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Various types of employment and conditions influencing women from farm households. Study of part-time employment of women from farm households (Part 1)

Mitsuhashi, N.; Nozaki, A.; Okamura, J.

Journal of Rural Planning Association 10(4): 7-21


Accession: 002543214

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Data from surveys of employment of women from farm households in 1973 and 1984 and the census of 1985 were used to investigate part-time work by married women in Matsuto, Ishikawa in the Hokuriku area and Kawagoe, Saitama in the South Kanto area of Honshu, Japan, with special reference to the factors which introduce variety into employment of this sort. Personal and household factors such as age, the stage in the development of the family, the scale of the farm and the employment of the husband influenced the type of employment.

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