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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2567

Chapter 2567 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gautam, T., 1993:
Application of linear programming for note on resource allocation in rice-based farming system in Nepal

Galligan, D.T.; Ferguson, J.D., 1995:
Application of linear programming in bull selection for a dairy herd

Niedbalski, W.; Fitzner, A.; Paprocka, G.; Kesy, A., 1994:
Application of liquid-phase blocking sandwich ELISA (LPBE) for the detection of antibodies against foot and mouth disease virus

Kadoya, M.; Tanakamaru, H.; Kanjou, N., 1995:
Application of long- and short-term runoff model to Takayama Dam Basin

Smiechowska, M.; Przyblowski, P., 1994:
Application of mathematical functions for the determination of nitrate residues in Zulaw, Gouda and Edam type cheese

Ziari, H.A.; Leatham, D.J.; Turvey, C.G., 1995:
Application of mathematical programming techniques in credit scoring of agricultural loans

Wang, L.X.; Hu, W.D.; Zhang, F., 1993:
Application of meteorological satellite vegetation index on drought analysis in Ningxia

Jarmul, I.; Reps, A.; Leman, H., 1995:
Application of microbial preparation for acceleration of cheese ripening in the manufacture of Tilsit-type whey protein incorporated-cheese (Tilsit servit)

Chung, W.C.; Huang, J.W., 1994:
Application of microorganisms for biocontrolling black spot of Chinese kale, caused by Alternaria brassicicola

Montagne, P.; Cuilliere, M.L.; Marchal, E.; E.B.ri, N.; Montagne, M.; Benali, M.; Faure, G.; Duheille, J.; Humbert, G.; Linden, G.; Heurtaux, N.; Blesche, J.L.; Gosselin, D.; Desmares, A.; Delahaye, D., 1995:
Application of microparticle-enhanced nephelometric immunoassay to the measurement of alpha - beta - and kappa -caseins in order to evaluate milk quality from production to use in cheesemaking

Weber, S.; Luhs, W.; Friedt, W., 1995:
Application of microspore culture in Brassica napus crosses involving resynthesized rapeseed

Batista, A.R.; Marrero, M., 1995:
Application of microwave radiation in the food industry

Kaul, V.; Prakash, B.S., 1994:
Application of milk progesterone estimation for determining the incidence of false oestrus detection and ovulation failures in zebu and crossbred cattle and Murrah buffaloes

Comegna, E., 1994:
Application of milk quotas in Italy and mechanisms for transfer of individual quantities

Bondar' , P.F.; Loshchilov, N.A.; Dutov, A.I., 1995:
Application of mineral fertilizers to soils contaminated with radioactive caesium isotopes

Abrashanska, M.; Galvez Morros, M.M.; Garcia Martinez, O., 1994:
Application of mixed basic salts of copper and zinc to Ascaridia galli-infected chicks

Spoor, G., 1995:
Application of mole drainage in the solution of subsoil management problems

Ohlsen, S.M.; Wong, E.A., 1992:
Application of molecular biology in animal science research: cloning and characterization of the insulin-like growth factor genes of sheep

Stiller, D., 1994:
Application of molecular diagnostic methods in studies of Anaplasma and Babesia in vector ticks

Teale, A.J.; Tan, S.G.; Tan, J.H., 1994:
Application of molecular genetic and reproductive technologies in the conservation of domestic animal diversity

Thallman, R.M.; Taylor, J.F.; Young, C.R.; Davis, S.K., 1994:
Application of molecular selection to DNA fragments that contain microsatellites

Gomez Limon, J.A.; Berbel, J., 1995:
Application of multicriteria methodology to estimate farmers' objectives on irrigated lands in Cordoba

Nørrung, B.; Skovgaard, N., 1993:
Application of multilocus enzyme electrophoresis in studies of the epidemiology of Listeria monocytogenes in Denmark

Bernetti, I., 1993:
Application of multiple criteria decision-making techniques to forestry resource management

Wang, Q., 1994:
Application of multivariate analysis in spring wheat parents selection for crossing

Marx, D.H.; Berry, C.R.; Kormanik, P.P., 1995:
Application of municipal sewage sludge to forest and degraded land

Cameron, K.C.; MacLaren, R.G.; Adams, J.A., 1994:
Application of municipal sewage sludge to low fertility forest soils: the fate of nitrogen and heavy metals

Edye, L.A.; Clarke, M.A., 1995:
Application of near infrared spectroscopy to the beet sugar industry

Shieh, J.C., 1994:
Application of neural network to rice drying modeling

Oida, A.; Higuchi, S.; Ohdoi, K.; Yamazaki, M., 1995:
Application of neural networks technique to find the optimum route for farm tractors

Accorsi, C.A., 1995:
Application of new criteria for beet quality evaluation

Hersemann, H., 1993:
Application of nitrogen simulation models for the calculation of spring values of Nmin

Artmann, R.; Speckmann, H.; Toth, L.; Kovacs, L.; Bak, J., 1994:
Application of no connector socket chip cards in the operation of agricultural machines

E.S.azly, M.M.; Abd E.G.aphour, E.S.A., 1994:
Application of numerical classification for differentiating desert soil taxa in Egypt

Przybylska, K.; Przybylski, P., 1994:
Application of numerical methods to the approximation of volume curves

Raghavendra, B.G., 1994:
Application of operations research in the efficient cross-cutting of logs

Hagiwara, T.; Muratsubaki, T.; Shibuya, H., 1994:
Application of optical rotation detector for HPLC to routine analysis at beet sugar factory

Batt, R.M.; Embaye, H.; van de Waal, S.; Burgess, D.; Edwards, G.B.; Hart, C.A., 1995:
Application of organ culture of small intestine to the investigation of enterocyte damage by equine rotavirus

Buring, W., 1994:
Application of organic materials such as green compost, peat, etc. on golf courses - necessity and limits

Songnuang, P.; Seetanum, W.; Wangsirorat, S.; Kulnateetip, P., 1991:
Application of organic matter on rice fields in Thailand

Hara, Y.; Tagawa, M.; Ejima, H.; Orima, H.; Fujita, M.; Yamagami, T.; Umeda, M.; Sugiyama, M.; Shikinami, Y.; Ikada, Y., 1994:
Application of oriented poly-L-lactide screws for experimental Salter-Harris type 4 fracture in distal femoral condyle of the dog

Nunes, A.P.C., 1994:
Application of pH chromatofocussing in determination of cellulolytic activity

Chen, J.M.; Huang, C.W.; Chen, S.X.; Xu, J.X.; Zheng, H.G. et al., 1994:
Application of periodic diagram analysis of the long term forecasting of the main damaging generation of Nilaparvata lugens

Sharpley, A.N.; Smith, S.J., 1993:
Application of phosphorus bioavailability indices to agricultural runoff and soils

Soriano Martin, M.L.; Porras Piedra, A.; Cabrera de la Colina, J.; Marcilla Goldaracena, I.; Merino Ruiz, R., 1994:
Application of plant protection products: coverage produced by different application systems

Konopacki, P.; Sosnowski, A., 1994:
Application of plate solar collector for flower bulb storage

Tsen, H.Y.; Chen, T.R.; Yu, G.K., 1994:
Application of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for the specific detection of enterotoxigenic Staphylococcus aureus in various food samples

Joyce, S.A.; Reid, A.; Driver, F.; Curran, J., 1994:
Application of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) methods to the identification of entomopathogenic nematodes

Lahijani, R.S.; Sutton, S.M.; Klieforth, R.B.; Murphy, M.F.; Heuschele, W.P., 1994:
Application of polymerase chain reaction to detect animals latently infected with agents of malignant catarrhal fever

Mierzwa, Z.; Skorko, B.; Zurek, H., 1992:
Application of polyvalent ELISA kit for detection of potato viruses M, S and Y

Sargent, S.A.; Correa, T.B.S.; Soares, A.G., 1995:
Application of postharvest coatings to fresh cassava roots (Manihot esculenta Cranz) for reduction of vascular streaking

Fermanian, T.W.; Haley, J.E., 1994:
Application of prodiamine to immature turfs

Choi, H.S.; Kang, B.K.; Lee, C.G.; Son, C.H., 1994:
Application of progesterone measurement for fertility control in Korean Native cattle

Jensen, A.E.; Cheville, N.F.; Ewalt, D.R.; Payeur, J.B.; Thoen, C.O., 1995:
Application of pulsed-field gel electrophoresis for differentiation of vaccine strain RB51 from field isolates of Brucella abortus from cattle, bison, and elk

Kuteev, F.S.; Lunev, A.G., 1994:
Application of pyrethroid to protect softwood timbers

Sais Jimenez, C., 1994 :
Application of pyrolysis-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry to soil science

Cherkinskiy, A.Y.; Paul, Y.M., 1995:
Application of radiocarbon method for evaluating the mineralization rate and humus-acids renewal time in Krasnozems (Ustox suborder)

Hossain, S.; Hoque, M.M.; Ahmed, S.M.U., 1994:
Application of rainfall-runoff model NAM in the North-west region of Bangladesh

Li, J.A.; Xiao, B.W.; Zhuang, Q.F.; Wang, Z.J.; Chen, H.B.; Zhu, H.X.; Huang, Y.K.; Hu, G.M., 1994:
Application of ramie flower regulator PGR1

Garg, S.K.; Johri, B.N., 1995:
Application of recombinant calf chymosin in cheesemaking

Gonnet, M.; Dubois, N., 1994:
Application of reflectometric techniques for following the crystallization of a honey

Guzhov, Y.L.; Martynov, O.L., 1994:
Application of regression analysis in selection of spring wheat

Rathore, N.S., 1993:
Application of remote sensing for forest cover mapping of Central Aravalli Mountain ranges in Rajasthan

Nandakumar, U.N.; Menon, A.R.R., 1993:
Application of remote sensing in rattan resource survey - a case study from Kerala, India

Rango, A., 1994:
Application of remote sensing methods to hydrology and water resources

Bordoloi, P.K., 1993 :
Application of remote sensing technique for ground water exploitation

Hussain, I.; Nagaraja, K.V., 1994:
Application of restriction endonuclease profiles to the epidemiology of adenoviral haemorrhagic enteritis in turkeys

Cooke, R.; Mostaghimi, S.M.clellan, P., 1995:
Application of robust regression to the analysis of BMP effects in paired watersheds

Katoh, M., 1993:
Application of satellite remote sensing and geographic information system to stand-level databases of todomatsu plantations

Drizd, J.; Licznar, M.; Licznar, S., 1994:
Application of scanning electron microscopy and microanalysis (SEM) in the study of certain processes in Mollic Gleysols

Rhee, J.K.; Choi, E.Y.; Park, B.K.; Jang, B.G., 1994:
Application of scanning electron microscopy in assessing the prevalence of some Setaria species in Korean cattle

Chen, P.; Jin, Z.C.; Wu, D.M.; Cui, J.R.; Yan, Y.H.; Zhou, F.X., 1993:
Application of sex pheromones to the forecasting and control of the Taiwan rice borer

Lukman ; Karyudi, 1993:
Application of short cut exploitation system to increase yield of rubber trees

Bogoni, M.; Mastromauro, F.; Reina, A.; Valenti, L.; Scienza, A., 1994:
Application of sib-analysis techniques for estimating the heritability of some quantitative characters in F1 seedlings of Vitis vinifera

Son, K.C.eol; Byoun, H.J.n; Chae, S.C.eon, 1994:
Application of simple system for ultrasonic aeroponics on the rooting of Pentas and Chrysanthemum

Salm, C. van der; Kros, J.; Groenenberg, J.E.; Vries, W. de; Reinds, G.J., 1995:
Application of soil acidification models with different degrees of process description (SMART, RESAM, and NUCSAM) on an intensively monitored spruce site

Lewis, B.A.G.; MacDonell, M.M.; Guanaprapasam, N., 1993:
Application of soil physical, chemical, and bioassay methods to coal refuse

Huang ShiouHwa, 1993:
Application of solarization for controlling soilborne fungal disease

Vodenicharova, M.; Stoilova, T.S.; Markova, M., 1993:
Application of some enzymes as markers in testing the genetic purity of F1 hybrids of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Majewski, Z.; Chlebowski, J.; Sypula, M.; Wierzbicki, D., 1994:
Application of standard agricultural machinery to harvesting and post-harvest handling of amaranth

Ivey, F.J.; Harlow, H.B., 1994:
Application of statistical modelling to predict broiler performance

Wang, H.; Zheng, G.H.; Ma, B.S., 1992:
Application of sterilized chicken manure in soilless culture of tomato

Li, L.; Chen, Z.Q.; Li, X.L., 1995:
Application of supercritical fluid extraction in quality control of Chinese medicinal materials

Fendorf, S.E.; Sparks, D.L., 1994:
Application of surface spectroscopies and microscopies to elucidate sorption mechanisms on oxide surfaces

Knickel, K., 1994:
Application of systems thinking to improvement of higher education in agricultural sciences. Discussion of recent experiences at Witzenhausen, Germany, and comparison with similar initiatives in Hawkesbury, Australia, and Wageningen, The Netherlands

Qian, Q., 1993:
Application of tea saponin in the pesticide industry

Richter, S.; Kane, J.; Summerbell, R.C.; Krajden, S.; Diena, B., 1995:
Application of the API YeastIdent system in determining the enzymatic profiles of Nocardia asteroides isolates

Lu, Z.G.; Yang, X.G.; Wang, C.Y., 1995:
Application of the Agrometeorological Forecast System in making agricultural management decisions

Comegna, E., 1994:
Application of the CAP to cereals and oilseeds

Fox, D.G.; Barry, M.C.; Pitt, R.E.; Roseler, D.K.; Stone, W.C., 1995:
Application of the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein model for cattle consuming forages

Kiec, W.; Knapik, J.; Roborzynski, M.; Krupinski, J.; Sikora, J., 1994:
Application of the EUROP grading system in carcass evaluation of Polish Blackheaded and Merino x Romanov (F1) ram lambs

Latham, M., 1994:
Application of the Framework for Evaluating Sustainable Land Management and further developments

Wang, L.J., 1995:
Application of the GN(1,1) model to forecasting serious aridity in Hunan Province

Moreno Garcia, B., 1994:
Application of the HACCP system to the food industry: risk analysis and identification, reference values and verification of the critical control points

Poulsen, Karen Margrethe, 1995:
Application of the IDS-method to Pinus caribaea seed

Misawa, N.; Kumamoto, K.; Nyuta, S.; Tuneyoshi, M., 1995:
Application of the Limulus amoebocyte lysate test as an indicator of microbial contamination in pork carcasses

Reuss, J.O., 1995:
Application of the MAGIC model to the Glacier Lakes catchments

Divizia, M.; Morace, G.; Gabrieli, R.; Pisani, G.; Pana, A., 1993:
Application of the PCR technique to the detection of hepatitis A virus in the environment

Kleijn, E.H.J.M. de, 1995:
Application of the Porter methodology in analyzing the competitive advantage of horticultural branches

Cenis, J.L.; Beitia, F., 1994:
Application of the RAPD-PCR (Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA) technique to the identification of insects

Zwierzchowski, L., 1994:
Application of the RFLP method to the investigation of genetic polymorphism of caseins in cattle

Gregorczyk, A., 1994:
Application of the Richards function to the description of leaf area growth in maize (Zea mays L.)

Kowalewska, A.; Gut, W.; Jarzabek, Z.; Kantoch, M., 1992:
Application of the Western blot method to diagnosis of infection with tick-borne encephalitis

Wezyk, S.; Szwaczkowski, T., 1993:
Application of the animal model to estimation of the breeding value of laying fowls in Poland. Present possibilities and prospects

Koganezawa, M.; Kosobucka, M.; Maruyama, N.; Bobek, B., 1995:
Application of the block count method to the roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) population in a lowland forest, Niepolomice, southern Poland

Gryaznov, A.I., 1993:
Application of the combined method of M.I. Sokolova to the determination of the physiological age of black-flies (Diptera, Simuliidae)

Fan, Z.J.; Guo, K.Z.; Ma, L.J., 1993:
Application of the cultural techniques of cotton leaf-age adjusting-controlling for promoting early maturity

Chonan, Takao, 1993:
Application of the freezing treatment method to determination of ethiofencarb, dieldrin and captan in onion

Zhang CongBang; Yang JingChun, 1994:
Application of the fuzzy resemble priority ratio in the study of variation of ecological environments and microbiological-ecological relationships on Leymus chinensis grassland in northeast China

Zhu, W.D.; Yao, H.J.; Yao, J.; Huang, S.Q., 1992:
Application of the insecticide luqingling EC for controlling pest insects on crops

Cabitza, F.; Cubeddu, M.; Maurichi, S.; Ballore, S.; Pala, M.; Lovicu, G., 1994:
Application of the integrated control technique to the control of the Mediterranean fruit fly on clementines in Sardinia

Sans, F.X.; Masalles, R.M., 1993:
Application of the log-rank test to the analysis of persistence: the case of Diplotaxis erucoides (L.) DC., an annual weed

Guzman, M.L.; Victoria, J.I., 1993:
Application of the method of direct immunofluorescence for detection of ratoon stunting disease (Clavibacter xyli subsp. xyli)

Mose, R.; Siegel, P.; Ackerer, P.; Chavent, G., 1994:
Application of the mixed hybrid finite element approximation in a groundwater flow model: luxury or necessity?

Niepold, F., 1994:
Application of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for detection of Erwinia carotovora ssp. atroseptica, the causal agent of black leg and soft rot disease of potato

Toranzos, G.A.; Alvarez, A.J.; Dvorsky, E.A., 1993:
Application of the polymerase chain reaction technique to the detection of pathogens in water

Ueno, H.; Oshima, K.; Okuma, S.; Nishikawa, Y.; Niihara, H.; Morita, C.; Takashima, I., 1993:
Application of the slide EIA to diagnose bovine chlamydial infection

Kasuya, N.; Takeda, H.; Iwatsubo, G., 1992:
Application of the soil micromorphological methods to the fine root studies in a Chamaecyparis obtusa forest

Wasny, J.; Krajewski, K.J., 1992:
Application of the statistical methods for the determination of the effect of the preservative agent Dohnalit ULL on wood against Basidiomycetes

Moreno Garcia, B., 1993:
Application of the system of hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) to catering establishments

Rodriguez, P.S.; Boluda Hermandez, R.; Caselles Miralles, V., 1993:
Application of the thematic mapper sensor of Landsat-5 to the study of soil erodibility in the Reouena-Utiel plain district (Valencia, Spain)

Dulinafka, G.; Szendrey, G.; Szegedi, E., 1995:
Application of thermotherapy to obtain grapevine propagating material free of leaf mites

Shen, D.; Song, J.L.; Jin, S.J.; Zhu, Q.Y., 1994:
Application of thin layer chromatography in the process for the preparation of sucralose

Muleo, R.; Cinelli, F.; Viti, R., 1995:
Application of tissue culture on quince rootstock in iron-limiting conditions

Clement, B.; Thomas, O., 1995:
Application of ultra-violet spectrophotometry and gel permeation chromatography to the characterization of landfill leachates

Kofler, J., 1995:
Application of ultrasonic examination in the diagnosis of bovine locomotory system disorders

Nesterowicz, J.; Pierzynowska Korniak, G.; Zadernowski, R., 1995:
Application of uridine to the determination of glucopyranosides in faba bean (Vicia faba) seeds by high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). Short report

Chukhrii, M.; Voloschuk, L.; Popushoi, I., 1994:
Application of vectors for viral infection among pests

Forcella, F.; Eradat-Oskoui, K.; Wagner, S.W., 1993:
Application of Weed Seedbank Ecology to Low-Input Crop Management

Islam, M.Q.; Islam, S.M.N.; Islam, A.K.M.S.; Razzaque, M.M., 1995:
Application of wind energy for irrigation in Bangladesh

Huang, X.Z.; Kong, D.Y.; Liu, C.Z.; Li, H., 1994:
Application techniques and effects of Xishaochou on rice

Backer, G.; Ruhling, W., 1994:
Application techniques for recovering waste spray particles in treatment of tree and bush crops

Reed, T.; Titko, S., 1994:
Application technology

Raese, J.T., 1995:
Application timing of fertilizers for apples and pears

Jordan, D.L.; Wilcut, J.W.; Swann, C.W., 1993:
Application timing of lactofen for broadleaf weed control in peanut (Arachis hypogaea)

Viart, Marcel, 1994:
Application to poplar cultivars of the rules of nomenclature for cultivated plants

Grosse Venhaus, K.P.; Kerkeling, W.; Grosse Lembeck, W., 1994:
Applications for the GnRH analogue fertirelin acetate in mares

Weeden, N.F.; Wu, W.Y.; Gu, W.K.; Cargnoni, T.L.; Lu, J.; Timmerman, G.M.; Wolko, B.; Zhu, Z., 1994:
Applications of DNA amplification technology to vegetable breeding

Rearick, D.E., 1994:
Applications of Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy to the identification of white sugar contaminants

Fendorf, S.E.; Sparks, D.L.; Lamble, G.M.; Kelley, M.J., 1994:
Applications of X-ray absorption fine structure spectroscopy to soils

Smith, G.R.; Jurinak, J.J.; Tanji, K.K.; Burau, R.G., 1995:
Applications of a Pitzer equations-based model to hypersaline solutions

Jie, L.; Liu, N.; Xie, R.; Zhang, Y.; Yin, C., 1994:
Applications of a Steinernema nematode against peach fruit-borer in apple orchards

Rosen, G.D., 1995:
Applications of antibacterials in pig and poultry nutrition

Bakry, F.; Haicour, R.; Horry, J.P.; Megia, R.; Rossignol, L., 1993:
Applications of biotechnologies to banana breeding: haplogenesis, plant regeneration from protoplasts, and transformation

Huang, Y.; Karnosky, D.F.; Tauer, C.G., 1993:
Applications of biotechnology and molecular genetics to tree improvement

Cruz Castillo, J.G.; Ganeshanandam, S.; Mackay, B.R.; Lawes, G.S.; Lawoko, C.R.O.; Woolley, D.J., 1994:
Applications of canonical discriminant analysis in horticultural research

Fouquet, C.R., 1995:
Applications of computers and automation in the food industry

Guan, B.T.; Gertner, G.Z., 1994:
Applications of data parallel computing forest growth and yield modeling

Sanseverino, J.; Fleming, J.T.; Heitzer, A.; Applegate, B.M.; Sayler, G.S., 1994:
Applications of environmental biotechnology to bioremediation

Buitkamp, J.; Wagner, V.; Epplen, C.; Epplen, J.T., 1994:
Applications of genetic fingerprinting and the DNA profile to domestic animals

Wallace, M.K.; Hawkins, D.M., 1994:
Applications of geostatistics in plant nematology

Kushwaha, S.P.S.; Kuntz, S.; Oesten, G., 1994:
Applications of image texture in forest classification

Miles, W.F.; Thomas, R.; Chiu, C.; Poole, G., 1995:
Applications of mass spectrometry to environmental samples

Ebrahim, G.J., 1995:
Applications of molecular biology in parasitic diseases

Morgante, M., 1994:
Applications of molecular markers in plant genetics and breeding

Romero, C., 1994:
Applications of multiple criteria decision theory in the planning of forest resources

Yamaguchi, H.; Maeda, Y.; Sakata, I., 1992:
Applications of phenol dehydrogenative polymerization by laccase to bonding among woody-fibers

Mahaffee, W.F.; Kloepper, J.W., 1994:
Applications of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria in sustainable agriculture

Yan ChangJing; Zhang YuHua, 1995:
Applications of protoplast culture and fusion in crop genetic improvement

Harper, G.S.; Riddles, P.W.; Waltisbuhl, D.J.; Wright, I.G., 1994:
Applications of recombinant DNA technologies in the development of a vaccine: examples in the development of a vaccine against Babesia

Anonymous, 1994:
Applications of remote sensing and geographic information systems in vegetation science

Sunil Puri, 1994:
Applications of remote sensing in forestry and its use in assessment of forest wealth

Vempati, R.K.; Cocke, D.L., 1994:
Applications of scanning force microscopy to soil minerals

Schmid, A.; Robison, L., 1995:
Applications of social capital theory

Guertal, E.A.; Raun, W.R.; Westerman, R.L.; Boman, R.K., 1994:
Applications of stability analysis for single-site, long-term experiments

Stram, Y.; Meir, R.; Molad, T.; Blumenkranz, R.; Malkinson, M.; Weisman, Y., 1994:
Applications of the polymerase chain reaction to detect infectious bursal disease virus in naturally infected chickens

Shamsuddin, M., 1994:
Applied aspects of the sexual behaviour of bulls

Milota, M.; Wengert, E., 1995:
Applied drying technology, 1988 to 1993

Kouyate, A.M.; Cuny, P., 1995:
Applied forestry research in the south of Mali

Beaumais, O.; Schubert, K., 1994:
Applied general equilibrium and environment: new behaviours for the consumer and producer

Ladiges, G.; Kayser, R., 1994:
Applied off-line expert system for effluent, operational and technical problems of waste water treatment plants

Nour, S.; Mangnall, Y.F.; Dickson, J.A.; Johnson, A.G.; Pearse, R.G., 1995:
Applied potential tomography in the measurement of gastric emptying in infants

Zinsstag, J.; Ankers, P.; Mbake, M.; Clifford, D.; Sonko, S.; Kaufman, J.; Pfister, K., 1994:
Applied research in development cooperation. The Berne University Helminthoses Project in Gambia (West Africa), a project for the improvement of livestock productivity

Zinsstag, J.; Ankers, P.; Kaufmann, J.; Sonko, S.; Pfister, K., 1993:
Applied research in development cooperation: The University of Berne Helminthosis Project for the improvement of livestock productivity

Holcroft, D.M.; Allan, P., 1994:
Applied research note: artificial pollination of kiwifruit

Zhang, H.P.; Wang, P.; Yuan, Y.S., 1992:
Applied test of building timber (window) treated with preservatives - preservatives and methods

Munier, D.J.; Weir, B.L.; Wright, S.D.; Kerby, T.A., 1993:
Applying Pix at variable rates when plant height varies in a cotton field

Tolley, H.D.; Ming, R., 1993:
Applying a stochastic model to Echinococcus granulosus data

Shiralipour, A.; McConnell, D.B.; Smith, W.H., 1993:
Applying compost to crops

Yang, P.Y.; Ma, T.; See, T.S.; Nitisoravut, N., 1994:
Applying entrapped mixed microbial cell techniques for biological wastewater treatment

Mladenoff, D.J.; White, M.A.; Crow, T.R.; Pastor, J., 1994:
Applying principles of landscape design and management to integrate old-growth forest enhancement and commodity use

Dalsgaard, J.P.T., 1995 :
Applying systems ecology to the analysis of integrated agriculture-aquaculture farms

Cerny, M., 1990:
Applying the results of ecological research in the forest management information system

Tamai, K.; Hattori, S., 1993:
Apportionment of evapotranspiration of a deciduous broad-leaved forest in the Yamashiro catchment

Yeung, A.T.; Jiang, S., 1995:
Appraisal of Ogata solution for solute transporat

Kirby, M.C.; Sinden, J.A.; Kaine, G.W., 1993:
Appraisal of agroforestry investment under uncertainty: a South Australian case study

Li, D.M.; Tang, J.J.; Su, Y.R.; Feng, S.H.; Jia, L.H.; Li, Y.S., 1993:
Appraisal of early rice tolerance to gleyic paddysoil in central and eastern Hunan

Goswami, S.N., 1995:
Appraisal of hill farms in West Garo hills of Meghalaya practising shifting cultivation, for developing optimum alternative farming system

Dhaka, S.S.; Chaudhary, S.R.; Malik, Z.S., 1994:
Appraisal of persistency of lactation in Murrah buffaloes

Obasi, M.O.; Obinne, C.P.; Ejembi, E.P., 1994:
Appraisal of selected factors that influence the adoption of improved farm practices among soybean farmers in Benue State, Nigeria

Marchal, R.; Mothe, F., 1994:
Appreciation of oak wood (Quercus robur, Q. petraea) by French consumers and wood professionals

Velenchik, A.D., 1995:
Apprenticeship contracts, small enterprises, and credit markets in Ghana

Alcorn, J.L., 1994:
Appressoria in Mycoleptodiscus species

Jiang, P.L. et al., 1993:
Approach into the habits and characteristics of Chrysopidae in Nanchang area and the use of its dominants

Baulies, X.; Pons, X., 1995:
Approach to forestry inventory and mapping by means of multi-spectral airborne data

Leusie, M.; Rocheteau, S., 1993:
Approach to improving an existing product. Application to early raspberries

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Approaches and concepts

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Approaches for competition studies

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Appropriate adventure: participation for the aged

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Appropriate animal traction technology for rural women in Nigeria

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Appropriate fertilizer use: the Filipino experience

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Appropriate management practices to minimize the environmental impact of applied fertilizers

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Appropriate mode of urea supplementation

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Appropriate perinatal care

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Appropriate sample size and sampling technique for summer groundnut (ICGS-11)

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Appropriate schedules for thermal treatment of cement/particleboards

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Appropriate time for colony nursing and honey extraction of Apis cerana Fab. during honey flow season

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Appropriate time for the chemical control of Thrips tabaci Lindeman, 1888 on onion, Allium cepa L

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Appropriation of woody resources in the Bamileke region

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Approval of units. An update on hygiene legislation

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Approvals situation with nematicides

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Apricot pests in Italy

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Apricot varieties resistant to Monilia

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Aprostocetus procerae (Risbec): a senior synonym of Tetrastichus pachydiplosisae Risbec (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae)

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Aquaculture - a role for the Commonwealth government

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Aquaculture and conservation of genetic diversity

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Aquaculture beyond 2000

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Aquaculture boom: who pays?

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Aquaculture in Africa: socio-economic dimensions

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Aquarium fish medicine

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Aquarium fishes - a new challenge for small animal practitioners

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Aquatic ecological risk assessment in the USA

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Aquatic technology

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Aquatics and water safety

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Archaic structure of the gene encoding transcription factor USF

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Archery's new look

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Architectural features

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Arctic indigenous women consume greater than acceptable levels of organochlorines

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Ardeche: more than 200 litres of milk

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Are French and German agricultural and agro-food specializations competing or reinforcing each other?

Anonymous, 1995:
Are French tour operators afraid of their European counterparts?

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Are P22 or Bud 146 suitable as rootstocks?

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Are all lactic acid bacteria Lactobacillus?

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Are biochemical-genetic variation and mating systems related in large mammals?

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Are carbohydrates the main cause of obesity?

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Are chlorophylls good indicators of nitrogen and phosphorus levels?

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Are consumers able to discriminate between various heat treatments of milk?

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Are milk and milk products able to cause human diseases due to Clostridium butyricum, a possible pathogenic bacterium for man?

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Are n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids useful in patients with primary hypercholesterolaemia?

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Are periodic markets going to vanish during the development process?

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Are point discharges co-responsible for forest damage?

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Are risk factors for atherosclerosis in an area with a high incidence of cardiovascular disease related to diet?

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Are snailbeetles (Drilidae) rare?

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Are standards of identity obsolete or redundant?

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Are strawberry plantlets arising from adventitious stipule buds also true to type?

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Are supplementary protection certificates the answer to the innovation problems of the agrochemical industry?

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Are supplementary vitamins and minerals needed in the Norwegian diet?

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Are the Americans more competitive? Quebec vs. Vermont: a draw?

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Are the agricultural cooperatives of Hungary true cooperatives?

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Are there alternatives to the conventional chain-saw bars?

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Are there cultural limits to tourism?

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Are there demographics trends among skiers?

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Are there hybrids between sessile and pedunculate oak?

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Are tick-borne diseases also horse-borne?

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Are we on the brink of a boom?

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Are we ready for the new standard?

Myint Htwe, 1993:
Are we spraying DDT at an appropriate period of time to control malaria in Myanmar?

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Are we utilizing our water resources wisely?

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Are you among those who are capable of producing for export?

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Are you being served?

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Area and yield responses of bajra crop in Gujarat state

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Area-related compensation for social benefits: a proposal to ensure the maintenance of viable private forests

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Areal extent of seasonal snow cover in a changed climate

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Areas of research in the field of tourism and the main problems

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Areas permitted to produce certified seed in Switzerland in 1992

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Argentina: a country profile

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Argentine medicinal plants: antiviral screening

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Argentine notocacti of the genus Parodia

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Argentine stem weevil and leafminer damage in forage grasses in Waikato hill country

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Argentine stem weevil infestations in forage grasses under irrigation in the Waikato

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Argentinian beekeeping at a turning-point

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Argentinian foreign trade in pigs: 1992 and 1993

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Arginine aminopeptidase, an integral membrane protein of the Cryptosporidium parvum sporozoite

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Arginine and threonine requirements in diets for broiler chickens

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Arginine decarboxylase of oats is activated by enzymatic cleavage into two polypeptides

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Arginine-enriched solution induces a marked increase in muscle glutamine concentration and enhances muscle protein synthesis in tumor-bearing rats

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Argon green vs krypton red laser photocoagulation for extrafoveal choroidal neovascularization. One-year results in ocular histoplasmosis

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Arguing till the cows come home

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Arguments for and against considering trypanosomiasis as different from other animal diseases

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Argyrophilic nucleolar organizer regions in interphase nuclei and metaphase cells at two stages of early embryonic development in the Japanese quail

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Arhopalus syriacus Reitter (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae)

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Arka Jyothi, a promising watermelon hybrid

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Arkansas cotton variety and strain tests, 1994

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Arla cheese takes a slice of the UK market

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Arla is expanding within the edible fat sector. Big export successes

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Armillaria populations in a Pinus radiata plantation on a former indigenous rainforest site

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Armillaria species in the forest ecosystems of the Auvergne (Central France)

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Arnau de Vilanova (1238-40? - 1311) and parasitology

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Aromatase inhibitors from Urtica dioica roots

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Aromatherapy - a clinical trial

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Aromatherapy - use of fragrances and essential oils as medicaments

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Aromatic amino acid and amine levels in the hemolymph of parasitized and unparasitized larvae of Mythimna separata

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Articulated agricultural bridge

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Artificial neural network method for soil erosion forecasting

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Artificial neural networks in the dairy industry

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Arts and crafts

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Ascospore germination and appressorium formation by Cyclaneusma minus

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Asexual embryogenesis in vascular plants in nature

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Aspects of biology and population fluctuations of Tibraca limbativentris (Stal) 1860 (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) on rice

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Aspects of change in the UK farm labour force

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Aspects of computing the loss of head through the grates of pumping stations for irrigations

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Aspects of elm propagation by soft and hardwood cuttings

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Aspects of environmental impact evaluation of water resources in flood plains: the case of the Luduena stream flood plain, Argentina

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Aspects of enzyme balance during Plasmodium falciparum malarial infection

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Aspects of floral morphogenesis of the shoot apex of apple (cv. Golden Delicious)

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Aspects of forage intake regulation

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Aspects of growing a male-sterile (MS) hybrid

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Aspects of land reform policy

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Aspects of natural regeneration following fire of Pinus pinaster

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Aspects of neonatal metabolism of trace metals

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Aspects of nutritional assessment in AIDS

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Aspects of optimizing the number of replications in ecological testing of wheat breeding material

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Aspects of plant protection in the EC single market

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Aspects of preservation, maintenance and management of the urban forest in Brazil

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Aspects of proteins in endurance sports

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Aspects of soil organic matter and nutrient cycling in relation to climate change and agricultural sustainability

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Aspects of studying the resistance of potato seedlings to Rhizoctonia

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Aspects of sugarbeet harvest quality in relation to agrobiology, ecology and technology

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Aspects of symbionticide research in phloem-sucking insects

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Aspects of the biology and behaviour of Rhodnius neivai Lent, 1953 (Hemiptera, Reduviidae)

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Aspects of the biology of Gonatopus desantisi Olmi & Virla (Hymenoptera - Dryinidae)

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Aspects of the biology of Pherbellia schoenherri (Diptera, Sciomyzidae), parasitoid of Succinea elegans (Mollusca)

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Aspects of the biology of Thesprotia macilenta Sauss. & Znht. and Tithrone major Piza (Mantodea)

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Aspects of the feeding behaviour of house mice relevant to their control

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Aspects of the genetics of gametophytic incompatibility in the sterility of fruit crops

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Aspects of the granulomatous reaction in the liver of mice infected and reinfected with two different geographical strains of Schistosoma mansoni

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Aspects of the growth and reproduction of Ipomoea acuminata Roem. et Schult. - Convolvulaceae

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Aspects of the integrated control of some apple pests and diseases

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Aspects of the life cycle of Eurytrema coelomaticum (Trematoda: Dicrocoeliidae) in the snail Bradybaena similaris (Gastropoda)

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Aspects of the nutritive value of dried perko feed

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Aspects of the preparation of milk raw materials for use in the manufacture of infant foods

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Aspects of the regeneration of beech and lenga : a comparison

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Aspects of the reproductive biology of sheep, goats and camelids

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