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Studies on paddy-upland rotations in fluvio-marine paddy soil. 1. The effect of subsurface drainage and paddy-upland rotations on soil physico-chemical properties and growth and yield of crops

Yoo, C.H.; Kim, J.G.; Kahng, J.G.; Lee, J.S.; Shin, K.H.; So, J.D.; Park, K.H.

Research Reports of the Rural Development Administration, Soil and Fertilizer 33(1): 14-28


Accession: 002502524

In trials in 1989-90, continuous rice or soyabean/rice, barley/rice or soyabean/barley rotations were grown with or without subsurface drainage. Rotation cropping decreased soil moisture content, the proportions of the solid and liquid phases and the bulk density, but increased the porosity. With barley/soyabeans, the soil OM, total N, P2O5, K and Mg contents were increased and the Ca level and CEC decreased, but with barley/rice the only change was a decrease in Ca.

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