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Solid and liquid manure composting and development of slurrigation by manure separation

Matsuda, J.; Takekawa, A.; Himoto, J.

Dairy systems for the 21st century Proceedings of the third internationl dairy housing conference held in Orlando, Florida, USA, 2-5 February 1994: 453-460


Accession: 002495269

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A new dairy cattle manure management system consisting of manure separation and slurrigation (irrigation with slurry) is being used in Hokkaido, Japan. Dry and clear dairy barn surroundings are maintained by separating the manure into solid and liquid components so that there is no seepage from stacked manure. The solid component is quickly decomposed and rapidly becomes mature compost. The liquid component is aerated and diluted to one-third the original concn. and then used for irrigation.

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