Throughfall, stemflow and canopy interception in three hardwood tree species around Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Sood, V.K.; Room Singh; Monika Bhatia

Indian Journal of Forestry 16(1): 39-44


Accession: 002532092

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Throughfall, stemflow and interception losses were studied in the 3 dominant tree species in forests around Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, in 1989-91. With respect to precipitation, stemflow was 3.64, 3.62 and 3.97%, and throughfall was 70.57%, 69.80% and 78.09%, respectively, for Q. [Quercus] leucotrichophora, R. [Rhododendron] arboreum and A. [Azadirachta] indica. Stemflow was maximum during the rainy season. Throughfall was maximum during the rainy season in Q. leucotrichophora and R. arboreum, and during the winter in A. indica.