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Studies on energy and nitrogen metabolism of pregnant and lactating sows and sucking piglets. 1. Experimental plan and results of liveweight development of pregnant, non-pregnant and lactating sows and reproductive performance in pregnancy and lactation

Beyer, M.; Schiemann, R.; Jentsch, W.; Hoffmann, L.

Archives of Animal Nutrition 44(4): 293-315


ISSN/ISBN: 1745-039X
Accession: 002502128

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The aim of the experiments was to establish new data for a factorial derivation of energy and protein requirements in pigs. In a 3 x 3 factorial design with 3 variants of parity (1, 2 and 4, age of sows) and 3 levels of energy supply (120, 100 and 80, and 80, 100 and 120% of recommended intake in pregnancy and lactation, respectively). Evaluation was by indirect calorimetry and the slaughter technique.

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