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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2558

Chapter 2558 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Anonymous, 1993:
ASTM standards on aquatic toxicology and hazard evaluation

Forde, B.G., 1994:
AT-rich elements (ATREs) in the promoter regions of nodulin and other higher plant genes: a novel class of cis-acting regulatory element?

Vercesi, A.E.; Hoffmann, M.E.; Bernardes, C.F.; Docampo, R., 1993:
ATP and Ca2+ homeostasis in Trypanosoma cruzi

Petel, G.; Gendraud, M., 1993:
ATP- and NADH-dependent membrane potential generation in plasmalemma enriched vesicles from parenchyma of dormant and non-dormant Jerusalem artichoke tubers

Hasunuma, K.; Hamada, T., 1993:
ATP-GTP(NTP)-binding proteins and light signal transmission in the plasma membrane from etiolated pea seedlings

Amin Abd Allah, M.; E.S.emy, M.G.; Khallaf, M.F.; Abolmaaty, A., 1994:
ATPase in Egyptian fish collected from aquaculture farms

Fowler, H.G.; Schlittler, F.M.; Schlindwein, M.N., 1995:
ATTINE: a computerized database of leaf-cutting ant (Atta and Acromyrmex) literature

Oijala, T., 1991:
AUKUSTI - the cost calculation model for truck transport of timber

Jones, J.G.; Meacham, M.L., 1990:
AUTOADJ: a computer program for entering constraints for polygons in IRAS and IRPM

Zhu ZhiLiang; Teuber, K.B., 1991:
AVHRR data for forest area change in Alabama

Nelson, R.; Horning, N., 1993:
AVHRR-LAC estimates of forest area in Madagascar, 1990

Ostrich, S.W. (President Elect), 1995:
AVMA Animal Welfare Forum: veterinary perspectives on the use of animals in research. November 4, 1994, Rosement, Illinois, USA

Anonymous, 1995:
AVRDC 1994 Progress Report

Young, S.A.; White, F.F.; Hopkins, C.M.; Leach, J.E., 1994:
AVRXa10 protein is in the cytoplasm of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae

Ablett, G.R.; Stirling, B.T.; Fischer, J.D., 1995:
AYR soybean

Van Alsenoy, C.; French, A.D.; Cao, M.; Newton, S.Q.; Schafer, L., 1994:
Ab initio-MIA and molecular mechanics studies of the distorted sucrose linkage of raffinose

Wright, C.G.; Leidy, R.B.; Dupree, H.E.J., 1992:
Abamectin in the ambient air, on surfaces, and in food of dining facilities treated for cockroaches

Anziani, O.S.; Guglielmone, A.A.; Aguirre, D.H., 1995:
Abamectin in the prevention of post castration myiasis (Cochliomyia hominivorax) in cattle

Cochran, D.G., 1994:
Abamectin resistance potential in the German cockroach (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae)

Anonymous, 1994:
Abandoned mines and the water environment

Soldan, P.; Svrcula, J.; Ibrekk, H.O.; Kallqvist, T., 1994:
Abatement strategies in the Odra River Basin

Danka, R.G.; Loper, G.M.; Villa, J.D.; Williams, J.L.; Sugden, E.A.; Collins, A.M.; Rinderer, T.E., 1994:
Abating feral Africanized honey bees (Apis mellifera L) to enhance mating control of European queens

Baba, S.S.; Ambali, A.G.; Zaria, L.T.; Kalra, S., 1994:
Abattoir records of slaughtered camels (Camelus dromedarius) in Nigeria

Wachira, T.M.; Sattran, M.; Zeyhle, E.; Njenga, M., 1994:
Abattoirs and echinococcosis in Nairobi dogs

Hsieh, S.D.; Yoshinaga, H., 1995:
Abdominal fat distribution and coronary heart disease risk factors in men-waist/height ratio as a simple and useful predictor

Steidle, J.L.M.; Dettner, K., 1995:
Abdominal gland secretion of Bledius rove beetles as an effective defence against predators

Chaussain, M.; Kheddari, K.; Roche, R.; Giusti, B.; Habib F.; Badoual, J.; Dupont, C.; Gendrel, D., 1994:
Abdominal pain in children due to lactose intolerance. Prospective use of the breath hydrogen test,

Khoshoo, V.; Craver, R.; Schantz, P.; Loukas, A.; Prociv, P., 1995:
Abdominal pain, pan-gut eosinophilia, and dog hookworm infection

Das, A.; Mohanty, S.; Parida, BB., 1994:
Abdominal pigmentation and growth temperature in Indian Drosophila melanogaster: evidence for genotype-environment interaction

Peltola, V.; Huhtaniemi, I.; Ahotupa, M., 1995:
Abdominal position of the rat testis is associated with high level of lipid peroxidation

Heinrich, B.; Vogt, F.; Daniel., 1993:
Abdominal temperature regulation by Arctic bumblebees

Shiraki, K.; Sugimoto, N.; Murata, K.; Koyama, M.; Takase, K.; Nakano, T.; Tameda, Y., 1995:
Abdominal ultrasonic screening of schoolchildren with special reference to the frequency of fatty liver

Vial, C.; Petiot, P.; Latombe, D.; Ruel, J.H.; Confavreux, C.; Trillet, M.; Bady, B., 1993:
Abdominal wall weakness due to Lyme disease

Schroeder, C.A., 1993:
Aberrant avocado leaf forms

Bhakuni, d S.; Sudha Jain, 1994:
Aberrant biosynthesis of 12-aminoprotoberberines

Keisler, L.W.; vom Saal, F.S.; Keisler, D.H.; Rudeen, P.K.; Walker, S.E., 1995:
Aberrant hormone balance in fetal autoimmune NZB/W mice following prenatal exposure to testosterone excess or the androgen blocker flutamide

Bimal Misri; Kachroo, V.K., 1993:
Aberrant leaves in a subalpine red clover pasture

Meurs, K.M.; Atkins, C.E.; Khoo, L.; Keene, B.W., 1994:
Aberrant migration of Toxocara larvae as a cause of myocarditis in the dog

English, J.J.; Harrison, K.; Jones, J., 1995:
Aberrant Transpositions of Maize Double Ds-Like Elements Usually Involve Ds Ends on Sister Chromatids

Conard, S.G.; Sparks, S.R., 1993:
Abies concolor growth responses to vegetation changes following shrub removal, northern Sierra Nevada, California

Esquivel, B.; Flores, M.; Hernandez Ortega, S.; Toscano, R.A.; Ramamoorthy, T.P., 1995:
Abietane and icetexane diterpenoids from the roots of Salvia aspera

Maldonado, E.; D.L.s Angeles Flores, M.; Salazar, B.; Ortega, A., 1994:
Abietane and neo-clerodane diterpenoids from Salvia lavanduloides

Tian,; Min, Z.D.; Xie, N.; Lei, Y.; Tian, Z.Y.e; Zheng, Q.T.i; Xu, R.N.n; Tanaka, T.; IInuma, M.; Mizuno, M., 1993:
Abietane diterpenes from Clerodendron cyrtophyllum

Ahmed, A.A.; Hussein, N.S.; D.A.ams, A.A.; Mabry, T.J., 1995:
Abietane diterpenes from Lepechinia urbaniana

Wu, X.Y.; Qin, G.W.; Xu, R.S.; Fan, D.J., 1994:
Abietane Diterpenes from Tripterygium wilfordii

Su, W.C.iung; Fang, J.M.n; Cheng, Y.S.ia, 1994:
Abietanes and kauranes from leaves of Cryptomeria japonica

Lee, C.K.o; Fang, J.M.n; Cheng, Y.S.ia, 1994:
Abietanes from leaves of Juniperus chinensis

Mironowicz, A.; Kromer, K.; Pawlowicz, P.; Siewinski, A., 1994 :
Abilities of some higher plants to hydrolyze the acetates of phenols and aromatic-aliphatic alcohols

Fratamico, P.M.; Whiting, R.C., 1995:
Ability of Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus 109J to lyse gram-negative food-borne pathogenic and spoilage bacteria

Doury, G.; Rojas-Rousse, D.; Periquet, G., 1995:
Ability of Eupelmus orientalis ectoparasitoid larvae to develop on an unparalysed host in the absence of female stinging behaviour

Sinclair, A.; Johnstone, P., 1995:
Ability of a dynamic model of phosphorus to account for observed patterns of response in a series of phosphate fertilizer trials on pasture

Cheng, C.; Hay, D.; Sullivan, T.P.; Isaac Renton, J.L., 1993:
Ability of a small wild rodent (Peromyscus maniculatus) to host strains of human-type Giardia duodenalis

Genicot, B.; Lambert, P.; Votion, D.; Close, R.; Lindsey, J.K.; Lekeux, P., 1995:
Ability of bronchodilators to prevent bovine experimental respiratory distress

Vaara, M.; Vaara, T., 1994:
Ability of cecropin B to penetrate the enterobacterial outer membrane

Caudwell, A.; Larrue, J.; Tassart, V., 1994:
Ability of grapevine rootstock varieties to transmit flavescence doree. Study of the case of 3309 Couderc and Fercal

Farrington, J.K.; Martz, E.L.; Wells, S.J.; Ennis, C.C.; Holder, J.; Levchuk, J.W.; Avis, K.E.; Hoffman, P.S.; Hitchins, A.D.; Madden, J.M., 1994:
Ability of laboratory methods to predict in-use efficacy of antimicrobial preservatives in an experimental cosmetic

Mitrofanov, Dmitry, 1993:
Ability of non-woody forest plants to accumulate metals

Curtis, J.R.; Paauw, D.S.; Wenrich, M.D.; Carline, J.D.; Ramsey, P.G., 1995:
Ability of primary care physicians to diagnose and manage Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Aliaga G.H.; Soto A.D.; Gaete V.M.C.; Buccioni P.E.; Silva Z.C.; Martinez D.C., 1993:
Ability of socioeconomic factors to predict low height in a population under 10 years old

Shirai, K.; Revah Moiseev, S.; Garcia Garibay, M.; Marshall, V.M., 1994:
Ability of some strains of lactic acid bacteria to degrade phytic acid

Zelmanowitz, S.; Boyle, W.C.; Armstrong, D.E.; Park, J.K., 1995:
Ability of subsoils to buffer extremely acidic simulated coalpile leachates

Stephens, P.M.; Davoren, C.W.; Doube, B.M.; Ryder, M.H., 1994:
Ability of the lumbricid earthworms Aporrectodea rosea and Aporrectodea trapezoides to reduce the severity of take-all under greenhouse and field conditions

Cleyet-Marel, J.; Crozat, Y.P.nochet, X., 1995:
Ability of two Bradyrhizobium japonicum strains to persist in soil and nodulate soybeans after dual inoculation

Katayama, A.; Mori, T.; Kuwatsuka, S., 1995:
Abiotic dissipation of chlorothalonil in soil accelerated by amendment with high applications of farmyard manure

Gutierrez, M.C.rmen; Parry, A.; Tena, M.; Jorrin, J.; Edwards, R., 1995:
Abiotic elicitation of coumarin phytoalexins in sunflower

Heijman, C.G.; Holliger, C.; Glaus, M.A.; Schwarzenbach, R.P.; Zeyer, J., 1993:
Abiotic reduction of 4-chloronitrobenzene to 4-chloroaniline in a dissimilatory iron-reducing enrichment culture

Shi, Y.; Alin, K.; Goff, S.P., 1995:
Abl-interactor-1, a novel SH3 protein binding to the carboxy-terminal portion of the Abl protein, suppresses v-abl transforming activity

Engelhardt, J.F.; Ye, X.; Doranz, B.; Wilson, J.M., 1994:
Ablation of E2A in recombinant adenoviruses improves transgene persistence and decreases inflammatory response in mouse liver

Murphy, L.; Jeffcoate, I.A.; O'Shaughnessy, P.J., 1994:
Abnormal Leydig cell development at puberty in the androgen-resistant Tfm mouse

Orchard, J.L.; Petorak, V., 1995:
Abnormal abdominal CT findings in a patient with giardiasis. Resolution after treatment

Khan, M.H.; Srivastava, S.C., 1992:
Abnormal adults of ixodid ticks

Marie, C.; Plaskitt, K.A.; Downie, J.A., 1994:
Abnormal bacteroid development in nodules induced by a glucosamine synthase mutant of Rhizobium leguminosarum

Duane, W.C., 1995:
Abnormal bile acid absorption in familial hypertriglyceridemia

Clark, W.H.; Clark, E.M.; Devender, T.R. van, 1993:
Abnormal branch growth in Fouquieria columnaris (Kell.) Curran (boojum) and Pachycormus discolor (Benth.) Coville (elephant tree) in northwestern Mexico

Chan, T.Y.; Chan, C.H., 1994:
Abnormal calcium and vitamin D metabolism in tuberculosis

Margulis, G.; Sofer, S.; Zalstein, E.; Zucker, N.; Ilia, R.; Gueron, M., 1994:
Abnormal coronary perfusion in experimental scorpion envenomation

Tezuka, H.; Ayusawa, D.; Seno, T., 1992:
Abnormal differentiation and associated radiosensitivity of erythroid progenitor cells in the wasted mutant mouse

Lacroix, D., 1993:
Abnormal flavours in milk

Freedman, D.O.; de Almeido Filho, P.J.; Besh, S.; Maia e Silva, M.C.; Braga, C.; Maciel, A.; Furtado, A.F., 1995:
Abnormal lymphatic function in presymptomatic bancroftian filariasis

Lunn, D.P.; McClure, J.T.; Schobert, C.S.; Holmes, M.A., 1995:
Abnormal patterns of equine leucocyte differentiation antigen expression in severe combined immunodeficiency foals suggests the phenotype of normal equine natural killer cells

Esteve-Comas, M.; Núñez, M.C.; Fernández-Bañares, F.; Abad-Lacruz, A.; Gil, A.; Cabré, E.; González-Huix, F.; Bertrán, X.; Gassull, M.A., 1993:
Abnormal plasma polyunsaturated fatty acid pattern in non-active inflammatory bowel disease

Bechtel, M.K.; Stallcup, M.R.; Bedgood, R.M.; Corey, J.L.; Pandey, R.; Roy-Burman, P., 1994:
Abnormal processing of a recombinant feline leukemia virus envelope polyprotein and its interference with subgroup C virus infection

Troncon, L.E.A.; Oliveira, R.B.; Romanello, L.M.F.; Rosa e Silva, L.; Pinto, M.C.C.; Iazigi, N., 1993:
Abnormal progression of a liquid meal through the stomach and small intestine in patients with Chagas' disease

Chen, Q.; Beard, J.L.; Jones, B.C., 1995:
Abnormal rat brain monoamine metabolism in iron deficiency anemia

Soler, A., 1994:
Abnormal ripening in pineapple: 'yellowing' or translucence. I. Physical and chemical characteristics of translucent fruit

Soler, A., 1994:
Abnormal ripening in pineapple: 'yellowing' or translucence. II. Enzymatic characterization of translucent fruit

Boyle, J.S., 1994:
Abnormal ripening of tomato fruit

Sakuta, K.; Gyokusen, K.; Yahata, H.; Saito, A., 1994:
Abnormal symptoms in roots of Pinus thunbergii seedlings inoculated with Bursaphelenchus xylophilus

Tjalsma, E.J.; Maurik, J.M. van, 1995:
Abnormal white line and hollow wall in the equine hoof, a comparative mycological study

Seehann, G.; Schulz Dewitz, G.; Wenk, M., 1994:
Abnormal wood structures. Part 3. Fasciation of terminal shoots of conifers

Alekseev, A.N.; Dubinina, E.V., 1993:
Abnormalities in Ixodes ticks (Ixodoidea, Ixodinae)

Matschke, J.; Amenda, R., 1994:
Abnormalities in gerberas are caused by disturbance to the plants' hormone balances

Reuther, K., 1993:
Abnormalities in position, posture and movement of the hind limbs of fattening pigs of various breeds, and their relationship to pathological changes

Das, D.K., 1994:
Abnormality in seasoning behaviour of champa (Michelia champaca) wood and its probable causes

Kreikemeier, K.K.; Harmon, D.L., 1995 :
Abomasal glucose, maize starch and maize dextrin infusions in cattle: small-intestinal disappearance, net portal glucose flux and ileal oligosaccharide flow

Davenport, G.M.; Cummins, K.A.; Mulvaney, D.R., 1995:
Abomasal nitrogen flow affects the relationship between dietary nitrogen and insulin-like growth factor-I in growing lambs

Chapman, A.; Hadfield, B.; Douglas, W.; Gardner, J.; Hutchison, P.; Rolland, G., 1995:
Aboriginal names for some biota from the Great Victoria Desert, Western Australia

Hinch, T.D., 1995:
Aboriginal people in the tourism economy of Canada's Northwest Territories

Akah, P.A., 1994:
Abortifacient activity of some Nigerian medicinal plants

Balagizi, K.; Chifundera, K., 1993:
Abortifacient plants used in traditional medicine in Bushi, Sud-Kiru, in eastern Zaire

Tome, J.S.G.; Saravi, M.A.; Samartino, L.E., 1995:
Abortion storm in a goat farm due to Brucella melitensis

Wilbur, L.A.; Evermann, J.F.; Levings, R.L.; Stoll, I.R.; Starling, D.E.; Spillers, C.A.; Gustafson, G.A.; McKeirnan, A.J., 1994:
Abortion and death in pregnant bitches associated with a canine vaccine contaminated with bluetongue virus

Obendorf, D.L.; Murray, N.; Veldhuis, G.; Munday, B.L.; Dubey, J.P., 1995:
Abortion caused by neosporosis in cattle

Thapa, S.; Thapa, P.J.; Shrestha, N., 1994:
Abortion in Nepal: emerging insights

Stolf, L.; Gava, A.; Varaschin, M.S.; Neves, D.S.; Mondadori, A.J.; Scolari, L.S., 1994:
Abortion in cows caused by ingestion of Ateleia glazioviana

Miller, J.M.; Whetstone, C.A.; Bello, L.J.; Lawrence, W.C.; Whitbeck, J.C., 1995:
Abortion in heifers inoculated with a thymidine kinase-negative recombinant of bovine herpesvirus 1

Yates, I.E.; Sparks, D., 1993:
Abortion of pistillate flowers in pecan

Pellegatti Lemonica, I.; Borro Macedo, A.M.R., 1994:
Abortive and/or embryofetotoxic effect of Cinnamomum zeylanicum leaf extracts in pregnant rats

Izso Gergacz, G.; Tomordi, M., 1995:
About filtration in practice

Gueye, E.F.; Bessei, W., 1995:
About food bans and taboos on poultry products in Senegal

Dabrowski, H., 1993:
About repairs and overhauls of sugar factory apparatus and equipment

Zhang HongJiang, 1994:
About soil erosion and soil and water loss

Bucur, V., 1990:
About the anisotropy of resonance wood for violins

Hansen, H., 1990:
About the arachnid fauna of urban biotopes in Venice II. The bark-inhabiting species from trunks of Platanus hybrida

Baert, J.; Verbruggen, I.; Carlier, L., 1994:
About the ryegrass endophyte (Acremonium lolii) in Belgium

Schroth, G.; Zech, W., 1995:
Above- and below-ground biomass dynamics in a sole cropping and an alley cropping system with Gliricidia sepium in the semi-deciduous rainforest zone of West Africa

Reed, D.D.; Mroz, G.D.; Liechty, H.O.; Jones, E.A.; Cattelino, P.J.; Balster, N.J.; Zhang, Y., 1995:
Above- and below-ground biomass of precompetitive red pine in northern Michigan

Van Lear, D.H.; Kapeluck, P.R., 1995:
Above- and below-stump biomass and nutrient content of a mature loblolly pine plantation

Toky, O.P.; Bisht, R.P., 1993:
Above-ground and below-ground biomass allocation in important fuelwood trees from arid north-western India

Haase, R.; Haase, P., 1995:
Above-ground biomass estimates for invasive trees and shrubs in the Pantanal of Mato Grosso, Brazil

Jackson, N.A.; Griffiths, H.; Zeroni, M., 1995:
Above-ground biomass of seedling and semi-mature Sesbania sesban, a multi-purpose tree species, estimated using allometric regressions

Tol, G.J.; Cleef, A.M., 1994:
Above-ground biomass structure of a Chusquea tessellata bamboo paramo, Chingaza National Park, Cordillera Oriental, Colombia

Badola, R.C.; Negi, K.S.; Kumar, R., 1992:
Above-ground biomass, net primary production and distribution of nutrients in Eucalyptus hybrid plantation in Bijnor Plantation Division (western U.P.)

Tolvanen, A.; Laine, K.; Pakonen, T.; Saari, E.; Havas, P., 1993:
Above-ground growth response of the bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) to simulated herbivory

Harcombe, P.A.; Cameron, G.N.; Glumac, E.G., 1993:
Above-ground net primary productivity in adjacent grassland and woodland on the coastal prairie of Texas, USA

Nygren, P., 1995:
Above-ground nitrogen dynamics following the complete pruning of a nodulated woody legume in humid tropical field conditions

Schulze, E.D.; Schulze, W.; Kelliher, F.M.; Vygodskaya, N.N.; Ziegler, W.; Kobak, K.I.; Koch, H.; Arneth, A.; Kusnetsova, W.A.; Sogatchev, A.; Issajev, A.; Bauer, G.; Hollinger, D.Y., 1995:
Aboveground biomass and nitrogen nutrition in a chronosequence of pristine Dahurian Larix stands in eastern Siberia

Higuchi, N.; Santos, J.M.rden Dos; Imanaga, M.; Yoshida, S., 1994:
Aboveground biomass estimate for Amazonian dense tropical moist forests

Zhu ZhiHong; Wang Gang; Zhao SongLing, 1994:
Aboveground biomass of clonal ramet population of Kobresia humilis on alpine meadow under different stocking intensities

Tolvanen, Anne, 1995:
Aboveground growth habits of two Vaccinium species in relation to habitat

Kajimoto, Takuya, 1994:
Aboveground net production and dry matter allocation of Pinus pumila forests in the Kiso mountain range, central Japan

Rode, M.W., 1995:
Aboveground nutrient cycling and forest development on poor sandy soil

Zhang, C.H.; Li, J.D., 1994:
Aboveground production structure and pattern of biomass formation of Aeluropus littoralis var. sinensis community in Northeast China's saline meadow

Julien, J.L.uis; Frachisse Stoiljkovic, J.M.rie, 1994:
Abrasion is a suitable technique for electrophysiological investigation of the slow wave

Hu, M.R.; Liu, S.L., 1992:
Abrasion resistance of 23 species of common hardwoods in Guangdong

Rakitina, T.Y.; Vlasov, P.V.; Jalilova, F.K.; Kefeli, V.I., 1994:
Abscisic acid and ethylene in mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana differing in their resistance to ultraviolet (UV-B) radiation stress

Cachorro, P.; Martinez, R.; Ortiz, A.; Cerda, A., 1995:
Abscisic acid and osmotic relations in Phaseolus vulgaris L. shoots under salt stress

Ooms, J.J.J.; Van Der Veen, R.; Karssen, C.M., 1994:
Abscisic acid and osmotic stress or slow drying independently induce desiccation tolerance in mutant seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana

Lee, T.M.n; Lur, H.S.eng; Chu, C., 1995:
Abscisic acid and putrescine accumulation in chilling-tolerant rice cultivars

Ricouard, N.; Broquedis, M.; Bouard, J., 1994:
Abscisic acid and putrescine in the buds at different stages of the grafting process

Colorado, P.; Rodriguez, A.; Nicolas, G.; Rodriguez, D., 1994:
Abscisic acid and stress regulate gene expression during germination of chick-pea seeds. Possible role of calcium

Kapik, R.H.; Dinus, R.J.; Dean, J.F.D., 1995:
Abscisic acid and zygotic embryogenesis in Pinus taeda

Jacqmard, A.; Houssa, C.; Bernier, G., 1995:
Abscisic acid antagonizes the effect of cytokinin on DNA-replication origins

Sopina, N.F.; Karasev, G.S.; Trunova, T.I., 1994:
Abscisic acid as an inducer of freezing tolerance in wheat cell suspension cultures

Belefant-Miller,, F.S.ith, J., 1994:
Abscisic acid biosynthesis during corn embryo development

Tuberosa, R.; Sanguineti, M.C.; Landi, P., 1994:
Abscisic acid concentration in leaf and xylem sap, leaf water potential, and stomatal conductance in maize

Jackson, G.E.; Irvine, J.; Grace, J.; Khalil, A.A.M., 1995:
Abscisic acid concentrations and fluxes in droughted conifer saplings

Richardson, G.R.; Cowan, A.K., 1995:
Abscisic acid content of Citrus flavedo in relation to colour development

Venkataramana, S.; Naidu, K.M., 1993:
Abscisic acid effect on water stress indicators in sugarcane

Buesa, C.; Dominguez, M.; Vendrell, M., 1994:
Abscisic acid effects on ethylene production and respiration rate in detached apple fruits at different stages of development

Schaffelke, B., 1995:
Abscisic acid in sporophytes of three Laminaria species (Phaeophyta)

Fan, S.; Blake, T.J., 1994:
Abscisic acid induced electrolyte leakage in woody species with contrasting ecological requirements

Li, X.; Wurtele, E.S.rkin; Lamotte, C.E., 1994:
Abscisic acid is present in liverworts

Giraudat, Jerome, 1995:
Abscisic acid signaling

Gosti, F.B.rtauche, N.V.rtanian, N.G.raudat, J., 1995:
Abscisic acid-dependent and -independent regulation of gene expression by progressive drought in Arabidopsis thaliana

Heimovaara Dijkstra, S.; Duijn, B. van; Libbenga, K.R.; Heidekamp, F.; Wang, M., 1994:
Abscisic acid-induced membrane potential changes in barley aleurone protoplasts: a possible relevance for the regulation of rab gene expression

Dent, R.M.; Cowan, A.K.ith, 1994:
Abscisic acid-induced senescence in light- and dark-incubated detached leaves of barley

Bonghi, Z.C.; Casadoro, G.; Ramina, A.; Rascio, N., 1993:
Abscission in leaf and fruit explants of Prunus persica (L.) Batsch

Nakamura, J., 1994:
Absconding as an adaptive behaviour of the Asian honey bee, Apis cerana

Mutsaers, M., 1994:
Absconding of honey bee (Apis mellifera adansonii) colonies in south-western Nigeria, related to the seasonal weight of colonies and combs

Buscá, R.; Pujana, M.A.; Pognonec, P.; Auwerx, J.; Deeb, S.S.; Reina, M.; Vilaró, S., 1995:
Absence of N-glycosylation at asparagine 43 in human lipoprotein lipase induces its accumulation in the rough endoplasmic reticulum and alters this cellular compartment

Bestetti, R.B.; Castilho, O.T.; Teno, L.A.; Freitas, O.C., 1994:
Absence of Trypanosoma cruzi myocardial infection reactivation in Chagas' heart transplant

Hirano, S.; Akiyama, Y., 1995:
Absence of a hypocholesterolaemic action of chitosan in high-serum-cholesterol rabbits

Parmesan, C.; Singer, M.C.; Harris, I., 1995:
Absence of adaptive learning from the oviposition foraging behaviour of a checkerspot butterfly

de Silva, H.J.; Senanayake, N., 1994:
Absence of anti-Purkinje cell antibodies in patients with cerebellar ataxia following falciparum malaria

Hamana, K.; Satake, S., 1995:
Absence of cellular polyamines in Gram-positive anaerobic cocci and lactic acid bacteria

Taylor, D.M.; Ferguson, C.E.; Bostock, C.J.; Dawson, M., 1995:
Absence of disease in mice receiving milk from cows with bovine spongiform encephalopathy

Earle, R.A.; Underhill, L.G., 1993:
Absence of haematozoa in some Charadriiformes breeding in the Taimyr Peninsula, Russia

Gray, J.A.; Stoltenberg, D.E.; Balke, N.E., 1995:
Absence of herbicide cross-resistance in two atrazine-resistant velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti) biotypes

Delafosse, A.; Bengaly, Z.; Duvallet, G., 1995:
Absence of interaction by Trypanosoma theileri with the diagnosis of animal trypanosomoses using antigen-detection enzyme immunoassays

Pfennig, D.W., 1995:
Absence of joint nesting advantage in desert seed harvester ants: evidence from a field experiment

Carlin, N.F.; Gladstein, D.S.; Berry, A.J.; Pierce, N.E., 1994:
Absence of kin discrimination behavior in a soldier-producing aphid, Ceratovacuna japonica (Hemiptera: Pemphigidae; Cerataphidini)

Spire, M.F.; Leipold, H.W.; Edwards, J.F.; Cortese, V.S., 1995:
Absence of ovarian lesions in IBR seropositive heifers subsequently vaccinated with a modified live IBR virus vaccine

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Absolute hygiene

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Acaricides screening for controlling the citrus rust mite (Phyllocoptruta oleivora) in citrus groves

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Acarine fauna of arable soils and their screening for nematophagy

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Acarofauna of Phaseolus in Portugal

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Acaulospora koskei, a new species in Glomales from Poland

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Accelerated folate breakdown in pregnancy

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Accelerated food waste composting

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Accelerated fruit setting of tomatoes by insect pollination

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Accelerated germination by aeration: a novel method of preparation of germinated blastospores of Paecilomyces farinosus for practical application

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Accelerated production of red clover breeding material by means of honey bee pollination in greenhouses

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Accelerated production of stirred yoghurt by fed-batch pre-culturing

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Accelerated ripening of Ras cheese using cell free extract, freeze- and heat-shocked Leuconostoc spp. cultures

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Accelerated soil-erosion in the Picos de Europa, Northern Spain

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Accelerated weathering of wood surfaces. The QUV accelerated weathering tester

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Accelerated whelping after early use of artificial light on the farm

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Accelerating diffusion of improved dairy farming through opinion leadership

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Accelerating technology transfer through research-nongovernment organization linkage: Bangladesh experience

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Accelerating the economic development of the main commercial grain producing areas

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Accelerating the growth of Scots pine seedlings

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Accelerating the rate of cometabolic degradations requiring an intracellular electron source-model and biofilm application

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Acceleration of mycelial growth and fruiting body production of edible mushrooms by wood vinegar fractions

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Acceleration of puberty onset in female mice by male urinary proteins

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Accentuated demands for cleaning are advantageous to allergy sufferers

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Acceptability and nutritive value of puffed soya as a snack food

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Acceptance and ergonomics of on-board computers

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Acceptance and sustainability of land conservation measures

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Acceptance of meat products by meat buyers

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Acceptance of plastic (Noppenfolien) greenhouses and profitability aspects in a horticultural management system

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Acceptance of virgin queens and nuptial flight in Melipona beecheii (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Meliponinae)

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Acceptance problems in the use of crane-harvesters in thinning

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Access methods in nutritional support

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Access to DNA and protein databases on the internet

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Access to EEC markets for beef: the example of Madagascar

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Access to air travel for people with reduced mobility

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Access to and ownership of land among women among the Pare mountains of northeastern Tanzania

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Access to credit for non-formal micro-enterprises in Botswana

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Access to irrigation and management of water resources. Case of the irrigated public sector of Medjez El Bab

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Access to the 'North' - but to what and for whom? Public access in the Swedish countryside and the case of a proposed national park in the Kiruna Mountains

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Access to the countryside of England and Wales: popular leisure; commodified culture

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Accessible play

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Accessing forest canopies

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Accession of major ions in rainfall in the south western region of Western Australia

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Accession of the four Visegrad countries to the EU: costs for the agricultural budget

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Accession regeneration in genebanks: seed production environment and the potential longevity of seed accessions

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Accident prevention is a prime task

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Accidental cardiac perforation in a dog

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Accidents in small-scale forestry: prerequisites for accident prevention among private wood-lot owners

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Acclimation of Arabidopsis thaliana to the light environment: regulation of chloroplast composition

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Acclimation of Soybean Nodules to Changes in Temperature

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Acclimation to drought in Acer pseudoplatanus L. (Sycamore) seedlings

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Acclimation, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Abscisic Acid Protect Mitochondria against Irreversible Chilling Injury in Maize Seedlings

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Acclimatization of Kalmyk cattle in the Buryat highlands

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Acclimatization of ex vitro Homalomena 'Emerald Gem' as affected by nutrient solution concentration and CO2 enrichment

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Acclimatization-effects of reduced humidity in vitro

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Accommodation of particular foods or beverages into spontaneously ingested evening meals

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Accommodation: development and environmental protection

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Accompanying the process: principles for international development practice

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Accomplishments and dynamics of the South African afforestation permit system

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Account of the investigations of Rusa deer for parasites from January, 1989 until July, 1992 in New Caledonia

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Account results in agriculture and forestry 1993

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Accountability in integrated village land management

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Accountability, an indispensable condition for sustainable natural resource management

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Accounting for hospitality bartering

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Accounting for interdependencies in economic and environmental goals for farming systems adoption

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Accounting for nonmarket benefits in southern forest management

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Accounting for plantations - national accounts and forestry

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Accounting for scale effects in genetic evaluation of dairy cattle

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Accounting for the cost of capital inputs

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Accounting for variability of naturally infested fruit used in disinfestation treatment efficacy trials

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Accreditation for adventure programs

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Accredited: to be or not to be?

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Accumulation and distribution of dry matter in different cassava plant parts in the highlands of Santa Catarina

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Accumulation and movement of phosphorus from poultry litter application on a Starr clay loam

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Accumulation and partitioning of dry matter as a factor in pod yield in bunch type groundnut

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Accumulation and partitioning of dry matter in water yam

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Accumulation and redistribution of technogenic fluorine in soils of the Southern Nonchernozem zone

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Accumulation and utilization of nitrogen in wheat plant grown without fertilization

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Accumulation and utilization of sugars and starch in the aerial parts of clementine trees in Corsica

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Accumulation characteristics of cadmium in selected forage species

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Accumulation of 15-Kilodalton Zein in Novel Protein Bodies in Transgenic Tobacco

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Accumulation of 90Sr and 137Cs by fruit bodies of mushrooms

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Accumulation of BmSP1 and mRNA in imaginal wing discs of Bombyx mori during intermolts

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Accumulation of Cajanus cajan forage for use as dry season feed

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Accumulation of Cd and Pb in successive stages of Galleria mellonella and metal transfer to the pupal parasitoid Pimpla turionellae

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Accumulation of PGIP, a leucine-rich receptor-like protein, correlates with the hypersensitive response in race-cultivar interactions

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Accumulation of UV-absorbing flavonoids induced by UV-B radiation in Arabidopsis thaliana L. I. Mechanisms of UV-resistance in Arabidopsis

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Accumulation of Zn, Pb, Cd, Cu, Fe under different salinities and heavy metal burden in the green alga Ulva rigida (L)

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Accumulation of a 22-kDa protein and its mRNA in the leaves of Raphanus sativus in response to salt stress or water deficit

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Accumulation of a host microsomal fraction protein in virus-infected cucumber and tomato

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Accumulation of a putative guanidine compound in relation to other early defence reactions in epidermal cells of barley and wheat exhibiting resistance to Erysiphe graminis f.sp. hordei

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Accumulation of active substances and biogenous elements in medicinal plants (Glaucium flavum) Crantz

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Accumulation of aluminum in Hypogymnia physodes in the surroundings of a Finnish sulphite-cellulose factory

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Accumulation of amino acids in forest plants in relation to ecological amplitude and nitrogen supply

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Accumulation of amino acids in some boreal forest plants in response to increased nitrogen availability

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Accumulation of antifungal compounds in tea leaf tissue infected with Bipolaris carbonum

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Accumulation of barium in foods

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Accumulation of biomass and nitrogen during plant growth in highly diverging genotypes of winter wheat

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Accumulation of cadmium, lead, and nickel by fungal and wood biosorbents

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Accumulation of caesium 137 by the main forest tree species of the Ukrainian Poles'e

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Accumulation of calcium, potassium and magnesium in apple fruits under various conditions of humidity

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Accumulation of carbon and nitrogen compounds in sweet potato plants grown under deficiency of N, P, or K nutrients

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Accumulation of carbon and nitrogen compounds in sweet potato plants grown under different nitrogen application rates

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Accumulation of chemical elements in the aerial biomass of sweet chestnut

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Accumulation of cis and trans chlordane by channel catfish during dietary exposure

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Accumulation of clay particles in sand layer

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Accumulation of cobalt and chromium in the main agricultural crops on the Mikhailovskoye training farm (Moscow region)

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Accumulation of dry matter and nitrogen in the developing seeds of high protein mutant lines of Triticum aestivum (L.) produced by the IAEA

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Accumulation of dry matter and nutrients at various growth stages in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea Linn.)

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Accumulation of essential oils by Agrobacterium tumefaciens-transformed shoot cultures of Pimpinella anisum

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Accumulation of fatty acids in different rape varieties (Brassica napus L.) and the influences of some chemicals on their contents

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Accumulation of flavonoids during leaf development in Cistus laurifolius

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Accumulation of glycinebetaine during cold acclimation and freezing tolerance in leaves of winter and spring barley plants

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Accumulation of heavy metals (Zn, Cu, Cd & Pb) in soil and cultivated vegetables and weeds grown in industrially polluted fields

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Accumulation of heavy metals (Zn, Pb, Cd, Cr) in the components of forest ecosystems at some localities in the Beskidy Mts

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Accumulation of heavy metals by some wood-rotting fungi

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Accumulation of heavy metals in soil, water, aquatic weed and fish samples of sewage-fed ponds

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Accumulation of heavy metals in some monitor plants of the Pinus sylvestris + Picea abies-mixtoherbosa in the W. Rhodope Mts

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Accumulation of iron in lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria

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Accumulation of litter in plant associations of the 'Mys Mart'yan' nature reserve

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Accumulation of metals, polychlorinated biphenyls, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediments from the lower Passaic River, New Jersey

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Accumulation of mineral and organic substances in blue panic grass and timothy seedlings as influenced by microelements

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Accumulation of mutations affecting body weight in inbred mouse lines

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Accumulation of neuropeptides in the cerebral neurosecretory system of Manduca sexta larvae parasitized by the braconid wasp Cotesia congregata

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Accumulation of nitrates in plants on soils with increased heavy metal content

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Accumulation of organic matter in reclaimed loess soils

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Accumulation of pathogenesis-related protein (PR 1a) in Nicotiana tabacum/Phytophthora interactions

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Accumulation of pathogenesis-related proteins in the epidermis of tomato leaves infected by Cladosporium fulvum

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Accumulation of pesticides in farm crops in experiments with fertilizers

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Accumulation of pesticides in tomato packinghouse wastewater and the influence of integrated pest management on reducing residues

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Accumulation of phenylpropanoids in the cotyledons of morning glory (Pharbitis nil) seedlings during the induction of flowering by low temperature treatment, and the effect of precedent exposure to high-intensity light

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Accumulation of photoperiodic information during diapause development in the spider mite Tetranychus urticae

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Accumulation of phytoalexins in leaves of plane tree (Platanus spp.) expressing susceptibility or resistance to Ceratocystis fimbriata f.sp. platani

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Accumulation of plant antenna complexes is regulated by post-transcriptional mechanisms in tobacco

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Accumulation of protein fractions in the developing caryopsis of wheats differing in grain quality

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Accumulation of radiocesium in basidiomycetes collected from Japanese forests

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Accumulation of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase in potato plants and nitrogen distribution in each organ during growth in relation to productivity

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Accumulation of selenium in spring rape plants and chemical composition of the seed with application of sodium selenite

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Accumulation of the phytoalexin lettucenin A and changes in 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl coenzyme A reductase activity in lettuce seedlings with the red spot disorder

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Accumulation of toxic compounds as a consequence of pest and disease resistance in plants

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Accumulation of trace elements in sheep and the effects upon qualitative and quantitative ovarian changes

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Accumulation of Vacuolar H+-Pyrophosphatase and H+-ATPase during Reformation of the Central Vacuole in Germinating Pumpkin Seeds

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Accumulation of zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium by navy bean seed

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Accuracies of measures of growth rate in growing meat animals

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Accuracies of the simple methods for estimating the bootstrap probability of a maximum-likelihood tree

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Accuracy and signal reception of a hand-held Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver

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Accuracy in pedigree selection

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Accuracy issues of geographic data and processes for estimating water resources availability

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Accuracy of basal area determination in two-storied stands using random sample plots of various sizes

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Accuracy of different procedures in dairy sire evaluation using three breed cross progeny

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Accuracy of harvester measurement

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Accuracy of kinematic wave and diffusion wave approximations for space-dependent flows on infiltrating surfaces

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Accuracy of kinematic wave and diffusion wave approximations for space-independent flows on infiltrating surfaces with lateral inflow neglected in the momentum equation

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Accuracy of kinematic wave and diffusion wave approximations for time-independent flows

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Accuracy of kinetimatic wave and diffusion wave approximations for space independent flows

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Accuracy of self reporting malaria in Orissa--a case study

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Accuracy, precision, and commercial benefits of growth modelling for broilers

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Accurate assessment of the quantitative significance of different sources of salt in the diet

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Accurate low cost measurement of blueberry firmness for research workers

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Accurate processing and secretion in the baculovirus expression system of an erythroid-cell-stimulating factor consisting of a chimaera of insulin-like growth factor II and an insect insulin-like peptide

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Acer circinatum 'Monroe'

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Acer platanoides - a forgotten forest tree?

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Achievement goals, motivational climate and achievement strategies and behaviors in sport

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Achievements of the Zagreb Institute in winter wheat breeding

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Achieving Title IX gender equity in college athletics in an era of fiscal austerity

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Achieving potential herbage seed yields in species of temperate regions

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Achieving potential herbage seed yields in tropical regions

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Achieving public policy objectives in the arts and heritage

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Achieving ripeness at harvest

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Achieving sustainable tourism development

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Achieving targetted area and yield of potato, with intercropping in sugarcane, by end of twentieth century

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Acid phosphatase and leucine aminopeptidase isozymes as biochemical markers of homogeneity in oil seed rape androgenetic lines

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Acid sulphate soils: diagnosing the illness

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Acid-base balance in the blood of calves of different breeds in a suckler cow herd on deep litter and strawless housing

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Acid-base characterization of four sulfide minerals

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Acid-base chemistry and aluminum transport in an acidic watershed and pond in New Hampshire

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Acid-base properties of humus layers in northern coniferous forests

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Acid-base status in paediatric Plasmodium falciparum malaria

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Acid-base status, renal function, water, and macromineral metabolism of dry cows fed diets differing in cation-anion difference

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Acid-base-modulation of nitrate reductase in leaf tissues

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Acid-buffering capacity factors of forest soils

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Acid-stable hemagglutinin proteins co-purifying with potato invertase inhibitor

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Acid-tolerance and symbiotic effectiveness of Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. trifolii isolated from subterranean clover growing in permanent pastures

Rogers, C.B., 1995:
Acidic dammarane arabinofuranosides from Combretum rotundifolium

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Acidic fog and temperature effects on stigmatic receptivity in two birch species

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Acidic leaching of a Podzol Bf horizon from the Precambrian Shield, Ontario, Canada

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Acidic mist and nitrogen fertilization effects on growth, nitrate reductase activity, gas exchange, and frost hardiness of red spruce seedlings

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Acidic peroxidases from suspension-cultures of sweet potato

Neviani, E.D.vizia, R.A.biati, E.G.tti, M., 1995:
Acidification activity of thermophilic lactobacilli under the temperature gradient of Grana cheese making

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Acidification effects on dissolved organic matter mobility in spruce forest ecosystems

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Acidification effects on groundwater - prognosis of the risks for the future

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Acidification of a kaolinitic Alfisol under continuous cropping with nitrogen fertilization in West Africa

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Acidification of the rhizospheres of ectomycorrhizal infected plants. Measurement of pCO2 and proton release in the rhizosphere

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Acidification status of Norwegian forest soils as evident from large scale studies of humus samples

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Acidification test based on the use of biomass for screening of Leuconostoc. Application to Ln. mesenteroides strains isolated from French raw milk cheeses

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Acidification, nitrogen deposition and rapid vegetational change in a small valley mire in Yorkshire

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Acidifying and proteolytic activities of lactic acid bacteria isolated from white pickled cheese

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Acidiphilium multivorum sp. nov., an acidophilic chemoorganotrophic bacterium from pyritic acid mine drainage

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Acidity and Brix of Yellow Mauritius a pineapple cultivar for fresh fruits

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Acidity and related properties in arable soils in the midst of 'Kcw-Kujawi' lime and cement plant

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Acidity characteristics of Venezuelan soils. Summary of routine analyses

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Acidity of arable soils after long-term mineral fertilization on market-oriented farms of Western Pomerania

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Acidity of polyoses and lignin of a fossil tree trunk from Dunarobba, Terni

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Acidobasic balances in the course of heterotrophic denitrification

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Acidogenic-aerobic treatment of a wastewater containing nitrobenzene

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Acidogenicity of high-intensity sweeteners and polyols

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Acidophile forest fringe communities (Melampyro-Holcetea mollis) in the European area

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Acidophilic and acid-tolerant actinomycetes in an acid tea field soil

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Acidophilic characteristics of Bacillus subtilis f

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Acidophilic degradation of methanol by a methanogenic enrichment culture

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Acidosis, glycolysis and energy state in anaerobic heart tissue from rainbow trout

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Acidulated desserts - an alternative and challenge to neutral ready-to-consume desserts

Lee, E.J.; Nam, S.Y.; Kim, K.R.; Lee, H.C.; Cho, J.H.; Nam, M.S.; Song, Y.D.; Lim, S.K.; Huh, K.B., 1995:
Acipimox potentiates growth hormone (GH) response to GH-releasing hormone with or without pyridostigmine by lowering serum free fatty acid in normal and obese subjects

Hurlimann, M.; Jufer, H., 1995:
Acknowledging process: PRA-projects in the Alpine regions of Switzerland: 'to get the grip on the future together'

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Acleris extensana (Meyrick) a new tortricid pest of rose in Nilgiris

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Acnistins F-H, withanolides from Dunalia solanacea

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Aconitine-induced bradycardia, centrally acting muscarinic effects are inhibited peripherally by higenamine in conscious mice

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Acorn production by oaks in central coastal California: variation within and among years

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Acoustic emission and surface checking in Eucalyptus regnans boards during drying

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Acoustic emission characteristics in wood cutting, I. Effects of the grain angles on the amplitudes of acoustic emissions

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Acoustic emission characteristics in wood sanding, I. Effects of the grain sizes and the sanding times on acoustic emission in belt sanding

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Acoustic emission related to strain energy during drying of Eucalyptus regnans boards

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Acoustic emissions during creep in wood

Bernatowicz, G., 1994:
Acoustic emissions during mechanical loading of wood transverse to the grain

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Acoustic emissions from plywood in shear by tension loading

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Acoustic orientation and communication in desert tenebrionid beetles in sand dunes

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Acoustic pattern recognition and orientation in orthopteran insects: parallel or serial processing?

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Acoustic properties and anisotropy of some Australian wood species

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Acoustic properties of Brazilian rosewood used for guitar back plates

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Acoustic properties of cane (Arundo donax L.) used for reeds of woodwind instruments I. The relationships between vibrational properties and moisture contents of cane

Obataya, E.; Norimoto, M., 1995:
Acoustic properties of cane (Arundo donax L.) used for reeds of woodwind instruments II. Analysis of vibrational properties by a viscoelastic model

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Acoustical and behavioral correlates of profitability of food sources in honey bee round dances

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Acoustical detection of Aedes taeniorhynchus swarms and emergence exoduses in remote salt marshes

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Acquired flexural deformity of the distal interphalangeal joint in horses: treatment by desmotomy of the accessory ligament of the deep digital flexor tendon. A retrospective study

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Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and Cryptosporidium infection

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Acquired resistance against Theileria annulata infection in cattle

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Acquired resistance to carbendazim in Botrytis cinerea Pers

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Acquisition and retention of Xylella fastidiosa by an efficient vector, Graphocephala atropunctata

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Acquisition and transmission of Agrobacterium by the whitefly Bemisia tabaci

Belozerov, V.N., 1993:
Acquisition by laboratory mice of resistance to larvae of Amblyomma hebraeum (Ixodidae)

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Acquisition of carbon in Elodea canadensis Michx

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Acquisition of cold tolerance in immature stages of the oriental fruit fly, Dacus dorsalis (Diptera: Tephritidae) in artificial diet and orange fruits

Ooms, J.J.J.; Bruijn, S.M. de; Karssen, C.M., 1993:
Acquisition of desiccation tolerance in seeds of Arabidopsis thaliana

Chen, C.S.; Jonard, R., 1994:
Acquisition of friable calli from stems and establishment of the cell suspension cultures of Prunus armeniaca L. cv. Canino and Luizet

Southern, A.J., 1994:
Acquisition of indigenous ecological knowledge about forest gardens in Kandy district, Sri Lanka

Wilson, M.E.; Vorhies, R.W.; Andersen, K.A.; Britigan, B.E., 1994:
Acquisition of iron from transferrin and lactoferrin by the protozoan Leishmania chagasi

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Acquisition of maturational competence in in vitro grown mouse oocytes

Frey, B.; Schuepp, H., 1993:
Acquisition of nitrogen by external hyphae of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with Zea mays L

Islam, M.A.; Ito, T.; Takakuwa, H.; Takada, A.; Itakura, C.; Kida, H., 1994 :
Acquisition of pathogenicity of a Newcastle disease virus isolated from a Japanese quail by intracerebral passage in chickens

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Acquisition, properties and application of microencapsulated plant-protection products

Mercier, S.; Hyberg, B., 1993:
Acreage elasticities for corn and soybeans

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Acreage estimation of wheat and barley fields in the province of Adana, Turkey

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Acreage response under farm programs for major southeastern field crops

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Acremonium endophyte interactions with enhanced plant resistance to insects

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Acric soils: properties and management

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Acridine orange diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum: evaluation after experimental infection

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Acridone Alkaloids from Cell Suspension Cultures of Thamnosma montana

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Acrocerid (Insecta: Diptera) life histories, behaviors, host spiders (Arachnida: Araneida), and distribution records

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Acrosomal changes of buck spermatozoa at different periods of equilibration and after freezing with skimmed milk egg yolk glycerol extender

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Acrosome reaction in swamp buffalo spermatozoa by induction of Ca2+ influx and heparin capacitation

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Acrosome reaction of defrosted bull spermatozoa incubated in vitro with cow oviduct cells

Anonymous, 1992:
Act of 16 December 1992 on consumer protection

Anonymous, 1994:
Act of 29 September 1994 to amend the Destruction Act and the Meat Inspection Act (in connection with EU Directive concerning destruction)

Anonymous, 1992:
Act of 5 December 1991 on the environment

Anonymous, 1994:
Act of 9 June 1994 containing temporary regulations on ammonia deposition caused by livestock farms (Interim Act on Ammonia and Animal Husbandry)

Anonymous, 1994:
Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, dated 29 April 1994, on environmental impact assessment

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Actaea racemosa a cure for cervical spondylosis

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Acteoside: a new antihypertensive drug

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Actin and heat-stable actin-binding proteins in wheat callus culture

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Actin associated with plasmodesmata

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Actin filament-independent formation of tubular endoplasmic reticulum in onion epidermis cells

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Actin in male germ cells of Heligmosomoides polygyrus (Nematoda)

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Actin in spermatozoon of a soft tick, Argas (A.) polonicus (Ixodida, Acari)

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Actin in the merozoite of the malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum

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Actin isoforms in the parasitic nematode Haemonchus contortus

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Actin microfilament organization during pollen development of Brassica napus cv. Topas

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Actin organization and distribution during hydration, activation and germination of pollen in Amaryllis vittata Ait. using TRITC-phalloidin as a probe

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Actin-dependent light-induced translocation of mitochondria and ER cisternae in the photoreceptor cells of the locust Schistocerca gregaria

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Actinidin in kiwifruit cultivars

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Actinomyces and other bacteria isolated from women who use intrauterine device

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Actinomyces in terrestrial ecosystems

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Actinomyces infection of a cytomegalovirus esophageal ulcer in two patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

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Actinomyces pyogenes mastitis with particular emphasis on summer mastitis

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Actinomyces viscosus in subdural empyema

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Actinomycetes as plant pathogens

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Actinomycosis of the lung

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Actinomycosis of the mediastinum with oesophagotracheal fistula. A case report

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Actinomycosis of the nasal septum in a patient infected with the human immunodeficiency virus

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Actinomycosis presenting as appendicitis in pregnancy

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Actinomycosis simulating bladder tumour

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Actinomycosis: multinodular pulmonary involvement

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Actinomycotic brain abscess successfully treated by burr hole aspiration and short course antimicrobial therapy

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Actinomycotic mycetoma. A series of 27 cases from Dakar, treated with cotrimoxazole

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Actinoplanes strains isolated from roots: morphological investigations

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Actinotia hyperici new to the fauna of the Netherlands (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Action by ingestion and topical application of flufenoxuron on larvae of Agrotis segetum (Den. et Schiff.) and Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Action in the conservation of Mediterranean forest genetic resources

Kim, T.J.; Kim, J.S.; Cho, K.Y.; Yoshida, S., 1993:
Action mechanism of S-23142 on the PPIX biosynthesis system of Spinacia oleracea L. chloroplast

Albertini, M.; Aguggini, G., 1994:
Action of NO2 on respiratory system of pig

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Action of Thiobacillus thiooxidans on sulphur in the presence of a surfactant agent and its application in the indirect dissolution of phosphorus

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Action of a novel nonsteroidal ecdysteroid mimic, tebufenozide (RH-5992), on insects of different orders

Otsuka, M.; Kubo, T., 1995:
Action of a shiitake (Lentinus edodes)-fructo-oligosaccharide mixture on hypertension in rats

Otsuka, M.; Kubo, T., 1995:
Action of a shiitake (Lentinus edodes)-fructooligosaccharide mixture on lipid levels in rats fed a cholesterol diet

Pérez, L.; Irurzun, A.; Carrasco, L., 1994:
Action of brefeldin A on translation in Semliki Forest virus-infected HeLa cells and cells doubly infected with poliovirus

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Action of clotrimazole on Candida albicans

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Action of collembolas and oribatids on bacterial cells of decomposing litter

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Action of cytokinins on transport and partitioning of substances in detached leaves: 2. Conditions for developing the cytokinin effects

Packard, C.J.; Shepherd, J., 1994:
Action of danazol on plasma lipids and lipoprotein metabolism

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