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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2543

Chapter 2543 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Makridin, A.I.; Belyaeva, Y.E., 1991:
Valuable woody species in estate parks in the Orel region

Behrndt, M.; Kato, F.; Winkler, P., 1991:
Valuation for premature felling in Norway spruce, as a function of target diameter

Berrens, R.; Bergland, O.; Adams, R.M., 1993:
Valuation issues in an urban recreational fishery: spring chinook salmon in Portland, Oregon

Plock, J.; Kessler, H.G., 1993:
Valuation of commercial whey proteins by HPLC and gelation in relation to the denaturation inhibiting effect of lactose

Chacon C.I.; Neuenschwander A.R., 1991:
Valuation of even-aged stands: analysis and discussion of existing methods

Linderova, R., 1988:
Valuation of forest production in the East Slovakian Forest region of Kosice

Baerug, S., 1994:
Valuation on expropriation

Day, D.F., 1991:
Value added products from sugar

Anonymous, 1994:
Value added tax directive published: some things are clearer

Bodmer, U., 1992:
Value added tax innovations for the EC internal market in 1993

Bergstrom, J.C.; Stoll, J.R., 1993:
Value estimator models for wetlands-based recreational use values

Sasaki, S.; Kesteloot, H., 1992:
Value of Food and Agriculture Organization data on food-balance sheets as a data source for dietary fat intake in epidemiologic studies

Schultz, T.W., 1993:
Value of U.S. farm surpluses to underdeveloped countries

Kurnatowska, A., 1990:
Value of WHO recommendations for the evaluation of the oral cavity in patients with confirmed Trichomonas tenax

Bartolomei, F.; Nicoli, F.; Swiader, L.; Gastaut, J.L., 1992:
Value of a test treatment with praziquantel in cases of single cerebral cysticercosis lesions, followed by monitoring by magnetic resonance imaging

Traore, L.; Roux, P.; Poirot, J.L.; Chouaid, C.; el Helali, N.; Marteau-Miltgen, M.; Denis, M.; Balmy-Rapontchombo, F., 1991:
Value of an immunofluorescence assay for the detection of Pneumocystis carinii in Bronchoalveolar lavage

Steffens, W.; Leider, U.; Wirth, M.; Mieth, G., 1992:
Value of bighead and silver carp as a dietary food for prevention and therapy in cardiovascular disease

Xaubet, A.; Torres, A., 1991:
Value of bronchoalveolar lavage in the diagnosis of fungal and bacterial pneumonias

Romvary A.; Simon F.; Potsubay P., 1992:
Value of ceftiofur treatment in the respiratory diseases of calves

Regalado, C.K.ine, D.; Araman, P., 1992:
Value of defect information in automated hardwood edger and trimmer systems

Castaing, J.; Coudure, R., 1991:
Value of dried maize after storage in a controlled atmosphere for feeding piglets

Petersson, C.J.; Danell, B., 1993:
Value of early weight measurements as predictors of body weight at later ages in reindeer

Kercher C.J.; Sanson D.W.; Knox S., 1992:
Value of energy feeds in replacing alfalfa hay in gestation rations for ruminants

Sugden, E.A.; Wilson, W.T.; Cook, C.G., 1992:
Value of extrafloral nectar to honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) and other Hymenoptera in kenaf

Kalugin, N.V.; Zubakin, V.I.; Levakhin, G.I., 1991:
Value of feeds from Sudan grass

Beau, J.P.; Wade, S.; Diaham, B.; Leite, N., 1992:
Value of fermented milk products for malnourished children with diarrhoea

Ardelean, M.; Ropan, G.; Pop, N., 1991:
Value of four interfertile apple varieties as pollinators. I. Self fertility and fertility following open pollination

Ardelean, M.; Ropan, G.; Pop, N., 1991:
Value of four interfertile apple varieties as pollinators. II. Fertility under conditions of artificial pollination

Koppel, E.; Lironson, D., 1994:
Value of general anaesthesia in evaluation of hip dysplasia

Albrecht, E.; Unglaub, W., 1992:
Value of glutamate dehydrogenase assay for investigating problem herds of cattle

Kalugin, N.V.; Zubakin, V.I.; Levakhin, G.I.; Sherstnev, A.I., 1991:
Value of hay prepared from lucerne cut at different stages of development

Forcella, Frank, 1993:
Value of managing within-field variability

González-Ruiz, A.; Haque, R.; Aguirre, A.; Castañón, G.; Hall, A.; Guhl, F.; Ruiz-Palacios, G.; Miles, M.A.; Warhurst, D.C., 1994:
Value of microscopy in the diagnosis of dysentery associated with invasive Entamoeba histolytica

Benson, J.F., 1991:
Value of non-priced recreation on the Forestry Commission estate in Great Britain

Abdelouafi, A.; Ousehal, A.; Adil, A.; Kadiri, R., 1993:
Value of percutaneous treatment for liver abscesses. A review of 34 cases

Kohlhaufl, M.; Limberg, B.; Pfleiderer, T., 1991:
Value of preoperative nutritional support in gastrointestinal tumour surgery - malnutrition as a prognostic factor

Marcinkowski, J., 1991:
Value of several types of hives for utilization of early honey flow

Shealy, R.T.; Changnon, S.A., 1993:
Value of summer season precipitation predictions in decisions about use of precipitation modification

Moneret Vautrin, D.A.; Halpern, G.; Kanny, G.; Brignon, J.; Nicolas, J.P., 1992:
Value of the AlaStat test in demonstrating IgE specific to food allergens. Comparative study with the RAST Phadebas CAP System

Yuan, J.S.; Zhang, J., 1993:
Value of the Qie Men sweet pepper in the sweet pepper breeding of China

Szwed Urbas, K., 1992:
Value of the main agronomic traits in a collection of spring durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.)

Chieze, C.; Baudet, H.M., 1992:
Value of the oral administration of a calcium chloride emulsion in preventing relapses in parturient paresis

Schoondermark-van de Ven, E.; Galama, J.; Kraaijeveld, C.; van Druten, J.; Meuwissen, J.; Melchers, W., 1993:
Value of the polymerase chain reaction for the detection of Toxoplasma gondii in cerebrospinal fluid from patients with AIDS

Dumon, C., 1994:
Value of the progesterone assay in assessing the indication for hysterectomy in the bitch

Fujita, S.; Ito, M.; Oka, K., 1993:
Value of three types of tests by multiple media flask culture method to differentiate Trichophyton rubrum and T. mentagrophytes

Krasnopevtsev, V.M.; Istomin, A.V.; Grishina, T.I.; Kozlova, T.I., 1993:
Value of vitamin supplementation with Undevit in improving health indices in students

Anonymous, 1993:
Value reigns

Luk, S.T.K.; Leon, C.T. de; Leong, F.W.; Li, E.L.Y., 1993 :
Value segmentation of tourists' expectations of service quality

Thomas, M.; Godbey, G., 1993:
Value shifts and social trends: implications for recreation

Leach, C.; Bolton, J.; Westin, M.; Simonson, R.; Sheen, A.D.; Rowell, R.M.; James, P.E.; Gardner, D.J.; Wolcott, M.P.; Munipahle, U., 1992:
Value-added composite products

Strickland, R.; Johnson, C., 1992:
Value-added for the U.S. agricultural sector

Kondo, N.K.; Ida, E.I., 1993:
Values and specific activities of alpha -amylase inhibitors in wheat cultivars recommended in Parana

Guidicini, P.; Savelli, A., 1992:
Values and symbols of the tourist experience, past and future

Benson, J.F., 1994:
Values for forest landscapes using travel cost and tokens

Seppanen, P., 1991:
Values in sport for all

Perez Talavera, S.; Labrada, A., 1988:
Values of GR50 for crop species in Cuba

Lauzurique, M.E., 1991:
Values of body mass index in Cuban children and adolescents 0 to 19 years old

Zomborszky, Z.; Hafner, J.; Feher, T., 1993:
Values of serum-cortisol concentration - studies on the stress-sensibility and adaptation ability of red deer under intensive farm conditions

Lehman, H., 1992:
Values, ethics, and the use of synthetic pesticides in agriculture

Soderbaum, P., 1993:
Values, markets, and environmental policy: an actor-network approach

Buhr, B.L.; Hayes, D.J.; Shogren, J.F.; Kliebenstein, J.B., 1993:
Valuing ambiguity: the case of genetically engineered growth enhancers

Burness, H.S.; Cummings, R.G.; Ganderton, P.T.; Harrison, G.W., 1991:
Valuing environmental goods: a critical appraisal of the state of the art

Hanley, N., 1994:
Valuing forest characteristics: a comparison of methods

Mustrapha, R.A., 1993:
Valuing outdoor recreational resources in Tasik Perdana using dichotomous choice contingent valuation method

Ligthart, J.E., 1993:
Valuing recreational king mackerel fishing: an application of the contingent valuation methods

Sandoval, M.; Madrazo, I.; García-Rentería, J.A.; Maldonado, J.A.; López-Camacho, O., 1991:
Valvular dysfunction due to the obstruction of the ventricular catheter caused by cysticercus cyst

Tewari, D.N., 1991:
Vana Mahotsava

Wilkinson, R.E.; Duncan, R.R., 1993:
Vanadate influence on calcium (45Ca2+) absorption by sorghum root tips

Amodeo, G.; Srivastava, A.; Zeiger, E., 1992:
Vanadate inhibits blue light-stimulated swelling of vicia guard cell protoplasts

Gehring, A.U.; Fry, I.V.; Luster, J.; Sposito, G., 1993:
Vanadium(IV) in a multimineral lateritic saprolite: a thermoanalytical and spectroscopic study

Kilikovsky, V.V.; Umarov, M.M., 1993:
Vanadium-dependent ('alternative') nitrogenase activity in some soil types

Polk, R.E.; Israel, D.; Wang, J.; Venitz, J.; Miller, J.; Stotka, J., 1993:
Vancomycin skin tests and prediction of red man syndrome in healthy volunteers

Handwerger, S.; Pucci, M.J.; Volk, K.J.; Liu, J.; Lee, M.S., 1994:
Vancomycin-resistant Leuconostoc mesenteroides and Lactobacillus casei synthesize cytoplasmic peptidoglycan precursors that terminate in lactate

Sinha, P.K.; Singh, C.V.; Variar, M.; Chauhan, V.S.; Prasad, K., 1993:
Vandana (RR167-982), a new upland variety in the plateau region of Bihar, India

Sasikumar, B.; Rema, J.; Ravindran, P.N., 1992:

Kumar, C.S.; Manilal, K.S., 1993:
Vanilla aphylla

Fouche, J.G.; Coumans, M., 1992:
Vanilla: pollination

Hansen, J.D.; Hara, A.H.; Tenbrink, V.L., 1992:
Vapor heat: a potential treatment to disinfest tropical cut flowers and foliage

Forney C.F.; Rij R.E.; Denis Arrue R.; Smilanick J.L., 1991:
Vapor phase hydrogen peroxide inhibits postharvest decay of table grapes

Bednarski, R.M.; Gaynor, J.S.; Muir, W.W., 1993:
Vaporizer in circle for delivery of isoflurane to dogs

Vartak, P.H.; Sharma, R.N., 1993:
Vapour toxicity and repellence of some essential oils and terpenoids to adults of Aedes aegypti (L.) (Diptera: Culicidae)

Schmidt, G.H.; Risha, E.M., 1990:
Vapours of Acorus calamus oil are suitable to protect stored products against insects

Islam, M.A.; Hoque, M.A.; Hossain, A.K.M.A., 1991:
Variabilities of custard apple fruits in Bangladesh

Kanazin, V.; Ananiev, E.; Blake, T., 1993:
Variability among members of the Hor-2 multigene family

Martensson, A.; Rydberg, I., 1994:
Variability among pea varieties for infection with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Dorner, J.W.; Cole, R.J., 1993:
Variability among peanut subsamples prepared for aflatoxin analysis with four mills

Dahiya, B.N.; Singh, V.P., 1991:
Variability among progenies of greengram developed through five selection methods

Fuhrmann, J.J.; Vasilas, B.L., 1994:
Variability among soybean genotypes in response to nodulation by a rhizobitoxine-producing strain of bradyrhizobia

Sangan, N.K.; Ahlawat, T.R.; Dhindsa, K.S., 1992:
Variability and association in quality characteristics and proximate principles of isabgol (Plantago ovata Forsk.)

Barma, N.C.D.; Amin, M.R.; Sarker, Z.I., 1992:
Variability and association of grain yield with vegetative and grain filling period in spring wheat

Sinhamahapatra, S.P.; Patra, M.M.; Tripathi, R., 1992:
Variability and association of seed characters in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

Krishnamoorthy, B.; Sasikumar, B.; Rema, J.; Gopalam, A.; Abraham, J., 1992:
Variability and association studies in cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum)

Klempt, L.; Neuendorff, J.; Tenholtern, R.; Schroder, C.; Spatz, G., 1991:
Variability and causes during area-related measurement of nitrate losses in pasture management

Binek, A.; Mos, M., 1992:
Variability and correlation of characters conditioning seed yield in selected turf grass varieties

Tripathi, K.N.; Arora, P.P., 1991:
Variability and correlation studies and their implication in chickpea selection

Ali, S.A.; Mishra, A.K.; Yadav, L.N.; Maurya, K.N., 1993:
Variability and correlation studies in coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.)

Kokadwar, R.D.; Chakrawar, V.R.; Hudge, V.S., 1992:
Variability and correlation studies in fruit quality of local mango in Parbhani area

Gayen, P.; Roychaudhury, P.; Dasgupta, T.; Dana, S., 1991:
Variability and correlation studies of some characters of pod and seed in mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek)

Goncharenko, G.G.; Potenko, V.V., 1992:
Variability and differentiation in Jeddo spruce (Picea ajanensis Fisch.) in natural populations of Sakhalin and the southern Khabarovsk

Schmidt, T.; Heslop-Harrison, J.S., 1993:
Variability and evolution of highly repeated DNA sequences in the genus Beta

Alvarez, D.; Luduena, P.; Frutos, E., 1992:
Variability and genetic advance in sunflower

Bansal, U.K.; Satija, D.R.; Gupta, V.P., 1992:
Variability and genotype x environment interaction in relation to growth habit in groundnut

Dolinski, R.; Tarkowski, C.; Bichta, J., 1993:
Variability and hereditability of some chosen mechanical properties and morphological features of hexaploid winter triticale stalk

Siratskii, I.Z., 1992:
Variability and hereditary pattern of reproductive capacity in bulls of the Lebedinskaya breed

Kannan, M.; Seemanthani Rammdas, 1990:
Variability and heritability studies in gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii L.)

Baruah, G.K.S.; Shadeque, A.; Talukdar, P., 1993:
Variability and heritability studies in sweet gourd (Momordica cochinchinensis. Spreng)

Galletto, L., 1992:
Variability and increase in production per hectare: the Italian experience (1921-85)

Stojkovski, C., 1989 :
Variability and inheritance of ear length in Triticum aestivum x triticale hybrids

Siratskii, I.Z., 1993:
Variability and inheritance of reproductive ability in black pied bulls

Siratskii, I.Z., 1992:
Variability and inheritance of reproductive ability of Lebedin bulls

Koczowska, I., 1993:
Variability and inheritance of winter rye resistance to snow mould

Reddy, K.R.; Gupta, R.V.S., 1992:
Variability and inter-relationship of yield and its component characters in groundnut

Milczak, M.; Gryka, J.; Segit, Z., 1991:
Variability and interrelation of some quantitative traits in lentil (Lens culinaris Medic.)

Potenko, V.V.; Krivko, V.G., 1993:
Variability and linkage of isoenzyme loci in Picea orientalis (L.) Link

Whitaker T.B.; Dickens J.W.; Giesbrecht F.G., 1991:
Variability associated with determining grade factors and support price of farmers stock peanuts

Whitaker, T.B.; Dowell, F.E.; Hagler, W.M.J.; Giesbrecht, F.G.; Wu, J., 1994:
Variability associated with sampling, sample preparation, and chemical testing for aflatoxin in farmers' stock peanuts

Mohan, P.; Bhat, M.G.; Singh, V.V.; Phundan Singh, 1992:
Variability for biomass and harvest index in Asiatic (G. arboreum L.) and American (G. hirsutum L.) cottons

Mwandemele, D.D.; Nchimbi, S., 1992:
Variability for cookability and storability in common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Scales, G.J.; Campbell, G.L.; McLeod, J.G., 1993:
Variability for grain extract viscosity in inbred lines and an F2 population of rye (Secale cereale L.)

E.Rassas, H.N., 1991:
Variability for quantitative characters of wheat induced by gamma radiation

Chhabra, B.S.; Yadava, T.P.; Behl, R.K., 1992:
Variability for seed ageing and storability in wheat

Dohroo, N.P.; Sharma, S.K., 1992:
Variability in Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. zingiberi, the incitant of ginger yellows

Kumari, A.; Chikara, J.; Iyengar, E.R.R., 1991:
Variability in Simmondsia chinensis under semiarid conditions

Kiehn, F.A.; Chubey, B.B., 1993:
Variability in agronomic and composition characteristics of Jerusalem artichoke

Mahr, S.E.R.; Wyman, J.A.; Chapman, R.K., 1993:
Variability in aster yellows infectivity of local populations of the aster leafhopper (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) in Wisconsin

Canton S.P.; Chadwick J.W., 1988:
Variability in benthic invertebrate density estimates from stream samples

Shinkawa, Y.; Takeda, S.; Tomioka, K.; Matsumoto, A.; Oda, T.; Chiba, Y., 1994:
Variability in circadian activity patterns within the Culex pipiens complex (Diptera: Culicidae)

King, F.B., 1994:
Variability in cob and kernel characteristics of North American maize cultivars

Kandasamy, G.; Kadambavanasundaram, M.; Rajasekaran, S., 1989:
Variability in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.) under different environmental conditions

Getachew Belay; Tesfaye Tesemma; Demissie Mitiku; Ayele Badebo, 1992:
Variability in durum wheat genotypes for leaf and head infections of yellow rust in Ethiopia

Bhave, S.G.; Dhonukshe, B.L., 1991:
Variability in floral attributes of horsegram (Macrotyloma uniflorum (Lam.) Verde.)

Boubaker, M.; Yahyaoui, A.; Kurauchi, N.; Yamada, T., 1993:
Variability in germplasm of wheat introduced to Tunisia for reaction to yellow rust

Stoddard, F.L.; Marshall, D.R.; Ali, S.M., 1993:
Variability in grain protein concentration of peas and lentils grown in Australia

Genard, M.; Bruchou, C.; Souty, M., 1991:
Variability in growth and development of peach (Prunus persica L. Batsch) and the relationship between growth and quality

Chakraborty, P.; Chowdhury, P.R.; Hossain, M., 1991:
Variability in growth pattern of yield attributes in olitorius jute (Corchorus olitorius L.)

Kristinic, A., 1976:
Variability in growth vigour and stem straightness of hybrids of white willow (Salix alba) and crack willow (Salix fragilis)

Gadot, M.; Pener, M.P.; Schal, C., 1993:
Variability in juvenile hormone production by locust corpora allata kept in vitro for long periods

Entekhabi, D.; Rodriguez Iturbe, O.; Bras, R.L., 1992:
Variability in large-scale water balance with land surface-atmosphere interaction

Scarry, C.M., 1994:
Variability in late prehistoric corn from the lower southeast

Herregods, M.; Goffings, G., 1993:
Variability in maturity, quality and storage ability of Jonagold apples on a tree

Rao, P.; Kadappa, S.N.; Katageri, I.S., 1991:
Variability in morphological characters of bollworm tolerant and susceptible cotton genotypes

Ohri, D.; Jha, S.S.; Kumar, S., 1994:
Variability in nuclear DNA content within pigeonpea, Cajanus cajan (Fabaceae)

Patel, J.N.; Dalal, K.C., 1992:
Variability in okra

Valsala, P.A.; Kannan, K., 1991:
Variability in open pollinated seedling progenies of tall x dwarf coconut hybrids

Pinon, J., 1993:
Variability in pathogenicity of poplar rusts (Melampsora spp.) and the selection for durable resistance in cultivated poplar clones

Calvin, D.D.; Song, P.Z., 1994:
Variability in postdiapause development periods of geographically separate Ostrinia nubilalis (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) populations in Pennsylvania

Fasenko, G.M.; Robinson, F.E.; Hardin, R.T.; Wilson, J.L., 1992 :
Variability in preincubation embryonic development in domestic fowl. 2. Effects of duration of egg storage period

Tetter, M.; Suchy, K.; Ernestova, J., 1991:
Variability in productive characteristics in the meadows of the upstream part of the river Luznice

Meagher, R.L.J.; Werner, D., 1992:
Variability in resistance of peach plant introductions to Tetranychus urticae (Acari: Tetranychidae) infestation

Eswaran, H.; Reich, P., 1993:
Variability in soil and climatic conditions in IBSRAM's Vertisol network sites in Africa

Solar, A.; Smole, J., 1993:
Variability in some morphological characteristics of walnut (Juglans regia L.) cultivars of different origin

Belotti, E.; Babel, U., 1993:
Variability in space and time and redundancy as stabilizing principles of forest humus profiles

Reddy, M.V.; Raju, T.N.; Nene, Y.L.; Ghanekar, A.M.; Amin, K.S.; Arjunan, G.; Astaputre, J.V.; Sinha, B.K.; Muniyappa, V.; Reddy, S.V.; Gupta, R.P.; Kausalya Gangadharan, 1993:
Variability in sterility mosaic pathogen of pigeonpea in India

Beauchamp, P.S.; Jen, J.J.; Klockeman, D.M., 1993:
Variability in sugar contents of 100 common foods

Baruah, U.; Chamuah, G.S.; Maji, A.K., 1992:
Variability in surface soil properties related to geomorphology in north east India

Timoney, J.F.; Mukhtar, M., 1992:
Variability in the M-proteins of equine strains of Streptococcus equi subsp. zooepidemicus

Woisniewski, J.; Hirschmann, W., 1990:
Variability in the adults of Dendrolaelaps bidentatus Daele, 1977 (Acarina, Trichopygidiina) and description of the development stages of this species

Misra, L.; Tyagi, B.; Ahmad, A.B.hl,. Jr.;, 1994:
Variability in the chemical composition of the essential oil of Coleus forskohlii genotypes

Vtorova, V.N., 1993:
Variability in the composition of chemical elements in representatives of the genera Populus, Lycium and Tamarix on saline soils

Nikonov, G.K.; Artamonova, N.A.; Sinitsina, V.G.; Nikonova, L.P., 1991:
Variability in the content and composition of sesquiterpene lactones in the roots of Inula macrophylla Kar. et Kir

Perpinan, E.; Pietrarelli, L., 1992:
Variability in the density and volumetric shrinkage of Prosopis wood

Caselli, S.; Modi, G.; Grifi, F.N.; Fiorino, P., 1993:
Variability in the fatty acid, sterol and alcohol composition of olive oil produced from Tuscan cultivars

Pillai, P.K.T.; Amma, C.S.E., 1990:
Variability in the hybrid progenies of sweet potato

Gowda, K.T.P.; Gowda, B.J.; Rajasekharaiah, S., 1989:
Variability in the incidence of turcicum leaf blight disease of maize in southern Karnataka

Monties, B., 1993:
Variability in the lignification of plant cell walls in relation to production of cellulosic fibres

Armada, J.L.; Santos, A.C.V., 1993:
Variability in the nucleolus organizer regions of domestic pig chromosomes (Sus scrofa)

Inayatullah, C.; Webster, JA.; Fargo, WS., 1991:
Variability in the number of antennal sensoria in greenbug (Homoptera: Aphididae) biotypes

Kabir, A.K.M.; Rahman, S.; Kamal, M.M.; Iqbal, M., 1988:
Variability in the pathogen of pineapple disease of sugarcane

Sarah, J.L., 1993:
Variability in the pathogenicity of Radopholus similis in populations from different production zones in the world

Pyke, N.B.; Alspach, P.A., 1992:
Variability in the performance of bee collected kiwifruit pollen

Victoria, J.I.; Cassalett, C.; Carrillo, P., 1993:
Variability in the response of sugarcane to smut

Henderson, C.E., 1992:
Variability in the size of emerging drones and of drone and worker eggs in honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) colonies

Casela, C.R.; Frederiksen, R.A., 1993:
Variability in the sorghum anthracnose fungus Colletotrichum graminicola in Brazil and USA

E.Tahir, I.M., 1993:
Variability in tomato accessions collected from western and northern Sudan

Grosjean, F.; Metayer, J.P.; Peyronnet, C.; Carrouee, B., 1993:
Variability in trypsin inhibitor activity of peas (Pisum sativum) grown in France

Dhillon, S.S.; Gurdev Singh; Sukhwinder Singh; Kaur Singh, 1992 :
Variability of Alternaria blight resistance in newly developed strain of Brassica juncea

Calera, J.A.; López-Medrano, R.; Ovejero, M.C.; Puente, P.; Leal, F., 1994:
Variability of Aspergillus nidulans antigens with media and time and temperature of growth

Staszkiewicz, J.; Biaobrzeska, M.; Truchanowicz, J.; Wojcicki, J.J., 1991:
Variability of Betula humilis (Betulaceae) in Poland. 2. Variability of the generative organs

Staszkiewicz, J.; Biaobrzeska, M.; Truchanowicz, J.; Wojcicki, J.J., 1993:
Variability of Betula humilis (Betulaceae) in Poland. 3. Taxonomic problems

Staszkiewicz, J.; Biaobrzeska, M.; Truchanowicz, J.; Wojcicki, J.J., 1993:
Variability of Betula humilis (Betulaceae) in Poland. 4. Hybrid and introgressive forms

Staszkiewicz, J.; Biaobrzeska, M.; Truchanowicz, J.; Wojcicki, J.J., 1991:
Variability of Betula humilis (Betulaceae) in Poland. I. Variability of the leaves

Lima, E.F.; Chaves, G.M., 1992:
Variability of Colletotrichum gossypii var. cephalosporioides

Wojcicki, J.J., 1991:
Variability of Prunus fruticosa Pall. and the problem of an anthropohybridization

Malavolta, V.M.A.; Souza, T.M.W., 1992:
Variability of Pyricularia oryzae in the state of Sao Paulo

Lange, A.B.; Sokolova, T.V.; Panchenko, L.A., 1992:
Variability of Sarcoptes scabiei De Geer (Acariformes, Sarcoptidae) in relation to the epidemiology of scabies. 1. Statistical model of female variability

Sokolova, T.V.; Panchenko, L.A., 1992:
Variability of Sarcoptes scabiei De Geer (Acariformes, Sarcoptidae) related to the epidemiology of scabies. System of variability of the female chaetoid cover

Sokolova, T.V.; Panchenko, L.A., 1992:
Variability of Sarcoptes scabiei de Geer (Acariformes, Sarcoptidae) in relation to the epidemiology of scabies. Communication 3. Geographic and seasonal variability

Laffers, A., 1988:
Variability of Scots pine in the Spis region

Arthur, W.; Cassey, S., 1992:
Variability of a niche difference between Drosophila hydei and D. melanogaster

Semerikov, V.L.; Podogas, A.V.; Shurkhal, A.V., 1993:
Variability of allozyme loci in populations of common pine

Steiner, A.M.; Ruckenbauer, P.; Schulze, A., 1992:
Variability of an Austro-Hungarian landrace of barley from 1877 - analysis of the hordeins by electrophoresis

Duran, J.A.; Mora, D., 1987:
Variability of anthracnose (Colletotrichum sp.) symptomatology on papaya during the postharvest period in Costa Rica

Nair, A.S.; Annie, P.T.; Nair, P.G., 1992:
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Variability of cattle infestation by Amblyomma variegatum and its possible utilisation for tick control

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Variability of efficiency of herbicides on wild oat

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Variability of exchangeable reaction under permanent grasslands

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Variability of forest mensuration indices in climax tropical forests (at the example of Laos)

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Variability of fruit characteristics at the beginning of peach hybrid fruiting (1987-89, Gorica region)

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Variability of horticultural characteristics among plumcot progenies

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Variability of hybrid progenies within the genus Abies

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Variability of internal ethylene concentration as a parameter of maturity in apples

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Variability of meadow yields on organic soils under conditions of differentiated nitrogen fertilizer application lasting for many years

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Variability of microbial activity and biomass of a large soil aggregation in relation to various location parameters

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Variability of moisture content in Cheddar cheese

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Variability of morphological traits, fertility and yield-related characters of tetraploid triticale

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Variability of morphotic components of rabbit blood at different times of a 24 hour period

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Variability of nitrate transport, and its determination by means of suction probes in a sandy soil under field conditions

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Variability of parasitic weeds and their hosts: implications for witchweed management in Africa

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Variability of rDNA in some Triticeae and forms of Triticum aestivum obtained by wide hybridization

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Variability of radial tracheid sizes in the annual rings of some conifers

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Variability of rapeseed modulus of elasticity

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Variability of root systems of Populus trichocarpa and its hybrids: influence of genetics and soil

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Variability of self-regulation of energy intake in young children in their everyday environment

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Variability of serum bile acid concentrations over time in dairy cattle, and effect of feed deprivation on the variability

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Variability of soil chemical properties and rice growth following land levelling

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Variability of some properties of potatoes obtained from microtuber plants

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Variability of stand health, growth and quality of European larch (Larix decidua) of different provenances in forest region I - Erzgebirge

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Variability of the Harris-Benedict equation in recently published textbooks

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Variability of the agressiveness of Phaeosphaeria nodorum (Septoria nodorum) after sexual reproduction

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Variability of the association Stellario-Alnetum in the Czech Republic

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Variability of the causal agent of the eyespot of cereals: practical implications

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Variability of the composition of fish oils: significance for the diet

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Variability of the cones of Larix olgensis (Pinaceae) in the massif of Paekdu-san in North Korea

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Variability of the cones of Picea jezoensis and P. koraiensis (Pinaceae) in North Korea

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Variability of the foramen magnum in dog breeds in relation to occipital dysplasia

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Variability of the genitalia of males of the leafroller Pandemis heparana Den. & Schiff (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) and methods for its analysis

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Variability of the hybrid swarm Pinus x celakovskiorum A. et Gr. assessed by some cluster analysis methods

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Variability of the incompatibility alleles of the tetrapolar heterothallic basidiomycete Agrocybe aegerita: a survey of recent experiments

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Variability of the main characteristics of rabbit semen

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Variability of the overgrowing of knots in pruned pines (Pinus sylvestris L.) and larches (Larix decidua Mill.)

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Variability of the physical properties of soil as a basis for water and nutrient balances in catchments in the crystalline part of the Black Forest

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Variability of the position of organs in Hymenolepis diminuta tapeworms at different ages

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Variability of the principal morphometric characters and diagnosis of the species of Xiphinema (Nematoda: Longidoridae)

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Variability of the quantitative polygenic characters in laboratory mice. 1. Morphometric characters of hybrid mice in different periods of ontogenesis

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Variability of the trace element composition of seeds of the basic oilseed crops

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Variability of unsaturated zone water transport parameters: implications for hydrological modelling. 2. Predicted vs. in situ measurements and elevation of methods

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Variability of unsaturated zone water transport parameters: implications for hydrological modelling. I. In situ measurements

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Variability of water quality in a spruce stand

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Variability of winter wheat grains resistance to static loads

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Variability of yields and elements of yield structure of lentil (Lens culinaris Medic.)

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Variability pattern in durum wheat under different sowing dates

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Variability studies in chrysanthemum

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Variability studies in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)

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Variability studies in grain sorghum for certain physiological characters under water stress conditions

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Variability studies in senna

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Variability studies on yield components in castor (Ricinus communis L.)

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Variability study of root system in bread wheat Triticum aestivum L. at normal and restricted irrigation regimes

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Variability, correlation and path analysis in broad bean

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Variability, correlation and path analysis in ginger germplasm

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Variability, correlation and path analysis in gram (Cicer arietinum L.)

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Variability, correlations and path analysis of nine characters in Gossypium arboreum Linn. cotton

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Variability, heritability and genetic advance in brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)

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Variability, heritability and genetic advance in the segregating generations of chilli (Capsicum annuum L.)

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Variability, heritability and genetic gain in cone and nut characters of chilgoza pine (Pinus gerardiana Wall.)

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Variability, heritability and genetic gain of some growth characters in Bambusa balcooa

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Variability, heritability and phenotypic interrelations of some characters in Sida hermaphrodita Rusby

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Variability, heritability, genetic advance and correlation study in some quantitative characters in durum wheat

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Variable bedding, planting, harvesting and transportation costs impact optimal economic management regimes

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Variable efficacy of benzimidazole anthelmintics against inhibited larvae of Ostertagia ostertagi

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Variable egg development among Anopheles (Nyssorhynchus): control by mating?

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Variable expression of epitopes on the surface of Mycoplasma gallisepticum demonstrated with monoclonal antibodies

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Variable factors in the chemical composition of milk on farms with a high level of milk production

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Variable factors in the protein:fat ratio in cow milk: a study carried out on dairy farms in the Northern Alps

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Variable fertilizer application based on yield goal, soil fertility, and soil map unit

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Variable induced responses: direct and indirect effects on oak folivores

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Variable patterns of gonadotropin-releasing hormone secretion during the estrogen-induced luteinizing hormone surge in ovariectomized ewes

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Variable planting density and fertilizer rate application system

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Variable positive charge of soil clay fractions of acidic soils of a temperate climatic region

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Variable rate fogging for summer heat control

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Variable rate pacing and terbutaline in the treatment of syncope associated with second-degree atrioventricular block in a dog

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Variable rate sprayer development and evaluation

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Variable reproductive output among clones of Spartina alterniflora (Poaceae) invading San Francisco Bay, California: the influence of herbivory, pollination, and establishment site

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Variable short internodes

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Variable silicon content of rice cultivars grown on Everglades Histosols

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Variable thermal emission and chlorophyll fluorescence in photosystem II particles

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Variable utilization of wall materials in different host-wood and fungal-rotter combinations

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Variable ventilation rate control below the heat-deficit temperature in cold-climate livestock buildings

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Variable-dimension livestock restraining cage

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Variable-speed fan performance with selected single- and three-phase motors

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Variables related to the progress of parturition and probability of stillbirth in swine

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Variance analysis of the quality and value of the output of flue-cured tobacco grown with high ridges in single or double rows

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Variance component and heritability estimates of early growth traits in the Elsenburg Dormer stud

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Variance in nutrient intake and the planning of dietary studies

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Variance in pig's dimensions as measured by image analysis

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Variance of lifetime reproductive success: estimation based on demographic data

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Variance of relative yield as an agronomic type of stability measure

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Variance of the estimated population density from a presence-absence sample

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Variance of the injury effects by leafminers in apple orchards and determination of flexible economic thresholds

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Variant cysteine-rich surface proteins of Giardia isolates from human and animal sources

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Variant mitochondrial plasmids of broad bean arose by recombination and are controlled by the nuclear genome

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Variant nodular granulomatous episclerokeratitis in four dogs

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Variant of canine erythrocytes with high potassium content and lack of glutathione accumulation

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Variants of clove (Syzygium aromaticum)

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Variation (within trunk) in the wood strength of Taiwania, China fir and Japanese fir

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Variation among Persian walnuts in response to inoculation with Xanthomonas campestris pv. juglandis

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Variation among desert topminnows in their susceptibility to attack by exotic parasites

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Variation among full-sib progenies of red maple in growth, autumn leaf color, and leafhopper injury

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Variation among individual White-Leghorn hens in the concentration of minerals in the albumen and yolk content of their eggs

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Variation among landraces of peppers in Nigeria

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Variation among maize (Zea mays L.) accessions of Bendel State, Nigeria. Multivariate analysis of agronomic data

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Variation among provenances of Eucalyptus globulus subsp. maidenii in Guaiba, Rio Grande do Sul

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Variation among sorghum hybrids in the plant density required to maximise grain yield over environments

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Variation and change in Amuesha agriculture, Peruvian Upper Amazon

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Variation and character association in cumin

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Variation and character association in proso millet

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Variation and comparison of the concentration of six soybean mosaic virus isolates in soyabean cultivars

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Variation and covariation among floral traits within and among four species of northern European Primula (Primulaceae)

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Variation and differentiation in natural populations of Picea schrenkiana (Fisch. et Mey.)

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Variation and evolution of karyotype characters in palm subfamily Coryphoideae s.l

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Variation and genetic control of surface antigen expression in mycoplasmas: the Vlp system of Mycoplasma hyorhinis

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Variation and hybridisation of Alnus Miller in Ireland

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Variation and in vitro splicing of group I introns in rRNA genes of Pneumocystis carinii

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Variation and inheritance of isozymes in safflower

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Variation and inheritance of manoyl oxid acid in Pinus sylvestris (L.)

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Variation and selection in mutant populations of soyabean

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Variation and taxonomic value of seed micromorphology in basils (Ocimum L., Lamiaceae)

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Variation and varieties in Echeveria setosa Rose & Purpus (Crassulaceae)

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Variation at isozyme loci in wild Vigna unguiculata (Fabaceae, Phaseoleae)

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Variation for Fusarium head blight resistance in current Austrian wheat breeding material

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Variation for grain fill characteristics in northern-adapted spring barley cultivars

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Variation for juice quality and fiber content in crosses between commercial sugarcane and Saccharum spontaneum

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Variation for morpho-physiological characters at different phenological growth stages in chickpea (C. arietinum L.)

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Variation for water-use efficiency in alfalfa germplasm

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Variation for yield and quality in coleus mutants

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Variation in 2n gamete production in red clover (Trifolium pratense L.): effect of temperature and genotype

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Variation in Aedes aegypti mRNA populations related to strain, sex, and development

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Variation in BLM employee attitudes toward environmental conditions on rangelands

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Variation in Fusarium head blight susceptibility of international and Austrian wheat breeding material

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Variation in Leptospermum trinervium (Myrtaceae): a problem species and the species problem

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Variation in Picea glauca seed germination associated with the year of cone collection

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Variation in Pseudotsuga menziesii and Pinus radiata wood mechanical characteristics as a function of wood density

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Variation in UV-B sensitivity in plants from a 3,000-m elevational gradient in Hawaii

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Variation in acetylene-reduction (nitrogen-fixation) rates in Reticulitermes spp. (Isoptera; Rhinotermitidae)

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Variation in aluminium levels in black spruce (Picea mariana)

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Variation in an interspecific potato hybrid after treatment with diethyl sulfate

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Variation in anatomical properties of three Malaysian bamboos from natural stands

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Variation in animal species' response to plant poisonings and mycotoxicoses in Southern Africa

Henze, E., 1993:
Variation in apple fruit size with the example of the cultivars Pikant and Pinova

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Variation in appressoria and infection process of Sclerotium oryzae which causes stem rot of rice

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Variation in attack by Sitka spruce weevil, Pissodes strobi (Peck), within a resistant provenance of Sitka spruce

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Variation in attractiveness of human subjects to malaria mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) in The Gambia

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Variation in basic qualitative traits of winter rape Jet Neuf in relation to the application of the preparation Relan PGR

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Variation in bloom time in a sour cherry germplasm collection

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Variation in body temperature response of naked neck and normally feathered chickens to heat stress

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Variation in bran oil content in stabilised selections of aromatic rices

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Variation in breeding systems in the Triticeae

Eldridge, G.A.; Ball, C.I., 1992:
Variation in butt shape of carcasses of British-cross and Brahman-cross cattle slaughtered for domestic consumption

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Variation in cation composition of soil absorption complex and buffer action of sward podzolic soil under cultivation

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Variation in chemical contents of seed, and foliage in Albizia lebbek (L.) Benth. of different provenances

Susheelamma, B.N.; Venkateshwarlu, M.; Sengupta, K.; Suryanarayana, N., 1990:
Variation in chlorophyll a, b and total chlorophyll content in F1 hybrids of mulberry (Morus sp.)

Curn, Vladislav, 1993:
Variation in chromosome number of in vitro cloned and regenerated plants of Trifolium alexandrinum L

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Variation in clinical disease and species susceptibility to psittacine beak and feather disease in Zimbabwean lovebirds

Pisareva, L.A., 1991:
Variation in coleoptile length in spring bread wheat varieties of different ecological/geographical origin

Okuda, Toru, 1994:
Variation in colony characteristics of Penicillium strains resulting from minor variations in culture conditions

Cherrill, A.J.; Brown, V.K., 1991:
Variation in coloration of Decticus verrucivorus (L.) (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) in southern England

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Variation in comparison and functional properties within brine-salted Mozzarella cheese

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Variation in competitive ability of spring barley cultivars

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Variation in composition of predator-attracting allelochemical emitted by herbivore-infested plants: relative influence of plant and herbivore

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Variation in cone production in a clonal seed orchard of black pine

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Variation in contamination of scallops by paralytic phycotoxins imported from Asia

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Variation in cork thickness measured at different heights

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Variation in cotton induced by chemical mutagens

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Variation in crop radiation-use efficiency with increased diffuse radiation

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Variation in cutinase from two populations of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides from citrus

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Variation in date of ripeness for harvesting in selected progeny of sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.)

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Variation in density and physiological quality of bacterial flora in aseptically drawn fore, middle and last milk from the udder of healthy cross-bred cows

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Variation in development of contrasting rice cultivars

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Variation in developmental and morpho-physiological traits under different environments and their relation to grain yield of greengram (Phaseolus radiatus)

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Variation in diameter increment rates of trees in semi-deciduous forests at Lamto, Cote d'Ivoire

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Variation in double-stranded ribonucleic acid among pepper cultivars

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Variation in economically useful characters in triticales of different genetic origin

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Variation in egg yolk cholesterol concentration between and within breeds of the domestic fowl

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Variation in enzyme activity of rice field soil under the effect of trace element fertilizers

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Variation in fecundity of greenbug (Homoptera: Aphididae) biotypes on resistant and susceptible barley

Tseng, T.H.; Chen, C.C.; Chen, C.G., 1992 :
Variation in fertility rate, plant height, and selection rate for progenies of indica-japonica rice hybrids in relation to generations of backcross

Murphy, R.J.; Alvin, K.L., 1992:
Variation in fibre wall structure in bamboo

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Variation in floral bud morphology in the intergrading zones of Eucalyptus camaldulensis and E. tereticornis in northern Queensland

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Variation in floral characters of genotypes of pearl millet (Pennisetum glaucum) resistant or susceptible to ergot caused by Claviceps fusiformis

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Variation in flower senescence and ethylene biosynthesis among carnations

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Variation in foliar delta 13C in Hawaiian Metrosideros polymorpha: a case of internal resistance?

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Variation in fruitfulness among kiwifruit replacement canes

Gill, W.G., 1993:
Variation in genetic composition in backcrossing programs

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Variation in genetic forms of pea Pisum sativum L. in capacity for transformation with different strains of Agrobacterium tumefaciens and Agrobacterium rhizogenes

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Variation in genome organization and composition of repeated DNAs among three species of fish (family: Percidae)

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Variation in grain sulphur concentrations in wheat and barley

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Variation in growth and N2 fixation within and among Centrosema spp. in response to phosphorus supply

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Variation in host use in Encarsia formosa

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Variation in individual flowering time and reproductive success of Agalinis strictifolia (Scrophulariaceae)

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Variation in individual food consumption rates of fish and its implications for the study of fish nutrition and physiology

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Variation in inheritance of ribosomal DNA in Pinus sylvestris L. (Scots pine)

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Variation in interventions, variation in results: assistance to FMIS in Nepal

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Variation in isolates of Pseudomonas solanacearum from Himachal Pradesh

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Variation in karyotype and gametocyte production during asexual multiplication of Plasmodium berghei

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Variation in leaf anatomy of upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum), tree cotton (G. arboreum) and asiatic cotton (G. herbaceum)

Ducrey, M., 1992:
Variation in leaf morphology and branching pattern of some tropical rain forest species from Guadeloupe (French West Indies) under semi-controlled light conditions

Bos, L.; Huijberts, N., 1992:
Variation in lettuce mosaic virus

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Variation in life-history pattern in relation to worker mortality in the bumble-bee, Bombus lucorum

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Variation in lipid composition of apples in relation to watercore

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Variation in longitudinal permeability of three U.S. hardwoods

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Variation in metribuzin response between wheat cultivars and Bromus diandrus (great brome)

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Variation in milk protein percentage among 1st-lactation cows in three Belgian provinces during 1978-86

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Variation in milk yield, fat yield and fat percentage associated with the effects of herd, year of calving, season and age at calving

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Variation in mimosine content among three species of Leucaena in eastern Nuevo Leon, Mexico

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Variation in mineral composition and effects on the growth and yield of Chardonnay grapes on various rootstocks

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Variation in mineral composition of leaves of apple cultivar 'Red Delicious' as affected by sample size

Sevilla, R., 1994:
Variation in modern Andean maize and its implications for prehistoric patterns

Soroka, A.I., 1991:
Variation in morphological and cytochemical parameters of the nuclei of maize pollen in high temperature conditions

Parker, B.M., 1993:
Variation in mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) relative abundance and Dirofilaria immitis (Nematoda: Filarioidea) vector potential in coastal North Carolina

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Variation in multiple shoot formation from different genotypes of Glycine max and G. soja

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Variation in nitrogenous compounds and changes in them during the development of Italian ryegrass and its hybrids

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Variation in nuclear DNA amount between wild and cultivated populations of Milium effusum (2n = 28)

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Variation in nuclear and individual chromosome DNA content and its role in evolution of plants

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Variation in nutrient concentrations of Pinus sylvestris roots

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Variation in oil and protein contents in groundnut germplasm

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Variation in organic carbon as a function of soil properties and elevation in the Jura (France)

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Variation in ornamental traits of Dalea purpurea Vent. (purple prairie clover)

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Variation in outer-membrane protein and lipopolysaccharide profiles of Pasteurella haemolytica isolates of serotypes A1 and A2 obtained from pneumonic and healthy cattle

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Variation in pathogenicity of Leptosphaeria maculans on Brassica spp. based on cotyledon and stem reactions

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Variation in pathogenicity of recombinations of Heterorhabditis and Xenorhabdus luminescens strains

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Variation in plasma cholesterol concentration over time in the domestic fowl

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Variation in plasma luteinizing hormone and progesterone concentrations during the ovulatory cycle and brooding period in hens

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Variation in plasmid profile of Xanthomonas of Indian origin

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Variation in plastome mutants of sunflower for morphological/physiological and yield characters

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Variation in polyunsaturated fatty acids composition of Persian walnut

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Variation in population density of the face fly, Musca autumnalis De Geer, among selected breeds of beef cattle

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Variation in potential volume yield of loblolly pine plantations

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Variation in protoplast derived lines of Sasanishiki

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Variation in quantitative characters of the stomatal apparatus and flag leaf in triticale under different development conditions

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Variation in reaction norms among populations of the grass Bouteloua rigidiseta

Larbi, A.; Osakwe, I.I.; Lambourne, J.W., 1993:
Variation in relative palatability to sheep among Gliricidia sepium provenances

Mcginley, Mark A., 1993:
Variation in reproductive characteristics of Poa pratensis across a successional chronosequence

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Variation in residual food consumption between cocks in a highly productive egg-laying strain

Jonsson, H.A.; Nilsson, C., 1994:
Variation in resistance to Typhula ishikariensis in grasses of various origin

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Variation in root development in genotypes of Betula pendula

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Variation in rotavirus virulence: a comparison of pathogenesis in calves between two rotaviruses of different virulence

Strand E., 1991:
Variation in seed dormancy in genetically homogeneous material of small grain species

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Variation in seed protein among nodes of determinate and indeterminate soybean near-isolines

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Variation in seed weight and seedling growth in Acacia auriculiformis provenances

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Variation in seed weight of cotton cultivars

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Variation in seed yield of cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata L.) in Finland

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Variation in seedling hydraulic architecture as a function of species and environment

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Variation in selected characters of varieties from the winter wheat collection

Gimenez Verdu, I., 1991:
Variation in sensitivity of Phoma tracheiphila isolates (mal secco of Citrus) in Italy

Campbell, D.R., 1992:
Variation in sex allocation and floral morphology in Ipomopsis aggregata (Polemoniaceae)

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Variation in soil water content and a method for its prediction in the dryland experimental areas of Wuchuan, Inner Mongolia

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Variation in solids-not-fat, protein and lactose contents of pasteurized milk from Zagreb outlets

Schocken Iturrino, R.P.; Osti, M.L.R.; Nader Filho, A.; Berchelli, S.C.; Santana, A.E., 1991:
Variation in soluble proteins in colostrum of Murrah buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

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Variation in some faba bean varieties (Vicia faba L.)

Pavlyk, O.S.; Klimov, M.M., 1991:
Variation in some plant characters in winter swede rape during the period of autumn growth. 2. Dynamics of expression of the characters plant root system length and length of the part of the plant under the rosette

Pavlyk, O.S.; Klimov, M.M., 1991:
Variation in some plant characters in winter swede rape during the period of autumn growth. 3. Correlations between plant characters

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Variation in some qualitative characters of the grain in rice

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Variation in soret band absorption of peroxidase due to calcium

Ferris, V.R.; Ferris, J.M.; Faghihi, J., 1993:
Variation in spacer ribosomal DNA in some cyst-forming species of plant parasitic nematodes

Ani Sulaiman; Lim, S.C., 1993:
Variation in specific gravity of five-year-old Acacia mangium from the Batu Arang Plantation, Selangor, Malaysia

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Variation in spike harvest index among diverse genotypes of spring wheat and triticale

Piontelli L.E.; Diaz J.M.C.; Salamanca F.L.; Casanova Z.D., 1992:
Variation in strains of Microsporum canis Bodin isolated from human infections in limited geographical areas

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Variation in sugar content of different taro (Colocasia esculenta (L.) Schott) cultivars

Barile, E.R.; Sangalang, J.B., 1990:
Variation in sunlight reduction under the canopy of different coconut cultivars and hybrid

Silva, P.H.A.U. de; Froud Williams, R.J., 1992:
Variation in susceptibility to graminicides within populations of Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers. from various climatic zones and ecological habitats in Sri Lanka

Desprez Loustau, M.L.; Baradat, P., 1991:
Variation in susceptibility to twisting rust of maritime pine

Rickard, Martin H., 1992:
Variation in the European Polypodium vulgare complex

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Variation in the characters of Gossypium barbadense following complex hybridization combined with chemical mutagenesis

Avdeev, V.I., 1991:
Variation in the characters of Pyrus turcomanica Maleev in the Kopetdag

Mikhkel' man, V.A., 1991:
Variation in the characters of barley varieties at different stages of the breeding process and choice of criteria for selection

Zheng, B.L.; Wang, Y.R.; Wang, C.S., 1991:
Variation in the characters of regenerated wheat plants from pollen culture

Stojakovic, M.; Dokic, P., 1991:
Variation in the characters of sugarbeet in the seed generation

Allain, P.; E.O.alidi, J.; Puech, S.; Pellecuer, J., 1994:
Variation in the chemical composition of the essential oil of Teucrium puechiae Greuter et Burdet from the Languedoc coastline (France)

Putenikhin, V.P., 1990:
Variation in the cones and seeds of Larix sukaczewii in provenance plantations

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Variation in the constitutive defensive system of loblolly pine in relation to bark beetle attack

Iuoras, R.; Stanescu, U., 1991:
Variation in the content of fatty substances and fatty acid composition of grape seeds

Rakowska, M.; Ochodzki, P.; Sot, A., 1992 :
Variation in the content of nutrients in collection material of swede rape. I. Protein and its amino acid composition

Goldson, S.L.; McNeill, M.R., 1992:
Variation in the critical photoperiod for diapause induction in Microctonus hyperodae, a parasitoid of Argentine stem weevil

Upadhyay, A.P.; Summerfield, R.H.; Ellis, R.H.; Roberts, E.H.; Qi, A., 1994:
Variation in the durations of the photoperiod-sensitive and photoperiod-insensitive phases of development to flowering among eight maturity isolines of soyabean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill

Bosio, C.F.; Thomas, R.E.; Grimstad, P.R.; Rai, K.S., 1992:
Variation in the efficiency of vertical transmission of dengue-1 virus by strains of Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae)

Carter, C.G.; Houlihan, D.F.; McCarthy, I.D.; Brafield, A.E., 1992:
Variation in the food intake of grass carp, Ctenopharyngodon idella (Val.), fed singly or in groups

Landstrom, Staffan, 1993:
Variation in the growth potential in a timothy and red clover mixture

Voinova, O.I.; Bekh, L.T.; Korobov, R.M.; Railyan, V.Y.; Buyukli, P.I., 1992:
Variation in the leaf surface index in triticale during ontogeny in relation to genotype and stand density

Smykov, A.V., 1990:
Variation in the leaves of peach plants grown from buds after gamma irradiation

Sandhu, H.; Singh, S.; Satua, D.R., 1993:
Variation in the level of protein, methionine and tryptophan during seed development in Bengal gram

Ala, V.S., 1990:
Variation in the main characters in F3 hybrids obtained by crossing mutants with wild soyabean

Saiga, S.; Kikuchi, M.; Kanesaka, M.; Watanabe, K., 1992:
Variation in the mineral elements concentrations among cultivars of orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata L.)

Petric, B., 1976:
Variation in the nominal density of earlywood and latewood of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris)

Nesmith, D.S.; Hoogenboom, G., 1994:
Variation in the onset of flowering of summer squash as a function of days and heat units

Dodelson de Kremer, R.; Depetris de Boldini, C.; Paschini de Capra, A.; Hlibia, E.; Corbella, L., 1992:
Variation in the phenotypic expression of isovaleric acidaemia in Argentinean patients. Observations in a long-term follow-up

Sedivy, J., 1993:
Variation in the population density of pollen beetles (Meligethes aeneus F.) in winter rape

Ayele Badebo, 1992:
Variation in the post-harvest dormancy of the commercial bread wheat cultivars of Ethiopia

Williams, S.; Marotta, E.; Lagreca, L.; Vales, L., 1991:
Variation in the quality of boar semen due to the frequency of mounting

Garcia Gonzalez, A.; Fidalgo Martinez, M.R.; Blanco de Pablos, A., 1993:
Variation in the reflected radiation influenced by the colour and the humidity of soils

Fulkerson, W.J.; Slack, K.; Lowe, K.F., 1994:
Variation in the response of Lolium genotypes to defoliation

Ianson, D.C.; Linderman, R.G., 1993 :
Variation in the response of nodulating pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) to different isolates of mycorrhizal fungi

Dubcovsky, J.; Lewis, S.M.; Hopp, E.H., 1992:
Variation in the restriction fragments of 18S-26S rRNA loci in South American Elymus (Triticeae)

Ichikawa, M.; Ichikawa, T.; Notsuki, I.; Nakano, T., 1993:
Variation in the results of bacteriologic culturing and indirect diagnostic methods for Staphylococcus aureus infected udder over a two month period

Kozlovskaya, V.F.; Musalitin, G.M., 1992:
Variation in the results of hybridizing Triticum aestivum L. with T. timopheevii Zhuk

Ritland, C.E.; Ritland, K.; Straus, N.A., 1993:
Variation in the ribosomal internal transcribed spacers (ITS1 and ITS2) among eight taxa of the Mimulus guttatus species complex

Samuels, D.S.; Marconi, R.T.; Garon, C.F., 1993:
Variation in the size of the ospA-containing linear plasmid, but not the linear chromosome, among the three Borrelia species associated with Lyme disease

Petric, B.; Trajkovic, J.; Despot, R., 1990:
Variation in the structure of fir wood from the Gorski Kotar region

Vaishya, U.K.; Dube, J.N., 1991:
Variation in the symbiotic effectiveness of Rhizobium strains of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L)

O'Callaghan, D.; Karsch, F.J.; Boland, M.P.; Hanrahan, J.P.; Roche, J.F., 1992:
Variation in the timing of the reproductive season among breeds of sheep in relation to differences in photoperiodic synchronization of an endogenous rhythm

Dzhagat Munidasa Mudali, 1991:
Variation in the traits of rice under plant competition

Chavez, E.R.; Gallo, G.F.; Algire, J.E.; Downey, B.R., 1993:
Variation in trace mineral content of semen collected from young dairy bulls on a progeny-testing program

Joseph, T.A.; Jai Gopal, 1994:
Variation in tuber dormancy of andigena potato (Solanum tuberosum ssp. andigena)

Liang, L.Z.; Sobiczewski, P.; Paterson, J.M.; Jones, A.L., 1994:
Variation in virulence, plasmid content, and genes for coronatine synthesis between Pseudomonas syringae pv. morsprunorum and P. s. syringae from Prunus

Wright, J.A.; Gibson, G.L.; Barnes, R.D., 1990:
Variation in volume and wood density of eight provenances of Pinus oocarpa and P. patula ssp. tecunumanii in Conocoto, Ecuador

Pothier, D.; Bedard, M.; Caissy, R.; Stein, J., 1989:
Variation in water potential of black spruce seedlings in a nursery as a function of meteorological variables

Ehdaie, B.; Waines, J.G., 1993:
Variation in water-use efficiency and its components in wheat: I. Well-watered pot experiment

Gupta, B.K., 1990:
Variation in weight and specific gravity with maturity of silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) egg

Wright, J.A.; Malan, F.S., 1991:
Variation in wood and tracheid properties of Pinus maximinoi, P. pseudostrobus and P. patula

Cown, D.J.; Young, G.D.; Burdon, R.D., 1992:
Variation in wood characteristics of 20-year-old half-sib families of Pinus radiata

Koga, S.; Oda, K.; Tsutsumi, J., 1990:
Variation in wood properties within sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don) cultivars

Khanday, B.A.; Shah, M.H.; Bali, A.S.; Singh, K.N., 1993:
Variation in yield and its attributes in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea) in relation to planting time, fertility and plant population

Rogers, M.E.; Noble, C.L.; Nicolas, M.E.; Halloran, G.M., 1993:
Variation in yield potential and salt tolerance of selected cultivars and natural populations of Trifolium repens L

Nidiry, E.S.J.; Chandravadana, M.V.; Khan, R.M.; Reddy, P.P., 1992:
Variation induced by Meloidogyne incognita in tyrosinase activity in the roots of resistant and susceptible varieties of cowpea and tomato

Pecaut, P.; Martin, F., 1993:
Variation occurring after natural and in vitro multiplication of early Mediterranean cultivars of globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus L)

Yamazaki, T., 1994:
Variation of Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides Lam. in Japan

Agundez, D.; Alia, R.; Diez, R.; Gil, L.; Pardos, J.A., 1992:
Variation of Pinus sylvestris in Spain: characteristics of cones and seeds

Littledike, E.T., 1993:
Variation of abscess formation in cattle after vaccination with a modified-live Pasteurella haemolytica vaccine

Bae, J.; Mccarty, P.L., 1993:
Variation of carbon monoxide production during methane fermentation of glucose

Sethi, K.L.; Kazim, M.; Kidwai, M.A.; Mital, S.P., 1991 :
Variation of chemo-botanical characters in the indigenous collections of Rauvolfia serpentina

Obiri, J.F., 1994:
Variation of cypress aphid (Cinara cupressi) (Buckton) attack on the family Cupressaceae

Smith, I.; Alkan, S.; Chui, Y.H., 1991:
Variation of dynamic properties and static bending strength of a plantation-grown red pine

Trojanowska, M., 1991:
Variation of electro-energetic loads in farms of industrial fattening of cattle, type Bisprol 3000

Abramyan, S.A., 1993:
Variation of enzyme activity of soil under the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors

Adhikari, S.R.; Shakya, R.; Shrestha, H.D.; Shakya, D.M.; Shrivastava, D., 1992:
Variation of essential oil and eucalyptol content of randomly selected Eucalyptus camaldulensis trees

Lee, S.B.; Sung, C.K.; Sung, B.R.; Jung, D.H., 1993:
Variation of essential oil components in stages and organs of Schizonepeta tenuifolia Briquet

Zarzycki, A., 1990:
Variation of fattening performance features and slaughter value of the Black and White Lowland breed bulls

Zhanaeva, T.A.; Rat' kin, A.V., 1993:
Variation of flavonol-cleaving activity of cell free extracts in different Lathyrus species

Mol, J.N.M., 1993:
Variation of flower colours by genetic manipulation of the biosynthesis of anthocyanins

Zheng, Q.C.; Zhu, Y.L.; Chen, W.H.; Tang, X.M., 1991:
Variation of gliadin in wheat somaclones

Hamza, K.F.S.; Ringo, W.N., 1991:
Variation of heartwood proportion in plantation grown Tectona grandis L.f

Xie, Y.; Arnason, J.T.; Philogene, B.J.R.; Olechowski, H.T.; Hamilton, R.I., 1992:
Variation of hydroxamic acid content in maize roots in relation to geographic origin of maize germ plasm and resistance to western corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Pook, E.W.; Gill, A.M., 1993:
Variation of live and dead fine fuel moisture in Pinus radiata plantations of the Australian Capital Territory

Blass, H.J., 1994:
Variation of load-slip behavior in nailed joints: variation parallel to the grain

Blass, H.J., 1994:
Variation of load-slip behavior in nailed joints: variation perpendicular to the grain

Fischer, W.R., 1993:
Variation of loading of organic and inorganic soil particles by heavy metal complexation

Li, F.Q.; Huang, J.T., 1989:
Variation of major plasma proteins in Bombyx mori and its comparison with that in the other silkworm species

Stahr, K.; Zarei, M., 1992:
Variation of mineral contents of soils of the Black Forest after recent acidification

Konieczny, G.; Muszynski, A.; Nawracaa, J., 1994:
Variation of morphologic characteristics of soybean genotypes

Tanimoto, T., 1993:
Variation of morphological characters in the progenies derived from intra- and inter-varietal crosses of Chinese arrowhead (Sagittaria trifolia L.)

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Variation of mycelial protein concentration of the fungus Sclerotium rolfsii with time

Abdul Khaliq, K.K.Janardhanan, 1994:
Variation of native VA-mycorrhizal association on cultivated species of mint

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Variation of nuclear DNA content in the genus Mentha L. (Lamiaceae)

Bibi, N.; Sattar, A.; Chaudhary, M.A., 1993:
Variation of phenolic compounds in rapeseed varieties grown at Peshawar

Amaral, L.A. do; Nader Filho, A.; Iaria, S.T.; Ferro, J.A., 1992:
Variation of physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics of brines used in the salting of Mozzarella cheese

López-Revilla, R.; Jiménez-Delgadillo, B.; Canto-Ortiz, L.; Chávez-Dueñas, L., 1992:
Variation of proteins and proteinases in Entamoeba histolytica lysates containing a protease inhibitor

Mclendon, M.E.; Lanning, S.P.; Mcguire, C.F.; Martin, J.M.; Talbert, L.E., 1993:
Variation of seed storage proteins within hard red spring wheat cultivars and effect on end-use properties

Konieczny, G.; Muszynski, A.; Nawracaa, J., 1994:
Variation of seed yield components of soybean genotypes

Tan, W.J.; Zhao, H.X., 1990:
Variation of sensitivity of Heliothis armigera feeding on different host plants to decamethrin

Kikuchi, F.; Sasaki, M.; Oshima, I.; Maruyama, K., 1992:
Variation of several characters in the anther culture derived A2 and F3 lines produced from a cross between upland and lowland rice varieties

Patruno, A.; Cavazza, L.; Vicari, A., 1992:
Variation of soil structural stability in relation to meteorological factors, crops and tillage methods

Schoder, G.; Baumgartner, W.; Pernthaner, A., 1993:
Variation of somatic cell counts in sheep- and goat milk during the lactation period

Floria, F.; Gille, E.; Bara, I.I., 1989:
Variation of some quantitative characters in Papaver somniferum L. caused by treatments with mutagenic factors

Wright, J.A.; Gibson, G.L.; Barnes, R.D., 1992:
Variation of stem volume and wood density in provenances of Pinus oocarpa and P. patula ssp. tecunumanii at Nzoia, Kenya

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Variation of storage proteins in Triticum dicoccum

Lam, F.; Varoglu, E., 1991:
Variation of tensile strength along the length of lumber. Part 1: experimental

Lam, F.; Varoglu, E., 1991:
Variation of tensile strength along the length of lumber. Part 2: Model development and verification

Baumgartl, T.; Kayser, R., 1993:
Variation of the soil water characteristic of a clayey substrate under the influence of drainage intensity and abandonment

Rubio-Palis, Y., 1994:
Variation of the vectorial capacity of some anophelines in western Venezuela

Zhou, X.N.; Gai, J.Y.; Ma, Y.H., 1992:
Variation of tofu processing traits and their relationships with component contents of seed storage protein in soyabean

Nagel, R.F.; Beese, F., 1992:
Variation of transport behaviour of dissolved substances in earthworm channels

Wisniewska, K., 1990:
Variation of tree-ring width in Picea abies L. Karsten in Biaowieza Forest

Antal, M.; Micko, M.M., 1991:
Variation of wood density and tracheid length of white spruce

Lin, Y.Q.; He, Q.J.; Chen, R.K., 1991:
Variation pattern and repeatability of characteristics in different generations of sugarcane

Montecchio, L.; Causin, R.; Accordi, S.M., 1994:
Variation with time of receptivity to Ceratocystis fimbriata f.sp. platani of wounded plane tree tissues

Mengistu Hulluka; Yeshi Andnew, 1992:
Variation within indigenous durum wheat germplasm for response to stem and leaf rust races in Ethiopia

Takata, K.; Kobayashi, S.; Nikaidou, M., 1991:
Variation within tree for radial growth equation of todomatsu (Abies sachalinensis Fr. Schmidt)

Navushchanov, S., 1990 :
Variations and changeability of Helminthosporium gramineum

Ohkoshi S.; Komatsuda T.; Enomoto S.; Taniguchi M.; Ohyama K., 1991:
Variations between varieties in callus formation and plant regeneration from immature embryos of barley

Taylor, Fw, 1991:
Variations in CCA penetration and retention in loblolly and shortleaf pine

Grutzmacher, H.; Biehl, B.; Czygan, F.C.; Selmar, D., 1990:
Variations in HCN potential in leaves of Dimorphotheca sinuata

Guiguemde, T.R.; Toe, A.C.R.; Sadeler, B.C.; Gbary, A.R.; Ouedraogo, J.P.; Louboutin Croc, J.P., 1992:
Variations in Plasmodium falciparum parasite density in asymptomatic carriers: consequences for studies of drug resistant malaria

Martin Cordero, C.; Serrano, A.M.G.; Ayuoso Gonzalez, M.J., 1991:
Variations in alkaloid content of Retama sphaerocarpa Boissier

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Variations in and inheritance of NS-glycoprotein in self-incompatible Brassica campestris L

Wegener, H.C.; Pedersen, K., 1992:
Variations in antibiograms and plasmid profiles among multiple isolates of Staphylococcus intermedius from pyoderma in dogs

Kaabachi, N.; Fellah, H.; Abdelmoula, J.; Marrakchi, O.; Khrouf, M.; Zouaghi, H.; Mebazaa, A., 1992:
Variations in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in blood during pregnancy

Mittal, P.K.; Sharma, M., 1990:
Variations in cholesterol and phosphatases in furyltriazine treated larvae of Culex

Mebrahtu, T.; Hanover, J.W., 1991:
Variations in coppicing and root sucker formation in black locust

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Variations in cryotolerance of embryogenic Picea abies cell lines and the association to genetic, morphological, and physiological factors

Graefe, U., 1993:
Variations in decomposition associations in the immissions area of a cement works

Kenis, M., 1994:
Variations in diapause among populations of Eubazus semirugosus (Nees) (Hym.: Braconidae), a parasitoid of Pissodes spp. (Col., Curculionidae)

Tucker, M.J., 1992:
Variations in disease in inbred and outbred strains of rodents

Terabayashi S.; Takii K.; Namiki T., 1991:
Variations in diurnal uptake of water and nutrients by tomato plants grown hydroponically

Guu, M.S.; Li, C.C., 1992:
Variations in dry matter accumulation and yield of soyabean (Glycine max L.) genotypes differing in leaf abscission characteristics

Loc, N.B.; Nowak, A.; Marska, B., 1992:
Variations in effectiveness of N fixation under the influence of different Rhizobium strains, symbionts with groundnuts Arachis hypogaea (L.)

Mendez Marco, M.T.; Arce de Obieta, C.; Palacios Alaiz, E., 1991:
Variations in erythrocyte membrane proteins in patients with cirrhosis

Pfaller, M.A.; Rhine-Chalberg, J.; Redding, S.W.; Smith, J.; Farinacci, G.; Fothergill, A.W.; Rinaldi, M.G., 1994:
Variations in fluconazole susceptibility and electrophoretic karyotype among oral isolates of Candida albicans from patients with AIDS and oral candidiasis

Trudel, R.; Lavallee, R.; Bauce, E.; Cabana, J.; Guertin, C., 1994:
Variations in ground white pine bark concentration in artificial diet in relation to egg laying, feeding, and mortality of Pissodes strobi (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Sugden, M.C.; Howard, R.M.; Holness, M.J., 1992:
Variations in hepatic carbon flux during unrestricted feeding

Wang, Y.; Gaugler, R.; Cui, L., 1994:
Variations in Immune Response of Popillia japonica and Acheta domesticus to Heterorhabditis bacteriophora and Steinernema Species

Cozma, V.; Ghitulescu, C.; Spinu, M.; Ciripoi, S.; Muresan, P., 1993:
Variations in immunological values in lambs with experimental eimeriosis

Hodgson, A.N.; Farquhar, M.R.; Villiers, C.J. de, 1993:
Variations in infestations of Siphonaria capensis and S. concinna (Pulmonata) by larval trematodes in southern Africa

Kim, I.; Yetley, E.A.; Calvo, M.S., 1993:
Variations in iron-status measures during the menstrual cycle

Potdukhe, S.R.; Raut, J.G., 1991:
Variations in isolates of two species of Colletotrichum

Correa, L. de S.; Nascimento, V.M. do; Neves, L.H., 1991:
Variations in leaf N, P, K, Ca and Mg contents in three types of cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) during one year

Kull, O.; Niinemets, U., 1993:
Variations in leaf morphometry and nitrogen concentration in Betula pendula Roth., Corylus avellana L. and Lonicera xylosteum L

Chowdhury, A.; Mhasawade, S.V., 1991:
Variations in meteorological floods during summer monsoon over India

Mariani, P.; Zanzucchi, G.; Pecorari, M.; Fossa, E., 1991:
Variations in milk acidity and rennet coagulation time in relation to herd and production season

Vidrich, V.; Sufgra, M.; Raddi, S.; Moricca, S., 1991:
Variations in monoterpene composition in self-rooted cypress clones

Xiong, Y.L.; Cantor, A.H.; Pescatore, A.J.; Blanchard, S.P.; Straw, M.L., 1993:
Variations in muscle chemical composition, pH, and protein extractability among eight different broiler crosses

Schalk, B., 1991:
Variations in net income in agriculture: an attempt to explain the differences in income instability in the agricultural sector of the Federal Republic of Germany

Sugranez Serrano, R.; Gomez Lopez, C., 1992:
Variations in nutritional quality of poultry manure during storage:1. Ensilage

Windle, R.J.; Forsling, M.L., 1993:
Variations in oxytocin secretion during the 4-day oestrous cycle of the rat

Yamada, T.; Miyajima, J.; Ito, S., 1992:
Variations in pathogenicity and wood-discoloring ability of Macrophoma isolates in Cryptomeria japonica

Rampazzo, N.; Blum, W.E.H., 1992:
Variations in pedogenic Fe-, Al- and Mn-oxide from acidification under beech woods

Jiménez Jiménez, F.J.; Ortiz Leyba, C.; Morales Mendez, S.; Barros-Pérez, M.; Muñoz Garcia, J.; Herruzo Avilés, A., 1992:
Variations in plasma amino acids in septic patients subjected to parenteral nutrition with a high proportion of branched-chain amino acids

Kauffman, R.G.; Cassens, R.G.; Scherer, A.; Meeker, D.L., 1993:
Variations in pork quality: history, definition, extent, resolution

Celi, R.; Cosentino, E.; Muscio, A.; Melodia, L.; Trana, A. di, 1993:
Variations in production traits and body weight of ewes in relation to breeding system and concentrate supplementation during pregnancy

Bielka, S., 1991:
Variations in proline content in young winter rye plants following induced drought stress

Houle, G.; Babeux, P., 1994:
Variations in rooting ability of cuttings and in seed characteristics of five populations of Juniperus communis var. depressa from subarctic Quebec

Zvereva, EL.; Kozlov, MV., 1992:
Variations in search behaviour of codling moth, Cydia pomonella (Tortricidae, Papilionida), males observed in the field

Zhang, G.D., 1994:
Variations in seed protein content and 100-seed weight among different portions of soybean plants

Cordova A., 1992:
Variations in serum iron and fatigue levels after elective abdominal surgery

Sakata, Y.; Miyajima, I.; Arisumi, K., 1993:
Variations in some morphological and pigmental characteristics in Rhododendron kaempferi Planch., R. kiusianum Makino and their natural hybrids on Kirishima mountain mass

Kaynas, K.; Ozelkok, S., 1991:
Variations in some pre- or postharvest characteristics of cucumber fruits harvested at different stages of growth

Lavlinskii, A.V.; Igamberdiev, A.U.; Savchenko, N.V., 1992:
Variations in storage proteins and some enzymes in representatives of soyabean (Glycine L.) species as a reflection of their phylogenetic relationships

Mourot, J.; Chauvel, J.; Denmat, M. le; Mounier, A.; Peiniau, P., 1991:
Variations in the amount of linoleic acid in the diet of pigs: effects on fat depots and on linoleic acid oxidation during meat storage

Bleken, M.A.zaroli; Selmer Olsen, A.R.idar, 1993:
Variations in the analyses of nitrate and ammonium content of frozen soil samples with low mineral nitrogen content

Mariani, P., 1992:
Variations in the casein index of milk from individual herds

Vasishtha, A.K.; Madhu Bajpai; Chhaya Singh, 1992:
Variations in the characteristics and oil compositions in different genetic varieties of sunflower

Xu, Y.; Zhou, C.J.; Wang, F.J.; Li, B.D., 1991:
Variations in the characters of offsprings induced by exogenous DNA injected into eggplant ovary

Yoshida, S.; Hattanda, Y.; Suyama, T., 1993:
Variations in the chilling sensitivity of suspension-cultured cells of mung bean (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek) during the growth cycle

Nader Filho, A.; Rossi Junior, O.D.; Amaral, L.A.; Sobreira, M.F.R., 1991:
Variations in the freezing point of bovine milk type A

Sharma, K.C., 1992:
Variations in the levels of living of the tribals in Himachal Pradesh: an empirical investigation

Birova, V.; Spakulova, M.; Macko, JK., 1992:
Variations in the number of nematodes and acanthocephalans in ducks from the migratory region of the East Slovak Lowland (CSFR) in different seasons of the year

Ullah, G.M.R.; Chowdhury, M.S.K.; Bhouyain, A.M., 1992:
Variations in the rate of development of two sexes of Rastrococcus spinosus (Robinson) on various host plants

Buffa, G.; Grassi, G.; Pelazza, N.; Tamborini, L.; Torazzo, G.; Zecchinelli, R., 1991:
Variations in the time of germination of rice seed samples treated for control of Drechslera oryzae

Cros, J.; Gavalda, M.C.; Chabrillange, N.; Recalt, C.; Duperray, C.; Hamon, S., 1994:
Variations in the total nuclear DNA content in African Coffea species (Rubiaceae)

Secher, B.J.M., 1993:
Variations in the treatment need for pests and diseases in cereals

Corthorn, J.; Valdés, G., 1994:
Variations in uterine kallikrein during cycle and early pregnancy in the rat

Koodziej, J., 1991:
Variations in yield of some cultivars of potatoes grown on loess soil

Harms, R.H.; Hussein, S.M., 1993:
Variations in yolk:albumen ratio in hen eggs from commercial flocks

Iwanska, S.; Pysera, B.; Rybicka, M., 1992:
Variations of beta -carotene and vitamin A in feeds for calf nutrition

Heilmann, B.; Lebuhn, M.; Beese, F., 1992:
Variations of activity, biomass and social composition of microflora of an arable soil under the influence of SportakR fungicide

Hiroshiro, Y.; Yokoyama, T.; Jinno, K.; Itoi, R.; Wada, S.I., 1993:
Variations of chemical properties of groundwater in farm land movement of nitrate ion from land surface to groundwater

Fernandez, A.; Verde, M.T.; Gascon, M.; Ramos, J.; Gomez, J.; Luco, D.F.; Chavez, G., 1994:
Variations of clinical biochemical parameters of laying hens and broiler chickens fed aflatoxin-containing feed

Caderni, G.; Lucerni, C.; Spagnesi, M.T., 1993:
Variations of colonic proliferation, cecal and fecal pH in rats fed different carbohydrates

Cloarec, A., 1989:
Variations of foraging tactics in a water bug, Diplonychus indicus

Tischer, S.; Altermann, M., 1992:
Variations of microbiological activity through change in land use - results from the former border patrol land

Jelinek, P.; Gajdusek, S.; Illek, J., 1993:
Variations of mineral content in sheep milk during lactation

Pedersen, L.B., 1992:
Variations of needle/leaf shedding in Norway spruce, Sitka spruce and beech stands and their relation to the stability of forest ecosystems

Bitonti, M.B.; Mazzuca, S.; Cozza, R.; Innocenti, A.M., 1994:
Variations of nuclear DNA content during plant embryogenesis

Pop, A.; Onetiu, O.; Marcus, I.; Kadar, L.; Cioara, I., 1993:
Variations of some haematological values in rainbow trout I. Age-related variations. II. Sex-related variations

Lucaroni, A.; Casoli, C.; Duranti, E.; Costarelli, S.; Todini, L.; Cenci, G.; Rea, S., 1993:
Variations of some properties of goat milk after temporary suspension of milking at two different stages of lactation

Ferronskii, V.I.; Polyakov, V.A.; Ferronskii, S.V., 1993:
Variations of the isotopic composition of water in the hydrological cycle as a tool for studying the mechanism of climatic changes

Arnold, K., 1991:
Variations of the species range of soil arthropods in a newly developed area in the Mongolian gravel desert

Richards, B., 1993:
Variations on a theme park

Cordeiro, F., 1992:
Variceal sclerosis of the oesophagus in schistosomotic patients

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