Transfer of incompatibility factors between stocks of Nasonia (= Mormoniella) vitripennis

Williams, E.H.; Fields, S.; Saul, G.B.

Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 61(2): 206-210


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-2011
PMID: 8463711
Accession: 002534681

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The stock of Nasonia vitripennis marked by the nuclear eye color mutation "tinged" (ti) shows nonreciprocal cytoplasmic incompatibility with wild-type (+) strains. Homogenates prepared from ti female pupae and injected into + female pupae caused 39% of the recipients to acquire the incompatibility characteristics of the ti donors. When eggs obtained from ti females were fragmented and injected into + female pupae, or when the ti egg cytoplasm was injected into chick eggs and yolk sac homogenates were subsequently injected into + female pupae, 28% of the recipients acquired ti-type incompatibility characteristics. Results from passage of the egg cytoplasm through 0.23 micrometer millipore filters showed successful transfer of the incompatibility and suggest that the incompatibility system in N. vitripennis has two components: a bacterium and a smaller agent.