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Various forms of employment and conditions influencing women from farm households. Study of part-time employment of women from farm households (Part 2)

Mitsuhashi, N.; Nozaki, A.; Okamura, J.

Journal of Rural Planning Association 11(1): 8-22


Accession: 002543202

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Data from surveys of employment of women from farm households in 1973 and 1984 were used to investigate part-time work by married women in Matsuto, Ishikawa in the Hokuriku area and Kawagoe, Saitama, in the South Kanto area of Japan. The part-time employment followed was mainly in the manufacturing industries and was near to the place of residence. Two-thirds of these employees were absent during the busiest periods of farm work and one-third worked the same length of time as full-time workers. Conditions, including annual income, paid holidays and social insurance, were worse for part-time workers than for full-time workers.

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