Suitable blend formulations of buffalo milk Cheddar cheese and fresh curd for processed cheese and cheese spread

Singh, S.; Tiwari, B.D.; Sachdeva, S.

Japanese Journal of Dairy and Food Science 42(3): 111-116


ISSN/ISBN: 0385-0218
Accession: 002506145

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A blend comprising 25, 50 and 25% of young, medium and mature buffalo milk Cheddar cheese was the most suitable for manufacturing processed cheese and cheese spread. The age of the young, medium and mature cheese was 2-3, 4-5 and 6-8 months respectively. Average values for pH, titratable acidity, moisture and ripening index of the blend were 5.35, 1.0%, 35.8% and 19.3% respectively. Microbial counts (per g) in the blend were as follows: total count, 44 x 105; coliform count, 230; yeast and moulds, 7800; aerobic count 190; and anaerobic spore count 5. Up to 40% of directly acidified rennet curd could be added without any adverse effect on the quality of the processed cheese. In cheese spread, the amount of fresh curd that could be added was only 30%.