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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2540

Chapter 2540 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mayak, Shimon; Tirosh, Tsipora, 1993: Unusual ethylene-related behavior in senescing flowers of the carnation Sandrosa

Preston, P. M.; Sutherland, I. A.; Jackson, L. A.; Brown, D. J.; Brown, C. G. D., 1993: Unusual expression of bovine leucocyte antigens by in vivo derived Theileria annulata macroschizont-infected cells

Zhou, K. Y., 1992: Unusual flood prevention measures of the Yellow River in history

Sammut, P. H.; Howard, S. T.; Linder, J.; Colombo, J. L., 1993: Unusual form of endobronchial aspergillosis in a patient with cystic fibrosis

Sahai, K.; Pal, A.; Kaur, H., 1992: Unusual germination in Dalbergia sissoo Roxb

Silliman, Kathryn; Tall, Alan R.; Kretchmer, Norman; Forte, Trudy M., 1993: Unusual high-density lipoprotein subclass distribution during late pregnancy

Neafie, Ronald C.; Marty, Aileen M., 1993: Unusual infections in humans

Freeman, David E.; Staller, Gregory S.; Maxson, Abby D.; Sweeney, Corinne Raphel, 1993: Unusual internal carotid artery branching that prevented arterial occlusion with a balloon-tipped catheter in a horse

Grevel, V.; Cop, Z., 1992: Unusual intervertebral disc prolapse in dogs. I. Localisation of prolapse

Hao, Y. C.; Gong, S. Y., 1993: Unusual japonica rice variety Qi Dao 1

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539011

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539012

Vazeille Falcoz M.; Ohayon H.; Gounon P.; Rosen L., 1992: Unusual morphology of a virus which produces carbon dioxide sensitivity in mosquitoes

Cunningham, A. A.; Langton, T. E. S.; Bennett, P. M.; Drury, S. E. N.; Gough, R. E.; Kirkwood, J. K., 1993: Unusual mortality association with poxvirus-like particles in frogs (Rana temporaria)

Sugawa, T.; Fujii, T., 1992: Unusual multiseriate rays of Thujopsis dolabrata var. hondai (Cupressaceae)

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539016

Pease, Larry R.; Horton, Robert M.; Pullen, Jeffrey K.; Yun, Theodore J., 1993: Unusual mutation clusters provide insight into class I gene conversion mechanisms

Patey, O.; Ollivaud, L.; Breuil, J.; Lafaix, C., 1993: Unusual neurologic manifestations occurring during dengue fever infection

Veen, G.; Gresser, G.; Krug, E.; Gunther, S.; Greinwald, R.; Witte, L.; Czygan, F. C., 1991: Unusual new tricyclic quinolizidine alkaloids in Fabaceae

Thakur, S. P.; Kashyap, N. P., 1992: Unusual occurrence of the black cutworm (Agrotis ipsilon) (Rottenburg) in H.P

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539021

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539022

Hitch, R. K.; Day, H. R., 1992: Unusual persistance of DDT in some western USA soils

Wauters, A.; Maraite, H.; Legrand, G., 1993: Unusual presence of black root rot caused by Aphanomyces cochlioides in sugarbeet in Belgium during the year 1991

Velasco Jabalquinto, M. J.; Martinez Moreno, R.; Rosa, I. I. de la; Ulloa Santamaria, E.; Barcones Mingueza, F.; Perez Navero, J. L., 1993: Unusual presentation of Pneumocystis carinii infection

Repin, P. V.; Brykov, V. A., 1993: Unusual properties of mitochondrial DNA of sea scallops (Pectinidae)

Reisman, R. E., 1992: Unusual reactions to insect venoms

Minu ; Murty, Y. S., 1991: Unusual seedlings in cultivars of Leucaena leucocephala (Lamk.) De Wit

Curry, J.; Walker Simmons, M. K., 1993: Unusual sequence of group 3 LEA (II) mRNA inducible by dehydration stress in wheat

Hoffe, I. A., 1994: Unusual stomach contents in a dog

Pfeiffer, P.; Jung, J. L.; Heitzler, J.; Keith, G., 1993: Unusual structure of the double-stranded RNA associated with the '447' cytoplasmic male sterility in Vicia faba

Al Eissa, Y. A., 1993: Unusual suppurative complications of brucellosis in children

Jensen, A. L.; Koch, J.; Snekvik, K., 1994: Unusual ultrasonographic presentation of cholecystolithiasis in a dog

Vardy, D. A.; Frankenburg, S.; Goldenhersh, M.; Leibovici, V.; Klaus, S. N., 1993: Unusually extensive disease caused by Leishmania major parasites

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539038

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539039

Jackson, M. H.; Hutchinson, W. M., 1993: Unwanted cats - physical condition, Toxoplasma infection and ectoparasites

Smith, K. D.; Valenzuela, A.; Vigna, J. L.; Aalbers, K.; Lutz, C. T., 1993: Unwanted mutations in PCR Mutagenesis: avoiding the predictable

Murray, R. W., 1992: Unwanted pets and subsidised pet neuter schemes

Briem, J., 1993: Up to 600 multi-parameter milk analyses an hour

Schmahl, G., 1993: Up to date chemotherapy against Monogenea: a review

Graziani, M. P., 1992: Up-date on psychodynamics and human behaviour

Spolarics, Z.; Bagby, G. J.; Lang, C. H.; Spitzer, J. J., 1991: Up-regulation of glucose metabolism in Kupffer cells following infusion of tumour necrosis factor

Spruyt, D., 1994: Up-to-date chromatographic techniques in sugar analysis

Bauer, F. et al., 1990: Up-to-date forestry in Europe

Richter, G., 1993: Up-to-date nutritive value and quality criteria of poultry meat and their manipulation through feeding

Antal, K., 1992: Up-to-date questions about Hungarian tourism

Mikhailov, V. A., 1994: Up-to-date water evaporating air coolers for cabs of agricultural tractors

Hasan, S., 1992: Upazila development planning in Bangladesh: problems of resource management

Stanton, M., 1994: Update from Washington by SWSS congressional science fellow

Ling, M. L., 1994: Update of the rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases. I. Bacteria, fungi and parasites

Baker, R. S.; Wiseman, J. T.; Butler, E. L.; Hopper, D. R.; Mudholkar, V., 1993: Update on Iron Horse Park: the first Superfund bioremediation mandated by EPA Region I

Dadati, E., 1993: Update on Italy

Carzeri, O., 1992: Update on Lyme disease

Dohoo, I. R., 1991: Update on Nocardia sp. mastitis

McKenna, P. B., 1991: Update on anthelmintics in goats

Deppert, D. L., 1992: Update on aquaculture: small-scale freshwater fish culture in South Asia

Celedon V, M. O., 1993: Update on bovine diarrhoea virus. The situation in Chile

Anonymous, 1993: Update on bovine mastitis

Huebe, V. L., 1992: Update on current U.S.A. sugar situation

Weimar, Elizabeth C., 1993: Update on current status of patent filings involving plants and other related issues

Anonymous, 1993: Update on dairy cow housing

McKenna, P. B., 1991: Update on drench resistance

Zientara, S.; Plateau, E.; Trap, D.; Fontaine, J. J., 1992: Update on equine hepatic encephalosis in France

Mumford, J. A., 1994: Update on equine influenza

Philpott Howard, J., 1993: Update on human nocardiosis

Anonymous, 1993: Update on infectious diseases

Miller, J. F., 1992: Update on inheritance of sunflower characteristics

Garcia L.S., 1992: Update on malaria

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539075

Restrepo Moreno, A., 1990: Update on paracoccidioidomycosis and its aetiological agent, 1986-1989

Cooper, Jl, 1992: Update on pesticide laws and regulations affecting the food industry

Bailey, D. A., 1993: Update on plant growth regulators labeled for floriculture use

Anonymous, 1992: Update on respiratory diseases

Walker, D. H.; Liu QingHuai; Feng HuiMin, 1990: Update on rickettsiae and rickettsial diseases in China

Perez Escamilla, Rafael, 1993: Update on the breastfeeding situation in Africa

Lambert, C.; Troncy, P. M., 1991: Update on the control of coccidiosis in fowls and rabbits

Bouman, M.; Booth, J. M., 1992: Update on the incidence of summer mastitis in England and Wales

Michelson, R., 1993: Update: Atlantic salmon restoration moves slowly; aquaculture blossoms

Burkhardt, M. J.; Kalishman, N.; Gallaher, M.; Voorhees, R.; Samuel, M.; Tanuz, M.; Simpson, G.; Hughes, L.; Umland, E., 1993: Update: Hantavirus infection - United States, 1993

Anonymous, 1990: Update: arboviral surveillance - Florida, 1990

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539087

Anonymous, 1991: Update: dracunculiasis eradication - Ghana and Nigeria, 1990

Federal Ministry Of Health And Social Services, Who Collaborating Center For Research; Training; Dracunculiasis, And Eradication Of, 1993: Update: dracunculiasis eradication - Nigeria, 1992

Anonymous, 1993: Update: influenza activity-United States, 1992-93 season

Davis, M.; Osaki, C.; Gordon, D. et al., 1993: Update: multistate outbreak of Escherichia coli O157:H7 infections from hamburgers-Western United States, 1992-1993

Chaudhuri, T. K.; Fink, S., 1990: Update: pharmaceuticals and gastric emptying

Ministry Health, Global 2000 Inc; Center, The Carter; Organization, World Health; Diseases, National Center For Infectious, 1993: Update; dracunculiasis eradication - Ghana, 1992

Grant, D.; Blair, D.; Owens, T.; Katt, M.; Beavis, W., 1993: Updated Pioneer Hi-Bred maize RFLP linkage map

Mangialardi, G. J, Jr, 1992: Updated lint cleaner recommendations for cotton gins

Diaz B, F. A., 1993: Updated list of the ichneumonids (Hymenoptera: Parasitica) of Venezuela

Kangas A., 1991: Updated measurement data as prior information in forest inventory

Smith, J. A.; Goltz, S. M., 1994: Updated thermal model using simplified short-wave radiosity calculations

Davila, J. I. G.; Ronda, C. H. R., 1991: Updates on AIDS cryptosporidiosis: a review

Kitano, M., 1992: Updating of OECD guidelines for the testing of chemicals

Hutchinson, R.; Menard, B., 1993: Updating of the geographical distribution of Erythemis simplicicollis (Say) (Odonata: Libellulidae) in Quebec

Pozio, E.; Bruschi, F., 1994: Updating on trichinellosis

Pietri, C., 1993: Updating the map of avalanche hazard zones

Dawson, J. B.; Summerfield, M. T.; Hall, J. E., 1993: Upgrading Miskolc sewage-treatment works, Hungary

Parker, D. S.; Brischke, K. V.; Matasci, R. N., 1993: Upgrading biological filter effluents using the TF/SC process

Downie, B; Wang, Bsp, 1992: Upgrading germinability and vigour of jack pine, lodgepole pine, and white spruce by the IDS technique

Meeske, R., 1990: Upgrading of low quality roughages by ammoniation

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539111

Kelley J., 1992: Upgrading of waste cereal straws

Moyson, E.; Verachtert, H., 1991: Upgrading of wheat straw by higher fungi

Valade, J. L.; Law, K. N.; Lanouette, R., 1993: Upgrading softwood CTMP by the use of hardwood

Nout, M. J. R., 1992: Upgrading traditional biotechnological processes

Lyons, T. P., 1992: Upgrading waste through enzyme technology

Gummich, U., 1993: Upheaval in Eastern Europe

Atherden, M., 1992: Upland Britain : a natural history

Assadian, N. W.; Esparza, L. C.; Gonzalez, A.; Stichler, C., 1992: Upland and Pima cotton performance trials in West Texas - 1991

Anonymous, 1991: Upland conservation in Asia and the Pacific

Ofren, R. S.; Eiumnoh, A.; Weber, K.; Suselo, T. B.; Murty, V. V. N., 1991: Upland cultivation assessment and sustainable resource development planning of Nong Luang watershed, Amphoe Umphang, Tak Province

Hill, R. D., 1994: Upland development policy in the People's Republic of China

Simanton, J. R.; Renard, K. G., 1992: Upland erosion research on rangeland

Froud, J., 1994: Upland moorland with complex property rights: the case of the North Peak

Clement, G.; Coulibaly, M. Y., 1991: Upland rice breeding in the Cote d'Ivoire: varietal improvement

Zeigler, R. S.; Sarkarung, S.; Sanz, J. I.; Molina, D. L., 1992: Upland rice germplasm development and production system research at the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)

Chaudhary, R. C.; Makara, O.; Hel, P. K.; Sophol, S., 1993: Upland rice varieties Sita and Rimke released to farmers in Cambodia

Painter, M., 1991: Upland-lowland production linkages and land degradation in Bolivia

Canfield, L. R.; Niu, S. H.; Liu, H., 1991: Uplift resistance of various rafter-wall connections

Abeygunawardena, P., 1992: Uplifting subsistence farming in irrigation projects: failure of non-institutional approach in Uda Walawa

Scarbrough, A. G.; Poinar, G. O, Jr, 1992: Upper Eocene robber flies of the genus Ommatius (Diptera: Asilidae) in Dominican amber

Stick, J. A.; Derksen, F. J.; Nickels, F. A.; Brown, C. M.; Arden, W. A.; Fulton, I. C.; Peloso, J. G., 1991: Upper airway videoendoscopy during exercise in poorly performing horses

Chhibba, I. M.; Nayyar, V. K.; Takkar, P. N., 1994: Upper critical level of copper in wheat (Triticum aestivum) raised on Typic Ustipsamment soil

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539135

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539136

Troyer, D.; Leipold, H. W.; Cash, W.; Vestweber, J., 1992: Upper motor neurone and descending tract pathology in bovine spinal muscular atrophy

Gaskell, R. M., 1993: Upper respiratory disease in the cat (including Chlamydia): control and prevention

Gaskell, R. M., 1992: Upper respiratory disease in the cat including Chlamydia: control and prevention

Jonsson, B. G.; Dynesius, M., 1993: Uprooting in boreal spruce forests: long-term variation in disturbance rate

Richards, B., 1994: Ups and downs

Rogalla, F.; Badard, M.; Hansen, F.; Dansholm, P., 1992: Upscaling a compact nitrogen removal process

Chen, Z. Q.; Kavvas, M. L.; Govindaraju, R. S., 1993: Upscaling of Richards equation for soil moisture dynamics to be utilized in mesoscale atmospheric models

Indelman, P.; Dagan, G., 1993: Upscaling of conductivity of heterogeneous formations: general approach and application to isotropic media

Anonymous, 1993: Upstream cost benefits

Soderstrom, O., 1987: Upstream movements of invertebrates in running waters - a review

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539147

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539149

Stiles, J. K.; Otieno, L. H.; Chaudhury, M. F. B.; Moloo, S. K., 1994: Upsurge of the tsetse fly Glossina swynnertoni at Nguruman, Kenya

Sundaramurthy, V. T., 1992: Upsurgence of whitefly Bemisia tabaci Gen. in the cotton ecosystem in India

Maheswari, M.; Nair, T. V. R., 1991: Uptake and assimilation of nitrate in the seedlings of pearl millet hybrids and their parents

Saoud A.A.; Van Cleemput O.; Hofman G., 1992: Uptake and balance of labelled fertilizer nitrogen by potatoes

Oparka K.J., 1991: Uptake and compartmentation of fluorescent probes by plant cells

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539160

Florijn, P. J.; Van Beusichem, M. L., 1993: Uptake and distribution of cadmium in maize inbred lines

Bengtsson, B.; Asp, H.; Jensen, P., 1994: Uptake and distribution of calcium and phosphorus in beech (Fagus sylvatica) as influenced by aluminum and nitrogen

Moon, R. D.; Noetzel, D. M.; Johnston, L. J., 1993: Uptake and efficacy of methoprene and stirofos mineral blocks for control of horn flies (Diptera: Muscidae) on pastured beef cattle

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539164

Perkins, J. M.; Chen, W. L.; Briant, R. E., 1992: Uptake and elimination of fenazaquin by rainbow trout in relation to predicted environmental concentrations

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539166

O' Donnell, G. B.; Smith, P. R.; Kilmartin, J. J.; Moran, A. P., 1994: Uptake and fate of orally administered bacterial lipopolysaccharide in brown trout (Salmo trutta)

Eisemann, C. H.; Pearson, R. D.; Donaldson, R. A.; Cadogan, L. C.; Vuocolo, T., 1993: Uptake and fate of specific antibody in feeding larvae of the sheep blowfly, Lucilia cuprina

Montell, I; Rasmuson, A; Rasmuson, B; Holmgren, P., 1992: Uptake and incorporation in pteridines of externally supplied GTP in normal and pigment-deficient eyes of Drosophila melanogaster

Cuttle, S. P.; Bourne, P. C., 1993: Uptake and leaching of nitrogen from artificial urine applied to grassland on different dates during the growing season

Yokota, H.; Matsuoka, S.; Konishi, S., 1991: Uptake and loss of 45Ca2+, 22Na+, and H232PO4- by tea pollen tubes

Avila, Jose L.; Polegre, Maria A., 1993: Uptake and metabolism of S-adenosyl-L-methionine by Leishmania mexicana and Leishmania braziliensis promastigotes

Singh, B.; Kalra, R. L., 1992: Uptake and metabolism of carbofuran in groundnut crop

Klein J.; Koeppen A.; Loeffelholz K.; Schmitthenner J., 1992: Uptake and metabolism of choline by rat brain after acute choline administration

Mansbach, Charles M. II; Dowell, Regenia F., 1992: Uptake and metabolism of circulating fatty acids by rat intestine

Yonge, KA.; Webb, RA., 1992: Uptake and metabolism of histamine by the rat tapeworm Hymenolepis diminuta: an in vitro study

Epstein, E; Sagee, O; Zelcer, A., 1993: Uptake and metabolism of indole-3-butyric acid and indole-3-acetic acid by Petunia cell suspension culture

Krieken, W. M. van der; Breteler, H.; Visser, M. H. M., 1992: Uptake and metabolism of indolebutyric acid during root formation on Malus microcuttings

Brown T.R.; Sundick R.S.; Dhar A.; Sheth D.; Bagchi N., 1991: Uptake and metabolism of iodine is crucial for the development of thyroiditis in obese strain chickens

Wang, Y. S.; Jaw, C. G.; Chen, Y. L., 1992: Uptake and metabolism of isouron in rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlings

Ozkizilcik, Sureyya; Chu, Fu Lin E., 1994: Uptake and metabolism of liposomes by Artemia nauplii

Krishnaiah, N. V.; Kalra, R. L., 1993: Uptake and metabolism of phorate by mustard

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539185

Ledgard, Sf; Douglas, Ja; Sprosen, Ms; Follett, Jm, 1994: Uptake and redistribution of 15N within an established asparagus crop after application of 15N-labelled nitrogen fertilizer

Jeulin, C.; Dacheux, J. L.; Soufir, J. C., 1994: Uptake and release of free L-carnitine by boar epididymal spermatozoa in vitro and subsequent acetylation rate

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539189

Makarewicz, Joseph C.; Buttner, Joseph K.; Lewis, Theodore W., 1993: Uptake and retention of mirex by fish maintained on formulated and natural diets in Lake Ontario waters

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539191

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539192

Keese, Renee J.; Camper, N. Dwight, 1994: Uptake and translocation of MSMA in cotton and MSMA-resistant and -susceptible cocklebur

Takahashi, M.; Kawamura, S.; Miyakado, M.; Sanemitsu, Y.; Tanaka, S., 1993: Uptake and translocation of bleaching herbicidal compounds in radish seedings

Iwakiri T.; Shibuya M.; Koyama T., 1991: Uptake and translocation of nitrogen in satsuma mandarin trees

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539196

Dadheech, L. N.; Gupta, H. C. L., 1992: Uptake and translocation of residues in mustard from soil side dressed with phorate granules

Baeumel, P.; Jeschke, W. D.; Witte, L.; Czygan, F.C.; Proksch, P., 1993: Uptake and transport of quinolizidine alkaloids in Cuscuta reflexa parasitizing on Lupinus angustifolius

Ter Kuile, Benno H.; Opperdoes, Fred R., 1993: Uptake and turnover of glucose in Leishmania donovani

Fernando Valiente, E.; Nieva, M.; Carmen Avendano, M.; Sanchez Maeso, E., 1992: Uptake and utilization of fructose by Anabaena variabilis ATCC 29413. Effect on respiration and photosynthesis

Korschens, M.; Schulz, E., 1992: Uptake and utilization of nitrogen corresponding to aspects of environmental protection

Leskinen Kallio, S.; Nagren, K.; Lehikoinen, P.; Ruotsalainen, U.; Joensuu, H., 1991: Uptake of 11C-methionine in breast cancer studied by PET. An association with the size of S-phase fraction

Bilo, M.; Steffens, W.; Fuhr, F.; Pfeffer, K. H., 1993: Uptake of 134/137Cs in soil by cereals as a function of several soil parameters of three soil types in Upper Swabia and North Rhine-Westphalia (FRG)

Clark, Cj; Ledgard, Sf, 1993: Uptake of 15N by kiwifruit vines from applications of nitrogen fertilizer prior to budbreak

Horne, Dw; Holloway, Rs; Said, Hm, 1992: Uptake of 5-formyltetrahydrofolate in isolated rat liver mitochondria is carrier-mediated

Cruz, R.; Ogaard, B.; Rolla, G., 1992: Uptake of KOH-soluble and KOH-insoluble fluoride in sound human enamel after topical application of a fluoride varnish (Duraphat) or a neutral 2% NaF solution in vitro

Ateeque, M.; Malewar, G. U., 1992: Uptake of N, P and B by sunflower as influenced by sources and levels of phosphorus with and without boron

Lal, R.; Hooda, I. S., 1992: Uptake of N, P and K by pearl millet as influenced by various sources and levels of N

Neubert, A.; Kley, D.; Wildt, J.; Segschneider, H. J.; Forstel, H., 1993: Uptake of NO, NO2 and O3 by sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) and tobacco plants (Nicotiana tabacum L.): dependence on stomatal conductivity

Purushothaman, S.; Jeyaraman, S.; Muthiah, M., 1991: Uptake of NPK in soybean as influenced by levels, time and method of phosphorus application

Campbell, R.; Adams, A.; Tatner, M. F.; Chair, M.; Sorgeloos, P., 1993: Uptake of Vibrio anguillarum vaccine by Artemia salina as a potential oral delivery system to fish fry

Delgado, M.; Bigeriego, M.; Guardiola, E., 1993: Uptake of Zn, Cr and Cd by water hyacinths

Frank H.; Frank W., 1989: Uptake of airborne tetrachloroethene by spruce needles

Wolf, G., 1993: Uptake of ascorbic acid by human neutrophils

Said H.M.; Mcalister Henn L.; Mohammadkhani R.; Horne D.W., 1992: Uptake of biotin by isolated rat liver mitochondria

Azab M.S.; Peterson P.J.; Young T.W.K., 1990: Uptake of cadmium by fungal biomass

Salim R.; Al Subu M.M.; Sahrhage E., 1992: Uptake of cadmium from water by beech leaves

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539221

Khedkar, C. D.; Garge, R. D.; Mantri, J. M.; Patil, A. M.; Chavan, B. R.; Khedkar, G. D., 1993: Uptake of cholesterol by human strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus

San Francisco, M. J. D.; Joseph, D. M.; McCasland, R., 1993: Uptake of degradable plant cell wall molecules by phytopathogenic bacteria

Fagerland, Jane A.; Myers, Ronald K.; Arp, Lawrence H., 1994: Uptake of ferritin and Bordetella avium in bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue of turkeys

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539225

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539226

Yang, X.; Roemheld, V.; Marschner, H., 1994: Uptake of iron, zinc, manganese, and copper by seedlings of hybrid and traditional rice cultivars from different soil types

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539229

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539230

Dathe, W; Kramell, Hm; Daeter, W; Kramell, R; Slovik, S; Hartung, W., 1993: Uptake of jasmonic acid and related compounds by mesophyll protoplasts of the barley leaf

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539232

Abdulnour, J.; Arnold, N. P.; Barthakur, N. N., 1994: Uptake of labelled phosphorus by rooted and non-rooted in vitro cultured 'John Franklin' rose

Vymazal, J., 1990: Uptake of lead, chromium, cadmium and cobalt by Cladophora glomerata

Stahl, Wilhelm; Sies, Helmut, 1992: Uptake of lycopene and its geometrical isomers is greater from heat-processed than from unprocessed tomato juice in humans

Geddie, Joanne L.; Sutherland, I. W., 1993: Uptake of metals by bacterial polysaccharides

Ghuman, G. S.; Menon, M. P.; Chandra, K.; James, J.; Adriano, D. C.; Sajwan, K. S., 1994: Uptake of multielements by corn from fly ash-compost amended soil

Thomas, R. C.; Mead, D. J., 1992: Uptake of nitrogen by Pinus radiata and retention within the soil after applying 15N-labelled urea at different frequencies. 1. Growth response and nitrogen budgets

Thomas, R. C.; Mead, D. J., 1992: Uptake of nitrogen by Pinus radiata and retention within the soil after applying 15N-labelled urea at different frequencies. 2. Seasonal trends and processes

Rana, N. S.; Singh, H. B., 1992: Uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash by potato (Solanum tuberosum), mustard (Brassica juncea) and their intercropping system

Avtar Singh, 1991: Uptake of nutrients by dill (Anethum graveolens)

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539243

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539244

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539245

Puhakainen M.; Ylaranta T., 1992: Uptake of radionuclides by spring wheat and barley from cultivated soils supplemented by contaminated sewage sludge

Mullins, G. L.; Burmester, C. H., 1993: Uptake of sulfur by four cotton cultivars grown under field conditions

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539248

Breeze, V. G.; Rensburg, E. van, 1992: Uptake of the herbicide 2,4-D iso-octyl in the vapour phase by tomato and lettuce plants and some effects on growth and phytotoxicity

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539250

Rickard W.H.; Price K.R., 1989: Uptake of tritiated groundwater by black locust trees

Amano, H.; Garten, C. T, Jr, 1991: Uptake of tritium by plants from atmosphere and soil

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539253

Chew, B. P.; Wong, T. S.; Michal, J. J., 1993: Uptake or orally administered beta -carotene by blood plasma, leukocytes, and lipoproteins in calves

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539255

Lankford, W. T.; Buckley, G. A.; Davies, L. G., 1990: Uptake studies of microemulsified deltamethrin using X-ray analysis

Pandita, V. K.; Jindal, K. K., 1992: Uptake, distribution, and metabolism of 14C-IAA during ethylene-induced apple abscission

Paranagama, P. A.; Lovell, H.; Denholm, A. A.; Ley, S. V.; Connolly, J. D.; Strang, R. H. C., 1993: Uptake, retention, metabolism and excretion of (22,23-superscript 3H2)dihydroazadirachtin in Schistocerca gregaria

Cohen, Y.; Gisi, U., 1993: Uptake, translocation and degradation of cymoxanil in tomato plants

Mersie, W.; Megh Singh, 1989: Uptake, translocation, and metabolism of thuringiensin ( beta -exotoxin) in corn

Moseley, C.; Hatzios, K. K.; Hagood, E. S., 1993: Uptake, translocation, and metabolism of chlorimuron in soybean (Glycine max) and morningglory (Ipomoea spp.)

Turk, S.; Gulpen, M.; Fink, S., 1993: Uptake, transport and storage of Ca and Mg in Norway spruce (Picea abies) and Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) under various nutritional and pollution stresses

Krishnamurthy, D.; Tyagi, R. P. S.; Sharma, D. N., 1992: Upward fixation of the patella in camels

Baird, A. N.; Angel, K. L.; Moll, H. D.; Wolfe, D. F.; Morris, D. L.; Welch, R. D.; Hooper, R. N.; Wenzel, J. G. W., 1993: Upward fixation of the patella in cattle: 38 cases (1984-1990)

Simpson, V. R., 1994: Uraemia in cases of cryptosporidiosis

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Mani, R., 1994: Use of Finnish Landrace crossbreds

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Malone, John B.; Fehler, Dennis P.; Loyacano, Alvin F.; Zukowski, Stanley H., 1992: Use of LANDSAT MSS imagery and soil type in a geographic information system to assess site-specific risk of fascioliasis on Red River Basin farms in Louisiana

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539589

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539590

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Humblot, P., 1992: Use of PSPB for pregnancy diagnosis in ruminants

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539602

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539640

Heikkila, John J., 1993: Use of Xenopus oocytes to monitor plant gene expression

Perrier, G.; Ouhayoun, J., 1993: Use of ZIKA males for terminal crossing with hybrid females. Growth and meat quality of progeny

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539650

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539651

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539655

Duarte, A.; Menendez, J. M.; Fernandez, A.; Martinez, J., 1992: Use of a biopreparation of Metarhizium anisopliae strain Nina Bonita in plantations of Pinus caribaea for control of Rhyacionia frustrana

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539657

Loglio, G.; Pinessi, E., 1992: Use of a blower in the ecological control of variasis

Loglio, G.; Pinessi, E., 1992: Use of a blower in the ecological control of varroa

Gheorghe, S.; Mosolova, L., 1992: Use of a byproduct of the production of sodium hydroxide at the chemical fertilizer plant of Piatra-Neamt (CICPN) as a source of calcium and sodium for laying hens

Fatta Del Bosco, S., 1993: Use of a chemiluminescent system for non-radioactive RFLP analysis on Citrus

Chaperon, H.; Haury, P.; Cauvin, B., 1992: Use of a climate room for the selection of pines through artificial frost: application to the hybrid Pinus attenuata x radiata

Jones, R. B.; Navin, L. M.; Murray, K. J., 1993: Use of a community-based touch-screen public-access health information system

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539664

Mahler, G.; Bort, U., 1990: Use of a crane-type harvester in processing windthrown timber

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Dokmanovic, N., 1994: Use of a crystalline footing in the boiling of first ('A') massecuite at Crvenka sugar factory

Rowland, Lisa J.; Ogden, Elizabeth L., 1992: Use of a cytokinin conjugate for efficient shoot regeneration from leaf sections of highbush blueberry

Nihoul, P.; Hance, T., 1993: Use of a damage index to evaluate the biological control of the two-spotted spider mite Tetranychus urticae Koch (Acari; Tetranychidae) on tomato crops

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Hinaman, K. C., 1993: Use of a geographic information system to assemble input-data sets for a finite-difference model of groundwater flow

Sharma, Alpana, 1993: Use of a high molecular weight Entamoeba histolytica antigen fraction in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and thin layer immunoassay tests

Rasiah, Christiane; Rauer, Sebastian; Gassmann, Gabrielle S.; Vogt, Arnold, 1994: Use of a hybrid protein consisting of the variable region of the Borrelia burgdorferi flagellin and part of the 83-kDa protein as antigen for serodiagnosis of Lyme disease

Dolan, L. S.; DeLuca, D. K., 1993: Use of a hydrologic model in a basin-wide water allocation proceeding

Varjas, L., 1992: Use of a juvenoid, a derivative of fenoxycarb in the control of lepidopterous pests in orchards

Wyss, U., 1993: Use of a lactic acid bacteria inoculant for maize silage: conservation aspects

Wyss, U., 1993: Use of a lactic acid bacterial inoculant for grass silage: conservation aspects

Jans, F., 1993: Use of a lactic acid bacterial inoculant in grass silage. Results in relation to feeding of dairy cattle

Rivo, G.; Mignone, W.; Poggi, M., 1994: Use of a latex agglutination test for serological diagnosis of canine leishmaniosis

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Betts T.J.; Moir C.M.; Tassone A.I., 1991: Use of a liquid crystal stationary phase at temperatures below its melting point for the gas chromatographic study of some volatile oil constituents

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Yanai, J.; Araki, S.; Kyuma, K., 1993: Use of a looped hollow fiber sampler as a device for non-destructive soil solution sampling from the heterogeneous root zone

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539696

Breeze, Victor; Thomas, Gavin; Butler, Ruth, 1992: Use of a model and toxicity data to predict the risks to some wild plant species from drift of four herbicides

Pompei, C; Rossi, M., 1994: Use of a model solution for the evaluation of heat damage in milk treated in an ultrahigh-temperature heat exchanger

Hunt, G. B.; Pearson, M. R. B.; Bellenger, C. R.; Malik, R., 1993: Use of a modified open patch-graft technique and valvulectomy for correction of severe pulmonic stenosis in dogs: eight consecutive cases

Mould, Fergus L., 1992: Use of a modified rising-plate meter to assess changes in sward height and structure

Kolberg, J; Barre, A; Rouge, P., 1994: Use of a monoclonal antibody as a conformational and phylogenetical probe for Leguminosae lectins

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539702

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539703

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Forsythe, Hazel E.; Gage, Bruce, 1994: Use of a multicultural food-frequency questionnaire with pregnant and lactating women

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539707

Gonzalez, M. J.; Jimenez, B.; Hernandez, L. M., 1993: Use of a new HPLC stationary phase for one-step clean-up of human milk for PCDD, PCDF and PCB analysis

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Mirzakeyev, E. K., 1992: Use of a new polymeric compound for controlling the irrigation erosion of soils in southern Kazakhstan

Scrollavezza, P.; Zanichelli, S., 1992: Use of a new sedative (medetomidine) and its antagonist (atipamezole) in anaesthesia practice in dogs

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Ng' etich, W. K.; Wachira, F. N., 1992: Use of a non-destructive method of leaf area estimation in triploid and diploid tea plants (Camellia sinensis)

Twell, D., 1992: Use of a nuclear-targeted beta -glucuronidase fusion protein to demonstrate vegetative cell-specific gene expression in developing pollen

Grandjean, D.; Valette, J. P.; Jouglin, M.; Gabillard, C.; Bacque, H.; Bene, M.; Guillaud, J. P., 1993: Use of a nutritional supplement with L-carnitine, vitamin C and vitamin B12 in sporting dogs. Experimental study in sledge dogs

Burk, Ronald L.; Mauldin, G. Neal, 1992: Use of a performance scale in small animal radiation therapy

Abe, H.; Kito, K.; Aryuthaka, C.; Tamura, H., 1993: Use of a photographic slide mount for nematode preparation

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539720

Elliott, M. L.; Jardin, E. A. D.; Henson, J. M., 1993: Use of a polymerase chain reaction assay to aid in identification of Gaeumannomyces graminis var. graminis from different grass hosts

Opacak, A.; Bogut, I.; Stevic, I.; Radakovic, J., 1993: Use of a polypendular feeding trough for feeding carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) fry during production

Douillet, P. A.; Langdon, C. J., 1994: Use of a probiotic for the culture of larvae of the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas Thunberg)

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Blackman, M. J.; Holder, A. A., 1993: Use of a recombinant baculovirus product to measure naturally-acquired human antibodies to disulphide-constrained epitopes on the P. falciparum merozoite surface protein-1 (MSP1)

Kristula, M. A.; Curtis, C. R.; Galligan, D. T.; Bartholomew, R. C., 1992: Use of a repeated-measures logistic regression model to predict chronic mastitis in dairy cows

Bachmair, A; Becker, F; Schell, J., 1993: Use of a reporter transgene to generate Arabidopsis mutants in ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation

Simpson, J. W.; Maskell, I. E.; Markwell, P. J., 1994: Use of a restricted antigen diet in the management of idiopathic canine colitis

Mann F.A.; Barrett R.J.; Henderson R.A., 1992: Use of a retained urethral catheter in three dogs with prostatic neoplasia

Hammer, J. G., 1994: Use of a semi-quantitative canine progesterone test kit in the domestic cat

Ohler, L. D.; Zollo, M.; Mansfield, E. S.; Rose, E. A., 1993: Use of a sensitive fluorescent intercalating dye to detect PCR products of low copy number and high molecular weight

Kiilerich, Ole; Buitron, German; Capdeville, Bernard, 1993: Use of a sequencing batch reactor to study the biodegradation of 4-chlorophenol in soil

Roulland Dussoix, Daisy; Henry, Annick; Lemercier, Brigitte, 1993: Use of a serum substitute for the cultivation of certain Mollicutes

Andreu, V.; Rubio, J. L.; Cerni, R., 1994: Use of a shrub (Medicago arborea) to control water erosion on steep slopes

Anonymous, 1993: Use of a simple anthropometric measurement to predict birth weight

Tamuli, Madan K.; Watson, P. F., 1994: Use of a simple staining technique to distinguish acrosomal changes in the live sperm sub-population

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539744

Mousset, J. L.; Lebas, F.; Mercier, P., 1993: Use of a special feed during the weaning period

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Ram Prasad, 1992: Use of acacias in wastelands reforestation

Pokora, Z.; Szilman, P., 1991: Use of acetocarmines for staining digenean larvae in situ

Vnuchkova, V. A.; Ash, O. A., 1992: Use of acetone in nutritive media for increase in yield of regenerants

Vnuchkova, V. A.; Ash, O. A., 1992: Use of acetone in the composition of nutrient media with the aim of increasing the frequency of regenerates

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Andrighetto, I.; Bailoni, L.; Andreoli, D., 1993: Use of acidified milk substitutes in the production of milk lambs: preliminary observations and comparison with natural suckling

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539771

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Bragachini, M.; Suarez, A.; Ulla, M.; Hovsepian, O.; Zan, U.; Castellano, S.; Bongiovanni, R., 1992: Use of air reel and narrow pitch cutterbar to reduce soybean harvesting header losses

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539791

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Hernandez Torres O.; Jimenez Moreno F.; Jimenez Abizanda A.; Arias Leon J.J., 1992: Use of an azo derivative immobilized on an anionic resin for the determination of aluminium in water and dialysis fluids

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539800

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539801

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Bauchan, G. R.; Campbell, T. A., 1994: Use of an image analysis system to karyotype diploid alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)

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Cetina, A.; Pajntar, N.; Udovc, A., 1993: Use of an integrated simulation model for economic evaluation of agricultural land

Schuh, W. M.; Klinkebiel, D. L.; Gardner, J. C., 1993: Use of an integrated transient flow and water budget procedure to predict and partition components of local recharge

Romano Nunzio, 1993: Use of an inverse method and geostatistics to estimate soil hydraulic conductivity for spatial variability analysis

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539822

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539823

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539824

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539825

Anderson, M. A.; Mann, F. A.; Branson, K. R.; Pope, E. R., 1994: Use of an ultrasonic Doppler flow detector for determining tissue viability in a dog

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539844

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539860

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539870

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539878

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539881

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539883

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539886

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539891

Tariq Masud; Shah, M. A.; Riaz Kausar, 1993: Use of buffalo milk for preparation of Mozzarella cheese

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539897

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539919

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Nicolas, M. E.; Turner, N. C., 1993: Use of chemical desiccants and senescing agents to select wheat lines maintaining stable grain size during post-anthesis drought

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539932

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539937

Damgaard, B. M., 1993: Use of clinical analysis for the improvement of production in mink

Milne, E. M.; Woodman, M. P.; Doxey, D. L., 1994: Use of clinical measurements to predict the outcome in chronic cases of grass sickness (equine dysautonomia)

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539940

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Feyter, R. de; Gabriel, D. W., 1991: Use of cloned DNA methylase genes to increase the frequency of transfer of foreign genes into Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum

Dopazo, C. P.; Hetrick, F. M.; Samal, S. K., 1994: Use of cloned cDNA probes for diagnosis of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus infections

Gratacos, E.; Torres, P. J.; Antolin, E., 1993: Use of cocaine during pregnancy

Litvinov, P. I.; Glushkova, S. A., 1991: Use of codling moth pheromone

Bouwkamp, F. T.; Stegeman, J. A.; Kimman, T. G., 1993: Use of colostrum to detect antibodies against glycoprotein I of Aujeszky's disease virus

El Ayouty, S. A.; Ibrahim, Z. M. K.; Younis, A. A.; Attia, A. Y., 1991: Use of colostrum, nonsaleable and fermented milk in feeding calves

Borum, P. R., 1993: Use of colostrum-deprived piglet to evaluate parenteral feeding formulas

Reimoser, F.; Mauser, H., 1993: Use of colour infrared aerial photographs for assessing ungulate game habitats

Calin, M., 1989: Use of coloured traps to monitor the development and determine control of the greenhouse leaf miner (Liriomyza trifolii Burgess) in the production of nursery crops

Kouris, A; Wahlqvist, Ml; Trichopoulos, A; Polychronopoulos, E., 1991: Use of combined methodologies in assessing food beliefs and habits of elderly Greeks in Greece

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Kikuchi, Y.; Ichinoe, M., 1992: Use of competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to analyze the aflatoxin production of Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus

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Bradshaw, J. E., 1991: Use of computer simulation in deciding breeding strategy

Aylmore, L. A. G., 1993: Use of computer-assisted tomography in studying water movement around plant roots

Palacios Angola, A., 1993: Use of computers for semen evaluation

Rohse, E., 1990: Use of computers in the dairy industry. BASIC in the dairy industry

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539960

Hellyer, P. W., 1994: Use of conductance catheter to assess the effect of endotoxemia on left ventricular end-systolic pressure-volume relationships in anesthetized swine

Powell, S., 1991: Use of conductance techniques for rapid detection of food borne pathogens

Camps, D. M.; Valdes, S.; Leyva, B.; Quer, R., 1991: Use of conifer needles for fattening chickens

Mcanally A.S.; Benefield L.D., 1992: Use of constructed water hyacinth treatment systems to upgrade small flow municipal wastewater treatment facilities

Gearheart, R. A., 1992: Use of constructed wetlands to treat domestic wastewater, City of Arcata, California

Bond, R.; Collin, N. S.; Lloyd, D. H., 1994: Use of contact plates for the quantitative culture of Malassezia pachydermatis from canine skin

Mcdonald, Lc; Hassan, Hm; Fleming, Hp; Daeschel, Ma, 1991: Use of continuous culture for internal pH determination of lactic acid bacteria

Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539969

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Section 3, Chapter 2540, Accession 002539997

Blankenship, S. M.; Sisler, E. C., 1993: Use of diazocyclopentadiene to block ethylene action in fruits and flowers

Knapp, F. W.; Webb, J. D., 1992: Use of dichlorvos in a portable automatic sprayer-mineral station to control face flies (Diptera: Muscidae) and pyrethroid-resistant horn flies (Diptera: Muscidae) on beef cattle

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