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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2578

Chapter 2578 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sarma, T. A.; Singh, R., 1995: Characterization of TS-mutants of cyanophage N-1 by their activation by physical and chemical agents

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Section 3, Chapter 2578, Accession 002577003

Tiainen, T.; Larsen, J. L.; Pelkonen, S., 1994: Characterization of Vibrio anguillarum strains isolated from diseased fish in Finland

Bouzar, H.; Ahmed, N. E.; Somodi, G. C.; Jones, J. B.; Stall, R. E., 1994: Characterization of Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria strains from tomato and pepper grown in Sudan

Gerritsen, L. J. M.; Krasomil Osterfeld, K. C., 1994: Characterization of Xenorhabdus and Photorhabdus strains and form variants. Summary of a practical workshop session

Jurikova, K.; Gottwaldova, B.; Jackova, S.; Subik, J., 1995: Characterization of Yersinia enterocolitica isolated from the oral cavity of swines in Slovakia

Messi, P.; Licata, E.; Manicardi, G.; Fabio, A.; Bondi, M.; Quaglio, P., 1994: Characterization of Yersinia enterocolitica strains recovered from pigs

Hatano, Renpei; Scott, Jeffrey G., 1993: Characterization of abamectin binding in susceptible and abamectin resistant strains of house fly

Lavrovsky, Yan; Abraham, Nader G.; Levere, Richard D.; Lavrosky, Vadim; Schwartzman, Michal L.; Kappas, Attallah, 1994: Characterization of a 142-bp fragment of the murine c-fos oncogene promoter upstream of the SIF-binding element

Sugiyama, Masao; Kuniyoshi, Hisato; Kotani, Eiji; Taniai, Kiyoko; Kadono Okuda, Keiko; Kato, Yusuke; Yamamoto, Masanori; Shimabukuro, Michio; Chowdhury, Subrata; Xu, Jinhua; Choi, Su Kyung; Kataoka, Hiroshi; Suzuki, Akinori; Yamakawa, Minoru, 1995: Characterization of a Bombyx mori cDNA encoding a novel member of the attacin family of insect antibacterial proteins

Peer, C. W.; Painter, M. H.; Rasche, M. E.; Ferry, J. G., 1994: Characterization of a CO:heterodisulfide oxidoreductase system from acetate-grown Methanosarcina thermophila

Xie, S. P.; Lam, E., 1994: Characterization of a DNA topoisomerase II cDNA from Arabidopsis thaliana

Denker, John A.; Nilsen, Timothy W., 1994: Characterization of a DNA-binding factor that recognizes the 22-base pair trans-spliced leader sequence in Ascaris lumbricoides

Orser, Cindy S.; Dutton, James; Lange, Cleston; Jablonski, Peter; Xun, Luying; Hargis, Mike, 1993: Characterization of a Flavobacterium glutathione S-transferase gene involved in reductive dechlorination

Groenen, M. A. M.; Dijkhof, R. J. M.; Poel, J. J. van der, 1995: Characterization of a GlyCAM1-like gene (glycosylation-dependent adhesion molecule 1) which is highly and specifically expressed in the lactating bovine mammary gland

Jansson, S.; Gustafsson, P., 1994: Characterization of a Lhcb5 cDNA from Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris)

Nohynek, Liisa J.; Haggblom, Max M.; Palleroni, Norberto J.; Kronqvist, Kaarina; Nurmiaho Lassila, Eeva Liisa; Salkinoja Solonen, Mirja, 1993: Characterization of a Mycobacterium fortuitum strain capable of degrading polychlorinated phenolic compounds

Scherf, A.; Petersen, C.; Carter, R.; Alano, P.; Nelson, R.; Aikawa, M.; Mattei, D.; Pereira da Silva, L.; Leech, J., 1992: Characterization of a Plasmodium falciparum mutant that has deleted the majority of the gametocyte-specific Pf11-1 locus

Pooyan, S.; George, M. L. C.; Borthakur, D., 1994: Characterization of a Rhizobium etli chromosomal gene required for nodule development on Phaseolus vulgaris L

Jimenez Zurdo, Jose I.; Van Dillewijn, Pieter; Soto, Maria J.; De Felipe, Maria R.; Olivares, Jose; Toro, Nicolas, 1995: Characterization of a Rhizobium meliloti proline dehydrogenase mutant altered in nodulation efficiency and competitiveness on alfalfa roots

Shaw, Edward I.; Wood, David O., 1994: Characterization of a Rickettsia rickettsii DNA fragment analogous to the firA-ORF17-lpxA region of Escherichia coli

Van Breusegem, Frank; Dekeyser, Rudy; Gielsen, Jan; Van Montagu, Marc; Caplan, Allan, 1994: Characterization of a S-adenosylmethionine synthetase gene in rice

Adiwiganda, R.; Koedadiri, A. D.; Poeloengan, Z., 1993: Characterization of a Spodosol of the Minas Geological Formation (Qpmi)

Ward, Dj; Somkuti, Ga, 1995: Characterization of a bacteriocin produced by Streptococcus thermophilus ST134

Wang, X. Z.; Long, Q. X.; Xie, W. D.; Pang, Y.; Pu, Z. L., 1993: Characterization of a baculovirus protein kinase and phosphorylation and de-phosphorylation of the virus basic core protein

Kortt, A. A.; Caldwell, J. B.; Lilley, G. G.; Edwards, R.; Vaughan, J.; Stewart, D. J., 1994: Characterization of a basic serine proteinase (pI 9.5) secreted by virulent strains of Dichelobacter nodosus and identification of a distinct, but closely related, proteinase secreted by benign strains

Bono, Jean Jacques; Riond, Joselle; Nicolaou, K. C.; Bockovich, Nicholas J.; Estevez, Virginia A.; Cullimore, Julie V.; Ranjeva, Raoul, 1995: Characterization of a binding site for chemically synthesized lipo-oligosaccharidic NodRm factors in particulate fractions prepared from roots

Johnsen, Lb; Sorensen, Es; Petersen, Te; Berglund, L., 1995: Characterization of a bovine mammary gland PP3 cDNA reveals homology with mouse and rat adhesion molecule GlyCAM-1

Winicov, Ilga; Deutch, Charles E., 1994: Characterization of a cDNA clone from salt-tolerant alfalfa cells that identifies salt-inducible root-specific transcripts

Section 3, Chapter 2578, Accession 002577036

Lu, Yt; Dharmasiri, Man; Harrington, Hm, 1995: Characterization of a cDNA encoding a novel heat-shock protein that binds to calmodulin

Zhao, Yan; Watson, John C.; Kung, Shain Dow; Bottino, Paul J., 1995: Characterization of a cDNA encoding ribosomal protein S16 in rice

Pogson, Bj; Davies, C., 1995: Characterization of a cDNA encoding the protein moiety of a putative arabinogalactan protein from Lycopersicon esculentum

Mckenna, Ilda Melo; Chaney, Rufus L., 1995: Characterization of a cadmium-zinc complex in lettuce leaves

Mi, F; Peters, Js; Berkowitz, Ga, 1994: Characterization of a chloroplast inner envelope K+ channel

Ergas, Sarina J.; Kinney, Kerry; Fuller, Mark E.; Scow, Kate M., 1994: Characterization of a compost biofiltration system degrading dichloromethane

John, M. E., 1995: Characterization of a cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) fiber mRNA (Fb-B6)

Ahmad, M. H.; Morgan, V., 1994: Characterization of a cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) rhizobiophage and its effect on cowpea nodulation and growth

Song, Chul Yong; Kim, Tong Soo, 1994: Characterization of a cysteine proteinase from adult worms of Paragonimus westermani

Ekramoddoullah, Abul K. M.; Taylor, Doug; Hawkins, Barbara J., 1995: Characterization of a fall protein of sugar pine and detection of its homologue associated with frost hardiness of western white pine needles

Tague, Bw; Goodman, Hm, 1995: Characterization of a family of Arabidopsis zinc finger protein cDNAs

Pozueta Romero, J.; Klein, M.; Houlne, G.; Schantz, M. L.; Meyer, B.; Schantz, R., 1995: Characterization of a family of genes encoding a fruit-specific wound-stimulated protein of bell pepper (Capsicum annuum): identification of a new family of transposable elements

Vershinin, A; Svitashev, S; Gummesson, Po; Salomon, B; Bothmer, R. Von; Bryngelsson, T., 1994: Characterization of a family of tandemly repeated DNA sequences in Triticeae

Gbenle, G. O., 1993: Characterization of a filtrable 3'-nucleotidase of Leishmania donovani

Kelly, A. J.; Meeks Wagner, D. R., 1995: Characterization of a gene transcribed in the L2 and L3 layers of tobacco shoot apical meristem

Rhodes, Craig; Yamada, Yoshihiko, 1995: Characterization of a glucocorticoid responsive element and identification of an AT-rich element that regulate the link protein gene

Weston, Kim; Hall, J. L.; Williams, Lorraine E., 1994: Characterization of a glutamine/proton cotransporter from Ricinus communis roots using isolated plasma membrane vesicles

Grebenstein, B.; Grebenstein, O.; Sauer, W.; Hemleben, V., 1995: Characterization of a highly repeated DNA component of perennial oats (Helictotrichon, Poaceae) with sequence similarity to a A-genome-specific satellite DNA of rice (Oryza)

Section 3, Chapter 2578, Accession 002577059

Section 3, Chapter 2578, Accession 002577060

Orr, W; White, Tc; Iu, B; Robert, L; Singh, J., 1995: Characterization of a low-temperature-induced cDNA from winter Brassica napus encoding the 70 kDa subunit of tonoplast ATPase

De Vetten, Nick C.; Ferl, Robert J., 1995: Characterization of a maize G-box binding factor that is induced by hypoxia

Iwami, K.; Kanaya, M.; Ibuki, F., 1994: Characterization of a major bile acid-binding peptide from the peptic-pancreatic digest of soya protein

McGoldrick, J. P.; Yeh, Y. C.; Solomon, M.; Essigmann, J. M.; Lu, A. L., 1995: Characterization of a mammalian homolog of the Escherichia coli MutY mismatch repair protein

Takahashi, Ryoji; Akiyama, Takashi, 1993: Characterization of a melanin associated with low temperature-induced browning in soybean seed coats

Section 3, Chapter 2578, Accession 002577067

Shi, Huiping; Teng, Christina T., 1994: Characterization of a mitogen-response unit in the mouse lactoferrin gene promoter

Banerjee, Rina; Ginsburg, Erika; Vonderhaar, Barbara K., 1993: Characterization of a monoclonal antibody against human prolactin receptors

Ghebranious, Nader; Knoll, Brian J.; Wu, Hongyun; Lozano, Guillermina; Sell, Stewart, 1995: Characterization of a murine p53ser246 mutant equivalent to the human p53ser249 associated with hepatocellular carcinoma and aflatoxin exposure

Tomoda, Masashi; Matsumoto, Keiko; Shimizu, Noriko; Gonda, Ryoko; Ohara, Naoko, 1993: Characterization of a neutral and an acidic polysaccharide having immunological activities from the root of Paeonia lactiflora

Wimalasena, S.; Karunawansha, E., 1994: Characterization of a new aryl alkanone and other compounds present in Horsfieldia irya seeds

Guo, Y; Wang, M; Kawaoka, Y; Gorman, O; Ito, T; Saito, T; Webster, Rg, 1992: Characterization of a new avian-like influenza A virus from horses in China

Ngan, V; Vacano, G; Bond, U; James, T., 1995: Characterization of a new class of transcribed repetitive DNA sequence which also exists as a hybrid with HP1 mRNA; potential for site-specific recombination in Drosophila melanogaster

Yakimov, Michail M.; Timmis, Kenneth N.; Wray, Victor; Fredrickson, Herbert L., 1995: Characterization of a new lipopeptide surfactant produced by thermotolerant and halotolerant subsurface Bacillus licheniformis BAS50

Falk, A; Ek, B; Rask, L., 1995: Characterization of a new myrosinase in Brassica napus

Monsalve, R. I.; Gonzalez de la Pena, M. A.; Menendez Arias, L.; Lopez Otin, C.; Villalba, M.; Rodriguez, R. , 1993: Characterization of a new oriental-mustard (Brassica juncea) allergen, Bra j IE: detection of an allergenic epitope

Blasco, Rafael; Castillo, Francisco, 1993: Characterization of a nitrophenol reductase from the phototrophic bacterium Rhodobacter capsulatus E1F1

Temple, S. J.; Heard, J.; Ganter, G.; Dunn, K.; Sengupta Gopalan, C., 1995: Characterization of a nodule-enhanced glutamine synthetase from alfalfa: nucleotide sequence, in situ localization, and transcript analysis

Johnson, J. L.; Beito, T. G.; Krco, C. J.; Toft, D. O., 1994: Characterization of a novel 23-kilodalton protein of unactive progesterone receptor complexes

Ohara, Naoko; Tomoda, Masashi; Shimizu, Noriko; Gonda, Ryoko, 1994: Characterization of a novel acidic polysaccharide with immunological activities from the rhizome of Cnidium officinale

Teramoto, Y.; Matsuse, I.; Koga, T.; Ueda, S., 1994: Characterization of a novel antimycotic agent, cinnamyl benzoate, using yeast-phase Sporothrix schenckii

Whyard, Steven; Downe, Aylward E. R.; Walker, Virginia K., 1995: Characterization of a novel esterase conferring insecticide resistance in the mosquito Culex tarsalis

Tomoda, Masashi; Ohara, Naoko; Shimizu, Noriko; Gonda, Ryoko, 1994: Characterization of a novel glucan, which exhibits reticuloendothelial system-potentiating and anti-complementary activities, from the rhizome of Cnidium officinale

Heikinheimo, R.; Flego, D.; Pirhonen, M.; Karlsson, M. B.; Eriksson, A.; Mae, A.; Koiv, V.; Palva, E. T., 1995: Characterization of a novel pectate lyase from Erwinia carotovora subsp. carotovora

Pontes De Carvalho, Lain C.; Tomlinson, Stephen; Vandekerckhove, Filip; Bienen, E. Jay; Clarkson, Allen B.; Jiang, Man Shiow; Hart, Gerald W.; Nussenzweig, Victor, 1993: Characterization of a novel trans-sialidase of Trypanosoma brucei procyclic trypomastigotes and identification of procyclin as the main sialic acid acceptor

Mitsuhashi, W.; Kawakita, H.; Watanabe, K.; Sato, M., 1995: Characterization of a nuclear polyhedrosis virus from Cyclophragma yamadai (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae)

Keddie, A; Erlandson, M., 1995: Characterization of a nuclear polyhedrosis virus from the forest tent caterpillar, Malacosoma disstria

Section 3, Chapter 2578, Accession 002577093

Niebel, Andreas; Heungens, Kurt; Barthels, Nathalie; Inze, Dirk; Van Montagu, Marc; Gheysen, Godelieve, 1995: Characterization of a pathogen-induced potato catalase and its systemic expression upon nematode and bacterial infection

Delhaize, E; Randall, Pj, 1995: Characterization of a phosphate-accumulator mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana

Fediere, G.; Taha, A. A.; Veyrunes, J. C.; Lery, X.; Zeddam, J. L.; Abol Ela, S.; El Husseini, M.; Giannotti, J., 1994: Characterization of a picorna-like virus isolated from the maize stem borer Sesamia cretica Led. (Noctuidae) in Egypt

Shi, Jinrui; Gonzales, Robert A.; Bhattacharyya, Madam K., 1995: Characterization of a plasma membrane-associated phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C from soybean

Section 3, Chapter 2578, Accession 002577098

Symons, Fiona M.; Murray, Peter J.; Ji, Hong; Simpson, Richard J.; Osborn, Amelia H.; Cappai, Roberto; Handman, Emanuela, 1994: Characterization of a polymorphic family of integral membrane proteins in promastigotes of different Leishmania species

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Pinter, J.; Thomas, P., 1995: Characterization of a progestogen receptor in the ovary of the spotted seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus

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Chen, Weining; Blanc, Julian; Lim, Louis, 1994: Characterization of a promiscuous GTPase-activating protein that has a Bcr-related domain from Caenorhabditis elegans

Takeuchi, Michio; Hayano, Koichi, 1994: Characterization of a protease component extracted from a paddy soil under monoculture of rice

Cheung, Andrew K.; Fang, Jing; Wesley, Ronald D., 1994: Characterization of a pseudorabies virus that is defective in the early protein 0 and latency genes

Lawson, P.; Dainty, R. H.; Kristiansen, N.; Berg, J.; Collins, M. D., 1994: Characterization of a psychrotrophic Clostridium causing spoilage in vacuum-packed cooked pork: description of Clostridium algidicarnis sp. nov

Epstein, Douglas J.; Bardeesy, Nabeel; Vidal, Silvia; Malo, Danielle; Weith, Andreas; Vekemans, Michel; Gros, Philippe, 1994: Characterization of a region-specific library of microclones in the vicinity of the Bcg and splotch loci on mouse chromosome 1

Goodier, John L.; Davidson, William S., 1994: Characterization of a repetitive element detected by NheI in the genomes of Salmo species

Tatum, F. M.; Briggs, R. E., 1994: Characterization of a restriction endonuclease from Pasteurella haemolytica serotype 1 and construction of a gene-replacement aroA mutant

Bovo, G.; Olesen, N. J.; Jorgensen, P. E. V.; Ahne, W.; Winton, J. R., 1995: Characterization of a rhabdovirus isolated from carpione Salmo trutta carpio in Italy

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Xu, Y; Buchholz, Wg; Derose, Rt; Hall, Tc, 1995: Characterization of a rice gene family encoding root-specific proteins

Argentine, Joseph A.; James, Anthony A., 1995: Characterization of a salivary gland-specific esterase in the vector mosquito, Aedes aegypti

Koval, A.; Kulik, V.; Duguay, S.; Plisetskaya, E.; Adamo, M. L.; RobertsC. T.Jr.; Leroith, Derek; Kavsan, V., 1994: Characterization of a salmon insulin-like growth factor I promoter

Yen, He; Edwards, Ge; Grimes, Hd, 1994: Characterization of a salt-responsive 24-kilodalton glycoprotein in Mesembryanthemum crystallinum

Section 3, Chapter 2578, Accession 002577119

Grenier, Eric; Laumond, Christian; Abad, Pierre, 1995: Characterization of a species-specific satellite DNA from the entomopathogenic nematode Steinernema carpocapsae

Section 3, Chapter 2578, Accession 002577121

Sina, Barbara J.; Wright, Craig; Atkinson, Carter T.; Ballou, Ripley; Aikawa, Masamichi; Hollingdale, Michael, 1995: Characterization of a sporozoite antigen common to Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium berghei

Smart, Christine D.; Fulbright, Dennis W., 1995: Characterization of a strain of Cryphonectria parasitica doubly infected with hypovirulence-associated dsRNA viruses

Singh, B.; Fisher, K. R. S.; Yadav, B. R.; Basrur, P. K., 1994: Characterization of a translocation and its impact on fertility in the pig

Hingamp, Pm; Leyland, Ml; Webb, J; Twigger, S; Mayer, Rj; Dixon, Lk, 1995: Characterization of a ubiquitinated protein which is externally located in African swine fever virions

Leuschner, Renata G. K.; Arendt, Elke K.; Hammes, Walter P., 1993: Characterization of a virulent Lactobacillus sake phage PWH2

Pineros, M; Tester, M., 1995: Characterization of a voltage-dependent Ca2+-selective channel from wheat roots

Liao, Yu Cai; Kreuzaler, Fritz; Fischer, Rainer; Reisener, Hans Joachim; Tiburzy, Reinhard, 1994: Characterization of a wheat class Ib chitinase gene differentially induced in isogenic lines by infection with Puccinia graminis

Frank, V.; Tamova, G.; Farkas, V., 1994: Characterization of a white mutant of Trichoderma viride obtained by cadmium treatment

Fambrini, M.; Pugliesi, C.; Vernieri, P.; Pardossi, A.; Baroncelli, S., 1994: Characterization of a wilty sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) mutant. II. Water relations, stomatal conductance, abscisic acid content in leaves and xylem sap of plants subjected to water deficiency

Fambrini, M.; Vernieri, P.; Toncelli, M. L.; Rossi, V. D.; Pugliesi, C., 1995: Characterization of a wilty sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) mutant. III. Phenotypic interaction in reciprocal grafts from wilty mutant and wild-type plants

Saha, P.; Manoranjan Singh, 1995: Characterization of a winged bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) protein kinase with calmodulin-like domain: regulation by autophosphorylation

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Welsh, W.; Bushuk, W.; Roca, W.; Singh, S. P., 1995: Characterization of agronomic traits and markers of recombinant inbred lines from intra- and interracial poulations of Phaseolus vulgaris L

Section 3, Chapter 2578, Accession 002577140

Jakobsons, J.; Hortling, B.; Erins, P.; Sundquist, J., 1995: Characterization of alkali soluble fraction of steam exploded birch wood

Becker, W. M.; Petersen, A.; Schlaak, M., 1993: Characterization of allergens of timothy (Phleum pratense)

Singh, V. K.; Singh, D. K., 1995: Characterization of allicin as a molluscicidal agent in Allium sativum (garlic)

Weston, K; Hall, Jl; Williams, Le, 1995: Characterization of amino-acid transport in Ricinus communis roots using isolated membrane vesicles

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Cao, H; Bowling, Sa; Gordon, As; Dong, X., 1994: Characterization of an Arabidopsis mutant that is nonresponsive to inducers of systemic acquired resistance

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Gonda, Ryoko; Tomoda, Masashi; Shimizu, Noriko; Ohara, Naoko; Takagi, Hiroko; Hoshino, Shinobu, 1994: Characterization of an acidic polysaccharide with immunological activities from the tuber of Pinellia ternata

Chen, Ridong; Aguirre, Penny J.; Smith, Alan G., 1994: Characterization of an anther- and tapetum-specific gene encoding a glycine-rich protein from tomato

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Wong, S. M.; Chng, C. G.; Chng, C. Y.; Chong, P. L., 1994: Characterization of an isolate of zucchini yellow mosaic virus from cucumber in Singapore

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Section 3, Chapter 2578, Accession 002577168

Paik, Young Ki; Reardon, Catherine A.; Taylor, John M.; Choi, Byung Kwon, 1995: Characterization of an upstream regulatory sequence and its binding protein in the mouse apolipoprotein E gene

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Rizzo, D. M.; Dougherty, D. E., 1994: Characterization of aquifer properties using artificial neural networks: neural kriging

Section 3, Chapter 2578, Accession 002577177

Langvik, Vivi Ann; Akerback, Nina; Holmbom, Bjarne, 1994: Characterization of aromatic structures in humic and fulvic acids

Cornel, Fiona A.; Plaxton, William C., 1994: Characterization of asparaginyl endopeptidase activity in endosperm of developing and germinating castor oil seeds

Silver, Gm; Fall, R., 1995: Characterization of aspen isoprene synthase, an enzyme responsible for leaf isoprene emission to the atmosphere

Balhadere, Pascale; Evans, Adrian A. F., 1994: Characterization of attractiveness of excised root tips of resistant and susceptible plants for Meloidogyne naasi

Yager, Dd; Spangler, Hg, 1995: Characterization of auditory afferents in the tiger beetle, Cicindela marutha Dow

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Mansfield, J.; Jenner, C.; Hockenhull, R.; Bennett, M. A.; Stewart, R., 1994: Characterization of avrPphE, a gene for cultivar-specific avirulence from Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola which is physically linked to hrpY, a new hrp gene identified in the halo-blight bacterium

Savela, M. L.; Uosukainen, M., 1994: Characterization of bacteria contaminating tissue cultures of apple rootstock 'YP'

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