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Studies on energy and nitrogen metabolism of pregnant and lactating sows and sucking piglets. 2. Chemical composition and energy content of bodies of pregnant, non-pregnant and lactating sows

Beyer, M.; Jentsch, W.; Hoffmann, L.; Schiemann, R.

Archives of Animal Nutrition 44(4): 317-338


ISSN/ISBN: 1745-039X
Accession: 002502129

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Influence of litter number (1, 2 and 4, age of sows) and stage of pregnancy and lactation on chemical composition and on protein and fat content of whole and empty body was investigated. 46 pregnant, 18 non-pregnant and 17 lactating sows were slaughtered on days 1, 56, 84, 98, 105, 113 of pregnancy, day 113 (non-pregnant sows) and day 26 of lactation. The results were related to energy supply (120, 100 and 80% of recommended values) with equal supply of protein, vitamins and minerals.