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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2554

Chapter 2554 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Weltert, J. P.; Jensen, J. A., 1995: A new consumer milk generation for a new market

Sidossis, L. S.; Coggan, A. R.; Gastaldelli, A.; Wolfe, R. R., 1995: A new correction factor for use in tracer estimations of plasma fatty acid oxidation

Youngker, C. K., 1991: A new cotton foundation/Rhone-Poulenc nematode survey and education program

Hu, Z. H.; Wang, X. Y.; Wang, X. B.; Xu, H. X., 1993: A new cotton variety - Wanmian 7

Gunter, W., 1995: A new course on providing visitor accommodation

Takeda, Y.; Wada, K.; Nesumi, A., 1994: A new cultivar 'Benifuuki' for processing of black tea and semi-fermented tea

Marinkovic, Radovan; Miller, Jerry F., 1995: A new cytoplasmic male sterility source from wild Helianthus annuus

Schaffner, F., 1993: A new determination key to females of Aedes genus from Northeast France (Diptera, Culicidae)

Oh, Y. S.; Seo, J. H.; Kim, J. T.; Park, K. Y.; Shin, M. G.; Kim, S. G.; Park, K. H.; Chong, Y. K.; Chang, Y. S.; Lee, J. I.; Park, H. W., 1993: A new developed superlarge-seed and high yielding Shinnamkwangtangkong

Delong, M. D.; Thorp, J. H.; Haag, K. H., 1993: A new device for sampling macroinvertebrates from woody debris (snags) and nearshore areas of aquatic systems

Izri, M. A.; Deniau, M.; Robineau, M.; Petithory, J. C.; Rousset, J. J., 1994: A new diagnostic technique for visceral leishmaniasis. Seven coinfection cases of leishmaniasis and AIDS

Usha Budathoki; Singh, S. K., 1995: A new dictyosporic foliicolous hyphomycete from Kathmandu Valley (Nepal)

Kumar, A.; Marimuthu, T., 1993: A new dieback disease of Eucalyptus camaldulensis

Mackey, B. G.; McKenny, D. W.; Widdifield, C. A.; Sims, R. A.; Lawrence, K.; Szcyrek, N., 1994: A new digital elevation model of Ontario

Catizzone, M., 1995: A new dimension for research for developing countries

Perny, A., 1994: A new disease not to be confused with mildew

Mandokhot, A. M.; Fugro, P. A.; Gonkhalekar, S. B., 1994: A new disease of Moringa oleifera in India

Section 3, Chapter 2554, Accession 002553019

Ali, M. S.; Baruah, B. P.; Das, D. S., 1994: A new disease of rice

Davis R. J.; Gregory K. J., 1994: A new distinct mechanism of river bank erosion in a forested catchment

Peng, J. H.; He, Y. Z.; Liu, B. X., 1995: A new dominant earliness character of CMS line Zaoxian A and its application value in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Demetzos, C.; Mitaku, S.; Loukis, A.; Harvala, C.; Gally, A., 1994: A new drimane sesquiterpene, isomers of manoyl oxide and other volatile constituents from the resin Ladano of Cistus incanus subsp. creticus (L.) Heywood

Franke, R.; Treugut, A., 1994: A new dual clutch gearbox for tractors operating with 2 x 8 gears without any break of transmission

Newton, L. E., 1995: A new dwarf aloe in southern Sudan

Hammer, S., 1993: A new dwarf delosperma from the Cape Province

Wang, Y. H., 1994: A new dwarf wheat variety with high yielding capacity and good quality - H88-77

Park, Seung Ue; Park, Keun Yong; Cha, Seon Woo; Son, Young Hee; Park, Rae Kyeong; Song, Soo Hyun; Hong, Jong Ki; Kim, Ue Hoi, 1992: A new early maturing and high quality single cross waxy corn hybrid Chalok 1

Suh, Duck Yong; Cho, Ein Gi; Kweon, Soon Jong; Kim, Jung Tae; Suh, Hyung Soo; Lee, Soo Kwan, 1992: A new early maturing and high yielding barley variety Milyangketbori

Park, Seung Ue; Cha, Seon Woo; Kim, Ik Ho; Kim, Seon Lim; Cho, Chae Yun; Ryu, Hae Yeong; Lee, Seong Yeul; Ryu, In Mo; Kim, Chill Hyun; Heo, Choong Hyo, 1993: A new early maturing and super sweet corn hybrid Chodangok 1

Suh, Hyung Soo; Kweon, Soon Jong; Suh, Duck Yong; Cho, Eun Gi; Kim, Jung Tai; Hyun, Jong Nae; Lim, Sea Gyu, 1993: A new early maturing, lodging resistant and high yielding barley variety Saealbori

Oh, Yang Ho; Choi, Jae Seong; Park, Sang Lae; Kim, Yang Kil; Chang, Young Sun; Park, Keun Yong; Park, Seog Hong, 1993: A new early maturing, lodging resistant, BaYMV resistant, good quality and high yielding naked barley cultivar Hinssalbori

Wegensteiner, R.; Weiser, J., 1995: A new entomopoxvirus in the bark beetle Ips typographus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Ito, Y., 1994: A new epoch in joint studies of social evolution: molecular and behavioural ecology of aphid soldiers

Dijk, G. van; Mackel, C., 1994: A new era for co-operatives in the European agro-food industries

Reznicek, G.; Jurenitsch, J.; Kubelka, W.; Schroeder, H.; Haslinger, E.; Schoepke, T.; Hiller, K., 1993: A new ester saponin from Polemonium caeruleum

Zarapkar, S. S.; Shinde, S. L.; Bhounsule, N. J.; Shivalkar, S. A., 1994: A new eudesmanolide from Senecio jacquemontianus

Tan, R. X.; Wang, W. Z.; Yang, L.; Wei, J. H., 1995: A new eudesmenoic acid from Artemisia phaeolepis

Ishikawa, T.; Shiba, M.; Kanzaki, K., 1995: A new evaluation method for forest road networks based on geographical optimization

Rutter, P. A., 1991: A new experimental approach to producing self-rooted chestnut clones

Bagonneaud Berthome, V.; Arnaud, M. C.; Fer, A., 1995: A new experimental approach to the chemical control of Striga using simplified models in vitro

Kim, D. H.; Rigling, D.; Zhang, L.; Van Alfen, N. K., 1995: A new extracellular laccase of Cryphonectria parasitica is revealed by deletion of Lac1

Faustinella, F.; Kwon, H.; Serrano, F.; Belmont, J. W.; Caskey, C. T.; Aguilar Cordova, E., 1994: A new family of murine retroviral vectors with extended multiple cloning sites for gene insertion

Antoniewicz, A. M., 1995: A new feed description and numbering system designed for feed value database

Chin, Moon Sup; Oh, Sung Kun; Ihm, Yang Bin; Hong, Eun Hee; Park, Rae Kyung, 1993: A new feed stuff and industrial sweet potato variety Poongmi

Huebner, Erwin; Harrison, Rene; Yeow, Karen, 1994: A new feeding technique for experimental and routine culturing of the insect Rhodnius prolixus

Aleksandrov, A. Kh; Yurukov, S.; Peev, G., 1993: A new find of Juniperus oxycedrus in the Western Rhodope mountains

Neumeyer, R., 1991: A new find of Luciola italica (Col., Lampyridae) north of the Alps

Ramesh, P.; Yuvarajan, C. R., 1995: A new flavone methyl ether from Helicteres isora

Verhoeven, J. T.; Bouwen, I.; Roenhorst, J. W., 1995: A new flower breaking tobamovirus of Streptocarpus

Sano, N.; Kurata, O.; Okamoto, N.; Ikeda, Y., 1995: A new fluorochromasia method using a fluorescence microplate reader for assay of cytotoxic activity of carp leucocytes

Courtright, P.; Johnston, K.; Chitsulo, L., 1995: A new focus of onchocerciasis in Mwanza District, Malawi

Radaeva, I. A.; Shul' kina, S. P.; Monakhov, V. S., 1994: A new food for children

Section 3, Chapter 2554, Accession 002553058

Yong, H., 1995: A new forecasting model for agricultural commodities

Rosema, A.; Verhoef, W.; Noorbergen, H.; Borgesius, J. J., 1992: A new forest light interaction model in support of forest monitoring

Vasconcellos, Fjm-De; Rabinovitch, L., 1995: A new formula for an alternative culture medium, without antibiotics, for isolation and presumptive quantification of Bacillus cereus in foods

Khare, D.; Atri, D. C.; Shrivastava, C. J., 1995: A new fruit rot disease of chilli

Sadakathulla, S.; Abdul Kareem, 1993: A new gadget - coconut measurer

Carson, Ml, 1995: A new gene in maize conferring the chlorotic halo reaction to infection by Exserohilum turcicum

Tate, M. L.; Mathias, H. C.; Fennessy, P. F.; Dodds, K. G.; Penty, J. M.; Hill, D. F., 1995: A new gene mapping resource: interspecies hybrids between Pere David's deer (Elaphus davidianus) and red deer (Cervus elaphus)

Coussement, P., 1995: A new generation of dietary fibres

Bentvelsen, G. C. M., 1993: A new generation of ivies (Pelargonium peltatum L.)

Awad, A., 1994: A new generation of sucrose products made by the cocrystallization process

Fan, Q. H.; Li, L. S., 1995: A new genus and a new species of Caligonellidae associated with food from China (Acari: Actinedida)

Cai, S. D. et al., 1993: A new genus and a new species of Telorchiidae Stunkard, 1924 (Trematoda: Digenea)

Sugonyaev, E. S., 1994: A new genus and species from the guild of flattened encyrtids (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae) infesting scale insects on bamboo in Vietnam

Stebnicka, Z., 1993: A new genus and species of Aphodiinae from Leyte, Philippines with notes on other taxa (Coleoptera: Scarabaeoidea)

Kurosa, K., 1994: A new genus and species of Pygmephoridae (Acari: Heterostigmata) associated with Reticulitermes spelatus kyushuensis (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) in Japan

Zhang, T. F., 1994: A new genus and species of family Hemiuridae from fishes in Sichuan province, China (Trematoda: Digenea)

Gu, Y-m.; Wang, C-s.; Li, J-h., 1991: A new genus and species of gamasides off Julus terrestris and a new family proposed (Acari: Dermanyssoidea)

Kuang, H. Y.; Li, Y. X.; Shen, B. Y., 1994: A new genus and three new species from conifers in China (Acari: Eriophyoidea)

Fan, Q. H.; Li, L. S., 1992: A new genus and three new species of Tydeidae (Acari: Actinedida) from China

Kuang, H. Y.; Huang, L. W., 1994: A new genus and two new species of Eriophyidae from China (Acari: Eriophyoidea)

Li FaSheng, 1994: A new genus and two new species of psyllids attacking pricklyash (Homoptera: Psylloidea: Psyllidae) in China

Johnson, Paul J., 1995: A new genus of Conoderini, with new generic classifications for Ctenicera sleeperi Becker and Ctenicera pilatei (Champion), and a new species from Jamaica (Coleoptera: Elateridae)

Section 3, Chapter 2554, Accession 002553093

Ono, Masao; Yamamoto, Tokuo; Nose, Masato, 1995: A new germline VH gene encoding a mouse nephritogenic autoantibody

Marek, J.; Navratilova, M., 1995: A new glasshouse pest, Helicoverpa armigera (Noctuidae, Lepidoptera)

Amarquaye, Ambrose; Che, Chun Tao; Bejar, Ezra; Malone, Marvin H.; Fong, Harry H. S., 1994: A new glycolipid from Byrsonima crassifolia

Brennan, E. B., 1992: A new grafting technique for Erythrina, Leucaena, and possibly other nitrogen fixing species

Section 3, Chapter 2554, Accession 002553104

Kisiel, W.; Gromek, D., 1993: A new guaianolide glycoside from Lactuca saligna

Zhen CanFu; Zhang YingChen, 1995: A new hardy apple variety - Longqiou

Liao, Q. A.; Ling, Y. Z.; Li, G. P.; Han, Q. J.; Bai, W. J., 1995: A new hardy apple variety - Xinshuai

Larkham, P. J., 1994: A new heritage for a new Europe: problem and potential

Yoshimoto, A; Brodie, Jd; Sessions, J., 1994: A new heuristic to solve spatially constrained long-term harvest scheduling problems

Zhang XiangGui; Qian DaShun; Zhu Hua; Xu NaiYin, 1994: A new high quality, highly effective method of hybrid seed preparation

Shin, D. C.; Park, C. K.; Baek, I. Y.; Lee, J. M.; Jung, C. S.; Kim, Y. C.; Suh, H. S.; Lee, S. K., 1993: A new high yielding and disease resistant sprouting soyabean variety Bukwangkong

Suh, H. S.; Shin, D. C.; Kim, Y. C.; Park, C. K.; Baek, I. Y.; Lee, J. M.; Lee, S. K.; Chang, K. Y., 1992: A new high yielding and disease-resistant soyabean cultivar, Samnamkong

Cho, Soo Yeon; Park, Nam Kyu; Lim, Moo Sang; Moon, Chang Sik; Kim, Myeong Ki; Lee, Bong Chun; Choi, Yong Hwan; Hong, Jeong Ki; Rhee, Kyeong Hi; Park, Rae Kyeong, 1993: A new high yielding rice variety with very early maturity and cold tolerance Jinbuolbyeo

Choung, Jin Il; Park, Hyung Man; Yu, Sug Jong; Kim, Ho Jong; Shin, Hyun Tak; Lee, Jae Kil; Lee, Seon Yong; Park, Keun Yong; Jun, Byung Tae, 1993: A new high yielding, medium maturing rice cultivar with high grain quality and adaptability to reclaimed saline area Gancheokbyeo

Xia Jie; Hui YongZheng, 1995: A new highly regioselective reaction of unprotected sugars for chemical synthesis of 6-acyl-D-glycopyranosides

Simic, F., 1994: A new honeydew producer in Slovenia

Shield, A.; Mewing, J.; Hodgskin, K.; Holland, P., 1995: A new horizontal vacuum belt system for ash handling

Asakawa, M.; Li, J. F.; Guo, A. H.; Yang, X. Y.; Huhebateer ; Liu, Z. L.; Liu, Y.; Cao, X. M.; Chen, K. Y., 1994: A new host and locality record for Toxocara apodemi (Olsen, 1957) (Nematoda: Ascarididae) from striped field mice, Apodemus agrarius (Pallas) (Rodentia: Murinae) in Changsha, China

Wheeler, A G.; Jr., 1994: A new host for Jalysus spinosus (Heteroptera: Berytidae) and new host family (Commelinaceae) for stilt bugs

Butorina, T. E., 1994: A new host of Philometroides lusiana in the Primorsk Territory

Swamy, B. C. H.; Rajagopal, D., 1995: A new host of slug caterpillar

Ahmad, M.; Ahmad, M., 1991: A new host plant record for the mango defoliator, Cricula trifenestrata, from Mymensingh, Bangladesh

Mojtahedi, H.; Santo, G. S.; Brown, C. R.; Ferris, H.; Williamson, V., 1994: A new host race of Meloidogyne chitwoodi from California

Noel, G. R.; White, D., 1994: A new host record for Aphelenchoides fragariae

Badmin, J. S., 1995: A new hostplant in Britain for Aphis verbasci Schrank (Hem., Aphididae)

Dirks, Wilhelm; Schaper, Fred; Hauser, Hansjorg, 1994: A new hybrid promoter directs transcription at identical start points in mammalian cells and in vitro

Shield, A. G.; Cant, C. C., 1995: A new hydraulic drive unit for a 2.13 m crushing mill

Jiao, Ying; Yoshihara, Teruhiko; Akimoto, Masanobu; Ichihara, Akitami, 1995: A new hydroxytetradecatrienoic acid and its glyceryl esters from Valsa ambiens

Sciorsci, R. L.; Minoia, P., 1994: A new hypothesis for the aetiopathogenesis of parturient hypocalcaemia in cattle

Richard, M.; Jubier, M. F.; Bajon, R.; Gouyon, P. H.; Lejeune, B., 1995: A new hypothesis for the origin of pentaploid Holcus from diploid Holcus lanatus L. and tetraploid Holcus mollis L. in France

Wallander, Hakan, 1995: A new hypothesis to explain allocation of dry matter between mycorrhizal fungi and pine seedlings in relation to nutrient supply

Gupta, S. C.; Sobti, S. N., 1994: A new improved linalool-rich strain of Ocimum canum Sims

Bragadin, M.; Dell'antone, P., 1994: A new in vitro toxicity test based on the response to toxic substances in solutions of mitochondria from beef heart

Scehovic, J.; Jeangros, B., 1994: A new index for assessing the effects of the botanical composition of permanent pastures on forage quality

Ponglux, D.; Wongseripipatana, S.; Takayama, H.; Kikuchi, M.; Kurihara, M.; Kitajima, M.; Aimi, N.; Sakai, S. I., 1994: A new indole alkaloid, 7 alpha -hydroxy-7H-mitragynine, from Mitragyna speciosa in Thailand

Stewart, Alan J. A.; Wright, Ann F., 1995: A new inexpensive suction apparatus for sampling arthropods in grassland

Section 3, Chapter 2554, Accession 002553139

Granados, R. R.; Guoxun, L.; Derksen, A. C. G.; McKenna, K. A., 1994: A new insect cell line from Trichoplusia ni (BTI-Tn-5B1-4) susceptible to Trichoplusia ni single enveloped nuclear polyhedrosis virus

Lynn, Dwight E., 1995: A new insect cell line from the Colorado potato beetle

Tomkins, A. R.; Follas, G.; Thomson, C.; Wilson, D. J. , 1994: A new insect growth regulator, CGA 59205, with promising activity against scale insects

Belov, V. V.; Noskov, A. V., 1993: A new institute of modern food technology

Bennett, C. F., 1994: A new interdependence model: implications for extension education

Man, G., 1991: A new interspecific hybrid: Pinus nigra var. banatica x Pinus densiflora

Watahiki, M. K.; Yamamoto, K. T., 1994: A new isozyme of plastid omega -3 fatty acid desaturase in Arabidopsis thaliana

Okuyama, Y.; Sugawara, S.; Shindo, K.; Seki, K.; Ishikura, N.; Tanosaki, S.; Endo, T.; Shibata, M.; Ishida, M., 1995: A new job's tear variety Hatomusume

Theodorou, M. K., 1993: A new laboratory procedure for determining the fermentation kinetics of ruminant feeds

Section 3, Chapter 2554, Accession 002553153

Southcott, R. V., 1994: A new larval erythraeine mite (Acarina: Erythraeidae) from West Africa

Southcott, RV., 1995: A new larval smaridid mite (Acarina: Smarididae) from Costa Rica

Fain, A.; Izri, M., 1993: A new larval trombidiid (Acari, Trombidiidae) parasitic on phlebotomines (Insecta, Diptera) of Algeria

Fain, A.; Grootaert, P., 1993: A new larval trombidiid of the genus Microtrombidium (Acari, Trombidiidae) parasitic on shore flies (Diptera, Canacidae) in the Galapagos Is

Kim, W. C.; Whang, H. S.; Shin, Y. U.; Moon, J. Y.; Kim, J. H.; Kang, S. J., 1994: A new late mid-season high-quality pear cultivar, 'Whasan' for pear growing across the country

Caruso, C., 1994: A new law for mountain areas

Lakshmanan, P.; Muthusamy, M., 1994: A new leaf spot of banana incited by Scytalidium sp. in Tamil Nadu, India

Naseema, A.; Sulochana, K. K., 1994: A new leaf spot of nutmeg

Rao, V. G.; Kulkarni, S. M., 1992: A new leaf-blight of Schefflera venulosa (Wight & Arn.) Harms

Kardailsky, I. V.; Brewin, N. J., 1994: A new lectin-type glycoprotein identified in the peribacteroid fluid of pea nodules

Deng, L. P.; Guo, Y. H.; Yang, X. H., 1995: A new line obtained by introduction of exogenous genes into cucumber

Lovett, J., 1993: A new locality for Zenkerella perplexa in Tanzania

Zavala Chavez, F.; Campos Diaz, J. L., 1993: A new locality of Pinus discolor in central Mexico

Spitsyn, V. A.; Bychkovskaya, L. S., 1994: A new locus for the expression of cholesterinase (E3) in human milk

Curtis, R. O., 1992: A new look at an old question - Douglas-fir culmination age

Section 3, Chapter 2554, Accession 002553169

Armstrong, J. P.; Ponzurick, T. G.; Luppold, W. G., 1993: A new look at the Canadian market for U.S. hardwood lumber

Nabrzyski, M., 1994: A new look at the problems of evaluations and tolerance of carcinogens in food in the light of literature data

Carlson, Toby N.; Capehart, William J.; Gillies, Robert R., 1995: A new look at the simplified method for remote sensing of daily evapotranspiration

Masan, Peter., 1994: A new macrochelid mite (Acarina: Mesostigmata) associated with Trox sabulosus (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)

Alleman, M., 1994: A new maize ring chromosome - ring10:A1179

Sun BoTao, 1995: A new maize variety - Jingdan 931

Gupta, V.; Jaiswal, R. K., 1991: A new mammalian nematode Physaloptera (Chlamydonema) agarwali sp. nov. from Felis tigris Linnaeus, from Lucknow

Lahbib Mansais, Y.; Mellink, C.; Yerle, M.; Gellin, J., 1994: A new marker (NGFB) on pig chromosome 4, isolated by using a consensus sequence conserved among species

Weltert, J. P.; Jensen, J. A., 1995: A new market milk generation for a new market

Tsankov, G.; Petkov, V.; Ivanov, Ts, 1989: A new mass bacterial producer of honeydew

Sumar K, J.; Rojas C, M., 1994: A new mating season. Convenience of an alternative reproductive management for alpacas

Lawrence, Gregory B.; David, Mark B.; Shortle, Walter C., 1995: A new mechanism for calcium loss in forest-floor soils

Visscher, Pieter T.; Taylor, Barrie F., 1993: A new mechanism for the aerobic catabolism of dimethyl sulfide

Barroso, C.; Vega, J. M.; Gotor, C., 1995: A new member of the cytosolic O-acetylserine(thiol)lyase gene family in Arabidopsis thaliana

Aoki, Y.; Kondoh, M.; Nakamura, M.; Fujii, T.; Yamazaki, T.; Shimada, H.; Arisawa, M., 1994: A new methionine antagonist that has antifungal activity: mode of action

Chui, C. F.; Falco, S. C., 1995: A new methionine-rich seed storage protein from maize

Knowlton, J. L.; Alldredge, R. K., 1994: A new method for accelerating cotton sample conditioning in cotton classing offices

Burlacu, G.; Burlacu, R., 1991: A new method for calculating the nutritive value of feeds for pigs

Gollapudi, U. K.; Knutson, C. L.; Bang, S. S.; Islam, M. R., 1995: A new method for controlling leaching through permeable channels

Haghparast, R., 1994: A new method for determining the classic ratios of genotypes and phenotypes in F2 derived from polyhybrid crosses

Olin Fatih, M., 1994: A new method for differential staining of Brassica metaphase chromosomes, and karyotypes of B. campestris, B. oleracea, and B. napus

Cook, C., 1992: A new method for disinfesting stored cereals

Spano, D., 1995: A new method for estimating sensible heat fluxes and evapotranspiration

Arrowood, Michael J.; Hurd, Margaret R.; Mead, Jan R., 1995: A new method for evaluating experimental cryptosporidial parasite loads using immunofluorescent flow cytometry

Trebeschi, G., 1993: A new method for expressing somatic cells. Linear score

Muresu, Rosella; Rubino, Salvatore; Rizzu, Patrizia; Baldini, Antonio; Colombo, Mauro; Cappuccinelli, Piero, 1994: A new method for identification of Trichomonas vaginalis by fluorescent DNA in situ hybridization

Hagler, J. R.; Durand, C. M., 1994: A new method for immunologically marking prey and its use in predation studies

Furuta, Shu; Nishiba, Yoichi; Suda, Ikuo, 1995: A new method for judging deterioration of stored garden peas, an index of lipid peroxidation

Korning, Jorgen; Thomsen, Karsten, 1994: A new method for measuring tree height in tropical rain forest

Remadevi, O. K.; Abdurahiman, U. C.; Sasidharan, T. O., 1995: A new method for observing the hatching, moulting and for determining the number of larval instars in Goniozus nephantidis Mues. (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae)

Morgan, C. P.; Barson, G., 1994: A new method for pesticide and trap evaluation using disposable polythene cubicles

Adaniya, S.; Ardian, 1994: A new method for selecting cytochimeras by the maximum number of nucleoli per cell in Allium wakegi Araki and A. fistulosum L

Baldanza, F.; Odierna, G.; Viggiani, G., 1991: A new method for studying chromosomes of parasitic Hymenoptera, used on Encarsia berlesei (Howard) (Hymenoptera, Aphelinidae)

Franzen, C. J.; Liden, G.; Niklasson, C., 1994: A new method for studying microaerobic fermentations. 2. An experimental investigation of xylose fermentation

Vesey, G.; Slade, J. S.; Byrne, M.; Shepherd, K.; Fricker, C. R., 1993: A new method for the concentration of Cryptosporidium oocysts from water

Bartley, J. P., 1995: A new method for the determination of pungent compounds in ginger (Zingiber officinale)

Cover, Alice J.; Harmon, Wallace M.; Thomas, Michael W., 1994: A new method for the diagnosis of Trichomonas gallinae infection by culture

Section 3, Chapter 2554, Accession 002553211

Franch Arcas, Guzman; Plank, Lindsay D.; Monk, David N.; Gupta, Ramesh; Maher, Kerry; Gillanders, Lyn; Hill, Graham L., 1994: A new method for the estimation of the components of energy expenditure in patients with major trauma

Giudici, M.; Morossi, G.; Parravicini, G.; Ponzini, G., 1995: A new method for the identification of distributed transmissivities

Ungur, A., 1990: A new method for the packaging, collection and transport of branches and logging debris

Section 3, Chapter 2554, Accession 002553215

Poznanski, R., 1993: A new method of calculating allowable cut under a shelterwood system with group/strip fellings

Yastrebov I. O., 1991: A new method of determining the harmful effect of the cabbage moth

Nasholm, A., 1994: A new method of estimating breeding value in sheep in Sweden

Sun Tonin, 1994: A new method of forestry management in China (an experiment in reform in one of the forest enterprises)

Zhu, Q. S.; Lu, Z. X.; Xia, W. S.; Zhu, X. Q., 1994: A new method of four-line for breeding hybrid rice

Bindzi, I; Samson, M., 1995: A new method of grading lumber for spiral grain

Shadakshari, Y. G.; Uthaiah, B. C.; Chandrashekraiah, S. C., 1994: A new method of hand pollination in vanilla (Vanilla planifolia Andrews)

Kuznetsov, A. v, 1993: A new method of lymph collection in animals

Fernandez, S. Ruiz; Wagner, E., 1994: A new method of measurement and analysis of the stem extension growth rate to demonstrate complete synchronisation of Chenopodium rubrum plants by environmental conditions

Zierer, E.; Duda, J.; Feddersen, E.; Worstoff, H., 1995: A new method of milk production monitoring using the LactoCorder milk meter

Lowerre Barbieri, Susan K.; Barbieri, Luiz R., 1993: A new method of oocyte separation and preservation for fish reproduction studies

Zajc, I.; Mellersh, C.; Kelly, E. P.; Sampson, J., 1994: A new method of paternity testing for dogs, based on microsatellite sequences

Menrath, Pascal.; Brame, Rose-Marie.; Oger, Catherine.; Delattre, Jean-Marie., 1995: A new method of preservation of axenic amoebae of the genera Naegleria and Acanthamoeba

Poznanski, R., 1992: A new method of regulating allowable cut in shelterwood systems with strip/group fellings

Section 3, Chapter 2554, Accession 002553230

Ghidiu, G. M.; Storlie, C. A.; Evans, W. F., 1995: A new method of soil application of aldicarb

Van Ieperen, W.; Madery, H., 1994: A new method to measure plant water uptake and transpiration simultaneously

Wang, F. H., 1993: A new method to produce superior PF resin bonded particleboard

Anthony, Ws; Byler, Rk; Perkins, H; Watson, M; Askew, J., 1995: A new method to rapidly assess the stickiness of cotton

Xu, J. Z.; Matsuo, M.; Kamiyama, N.; Matsushita, H.; Sakai, Y., 1994: A new method, distribution-analyzing latex immunoassay (DALIA), to measure specific immunoglobulin G against mite and wheat allergen in human sera

Anonymous, 1994: A new methodology for testing red rot resistance

Section 3, Chapter 2554, Accession 002553238

Section 3, Chapter 2554, Accession 002553239

Jurubescu, V., 1991: A new milk substitute for calves (Soialact) obtained from non-conventional sources

Germond, J. E.; Lapierre, L.; Delley, M.; Mollet, B., 1995: A new mobile genetic element in Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus

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