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Characterization of Marek's disease virus BamHI-A-specific cDNA clones obtained from a Marek's disease lymphoblastoid cell line

Ohashi, K.; O'Connell, P.H.; Schat, K.A.

Virology 199(2): 275-283


ISSN/ISBN: 0042-6822
PMID: 8122361
DOI: 10.1006/viro.1994.1125
Accession: 002576976

A cDNA library was constructed from poly(A)+ RNA fractions obtained from a Marek's disease (MD) lymphoblastoid cell line, MDCC-CU41, in which viral gene expression is very limited. Three independent groups (1, 2, and 3) of MD virus (MDV)-specific clones were obtained, which were mapped in the inverted repeat region of the BamHI-A fragment of the MDV genome. Northern blot analysis showed that probes prepared from these cDNA clones hybridized with several transcripts of different sizes in poly(A)+ RNA of MDCC-CU41, although the amounts of these transcripts were relatively small compared to those in MDV lytically infected cells. Moreover, a small open reading frame, which can encode a 94-amino-acid protein, was identified in the A41 cDNA clone (Group 3). By RNase protection assays, the 1.2-kb Group 3 transcriptional unit has been defined. In indirect immunofluorescent antibody assays, antiserum against the bacterially expressed fusion protein, glutathione S-transferase-A41, reacted specifically with the cytoplasmic regions of MDV (strain RB1B)-infected chick kidney cells. However, MDCC-CU41 did not contain a detectable level of the protein determined by these methods.

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