its two metabolites in human plasma using solid-phase extraction in combination with high performance liquid chromatography

Harakuwe, A.H., 1993:
Simultaneous determination of nitrate and nitrite in aqueous solutions by capillary zone electrophoresis

Trojanowicz, M.; Matuszewski, W.; Szostek, B.; Michaowski, J., 1992:
Simultaneous determination of nitrite and nitrate in water using flow-injection biamperometry

Dellacassa, E.; Martinez, R.; Moyna, P., 1993:
Simultaneous determination of o-phenylphenol, imazalil, and thiabendazole residues in citrus fruits by TLC-densitometry

Ito, S.; Nagata, T.; Kudo, K.; Kimura, K.; Imamura, T., 1993:
Simultaneous determination of paraquat and diquat in human tissues by high-performance liquid chromatography

Fernandez Muino M.A.; Simal Gandara J.; Simal Lozano J., 1991:
Simultaneous determination of pentachlorophenol and carbaryl in water

Espinosa Mansilla A.; Munoz A.; Salinas F.; Zamoro A., 1992:
Simultaneous determination of pesticides by multivariate spectral analysis and derivative spectrophotometry

Hidaka T.; Kirigaya T.; Kamijo M.; Kikawa H.; Kawamura T., 1991:
Simultaneous determination of residual chlorine and volatile chlorinated organic compounds in vegetables by the head space method

Ishii, R.; Horie, M.; Hoshino, Y.; Tokumaru, Y.; Nose, N., 1994:
Simultaneous determination of residual synthetic antibacterials in fish and meat products by high performance liquid chromatography with photodiode array detector

Wigfield, Yuk Y.; Mccormack, Kathleen A.; Grant, Ralph, 1993:
Simultaneous determination of residues of paraquat and diquat in potatoes using high-performance capillary electrophoresis with ultraviolet detection

Gontier, E.; Sangwan, B.S.; Barbotin, J.N., 1994:
Simultaneous determination of some tropane alkaloids by reverse phase HPLC of Datura innoxia Mill. plant material

Michalowski, J.; Kojlo, A.; Trojanowicz, M.; Szostek, B.; Zagatto, E.A.G., 1993:
Simultaneous determination of sucrose and reducing sugars using indirect flow-injection biamperometry

Horie, M.; Saito, K.; Nose, N.; Nakazawa, H., 1992:
Simultaneous determination of sulfonamides in honey by liquid chromatography

Hormazabal, V.; Rogstad, A., 1992:
Simultaneous determination of sulphadiazine and trimethoprim in plasma and tissues of cultured fish for residual and pharmacokinetic studies

Berzas Nevado, J.J.; Flores, J.R.driguez; Villasenor Llerena, M.J., 1993:
Simultaneous determination of tartrazine and sunset yellow by derivative spectrophotometry and ratio spectra derivative

Kloppel, H.; Haider, J.; Hoffmann, C.; Luttecke, B., 1992:
Simultaneous determination of the herbicides isoproturon, dichlorprop-p, and bifenox in soils using RP-HPLC

Yamada, N.; Tomita, B.; Chaya, K., 1992:
Simultaneous determination of thiuram, iprodione and bensulide (pesticides for golf course use) in environmental waters by solid-phase extraction/HPLC

Goyal, S.S.; Hafez, A.A.R.; Rains, D.W., 1993:
Simultaneous determination of total sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium in plant tissues using acid digestion and ion chromatography

Haraguchi, K.; Kitamura, E.; Yamashita, T.; Kido, A., 1994:
Simultaneous determination of trace pesticides in urban air

Mao, J.; Erstfeld, K.M.; Fackler, P.H., 1993:
Simultaneous determination of tralomethrin, deltamethrin, and related compounds by HPLC with radiometric detection

Classen, A.; Miersch, W.D.; Hesse, A., 1990:
Simultaneous determination of urinary phosphate and sulphate by ion-chromatography

Kolb, B.; Bichler, C.; Auer, M.; Voice, T.C., 1994:
Simultaneous determination of volatile aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons in water and soil by dual-channel ECD/PID equilibrium headspace analysis

Tsuda, S.; Kameya Iwaki, M.; Hanada, K.; Fujisawa, I.; Tomaru, K., 1993:
Simultaneous diagnosis for plants infected with multiple viruses employing rapid immunofilter paper assay (RIPA) with two-step method; multi-RIPA

Careri, M.; Manini, P.; Spagnoli, S.; Barbieri, G.; Bolzoni, L., 1994:
Simultaneous distillation-extraction and dynamic headspace methods in the gas chromatographic analysis of Parmesan cheese volatiles

Dmitriev, S.V.; Galeev, S.K.; Smolentsev, V.B.; Mikhailov, V.N., 1992:
Simultaneous drilling and liquid fertilizer incorporation

Martinez, F.J.; Garcia, M.P.; Canteras, M.; D.C.sta, J.; Zamora, S., 1992:
Simultaneous effect of initial weight, initial crowding, temperature and O2 concentration on the nutritional use of food by rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

Stamp, N.E., 1994:
Simultaneous effects of potassium, rutin and temperature on performance of Manduca sexta caterpillars

Tahan, J.E.; Romero, R.A., 1993:
Simultaneous electrochemical determination of trace metals in clinical samples

Henk, L.L.; Linden, J.C., 1992:
Simultaneous ensiling and enzymatic hydrolysis of structural polysaccharides

Skoog, M.; Johansson, G., 1993:
Simultaneous enzymatic and tautomeric reactions of D-fructose in a reactor with immobilized hexokinase

Seiffert, B.; Swaczyna, H.; Schaefer, I., 1992:
Simultaneous estimation of L-ascorbic acid and D-isoascorbic acid with HPLC in wine and beer

Stewart, S.C., 1994:
Simultaneous estimation of pollen contamination and pollen fertilities of individual trees in conifer seed orchards using multilocus genetic data

Chui, Yh, 1991:
Simultaneous evaluation of bending and shear moduli of wood and the influence of knots on these parameters

Basak, S.; Ramaswamy, H.S., 1994:
Simultaneous evaluation of shear rate and time dependency of stirred yogurt rheology as influenced by added pectin and strawberry concentrate

Watts, D.W.; Bogus, E.R.; Hall, J.K.; Mumma, R.O., 1994 :
Simultaneous extraction of six pesticides using a dual-column extraction procedure

Moutonnet, P.; Pagenel, J.F.; Fardeau, J.C., 1993:
Simultaneous field measurement of nitrate-nitrogen and matric pressure head

Staden, J.F. van, 1992:
Simultaneous flow-injection analysis for two components with on-line dialysis and gas diffusion in series. Determination of chloride and ammonia nitrogen in industrial effluent water

Kirk, L.A.; Doelle, H.W., 1994:
Simultaneous fructose and ethanol production from sucrose, using Zymomonas mobilis 2864 co-immobilised with invertase

Morvai, M.; Molnar Perl, I., 1992:
Simultaneous gas chromatographic quantification of sugars and acids in citrus fruits, pears, bananas, grapes, apples and tomatoes

Dolan, C.V.; Molenaar, P.C.M.; Boomsma, D.I., 1994:
Simultaneous genetic analysis of means and covariance structure: Pearson-Lawley selection rules

Schwerin, M.; Parkanyi, V.; Roschlau, K.; Kanitz, W.; Brockmann, G., 1994:
Simultaneous genetic typing at different loci in bovine embryos by multiplex polymerase chain reaction

Oda, M.; Nagaoka, M.; Mori, T.; Sei, M., 1994:
Simultaneous grafting of young tomato plants using grafting plates

Petran, R.L.; Swanson, K.M.J., 1993:
Simultaneous growth of Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria innocua

D.L.on, C.; Granados, G.; Wedderburn, R.N.; Pandey, S., 1993:
Simultaneous improvement of downy mildew resistance and agronomic traits in tropical maize

Wang, F.T.; Guo, R.L.; Song, C.J., 1991:
Simultaneous improvement of multiple targets in quality of wheat

E.Z.k, K.M.; Thaxton, P.M., 1992:
Simultaneous improvement of yield, fibre quality traits and resistance to pests of MAR cottons

Jakobsen, K.; Hughes, D.; Galau, G., 1994:
Simultaneous induction of postabscission and germination mRNAs in cultured dicotyledonous embryos

Blanshard, C.; Hollister, W.S.; Peacock, C.S.; Tovey, D.G.; Ellis, D.S.; Canning, E.U.; Gazzard, B.G., 1992:
Simultaneous infection with two types of intestinal microsporidia in a patient with AIDS

Matsumoto, K.; Baeza Baeza, J.J.; Mottola, H.A., 1993:
Simultaneous kinetic-based determination of fructose and ascorbate with a rotating bioreactor and amperometric detection: Application to the analysis of food samples

Jiva, T.M.; Kallay, M.C.; Marin, M.G.; Poe, R.H., 1993:
Simultaneous legionellosis and invasive aspergillosis in an immunocompetent patient newly treated with corticosteroids

Vinas, P.; Campillo, N.; Hernandez Cordoba, M.; Candela, M.E., 1992:
Simultaneous liquid chromatographic analysis of 5-(hydroxymethyl)-2-furaldehyde and methyl anthranilate in honey

Indyk, H.E., 1990:
Simultaneous liquid chromatographic determination of cholesterol, phytosterols and tocopherols in foods

Brogna, A.; Catalano, F.; Mangiameli, A.; Monello, S.; Ferrara, R.; Bucceri, A.M.; Marletta, A., 1992:
Simultaneous measurement of gastric emptying of digestible and indigestible solids in healthy humans

Bengough, A.G.; Mackenzie, C.J., 1994:
Simultaneous measurement of root force and elongation for seedling pea roots

Burgoa, B.; Hubbard, R.K.; Wauchope, R.D.; Davis Carter, J.G., 1993:
Simultaneous measurement of runoff and leaching losses of bromide and phosphate using tilted beds and simulated rainfall

Nakandakare, E.R.; Lottenberg, S.A.; Oliveira, H.C.; Bertolami, M.C.; Vasconcelos, K.S.; Sperotto, G.; Quintão, E.C., 1994:
Simultaneous measurements of chylomicron lipolysis and remnant removal using a doubly labeled artificial lipid emulsion: studies in normolipidemic and hyperlipidemic subjects

Seto, H.; Ihara, F.; Futatsuya, R.; Kamei, T.; Kakishita, M.; Noda, M., 1993:
Simultaneous measurements of twenty-four-hour whole-body retention of 47Ca-chloride and 99mTc-MDP: early differentiation of metabolic bone diseases in rat models

Abe, Y.; Fujiura, K.; Togawa, N.; Morita, H.; Shimomura, S., 1993:
Simultaneous multielement analysis of so-called health foods by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy

Muto, H.; Abe, T.; Takizawa, Y.; Kawabata, K.; Yamaguchi, K.; Saitoh, K., 1994:
Simultaneous multielemental analysis of daily food samples by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

Tyagi, R.D.; Blais, J.F.; Boulanger, B.; Auclair, J.C., 1993:
Simultaneous municipal sludge digestion and metal leaching

Rassam, M.B.; Atia, M.M.; A.D.wany, L.J.; A.A.kati, N.A., 1993:
Simultaneous natural infection with three human Leishmania species

Santos, V.A.; Tramper, J.; Wijffels, R.H., 1993:
Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification using immobilized microorganisms

Dang V.T.i Thanh; Gilly, A., 1992:
Simultaneous occurrence and symptoms of Fusarium solani (Martius) Sacc. and Fusarium oxysporum Schlecht. f. tracheiphilum Armst. et Armst. on soyabean seedlings

Beniwal, M.S.; Gupta, A.; Karwasra, S.S., 1991:
Simultaneous occurrence of loose smut and tundu in a single earhead of wheat

Sarkar, S.; Pandey, K.D.; Kashyap, A.K., 1992:
Simultaneous photoproduction of hydrogen and ammonia by a non-heterocystous cyanobacterium Plectonema boryanum

Samson, G.; Fork, D.C., 1992:
Simultaneous photoreduction and photooxidation of cytochrome b-559 in Photosystem II treated with carbonylcyanide-m-chlorophenylhydrazone

Godec, C.J.; Grunberger, I.; Carr, G.A., 1992:
Simultaneous presence of schistosomiasis and advanced cancer in prostate

Thorsteinson, K.E.; Wolyn, D.J., 1994:
Simultaneous purification of chloroplast and mitochondrial DNA without isolation of intact organelles from green carrot tissue and suspension cultures

Gröning, B.R.; Hayes, R.J.; Buck, K.W., 1994:
Simultaneous regulation of tomato golden mosaic virus coat protein and AL1 gene expression: expression of the AL4 gene may contribute to suppression of the AL1 gene

Takasaki, M.; Sudo, R.; Nishimura, O.; Kim, H.Y., 1992:
Simultaneous removal of nitrogen and THM precursor by developed submerged biofilm process for drinking water

Shin, H.S.k; Jun, H.B.e; Park,, 1992:
Simultaneous removal of phosphorus and nitrogen in sequencing batch reactor

Elegado, F.B.; Mendoza, E.R.; Pham, C.B., 1990:
Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of raw starch with ethanol stripping and rectification

Saxena A.; Garg S.K.; Verma J., 1992:
Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of waste newspaper to ethanol

Fernandez Alba A.R.; Martinez Vidal J.L.; Aguilera P.; Freniche F.; Aguera A., 1992:
Simultaneous second derivative spectrophotometric determination of manganese and copper

Kang, M.S., 1993:
Simultaneous selection for yield and stability in crop performance trials: consequences for growers

Rodriguez, R.; Lopez, C.; Diaz Sala, C.; Berros, B., 1993:
Simultaneous shoot-bud development on walnut tissues of different ages. Macromorphological and histological analyses

Abas, Z.; Georgoudis, A.; Zervas, N., 1993:
Simultaneous sire and cow evaluation by an individual animal model with genetic groups. 1. Methodology

Georgoudis, A.; Abas, Z.; Zervas, N., 1993:
Simultaneous sire and cow evaluation by an individual animal model with genetic groups. 2. Material for the study, fitting of the individual animal model, results and comments

Nassar, I.N.; Globus, A.M.; Horton, R., 1992:
Simultaneous soil heat and water transfer

Kang, S.W.; Sakai, T.; Ohno, N., 1992:
Simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of iron and copper in serum with 2-(5-bromo-2-pyridylazo)-5-(N-propyl-N-sulphopropylamino) aniline by flow-injection analysis

Das T.; Das C.; Ray S., 1992:
Simultaneous spectrophotometric determination of metronidazole and furazolidone in combined pharmaceutical dosage forms

Leming, L.; Jun, Z.; Kai, S.; Wenbin, S., 1993:
Simultaneous thin layer chromatographic determination of zearalenone and patulin in maize

Nassar, I.N.; Horton, R., 1992:
Simultaneous transfer of heat, water, and solute in porous media: I. Theoretical development

Nassar, I.N.; Horton, R.; Globus, A.M., 1992:
Simultaneous transfer of heat, water, and solute in porous media: II. Experiment and analysis

Stipkovits, L.; Csiba, E.; Laber, G.; Burch, D.G., 1992:
Simultaneous treatment of chickens with salinomycin and tiamulin in feed

Hartmann, C.; Tessier, D.; Wilding, L.P., 1992:
Simultaneous use of transmitted and incident ultraviolet light in describing soil microfabrics

Jarvis, C.E.; Walker, J.R.L., 1993:
Simultaneous, rapid, spectrophotometric determination of total starch, amylose and amylopectin

Huang, C.L., 1993:
Simultaneous-equation model for estimating consumer risk perceptions, attitudes, and willingness-to-pay for residue-free produce

Campbell, G.D.; Daynes, G., 1992:
Simultaneous-onset schizophrenia and presumptive mycotoxicosis in siblings

Steyn, K.; Weich, H.F.; Bonnici, F.; Kotze, T.J.; Stander, I.; Vermaak, W.J.; Lourens, W.; van Lathem, J.; Omar, M.A.; Fourie, J., 1992 :
Simvastatin in non-insulin-dependent diabetic patients with hypercholesterolaemia

Pecora, P.; Sobhian, R.; Cristofaro, M., 1992:
Simyra dentinosa Freyer (Lepidoptera:Noctuidae): a candidate for biological control of leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula L.) in the United States

Brown, J.K.; Idris, A.M.; Fletcher, D.C., 1993:
Sinaloa tomato leaf curl virus, a newly described geminivirus of tomato and pepper in west coastal Mexico

Lou, H.; Li, X.; Zhu, T.; Li, W., 1993:
Sinapic acid esters and a phenolic glycoside from Cynanchum hancockianum

Dem' yanchuk, G.T.; Mikitin, N.S.; Mel' nik, M.V., 1991:
Sinapine in seeds of rape and wintercress: structure, quantitative content and physiological effect on the animal organism

Taylor, A.G.; Paine, D.H.; Paine, C.A., 1993:
Sinapine leakage from Brassica seeds

Cockerell, N., 1994:

Crozatier, M.; Kongsuwan, K.; Ferrer, P.; Merriam, J.R.; Lengyel, J.A.; Vincent, A., 1992:
Single amino acid exchanges in separate domains of the Drosophila serendipity delta zinc finger protein cause embryonic and sex biased lethality

Roths, J.B.; Sidman, C.L., 1993:
Single and combined humoral and cell-mediated immunotherapy of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in immunodeficient scid mice

Alansari, H.; Brock, K.V.; Potgieter, L.N., 1993:
Single and double polymerase chain reaction for detection of bovine viral diarrhea virus in tissue culture and sera

Heymer, J.; Leibold, W., 1993:
Single and dual labelling of cytotoxic target cells. Comparison of three radioactive tracers, methionine, selenomethionine, and chromium-51

Quevauviller, P.; Rauret, G.; Griepink, B., 1993:
Single and sequential extraction in sediments and soils

Romero, C.H.; Barrett, T.; Evans, S.A.; Kitching, R.P.; Gershon, P.D.; Bostock, C.; Black, D.N., 1993:
Single capripoxvirus recombinant vaccine for the protection of cattle against rinderpest and lumpy skin disease

Rodrigeuz, H.; Gallardo, R., 1993:
Single cell protein production from bagasse pith by a mixed bacterial culture

Cronenwett, L.; Stukel, T.; Kearney, M.; Barrett, J.; Covington, C.; Del Monte, K.; Reinhardt, R.; Rippe, L., 1992:
Single daily bottle use in the early weeks postpartum and breast-feeding outcomes

Martinsen, B.; Sohlberg, S.; Horsberg, T.E.; Burke, M., 1993:
Single dose kinetic study of sarafloxacin after intravascular and oral administration to cannulated Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) held in sea water atr 12 degrees C

Bai, K.M.; Krishnakumari, M.K.; Majumder, S.K., 1992:
Single dose toxicity (oral) of a chronic anticoagulant rodenticide - Warfarin in albino rats

Christen, O.; Hanus, H., 1993:
Single ear yield from different shoot categories of winter wheat following either wheat or rapeseed

Anderson, S.A.; Lippincott, C.L.; Gill, P.J., 1992:
Single enterotomy removal of gastrointestinal linear foreign bodies

Krogmeier, D.E.; Mao, I.L.; Bergen, W.G., 1992:
Single gene control of glutathione concentration in blood and its association with production traits in lactating Holstein cows

Krogmeier, D.; Mao, I.; Bergen, W., 1993:
Single gene control of glutathione concentration in blood and its association with yield traits in lactating Holstein cows

Mao, I.L.; Svendsen, M.; Solbu, H., 1992:
Single gene effect on serum lysozyme activity and its association with production, intake and somatic cell count in lactating cows

Malinowski, E., 1992:
Single infusion of an antibiotic with glucose and acetylsalicylic acid or chlormethine as a new method of subclinical mastitis treatment in cows in the lactation period

Morishita, R.; Gibbons, G.H.; Ellison, K.E.; Nakajima, M.; Zhang, L.; Kaneda, Y.; Ogihara, T.; Dzau, V.J., 1993:
Single intraluminal delivery of antisense cdc2 kinase and proliferating-cell nuclear antigen oligonucleotides results in chronic inhibition of neointimal hyperplasia

Roosien, J.; Van Zandvoort, P.M.; Folkertsma, R.T.; Van der Voort, J.N.; Goverse, A.; Gommers, F.J.; Bakker, J., 1993:
Single juveniles of the potato cyst nematodes Globodera rostochiensis and G. pallida differentiated by randomly amplified polymorphic DNA

Bernatskii, V.G.; Pomerantsev, V.V.; Mamontova, N.K., 1990:
Single mating of mink

Hatin, I.; Jambou, R.; Ginsburg, H.; Jaureguiberry, G., 1992:
Single or multiple localization of ADP/ATP transporter in human malarial Plasmodium falciparum

Widner, J.A., 1994:
Single party state and agricultural policies: the cases of Ivory Coast and Kenya

Shaw, G.R.; Pope, G.M.; Taske, E.J.; Morrison, G.H., 1994:
Single pass cooling spray pond system

Rebafka, F.P.; Ndunguru, B.J.; Marschner, H., 1993:
Single superphosphate depresses molybdenum uptake and limits yield response to phosphorus in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) grown on an acid sandy soil in Niger, West Africa

Saunders, C., 1994:
Single tier system with many farms partly outside the ESA: the case of the Pennine Dales

Haken, J., 1993:
Single to three-row beet lifters

Muller, T. von; Kuchler, L.; Fuhr, G.; Schnelle, T.; Sokirko, A., 1993:
Single-cell dielectric spectroscopy of pollen from different forest tree species - characterization of pollen viability

Malecot, C.O.; Sattelle, D.B., 1990:
Single-channel recordings from insect neuronal GABA-activated chloride channels

Grevelding, C.F.ntes, V.K.mper, E.S.hell, J.M.sterson, R., 1993:
Single-copy T-DNA insertions in Arabidopsis are the predominant form of integration in root-derived transgenics, whereas multiple insertions are found in leaf discs

Khaw, K.T.; Scragg, R.; Murphy, S., 1994:
Single-dose cholecalciferol suppresses the winter increase in parathyroid hormone concentrations in healthy older men and women: a randomized trial

Tumbay, E.; Soy, K.; Inci, R.; Karakartal, G.; Ural, S.; Karaman, A.; Zeytinoglu, A.; Ozacar, T.; Otkun, M.; Demir, O., 1991:
Single-dose fluconazole treatment of vaginal candidosis

Gagnon, H.; Ferguson, J.G.; Papich, M.G.; Bailey, J.V., 1994:
Single-dose pharmacokinetics of cefazolin in bovine synovial fluid after intravenous regional injection

Hughes, Steven G., 1993:
Single-feeding response of chinook salmon fry to potential feed intake modifiers

Bruford, M.W.; Hanotte, O.; Brookfield, J.F.Y.; Burke, T., 1992:
Single-locus and multilocus DNA fingerprinting

Willams, M.S., 1993:
Single-radial-immunodiffusion as an in vitro potency assay for human inactivated viral vaccines

Atlin, G.N.; Kenaschuk, E.O.; Lockwood, D.J., 1992:
Single-row plot for agronomic evaluation of flax (Linum usitatissimum L.) lines

D'-Ovidio, R., 1993:
Single-seed PCR of LMW glutenin genes to distinguish between durum wheat cultivars with good and poor technological properties

Fuzy, J., 1991:
Single-stage sugar beet harvesting

Dilworth, D.D.; McCarrey, J.R., 1992:
Single-step elimination of contaminating DNA prior to reverse transcriptase PCR

Hart, L.T.; Morris, N.G.; Bessin, R.; LePrince, D.J.; Todd, W.J.; Enright, F.M.; Luther, D.G., 1992:
Single-step technique for staining Anaplasma marginale in bovine blood smears

Rassmann, K.; Tautz, D., 1992:
Single-strand PCR-labelling of minisatellite fingerprint probes

Beier, D.R. , 1993:
Single-strand conformation polymorphism (SSCP) analysis as a tool for genetic mapping

Neibergs, H.L.; Dietz, A.B.; Womack, J.E., 1993:
Single-strand conformation polymorphisms (SSCPs) detected in five bovine genes

Oshima, R.G., 1992:
Single-stranded DNA binding protein facilitates amplification of genomic sequences by PCR

Suzuki, A.; Kato, A.; Uchimiya, H., 1992:
Single-stranded DNA of 5'-upstream region of the rolC gene interacts with nuclear proteins of carrot cell cultures

Bales, K.R.; Hannon, K.; Smith, C.K.; Santerre, R.F., 1993:
Single-stranded RNA probes generated from PCR-derived DNA templates

Hayhow, C.S.; Parwani, A.V.; Saif, Y.M., 1993:
Single-stranded genomic RNA from turkey enterovirus-like virus

Zhang, Z.H., 1993:
Single-tillered large-eared wheat

Samih, A.; Stiff, C.T., 1991:
Single-tree total height estimators for second-growth Douglas-fir in the inland Northwest

Anonymous, 1993:
Single-unit processing with Scanima mixer plant

Boonstra, J.; Ridder, N.A. de, 1994:
Single-well and aquifer tests

Hideg, E.; Spetea, C.; Vass, I., 1994:
Singlet oxygen production in thylakoid membranes during photoinhibition as detected by EPR spectroscopy

Banyard, S.G.; Fernando, W.D., 1988:
Sinharaja Forest: monitoring changes by using aerial photographs of two different dates

Sesay, A., 1993:
Sink capacity: a target for yield improvement

Neri, D.; Biasi, R.; Tartarini, S.; Sugiyama, N.; Giuliani, R.; Sansavini, S.; Costa, G., 1993:
Sink strength as related to CPPU mobility and application site in apple and kiwifruit spurs

Kane, M.; Uruena, H., 1991:
Sinking of logs of Bombacopsis quinata and Gmelina arborea from five-year-old trees

Hamlen, H.J.; Kargas, S.A.; Blum, J.R., 1994:
Sinoatrial node arteriosclerosis in two young dogs

Lamb, C.R.; White, R.N.; McEvoy, F.J., 1994:
Sinography in the investigation of draining tracts in small animals: retrospective review of 25 cases

Hartwick, R.W.; Batsakis, J.G., 1991:
Sinus aspergillosis and allergic fungal sinusitis

Lewis, R.E.; Lewis, J.H., 1994:
Siphonaptera of North America north of Mexico: Ischnopsyllidae

Lewis, R.E.; Lewis, J.H., 1994:
Siphonaptera of North America north of Mexico: Vermipsyllidae and Rhopalopsyllidae

Gertsson, Carl-Axel., 1994:
Siphoninus immaculatus (Heeger, 1856) - a new Danish whitefly (Homoptera, Aleyrodidae)

Negi, S.S., 1991:
Sir Dietrich Brandis: father of tropical forestry

Chernin, E.; Manson, P., 1992:
Sir Patrick Manson: physician to the Colonial Office, 1897-1912

Chernin, E.; Ross, R.; Manson, P., 1988:
Sir Ronald Ross vs. Sir Patrick Manson: a matter of libel

Bloch, H.; Ross, R., 1992:
Sir Ronald Ross, FRS, KCMG, KGB, and the conquest of malaria

Bae, G.H.; Chung, H.W.; Seo, K.S.; Park, Y.I., 1994:
Sire evaluation for litter size and 21-day weight in pigs using purebred and crossbred data

Sethi, I.C.; Jain, J.P., 1993:
Sire evaluation on partial records in dairy cattle

Zarnecki, A.; Strzalkowski, W., 1992:
Sire evaluations at different levels of milk production

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Site preparation for tree establishment on lowland clay soils

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Site remediation technologies, a European experience

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Site research in beech forests of the Chortiatis Mountain Range, NE Greece

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Site selection

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Site suitability and tolerance limits of trees, shrubs and grasses on sodic soils of Ganga-Yamuna Doab

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Site-adapted nitrogen fertilizer application

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Site-directed mutagenesis of the synthetic Erythrina trypsin/tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) inhibitor encoding-gene to compare the interaction of Erythrina and soybean trypsin inhibitor with tPA

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Site-directed point mutations in embryonic stem cells: a gene-targeting tag-and-exchange strategy

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Site-index estimation model for Eucalyptus deglupta Bl. plantation

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Site-specific differences in the responses of guinea-pig adipose tissue to changes in the fatty acid composition of the diet

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Site-specific limited proteolysis of legumin chloramphenicol acetyl transferase fusions in vitro and in transgenic tobacco seeds

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Site/cost relationships in forest road construction, and their use for standardizing costs

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Sites, mowing, 2,4-D, and seasons affect bitterbrush values

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Siting a factory with acceptance of environmental protection: example of the sugar factory at Nitra

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Situation and outlook for the Russian food sector

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Situation of the European dairy industry after the conclusion of the GATT negotiations

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Situation with black Sigatoka on bananas and plantains (Musa spp.) under different cultivation systems in Yangambi, Upper Zaire

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Six percent of the mitochondrial genome in rice came from chloroplast DNA

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Six problems that affect ag policy

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Sixteenth course on the diseases and husbandry of pigs. Brescia, 29 September - 1 December, 1992

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Sixth cheese festival at Damme

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Sixth international symposium on flower bulbs

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Size and thickness measurement of polydisperse clay samples

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Size assessment of stacked logs via the Hough transform

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Size at maturity and patterns of growth and reproduction in an insect with indeterminate growth

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Size control of carrots and parsnips for the prepacked market

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Size difference among 16S rRNA genes from endosymbiontic bacteria found in testes of Heliothis virescens, H. subflexa, (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) and backcross sterile male moths

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Size differentiation of domestic goat (C. hircus, Linnaeus 1758) in the early mediaeval and mediaeval periods in Poland

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Size distribution of adipocytes and variation in adipocyte number in lines of mice selected for high or low body fat

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Size distribution of dispersed and aggregated particles and of soil pores in 12 Danish soils

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Size estimation versus figural ratings of body image disturbance: relation to body dissatisfaction and eating dysfunction

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Size hierarchies of shoots and clones in clonal herb monocultures: do clonal and non-clonal plants compete differently?

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Size of a circular sample plot for determining the standing volume and value of a stand

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Size of feed particles and selection by laying hens

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Size of necrotic areas on poplar bark caused by the fungus Dothichiza populea and its dependence on plant development

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Size of the soil microbial biomass in a long term experiment as affected by different N-fertilizers and organic manures

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Size structure and seed production in even-aged populations of Ceanothus greggii in mixed chaparral

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Size structure and seed yield over 4 years in an experimental Cassia marilandica (Leguminosae) population

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Size structure of the metazoan community in a Piedmont stream

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Size, distribution and biomass of genets in populations of Suillus bovinus (L.:Fr.) Roussel revealed by somatic incompatibility

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Size, fatness and relative fat distribution of males of contrasting maturity status during adolescence and as adults

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Size, flowering and fruiting of maturing own-rooted 'Gala' apple trees treated with paclobutrazol sprays and trunk drenches

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Size, structure, and the changing face of American agriculture

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Size-assortative mating in the blister beetle Lytta magister (Coleoptera: Meloidae) is due to male and female preference for larger mates

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Size-biased foraging behaviour in feral cattle

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Size-selective capillary electrophoresis (SSCE) separation of DNA fragments

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Sizing of potatoes and similar goods

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Sizing up granulomas

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Sizing vacuum pumps for milking

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Skarbilovinema laumondi gen. nov., sp. nov. (Skarbilovinematinae subfam. nov., Iotonchiidae, Tylenchida) - a parasite of flies of the family Syrphidae

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Skeletal muscle fibre types in the dog

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Skeletal muscle glucose metabolism in obesity-prone and obesity-resistant rats

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Skeleton and musculature of the pterothorax in carpenter moths (Lepidoptera, Cossidae)

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Ski area commercial space distribution estimation

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Ski school to track to CEO

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Skidding with horses in Lorraine

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Skidding with zebus: a possible method for ameliorating logging techniques

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Skier participation studies

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Skiing, school camps, environmental protection and ideology

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Skiing: an introduction to the thrills of cross-country and downhill skiing for blind and physically handicapped individuals

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Skills important to district rangers in the southwest

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Skills of management

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Skim milk progesterone in pregnant cows from insemination throughout lactation

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Skin disease

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Skin Diseases in Horses

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Skin diseases in the tropics

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Skin infections due to Hendersonula toruloidea, Scytalidium hyalinum, Fusarium solani and dermatophytes in cement factory workers

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Skin tumours in the dog: treatment and prognosis

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Skip-row and equidistant-row barley with nitrogen placement: yield, nitrogen uptake, and root density

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Skunk cabbage: an early source of pollen

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Slaking characteristics of some Australian and British soils

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Slalom. Vine acaricide-insecticide

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Slash retention a viable option to ensure sustained site productivity?

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Slash-and-burn farming, extensive cattle-rearing and environmental damage in Latin America (A case study in Sierra Madre del Sur, Mexico)

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Slash-burn cultivation and mammal abundance in the Ituri forest, Zaire

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Slaughter value of various crosses with Hungarian Grey bulls

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Slaughter value of young rabbits from fattening hybrids and pure breeding animals

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Slave raid by a diminutive colony of the socially parasitic ant, Polyergus breviceps (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

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Slavyanska Kompotna - a new peach variety

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Sleep-wake cycles and other night-time behaviours of the domestic dog Canis familiaris

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Sleeping with a ladybird: suspected bites from Diomus notescens

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Slender speedwell (Veronica filiformis) control in cool-season turf with quinclorac

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Slenderflower thistle (Carduus tenuiflorus curt.), Italian thistle (Carduus pycnocephalus L.), Plumeless thistle (Carduus acanthoides L.)

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Sliceable honey: New opportunities, any way you can cut it

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Slickspot soil genesis in the Carrizo Plain, California

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Sliding toward nutrition malpractice: time to reconsider and redeploy

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Slight growth in the food industry

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Slimming diets for overfat lambs

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Slip measurement using dual radar guns

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Slippage costs in order execution for a public futures fund

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Slipped-strand mispairing in a plastid gene: rpoC2 in grasses (Poaceae)

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Slit ploughing - a possibility for bridging over soil layers with high density below the plough horizon of loess soils

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Slope deterioration in the northern calcareous Alps

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Slope failure analysis using local minimum factor-of-safety approach

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Slope geometry resulting from the spatial variation of soil permeability

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Slope instability and the dissolution of evaporites in the interior Alps: the example of Friolin mountain (Peisey-Nancroix, Savoie)

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Slope stability analysis for landslides

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Slope stability engineering: developments and applications. Proceedings of international conference, Isle of Wight, 15-18 April 1991

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Slope stability of slow-type landslides in mudstone of the Teradomari and Shiiya formations, Niigata Prefecture

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Sloped floor housing for cattle

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Sloping Agricultural Land Technology (SALT) in the Philippines

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Sloping Agricultural Land Technology (SALT): a sustainable agroforestry scheme for the uplands

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Sloping-floor housing for calves, with narrow openings in the outside wall to allow passage of manure

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Slot allocation - assigning scarce resources

Tracy, M., 1994:

Vadnal, K., 1994:

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Slow and gradual process of modernization

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Slow degradation of the d1 protein is related to the susceptibility of low-light-grown pumpkin plants to photoinhibition

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Slow development of Latvian dairy

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Slow growth in food spending expected

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Slow rate spray irrigation treatment facilities for individual homes

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Slow recovery

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Slow soil movement as a global phenomenon

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Slow versus rapid correction of hyponatremia in horses

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Slow-release delivery system for herbicides in container-grown stock

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Slow-release fertilisers for the production of strawberries

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Slow-release selenium boluses for growing cattle grazing tallgrass prairie

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Slow-twitch myofibers are observed in masseter muscle of the hypothalamic obese rat

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Slower growth for the agricultural economy in 1993

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Sludge 2000: sewage sludge use and disposal

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Sludge application effects on runoff, infiltration, and water quality

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Sludge irradiation activity in Thailand

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Sludge parasites and other pathogens

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Sludge substance utilization

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Sludge treatment, utilization, and disposal

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Slurry application technology - a review of methods

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Slurry atomization of vegetables for the electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometric analysis of lead and cadmium

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Slurry cleaning with brown coal

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Slurry drier

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Slurry handling in Schleswig-Holstein - recommendations and regulations

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Slurry injection into grassland

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Slurry pan: on the fire or in the pig house ?

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Slurry pans in farrowing pens

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Slurry spreading techniques in maize

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Slurry tankers with dribble bar distributor

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Slurry treatment on the farm. Proceedings of a symposium held in Veenendaal, Netherlands, 26 May 1992

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Slurry treatment strategies in France

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Slurry trenching to isolate water quality research plots

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Slurry worry is no more

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Slurry-based biotreatment of polyaryl contaminants sorbed onto soil

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Slurry: a product with high added value

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Small animal dermatology

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Small animal gastroenterology

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Small animal ophthalmology

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Small animal reproduction, Part 1

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Small animal spinal disorders, diagnosis and surgery

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Small animal surgical nursing

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Small area solutions in agricultural policy? Pulls between internationalization and regionalization

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Small business and the changing policy environment

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Small but mighty pest calls for an open-minded PCO

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Small cell anaplastic carcinoma of the lung with cerebral metastasis in a dog

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Small change: individual farm work and collective life in a western Nigerian savanna town, 1969-88

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Small dairies to become cooperative societies and large dairies limited companies

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Small dairy plants

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Small deformation rheology of food materials

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Small dictionary of game animal medicine

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Small differential interactions for partial resistance in rice cultivars to virulent isolates of the blast pathogen

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Small economy estimates of the impact of the arts

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Small farm income

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Small farmer development programme in Thailand: post-project study

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Small farmer households and agricultural sustainability in Egypt

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Small farmer production in Tanzania: constraints and supply response

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Small farmers' access to formal credit in NWFP, Pakistan

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Small farmers' constraints to the adoption of modern rice technology

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Small farmers' development project in Thailand

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Small farming and the environment: a report prepared for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

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Small feedlot and digestibility cages for bullocks and water buffalo. Andradina model

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Small firms and development in Latin America: the role of the institutional environment, human resources and industrial relations

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Small fruit crop budgeting

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Small herdbig satisfaction

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Small high technology firms in developing countries: the case of biotechnology

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Small holder mechanization needs in Northern Zambia

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Small intestinal digestion of starch in the horse

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Small intestinal mucosal histology in the syndrome of persistent diarrhoea and malnutrition: a review

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Small introns in a hepatic cDNA encoding a new glucagon-like peptide 1-type receptor

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Small is beautiful. A challenge for cooperation

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Small localized species of Epaphius (Coleoptera, Trechinae) from northern Hokkaido, northeast Japan

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Small loose-housing for dairy cattle

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Small mammal communities on clearcuts in a latitudinal gradient

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Small mammal populations in a grazed and ungrazed riparian habitat in Nevada

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Small mammal seed consumption in the Karoo, South Africa: further evidence for divergence in desert biotic processes

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Small mammals as carriers of non-parasitic mites (Oribatida, Uropodina)

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Small mammals in a subalpine old-growth forest and clearcuts

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Small mammals of wooded habitats of the Konza Prairie Research Natural Area, Kansas

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Small nations, big neighbour: Denmark and Quebec/Canada compare notes on American popular culture

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Small peasant farmers in Ghana pulled between agricultural modernization or environmentally suitable farming systems

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Small peptides vs. whole proteins in continuous enteral support of abdominal surgery patients

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Small plot evaluation of a sustained-release sand granule formulation of methoprene (SAN 810 I 1.3 GR) for control of Aedes Taeniorhynchus

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Small polyethylene bags with insecticide baits for the control of Acromyrex subterraneus brunneus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Attini) in cocoa plantations

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Small producer cooperatives in Hungary

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Small protein components of the cocoons in Galleria mellonella (Lepidoptera, Pyralidae) and Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera, Bombycidae)

Anonymous, 1994:
Small public indoor pools

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Small rat's ear (Salvinia cuculata)

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Small round bales for mechanized removal of watermelon vines

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Small ruminant morbidity and mortality in the delta of Niger, Mali

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Small ruminants: potential value and contribution to sustainable development

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Small scale CA storage for fruits and vegetables

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Small scale agricultural production in the 1980s and the emergence of businesses within it

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Small scale collaboration among farmers

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Small scale development and the sociopolitical context: examples from Rwanda, Burundi and Zaire

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Doannio, J.M.C.; Dossou Yovo, J.; Duval, J.; Hougard, J.M., 1992:
Small scale evaluation of the reduced efficacy of insect growth regulators against larvae of the Simulium damnosum complex (Diptera: Simuliidae)

Bekheit, S.S.; el Agroudy, R.M.; Mikhail, M.W.; Ibrahim, S.H.; Moneim, M.M., 1991:
Small scale field trial with polystyrene beads for the control of mosquito breeding

Norman, W.; Walter, M., 1994:
Small scale irrigation in traditional and private systems in Niger

Singh, R.V., 1991:
Small scale multipurpose tree production systems in a mountainous region of India

Bhat, K.M.; Muraleedharan, P.K., 1990:
Small scale rattan-based industries of South India

Taupin, J.D.; Amani, A.; Lebel, T., 1993:
Small scale spatial variability of the annual rainfall in the Sahel

Skutsch, J.C., 1991:
Small scheme design and MIDAS (Minor Irrigation Design Aid Software)

Nikulin, V.N.; Roslavlev, V.G., 1991:
Small size T-010 tractor - construction features

Anonymous, 1994:
Small sports halls: a value for money approach to design

Koltunov, N.A.; Ovsyannikov, N.N., 1992:
Small sprayer

Hastings, J.J.; Quick, G.R.; Awadhwal, N.K., 1992:
Small sprayer innovations at IRRI for improved pesticide application

Fong, D.; Chan, M.M.Y.; Rodriguez, R.; Chen, C.C.; Liang, Y.; Littlewood, D.T.J.; Ford, S.E., 1993:
Small subunit ribosomal RNA gene sequence of the parasitic protozoan Haplosporidium nelsoni provides a molecular probe for the oyster MSX disease

Leipe, D.D.; Gunderson, J.H.; Nerad, T.A.; Sogin, M.L., 1993:
Small subunit ribosomal RNA+ of Hexamita inflata and the quest for the first branch in the eukaryotic tree

Rhodes, V.J.; Grimes, G., 1994:
Small survey indicates large producers growing rapidly

Cerda, I.; Olavarria U.J.; Abalos R.M.; Parada S.N.; Acevedo A.C., 1991:
Small timber enterprises based on native forest: importance, prospects and a proposal for development

Siddiqi, A., 1993:
Small town growth and development policy in Pakistan

Abdel Ati, H.A., 1992:
Small towns under conditions of environmental stress: the case of Sinkat, Eastern Sudan

Heintz R.; Joyce J., 1992:
Small vertical raceways for rearing juvenile salmon

Cater, J., 1994:
Small woodlands and their owners: the Silvanus experience

Apostle, R.; Barrett, G.; Davis, A.; Kasdan, L., 1992:
Small, competitive, and large: fish plants in the 1980s

Templeton, M.D.; Rikkerink, E.H.A.; Beever, R.E., 1994:
Small, cysteine-rich proteins and recognition in fungal-plant interactions

I'Anson, K.J.; Morris, V.J.; Shewry, P.R.; Tatham, A.S., 1992:
Small-angle X-ray-scattering studies of the C hordeins of barley (Hordeum vulgare)

Chen, H.H., 1992:
Small-farm problems and group farming in Taiwan

Kusterer, K., 1989:
Small-farmer attitudes and aspirations

Janssen, W.; Luna, C.A.; Duque, M.C., 1992:
Small-farmer behaviour towards bean seed: evidence from Colombia

Anonymous, 1992:
Small-flowered petunias with further colour variants

Botha, A.H.; Purchase, J.L.; Wilkins, D.E., 1994:
Small-grain precision planter for dryland experimental plots

Bandelow, D., 1992:
Small-headed white cabbage with good quality characteristics

Ozkul, I.A.; Aydin, Y., 1994 :
Small-intestinal cryptosporidiosis in a young pigeon

Anderson, D.E.; Constable, P.D.;, G.; Hull, B.L., 1993:
Small-intestinal volvulus in cattle: 35 cases (1967-1992)

Kersell, J.E.; Brookson, A.; Duzanson, L.L.; Groeneveldt, R.A.; Arts, X., 1993:
Small-scale administration in St. Martin: two governments of one people

Lavelle, P.; Martin, A., 1992:
Small-scale and large-scale effects of endogeic earthworms on soil organic matter dynamics in soils of the humid tropics

Read, R., 1994:
Small-scale banana growers in the Windward Islands: external implications of the Single European Market

Anonymous, 1993:
Small-scale biomass pyrolyzer for irrigating farms

Kouki, J., 1991:
Small-scale distributional dynamics of the yellow water-lily and its herbivore Galerucella nymphaeae (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

McClure, J.W.; Lee, T.D., 1993:
Small-scale disturbance in a northern hardwoods forest: effects on tree species abundance and distribution

Sperling, C.E., 1993:
Small-scale dredging and desilting equipment for canal maintenance

Anonymous, 1993:
Small-scale enterprise

Fernandez Cueto Mira, F.; Fernandez Rodriguez Arango, B., 1992:
Small-scale farmhouse cheese units

Harcsa, I., 1993:
Small-scale farming, informal co-operation and the household economy in Hungary

Karanja, D.M.S.; Githeko, A.K.; Vulule, J.M., 1994:
Small-scale field evaluation of the monomolecular surface film 'Arosurf MSF' against Anopheles arabiensis Patton

Platteau, J.P., 1992:
Small-scale fisheries and the evolutionist theory of institutional development

Aguero, M., 1992:
Small-scale fisheries in Latin America: an overview

Pauly, D.; Aguero, M., 1992:
Small-scale fisheries in the neotropics: research and management

Anonymous, 1992:
Small-scale food processing. A guide to appropriate equipment

Niemala, J.; Haila, Y.; Halme, E.; Pajunen, T.; Punttila, P., 1992:
Small-scale heterogeneity in the spatial distribution of carabid beetles in the southern Finnish taiga

Tambunan, T., 1990:
Small-scale industries in Indonesia

McDonald, J.H., 1991:
Small-scale irrigation and the emergence of inequality among farmers in Central Mexico

Carter, R., 1993:
Small-scale irrigation in sub-Saharan Africa: a balanced view

Carter, R., 1993:
Small-scale irrigation: the need for thorough feasibility studies

Ulfman, J., 1992:
Small-scale milk processing - a training unit at DTC-Friesland, the Netherlands

Anonymous, 1993:
Small-scale performing arts companies

Maarel, E. van der; Sykes, M.T., 1993:
Small-scale plant species turnover in a limestone grassland: the carousel model and some comments on the niche concept

Kitinoja, L.; Kader, A.A., 1993:
Small-scale postharvest handling practices. A manual for horticultural crops

Silverside, D.; Jones, M., 1992:
Small-scale poultry processing

Noren, O.; Hadders, G.; Johansson, S.; Lindstrom, L., 1993:
Small-scale production of rape methyl ester

Wilcke, W.; Kaupenjohann, M., 1993:
Small-scale spatial distribution of various heavy metal compounds in Bavarian forest soil aggregates

Herben, T.; Krahulec, F.; Hadincova, V.; Kovarova, M., 1993:
Small-scale spatial dynamics of plant species in a grassland community over six years

Berndtsson, Ronny, 1993:
Small-scale spatial patterns of bulk atmospheric deposition

Herben, T.; Krahulec, F.; Hadincova, V.; Skalova, H., 1993:
Small-scale variability as a mechanism for large-scale stability in mountain grasslands

Palkin, G.G.; Yatsevich, A.A., 1992:
Small-sized shops and installations for combifodder preparation on the farm

Evtenko, V.G.; Ivchenko, A.I.; Lysenko, A.N.; Shtykh, A.A., 1993:
Small-tractor AT-1

Abdel Rahim, I.M.; Elkaki, B.A.; Ali, M.M.; Elsayd, A.H.; Nalder, S.; Gorosh, M., 1992:
Smaller health areas for a better service

Anonymous, 1993:
Smaller livestock herds

Appanah S.; Manaf M.R.A., 1990:
Smaller trees can fruit in logged dipterocarp forests

Radocha, M.; Oravec, M., 1988:
Smallest top diameter of assortments of beech wood over bark with regard to Czechoslovak Standard 48 0056

Bao, Z.R.; Liang, M.Q.; Ding, S.Q.; Zhang, X.N., 1991:
Smallfruit Ichang papeda - a new variety of Ichang papeda

Jamal, S.; Pomp, M., 1993:
Smallholder adoption of tree crops: a case study of cocoa in Sulawesi

Delforce, J., 1993:
Smallholder agriculture in the Kingdom of Tonga: a farm-household analysis

Gordon, A., 1993:
Smallholder commercial cultivation and the environment: rubber in southeast Asia

Perez, J., 1992:
Smallholder communities on the coast

Alila, P.O., 1994:
Smallholder credit for rural development in Kenya: origins and future perspectives

Munthali, J.T.K.; Musa, F.A.; Chiwayula, C.L.K., 1993:
Smallholder dairy development in Malawi

Mupunga, E.G.; Dube, D.M.J., 1993:
Smallholder dairy development programme in resettled and communal areas in Zimbabwe

Kumsa, Tesfaye, 1993:
Smallholder dairy in Ethiopia

Berahino, J.B., 1993:
Smallholder dairy on-farm research in Burundi

Kaluba, E.M., 1993:
Smallholder dairy production in Zambia

Jama, M.A.; Kulundu, D.M., 1992:
Smallholder farmers credit repayment performance in Lugari Division, Kakamega District, Kenya

Zerfas, H.P.; Klein, M.; Morstein, C. von, 1993:
Smallholder goat production in Malawi

Gitai, J.J.; Taporaie, A.W.; Anaman, K.A.; Walo, T.; Why, J.; Bannon, S.; Mallen, E., 1992:
Smallholder market access and food supply project (Revised phase 2 (1993-1997))

Larsson, C., 1993:
Smallholder zero-grazing dairy systems in the HADO areas of central Tanzania - A minor field study

Mullen, J.; Pearce, R.; Merid, L., 1993:
Smallholders and structural adjustment

Laurier, J.P.; Palicot, B.; Caillard, C., 1990:
Smallwood and wood chip harvesting

Griggs, T., 1992:
Smart genetics beat a devastating wheat virus

Tseng, H.; Zapp, H.R.; Aslam, M.; Brown, G.K., 1992:
Smart logic design for instrumented sphere miniaturization

Hoffer, A.; Walker, M., 1994:
Smart nutrients: a guide to nutrients that can prevent and reverse senility

Lynge, E.; Arffmann, E.; Poll, P.; Anderson, P.K., 1993:
Smear misclassification in a cervical cancer screening programme

Sucha, V.; Kraus, I.; Gerthofferova, H.; Petes, J.; Serekova, M., 1993:
Smectite to illite conversion in bentonites and shales of the East Slovak Basin

Lichtwardt, RW.; Williams, MC., 1992:
Smittium bullatum from a New Zealand midge larva and new records of other trichomycete gut fungi

Ward, D.E.; Susott, R.A.; Kauffman, J.B.; Babbitt, R.E.; Cummings, D.L.; Dias, B.; Holben, B.N.; Kaufman, Y.J.; Rasmussen, R.A.; Setzer, A.W., 1992:
Smoke and fire characteristics for cerrado and deforestation burns in Brazil: BASE-B experiment

Nash, A.S.; Watson, I., 1994:
Smoke detectors: effect of low battery warning sound on dogs

Ward D.E.; Hardy C.C., 1991:
Smoke emissions from wildland fires

Khan, M.R.; Khan, M.W., 1994:
Smoke pollution and the effects of root knot nematodes on the growth of eggplants

Subramonia Thangam, T.; Kathiresan, K., 1992:
Smoke repellency and killing effect of marine plants against Culex quinquefasciatus

Tsantaridis, L.; Ostman, B., 1989:
Smoke, gas and heat release data for building products in the cone calorimeter

Freour, P.; Paccalin, F., 1994:
Smoking and nutrition. Cessation of smoking and weight gain: role of dietetics

Benson, E.; Zungoli, P., 1990:
Smoking out the smokybrown

Slattery, M.; West, D.W., 1993:
Smoking, alcohol, coffee, tea, caffeine, and theobromine: risk of prostate cancer in Utah (United States)

Duthie, G.G.; Wahle, K.J., 1990:
Smoking, antioxidants, essential fatty acids and coronary heart disease

Honer, C., 1992:
Smooth and stable

Dernoeden, P.H.; Mahoney, M.J.; Carroll, M.J., 1992:
Smooth crabgrass control in perennial ryegrass with repeated low fenoxaprop application rates

Lot T.Y., 1992:
Smooth muscle sensitization and neuromuscular depression induced by chronic administration of antimalarial drugs

Guo, T., 1993:
Smooth-stemmed soyabean germplasm

Kletzer, K.; Newbery, D.M.; Wright, B.D., 1992:
Smoothing primary exporters' price risks: bonds, futures, options and insurance

Alexander, K.C.; Padmanaban, P., 1988:
Smut disease of sugarcane

Vanky, K.; Ershad, D., 1993:
Smut fungi (Ustilaginales) new to Iran

Alexander, K.C.; Padmanaban, P., 1992:
Smut of sugarcane

Yadav, O.P.; Khairwal, I.S.; Singh, S., 1992:
Smut severity of pearl millet hybrids with male sterile and fertile cytoplasm

Patil, M.S., 1992:
Smuts of Maharashtra

Reddy, C.S.; Reddy, S.M., 1992:
Smuts of rice

Gajic, I.; Pecelj Gec, M.; Marinkovic, J., 1991:
Snack intake and nutritional status of school children

Basdevant, A.; Craplet, C.; Guy-Grand, B., 1993:
Snacking patterns in obese French women

Kammerlehner, J., 1994:
Snacks - especially with the inclusion of milk and milk products - promote health and maintain performance

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Snag availability and cavity nesting birds in slash pine plantations

Gibbs, J.P.; HunterMalcolm L.Jr.; Melvin, S.M., 1993:
Snag availability and communities of cavity nesting birds in tropical versus temperate forests

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Snag densities in old-growth stands on the Gasquet Ranger District, Six Rivers National Forest, California

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Snail digestive gland oxidative efficacy and host specificity

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Snail hosts, life-cycle, and tegumental structure of oriental schistosomes

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Snail meal as a protein source for broiler chicks

Awadhwal, N.K., 1991:
Snail-egg clapper

Hansen, L.M., 1991:
Snails - pests of constant major importance in Danish agriculture

Molnau, M., 1992:
Snake River airshed quality from discretionary burning

Caiaffa, W.T.; Vlahov, D.; Antunes, C.M.F.; Ramos de Oliveira, H.; Ribeiro Diniz, C., 1994:
Snake bite and antivenom complications in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Gellert, G.A., 1992:
Snake-venom and insect-venom extractors: an unproved therapy

Lawal, S.; Abdu, P.A.; Jonathan, G.B.; Hambolu, O.J., 1992:
Snakebites in poultry

Williams, J.L.; Campos, D.; Ross, T.T.; Becker, K.A.; Martinez, J.M.; Oetting, B.C.; Smith, G.S., 1992:
Snakeweed (Gutierrezia spp.) toxicosis in beef heifers

Jett, S.D.; Bear, D.G., 1994:
Snapshot blotting: transfer of nucleic acids and nucleoprotein complexes from electrophoresis gels to grids for electron microscopy

Anderson, S.J.; Stone, C.P., 1993:
Snaring to control feral pigs Sus scrofa in a remote Hawaiian rain forest

Viton, A., 1994:
Sniping at sugar from behind the WHO ramparts

Grunstein, R.; Wilcox, I.; Yang, T.S.; Gould, Y.; Hedner, J., 1993:
Snoring and sleep apnoea in men: association with central obesity and hypertension

Atkin, M., 1993:
Snouts in the trough: European farmers, the Common Agricultural Policy and the public purse

Berry, G.J.; Rothwell, R.L., 1992:
Snow ablation in small forest openings in southwest Alberta

Anonymous, 1992:
Snow cover measurements and areal assessment of precipitation and soil moisture

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Snow damage of underplanted trees in a two-storied stand of Japanese cedar, Cryptomeria japonica

Hommo, L., 1994:
Snow mould (Microdochium nivale) resistance of winter rye

Smith, J.D., 1992:
Snow mould fungi in Canada

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Snow tussock (Chionochloa) population responses to removal of sheep and European hares, Canterbury, New Zealand

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Snowmelt runoff and total solids production in a discontinuous permafrost basin

Otto, P.A.; Frota Pessoa, O.; Polcan, S.P., 1994:
Snyder's ratios with incomplete penetrance

Floquet, A., 1993:
So farmers and advisers speak the same language? Information transfer in rural areas

Chavangi, N., 1991:
So firewood can wreck a home? Working with sensitive issues at community level

Anonymous, 1990:
So much the better - for children

Macko, JK., 1992:
Sobolevicanthus krabbeella (Hughes, 1940) a complex of species

Macko, JK., 1992:
Sobolevicanthus longistyleticus sp. n. (Hymenolepididae, Cestoda) from the host Anas crecca L. in Slovakia (CSFR)

Anonymous, 1991:
Sobreal: the most recent offspring of the commercial partnership between Even and Coopagri

Meereboer, M.T., 1994:
Social (in)security and poverty as global issues

Berridge, V., 1992:
Social Commentary

Anonymous, 1994:
Social Indicators for India - II. Inter-state disparities

Unia, P., 1991:
Social action group strategies in the Indian sub-continent

Germano, P.M.L.; Macharelli, C.A.; Miguel, O.; Germano, M.I.S., 1991:
Social and economic aspects of Chagas' disease: the problem in the State of Sao Paulo

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Social and economic aspects of food-borne disease

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Social and economic development in four Ladino communities of eastern Guatemala: a comparative description

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Social and economic factors and the control of lymphatic filariasis: a review

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Social and economic policy prerequisites for the use of economic policy instruments in forestry: a discussion

Nikonov, A., 1993:
Social and economic problems of agrarian reform in the Russian Federation

Furtado, L.G., 1993:
Social and environmental conflicts. The fishermen of the central Amazon river region

Houpt, K.A.; Houpt, T.R., 1992:
Social and illumination preferences of mares

Utting, P., 1994:
Social and political dimensions of environmental protection in Central America

Manino, A., 1992:
Social and presocial arthropods meeting

Gitel' makher, R.; Gorshkov, L., 1992:
Social and psychological research in poultry complexes

Barnard, A., 1992:
Social and spatial boundary maintenance among Southern African hunter-gatherers

Begg, R.B., 1992:
Social and spatial context in rural development strategies

Barsky, O., 1991 :
Social and technological transformations of the Argentine Pampa

Dreifuss, R., 1994:
Social aspects in the foreground

Soskiev, A.B., 1993:
Social aspects of rural area development

Trnkova, V., 1993:
Social aspects of transformation processes in agricultural enterprises and rural revival

Maier, P.; Heizmann, V.; Reisenbauer, K., 1992:
Social behaviour and ontogeny of behaviour in domestic pigs kept in a STOLBA family pen

Barnard, C.J.; Behnke, J.M.; Sewell, J., 1994:
Social behaviour and susceptibility to infection in house mice (Mus musculus): effects of group size, aggressive behaviour and status-related hormonal responses prior to infection on resistance to Babesia microti

Barnard, C.J.; Behnke, J.M.; Sewell, J., 1993:
Social behaviour, stress and susceptibility to infection in house mice (Mus musculus): effects of duration of grouping and aggressive behaviour prior to infection on susceptibility to Babesia microti

Turillazzi, S., 1990:
Social biology of Liostenogaster vechti Turillazzi 1988 (Hymenoptera Stenogastrinae)

Anonymous, 1993:
Social change and economic reform in Africa

Gerke, S., 1992:
Social change and life planning of rural Javanese women

McDonald, J.A., 1994 :
Social change and the creation of underdevelopment: a Northwest Coast case

Naidu, V., 1992:
Social change and the survival of neo-tradition in Fiji

Philibert, J.M., 1992:
Social change in Vanuatu

Anonymous, 1992:
Social change in the Pacific Islands

Renard, J., 1991:
Social changes in the countryside of western France

Tomlinson, M.W.rde, A., 1993:
Social class and change in eating habits

Andrien, M., 1994:
Social communication in nutrition: a methodology for intervention

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Social competition among gynes in halictine bees: the influence of bee size and pheromones on behavior

Jamison, W.V., 1993:
Social concerns and responses in animal agriculture

Nutrikhin, V.A., 1993:
Social conditions of success of different management forms in the countryside

Pace, R., 1992:
Social conflict and political activism in the Brazilian Amazon: a case study of Gurupa

Ghosh, S.; Lahiri, D., 1992:
Social conflicts and their remedies in the distribution of canal water: case study of the Damodar Valley irrigation project, India

Bharara, L.P., 1992:
Social context of a minor irrigation system in the arid zones

Hahn, P.D., 1993:
Social control of polymorphism in Zootermopsis nevadensis (Isoptera: Termopsidae). I. Effects of reproductives and of soldiers on the reproductivity of pseudergates

Hahn, P.D., 1993:
Social control of polymorphism in Zootermopsis nevadensis (Isoptera: Termopsidae). II. Effects of group size and of reproductives on the development of last-stage nymphs

Wintzer, D., 1993:
Social costs and utilization of biomass

Ventura, F.; Meulen, H. van der, 1994:
Social definitions of meat quality in central Italy: endogenous practices and perspectives of Umbrian beef production

Lantermann, W., 1993:
Social deprivation in captive Amazon parrots (Amazona, Aratingidae)

Pathak, K.B.; Pandey, A., 1992:
Social development and population dynamics in Bihar

Harris, C.K.; Macheski, G.E., 1992:
Social dimensions of energy use in agriculture

Pollock, J.I.; Golding, J., 1993:
Social epidemiology of chickenpox in two British national cohorts

Anonymous, 1990:
Social equity and social forestry in Java preliminary findings from four case studies

Stubbs, J., 1993:
Social equity, agrarian transition and development in Cuba, 1945-1990

Planck, U., 1993:
Social erosion and social obliteration. Social phenomena in shrinking and growing villages

Fowler, H.G., 1992:
Social facilitation during foraging in Agelaia (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)

Ralphs, M.; Graham, D.J.mes, L., 1994:
Social facilitation influences cattle to graze locoweed

Redd, M.; Castro, J.M. de, 1992:
Social facilitation of eating: effects of social instruction on food intake

Mayer, E., 1992:
Social factors in the revaluation of the coca leaf

Grove, M.; Hohmann, M., 1992:
Social forestry and GIS

Sharma, S.C., 1989:
Social forestry and rural economy

Das, P.K., 1990:
Social forestry extension: an anatomy

Anonymous, 1993:
Social forestry for rural development

Bhawdeep Singh, 1992:
Social forestry for rural development: a socio-economic perspective

Bhawdeep Singh; Parminder Kaur, 1991:
Social forestry for the people

Haque, S. (Director); Torres, A.B. de; Momin, M.A., 1991:
Social forestry in IRD: report of the regional expert consultation, 12-15 February, 1991, Vientiane, Lao PDR

Anonymous, 1990:
Social forestry in Indonesia: papers presented at a workshop held at Gadjah Mada University, Yogakarta, Indonesia, 1-3 December 1987

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Social forestry in Java

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Social forestry in Java: reorienting management systems

Byron, N.; Griffin, D., 1994:
Social forestry in Nepal: economic appraisal of resource management

Leith, J.; Cummings, F.H., 1993:
Social forestry in Tana Toraja, Indonesia: the participation of women in decision making

Arnold, J.E.M., 1990:
Social forestry in communal management in India

Pant, D.N., 1993:
Social forestry: application of remote sensing technique

Anonymous, 1991:
Social forestry: communal and private management strategies compared. Case studies presented at a conference, February 14, 1991

Giulianotti, R., 1994:
Social identity and public disorder: political and academic discourses on football violence

Mishra, A.K., 1994:
Social impact of handloom cooperatives on weavers in Western Orissa: an empirical study

Anonymous, 1993:
Social impact of the sectoral crisis: rural unemployment

King, B.; Pizam, A.; Milman, A., 1993:
Social impacts of tourism: host perceptions

Mehran, G., 1992:
Social implications of literacy in Iran

Abeille, B.; Lantran, J., 1993:
Social infrastructure construction in the Sahel: options for improving current practices

Anonymous, 1990:
Social insects and the environment: Proceedings of the 11th International Congress of IUSSI, Bangalore, August 5-11 1990

Starr, C.D., 1991:
Social insects of Taiwan

Nowak, Peter J., 1993:
Social issues related to soil specific crop management

Alexander, R.D., 1991 :
Social learning and kin recognition. An addendum and reply to Sherman

Nicol, C.J.; Pope, S.J., 1994:
Social learning in sibling pigs

Burger, K.; Collier, P.; Gunning, J.W., 1993:
Social learning: an application to Kenyan agriculture

Ngo, J., 1993:
Social marketing and fat intake

Spigner, C.; Havitz, M.E., 1993:
Social marketing or social justice

Heinila, K., 1991:
Social meanings of sport for all

Kohler, R., 1993:
Social measures for farmers

Lachenmann, G., 1991:
Social movements as a social force in the democratization process in Africa? Farmers' organizations in Senegal in the face of the retreat of the State and structural adjustment

Nixon, H.L.I I., 1993:
Social network analysis of sport: emphasizing social structure in sport sociology

Pabsch, E. et al., 1994:
Social obligations of ownership - and no end? Spring conference of the German Society for Agricultural Law on 14.4.1994 in Leipzig

Munting, R., 1993:
Social opposition to gambling in Britain: an historical overview

Keeping, Malcolm G., 1992:
Social organization and division of labour in colonies of the polistine wasp, Belonogaster petiolata

Zakharov, A.A., 1991:
Social organization in ants

Leuthold, R., 1989:
Social organization in fungus-growing termites of the genus Macrotermes

Heinze, J.; Ortius, D., 1991:
Social organization of Leptothorax acervorum from Alaska (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Villet, M.H., 1990:
Social organization of Platythyrea lamellosa (Roger) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae): II. Division of labour

Puppe, B.; Tuchscherer, M.; Hoy, S.; Tuchscherer, A., 1993:
Social organization structures in intensively kept pigs. 1. Ethological investigations on the sucking order

Mead, F., 1991:
Social parasitism of a Polistes dominulus Christ colony by Sulcopolistes semenowi Morawitz: changes in social activity among the queens and development of the usurped colony

Torres, M., 1993:
Social policies: rethinking essential development

Buchta, S., 1992:
Social policy in agrarian sector of Slovakia

Nucinkis, M., 1992:
Social policy workshop: credit and the small farmer

Layton, J.J.; Santopolo, F.A.; Naguib, M., 1993:
Social power, water control and irrigation systems. The Egyptian farmers' ability to obtain irrigation water

Bharara, L.P., 1992:
Social problems and prospects related to rehabilitation of Indian arid zone

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