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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2528

Chapter 2528 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chen, K.C.eng; Lin,, 1993:
The relationship between denitrifying bacteria and methanogenic bacteria in a mixed culture system of acclimated sludges

Skipper, B.A., 1993:
The relationship between desired results and the marketing tools used in recreation programming

Kostelansky, F., 1992:
The relationship between different soil cultivation and crop rotations

Echazarreta, C.M., 1988:
The relationship between drone drifting and aggression in honeybee colonies (Apis mellifera L.)

Rye, B.L.; James, S.H., 1992:
The relationship between dysploidy and reproductive capacity in Myrtaceae

Patus, P., 1994:
The relationship between ecology and economy in tourist resorts

Lutter, C.K.; Habicht, J.P.; Rivera, J.A.; Martorell, R., 1992:
The relationship between energy intake and diarrhoeal disease in their effects on child growth: biological model, evidence, and implications for public health policy

Roder, W.; Leacock, W.; Vienvonsith, N.; Phantanousy, B., 1992:
The relationship between ethnic groups and sustainable land use in northern Laos

Luo, B.S.; Li, D.H.; Qu, Y.L.; Nie, X.Z.; Liu, D.H., 1993:
The relationship between ethylene and fertility change of photoperiod-sensitive genic male sterile rice (PGMR)

Zheng, X.Y., 1991:
The relationship between exudate and the vigour of vegetable seeds

Ghidiu, G.M.; Andaloro, J.T., 1993:
The relationship between fall armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) instar and susceptibility to insecticides applied to sweet corn

Cogrel, P.; Morel, I.; Lescoat, G.; Chevanne, M.; Brissot, P.; Cillard, P.; Cillard, J., 1992:
The relationship between fatty acid peroxidation and alpha -tocopherol consumption in isolated normal and transformed hepatocytes

Williams, D.R.; O.C.nnor, M.J.; Krishnayya, A.V., 1991:
The relationship between field screening techniques and health risk-based cleanup criteria for petroleum contaminated sites

Widén, E.I.; Eriksson, J.G.; Ekstrand, A.V.; Groop, L.C., 1992:
The relationship between first-phase insulin secretion and glucose metabolism

Herrmann, R.; Prinz, C.; Schenck, P., 1992:
The relationship between food aid and food trade: theoretical analysis and quantitative results

Gu, M.R.; Shu, H.R.; Qu, G.M.; Jiang, Y.M.; Miao, L., 1992:
The relationship between fruit quality and mineral element contents in 'Starking Delicious' apple fruits

Tothill, I.E.; Harris, D.; Magan, N., 1992:
The relationship between fungal growth and ergosterol content of wheat grain

Hu, M.Q.; Liao, G.F.; Liu, Y.H.; Wang, S.Q.; Chen, Z.Y.; Li, Z.F.; Tang, S.W., 1992:
The relationship between grazing intensity, yield of pasture and performance of grazing sheep in mountains of subtropics

Garcia Torregrosa, M.D.; Kuhne, G.I., 1990:
The relationship between helminth parasite burden and blood parameters in grazing calves in the province of Salta. A multivariate analysis

Ubbink, G.J.; Knol, B.W.; Bouw, J., 1992:
The relationship between homozygosity and the occurrence of specific diseases in Bouvier Belge des Flandres dogs in The Netherlands

Kosowska, B., 1992:
The relationship between homozygosity level and animal physiology: iron content of plasma and whole blood as well as total iron binding capacity by transferrin (TIBC) in rats of various inbreeding coefficient

Baskin, C.C.; Paliwal, S.; Stimpson, D.C., 1990:
The relationship between hours of seed chilling, time of seed germination and early plant development of cotton

Hart, B.J.; Douglas, A.E., 1991:
The relationship between house-dust mites and fungi

Gudin, S.; Arene, L.; Chavagnat, A., 1992:
The relationship between imbibition, density, level of swelling and germination ability of achenes of Rosa hybrida L

Thistle, H.W.J.; Teske, M.E.; Barry, J.W., 1993:
The relationship between in-canopy micrometeorology and droplet deposition

Zhang, Z.C.; Zhou, R.H., 1993:
The relationship between incidence and severity of tobacco mosaic disease, and a comparison between the susceptible cultivar and a transgenic resistant line

Kindlmann P.; Dixon A.F.G.; Gross L.J., 1992:
The relationship between individual and population growth rates in multicellular organisms

Glendining, M.J.; Poulton, P.R.; Powlson, D.S., 1992:
The relationship between inorganic N in soil and the rate of fertilizer N applied on the Broadbalk wheat experiment

Seneewong, A.; Baskin, C.C.; Batson, W.E.J., 1991:
The relationship between internal disease organisms and germination of gin run cottonseed (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

Taylor, P.G.; Martínez-Torres, C.; Méndez-Castellano, H.; Bosch, V.; Leets, I.; Tropper, E.; Layrisse, M., 1993:
The relationship between iron deficiency and anemia in Venezuelan children

Ochieng Odero, J.P.R., 1993:
The relationship between larval critical weight, latent feeding period and diet quality in the larval metamorphosis of Cnephasia jactatana (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

Xu, S.M.; Miao, Y.N.; Jiang, Y.Q.; Hu, A.L.; Wang, Y.D.; Zhu, C.F.; Liu, X.J., 1992:
The relationship between leaf photosynthetic activity and leaf structure at different positions during reproductive growth in soyabeans

Mock, N.; Abdoh, A.; Magnani, R.; Konde, M., 1993:
The relationship between maternal and child nutritional status in rural Guinea

McCutchan, M.H.; Main, W.A., 1989:
The relationship between mean monthly fire potential indices and monthly fire severity

Pang, J.H., 1993:
The relationship between mechanical properties of waterlogged paddy soil and the content of 10 trace elements

Thompson, B.K.; Hamilton, R.M.G., 1993:
The relationship between meteorological changes and daily feed intake or shell strength of eggs of Leghorn hens

Zhang, Z.G.; Song, C.X., 1992:
The relationship between micronutrients in soil, and soil environments and plant genotypes

Jelinek, P.; Gajdusek, S.; Illek, J., 1992:
The relationship between milk and blood traits in sheep

Jelec, S.; Delic, F.; Sivcevic, A.; omba, E., 1990:
The relationship between milk yield in early lactation and some reproductive characteristics

Deane, T.H., 1993:
The relationship between milkfat production per hectare and economic farm surplus on New Zealand dairy farms

Malkin, S.; Bilger, W.; Schreiber, U., 1994:
The relationship between millisecond luminescence and fluorescence in tobacco leaves during the induction period

Vadiveloo, J., 1994:
The relationship between morphology and composition in rice straw

Putz, N., 1992:
The relationship between movement and root force in monocotyledons

Ono, Y.; Iwamoto, H.; Takahara, H., 1993:
The relationship between muscle growth and the growth of different fiber types in the chicken

Tylkowska, K.; Houbowicz, R., 1991:
The relationship between mycoflora of radish seeds and their vigour

Sobrado, M.A., 1992:
The relationship between nitrogen and photosynthesis in relation to leaf age in a tropical xerophytic tree

Shen, Z.G.; Shen, Q.; Guan, H.Y.; Wang, Z.Y.; Shen, K., 1994:
The relationship between nutrition and growth and ion balance under NaCl stress in barley

Bakken, M., 1992:
The relationship between open field activity, competition capacity and first year reproductive success among farmed silver fox cubs (Vulpes vulpes)

Luijt, J., 1994:
The relationship between operational results and the price of land

Vissy, M., 1993:
The relationship between organizational and property changes and the technical background of agricultural production

Robinson, C.C.; Jackson, R.S., 1993:
The relationship between parents' Christmas gifts and Piaget's stages of pretend play and games-with-rules play: a comparison between preschool- and elementary-age children

Kennedy, C.R.; Bush, A.O., 1994:
The relationship between pattern and scale in parasite communities: a stranger in a strange land

Orlandini, M.; Arene, L.; Page Degivry, M.T. le, 1991:
The relationship between petal water potential and levels of abscisic acid in rose flower

Kocwin Podsiadla, M.; Kuryl, J.; Dvorak, J., 1992:
The relationship between phenotypes of the Phi, Po2 and Pgd systems and meat quality in Polish Landrace pigs

Cajuste, L.J.; Cruz Diaz, J.; Carrillo Gonzalez, R.; Cajuste, L.J., 1993 :
The relationship between phosphorus availability and forms of phosphorus in volcanic soils

Tao, H.Z., 1992:
The relationship between photosynthesis of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) and its specific leaf weight and stomatal distribution

Baker, N.R., 1991:
The relationship between photosystem 2 activity and CO2 assimilation in leaves

Wang, K.T.; Lu, S.Y., 1992:
The relationship between pollen and pistil intraspecific incompatibility in sweet potato

Lee, C.U.; Shin, B.S.; Lee, K.R., 1992:
The relationship between population density, JH and JHE activity in larvae of the Indian meal moth, Plodia interpunctella (Hubner)

Khanbash, M., 1989:
The relationship between population size and amount of pollen collected by Carniolan and Italian honey bee colonies

Clark, J.S.; Klein, K.K., 1994:
The relationship between price stabilization and cycles in the Canadian wheat market

Holler, C.; Borgemeister, C.; Haardt, H.; Powell, W., 1993:
The relationship between primary parasitoids and hyperparasitoids of cereal aphids: an analysis of field data

Pelss, A., 1993:
The relationship between production volume and production costs on individually owned farms in Latgale

Elgersma, A.; Winkelhorst, G.D.; Nijs, A.P.M. den, 1994:
The relationship between progeny seed yield in drilled plots and maternal spaced-plant traits in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)

Sinclair, S.A.; Hansen, B.G., 1993:
The relationship between purchase decisions and quality assessment of office furniture

Beerlink, J.G., 1992:
The relationship between rainfall and honey production in the district of Coronie, Surinam

Kilgour, R.J., 1993:
The relationship between ram breeding capacity and flock fertility

Goto, I.; Agar, N.S.; Maede, Y., 1992:
The relationship between reduced glutathione level and glutathione S-transferase activity in sheep erythrocytes

Lindskog, P.; Mando, A., 1992:
The relationship between research institutes and NGOs in the field of soil and water conservation in Burkina Faso

Hirasawa, T.; Ishihara, K., 1992:
The relationship between resistance to water transport and the midday depression of photosynthetic rate in rice plants

Bamford, O.; Taciak, V.; Gewolb, I.H., 1992:
The relationship between rhythmic swallowing and breathing during suckle feeding in term neonates

Fraser, I., 1993:
The relationship between risk aversion and partial compensation, and the level of uptake of standard payment agri-environmental policy

Yao, Q.H.; Liu, Z.Z.; Wang, Z.Y.; Lu, S.H.; Sun, X.J.; Zhang, F.Q.; Tang, Y.L., 1991:
The relationship between root potassium leakage and scab resistance in wheat cultivars

Palasz, A.T.; Cates, W.F.; Barth, A.D.; Mapletoft, R.J., 1994:
The relationship between scrotal circumference and quantitative testicular traits in yearling beef bulls

Carlsson, J.; Pehrson, B., 1993:
The relationship between seasonal variations in the concentration of urea in bulk milk and the production and fertility of dairy herds

McNeilly, J.R.; Evans, N.P.; Bramley, T.A.; Brown, P.; Clark, A.J.; Webb, R., 1993:
The relationship between selection for pituitary responsiveness to gonadotrophin releasing hormone in sheep and differences in gonadotrophin subunit mRNAs

Johnston, J.; McLelland, A.; O'Reilly, D.S., 1993:
The relationship between serum cholesterol and serum thyroid hormones in male patients with suspected hypothyroidism

Lu, D.C.; Huang, C.Y.; Chen, W.Y.; Cui, Y.G.; Zhang, X.P.; Jiang, C.X.; Fu, Y.S., 1991:
The relationship between single and three-way crosses and rate of good selected strains in the progenies

Woodcock, H.; Patterson, W.A.I.I.I.; Davies, K.M.J., 1993:
The relationship between site factors and white ash (Fraxinus americana L.) decline in Massachusetts

Bostrack, Jm, 1993:
The relationship between size of shoot apices and morphological features of mature leaves and stems of four species of angiosperm trees

Berg, H.; Agerhem, H.; Von Seth, G.; Tornberg, E.; Andresen, O., 1993:
The relationship between skatole and androstenone content and sensory off-odour in entire male pigs

Bejerholm, C.; Barton Gade, P., 1993:
The relationship between skatole/androstenone and odour/flavour of meat from entire male pigs

Calugari, M.; Bulimar, F.; Hutu, M., 1991:
The relationship between soil management and soil microarthropods

Roth, C.H.; Eggert, T., 1991:
The relationship between soil properties, susceptibility to disaggregation and infiltration

Bunescu, V.; Stanescu, D.; Crespai, L.; Blaga, G.; Ropan, G.; Bunescu, H., 1991:
The relationship between soils and apple growth and yield

Song, Z.W.; Lu, Z.S., 1992:
The relationship between solanine and tuberization of potato plants

Pesic, D.; Miocinovic, D., 1994:
The relationship between somatic cell count and physicochemical characteristics of goat milk

Wetzstein, H.Y.; Baker, C.M., 1993:
The relationship between somatic embryo morphology and conversion in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Sekerden, O.; Erdem, H., 1992:
The relationship between some udder conformation traits and milk yield in Jersey cows

Carter, CG.; Brafield, AE., 1992:
The relationship between specific dynamic action and growth in grass carp, Ctenopharyngodon idella (Val.)

Moerkerk, M.R.; Combellack, J.H., 1992:
The relationship between spray retention and herbicidal efficacy of diclofop-methyl

Williams, R.O.; Cobb, A.H., 1992:
The relationship between storage temperature, respiration, reducing sugar content and reconditioning regime in stored potato tubers

Pak, C.; Doorn, W.G. van, 1991:
The relationship between structure and function of surfactants used for rehydration of cut astilbe, bouvardia and roses

Xiong, F.S.; Gao, Y.Z.; Zhan, Y.C.; Li, G.F., 1994:
The relationship between sucrose and starch contents and the activities of their degradative enzymes in crop plants

Xia, M.Z., 1993:
The relationship between sugar-nitrogen ratio and reproductive organs abscission in faba bean (Vicia faba L.)

Paszynski, J.; Rojan, P., 1991:
The relationship between sunshine duration and structure of global solar radiation

Skold, K.D.; Popov, V.N., 1992:
The relationship between technical efficiency and farm characteristics in the Stavropol region

Kalaitzandonakes, N.G.; Wu, S.X.; Ma, J.C., 1992:
The relationship between technical efficiency and firm size revisited

Fan,; Guo, S.C.uan, 1992:
The relationship between temperature stress resistance and changes of the endogenous scavengers of activated oxygen in hybrid rice

Parker, D.K.; Proudlove, M.O., 1993:
The relationship between the ATP content of barley and viability

Li, S.J.; Wang, J.; Xu, Y.N., 1994:
The relationship between the LHPC-1 contents of isolated PSI particles and the states of thylakoid membranes

Liu, S.-s., 1990:
The relationship between the age at parasitization and parasite impact in Myzus persicae

Rak, B.; Kapeanski, W., 1992:
The relationship between the age of replacement gilts and their reproductive performance

Xu, H.G.; Zhu, C.X.; Tong, X.M.; Luo, Y.; Xu, F.K., 1990:
The relationship between the airborne spore load of Pyricularia oryzae and P. grisea to the field intensity of rice blast disease

Takahashi, M.; Miyakado, M.; Tanaka, S., 1993:
The relationship between the bleaching pattern on radish cotyledons and hydrophobicity of herbicidal 3-phenoxybenzamides

Liu, X.H.; Wang, H.H.; Chai, J.M.; Wui, X.G., 1990:
The relationship between the cell structure and biochemical characteristics in banana leaf tissue and their cold tolerance

uczak, I.; Gaweda, M., 1993:
The relationship between the chemical composition of sugar beet leaves and the development of black bean aphid Aphis fabae

Oghiakhe, S.; Makanjuola, W.A.; Jackai, L.E.N., 1993:
The relationship between the concentration of phenol in cowpea and field resistance to the legume pod borer, Maruca testulalis Geyer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Gill, M.; Romney, D., 1994:
The relationship between the control of meal size and the control of daily intake in ruminants

Bocan, T.M.A.; Mueller, S.B.k; Mazur, M.J.; Uhlendorf, P.D.; Brown, E.Q.enby; Kieft, K.A., 1993:
The relationship between the degree of dietary-induced hypercholesterolemia in the rabbit and atherosclerotic lesion formation

Yu, Z.J.; Wang, H.Q., 1993:
The relationship between the dominant species of micryphantid spiders in paddy fields and environmental conditions

Wang, N.N.; Liu, R.Q.; Zhu, L.J.; Tang, Z.D., 1992 :
The relationship between the effect of sodium selenite on the growth of Nicotiana tabacum crown gall tissue and the level of endogenous hormones

Miao, G.Y.; Zhang, Y.T.; Hou, Y.S.; Yin, J., 1992:
The relationship between the effect of thermo-photoperiod and leaf number on the main culm of wheat

Lamond, W.; Graham, R., 1993:
The relationship between the equilibrium moisture content of grass mixtures and the temperature and humidity of the air

Boyd, L.A.; Smith, P.H.; Green, R.M.; Brown, J.K.M., 1994:
The relationship between the expression of defense-related genes and mildew development in barley

Yun, E.S.; Jung, Y.T.; Kim, J.K.; Son, I.S., 1992:
The relationship between the incidence of green spotting on persimmon fruits and the forms of soil manganese in different soils in the Yeongnam area

Theret, N.; Bard, J.M.; Nuttens, M.C.; Lecerf, J.M.; Delbart, C.; Romon, M.; Salomez, J.L.; Fruchart, J.C., 1993:
The relationship between the phospholipid fatty acid composition of red blood cells, plasma lipids, and apolipoproteins

Von Berky, A.G.; Tonwsend, W.L., 1993:
The relationship between the prevalence of uterine lesions and the use of medroxyprogesterone acetate for canine population control

Eti, S.; Kaska, N.; Kurnaz, S.; Klavuz, M., 1990:
The relationship between the production, viability and germination capacity of pollen and fruit set in some Turkish loquat (Eriobotrya japonica Lindl.) varieties

Song, S.J., 1990:
The relationship between the rate of applied nitrogen fertilizer and dehydrogenase activity in the root system of sweet pepper

Sowunmi, A.; Oduola, A.M.J.; Salako, L.A.; Ogundahunsi, O.A.T.; Laoye, O.J.; Walker, O., 1992:
The relationship between the response of Plasmodium falciparum malaria to mefloquine in African children and its sensitivity in vitro

E.A.tably, H.M.; Habib, S.A.; Rabie, K.A.E., 1991:
The relationship between the rooting of cuttings, photoperiodism and plant growth hormones in Chrysanthemum

Force, J.E.; Machlis, G.E.; Zhang, L.J.; Kearney, A., 1993:
The relationship between timber production, local historical events, and community social change: a quantitative case study

Hope, A.S.; Kimball, J.S.; Stow, D.A., 1993:
The relationship between tussock tundra spectral reflectance properties and biomass and vegetation composition

Kosikova, B.; Mlynar, J.; Zakutna, L.; Joniak, D.; Micko, M., 1990:
The relationship between ultrastructure and lignin extractability of steamed hardwoods

Brook, J.R.; Samson, P.J.; Sillman, S., 1993:
The relationship between upwind SO2 emissions and SO4+ concentrations in precipitation at six sites in the eastern USA

Lilburn, M.S.; Nestor, K.E., 1993:
The relationship between various indices of carcass growth and development and reproduction in turkey hens

Hrsto, D., 1993:
The relationship between wheat and mill-product prices

Murray, G.M.; Ellison, P.J.; Watson, A.; Cullis, B.R., 1994:
The relationship between wheat yield and stripe rust as affected by length of epidemic and temperature at the grain development stage of crop growth

Cui, J.; Yang, Z.Y.; Gao, Y., 1993:
The relationship between wide compatibility and restorability in rice

Nogradi, G.S.; Yardley, J.K.; Kanters, M.A., 1993:
The relationship between work-related attention, motivating potential of jobs, and job effectiveness outcomes

Mcqueen-Mason, S.; Fry, S.; Durachko, D.; Cosgrove, D., 1993:
The relationship between xyloglucan endotransglycosylase and in-vitro cell wall extension in cucumber hypocotyls

Hall, L.M.; McKay, J.C., 1993:
The relationship between yolk cholesterol and total lipid concentration throughout the first year of egg production in the domestic fowl

Kadhim A H.H.; Elias E.A.; Mustafa A.M., 1989:
The relationship between zinc phosphide concentration efficiency and food stuffs used as bait in rodent control in different sites and seasons

Veit, H.P.; McCarthy, F.; Friedericks, J.; Cashin, M.; Angert, R., 1993:
The relationship of Haitian small farm management to goat and cattle diseases

Fesus, L.; Lengyel, A.; Paszthy, G.; Amer, A.D., 1991:
The relationship of biochemical polymorphisms with reproductive traits in Hungarian Merino and Booroola crossbred sheep

Harman, E.A.; Frykman, P.N., 1992:
The relationship of body size and composition to the performance of physically demanding military tasks

Figueroa J.D.C.; Khan K., 1991:
The relationship of bromate requirement and sugars in breadmaking and implications for loaf volume potential of hard red spring wheat flours

Watala, C.; Winocour, P.D., 1992:
The relationship of chemical modification of membrane proteins and plasma lipoproteins to reduced membrane fluidity of erythrocytes from diabetic subjects

Leina, G.D., 1993:
The relationship of dark respiration and dry mass increment of the individual organs and whole plants of Cardamine pratensis (Brassicaceae) during the reproductive period

Sloan, D.R.; Harms, R.H.; Russell, G.B.; Smith, W.G., 1994:
The relationship of egg cholesterol to serum cholesterol, serum calcium, feed consumption, and dietary cholecalciferol

Almeida, A.M.S.F. de; Villaca e Moura, P.V.S.V., 1992:
The relationship of forest fires to agro-forestry and socio-economic parameters in Portugal

Panozzo, J.F.; Hannah, M.C.; O'brien, L.; Bekes, F., 1993:
The relationship of free lipids and flour protein to breadmaking quality

White, S.A.; Duda, J.L., 1994:
The relationship of gender, level of sport involvement, and participation motivation to task and ego orientation

Faradzhov, A.F.; Mamedov, I.B.; Mutuzov, G.M., 1993:
The relationship of gonadal asymmetry with productivity in livestock

Maguire, M.P.; Riess, R.W., 1994:
The relationship of homologous synapsis and crossing over in a maize inversion

Digiaro, M.; Savino, V.; Terlizzi, B. di; Martelli, G.P., 1992:
The relationship of ilarviruses to almond mosaic

Bowen, M.F., 1993:
The relationship of insemination to energy reserves in a diapausing mosquito

Caldwell, L.L.; Smith, E.A.; Weissinger, E., 1993 :
The relationship of leisure activities and perceived health of college students

Damron, B.L., 1994:
The relationship of maximum or intermediate coccidiostat levels to broiler chick water intake

Flynn, J.B., 1992:
The relationship of membership in clubs and special interest groups prior to retirement and attitudes towards leisure and life satisfaction

Bauhus, J., 1993:
The relationship of microbial biomass and its activity to temperature and water content in an acid forest soil

Miller, R.; Paape, M.; Fulton, L.; Schutz, M., 1993:
The relationship of milk somatic cell count to milk yields for Holstein heifers after first calving

Marinchuk, G.E., 1992:
The relationship of milk yield in cattle with complex loci of a linked block of caseins and beta -lactoglobulin

Bunt, A.C., 1991:
The relationship of oxygen diffusion rate to the air-filled porosity of potting substrates

Ramos, C.I.; Folkers, E., 1994:
The relationship of perception of time and attributes of leisure in daily experiences

Palmer, C.E.; Oelck, M., 1992:
The relationship of phosphinothricin to growth and metabolism in cell cultures of Brassica napus L

Zhang, Z.G.; Zeng, H.L., 1992:
The relationship of photosensitivity and sterility in photosensitive genic male sterile PGMS lines

Swanepoel, F.J.; Lubout, P.C.; Christie, J., 1993:
The relationship of scrotal circumference to histological testicular parameters and sperm reserves

Mickelsen, W.D.; Memon, M.A.; Anderson, P.B.; Freeman, D.A., 1993:
The relationship of semen quality to pregnancy rate and litter size following artificial insemination in the bitch

Abebe, G.; Hart, J.H., 1990:
The relationship of site factors to the incidence of Cytospora and Septoria cankers and poplar and willow borer in hybrid poplar plantations

Garstang, J.R.; Vaughan, J., 1992:
The relationship of soil mineral nitrogen and soil clay content to grain yield and nitrogen content of malting barley

Gajusek, S.; Stejskal, J.; Jurecova, D.; Kucera, M.; Jelinek, P., 1992:
The relationship of somatic cell count in goat milk with its composition and characters

Head, G.M.; Butler, L.G., 1992:
The relationship of some novel measured characters with visual score made by sheep classers

Gui, M.X.; Huang, W.Y.; Ni, N.J., 1992:
The relationship of some physiological changes and disease resistance in cotton infected with Fusarium wilt disease

Newton, M.; Duda, J.L., 1993:
The relationship of task and ego orientation to performance-cognitive content, affect, and attributions in bowling

Gardner, D.G.; Baker, D.C., 1993:
The relationship of the canine acanthomatous epulis to ameloblastoma

el-Hazmi, M.A., 1993 :
The relationship of the genetic heterogeneity of sickle cell gene to clinical manifestations

Shuey, S.A.; Birkelo, C.P.; Marshall, D.M., 1993:
The relationship of the maintenance energy requirement to heifer production efficiency

Menotti, A., 1992:
The relationship of total serum cholesterol to coronary heart disease in older men. The Italian rural areas of the Seven Countries Study

Hazenberg, G.; Yang, K.C., 1991:
The relationship of tree age with sapwood and heartwood width in black spruce, Picea mariana (Mill.) B.S.P

Hanus, O.; Gencurova, V.; Ficnar, J.; Gabriel, B.; Zvackova, I., 1993:
The relationship of urea and protein in bulk milk to some breeding factors

Aslam, N.; Turner, C.M., 1992:
The relationship of variable antigen expression and population growth rates in Trypanosoma brucei

Gerla, Philip J., 1992:
The relationship of water-table changes to the capillary fringe, evapotranspiration, and precipitation in intermittent wetlands

Kruger, J.E.; Hatcher, D.W., 1993:
The relationships between alpha -amylase and polyphenol oxidase activities in wheat

Udala, J., 1993:
The relationships between body weight, testis size and blood LH, testosterone and prolactin concentrations in the first year of life in Polish Longwool rams kept in natural or artifical light

Woyke, H.; Pielat, H., 1992:
The relationships between germination capacity and some defects of green pea seeds

Schmitt, G., 1993:
The relationships between household and farm sizes, income level and structure in the process of agricultural adjustment. An empirical investigation for the Federal German Republic 1975-90

Coomer, J.C.; Amos, H.E., 1992:
The relationships between non-structural carbohydrates and milk production in lactating dairy cows

Carter, C.G.; Houlihan, D.F.; Brechin, J.; McCarthy, I.D., 1993:
The relationships between protein intake and protein accretion, synthesis, and retention efficiency for individual grass carp, Ctenopharyngodon idella (Valenciennes)

Munden, R.; Curran, P.J.; Catt, J.A., 1994:
The relationships between red edge and chlorophyll concentration in the Broadbalk winter wheat experiment at Rothamsted

Ben-Shahar, R.; Coe, M.J., 1992:
The relationships between soil factors, grass nutrients and the foraging behaviour of wildebeest and zebra

Wang, Y.L.; Cai, J.Z.; He, J.S.; Chen, L.; Xu, J.K.; Bian, Y., 1992:
The relationships between spikelet-root-activity and grain filling and ripening in rice (Oryza sativa)

Larese, F.; Longo, L.R.; Sauli, M.L., 1992:
The relationships between the concentrations of airborne pollen and allergic symptoms in Trieste (northern Italy) in 1989

Li, Y.X.; Cui, R.; Ding, F.W.; Li, P.T.; Wang, F.H.; Zhao, J.R., 1992:
The relationships between the contents of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and water supply and fertilizer in summer soyabeans

Agca, N.; Derici, M.R., 1991:
The relationships between the exchangeable sodium ratio (ESR) and the sodium adsorption ratio (SAR) on widespread soil series in the Harran Plain

Liu, X.M.; Yang, Q.H., 1993:
The relationships between the physiological and biochemical mechanisms of aphid resistance of cotton and the population dynamics of the cotton aphid

Lengerken, G. von; Lippmann, I.; Wahner, M., 1994:
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The resistance of flat items made of continuously non-uniform modified wood

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The response of Japanese distributors to the strategy of American and Australian exporters - the point of view of the Zenchiku Company

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The response of a ryegrass sward to wheel traffic and applied nitrogen

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The response of cows to automated distribution of concentrates

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The response of late season cassava to chemical fertilizer in Warin soil series

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The response of late season cassava to fertilizer rates, ratio and timing of application

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The response of oats to unfavourable phytosanitary factors of soil after different forecrops

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The response of peach plants grown in hydroponic system to gibberellin biosynthesis inhibitors (GBIs)

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The response of peppermint (Mentha X piperita L.) to selected microelements

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The response of plants to patchy environments

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The response of potatoes (Solanum tuberosum L.) to salinity: plant growth and tuber yields in the arid desert of Israel

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The response of soil nematodes to environmental stimuli in arid South Australia

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The response of sorghum to phosphate fertilizer in Botswana

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The response of spring barley yield to the degree of soil compactness related to meteorological conditions

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The response of the rice growing sector to the challenge of free trade

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The response of western forests to air pollution

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The responses of a forest model to serial correlations of global warming

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The responses of plants to heavy metals

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The responses of shoot growth of Eucalyptus species to concentration and frequency of exposure to nitrogen oxides

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The responses of the cabbage seed weevil (Ceutorhynchus assimilis) to the odour of oilseed rape (Brassica napus) and to some volatile isothiocyanates

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The responsibility must remain in the village

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The responsibility of the food industry

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The responsiveness of embryonic stem cells to alpha and beta interferons provides the basis of an inducible expression system for analysis of developmental control genes

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The restructuring of cooperatives: roles and responsibilities of and cooperation between cooperative associations and farmers' unions

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The restructuring of the East German sugar industry

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The restructuring of the dairy industry in the former GDR

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The result and role of the BX-1 model preservation paper wraps on the prevention of apple and pear skin brown

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The result of performance testing during the last decade 1983/4-1992/93

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The results and implications of a survey of the origin of artificial populations of Terminalia brassii in Solomon Islands

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The results of a dispensary examination of sows during excessive high-concentrate feeding

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The results of crossbreeding the dairy type of Red Pied cattle with Limousin

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The results of forced fattening of geese for fat livers depending on the feeding method

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The results of investigation into the occurrence of secondary power sources in the agri-food complex

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The results of meat quality testing by biopsy in boars in Slovakia

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The results of milk recording and breed differences

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The results of pear testing in Dobele

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The results of pedigreed herds in the Czech Republic in 1991

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The results of studying mycoflora of city plantings

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The results of the Dutch butterfly mapping scheme

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The results of the Namibia Land Tenure Reform Conference: an attenuation of raised expectations?

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The results of the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy and the GATT-decisions to the rural area in view of the European Single Market

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The results of trials on the control of stalk necrosis in Alsace in 1987 and 1988

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The results of unbalanced mineral fertilization in a long-term fertilizing field experiment

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The retail homecenter perspective on point-of-sale scanning of UPC barcoded wood products

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The retinol-binding protein superfamily

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The retreat of agro-pastoral areas in the Southern Prealps and its consequences on the average mountain landscape

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The retrocerebral endocrine complex in Diptera

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The return of individual farming in Russia

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The return of von Liebig's law of the minimum

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The reunification of German sports medicine, 1989-1992

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The reversible inhibition of pollen germination of Nicotiana tabacum L.: an entry into a transformation system

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The revitalization of 'Fokonolona' village councils within the framework of the rural development policy of the Democratic Republic of Madagascar

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The revival of theme parks

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The rewetting of partially dried grass swaths by rain: Part 3, Laboratory investigation into the rewetting process

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The rhabditid nematode Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita as a potential biological control agent for slugs

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The rhabdovirus of the spring viremia of the carp isolated by the first time in Spain

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The rheumatological manifestations of Lyme disease

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The rhizomania vector

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The ribonucleases of higher plants

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The rice sector in Spain: comparative advantages of the various producing areas

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The richness and degree of exploration of the fauna of Yugoslavia: the insects

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The right steps at the right time

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The right to health in tropical agriculture

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The right to travel or the right to be a tourist - a free good? A look at tourist certificates

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The right to wander: issues in the leisure use of countryside and wilderness areas

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The right wheat for our southern regions

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The rights and duties of the tourist in the year 2000 - health approach

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The rights of the tenant in expropriation

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The rise and fall of P.E. in Victoria, Australia - an overview of physical education in the state of Victoria (Australia)

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The rise and fall of agricultural policy cycles: from planned economy to green liberalism

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The rise and fall of mass marketing

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The rise and fall of mass marketing? Food retailing in Great Britain since 1960

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The rise and fall of the silvicultural hypothesis in spruce budworm (Choristoneura fumiferana) management in eastern Canada

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The rise of discount: how to survive the profit squeeze

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The risk approach and maternal mortality: a Latin American perspective

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The risk approach in the diagnosis of malaria in high altitude regions

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The risk assessment procedure in the development of entry conditions for the import of plant products

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The risk in production of beetroot and carrot seeds

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The risk of Borrelia burgdorferi infection is not increased in pet owners

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The risk of development. Social anthropology and nutritional epidemiology: note on a survey

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The risk of infection attributed to hospital waste, epidemiological fact or medical fiction?

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The risk of ringworm in cattle and man

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The risk of the application of ash to soil

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The risk recreation experience: subjective state dimensions and the transferability of benefits

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The risks and benefits of feeding intact male swine in the United States and Canada

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The risks of fish consumption

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The risks of the cryopreservation of bull semen

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The rites of manggol: work and ritual in Paku Iban agriculture

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The road from Rio: NGO policy makers and the social ecology of development

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The road from Rio: an NGO action guide to environment and development

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The road to romance & ruin: teen films and youth culture

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The roads of hikers

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The rock, the beach, and the tidal pool: people and poverty in natural resource-dependent areas

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The rolC promoter of Agrobacterium rhizogenes Ri plasmid is activated by sucrose in transgenic tobacco plants

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The role a botanical institute can play in the conservation of the terrestrial biodiversity in a developing country

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The role and design of wildlife corridors with examples from Tanzania

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The role and enhancement of parasitic Hymenoptera biodiversity in agroecosystems

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The role and function of goat keeping in small peasant farming systems in Malawi

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The role and gene expression of glutamate synthetase in senescing leaves

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The role and importance of tropical forest conservation for pharmaceutical research

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The role and limitations of economic incentives in conservation farming

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The role and limitations of paradigm research in environmental management

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The role and structure of beta -lactoglobulin

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The role and structure of agriculture and its institutions

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The role and the significance of sodium in the technological value of beet of Mediterranean origin

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The role and therapeutic use of interferons during leishmanioses (literature survey)

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The role membrane damage plays in cold shock and freezing injury

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The role of beta -carotene in the prevention of cardiovascular disease

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The role of bioelectric impedance analysis in the evaluation of the nutritional status of cancer patients

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The role of ABA and ABA-induced gene expression in cold acclimation of Arabidopsis thaliana

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The role of ADB in strengthening biotechnology research in Asia

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The role of Acacia aneura in animal production

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The role of Acremonium butyri in healing wounds of standing timber

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The role of Adlerocystis sp. in the reproduction of argasid ticks

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The role of African women in rural development: the Nigerian case

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The role of Bekes County in the country's new tourism supply

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The role of Branhamella ovis, Mycoplasma conjunctivae and Chlamydia psittaci in conjunctivitis of sheep

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The role of CP 47 in the evolution of oxygen and the binding of the extrinsic 33-kDa protein to the core complex of Photosystem II as determined by limited proteolysis

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The role of Ca2+ and ABA in the regulation of stomatal aperture

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The role of Ca2+ in generating bioelectrical response in cucumber leaves

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The role of Ca2+ in the action of GA in the barley aleurone

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The role of Camellia oleifera saponin in resistance to Colletotrichum camelliae

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The role of Candida albicans in the pathogenesis of food-intolerant irritable bowel syndrome

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The role of Candida in surgical intensive care unit infections

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The role of Chrysomelidae (Coleoptera) species for the biological control of weeds and the status of the species in Izmir

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The role of Coleoptera in the nutrition of some vertebrates in the northeast of Spain

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The role of D1* in light-induced D1 protein turnover in leaves

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The role of ESCWA in agricultural resource management and conservation and in combating desertification in the region

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The role of Ethiopian farmers in the conservation and utilization of crop genetic resources

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The role of GABA receptors in the control of the omasal myoelectrical activity in sheep

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The role of GIS in safeguarding the water environment

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The role of GPI-PLC in Trypanosoma brucei

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The role of Gloeotrichia echinulata in the transfer of phosphorus from sediments to water in Lake Erken

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The role of HACCP in the management of food safety and quality

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The role of HCO3-/Cl- exchange in the regulation of cytosolic pH

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The role of HMF and diastase assays in honey quality evaluation

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The role of ICARDA in genetic resources conservation

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The role of ICLARM on wetland protection, utilization and management

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The role of IL-5 in the immune responses to nematodes in rodents

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The role of Kew's living collection in orchid conservation

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The role of MPTS in coconut-based farming systems in Sri Lanka

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The role of Marisa cornuarietis as a biological control agent and its economic and epidemiological implications

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The role of NGOs in development cooperation: some notes on empirical research findings

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The role of National Plant Genetic Resources Centres (NPGRCs) in the SADCC Regional Gene Bank (SRGB) programme

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The role of PHILPHOS

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The role of Phytophthora cryptogea and waterlogging in root rot of kiwifruit

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The role of Phytophthora sp. in general infection of the cacao tree

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The role of Poa annua in the epidemiology of barley yellow dwarf virus in autumn-sown cereals

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The role of Rhizobium meliloti surface polysaccharides in nodule development

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The role of SANSOR in the seed trade and research

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The role of Salicaceae species in windbreaks

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The role of Salvadorean NGOs in post-war reconstruction

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The role of Sanitary-Epidemiological Stations in the organization of ecologically safe control measures against disease vectors

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The role of State regulation of agricultural production in the development of market relations

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The role of T cells in malaria immunosuppression

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The role of T-cell anergy in the immunomodulation of schistosomiasis

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The role of Trichoderma reesei xylanase and mannanase in the treatment of softwood kraft pulp prior to bleaching

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The role of Wnt genes in vertebrate development

Hurlburt, E., 1994:
The role of a State Department of Agriculture

Nilsson, J., 1993:
The role of a cooperative with regard to its members

D.Ketelaere, D., 1994:
The role of a hydrological data base in integrated resource management

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The role of a long-term fertilization information of the humus content

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The role of a novel embryo-cavity wax in preventing sprouting

E.Ghareeb, A.E.R.M., 1992:
The role of acetylcholinesterase, carboxylesterase and oxidase enzymes in selective toxicity between Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.) larvae and its predator Coccinella undecimpunctata L. adults

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The role of acid phosphatases in plant phosphorus metabolism

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The role of acoustic signals in the reproductive isolation and speciation of planthoppers (Homoptera, Delphacidae)

Krupa, Z.; Williams, J.P.; Khan, M.U.; Huner, N.P., 1992:
The Role of Acyl Lipids in Reconstitution of Lipid-Depleted Light-Harvesting Complex II from Cold-Hardened and Nonhardened Rye

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The role of adhesive F107 fimbriae and of SLT-IIv toxin in the pathogenesis of edema disease in pigs

Solarski, T., 1994:
The role of advisory services in rational mechanization of farms

Christensen, S., 1992:
The role of agribusiness in Thai agriculture: towards a policy analysis

Collins, H., 1993:
The role of agricultural aviation

Jong, P.C., 1992:
The role of agricultural cooperatives in strengthening marketing extension services for small-scale farmers: with special reference to the Korean case

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The role of agricultural credit in rural development in Tanzania: the case of maize production in Iringa Region

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The role of agricultural groundwater conservation in achieving zero overdraft in Arizona

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The role of agricultural pesticide use in the development of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in women

Eyzaguirre, P., 1993:
The role of agricultural research networks in small countries

Defilippis, J., 1992:
The role of agriculture and the village in the development of coastal Croatia

Badiane, O., 1992:
The role of agriculture and trade in economic development

Anonymous, 1993:
The role of agriculture in the Mediterranean: an economic and social bridge between north and south. Interview with Giuseppi Avolio

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The role of agriculture in the development of fringe areas

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The role of agriculture in the economic development of Argentina: the application of a structural disequilibrium model of economic growth

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The role of agriculture in the economic development of Brazil and in the crisis of the 1980s

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The role of agriculture in the organizational evolution of food marketing

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The role of agriculture in the structural adjustment experience of Turkey. A general equilibrium analysis

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The role of allelopathy in the diversity of plant communities in Taiwan

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The role of alley farming in African livestock production

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The role of altered lipid metabolism in the progression of renal disease: experimental evidence

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The role of alternative hosts in overwintering of Phytophthora drechsleri

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The role of amenity in Canadian regional development

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The role of amenity resources in rural recreation and tourism development

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The role of amino acid chelated magnesium in egg production

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The role of amino acid chelates in overcoming the malabsorption syndrome in poultry

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The role of ammonia in acidification. Perspectives for the prevention and reduction of emissions from livestock operations

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The role of analytical science in natural resource decision making

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The role of animal traction

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The role of animals at the heart of agribusiness

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The role of animals in Asian agricultural and rural development

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The role of animals in dispersing a 'wind-dispersed' pine

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The role of animals in spreading farmers' risks: a new paradigm for animal science

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The role of animals in spreading risks and other non-economic functions: a new paradigm for animal science

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The role of annual grasses in the phenology of Rhopalosiphum padi in the low rainfall belt of South Australia

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The role of aquaculture in fisheries, Reykjavik, Iceland, 1-5 November 1990

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The role of arginine as an immune modulator

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The Role of Ascorbate Free Radical as an Electron Acceptor to Cytochrome b-Mediated Trans-Plasma Membrane Electron Transport in Higher Plants

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The role of atmospheric aerosol composition in climate change

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The role of automation and computerisation in UK irrigation

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The role of auxiliary energy source in lignin biodegradation by lignolytic fungi

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The Role of Auxin in Plant Embryogenesis

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The role of auxin in the apical regulation of leaf abscission in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

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The role of auxin in the polar organisation of apical meristems

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The role of bacterial glycopolymers in pathogenesis of plant bacterioses

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The role of bacteriophages in the cultured products industry

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The role of basin lakes in the hydrological balance of a region of the Sahel

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The role of beliefs and sensory responses to milk in determining the selection of milks of different fat content

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The role of betagen bacteria in biodegrading palm oil mill effluent

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The role of bicarbonate in the activity of photosystem 2

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The role of bile in the regulation of exocrine pancreatic secretion

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The role of biodiversity in the functioning of savanna ecosystems

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The role of biofertilizers in reducing agricultural costs, decreasing environmental pollution and raising crop yield

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The role of biological control in weed management - what is success

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The role of biological factors in soil formation

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The role of biological research in plant breeding

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The role of biological response modifiers in disease control

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The role of biology in the formation, stabilization and degradation of soil structure

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The role of biotechnology companies in commercialization of entomopathogenic nematodes

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The role of biotechnology in agricultural research

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The role of biotechnology in cereal improvement

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The role of biotechnology in plant breeding

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The role of biotechnology in the future of animal breeding and production

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The role of biowaste treatment in Dutch household solid waste management

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The role of body weight changes and other factors in the control of fertility of rangefed beef cattle

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The role of boron in avocados: theory, practice and reality

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The role of bought-in cattle in herd breakdowns due to tuberculosis in part of County Cavan during 1989

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The role of breakfast cereals in the diets of 16-17-year-old teenagers in Britain

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The role of breast self-examination in early breast cancer detection (results of the 5-years USSR/WHO randomized study in Leningrad)

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The role of breeding centres in the improvement of breeds of dairy cattle

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The role of bulk distribution in the French wine sector. Analysis

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The role of butterfly releases in Great Britain & Europe

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The role of calcium and calmodulin in carrot somatic embryogenesis

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The role of calcium and controlled atmosphere storage in controlling pathogens of apples

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The role of calcium in lymphocyte regulation

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The role of calcium in the hormonal regulation of enzyme synthesis and secretion in barley aleurone

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The role of calcium in the pH-dependent control of Photosystem II

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The role of calcium intake in preventing bone fragility, hypertension, and certain cancers

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The role of calcium ions in the regulation of gravitropism

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The role of camel milk production in drylands with reference to Somalia

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The role of carbohydrate fermentation in colon cancer prevention

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The role of carbohydrates in active osmotic adjustment in apple under water stress

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The role of carnivores in the occurrence of human parasitoses

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The role of carotenoids in the immune response

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The role of cattle imports in the beef industry sector

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The role of cell swelling in the stimulation of glycogen synthesis by insulin

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The role of cell wall degrading enzymes in fungal disease resistance

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The role of cellulose-decomposing fungi in nitrogenase activity of Azotobacter chroococcum

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The role of changing surface mineralogy on the separation of phosphatic clay waste

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The role of chemical compounds accumulated in potato tubers infected by Fusarium solani the causal organism of tuber dry rot on the interaction between the host and the pathogen

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The role of chemical control in an integrated pest management of the neotropical walnut shootborer, Gretchena garai (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in Ecuador

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The role of chemical factors in sugar beet resistance to invasion by black bean aphid Aphis fabae

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The role of cholecystokinin (CCK8) on glucose production and elimination, and on plasma insulin and glucose in rats

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The role of cholecystokinin in interleukin-1-induced anorexia

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The role of cholesterol absorption and hepatic cholesterol content in high and low responses to dietary cholesterol and fat in pedigreed baboons (Papio species)

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The role of cholesterol in human health and nutrition, with particular reference to eggs as food

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The role of citizen scientist in nature resource decision-making: lessons from the spruce budworm problem in Canada

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The role of citrate in the regulation of hepatic fatty acid synthesis by insulin and glucagon

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The role of climate, soil properties and vegetation in controlling soil moisture in the Sudano-Sahelian zone of Nigeria

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The role of commodity exchanges in the development of food markets

Mortvedt, J.J., 1992:
The role of communication in environmental activities

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The role of communication in resolving commons dilemmas: experimental evidence with heterogeneous appropriators

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The role of community participation in development planning in Malaysia

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The role of competitiveness in shaping policy choices

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The role of computer software in the feeding of farm livestock

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The role of concurrent haemonchosis in the development of pneumonic pasteurellosis in goats

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The role of condensation in the soil water balance

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The role of conditioned taste aversion in the suppression of food intake by estradiol

Hughes, P.E., 1994:
The role of contact frequency in modifying the efficacy of the boar effect

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The role of copper in beef cattle fertility

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The role of corn breeding in future northeastern crop production

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The role of cow's milk protein intolerance in steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome

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The role of creative monography in the biodiversity crisis

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The role of credit in development

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The role of credit in the Farmer Support Programme: is it the key to success?

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The role of crop and pasture legumes in rotations on duplex soils

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The role of crop residue and nitrogen in the corn-soyabean rotation effect

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The role of crop simulation models in farming systems research

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The role of crude fibre in rabbit feeding

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The role of cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) and potato Y virus (PYV) in morphological changes in tomato

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The role of cultivar, habitat and trellis-training system in the nutrient uptake of grapevines. Part 1

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The role of cultivars trials with wheat in the control of wheat production factors in Croatia

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The role of cutinase in fungal pathogenicity

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The role of cytochrome P450lpr in deltamethrin metabolism by pyrethroid-resistant and susceptible strains of house flies

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The role of cytokines in malaria infection

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The role of cytokines in the pathogenesis of hepatic granulomatous disease in Schistosoma mansoni infected mice

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The role of cytokinin in organised differentiation of vascular tissues

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The role of cytosolic calcium, pH and auxin-induced electrical responses for elongation growth in maize

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The role of dairy cattle production in the industrialized countries

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The role of decollectivization in China's agricultural miracle, 1978-90

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The role of development centres in the rural areas

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The role of diet in the diagnosis and treatment of organic hypoglycaemias in adults

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The role of diet in the genesis and treatment of hypertension

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The role of dietary calcium in the prevention of postmenopausal osteoporosis

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The role of dietary compliance in survival of hemodialysis patients

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The role of dietary fat in adipose metabolism

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The role of dietary fats in efficiency of ruminants

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The role of dietary n-3 fatty acid and vitamin E supplements in growth of sturgeon (Acipenser naccarii)

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The role of dietary phytosterols in colon carcinogenesis

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The role of dietary polyamines

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The role of dietary sources of nucleotides in immune function: a review

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The role of disturbance in the establishment of indigenous and alien plants at Inaccessible and Nightingale Islands in the South Atlantic Ocean

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The role of diversification in restructuring farms and rural estates

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The role of documentalists within the framework of plant protection sciences

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The role of dry ground leaves of some plants in controlling the reniform nematode, Rotylenchulus reniformis infecting sunflower

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The role of earthworms in Western Australia agriculture

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The role of earthworms in managed, permanent pastures in Devon, England

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The role of earthworms in straw decomposition and nitrogen turnover in arable land in Ireland

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The role of ecological perception in indigenous resource management: a case study from the Mongolian forest-steppe

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The role of ecological restoration in conservation biology

Barbier, E.B., 1993:
The role of economic incentives for natural resource management in developing countries

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The role of egg antigens, cytokines in granuloma formation in murine schistosomiasis mansoni

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The role of electronic information in extension

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The role of embryo transfer and cytogenetics in the exploitation of sheep genetic resources in Nippon (Japan)

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The role of endogenous atrial natriuretic peptide in resting and stress-induced release of corticotropin, prolactin, growth hormone, and thyroid-stimulating hormone

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The role of endogenous auxin in root initiation. Part II. Sensitivity, and evidence from studies on transgenic plant tissues

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The role of endophytes in alleviating plant biotic stress in New Zealand

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The role of endotoxins in induced ruminal acidosis in calves

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The role of endotoxins in methscopolamine induced ruminal stasis in calves

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The role of entomology in vector-borne disease problems

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The role of enzyme activation state in limiting carbon assimilation under variable light conditions

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The role of eosinophils in Angiostrongylus cantonensis infection

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The role of epidemic infectious diseases in the discovery of America

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The role of epidermal growth factor in the pathogenesis of bleeding gastro-oesophageal varices

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The role of equilibrium bubble gas in the formation of soil water holding capacity

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The role of essential fatty acids in neural development: implications for perinatal nutrition

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The role of estrogen in the feedback regulation of follicle-stimulating hormone secretion in the female rat

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The role of ethnic minorities - the East Asiatic case

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The role of ethnobotany and indigenous knowlege in conservation of plant genetic resources

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The role of ethnography in project appraisal

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The role of ethylene in regulating growth of deepwater rice

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The role of ethylene in storage and regulation of ethylene biosynthesis of broccoli florets after harvest. Effect of temperature

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The role of ethylene in the abscission and ripening of red raspberry fruit Rubus idaeus cv. Glen Clova

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The role of exocarp thickness in the production, consumption and selection of eating capsicum

Fischer, I., 1992:
The role of exocarp thickness in the production, consumption and selection of paprika for consumption

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The role of exocytosis in the apocrine secretion of milk lipid globules in mouse mammary gland during lactogenesis

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The role of exon sequences in splice site selection

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The role of exposure to animals in the etiology of Campylobacter jejuni/coli enteritis

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The role of extension in agricultural and rural development in Africa

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The role of extension in irrigation: The Israeli experience

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The role of extension in traditional agriculture: evidence from the farmer support programme

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The role of extracellular polysaccharide in cell viability and nitrogenase activity of Beijerinckia derxii

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The role of fallowing and forage crops in maintaining soil fertility

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The role of family farming in agrarian change

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The role of family members in food shopping: implications for retailers and manufacturers

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The role of farm household investment and its contribution to agricultural development in China

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The role of farmers in the Jordanian combined sondeo process

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The role of fatty acid biosynthesis and degradation in the supply of substrates for poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) formation in Pseudomonas putida

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The role of fatty acid saturation on plasma lipids, lipoproteins, and apolipoproteins: I. Effects of whole food diets high in cocoa butter, olive oil, soybean oil, dairy butter, and milk chocolate on the plasma lipids of young men

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The role of fertilizers in environmental pollution

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The role of fertilizers in increasing food production in China: a historical review and prospects

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The role of fibre in rabbit nutrition

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The role of field experiments in the study of soil mediated effects of air pollution on forest trees

Mahabile, M., 1993:
The role of financial institutions in agricultural development in Botswana

Tulsner, M., 1994:
The role of fish in world nutrition

Hung, 1991:
The role of fixed cultivation and human settlement in land use and land conservation

Middleton, E.M.; Teramura, A.H., 1993:
The Role of Flavonol Glycosides and Carotenoids in Protecting Soybean from Ultraviolet-B Damage

Chen, J.Q., 1993:
The role of flood-extremes and different approaches in estimating design floods

Tucker S.C., 1992:
The role of floral development in studies of legume evolution

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The role of focus group interviews in assessing the primary health care and family planning programme in India

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The role of folic acid in the prevention of neural tube defects

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The role of folklore in environmental conservation: evidence from Edo State, Nigeria

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The role of food control in improving nutrition. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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The role of food quality and competition in shaping the seasonal cycle in the reproductive activity of the sycamore aphid

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The role of food research in planning for a better nutrition in the 21st century: government

Gutteridge, R.C.; Shelton, H.M., 1994:
The role of forage tree legumes in cropping and grazing systems

Gullison, R.E.; Losos, E.C., 1993:
The role of foreign debt in deforestation in Latin America

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The role of forest ecosystems in Guinea-Bissau in the maintenance and increased availability of forage

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The role of forest, wood biomass and solar energy in stabilizing the greenhouse effect

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The role of forests and forestry in the carbon cycle. An examination for the German Federal Republic

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The role of formulation in the safe usage of pesticides in crop protection

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The role of foxes Vulpes vulpes in the epidemiology of Echinococcus granulosus in urban environments

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The role of free proline in the reaction of bean plants to the effect of sulfite ions

Mul, A.J.; Perry, F.G., 1994:
The role of fructo-oligosaccharides in animal nutrition

Whittaker, R.J.; Jones, S.H., 1994:
The role of frugivorous bats and birds in the rebuilding of a tropical forest ecosystem, Krakatau, Indonesia

Conley, D., 1993:
The role of funding in biological control: from funding corporations

Patterson, D., 1993:
The role of funding in biological control: from the public purse

Hasan, A., 1993:
The role of fungi in fungus-nematode interactions

Archibald, F.S., 1992:
The role of fungus-fiber contact in the biobleaching of kraft brownstock by Trametes (Coriolus) versicolor

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The role of futures analysis in planning for leisure and recreation development

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The role of gender in agricultural development

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The role of gender in peasant migration: conceptual issues from the Peruvian Andes

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The role of gender in the quest for sustainable agricultural development

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The role of gene technology in plant breeding

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The role of genetic resources in feeding the world: a global assessment by the U.S. National Academy of Sciences

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The role of genome type-environment interaction and time in understanding the impact of genetic polymorphisms on lipid metabolism

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The role of geological structures and relict channels in the development of dryland salinity in the wheatbelt of Western Australia

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The role of geosynthetics in conservation construction

Chang, T.T., 1993:
The role of germplasm and genetics in meeting global rice needs

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The role of gibberellic acid in the senescence of carnation flowers

Rebers, M., 1992:
The role of gibberellins in the cold requirement of tulip

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The role of glutamine and glucose analogues in metabolic inhibition of human myeloid leukaemia in vitro

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The role of glycolipid C in the GPI biosynthetic pathway in Trypanosoma brucei bloodstream forms

Schuh, G.E., 1993:
The role of government in agriculture in developed market economies

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The role of growth factors in embryo production

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The role of growth hormone in lines of mice divergently selected on body weight

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The role of growth hormones, beta -adrenergic agents and intact males in pork production: a review

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The role of heavy metals in the pathogenesis of enzootic bovine leukaemia (EBL)

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The role of hemolysin(s) in the pathogenesis of Serpulina hyodysenteriae

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The role of herbaceous vegetation in forming the yield of natural and artificial phytocoenoses in the Kyzyl Kum gypseous desert

Valdes, B., 1993:
The role of herbaria in scientific research

Price, C.E., 1993:
The role of herbicides in the control of water hyacinth

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The role of high chlorophyll fluorescence photosynthesis mutants in the analysis of chloroplast thylakoid membrane assembly and function

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The role of horticulture in human well-being and social development

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The role of intra-epithelial and lamina propria leucocytes in the migration of Eimeria tenella sporozoites from the villi to the crypts

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