Studies on the manufacture of chhana-like product from soymilk-buffalo milk blends

Katara, R.V.; Bhargava, V.N.

Indian Journal of Dairy Science 45(12): 656-661


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-5146
Accession: 002503517

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80:20 and 70:30 blends of standardized buffalo milks (2 and 3% fat) with soya milk and control cow milk (3.5% fat) were used to prepare chhana. The 80:20 buffalo milk (3% fat):soya milk blend most closely resembled cow milk but all blends had less total fat and carbohydrate, and more protein than had cow milk. Mean yields of fresh and moisture-free chhana made from the blends did not differ significantly from those of controls, but experimental chhana had higher (P<0.01) moisture and total protein, and lower (P<0.01) fat contents. Colour/appearance of experimental chhana was inferior to that of controls, body/texture scores were slightly lower and the chhana had a slight beany flavour; springiness and penetration values were also lower. Chhana prepared from 2%-fat buffalo milk with 20% soya milk had sensory characteristics most closely resembling those of the control chhana. It is concluded that either blend of 2%-fat buffalo milk and the 80:20 blend of 3%-fat buffalo milk with soya milk can be used to produce chhana of acceptable quality.