Studies on growth, dry matter intake and feed conversion efficiency in Black Bengal goats under deep litter system

Sahu, A.K.; Roy, S.K.; Pyne, A.K.

Indian Veterinary Journal 70(3): 243-246


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-6479
Accession: 002502257

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An investigation was carried out on six Black Bengal goats aged between 4-6 months under intensive management on deep liter for a period of 26 weeks to study the growth, dry matter intake and feed conversion efficiency. The average bi-weekly group gain in body weight was 1.946 +- 0.208 kg and the daily gain in weight per animal was 23.16 gm. Significant (P lt 0.05) variation in bi-weekly growth was observed. Average dry matter intake per 100 kg body weight was 3.69 +- 0.23 kg. Average feed conversion efficiency was 16.04 +- 0.23.