The effect of grassland- and arable utilization on nutrient leaching in the Polish Carpathians

Kopec, S.

Bericht Bundesanstalt fur Alpenlandische Landwirtschaft 3: 49-52


Accession: 002517234

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Lysimeter studies with eight variants of grass and field crops were conducted on a medium fine sandy loam brown earth soil from 1981 to 1985. The results showed: (1) leaching of fertilizer nutrients from the soil under mountain conditions was quite variable. Maximum annual losses were >100 kg Ca/ha and 9-15 kg Mg/ha; (2) annual N losses of 5-68 kg/ha immediately after fertilizer application were recorded for intensive grassland use. Of the remaining elements, P and K losses were insignificant; (3) precipitation and crop species were also factors in leaching losses; (4) moderate applications of mineral fertilizers did not significantly increase nutrient losses; (5) the mown grass variant represented protection from water pollution by the best utilization of mineral fertilizers; and (6) the worst utilization was on surfaces with bare fallow.