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A system for growing and finishing Holstein x European Friesian steers combined with crop rotation in the valley of the Novena region

Rojas, G.C.; Catrileo, S.A.; Campillo, R.R.

Agricultura Tecnica Santiago 53(3): 225-235


Accession: 002556534

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A grazing and finishing system with Holstein x European Friesian steers, 7 to 8 months old, combined with crop rotation was evaluated in the Novena Region Valley, Chile, during 5 years. Crop rotation included, in order, oats, rapeseed, wheat and 2 years of mixed Trifolium pratense and Lolium multiflorum pasture. Oats were used for winter grazing and for grain, straw and silage. Pasture was used for grazing and conservation and rapeseed as an industrial crop. Steers were grazed on pasture from the first week of April for 12 months. Second year pasture was grazed from April to July with supplements of hay and silage. Steers grazed winter oats from June to August and pasture under a rotational system from August to March.

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