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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2501

Chapter 2501 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rubets, N.M.; Schervak, B.I.; Gorbach, T.I., 1992:
Stomp on corn and sunflower crops

Macko, JK., 1993:
Stomylotrema spasskii Sobolev, 1946 (Stomylotrematidae, Trematoda) recorded for the first time from Gallinago media (Charadriiformes) in the Carpathian region

Brglez, J., 1989:
Stomylotrema spasskii Sobolev, 1946 in Gallinago gallinago

Scorza, R.; Hammerschlag, F.A., 1992:
Stone fruits

Saunier, R.; Audergon, J.M.; Renaud, R.; Duval, H., 1993:
Stone fruits. Varieties added to the catalogue

Schulz, C., 1992:
Stone removal from arable land

Anonymous, 1994:
Stony ground for the new individual quality payment for milk

Bull, R., 1993:
Stopping the leakers

Polegaev, V.I.; Magomedov, I.R., 1990:
Storability and seed production of head-cabbage mother plants in relation to the time of retardant application

Sornsrivichai, J.; Tapinya, S.; Boon Long, P.; Kaiviparkbunyay, K.; Gomolmanee, S., 1992:
Storability and some physiological properties of tangerine fruit over-wrapped or individually seal packaged with plastic film

Kuzniewicz, M.; Sowa, G.; Frydecka Mazurczyk, A., 1990:
Storability of potato cultivars Bobr, Fala, Fauna and Perkoz

Nand Kishore; Lohan, O.P.; Chahal, S.M.; Rathee, C.S., 1991:
Storability of urea-treated wheat straw and its effect on nutritive value and rumen metabolites in buffaloes

Breitschuh, G., 1994:
Storage and application of farm manures - need for action in the new state regions

Furll, C.; Oberbarnscheidt, B.; Wartenberg, G., 1992:
Storage and conservation of moist grain

Singh, L.S.ngh, J., 1991:
Storage and flux of nutrients in a dry tropical forest in India

Quiros, L.M.; Chavarria, M.I., 1990:
Storage and germination of seeds, and seedling development in the nursery of fourteen species indigenous to the dry Pacific region of Costa Rica

Mahara, Y., 1993:
Storage and migration of fallout strontium-90 and cesium-137 for over 40 years in the surface soil of Nagasaki

Lacointe, A.; Kajji, A.; Ameglio, T.; Daudet, F.A.; Cruiziat, P.; Archer, P.; Frossard, J.S., 1993:
Storage and mobilization of carbon reserves in walnut and its consequences on the water status during winter

Maag, W.; Reust, W., 1992 :
Storage and reconditioning of crisp potatoes

Ushchekov, A.T., 1991:
Storage and transpiration of the predatory aphidimyza

Mercer, M.D.rlene; Smittle, D.A., 1992:
Storage atmospheres influence chilling injury and chilling injury-induced changes in cell wall polysaccharides of cucumber

Kausal, R.T.; Dighe, R.S.; Zade, V.R.; Changade, S.P., 1994:
Storage behaviour of gas delinted cotton seed under ambient conditions of Akola

Hossain, M.M.; Uddin, K.; Mahbub, A.S.M.; Ahmed, M., 1992:
Storage behaviour of true potato seed (TPS) tubers under natural storage condition

Bhagat, S.; Singh, V., 1994:
Storage capacity of some temperate shrubs

Magel, E.A.; Holl, W., 1993:
Storage carbohydrates and adenine nucleotides in trunks of Fagus sylvatica L. in relation to discolored wood

Bao, L.X.; Sun, L.P.; Nin, B.; Li, L.H., 1993:
Storage characteristics of Kochia prostrata seeds

Regel P.A., 1991:
Storage conditions for potatoes and their effects on processing quality

Raveendran, N.; Anjugam, M.; Kalaivani, N.J.; Saravanan, S.D.; Anita, S., 1992:
Storage decisions of rice growers in the suburbs of Madurai city in Tamil Nadu - an economic analysis

Franclet, J., 1994:
Storage diseases of apples

Rosset, P.L., 1993:
Storage diseases of apples and pears

Singh, S., 1992:
Storage effect on seedling characters of monosomics in wheat

Deka, S.; Baruah, G.K., 1992:
Storage efficiency of different carrier materials for Rhizobia culture

Stone, L.R.; Schlegel, A.J.; Lamm, F.R.; Spurgeon, W.E., 1994:
Storage efficiency of preplant irrigation

Majumder, S.K., 1991:
Storage entomology and defence supplies

Wilcke, W.; Maronuck, R.; Morey, R.; Ng, H.; Lang, J.; Jiang, D., 1993:
Storage life of shelled corn treated with a fungicide

Rana, G.S.; Kartar Singh, 1992:
Storage life of sweet orange fruits as influenced by fungicides, oil emulsion and package practices

Murphy, D.J., 1990:
Storage lipid bodies in plants and other organisms

Taylor, R.; Blasi, D.; Shroyer, J., 1994:
Storage losses in net-wrapped, large round bales of alfalfa

Menniti, A.M., 1992:
Storage of Tranzschelia pruni-spinosae (Persoon) Dietel (Fuck.) Dun. urediospores in the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen

Hung, Y.C.; Hao, Y.Y.; Tollner, E.W.; Upchurch, B.L., 1992:
Storage of apples affected with watercore disorder

Dawson, M.W.; Cox, L.M.; Dixon, T.F., 1994:
Storage of bagasse: loose covered piles or bales?

Schwedes, J.; Schulze, D., 1993:
Storage of bulk goods in silos - sugar silos

Sihag, Z.S.; Rathee, C.S.; Lohan, O.P., 1993:
Storage of complete feed blocks under different temperature and humidity

Michalczuk, B.; Przybya, A.; Goszczynska, D.M.; Rudnicki, R.M., 1992:
Storage of cut Alstroemeria flowers

Boughediri, L.; Bounaga, N., 1990:
Storage of date palm pollen (Phoenix dactylifera L.). I - Preliminary results

Resnizky, D.; Sive, A., 1991:
Storage of different varieties of apples and pears (cv. Spadona) in ultra-ultra low oxygen conditions

Snapyan, G.G.; Mkrtchyan, T.A.; Arutyunyan, A.T., 1991:
Storage of fruits in controlled atmosphere

Sagdieva, M.G.; Kukanova, S.I., 1992:
Storage of gold-solubilizing bacteria on solid substrates

Evans, J.; Dobrowolski, N.; Wallace, C., 1993:
Storage of inoculated and omethoate-treated medic seed reduces effectiveness of rhizobial inoculant

Sartori, M.R.; Taniwaki, M.H.; Eiroa, M.N.U.; Pettinelli Junior, A., 1991:
Storage of maize with moderately high moisture content in an underground polyethylene silo

Hackeschmidt, A.; Witzel, E., 1994:
Storage of mineral fertilizer

Sawamura M.; Miyamoto Y.; Nomura S.; Matsumoto H., 1992:
Storage of muskmelon harvested in different seasons as well as the effective use of freshening paper in storage

Morris J.R.; Oswald O.L.; Main G.L.; Moore J.N.; Clark J.R., 1992:
Storage of new seedless grape cultivar with sulfur dioxide generators

Nakagawa, J.; Cavariani, C.; Amaral, W.A.N. do, 1991:
Storage of passion fruit seeds

Ripke, F.O., 1994:
Storage of pesticides

Lanteri, S.; Belletti, P.; Lotito, S., 1993:
Storage of pollen of Norway spruce and different pine species

Klages Haberkern, S., 1994:
Storage of sewage sludge and composts

Hackeschmidt, A., 1994:
Storage of solid farm manure

Tylkowski, T., 1988:
Storage of stratified seeds of European ash (Fraxinus excelsior L.)

Zubenko, V.F.; Koval' chuk, M.I.; Gres' , E.I.; Chudnovskii, B.D., 1991:
Storage of the rhizomes of Stevia propagated by green cuttings

Bussche, G.H. von dem, 1993:
Storage of timber under permanent irrigation

Padmaraj, A.; Sophila, R.; Srithar, A.; Sugirtha, P.G.; Goplan, V., 1994:
Storage of tissue culture rinderpest virus (TCRV), (Kabete 'O') vaccine in liquid nitrogen: effect on titre and antibody response in calves

Wilson, D.P.; Carlile, W.R., 1991:
Storage properties of peat based media containing worm worked duck waste

Flinn, B.S.; Roberts, D.R.; Newton, C.H.; Cyr, D.R.; Webster, F.B.; Taylor, I.E.P., 1993:
Storage protein gene expression in zygotic and somatic embryos of interior spruce

Zanjad, P.N.; Mathur, B.N., 1994:
Storage related changes in the ion-exchange chromatographic and electrophoretic profile of casein in model sterilized paneer system

Roelofs, F.; Mohamed Awad; Jager, A. de; Scholtens, A., 1993:
Storage research with Jonagold indicates that scald can almost entirely be prevented

Perry, R.D.; Lucier, T.S.; Sikkema, D.J.; Brubaker, R.R., 1993:
Storage reservoirs of hemin and inorganic iron in Yersinia pestis

Elfving, D.C.; Lougheed, E.C., 1994:
Storage responses of 'Empire' apples to benzyladenine and other chemical thinners

Hawel, L.; Heikel, Y., 1994:
Storage stability and rheological properties

Pagote, C.N.; Balachandran, R., 1993:
Storage stability of acidified milk beverage. I. Lipolytic and proteolytic changes

Pagote, C.N.; Balachandran, R., 1993:
Storage stability of acidified milk beverage. II. Physical and chemical changes

Vrese, M. de, 1992:
Storage stability of microbial beta -galactosidase in yoghurt

Akande, G.R.; Knowless, M.J.; Taylor, K.D.A., 1990:
Storage studies and sensory evaluation of salted-dried cakes prepared from mechanically deboned mince of mackerel (Scomber scombrus) frames

Ramasamy, D.; Narasimhan, R.; Khan, M.M.H., 1993:
Storage studies of sterilised fortified milk

Ravindra Kumar; Murthy, M.K.R., 1992:
Storage studies on buffalo milk powder packed in HDPE bags. Part I: Changes in moisture, titratable acidity, solubility, free fatty acids and lactic acid content in relation to organoleptic quality

Ravindra Kumar; Ramamurthy, M.K., 1994:
Storage studies on buffalo whole milk powder packed in HDPE bags. Part II: Changes in pH, viscosity and heat stability of reconstituted milk in relation to age and organoleptic quality

Kenghe, R.N.; Kanawade, L.R., 1992:
Storage studies on chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) seed

Shelar, V.R.; Bapat, D.R., 1991:
Storage studies on sorghum - a review

Suresh Kumar; Kapoor, C.M., 1992:
Storage study of rasogolla prepared from wet casein

Gorski, M., 1993:
Storage system for genetic resources in the gene bank of the Institute of Plant Breeding and Acclimatization in Radzikow

Cohen, E.; Shalom, Y.; Rosenberg, I., 1991:
Storage temperature, duration and wax coating on the keeping quality of Nova mandarine

Conover, C.A.; Poole, R.T., 1991:
Storage time and temperature affect growth of Dracaena fragrans 'Massangeana'

Lalic, L.M.; Berkovic, K., 1991:
Storage time as a factor in determining physico-chemical parameters of new cheese products

Fornaris, G.J.; Caraballo, E.; Guadalupe, R.; Recio de Hernandez, E., 1990:
Storage tolerance of five short-day onion cultivars during a 12-week period

Haffner, K.E., 1993:
Storage trials of 'Aroma' apples at the Agricultural University of Norway

Mazza, G., 1993:
Storage, processing, and quality aspects of buckwheat seed

Ciaffi, M.; Lafiandra, D.; Porceddu, E.; Benedettelli, S., 1993:
Storage-protein variation in wild emmer (Triticum turgidum ssp. dicoccoides) II. Patterns of allele distribution

Seifelnasr, Y.E., 1992:
Stored grain insects found in sorghum stored in the central production belt of Sudan and losses caused

Sitnyanskaya, N.P.; Martyn, G.I., 1991:
Stored lipids in the cells of bud meristem during dormancy emergence of woody plants

Zd'arkova E., 1991:
Stored product acarology

Grabner, H.; Schmidt, H.U., 1992:
Stored products activities of the Plant Protection Service Berlin. Insect pests of foodstuffs, luxury goods and materials in warehouses and private households as well as pest control measures in the years 1987-1991

Chmielewski, W., 1991:
Stored products mites (Acaroidea) in Polish bee hives

Berger, H.K., 1992:
Stored products protection always important

Aharoni, Y.; Copel, A.; Fallik, E., 1993:
Storing 'Galia' melons in a controlled atmosphere with ethylene absorbent

Anonymous, 1993:
Storing ammonia safely

Bradshaw, S.; Fleming, R., 1991:
Storing liquid runoff

Wyborn, M.H.; Winston, M.L.; Laflamme, P.H., 1993:
Storing mated queens during the winter in managed honey bee colonies

Tylkowski, T., 1987:
Storing of Russian elm (Ulmus laevis Pall.) seed over many years

Brkic, M.; Somer, D.; Babic, M.; Babic, L., 1992:
Storing of corncobs in vertical bins

Anonymous, 1993:
Stork multi-layer PE-bottles for the dairy industry

Anonymous, 1991:
Storm damage in Switzerland in 1990

McCann, B., 1992:
Storm drains

Anonymous, 1992:
Storm proven Trident cages

Ralphs, M.H.; Jensen, D.T.; Pfister, J.A.; Nielsen, D.B.; James, L.F., 1994:
Storms influence cattle to graze larkspur: an observation

Bureau, T.E.; Wessler, S.R., 1994:
Stowaway: a new family of inverted repeat elements associated with the genes of both monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plants

Stone, M.; Zachos, M., 1992:
Straight talk

Doyle, P.W.; Barlow, R.; Darnell, R.E., 1992:
Straightbred and crossbred weaner steers bred in north-eastern New South Wales and grown on Victorian foodlots and pastures

Kajdi, F.; Makai, S.; Pecsi, S., 1993:
Strain and variety testing in fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.)

Reidy, T.R.; Atkinson, J.L.; Leeson, S., 1994:
Strain comparison of turkey egg components

Winkelman, A.; Peterson, R.G.; Harrower, W., 1991 :
Strain comparisons and estimation of genetic parameters in chinook salmon

Ashman, R.B.; Papadimitriou, J.M., 1993:
Strain dependence of antibody-mediated protection in murine systemic candidiasis

Dunn, M.F.; Karr, A.L., 1992:
Strain distribution and in planta production of an extracellular polysaccharide depolymerase from Bradyrhizobium japonicum

Festing, M.F.W., 1992:
Strain distribution of some polymorphisms in the mouse

Mu, J.L.; Cheah, Y.C.; Paigen, B., 1992:
Strain distribution pattern of 25 simple sequence length polymorphisms in the AXB and BXA recombinant inbred strains

Blatt, C.; Nesbitt, M.; Pugh, S.L.; Paigen, B., 1992:
Strain distribution patterns of selected loci in the AXB, BXA recombinant inbred set

Santiago, C.M.J.; Mercado, B.B.; Leon, E.D. de; Flores, R.P.; Garcia, R.P.; Bigol, M.B., 1991:
Strain improvement of selected species of edible fungi

Kale S.; Bennett J.W., 1992:
Strain instability in filamentous fungi

Jensen, L.; Hansen, A.K.; Dagnaes Hansen, F., 1992:
Strain restriction typing sera for the use in the genetic monitoring of inbred strains of mice and rats from two Danish SPF breeders

Behl, M.K., 1993:
Strain spectrum of bean common mosaic virus in Himachal Pradesh

Pluim, R.A.; Tewari, J.P.; Knowles, N.R.; Howard, R.J., 1994:
Strain variation and oxalic acid production by Cytospora leucostoma isolated from Saskatoon (Amelanchier alnifolia)

Waldvogel, A.S.; Anderson, G.A.; Osburn, B.I., 1992:
Strain-dependent variations in the pathogenesis of fetal infection with bluetongue virus serotype 11

Zawistowski, J.; Gosek, L.; Cunningham, J.E., 1993:
Strain-specific monoclonal antibodies to Penicillium bilaii

Ni, Y.; Kemp, M.C., 1992:
Strain-specific selection of genome segments in avian reovirus coinfections

Jacobson, E.S.; Tingler, M.J., 1994:
Strains of Cryptococcus neoformans with defined capsular phenotypes

Isakov, S.I.; Safronov, M.G.; Ivanova, R.N., 1993:
Strains of Echinococcus in Yakutiya

Scotland, S.M.; Willshaw, G.A.; Cheasty, T.; Rowe, B., 1992:
Strains of Escherichia coli O157:H8 from human diarrhoea belong to attaching and effacing class of E coli

Vernozy, C.; Mazuy, C.; Lapeyre, C.; Chantegrelet, G.; Richard, Y., 1994:
Strains of coagulase negative staphylococci (C.N.S.) isolated from goat cheeses in the Rhone-Alpes region of France: identification, antibiotic resistance and enterotoxigenicity

Poonam Dhawan; Narayan Rishi, 1992:
Strains of potato leaf roll virus in Northern India

Grisham, M.P., 1994:
Strains of sorghum mosaic virus causing sugarcane mosaic in Louisiana

Fraga, E., 1994:
Strangers in the lands of their fathers

Fleming, E., 1992:
Strategic agricultural export marketing in South Pacific island nations: some implications for strategy selection in small developing countries

Helzer, M., 1992:
Strategic alliances in agriculture

Miyashige, T., 1992:
Strategic approach of TARC to animal production research in the tropics - research collaboration in the past and toward the future

Kikulis, L.M., 1993:
Strategic change in organizational design of national sport organizations

Nilsson, J., 1993:
Strategic collaboration in farm cooperatives

Griesbeck, C., 1994:
Strategic considerations for deciding on discard or recyclable packaging for market milk as seen by the dairies

Nickel, O.; Gemunden, H.G., 1991:
Strategic considerations relating to the situation of German dairies in European competition. Part I

Talbot, R.L.G. et al., 1991:
Strategic developments

Pinfield, G., 1992:
Strategic environmental assessment and land-use planning

Gardiner, J., 1992 :
Strategic environmental assessment and the water environment

Wood, C., 1992:
Strategic environmental assessment in Australia and New Zealand

Webb, J.W.; Sigal, L.L., 1992:
Strategic environmental assessment in the United States

Ulph, A., 1994:
Strategic environmental policy, international trade and the Single European Market

Anonymous, 1991:
Strategic expansion of DDT spraying

Milne, G.R., 1988:
Strategic forest sector issues in Newfoundland and potential CFS program initiatives

Heister, J.; Klepper, G.; Stahler, F., 1992:
Strategic global environmental policy. The UNCED conference from an economic point of view

Marion, B.W.; Heimforth, K.; Bailey, W., 1993:
Strategic groups, competition, and retail food prices

Fabella, R.V., 1991:
Strategic household behaviour in labour surplus economies

Nayga, R.M.J.; Baga, L.M., 1993:
Strategic issue identification: an exploratory survey of New Zealand agribusiness firms

Gamble, P.R., 1994:
Strategic issues for the management of information services from the tourism to the hospitality industry - lessons for the future

Sonka, S.; James, D.; Kern, D.; Thompson, R., 1992:
Strategic issues in the swine industry

Lindsey, P.J.; Martin, M.V.; Nuckton, C.F., 1992:
Strategic marketing and the dynamics of food consumption

Calver, S., 1994:
Strategic marketing communication

Steidl, A., 1993:
Strategic marketing for domestic beef and veal. Results following a research project

Panigyrakis, G.G., 1993:
Strategic marketing objectives in mergers and acquisitions in the Greek food industry

Ahmed, Z.U., 1993:
Strategic marketing of tourism technology to the Soviet Union

Koster, A.C.; Gaasbeek, A.F. van, 1993:
Strategic marketing plan for jute and jute goods in the EC

Mok, S.T., 1992:
Strategic options for forestry development

Thibault, L.; Slack, T., 1994:
Strategic planning for nonprofit sport organizations: empirical verification of a framework

Ezenwa, I.V.; Cobbina, J., 1991:
Strategic pruning of Leucaena for optimum herbage yield

Smith, J.; Weber, G.K., 1994:
Strategic research in heterogeneous mandate areas: an example from the West African savanna

Anjola, H.J.; Martinez, G.; Gomez, F.; Hernandez, Y.; Huertas, H., 1990:
Strategic supplementation of bypass protein and fat to dual purpose cattle in Colombian tropics during dry season

Wang, W.C., 1993:
Strategic thinking on the economic goal of a comfortable life in rural Hunan

Thursby, M.C.; Thursby, J.G., 1990:
Strategic trade theory and agricultural markets: an application to Canadian and U.S. wheat exports to Japan

Senft, D., 1993:
Strategic weed control for the 90's

Buckely, B.A., 1992:
Strategic worming of beef cows under sub-tropical conditions

Haen, H. de et al., 1992:
Strategies against hunger

Reeves, W.C.; Milby, M.M., 1990:
Strategies and concepts for vector control

Dumanski, J., 1993:
Strategies and opportunities for soil survey information and research

Jeffries, P.; Koomen, I., 1992:
Strategies and prospects for biological control of diseases caused by Colletotrichum

Anonymous, 1992:
Strategies and tactics for family farming. Finnish-Baltic joint seminar, Riga, Latvia 1991

Opuszynski, K.K.; Shireman, J.V., 1993:
Strategies and tactics for larval culture of commercially important carp

Anonymous, 1993:
Strategies and tactics for management of fertilized hatchery ponds

Montoya, E., 1992:
Strategies developed by Mediterranean countries: Spanish national R&D plan

Economou, A., 1992:
Strategies developed on biotechnology in agriculture in Greece

Mac Key, J., 1991:
Strategies especially at race-specific plant host : parasite interrelations

Anonymous, 1992:
Strategies for rearing without flies or tenebrionid beetles

Anonymous, 1992:
Strategies for an environmentally friendly agriculture. Report of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Ministry of Agriculture

Sauerbeck, D., 1993:
Strategies for an environmentally sensitive fertilizer usage

Jalaludin, S.; Ho, Y.W.; Abdullah, N.; Kudo, H., 1992:
Strategies for animal improvement in southeast Asia

Fox, K.A., 1994:
Strategies for area delimitation in a national system of regional accounts

Fokkema, N.J., 1992 :
Strategies for biological control of aerial fungi

Fauconneau, G., 1992:
Strategies for biotechnology implementation in the agro-industrial sector: the case of France

Frey, K.J., 1993:
Strategies for breeding disease-resistant crop varieties

Buiatti, M.; Canova, A.; Sansavini, S.; Sparvoli, F.; Komiac, M.; Mezzetti, B., 1993:
Strategies for breeding for resistance to pathogens

Muimba Kankolongo, A.; Muyolo, G.; Mahungu, N.M.; Pandey, S.J., 1991:
Strategies for breeding varieties for resistance to the main diseases of the cassava national programme (PRONAM) of Zaire

Ladki, S.M., 1994:
Strategies for combating fear of AIDS in the hospitality industry

Verma, L.R., 1993:
Strategies for conservation of Asian hive bee, Apis cerana

Millar, C.I.; Libby, W.J., 1991:
Strategies for conserving clinal, ecotypic, and disjunct population diversity in widespread species

Cornelissen, B.; Melchers, L.S., 1993:
Strategies for Control of Fungal Diseases with Transgenic Plants

Baillod, M.; Jermini, M.; Antonin, P.; Linder, C.; Mittaz, C.; Carrera, E.; Udry, V.; Schmid, A., 1993:
Strategies for control of the green leafhopper, Empoasca vitis (Gothe). Efficacy of insecticides and problems related to their harmfulness

Kesseba, A.M., 1992 :
Strategies for developing a viable and sustainable agricultural sector in sub-Saharan Africa: some issues and options

Wilkins, B.T.; Howard, B.J.; Desmet, G.M.; Alexakhin, R.M.; Maubert, H., 1993:
Strategies for development of agricultural countermeasures

Rooyen, C.J. van; Vink, N., 1992:
Strategies for economic cooperation and development in the Southern African sub-continent: towards 2000

Mabuba, P.B., 1994:
Strategies for effective community involvement

Boatella, J.; Codony, R.; Rafecas, M., 1993:
Strategies for fat substitutes in foods

Kumar, V., 1993:
Strategies for fertiliser promotion under changing environment

Thomas, H.; Morgan, W.G.; Humphreys, M.W., 1992:
Strategies for gene transfer in the Lolium/Festuca complex

Robert, D.; Boutayeb, N., 1992:
Strategies for human resource development in North Africa and the Middle East

Goodell, P.B.; Kerby, T.A.; Linden, C. ver; Strand, J.; Plant, R.E.; Wilson, L.T.; Vargas, R.; Johnson, S., 1990:
Strategies for implementing an integrated expert system in cotton: experience with CALEX/Cotton in California

Hajra, N.G., 1992:
Strategies for improvement of tea production in Darjeeling hills

Tan, S.L., 1993:
Strategies for improving crop quality - discussion

Wahome, R.G.; Munyua, S.J.; Mitaru, B.N., 1992:
Strategies for improving pig productivity on small scale pig farms in Kenya

Wheeler, M.B.; White, B.R., 1993:
Strategies for improving swine growth

Gibbon, D., 1992:
Strategies for incorporating farming systems research and development into institutional structures and organisations

Hedge, B.R., 1992:
Strategies for increasing production in red soils

Ball, J.R., 1991:
Strategies for information exchange and support for developing countries

Das Gupta, D.K., 1993:
Strategies for integrated watershed development

Perry R.S., 1991:
Strategies for international negotiation on intellectual property: the case of varietal protection

Weide, R.Y. van der; Wijnands, F.G., 1993:
Strategies for lasting weed control

Eberhart, S.A.; Roos, E.E.; Towill, L.E., 1991:
Strategies for long-term management of germplasm collections

Myers, R.J., 1993:
Strategies for managing coffee price risks in Costa Rica

Stewart, B.A., 1992:
Strategies for managing nutrients in stressed environments

Cutler, M., 1991:
Strategies for managing spoilage fungi and mycotoxins: a case study in Thailand

Moore, R.H., 1991:
Strategies for manipulating Japanese rice policy: resistance and compliance in three Tohoku villages

Drakakis Smith, D., 1992:
Strategies for meeting basic food needs in Harare

Bekkum, V.A.; Miller, W.W., 1994:
Strategies for meeting computer proficiency in agriculture a case study

Epple, D.; Londregan, J., 1993:
Strategies for modeling exhaustible resource supply

Porta Puglia, A.; Singh, K.B.; Infantino, A., 1993:
Strategies for multiple-stress resistance breeding in cool-season food legumes

Nassel, D.R., 1987:
Strategies for neuronal marking in arthropod brains

Londong, J., 1992:
Strategies for optimized nitrate reduction with primary denitrification

Guerin, G.; Hanus, G., 1994:
Strategies for pasturing

Sieder, P., 1990:
Strategies for preservation and regeneration of tropical forest, as exemplified by the Cote d'Ivoire

Warren, T.G.; Krivi, G.G., 1991:
Strategies for production of proteins in mammalian cells

Srinivasan, T.R.; Naidu, K.M., 1992:
Strategies for progressive increase in cane yield

Sombroek, W.G., 1992:
Strategies for protection of soil fertility in the Amazon Region

Kuenen, LPS.; Carde, R.T., 1994:
Strategies for recontacting a lost pheromone plume: casting and upwind flight in the male gypsy moth

Easson, D.L., 1992:
Strategies for reducing the risk of lodging in cereals

Fries, J.F., 1992:
Strategies for reduction of morbidity

Raig, I., 1993:
Strategies for reforming rural society in Estonia

Banerjee, B., 1992:
Strategies for restoration of wastelands in India

Pastore, D.L., 1994:
Strategies for retaining female high school head coaches: a survey of administrators and coaches

Rowe, J.B., 1991:
Strategies for ruminant nutrition during a harsh and extended dry season

Jain, P.P.; Shiva, M.P., 1991:
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Strategy against weeds following the CAP reform

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Strategy for studying health effects of pesticides/fertilizer mixtures in groundwater

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Strategy for use of a probiotic

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Strategy of planning for the alleviation of rural poverty in Nepal

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Strategy of protecting and improving the biological value of foodstuffs of animal origin

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Strategy of spatial planning and rural habitat transformation

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Strategy of the commons: opportunities and challenges for Egyptian agriculture

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Stretching the teatcup liner

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Strip ELISA for detection of staphylococcal enterotoxins in culture supernatants and foods

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Stripping of ammonia from sugar juices

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Striving for perfection

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Stromal development and mating system of Balansia epichloe, a leaf-colonizing endophyte of warm-season grasses

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Strong allelic selection in the course of brother x sister matings in mice

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Strong and organic acid in the runoff from peat and woodland

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Stronger seafood safety rules proposed

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Stronger through physical activity and sport

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Strongyloides ransomi. When diarrhea strikes piglets, don't forget the rare but deadly threadworm

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Strothmann Dairy installs the first Servotherm filler

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Structural adjustment & the African farmer

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Structural analysis of subassemblies using plywood panels

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Structural and economic elements in the breeding of wild ungulates in Italy

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Structural Cell Wall Proteins

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Structural change in Saudi agriculture

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Structural change in U.S. agriculture

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Structural changes in Dutch pigkeeping

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Structural changes in agriculture and rural development: relevance of Innis and Weber for Russian rural studies

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Structural changes in the food trade in the former Czechoslovakia

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Structural changes in the tissues of the branches of peach infested by the globose scale Sphaerolecanium prunastri Fonse

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Structural characteristics of rice consumption in two representative areas of north-eastern Italy

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Structural constraints influencing the performance of the Australian wheat processing industry

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Structural design of greenhouses with an emphasis on wind loading

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Structural determination of bacterial nodulation factors involved in the Rhizobium meliloti-alfalfa symbiosis

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Structural development of a deeply tilled loess soil under reversible plough- and mulch farming

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Structural factors leading to labour force outflow in rural China

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Structural features of a milking machine with a two-phase pulsator

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Structural formulae of layer silicates

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Structural group composition of humus

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