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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2577

Chapter 2577 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kim, Y.H.; Lee, B.H.; Lee, J.I.; Hur, H.S.; Lee, S.C.; Kim, B.Y., 1994:
Changes in seed chemical composition during grain filling in Job's tears

Ellis, R.H.; Demir, I.; Pieta Filho, C., 1993:
Changes in seed quality during seed development in contrasting crops

Demir, I., 1994:
Changes in seed quality during seed development in tomato and pepper

Takebayashi, T.; Kataoka, T.; Yukinaga, H., 1994:
Changes in segment membrane of satsuma mandarin as related to delayed harvest

Ivanic, J.; Benko, V.; Vnuk, L., 1991:
Changes in selected nitrogen fraction contents in soil over the vegetation period of winter wheat

Mdurvwa, E.G.; Ogunbiyi, P.O.; Reddy, P.G.; Gakou, H.S.; Sodeke, S.O.; Carty, A.J., 1995:
Changes in serum antioxidant concentrations during infection with caprine lentivirus

Brouhard, B.H., 1993:
Changes in serum phosphate concentration due to intercompartmental shifts

Melingen, G.O.; Stefansson, S.O.; Berg, A.; Wergeland, H.I., 1995:
Changes in serum protein and IgM concentration during smolting and early post-smolt period in vaccinated and unvaccinated Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.)

Rosch, H.; Hoffmann, H.; Schutzler, H.; Wujanz, G., 1995:
Changes in serum protein fractions of mares used for PMS production in response to plasmapheresis and bleeding

Lipavska, H.; Natr, L., 1991:
Changes in shoot/root ratio resulting from different sugar and nitrogen nutrition of rape seedlings grown in vitro

Lee SokYoung; Kwon YongWoong, 1995:
Changes in sink capacity and source activity of rice cultivars in response to shift of heading date

Lee, C.H.; Kim, T.O., 1994:
Changes in soil characteristics by tree growth in Korean forests

Crawford, D.M.; Baker, T.G.; Maheswaran, J., 1995:
Changes in soil chemistry associated with changes in soil pH in Victorian pastures

Oesterheld, M.; Leon, R.J.C., 1993:
Changes in soil compaction during ageing of sown pastures

Trefflich, Annette, 1995:
Changes in soil moisture in relation to spontaneous vegetation development on land set-aside

Aggarwal, R.K.; Praveen Kumar, 1993:
Changes in soil nitrogen due to cultivation of grain legumes fertilized with phosphate in an arid loamy sand soil

Kitada, K.; Shimoda, H.; Kamekawa, K.; Akiyama, Y., 1993:
Changes in soil nutrients affected by rotation of upland and paddy crop in Grey Lowland soil and search for the most suitable term of rotation

Singh, Raj Shekhar, 1994:
Changes in soil nutrients following burning of dry tropical savanna

Niijima, K.; Fujita, K.; Ogawa, M., 1993:
Changes in soil organisms by the application of sludge composts, and their effects

Strba, S.; Mindas, J.; Priwitzer, T., 1994:
Changes in soil pH due to influence of beech stemflow in an alkaline emission region, Jelsava - Lubenik

Crews, T.E.; Kitayama, K.; Fownes, J.H.; Riley, R.H.; Herbert, D.A.; Mueller Dombois, D.; Vitrousek, P.M., 1995:
Changes in soil phosphorus fractions and ecosystem dynamics across a long chronosequence in Hawaii

Ellies, A.; Ramirez, C.; MacDonald, R., 1993:
Changes in soil porosity under different land use

Hulugalle, N.R.; Ndi, J.N., 1994:
Changes in soil properties of a newly-cleared Ultisol due to establishment of hedgerow species in alley cropping systems

Shamshuddin, J.; Jamilah, I.; Sharifuddin, H.A.H., 1991:
Changes in soil solution properties of acid soils affected by dolomitic limestone, gypsum and rock phosphate applications

Topp, G.C.; Wires, K.C.; Angers, D.A.; Carter, M.R.; Culley, J.L.B.; Holmstrom, D.A.; Kay, B.D.; Lafond, G.P.; Langille, D.R.; McBride, R.A.; Patterson, G.T.; Perfect, E.; Rasiah, V.; Rodd, A.V.; Webb, K.T., 1995:
Changes in soil structure

Libik, A.; Siwek, P., 1994:
Changes in soil temperature affected by the application of plastic covers in field production of lettuce and water melon

Rose, S.C.; Harris, G.L., 1994:
Changes in soil water quality and hydrology during and after five years of non-rotational set-aside

Godagone, R.E.; Giacomo, R.M. di, 1993:
Changes in some chemical and physical soil properties in the Argentine Patagonia caused by the eruption of Mount Hudson

Rossi, M.; Pompei, C., 1995:
Changes in some egg components and analytical values due to hen age

Hegazi, M.F.; Dorria, I.H.; Mostafa, M.H.; Ibrahim, I.K., 1993:
Changes in some metabolites and oxidative enzymes associated with brown leaf spot of rice

Andrich, G.; Zinnai, A.; Balzini, S.; Silvestri, S.; Fiorentini, R.; Vitagliano, C., 1993:
Changes in some morphological and physical properties of Golden Delicious apples during fruit growth

Kim, H.R.; Bushuk, W., 1995:
Changes in some physicochemical properties of flour proteins due to partial reduction with dithiothreitol

Zakharin, A.A.; Panichkin, L.A.; Zhadova, O.S., 1994:
Changes in some physiological properties of pea seeds as a result of moisture-temperature stress

Jhorar, L.R.; Darshan Singh; Agrawal, R.P.; Jagan Nath, 1993:
Changes in some soil physical properties under different geometry of Eucalyptus plantation

Shishido, Y.; Kumakura, H.; Hori, Y., 1993:
Changes in source-sink interaction by defoliation and darkening of source and sink leaf in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Johnson, M., 1994:
Changes in southwestern forests: stewardship implications

Kirillova, V.P., 1994:
Changes in species composition in sown meadows under continuous usage

Minx, L., 1993:
Changes in stand evenness caused by singling of sugarbeet stands sown at half spacing

Shama, S.M., 1991:
Changes in starch content of some leguminous seeds induced by seed-borne fungi

North, G.B.; Huang, B.; Nobel, P.S., 1993:
Changes in structure and hydraulic conductivity for root junctions of desert succulents as soil water status varies

Rochefort, R.M.; Little, R.L.; Woodward, A.; Peterson, D.L., 1994:
Changes in sub-alpine tree distribution in western North America: a review of climatic and other causal factors

Krawiarz, K., 1994:
Changes in sugar levels during after-ripening and germination of Acer platanoides L. seeds

Das, D.R.; Mukherji, S., 1994:
Changes in sugar, starch and proline content of Vigna radiata L. seedlings after heat shock on seeds during early imbibition

Irvine, J.E., 1994:
Changes in sugarcane breeding

Alique, R.; Oliveira, G.S., 1994:
Changes in sugars and organic acids in cherimoya (Annona cherimola Mill.) fruit under controlled-atmosphere storage

Cordewener, J.H.G.; Hause, G.; Gorgen, E.; Busink, R.; Hause, B.; Dons, H.J.M.; Lammeren, A.A.M. van; Lookeren Campagne, M.M. van; Pechan, P., 1995:
Changes in synthesis and localization of members of the 70-kDa class of heat-shock proteins accompany the induction of embryogenesis in Brassica napus L. microspores

Jeyakumar, M.; Suresh, R.; Krishnamurthy, H.N.; Moudgal, N.R., 1995:
Changes in testicular function following specific deprivation of LH in the adult male rabbit

Young, L.D., 1995:
Changes in the Heterodera glycines female index as affected by ten-year cropping sequences

Williams, J.E.; Woods, M.; Luce, W.G.; Otto, D., 1994:
Changes in the U.S. swine-pork industries: economic implications for Oklahoma

Lenz, R.J.M.; Muller, A.; Erhard, M., 1994:
Changes in the acid neutralizing capacity of forest soils in northeastern Bavaria

Glukhova, L.G., 1991:
Changes in the activity of enzymes and electrolyte composition of serum following successive actions of ethanol and organochlorine pesticides

Guan, J.F., 1994:
Changes in the activity of oxidative enzyme and the levels of peroxides in the flesh and core of Yali pears

Freer, J.B.S.; Smith, J.M., 1994:
Changes in the agronomy of linseed in the UK

Varfolomeev, Y.A.; Afans' ev, V.M.; Novikov, V.V.; Kopeikin, M.A., 1994:
Changes in the amounts of green lumber treated with preservatives

Chovanec, D.; Osvald, A., 1992:
Changes in the anatomical structure of beech wood after thermal degradation

Kozowska Ptaszynska, Z., 1994:
Changes in the architecture and output of stands of various forms of winter barley as influenced by sowing date

Felbermeier, B., 1994:
Changes in the area of beech as a consequence of climatic changes

Arnaud, J.D.; Gall, A. le; Pflimlin, A., 1993:
Changes in the areas under forage legumes in France

Saga, K.; Ogawa, K., 1995:
Changes in the ascorbic acid, alpha -tocopherol and carotenoid contents in developing pepper fruits, and their varietal differences

Lee, H.J.; Loher, W., 1995:
Changes in the behavior of the female short-tailed cricket, Anurogryllus muticus (De Geer) (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) following mating

Krakovsky, A., 1992:
Changes in the bending strength of spruce wood under simultaneous mechanical and thermal loading

Van Amstel, S.R.; Reyers, F.; Myburgh, E., 1994:
Changes in the blood-gas status of sheep with experimentally induced heartwater

Munday, H.S.; Earle, K.E.; Anderson, P., 1994:
Changes in the body composition of the domestic shorthaired cat during growth and development

Lewczuk, A.; Bochno, R.; Wawro, K., 1994:
Changes in the body weight and tissue composition of carcasses of WAMA-1 turkeys during rearing

Kuhbauch, W.; Verch, G.; Bach, F., 1994:
Changes in the botanical composition of intensively managed grassland following conversion to extensive management

Parameswaran, K.P.; Sadasivam, S., 1994:
Changes in the carbohydrates and nitrogenous components during germination of proso millet, Panicum miliaceum

Richards, D.T.; Hoole, D.; Lewis, J.W.; Ewens, E.; Arme, C., 1994:
Changes in the cellular composition of the spleen and pronephros of carp Cyprinus carpio infected with the blood fluke Sanguinicola inermis (Trematoda: Sanguinicolidae)

Lods Crozet, B.; Lachavanne, J.B.rnard, 1994:
Changes in the chironomid communities in Lake Geneva in relation with eutrophication, over a period of 60 years

Turk, R.; Seniz, V.; Ozdemir, N.; Suzen, M.A., 1994:
Changes in the chlorophyll carotenoid and lycopene contents of tomatoes in relation to temperature

Broderick, Cyril E., 1995:
Changes in the climate at Harbel, Liberia

Fernández, A.; Ramos, J.J.; Saez, T.; Sanz, M.C.; Verde, M.T., 1995:
Changes in the coagulation profile of lambs intoxicated with aflatoxin in their feed

Takeda, Hiroshi, 1995:
Changes in the collembolan community during the decomposition of needle litter in a coniferous forest

Gattuso, A.M.; Pirrone, L.; Seminerio, V.; Arcoleo, G., 1995:
Changes in the composition of Pecorini cheese during ripening. Part 1

Lott, J.N.A.; West, M.M.rcia; Clark, B.; Beecroft, P., 1995:
Changes in the composition of globoids in castor bean cotyledons and endosperm during early seedling growth with and without complete mineral nutrients

Wright, M.M.; Lean, I.J.; Herrera, E.; Dodds, P.F., 1995:
Changes in the composition of plasma very low density lipoprotein during pregnancy and lactation in genetic lines of pigs

Prugel, B.; Loosveldt, P.; Garrec, J.P., 1995:
Changes in the content and constituents of the cuticular wax of Picea abies (L.) Karst. in relation to needle ageing and tree decline in five European forest areas

Idota, T.; Matsuoka, Y.; Sugawara, M.; Murakami, Y.; Ii, N.; Doki, R.; Asai, Y.; Nakajima, I., 1994:
Changes in the content of N-acetylneuraminic acid in human milk during lactation

Zuraw, J.; Jesiak, Z.; Chojnowski, W., 1995:
Changes in the content of calcium forms and rennet clottability upon heat treatment of milk

Mikhailova, G.; Peichevski, I., 1994:
Changes in the content of nitrates and nitrites in milk during production

Chung, W.J.; Kim, B.H.; Kim, T.H.; Kang, W.S., 1994:
Changes in the content of nitrogenous compound during growth period in forage rape (Brassica napus L.)

Pyatrou, Y.G.; Karatkevich, N.A.; Kachanouski, I.M.; Ragavy, A.P., 1993:
Changes in the content of pigments in conifer needles in different conditions of moisture supply

Zhao, J.; Zhao, Y.T.; Liang, B.W., 1994:
Changes in the contents of soluble proteins and their function during cold hardening in winter wheat leaves

Belov, A.D.; Lysenko, N.P., 1993:
Changes in the corticotropin content of blood plasma from sheep with acute radiation sickness

Vonlanthen, E., 1993:
Changes in the dairy industry regulation 1988 and of the milk regulation

Gao Yang; Zhao GengChun; Zheng YiZhi;, 1994:
Changes in the development and dissolution of plastids in cotyledon cells of soyabeans during seed germination

Clapperton, BK.; Tilley, JAV.; Beggs, JR.; Moller, H., 1994:
Changes in the distribution and proportions of Vespula vulgaris (L.) and Vespula germanica (Fab.) (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) between 1987 and 1990 in New Zealand

Naidenova, Ts, 1993:
Changes in the duration of certain phenophases in Quercus sessiliflora , Quercus pedunculata var. tardiflora , Fagus sylvatica, Picea abies, Pinus nigra and Pinus sylvestris in relation to the ecological conditions

Chmielewski, C.M.; Hall, R.J., 1993:
Changes in the emergence of blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) over 50 years from Algonquin Park streams: is acidification the cause?

Martin, P., 1992:
Changes in the energy content of workers and sexuals of the ant Leptothorax unifasciatus (Latreille) (Hymenoptera; Formicidae) in the course of their development

Blackstock, T.H.; Stevens, J.P.; Howe, E.A.; Stevens, D.P., 1995:
Changes in the extent and fragmentation of heathland and other semi-natural habitats between 1920-22 and 1987-88 in the Llyn Peninsula, Wales, UK

Esala, M.J., 1995:
Changes in the extractable ammonium- and nitrate-nitrogen contents of soil samples during freezing and thawing

Grochowski, W.; Ostalski, R., 1993:
Changes in the forest environment under a 65-year-old pine stand caused by sprinkling the forest ground

Richards, J.E.; Bates, T.E.; Sheppard, S.C., 1995:
Changes in the forms and distribution of soil phosphorus due to long-term corn production

Mann, S.S.; Ritchie, G.S.P., 1994:
Changes in the forms of cadmium with time in some Western Australian soils

Srivastava, A.K.; Rao, P.H.ridas, 1994:
Changes in the functional characteristics of wheat during high temperature storage

Tietz, H.J.; Kunzelmann, V.; Schönian, G., 1995:
Changes in the fungal spectrum of dermatomycoses

Aleksandrov, A.K.; Naidenova, T., 1994:
Changes in the germination of seeds of certain conifer species with prolonged storage

Van Staden, J.; Kelly, K.M.; Ross, J.A., 1995:
Changes in the germination requirements of Cirsium vulgare with storage

Ipatov, V.S.; Kirikova, L.A., 1991:
Changes in the ground vegetation beneath the crown of Norway spruce, in conditions of root isolation

Schopfer, W.; Hradetzky, J.; Kublin, E., 1994:
Changes in the growth of Norway spruce in Baden-Wurttemberg

Dalvi, R.R.; Whittiker, M.B.; Patil, R.D., 1994:
Changes in the hepatic and serum gamma -glutamyl transferase activity in rats and chickens given dietary captan

Demkina, T.S.; Demkin, V.A., 1995:
Changes in the humus status of dry and desert steppe soils during historical time

Garcia, G.; Hernandez, T.; Costa, F., 1992:
Changes in the hydrosoluble extract of compost following composting

Ogawa, K.; Kurohmaru, M.; Sugino, H.; Hayashi, Y., 1994:
Changes in the immunoreactivity of follistatin within preovulatory follicles after the primary gonadotrophin surge in rats

Duru, M.; Calviere, I.; Tirilly, V., 1995:
Changes in the in vitro digestibility of cocksfoot and tall fescue grown in spring

Morales Espinoza, A., 1994:
Changes in the international environment and their likely implications for the Venezuelan agrofood sector

Edwards, J.F.; Fossum, T.W.; Willard, M.D.; Cohen, N.D.; Patterson, W.B.; Carey, D.P., 1995:
Changes in the intestinal mucosal cell populations of German shepherd dogs fed diets containing different protein sources

Armstrong, J.P.; Pahl, T.L., 1994:
Changes in the kiln-drying practices of the forest products industry in West Virginia: 1982 to 1992

Moraes, M.E.S. de; Rocha, H.O. da; Scopel, I.; Kudla, M.E., 1993:
Changes in the land cover and land use of the southwest region of Parana using remote sensing techniques

Frielinghaus, M.; Muller, L.; Kruger, F., 1994:
Changes in the landscape of a river lowland area during the last 200 years and derived goals for landscape planning

Buzuk, G.N.; Lovkova M.Y.; Naidenov, Y.V., 1991:
Changes in the leaf alkaloid complex of Chelidonium majus L., Atropa belladonna L. and Lupinus polyphyllus L. with different methods of fixation and fermentation of the plant material

Vijayanathan, L.; Raj, R.K., 1992:
Changes in the level of biogenic amines in experimentally infected and DEC treated proxy host mice

Lelu, M.A.; Label, P., 1994:
Changes in the levels of abscisic acid and its glucose ester conjugate during maturation of hybrid larch (Larix x leptoeuropaea) somatic embryos, in relation to germination and plantlet recovery

Melcerova, A.; Melcer, I.; Kacik, F.; Sindler, J., 1994:
Changes in the lignin during thermal and hydrothermal treatment of beech and poplar wood

Cai, H.; Kharel, G.P.; Hashinaga, F., 1993:
Changes in the limonoid content during development of citron fruit (Citrus medica L.)

Anonymous, 1994:
Changes in the market for raw sugar

Shen, Y.J.; Chen, K.S.; Cao, J.F.; Liu, S.J.; Zhou, X., 1995:
Changes in the membrane characteristics of wheat seedlings under different osmotic stresses and the effect of neodymium chloride

Gopa Dey; Mukherjee, R.K., 1993:
Changes in the microstructure of soybean seed by imbibition

Evenor, D.; Franck, A.; Tabib, Y.; Zelcer, A.; Izhar, S.; Firon, N., 1994:
Changes in the mitochondrial double membrane in tapetal and sporogenic cells in cytoplasmic male sterile anthers of petunia

Huber, A.; Lopez, D., 1993:
Changes in the moisture balance caused by clear felling an adult stand of Pinus radiata in Valdivia, Chile

Tsugawa, H.; Kawasaki, N.; Sasek, T.W.; Hirose, D.; Takahashi, T.; Yamamoto, K.; Nishikawa, K., 1993:
Changes in the network of a natural kudzu (Pueraria lobata Ohwi) stand, established in a field left abandoned for about 15 years, during the period of current year's foliage development

Prugar, J., 1993:
Changes in the nitrate and nitrite contents of plant products during storage

Pis, V., 1994:
Changes in the nitrate content of potato tubers grown with irrigation

Jean, H.Y.; Kim, T.H.; Kim, B.H.; Kang, W.S., 1994:
Changes in the non-structural carbohydrate content during growth period in forage rape (Brassica napus L.)

Ono, K.; Hashimoto, H.; Katoh, S., 1995:
Changes in the number and size of chloroplasts during senescence of primary leaves of wheat grown under different conditions

Pikk, J., 1989:
Changes in the number of trees after fertilizer treatment of Scots pine stands on raised bogs

Moore P.A.Jr; Norman R.J.; Wells B.R.; Baugh K.K.; Helms R.S., 1992:
Changes in the nutrient content of rice irrigation water with flow distance across the field and with the addition of fertilizers to the crop

Dressel, J.; Weigelt, W.; Mockel, D., 1993:
Changes in the nutrient potential of a soil according to long-term application of mineral fertilizer and farmyard manure

Oldham, J.D.; Tamminga, S., 1995:
Changes in the nutrition and management of herbivores in the temperate zone: economic and social influences

Gomez Lopez, C.; Sugranez Serrano, R.; Vera y Vega, A., 1994:
Changes in the nutritional quality of poultry litter during storage: 3. Large sacks

Gomez Lopez, C.; Sugranez, R.; Vera y Vega, A., 1994:
Changes in the nutritive quality of poultry litter during storage. 2. Storage in sacks

Rico, M.C.; Lerma, A.; Planells, E.; Aranda, P.; González, J.L., 1995:
Changes in the nutritive utilization of protein induced by Mg deficiency in rats

Reindl, J., 1994:
Changes in the occurrence of forest pests and forestry responses

Woreta, D., 1994:
Changes in the occurrence of pests of roots of forest trees and shrubs in 1961-1993

Bazykina, G.S.; Titova, N.A., 1994:
Changes in the organic matter of soils of the Solonetz complex in the northern Caspian lowland under the effect of forest reclamation

Feigl, B.J.; Melillo, J.; Cerri, C.C., 1995:
Changes in the origin and quality of soil organic matter after pasture introduction in Rondonia (Brazil)

Gomathi, N.; Mariappan, V.; Devanathan, M., 1993:
Changes in the oxidative enzymes/phenylalanine ammonialyase in mosaic and streak mosaic virus infected banana plants

Zee, S.Y.; Ye, X.L., 1995:
Changes in the pattern of organization of the microtubular cytoskeleton during megasporogenesis in Cymbidium sinense

Davenport, M., 1995:
Changes in the pattern of world trade in agricultural products

Tozser, J.; Nagy, A.; Gerszi, K.; Mezes, M.; Domokos, Z.; Kertesz, I.; Fekete, T., 1995:
Changes in the phenotypic relationship of scrotum circumference with chest width, chest depth and live weight in Charolais young bulls as a function of age

Bondarev, A.G.; Silakov, S.N., 1995:
Changes in the physical properties of gray forest soils accompanying cultivation

Hernandez Mendez, M.T.; Bernalte Garcia, M.J.; Carballo Garcia, B.M., 1993:
Changes in the physical-chemical properties of white and green asparagus during the cropping season

Pal, D.K.; Kumar, P.S., 1995:
Changes in the physico-chemical and biochemical compositions of custard apple (Annona squamosa L.) fruits during growth, development and ripening

Marquez, O.; Hernandez, R.; Torres, A.; Franco, W., 1993:
Changes in the physicochemical properties of soils in a chronosequence of Tectona grandis

Podracka, O.; Cervena, M., 1991:
Changes in the physiological processes of Norway spruce seedlings induced with brown-rot decomposed wood

Getko, N.U.; Antonava, A.U., 1993:
Changes in the pigments of juniper needles under the influence of sulfur dioxide

Ciani, F.; Russo, M.; Cavaliere, M.; Russo, F., 1994:
Changes in the plasma levels of parathyrin, and calcitonin in pregnant buffaloes during pregnancy and after parturition

Seijo Coello, M. del C.; Aira Rodriguez, M.J.; Jato Rodriguez, V., 1992:
Changes in the pollen spectrum of samples of honey and nectar from apiaries in Tomino (Pontevedra)

Novozhilova, O.A.; Aref' eva, L.P.; Kirichenko, E.B.; Prusakov, A.N.; Semikhov, V.F., 1993:
Changes in the polypeptide composition of the tillering node proteins in wheat during overwintering

Maslenkova, L.T.; Miteva, T.S.; Popova, L.P., 1992:
Changes in the polypeptide patterns of barley seedlings exposed to jasmonic Acid and salinity

Henry Vian, C.; Vian, A.; Dietrich, A.; Ledoigt, G.; Desbiez, M.O.ile, 1995:
Changes in the polysomal mRNA population upon wound signal expression or storage in Bidens pilosa

Makrides, M.; Simmer, K.; Neumann, M.; Gibson, R., 1995:
Changes in the polyunsaturated fatty acids of breast milk from mothers of full-term infants over 30 wk of lactation

Gonon, V.; Eloit, M.; Monteil, M., 1995:
Changes in the prevalance of feline coronavirus infection in two groups of cats studied under two different management systems

Gupta, L.J., 1992:
Changes in the production of volatile aldehyde compounds in Macrophomina infected sesame (Sesamum indicum) seed

Shikha Nair; Mohamed, U.V.K., 1995:
Changes in the profiles of carbohydrates in the midgut of sixth instar larvae, pupae and adults of the moth, Spodoptera mauritia Boisduval (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Rea, E.; Cale, M.T., 1994:
Changes in the proline content of wheat leaves during the growing season

Levi Minzi, R.; Saviozzi, A.; Riffaldi, R.; Martorana, F., 1992:
Changes in the properties of wastewater from olive processing applied to soil

Kusiak, W.; Gornowicz, R.; Rozanski, H.; Wojtkowiak, R., 1992:
Changes in the proportion of basic assortments in pre-mature pine stands

Goyal, R.K.; Korla, B.N., 1993:
Changes in the quality of turmeric rhizomes during storage

Sustek, Z., 1992 :
Changes in the representation of carabid life forms along an urbanisation gradient (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

Liu, D.Q.; Liu, R.J.; Ren, D.X.; Gao, D.Q.; Zhang, C.Y.; Qui, C.P.; Cai, X.Z.; Ling, C.F.; Song, A.H.; Tang, X., 1995:
Changes in the resistance of Plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine in Hainan, China

Kumar, A.; Tiwari, A.D., 1993:
Changes in the rumen metabolites of bullocks on feeding twice or thrice a day urea supplemented concentrate mixture or green maize ration

Pattinson, S.E.; Davies, D.A.R.; Winter, A.C., 1995:
Changes in the secretion rate and production of colostrum by ewes over the first 24 h post partum

Martin, T.; Renou, A.; Gopaye, I.; Martin, T.; Renou, A.; Gopaye, I., 1993:
Changes in the sensitivity of Diparopsis watersi (Roths) and Helicoverpa armigera (Hbn.) to chemical insecticides

Idota, T.; Matsuoka, Y.; Nakano, T.; Kawakami, H.; Nakajima, I., 1994:
Changes in the sialyllactose content of human milk during lactation

Majerova, V., 1995:
Changes in the social structure of agricultural enterprises

Carlson, J.E.; Schnabel, B.; Beus, C.E.; Dillman, D.A., 1994:
Changes in the soil conservation attitudes and behaviors of farmers in the Palouse and Camas prairies: 1976-1990

Rutkowski, B., 1992:
Changes in the species composition of forests in experimental areas of the forest management section of Krynica Forestry Experimental Station

Thomas, E., 1994:
Changes in the spectrum of pathotypes of the potato cyst-nematodes Globodera rostochiensis and G. pallida in the Lower Rhine area and considerations on resistance breeding

Lundqvist, Lars, 1993:
Changes in the stand structure on permanent Picea abies plots managed with single-tree selection

Rolev, V.S.; Plokhova, G.M., 1994:
Changes in the state varietal register for 1994

Rolev, V.S.; Totskii, D.V., 1995:
Changes in the state varietal register for 1995

Striganova, B.R., 1995:
Changes in the structure and biodiversity of soil fauna in the forest-steppe catena of central Russia

Zhao, H.L.; Zhou, R.L., 1993:
Changes in the structure and function of an Artemisia halodendron community during desertification

DesGranges, J.L.; Rondeau, G., 1995:
Changes in the structure of bird communities in balsam fir forests resulting from insect infestation

Winkler, I.; Medved, M., 1994:
Changes in the structure of forest ownership after denationalization and the effect on forest management

Ovcharov, D.; Penev, D., 1991:
Changes in the structure of the harmful insect fauna in the Devnya region

Huang, J.L., 1990:
Changes in the susceptibility of the recipient Aedes aegypti to Brugia pahangi after passive transfer of haemolymph

Bernhardt, D.; Gerth, U., 1994 :
Changes in the synthesis of some proteins during breaking of secondarily induced thermodormancy by respiration inhibitors (cyanide, azide) and BAP in embryos of Agrostemma githago L. seeds

Ghazi, S.R.; Gholami, S., 1993:
Changes in the termination of spinal cord at vertebral levels during pre- and postnatal development of sheep

Hirata, M., 1993:
Changes in the variations in the herbage mass of bahiagrass (Paspalum notatum Flugge) pasture with the grazing by dairy heifers

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Changes in the vascular plant vegetation after different cutting regimes on a productive peatland site in central Sweden

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Changes in the vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal dependency of Albizia ferruginea and Enterolobium cyclocarpum in response to soil phosphorus concentration

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Changes in the weight of hatching worker-bees as a function of the degree of infestation by the acarus Varroa jacobsoni

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Changes in throughfall quality in relation to tree species and age

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Changes in toxin content, biomass and pigments of the dinoflagellate Alexandrium minutum during nitrogen refeeding and growth into nitrogen or phosphorus stress

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Changes in tracheid dimension and ring structure related to ring width in sugi (Cryptomeria japonica) and hinoki (Chamaecyparis obtusa)

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Changes in transaminase, phosphatase and dehydrogenase activity and some organic acids (pyruvic and lactic), protein and carbohydrate during development of eggs of Antheraea mylitta D. (Lepidoptera: Saturnidae)

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Changes in translatable mRNAs in water-stressed common bean genotypes of contrasting drought tolerance

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Changes in urinary excretion of nitrogenous compounds after supplying protein sources to sheep fed on low-protein diet

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Changes in urine in experimental ethylene glycol intoxication in cow calves

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Changes in vegetation in some national reserves in the Moravskoslezke Beskidy Mountains

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Changes in venous blood parameters during parturition in the Gallega breed of sheep

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Changes in veterinary practices in Thuringiens

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Changes in water status of peach flower buds during endodormancy and ecodormancy measured by differential scanning calorimetry and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

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Changes in weed infestation of barley in relation to previous crops

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Changes in weed seed density in soil of paddy fields under successive herbicide applications

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Changes in western U.S. orange acreage and the influence of Brazilian orange production

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Changes in winter rape quality depending on harvest technology

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Changes in wood structure during the course of carbonisation

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Changes in xyloglucan endotransglycosylase (XET) activity during hormone-induced growth in lettuce and cucumber hypocotyls and spinach cell suspension cultures

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Changes in yield, chemical composition and rhizosphere soil properties of citronella Java (Cymbopogon winterianus Jowitt) suffering from iron chlorosis

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Changes in zearalenone contents in winter wheat during winter

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Changes induced by abscisic acid and light in the redox state of ascorbate in the apoplast of epicotyls of Vigna angularis

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Changes induced in the casein fraction by technological treatments

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Changes observed in the reproductive organs of the potato cultivar Fanette which showed low male fertility

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Changes occurring in plant communities of flooded meadows situated in the valley of the Warta river as shown by the Rogalin marshy meadows

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Changes of CAT activity during drought stress with relation to drought resistance of tea plant

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Changes of DIMBOA contents in resistant and susceptible near-isolines of maize during infection by Exserohilum turcicum

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Changes of K vitamins in portal and femoral venous plasma of rats after oral administration of phylloquinone and menaquinone-4

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Changes of activity of some hydrolases during triticale grain development differentiated in pre-harvest sprouting resistance

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Changes of aeration conditions and the yield of sugar beet on sandy soil of different density

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Changes of air temperature in the store cooled with ice and in traditional pit during the spring storage of plants

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Changes of aroma character of irradiated onion during storage

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Changes of ascorbic acid and catalase activity of banana leaves during the occurrence of chilling injury

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Changes of ascorbic acid concentrations in the leaves and tubers of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Lam.) and potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)

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Changes of carbohydrates in olive seeds (Olea europaea L.) during fruit maturation and their correlation with germination

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Changes of characteristics of soddy-podzolic soil as caused by many-year cultivation of a row crop

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Changes of crop yields according to cropping system and fertilizer rates in paddy-upland rotation soils

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Changes of cut-flower qualities in summer forcing of spray-mum (Chrysanthemum morifolium R.)

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Changes of dry matter accumulation and photosynthetic pigment content in young plants of soyabean lines under conditions of iron deficiency

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Changes of dynamics of forage digestion with growth progress

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Changes of endogenous ABA content and leakage of electrolyte in hybrid rice seedlings under temperature stress

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Changes of endogenous IAA, ABA and ZT in pollinated, non-pollinated and parthenocarpic ovary (fruitlet) of citrus

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Changes of endogenous hormones level during fertilization and fruit development of Actinidia deliciosa 'Hayward'

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Changes of endogenous indole-3-acetic acid, peroxidases, and auxin oxidases during pollen germination in maize

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Changes of ethylene biosynthesis during cell-expansion and mature stage in Starkrimson apple fruit

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Changes of fiber shapes during fiber differentiation in hardwoods I. Three-dimensional analysis of fiber shapes in keyaki and tochinoki

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Changes of fiber shapes during fiber differentiation in hardwoods III. Distributions of the cross-sectional dimensions and shapes of wood fibers in 20 hardwood species

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Changes of genetic variance and frequencies of marker alleles in mouse lines selected on 6-week weight

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Changes of gibberellin levels by temperature variation in wheat seedlings

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Changes of haemocyte number, protein and esterase in the haemolymph of Mythimna separata (Walker) infected with Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner

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Changes of heart rate, grazing and rumination time and jaw movements in cattle with grazing days

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Changes of induction and competence during the evolution of vulva development in nematodes

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Changes of isozymes during development period in foxtail millet

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Changes of lipid peroxidation of infected soyabean with different resistance levels to Cercospora sojina Hara

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Changes of liver metabolite concentrations in adults with disorders of fructose metabolism after intravenous fructose by 31P magnetic resonance spectroscopy

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Changes of living habits related to the infection in human paragonimiasis in Japan, based on the epidemiological data

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Changes of major carotenoid contents during ripening of mango fruit (Mangifera indica L. cv. Zihua)

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Changes of methoxylation degree in pectin and pectinesterase activity in kiwifruit during postharvest ripening, and characteristics of the pectinesterase

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Changes of midgut epithelium and bloodmeal digestion in the tick Dermacentor niveus Neumann

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Changes of mineral concentrations in plant sap during the growth period of muskmelons grown in rockwool

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Changes of mineralogical and surface properties of water dispersible clay after acid treatment of soils

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Changes of organic reserves in bark during regrowth after cutting of Leucaena leucocephala plant

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Changes of pectic substances in Citrus fruits of several cultivars during maturation

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Changes of peroxidase activity and isozyme in the course of leaf rust infection of wheat lines with Lr gene

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Changes of phosphorus content in meadow soils under their progressive acidification as a result of mineral fertilization

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Changes of physical properties of light-gray hydromorphic soils as affected by gleyification and various types of drainage

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Changes of phytohormone content in the embryos of chestnut during refrigerated storage

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Changes of polyamine, ACC contents and EFE activity in the peel and pulp of Japanese pear fruits during a postharvest period

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Changes of polygalacturonase, pectin and ultrastructure of cell wall in kiwifruit during senescence

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Changes of production performance of Landrace pig after its introduction into China

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Changes of protein and nucleic acid synthesis in the developing colleterial glands of the silkworm, Bombyx mori

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Changes of quality of semihard cheeses depending on the somatic cell count (SCC)

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Changes of ruminal flora and endotoxin concentration in acidosis steers induced by sucrose injection

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Changes of segetal vegetation of the Piotrkow Plain during the last 22 years. Part I. Communities of weeds of winter cereal cultures

Warcholinska, A.U., 1994:
Changes of segetal vegetation of the Piotrkow Plain during the last 22 years. Part II. Communities of weeds of flax and root crop cultures

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Changes of segetal vegetation of the Piotrkow Plain during the last 22 years. Part III. Weed communities of stubble fields

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Changes of size, water content, and protein content in developing of seeds and fruits of Machilus thunbergii

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Changes of skin temperatures as feet contacted floors constructed of different materials

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Changes of some biochemical characters of soyabean with different resistance levels infected by Cercospora sojina Hara

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Changes of some chemical and microbiological parameters of slurry during storage and after addition of chemical disinfectants

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Changes of some physical properties of southern chernozems caused by weakly mineralized irrigation water

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Changes of species composition of vascular plants in forest plantations after chemical treatment of weeds

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Changes of spectral properties of plants and wheat crops affected by rust diseases

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Changes of starch content in above-ground part of barley plants infected by powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis DC)

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Changes of sugar content and invertase activity in leaves and young ears of wheat during differentiation period

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Changes of the activities of urea cycle enzymes extracted from rat liver after surgical reduction of stomach capacity and after feeding a high-fat diet

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Changes of the chemical composition of selected market products in the province of Katowice

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Changes of the distribution of trace elements in the formation of wound heartwood

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Changes of the serum carotenoid levels in patients with malignant diseases

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Changes of translatable mRNA in wheat primary leaves at the initial stage of stripe rust infection

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Changes of water potential in rice panicle under increasing drought stress at various stages

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Changes of weed flora under direct seeded rice cultivation in dry paddy field

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Changes of wood-attacking activity of the lower termite, Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki in defaunation-refaunation process of the intestinal protozoa

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Changes over a twenty seven year period in a soil of the Guanare-Franco series (Fluventic Ustropepts) under continuous agricultural use

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Changes to stand structure, species composition and growth in a Turkey oak stand (originally a coppice) as a result of silvicultural treatment

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Changes to the chemical composition of plant growth media to the composting of some plant residues and the subsequent effects on plant growth

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Changes to the root system and phosphorus concentration in Lupinus angustifolius caused by aluminium

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Changes with the season in the number of erythrocytes invaded by Theileria sergenti and packed cell volume of the blood of grazing cattle

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Changes with time in the germination of buried scentless chamomile (Matricaria perforata Merat) seeds

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Changing attitudes to diet and nutrition

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Changing carbon chemistry of buried creosote bush litter during decomposition in the northern Chihuahuan Desert

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Changing direction of Indian coffee exports

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Changing economic order and European integration

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Changing emphasis in genetic development of egg-type chickens

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Changing face of the landfill

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Changing forest values and ecosystem management

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Changing hydrological conditions and the preservation of organic remains in Fenland

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Changing international competitiveness and trade: recent experience in New Zealand agriculture

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Changing investigation requirements for environmental property assessments

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Changing migration patterns of major league baseball players

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Changing natural vegetation along the altitude gradient in the Savinja Alps

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Changing nutrient status of crop plants in intensive agriculture

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Changing of electric conductivity in tomato culture solution and reciprocal relationship between concentration of inorganic components and transpiration rate

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Changing patterns of external assistance to agriculture

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Changing patterns of iron deficiency anaemia in the second year of life

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Changing patterns of shifting cultivation in selected countries in Southeast Asia and their effect on the global carbon cycle

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Changing perspectives for TR in mental health services

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Changing pest situation. A challenge to agricultural sustainability

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Changing pest status of sugarcane leafhopper, Pyrilla perpusilla Walker on pearl millet together with identification of sources of resistance amongst bajra germplasms

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Changing regulatory orders: the analysis of the economic governance of agriculture

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Changing relationships between innovations in agricultural technology and problem solving strategies of farm households in the north of Bangladesh - illustrated by the example of the introduction of diesel motors for field irrigation

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Changing scenario of wastelands development

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Changing status and role of women among Kurichians

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Changing structures in fruit and viticulture

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Changing sugar levels in different plant parts of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L.): a response to phenolic compound application

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Changing the idea and strengthening the agricultural development in the mountainous region of western Henan province

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Changing the organizational structure and culture - an integral part of the crisis in agricultural enterprise management

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Changing times, changing policies

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Changing trend in the spread of the lichen Lecanora conizaeoides?

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Changing trends in agribusiness education: an American viewpoint

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Changing trends of process control in GNFC

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Changing worlds and changing weeds

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Channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, immunity to Saprolegnia sp

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Channels of potato marketing under irrigated conditions in Chikkaballapur and Bangalore markets

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Chaperonin-like repeats in a 34-kDa Plasmodium berghei phosphoprotein

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Character association and component analysis for panicle architecture in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

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Character association and path analysis in sesamum (Sesamum indicum L.)

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Character association and path coefficient analysis in French bean

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Character association and path coefficient analysis in green gram (Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek)

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Character association for morphological traits in five sugarcane crosses

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Character association in pearl millet

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Character correlation and path analysis in wheat

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Character expression and inheritance of a short upper leaves mutant in barley

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Character inheritance of offsprings in the intraspecific hybridization of Vitis amurensis Rupr

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Character of the flora and interspecific diversity of the chalk/silicate districts of the middle and lower Engadine

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Character of the formation of induced heat-resistance in spring wheat by means of retardant CCC

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Character transformation and relationships in Corallorhiza (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae). I. Plastid DNA

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Character transformation and relationships in Corallorhiza (Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae). II. Morphological variation and phylogenetic analysis

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Characterisation and classification of coarse loamy soil under rice-wheat rotation

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Characterisation and classification of some lateritic soils of Orissa

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Characterisation and numerical analysis of the microbial community in raw baker's yeast factory effluent

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Characterisation and segregation pattern of some macromutations induced in black gram (Vigna mungo L. Hepper)

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Characterisation and starvation induced regulation of methionine uptake sites in mouse mammary gland

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Characterisation of Pasteurella multocida (haemorrhagic septicaemia) isolates from the Philippines

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Characterisation of Striga seed germination stimulants from several Striga hosts

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Characterisation of a new Pasteurella haemolytica serotype (A17)

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Characterisation of a partially purified uracil phosphoribosyltransferase from the opportunistic pathogen Candida albicans

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Characterisation of chicken anaemia virus

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Characterisation of naturalised strains of Trifolium subterraneum var. brachycalycinum cv. Clare in northern New South Wales

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Characterisation of parasitoids of the Delta scale Coccus perlatus Ckll (Hemiptera: Coccidae) in citrus orchards of Tucuman, Argentina

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Characterisation of pathogenicity of Phytophthora parasitica isolates by stem and detached-leaf inoculations in four tobacco cultivars

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Characterisation of some salt affected black soils

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Characterisation of the immune response and duration of immunity in buffalo vaccinated with cellular haemorrhagic septicaemia vaccines

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Characterisation of the nitrification process for design purposes

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Characterisation of two chemically extracted humic acid fractions in relation to nutrient availability

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Characterising slow drainage

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Characteristic cellular responses of orchardgrass leaves resistant to infection with Erysiphe graminis f.sp. dactylidis

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Characteristic differentiation on isolation and identification of mushroom bacterial brown blotch pathogens Pseudomonas tolaasii and Pseudomonas agarici

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Characteristic features of a race-specific resistant protein from Fusarium wilt resistant cotton

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Characteristic findings of toxoplasmosis in utero: a case report

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Characteristic of Collembola communities occurring in meadows on variously degraded hydrogenous soil

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Characteristic of seed germination and seedling growth of broad-leaved species - Quercus acutissima, Fraxinus rhynchophylla, Betula platyphylla var. japonica

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Characteristics of a manager's work in urban family farming from the viewpoint of 'business management work ratio'

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Characteristics of a new source of male sterility in four isocytoplasmic sorghum lines

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Characteristics of a somatic hybrid between Solanum melongena L. and Solanum sanitwongsei Craib

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Characteristics of an indirect evaporation air conditioner for tractor cabs

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Characteristics of carbohydrate nutrition in young male cattle fattened in unheated premises

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Characteristics of cereal and ryegrass greenfeeds which contribute to superior herbage yield in late winter

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Characteristics of coconut coir pith and its utilization in agriculture

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Characteristics of combustible fuels in the Serra da Arrabida

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Characteristics of commodity program recipients

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Characteristics of cow behaviour during milking

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Characteristics of cytokinesis in the cells of higher plants

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Characteristics of development of the symbiotic apparatus and of seed production in different varieties of Vicia sativa

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Characteristics of different varieties in Hibiscus syriacus L. (II) Flowering time, the number of flowers, and tree form

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Characteristics of digestion of linted and lint-free cottonseed in diets for feedlot cattle

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Characteristics of direct sowing and transplanting of ornamental annuals in the forest-steppe zone of Western Siberia

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Characteristics of ecotourists and mass tourists

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Characteristics of electrical conductivity at the start of milking, bimodality and rise time as related to duration of prestimulation

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Characteristics of electrofishing equipment

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Characteristics of far-infrared spectral emission of radish in drying process

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Characteristics of fermented milk produced by slime-forming Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris

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Characteristics of ferrallitic soils with plinthite and petroplinthite formed on acid rocks in the forest area of southern Cameroon. Comparison with soils formed on basic rocks

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Characteristics of forest litters in the Sura basin forest area

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Characteristics of full and part time farmers: a comparative study

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Characteristics of growth and biomass production on the stand density in intensively cultured Robinia pseudoacacia plantation

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Characteristics of intergeneric somatic hybrids of tomato Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. and non-tuberous potato species of the series Etuberosa

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Characteristics of introduced garlic (Allium sativum L.) cultivars and effects of low temperature pretreatment and night interruption in protected winter culture

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Characteristics of rural development

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Characteristics of soil in relation to sugarcane cultivation

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Characteristics of soil science literature

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Characteristics of sports research using the Profile of Mood States

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Characteristics of streamflow at two source watersheds of the Yura River in highland area of Kyoto University Forest in Ashiu

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Characteristics of successful tourism partnerships: a multiple case study design

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Characteristics of Sucrose Transport and Sucrose-Induced H+ Transport on the Tonoplast of Red Beet (Beta vulgaris L.) Storage Tissue

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Characteristics of the National Residue Program of the United States

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Characteristics of the air flow from a pneumatic conveying duct

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Characteristics of the chlorinated organic substances in filtrates from bleaching of oxygen-delignified eucalypt kraft pulp

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Characteristics of the distribution of underground phytomass of salt-tolerant communities of the Baraba forest steppe

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Characteristics of the effect of weeds

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Characteristics of the genesis of the orthopteran fauna of Transcaucasia. 4. Species of the genera of ancient Mediterranean and Turanian origin

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Characteristics of the grassland resources and the analysis of the potential for development of animal husbandry in the Taoer River Valley of Inner Mongolia

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Characteristics of the green fodder perko from consecutive cuts of the principal crop

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Characteristics of the introduction of foods into the diets of infants in Cuba

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Characteristics of the more-innovative farmers and their role in agricultural development

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Characteristics of the necrotic stomatitis and nephrosis syndrome outbreaks of 1990

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Characteristics of the nutrient absorption in asparagus plant

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Characteristics of the pathogenic properties of new strains of viruses from the antigenic complex of California encephalitis, isolated in the Arkhangelsk region

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Characteristics of the pollen grain of some introduced species of spruce

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Characteristics of the reproductive apparatus in tabanids (Diptera: Tabanidae)

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Characteristics of the resistance of the peach cultivar Rubira to Myzus persicae Sulzer

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Characteristics of the secondary vegetation on a felled area of cloud forest, Merida

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Characteristics of the variation of wood quality within keyaki (Zelkova serrata) trees. Horizontal variations of ring width, fibre length, vessel element length, specific gravity and longitudinal compression strength

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Characteristics of the water balances of regulating ponds - a study on an irrigation system consisting of a regulating pond and pipelines (III)

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Characteristics of the weight of foliage in middle-aged Scots pine stands

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Characteristics of thermal conditions observed at Bacyny Research Station in the years 1972-1990

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Characteristics of thermoluminescence bands of Euglena cells belonging to 2 lines presenting different degrees of diuron-resistance

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Characteristics of traditional cheesemaking on the island of La Palma

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Characteristics of triticale varieties bred at Danko Plant Breeding

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Characteristics of trypanosomiasis in children. 19 cases observed at the CNPP, University Clinics of Kinshasa, Zaire

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Characteristics of type 2 Simmental-Ayrshire dairy cattle in Vinnits'ka Oblast'

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Characteristics of utilization and distribution of sagalien fir (Abies sachlinensis Mast.) and Yezo spruce (Picea jezoensis Carr.) in Hokkaido

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Characteristics of warped irrigated soil formation in agricultural areas of some valleys at the northern foot of the western Himalayas

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Characteristics of watermelon transaction and price prediction based on the market information

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Characteristics of whole plant submerging damage and root submerging damage on peanut

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Characteristics of wilful defaulters of dairy finance - an application of discriminant function

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Characteristics of winter and spring triticale varieties bred at the Mayszyn Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Research Station and their reaction to some environmental conditions

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Characteristics of wood products: painted wood

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Characteristics of workers' compensation injuries for logging operations in Louisiana: 1985-1990

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Characteristics of yoghurt-like cultured milks

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Characteristics, growth and development of winter buds in figs (Ficus carica var. sativa L.)

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Characteristics, partial purification and reconstitution of the vacuolar malate transporter of the CAM plant Kalanchoe daigremontiana Hamet et Perrier de la Bathie

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Characterization and agriculture assessment of two 'talpetate' profiles in Nicaragua

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Characterization and amplification of plasmid DNA of Bacillus thuringiensis

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Characterization and analysis of soils using mid-infrared partial least squares. I. Correlations with XRF-determined major element composition

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Characterization and analysis of soils using mid-infrared partial least-squares. II. Correlations with some laboratory data

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Characterization and analysis of sunflower (Helianthus spp.) germplasm

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Characterization and biological activity against Naegleria fowleri of amoebicins produced by Bacillus licheniformis D-13

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Characterization and check of identity of different strains of Toxoplasma gondii by enzymatic profiling

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