Section 3
Chapter 2,582

Combined effect of Gamacide 20 and UV irradiation on green hydra (Hydra viridissima Pallas)

Kopjar, N.; Kalafatic, M.; Znidaric, D.

Biologia (Bratislava) 49(3): 371-375


ISSN/ISBN: 0006-3088
Accession: 002581198

In individuals of Hydra viridissima treated with Gamacide 20 [lindane] and UV irradiation, considerable contraction in and damage to the tentacles and hypostome were observed. During regeneration, malformations occurred, most frequently in the oral region. Zymogen and interstitial cells were important during regeneration, restoring lost and damaged cells. All treated animals budded more frequently than untreated controls and lindane was the strongest budding stimulator.

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