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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2562

Chapter 2562 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Evans, B.; Nutt, S.; Ho, T.; Melcer, H., 1993: Alternative approaches for upgrading effluent quality for lagoon based systems

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Herrmann, M.; Godow, A.; Hasse, T., 1995: Alternative butter production with scraped surface heat exchangers

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Gunay, A., 1994: Alternative cover materials and their usage in protected growing

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Santos, M. A. A. dos; Mayer, L. W., 1993: Alternative culture medium for isolation and growth of Borrelia burgdorferi

Murthy, K. K.; Prakash, M. N. S., 1995: Alternative design of square-rooting measuring device in open channel

Curtin, C., 1994: Alternative development models in marginal rural areas: the Forum partnership project in north west Connemara

Ershov, B. I.; Ershov, Sh B., 1994: Alternative development of agricultural machinery

Adamczyk, A.; Podlaska, J., 1994: Alternative diesel fuels from oil plants other than winter rape

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Wham, C., 1992: Alternative feeding formulas for infants with cow's milk protein intolerance

Studman, C. J., 1995: Alternative firmness testing methods for fruit and vegetables

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Keil, J., 1992: Alternative forms of agricultural development

Xiang, Y.; Sykes, J. F.; Thomson, N. R., 1995: Alternative formulations for optimal ground-water remediation design

Izhevskii, S. S.; Korotkova, I. V., 1993: Alternative hosts of Ooencyrtus - an introduced parasite of the gypsy moth

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Evans, P. M., 1994: Alternative legumes and salinity in southern Australia: present situation and future research requirements

Reycke, L. de, 1993: Alternative lettuces: cultivar trial supports expansion

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Peiris, H.; Elliott, R.; Hales, J. W.; Norton, B. W., 1995: Alternative management strategies for maximising productivity in beef cattle in the subtropics

Kachman, Sd; Smith, Ja, 1995: Alternative measures of accuracy in plant spacing for planters using single seed metering

Bhandari, Rita; Pathak, S. C., 1995: Alternative method for complete immobilization of insect for surgical operations

Strong Gunderson, Janet M.; Palumbo, Anthony V., 1994: Alternative method for rapidly screening microbial isolates for their potential to degrade volatile contaminants

Arbelo Rodriguez, C. D.; Hernandez Moreno, J. M., 1993: Alternative methods for characterizing the exchange complex in Andisols

Letchamo, W.; Marquard, R.; Friedt, W., 1994: Alternative methods for determination of ploidy level in chamomile (Chamomilla recutita (L.) Rausch.)

Rau, G., 1993: Alternative methods for food and drug storage involving inert gases

McClelland, M. T.; Smith, M. A., 1994: Alternative methods for sterilization and cutting disinfestation

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Chellew, J. P.; Little, C. R., 1995: Alternative methods of scald control in 'Granny Smith' apples

Fluckiger, E., 1995: Alternative methods to avoid recontamination during aseptic filling and packaging

Moore, M. R.; Gollehon, N. R.; Carey, M. B., 1994: Alternative models of input allocation in multicrop systems: irrigation water in the Central Plains, United States

Bravo Ureta, B. E.; Pinheiro, A. E.; Ashley, R. A., 1995: Alternative nitrogen fertility levels and profitability in sweet corn production

Section 3, Chapter 2562, Accession 002561048

Ahrens, F. H.; Milne, D. L., 1993: Alternative packaging methods to replace SO2 treatment for litchis exported by sea

Anonymous, 1994: Alternative pasture legumes 1993

Lattimore, M. E., 1994: Alternative pasture legumes for irrigation in southern NSW

Hajdu, I.; Lakner, Z.; Kobor, K., 1994: Alternative paths of development for the food economy

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Sabadi, R., 1993: Alternative possibilities in agroforestry smallholdings - forestry, woodworking and forest byproducts

Zeledon, M. E.; Alizaga, R., 1992: Alternative procedure for estimating moisture content of rice with the Motomco 919 meter

Burch, Jbe; Davis, Dl, 1994: Alternative promoter usage and splicing options result in the differential expression of mRNAs encoding four isoforms of chicken VBP, a member of the PAR subfamily of bZIP transcription factors

Saraceno, E., 1994: Alternative readings of spatial differentiation: the rural versus the local economy approach in Italy

Hano, Y.; Ueda, T. Nomura Andf S., 1995: Alternative response of two isoprenoid biosynthetic pathways to compactin in Morus alba cell cultures

Rosenthal, Wd; Srinivasan, R; Arnold, Jg, 1995: Alternative river management using a linked GIS-hydrology model

Siemens, David H.; Ralston, Barbara E.; Johnson, Clarence Dan., 1994: Alternative seed defence mechanisms in a palo verde (Fabaceae) hybrid zone: effects on bruchid beetle abundance

Hansen, Andrew J.; Garman, Steven L.; Weigand, James F.; Urban, Dean L.; McComb, William C.; Raphael, Martin G., 1995: Alternative silvicultural regimes in the Pacific Northwest: simulations of ecological and economic effects

Kemble, T. J., 1994: Alternative site to the jugular vein for serial blood sampling

Loghmani, E; Rickard, Ka, 1994: Alternative snack system for children and teenagers with diabetes mellitus

Burdon, R. D.; Miller, J. T., 1995: Alternative species revisited: categorisation and issues for strategy and research

Mclaughlin, S; Dixon, Je, 1993: Alternative splicing gives rise to a nuclear protein tyrosine phosphatase in Drosophila

Alfonso, Aixa; Grundahl, Kiely; Mcmanus, John R.; Asbury, Jeffrey M.; Rand, James B., 1994: Alternative splicing leads to two cholinergic proteins in Caenorhabditis elegans

Section 3, Chapter 2562, Accession 002561074

Kopriva, S; Cossu, R; Bauwe, H., 1995: Alternative splicing results in two different transcripts for H-protein of the glycine cleavage system in the C4 species Flaveria trinervia

Ardeni, P. G.; Rausser, G. C., 1995: Alternative subsidy reduction paths: the role of fiscal and monetary policy linkages

Hansen, M.; Gronborg, H.; Starkey, N.; Hansen, L., 1993: Alternative substrates for potted plants

Sakane, M.; Gil, V. L.; Pino, F. A., 1993: Alternative substrates to tree ferns: cultivation of Laelia purpurata Lindl. in granite chippings and in a mixture with tree fern

Klonsky, K.; Livingston, P., 1994: Alternative systems aim to reduce inputs, maintain profits

Fachard, O., 1993: Alternative techniques - cultivation in the row

Hutchinson, R. L.; Brown, R. E. A.; Leonard, B. R.; Paxton, K. W.; Riley, T. J., 1994: Alternative tillage systems and in-furrow insecticides for profitable corn production

Belitz, K.; Phillips, S. P., 1995: Alternative to agricultural drains in California's San Joaquin Valley: results of a regional-scale hydrogeologic approach

Tikhonov, A. S., 1990: Alternative to fellings in park-type forests

Albuquerque, K. de; McElroy, J. L., 1995: Alternative tourism and sustainability

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Onifade, A. A.; Tewe, O. O., 1993: Alternative tropical energy feed resources in rabbit diets: growth performance, diet's digestibility and blood composition

Pignalosa, V.; Amalfitano, C.; Ramunni, A., 1994: Alternative use of sewage sludges in agriculture

Hallanoro, H.; Berhall, S. M., 1994: Alternative utilization of the beet sugar process by-products

David, H., 1994: Alternative veterinary meat inspection scheme for pigs

Mayoux, L., 1995: Alternative vision or utopian fantasy?: cooperation, empowerment and women's cooperative development in India

Pritts, M. P.; Kelly, M. J., 1993: Alternative weed management strategies for strawberries

Section 3, Chapter 2562, Accession 002561094

Abarca, G.; Vargas, E.; Mata, R., 1992: Alternatives for control of the complex of scarabaeid larvae (Phyllophaga spp., Anomala spp. and Cyclocephala spp.) (Col.: Scarabaeidae) on strawberry (Fragaria ananassa)

Sullivan, P. G., 1995: Alternatives for genetic evaluation with uncertain parentage

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Lehmann, B.; Seliger, S., 1995: Alternatives in pig fattening - open range keeping

Reinhardt, C. A., 1994: Alternatives to animal testing: new ways in the biomedical sciences, trends and progress

Scholtens, A., 1993: Alternatives to chemical thinning of plums. Responsible chemical thinning is possible

Goldstein, Ji, 1995: Alternatives to high-cost litigation

Bergmann, J. A. G.; Hohenboken, W. D., 1995: Alternatives to least squares in multiple linear regression to predict production traits

Liebman, J., 1994: Alternatives to methyl bromide in California strawberry production

Anonymous, 1994: Alternatives to methyl bromide sought

Mann, J. E.; DuRant, J. A.; Turnipseed, S. G.; Sullivan, M. J., 1995: Alternatives to pyrethroids for control of Helicoverpa zea (Boddie) and Heliothis virescens (F.) on cotton in South Carolina

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Section 3, Chapter 2562, Accession 002561120

Fernandez Palacios, Jose Maria; De Nicolas, Juan Pedro, 1995: Altitudinal pattern of vegetation variation on Tenerife

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Section 3, Chapter 2562, Accession 002561135

Section 3, Chapter 2562, Accession 002561137

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Section 3, Chapter 2562, Accession 002561143

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Section 3, Chapter 2562, Accession 002561147

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Section 3, Chapter 2562, Accession 002561155

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Section 3, Chapter 2562, Accession 002561172

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Section 3, Chapter 2562, Accession 002561179

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Section 3, Chapter 2562, Accession 002561202

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Section 3, Chapter 2562, Accession 002561216

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Section 3, Chapter 2562, Accession 002561245

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Section 3, Chapter 2562, Accession 002561248

Section 3, Chapter 2562, Accession 002561249

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Section 3, Chapter 2562, Accession 002561992

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Burski, Z.; Krasowski, E.; Kulewicz, W., 1994: An attempt to diagnostics of toxic exhaust gases emission by agricultural tractor

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