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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2533

Chapter 2533 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Gerowitt, B., 1992: Three-years' trials on the use of a computer-assisted decision model for weed control in winter wheat according to economic thresholds

Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532025

Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532026

Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532027

Wacker, P.; Kutzbach, H. D., 1992: Threshing and separation devices of modern combines

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Section 3, Chapter 2533 , Accession 002532073

Hepburn, N. C., 1993: Thrombocytopenia complicating sodium stibogluconate therapy for cutaneous leishmaniasis

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Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532081

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Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532105

Wasow, T., 1993: Thymic development in coregonid larvae with reference to the influence of pathogens and environmental conditions

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Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532118

Camara, M. P. S.; Dianese, J. C., 1994: Thyriopsis sphaerospora on leaves of Eucalyptus sp. in Brasilia-Distrito Federal, a new record for Brazil

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Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532121

Smit, John G. G.; Van Der Heide, Daan; Van Tintelen, Gerrit; Beynen, Anton C., 1993: Thyroid function in rats with iodine deficiency is not further impaired by concurrent, marginal zinc deficiency

Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532125

Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532126

Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532127

Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532128

Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532129

Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532130

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Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532132

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Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532134

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Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532138

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Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532140

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Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532153

Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532154

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Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532159

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Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532202

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Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532226

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Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532241

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Section 3, Chapter 2533, Accession 002532999

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