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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2559

Chapter 2559 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Raju, M.; Thakur, S., 1992: Action of flower extract of Butea monosperma on the ovaries of Dysdercus similis F. (Heteroptera)

Rakesh Gupta; Sharma, N. K., 1995: Action of garlic (Allium sativum L.) extract on the juveniles of Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid & White) Chitwood

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558002

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558003

Pott, T.; Dufourc, E. J., 1995: Action of melittin on the DPPC-cholesterol liquid-ordered phase: a solid state superscript 2H- and 31P-NMR study

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558005

Stefanescu, M., 1994: Action of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers on wheat and triticale yields and quality

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558007

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558008

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558009

Kalam, Abul; Banerjee, Ajit K., 1995: Action of the fungicide tridemorph on the glucose, lactate and succinate dehydrogenase activities of some tridemorph-sensitive and -resistant bacteria

Bittencourt, V. R. E. P.; Massard, C. L.; Lima, A. F. de, 1994: Action of the fungus Metarhizium anisopliae on eggs and larvae of the tick Boophilus microplus

Bittencourt, V. R. E. P.; Massard, C. L.; Lima, A. F. de, 1994: Action of the fungus Metarhizium anisopliae on the free living phase of the life cycle of Boophilus microplus

Smagghe, Guy; Degheele, Danny, 1994: Action of the nonsteroidal ecdysteroid mimic RH 5849 on larval development and adult reproduction of insects of different orders

Khamidov, D. Kh; Mirakhmedov, A. K.; Sagatova, G. A.; Azimova, Sh S., 1992: Action of the pesticide Cotoran (fluometuron) on RNA synthesis and transport in the rat liver

Tseng, Ruey Kuang; Cooney, Joseph J., 1995: Action of tributyltin on enzymes of four bacteria

Hebbar, K. B.; Sanjay Kumar; Sinha, S. K., 1994: Action potential - a possible signal in root to shoot communication caused by water deficit around roots of sunflower seedling

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558018

Veeranjaneyulu, K; Leblanc, Rm, 1994: Action spectra of photosystems I and II in state 1 and state 2 in intact sugar maple leaves

Cardona, C.; Rodriguez, A.; Prada, P. C., 1993: Action threshold for the control of greenhouse whitefly Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westwood) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae), on snap beans

Zehnder, G.; Vencill, A. M.; Speese, J, II I., 1995: Action thresholds based on plant defoliation for management of Colorado potato beetle (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in potato

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558023

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558025

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558026

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558028

Chan, W. Y.; Ng, T. B., 1994: Actions of selected proteins, peptides and amino acid derivatives on mouse embryonic development in vitro

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558030

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558031

Neufeld, Ronald D.; Niaki, Shahzad; Badali, Christopher; Liu, Paul K. T.; Powers, Dennis, 1994: Activated biofilm removal of low concentrations of toluene

Cecen, Ferhan, 1994: Activated carbon addition to activated sludge in the treatment of kraft pulp bleaching wastes

Sutton, P. M.; Mishra, P. N., 1994: Activated carbon based biological fluidized beds for contaminated water and wastewater treatment: a state-of-the-art review

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558037

Chao, Chun C.; Anderson, W. Robert; Hu, Shuxian; Gekker, Genya; Martella, Alice; Peterson, Phillip K., 1993: Activated microglia inhibit multiplication of Toxoplasma gondii via a nitric oxide mechanism

Iturbe Ormaetxe, I.; Moran, J. F.; Arrese Igor, C.; Gogorcena, Y.; Klucas, R. V.; Becana, Manuel, 1995: Activated oxygen and antioxidant defences in iron-deficient pea plants

Menconi, M.; Sgherri, C. L. M.; Pinzino, C.; Navari Izzo, F., 1995: Activated oxygen production and detoxification in wheat plants subjected to a water deficit programme

Ellis, S.; Paszner, L., 1994: Activated self-bonding of wood and agricultural residues

Aitken, M. D.; Heck, P. E.; Alvarez Cohen, L.; Grimberg, S. J.; Stringfellow, W. T., 1993: Activated sludge

Aitken, M. D.; Heck, P. E.; Alvarez Cohen, L.; Grimberg, S. J.; Stringfellow, W. T., 1994: Activated sludge and other aerobic suspended culture processes

Tenno, R.; Pelkonen, M., 1994: Activated sludge concentration dynamics

Ostojic, N.; Les, A. P.; Forbes, R., 1992: Activated sludge treatment for odor control

Lo, S. N.; Lavallee, H. C.; Rowbottom, R. S.; Meunier, M. A.; Zaloum, R., 1994: Activated sludge treatment of TMP mill effluents. Part 1: effluent characterization and treatability study

Lo, S. N.; Lavallee, H. C.; Rowbottom, R. S.; Meunier, M. A.; Zaloum, R., 1994: Activated sludge treatment of TMP mill effluents. Part 2: biokinetic parameters and effluent treatment strategies

Dabajit Bhattacharya; Lalitagauri Ray; Ghosh, A. K.; Parimal Chattopadhyay, 1994: Activated sludge treatment of dairy waste water - determination of kinetic parameters in continuous stirred tank reactor

MacAllister, P. J.; Rao, S. M. B.; Chong, R.; Manderson, G. J., 1993: Activated sludge treatment of phenoxy herbicides and chlorophenols

Vlahovic, D., 1994: Activating and developing the receptive potential of Croatia's tourism

Walden, R.; Schell, J., 1994: Activation T-DNA tagging - a silver bullet approach to isolating plant genes

Hughes, D. S.; Possee, R. D.; King, L. A., 1993: Activation and detection of a latent baculovirus resembling Mamestra brassicae nuclear polyhedrosis virus in M. brassicae insects

Kobayashi, A.; Akiyama, K.; Ushijima, T.; Kanzaki, H.; Kawazu, K., 1992: Activation of beta -glucosidase and accumulation of secondary metabolites in pea seedlings treated with a biotic-elicitor chitosan

Khan, N. A., 1993: Activation of 14C-dimethoate in lepidopterous larvae

Ysern, P.; Riera, J.; Sitjes, J.; Llagostera, M., 1994: Activation of 4-nitro-o-phenylenediamine by the S2 fraction of Zea mays to mutagenic product(s)

Healy, T. P.; Copland, M. J. W., 1995: Activation of Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes by carbon dioxide and human breath

Schoenrock, Beate; Bormann, Joachim, 1993: Activation of Cl- channels by avermectin in rat cultured hippocampal neurons

Cuervo, Ana Maria; Knecht, Erwin; Terlecky, Stanley R.; Dice, J. Fred, 1995: Activation of a selective pathway of lysosomal proteolysis in rat liver by prolonged starvation

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558062

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558065

Vogelmeier, C.; Krombach, F.; Munzing, S.; Konig, G.; Mazur, G.; Beinert, T.; Fruhmann, G., 1993: Activation of blood neutrophils in acute episodes of farmer's lung

Dean, John V.; Machota, Jolie H., 1993: Activation of corn glutathione S-transferase enzymes by coumaric acid and 7-hydroxycoumarin

Van Gijsegem, Frederique; Somssich, Imre E.; Scheel, Dierk, 1995: Activation of defense-related genes in parsley leaves by infection with Erwinia chrysanthemi

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558070

Monini, P.; Lellis, L. de; Borgatti, P.; Hassan Omran, M.; Cassai, E., 1993: Activation of eukaryotic transcriptional promoters by the bovine papillomavirus E1-replication factor

Simon, Babette; Tillotson, Loyal; Brand, Stephen J., 1994: Activation of gastrin gene transcription in islet cells by a RAP1-like cis-acting promoter element

Vale, G. P.; Torrigiani, E.; Gatti, A.; Delogu, G.; Porta Puglia, A.; Vannacci, G.; Cattivelli, L., 1994: Activation of genes in barley roots in response to infection by two Drechslera graminea isolates

Maleszewski, M.; Kline, D.; Yanagimachi, R., 1995: Activation of hamster zona-free oocytes by homologous and heterologous spermatozoa

Rozanov, V. V.; Tsoglin, L. N.; Melik Sarkisov, O. S.; Andreenko, T. I., 1993: Activation of in vitro photoautotrophic growth of potato plants-regenerants

Winkler, B. G., 1994: Activation of in vitro-matured oocytes for cloning

Fugina, L. G.; Kolontsov, A. A.; Makarov, V. V., 1994: Activation of infected macrophages as a possible stage in the pathogenesis of African swine fever

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558078

Si Y.; Okuno, M., 1995: Activation of mammalian sperm motility by regulation of microtubule sliding via cyclic adenosine 5'-monophosphate-dependent phosphorylation

Cooper, Brian; Bomalaski, John S., 1994: Activation of mechanonociceptors by pro-inflammatory peptides melittin and PLAP peptide

Chelmonska Soyta, Anna; Miller, Richard B.; Ruhnke, Louis; Rosendal, Soren, 1994: Activation of murine macrophages and lymphocytes by Ureaplasma diversum

Johnson, Gn; Young, Aj; Horton, P., 1994: Activation of non-photochemical quenching in thylakoids and leaves

Perez, Luis; Irurzun, Alicia; Carrasco, Luis, 1993: Activation of phospholipase activity during Semliki Forest virus infection

Wiest, P. M.; Kunz, S. S.; Miller, K. R., 1994: Activation of protein kinase C by phorbol esters disrupts the tegument of Schistosoma mansoni

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558088

Kessmann, H.; Staub, T.; Ligon, J.; Oostendorp, M.; Ryals, J., 1994: Activation of systemic acquired resistance in plants

Dyck, Jason R. B.; Lucena, Norma; Silva, C. L.; Fliegel, Larry, 1995: Activation of the Na+/H+ exchanger gene by the transcription factor AP-2

Opritov, V. A.; Pyatygin, S. S.; Krauz, V. O.; Khudyakov, V. A.; Abramova, N. N., 1994: Activation of the electrogenic plasmalemma H+-pump in the adaptation of higher plants to moderate low-temperature stress

Cheng, Tse Chang; Tseng, Brian S.; Merlie, John P.; Klein, William H.; Olson, Eric N., 1995: Activation of the myogenin promoter during mouse embryogenesis in the absence of positive autoregulation

Sagara, M.; Sugiyama, F.; Horiguchi, H.; Kamma, H.; Ogata, T.; Yagami, K. I.; Murakami, K.; Fukamizu, A., 1995: Activation of the nuclear oncogenes N-myc and c-jun in carotinoid tumors of transgenic mice carrying the human adenovirus type 12 E1 region gene

Koch, J.; Pedersen, H. D.; Jensen, A. L.; Flagstad, A.; Poulsen, K., 1995: Activation of the renin-angiotensin system in dogs with asymptomatic and symptomatic dilated cardiomyopathy

Hirochika, H., 1993: Activation of tobacco retrotransposons during tissue culture

Zhu, B; Chen, Thh; Li, Ph, 1995: Activation of two osmotin-like protein genes by abiotic stimuli and fungal pathogen in transgenic potato plants

Walden, R.; Fritze, K.; Hayashi, H.; Miklashevichs, E.; Harling, H.; Schell, J., 1994: Activation tagging: a means of isolating genes implicated as playing a role in plant growth and development

Kalisz, PJ.; Boettcher, SE., 1991: Active and abandoned red-cockaded woodpecker habitat in Kentucky

Vaari, A.; Ahvenainen, R.; Hurme, E., 1994: Active and smart packaging of foods. Literature survey

Langeveld, L. P. M.; Montfort Quasig, R. M. G. E. van, 1995: Active chlorine as a disinfectant against bacteriophages

Li Ping; Xu GuoJun; Xu LuoShan; Wang YiXian, 1995: Active constituents of the bulbs of Fritillaria ebeiensis and their antitumour activity in mice

Snyder, D. B.; Vakharia, V. N.; Mengel Whereat, S. A.; Edwards, G. H.; Savage, P. K.; Lutticken, D.; Goodwin, M. A., 1994: Active cross-protection induced by a recombinant baculovirus expressing chimeric infectious bursal disease virus structural proteins

Dallakyan, G. A., 1994: Active forms of oxygen in model populations of microalgae and control of biofouling

Harmsen, Allen G.; Chen, Wangxue; Gigliotti, Francis, 1995: Active immunity to Pneumocystis carinii reinfection in T-cell-depleted mice

Daveau, A.; Malpaux, B.; Tillet, Y.; Roblot, G.; Wylde, R.; Chemineau, P., 1994: Active immunization against melatonin in Ile-de-France ewes and photoperiodic control of prolactin secretion and ovulatory activity

Bobrowska, E.; Prokopowicz, D., 1994: Active immunization against tick-borne encephalitis virus infection in residents of North-Eastern Poland

Chaturvedi, U. C.; Mukerjee, R.; Dhawan, R., 1994: Active immunization by a dengue virus-induced cytokine

Terhaar, H. J., 1994: Active immunization of mares against a recombinant human inhibin alpha -chain. Effects on ovarian function and endocrine parameters

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558114

Ronayne, E.; Enright, W. J.; Quirke, J. F.; Roche, J. F., 1995: Active immunization of post-pubertal heifers against prostaglandin F2 to suppress oestrous behaviour: effect of adjuvant and dose of immunogen

Preac Mursic, V.; Wilske, B.; Patsouris, E.; Jauris, S.; Soutschek, E.; Rainhardt, S.; Lehnert, G.; Klockmann, U.; Mehraein, P., 1992: Active immunization with pC protein of Borrelia burgdorferi protects gerbils against B. burgdorferi infection

O' Neill, D., 1994: Active in Age programme

Smith, E., 1994: Active listening for African farmers

Eastman, W., 1994: Active living for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers: one provincial initiative

Plotnikov, S. M., 1992: Active methods of reducing the buckling of particleboards

Peng, Y.; Sasao, A.; Shibusawa, S.; Yoshida, T., 1995: Active noise control around operator riding on agricultural machinery (part 1). Study on adaptive filter

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558124

Jiang, Ming Yi; Yang, Wen Ying; Xu, Jiang; Chen, Qiao Yun, 1994: Active oxygen damage effect of chlorophyll degradation in rice seedlings under osmotic stress

Mehdy, Mona C., 1994: Active oxygen species in plant defense against pathogens

Buonaurio, R.; Kumar, N. N. U., 1995: Active oxygen-producing and -scavenging enzymes in pepper leaves infected with Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria

Nicoli, P., 1994: Active packaging: development of 'intelligent' packaging

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558129

Wilson, P.; Sellier, D., 1995: Active patterned ground and cryoturbation on Muckish Mountain, Co. Donegal, Ireland

Abell, L. M.; Hanna, W. S.; Kunitsky, K. J.; Kerschen, J. A., 1995: Active site inhibitors of acetolactate synthase

Uhing, Michael R.; Kimura, Robert E., 1995: Active transport of 3-O-methyl-glucose by the small intestine in chronically catheterized rats

Anonymous, 1994: Active vitamin D3 derivatives

Lu, Rong Zhen; Ikeda, Akihko; Takahashi, Michio, 1994: Activin A and superoxide dismutase synergistically enhance development of 1-cell mouse embryos to the blastocyst stage in vitro

Yamaguchi, M.; Tasaka, K.; Ogura, K.; Sakata, M.; Mizuki, J.; Miyake, A., 1995: Activin inhibits but inhibin activates mouse placental lactogen-II secretion

Li, Ronghao; Phillips, David M.; Mather, Jennie P., 1995: Activin promotes ovarian follicle development in vitro

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558140

Anonymous, 1993: Activities at NBPGR

Anonymous, 1994: Activities at NBPGR. IPGRI Project on sesame evaluation

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558144

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558145

Rohlena, J., 1995: Activities of ZVU in the Czech republic and abroad in the realm of the sugar factory

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558147

Stevens, Luc H.; Schripsema, Jan; Pennings, Ed J. M.; Verpoorte, Robert, 1992: Activities of enzymes involved in indole alkaloid biosynthesis in suspension cultures of Catharanthus, Cinchona and Tabernaemontana species

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558151

Reuzeau, C.; Cavalie, G., 1995: Activities of free radical processing enzymes in dry sunflower seeds

Eder, Klaus; Kirchgessner, Manfred, 1995: Activities of liver microsomal fatty acid desaturases in zinc-deficient rats force-fed diets with a coconut oil/safflower oil mixture of linseed oil

Pernak, J.; Skrzypczak, A.; Krysinski, J.; Kazmierczak, M.; Jedraszczyk, J.; Michalak, L., 1994: Activities of new iminium compounds on bacteria and fungi. XXX. 3-Alkoxymethyl-1-hexyl-, 3-alkylthiomethyl-1-hexyl-, 3-alkoxymethyl-1-octyl-, and 3-alkylthiomethyl-1-octylbenzimidazolium chlorides

Widell, S.; Asp, H.; Jensen, P., 1994: Activities of plasma membrane-bound enzymes isolated from roots of spruce (Picea abies) grown in the presence of aluminium

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558158

Sarathchandra, U.; Read, J. A.; Burch, G., 1993: Activities of some rhizosphere bacteria in Waikato pastoral soils

Anonymous, 1993: Activities of the FENIL in 1992

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558161

Belotti, J., 1993: Activities of the Seed Technology Laboratory of IHAR at Sandomierz in 1952-1992

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558163

Vangen, O.; Adalsteinsson, S.; Neimann Sorensen, A.; Maijala, K.; Danell, B.; Maki Tanila, A.; Eythorsdottir, E., 1994: Activity Programme for Nordic gene bank for farm animals

Anonymous, 1995: Activity Report - 1994

Shugam, N. A.; Guseva, N. M., 1992: Activity and biological significance of the Na+,K+-ATPase enzyme transport system of cow milk

Badulucco, L.; Pomare, F.; Grego, S.; Landi, L.; Nannipieri, P., 1994: Activity and degradation of streptomycin and cycloheximide in soil

Prabhakaran, S. K.; Kamble, S. T., 1993: Activity and electrophoretic characterization of esterases in insecticide-resistant and susceptible strains of German cockroach (Dictyoptera: Blattellidae)

Igarashi, Kazuhiko; Itoh, Ken; Motohashi, Hozumi; Hayashi, Norio; Matuzaki, Yumi; Nakauchi, Hiromitu; Nishizawa, Makoto; Yamamoto, Masayuki, 1995: Activity and expression of murine small Maf family protein MafK

Clark, D. S.; Brown, J. A.; Goddard, S. J.; Moir, J., 1995: Activity and feeding behaviour of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in sea pens

Law, G. L.; Griswold, M. D., 1994: Activity and form of sulfated glycoprotein 2 (clusterin) from cultured Sertoli cells, testis, and epididymis of the rat

Karus, Avo , 1994: Activity and multiplicity of serum aldolase and sorbitol dehydrogenase in the first lactation

Pancaldi, D.; Alberti, I., 1994: Activity and persistence of I.B.S. fungicides against brown rust of wheat

Aziz, T.; Sylvia, D. M.; Doren, R. F., 1995: Activity and species composition of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi following soil removal

Yamashita, Haruyuki; Akabane, Takeaki; Kurihara, Yoshie, 1995: Activity and stability of a new sweet protein with taste-modifying action, curculin

Obexer, W.; Schmid, C.; Barbe, J.; Galy, J. P.; Brun, R., 1995: Activity and structure relationship of acridine derivatives against African trypanosomes

Atienza, J.; Martinez Diaz, R. A.; Gomez Barrio, A.; Escario, J. A.; Herrero, A.; Ochoa, C.; Rodriguez, J., 1992: Activity assays of thiadiazine derivatives on Trichomonas vaginalis and amastigote forms of Trypanosoma cruzi

Yunoki, E.; Kataoka, T.; Michihiro, K.; Sugiyama, H.; Shimizu, M.; Mori, T., 1992: Activity concentration of 226Ra and 238U in various soils

Johanson, K. J.; Bergstrom, R.; Eriksson, O.; Erixon, A., 1994: Activity concentrations of 137Cs in moose and their forage plants in mid-Sweden

Newman, A., 1994: Activity in the spliceosome

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558183

Kozowska, M., 1993: Activity of beta -D-glucosidase and syringaldazine oxidase and susceptibility of red raspberry canes to Didymella applanata (Niessl.) Sacc

Kakhana, B. M.; Krivileva, N. I., 1992: Activity of beta -galactosidase in stored apples grown on slopes

Briceno, R. D.; Ramirez, W., 1993: Activity of Apis mellifera (Hymenoptera: Apidae) and some spiders (Araneidae) during the 1991 total solar eclipse in Costa Rica

Longo, S.; Palmeri, V.; Sommariva, D., 1993: Activity of Aventianella longoi, egg parasitoid of Phoracantha semipunctata in southern Italy

Navon, A.; Ishaaya, I.; Baum, D.; Ben Ari, Z.; Braun, S.; Yablonski, S.; Keren, S., 1994: Activity of Bacillus thuringiensis preparations for control of the vinemoth Lobesia botrana

Gomez, M. E.; Ayuso, M. J.; Toro, M. V., 1995: Activity of Osyris quadripartita Salzm. methanol extract on capillary permeability in rats

Nabors, G. S.; Farrell, J. P., 1995: Activity of Pentostam (sodium stibogluconate) against cutaneous leishmaniasis in mice treated with neutralizing anti-interferon- gamma antibody

Duri, Z. J.; Scovill, J. P.; Huggins, J. W., 1994: Activity of a methanolic extract of Zimbabwean Crinum macowanii against exotic RNA viruses in vitro

Shkap, V.; Pipano, E.; Zwernemann, B., 1995: Activity of a monoclonal antibody against Besnoitia besnoiti endozoites

Shirakura, S.; Ito, K.; Gee, S. K.; Barefoot, A. C.; Aizawa, H., 1995: Activity of a sulfonylurea herbicide azimsulfuron (DPX-A8947) in combination with bensulfuron methyl and effects of environmental factors

Loia, M.; Viggiani, G., 1994: Activity of abamectin against Rodolia cardinalis (Mulsant) (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558197

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558198

Lechner, E., 1995: Activity of alkaline phosphatase in milk and milk products. Part 3: results of a ring test for determination of alkaline phosphatase (ALP) in cheese

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558200

Bjorkman, L.; Langworth, S.; Lind, B.; Elinder, C. G.; Nordberg, M., 1993: Activity of antioxidative enzymes in erythrocytes and concentration of selenium in plasma related to mercury exposure

Dhandapani, N.; Jayaraj, S.; Rabindra, RJ., 1994: Activity of ants on cotton plants sprayed with nuclear polyhedrosis virus and adjuvants against Heliothis armigera (Hubner)

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558203

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558204

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558205

Fernandez Bolanos, Juan; Rodriguez, Rocio; Guillen, Rafael; Jimenez, Ana; Heredia, Antonia, 1995: Activity of cell wall-associated enzymes in ripening olive fruit

Anand, R.; Patnaik, G. K.; Kulshreshtha, D. K.; Dhawan, B. N., 1994: Activity of certain fractions of Tribulus terrestris fruits against experimentally induced urolithiasis in rats

Grabowski, D.; Muszynski, W.; Petrykowska, M.; Rubel, B.; Smagala, G.; Lada, W., 1994: Activity of cesium-134 and cesium-137 in game and mushrooms in Poland

Wilmink, A; Ven, Bce-Van-De; Dons, Jjm, 1995: Activity of constitutive promoters in various species from the Liliaceae

Raga, A.; Sato, M. E.; Potenza, M. R.; Souza Filho, M. F. de; Giordano, R. B. P., 1994: Activity of cyromazine to Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) (Diptera: Tephritidae) in the laboratory

Stano, Jan; Kovacs, Peter; Kakoniova, Daniela; Liskova, Desana; Kirilova, Nadezda V.; Komov, Vadim P., 1994: Activity of dipeptidyl peptidase IV in ginseng callus culture

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558214

Bin JinHua; Fu JiaRui, 1995: Activity of endopeptidase and degradation of arachin in cotyledons of germinating groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) seeds of varying vigour

Kelley Tunis, K. K.; Reid, B. L.; Andis, M., 1995: Activity of entomopathogenic fungi in free-foraging workers of Camponotus pennsylvanicus (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558217

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558218

Houghton, P. J.; Photiou, A.; Uddin, Sala; Shah, Prashant; Browning, Michelle; Jackson, S. J.; Retsas, Spyros, 1994: Activity of extracts of Kigelia pinnata against melanoma and renal carcinoma cell lines

Dowley, L. J.; O'sullivan, E., 1995: Activity of fluazinam against late blight of potatoes

Soltani, N.; Chebira, S.; Delbecque, J. P.; Delachambre, J., 1993: Activity of flucycloxuron to nymphs of Tenebrio molitor L.: disruption of chitin synthesis

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558223

Heredia, Antonia; Guillen, Rafael; Jimenez, Ana; Fernandez Bolanos, Juan, 1993: Activity of glycosidases during development and ripening of olive fruit

Vasilieva, I. S.; Gutova, V. P., 1993: Activity of household insecticidal aerosols and crayons on the vector of tick-borne relapsing fever

Tamas, Ladislav; Fric, Fridrich, 1995: Activity of hydrolytic enzymes in barley leaves infected with powdery mildew

Prost, M.; Sopinska, A.; Guz, L., 1995: Activity of immune reactions in fish as an indicator of the pollution of aquatic environment

Bai, C.; Degheele, D.; Jansens, S.; Lambert, B., 1993: Activity of insecticidal crystal proteins and strains of Bacillus thuringiensis against Spodoptera exempta (Walker)

Vobis, V.; Grun, E.; Thurkow, B.; Kramer, A., 1995: Activity of lactoperoxidase and content of thiocyanate in milk of cows with mastitis in various stages of lactation

Bugiani, R.; Stefanelli, D.; Fantino, M. G.; Ponti, I., 1994: Activity of metalaxyl against spear rot of asparagus caused by Phytophthora megasperma

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558232

Lee, J. H.; Boo, K. S., 1993: Activity of mixed function oxidase in a few insect species in relation to their food source

Pastorova, B.; Varady, J., 1993: Activity of monoaminooxidase and levels of catecholamines in regulation regions of the reproductive system of sheep after administration of serum gonadotropin

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558235

Chon, S. K.; Kang, C. W.; Lee, H. I., 1994: Activity of myeloperoxidase and leukocyte peroxidase according to the age in the hen

Kurek, A.; Kossakowski, S., 1995: Activity of neurotoxic esterase in DFP poisoning in hens

Mekki, M.; Leroux, G. D., 1994: Activity of nicosulfuron, rimsulfuron, and their mixture on field corn (Zea mays), soybean (Glycine max), and seven weed species

Saco, D.; Alvarez, M.; Martin, S., 1995: Activity of nitrate reductase and the content of proteins in Nicotiana rustica grown with various levels of molybdenum

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558240

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558241

Kankofer, M.; Hoedemaker, M.; Schoon, H.A.; Grunert, E., 1994: Activity of placental 15-hydroxy-prostaglandin dehydrogenase in cows with and without retained fetal membranes

Rekhif, N.; Atrih, A.; Lefebvre, G., 1995: Activity of plantaricin SA6, a bacteriocin produced by Lactobacillus plantarum SA6 isolated from fermented sausage

O'neill, C., 1995: Activity of platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase in the mouse uterus during the estrous cycle, throughout the preimplantation phase of pregnancy, and throughout the luteal phase of pseudopregnancy

Villavicencio, M. A.; Perez Escandon, B. E., 1992: Activity of plumbagin (from Plumbago pulchella Boiss.: Plumbaginaceae) as an antifeedant in three species of Orthoptera

Gao, S.; Shain, L., 1995: Activity of polygalacturonase produced by Cryphonectria parasitica in chestnut bark and its inhibition by extracts from American and Chinese chestnut

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558247

Section 3, Chapter 2559, Accession 002558248

Szablewski, Leszek, 1993: Activity of prostaglandin synthetase in Tetrahymena rostrata and Tetrahymena pyriformis GL-C

Hayano, K.; Watanabe, K.; Asakawa, S., 1995: Activity of protease extracted from rice-rhizosphere soils under double cropping of rice and wheat

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