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Comparative feeding value of forages from two cereal-legume based cropping systems for beef production from crossbred (Bos taurus x Bos indicus) steers and subsequent performance of underfed and realimented steers

Umunna, N.N.; Osuji, P.O.; Khalili, H.; Nsahlai, I.V.; Crosse, S.

Animal Science 61(1): 35-42


Accession: 002581987

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In a 250-day growth trial 24 Friesian x Boron steers (mean liveweight 157 kg) were fed on feeds produced from cereal-legume cropping systems: cropping system 1 consisted of oat-vetch (Avena sativa, Vicia dasycarpa , wheat-trifolium (Triticum aestivum, Trifolium steudneri), teff (Eragrostis tef) and chickpea (Pisum sp.); cropping system 2 differed from 1 in that the maize-lablab (Zea mays, Lablab purpureus) replaced wheat-trifolium.

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