Composition of fine fractions in vertic horizons of natural vertisols and those of soils compacted under irrigation

Artemyeva, Z.S.; Alekseyeva, T.V.; Samoilova, Y.M.

Moscow University Soil Science Bulletin 46(3): 42-48


ISSN/ISBN: 0147-6874
Accession: 002584097

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The composition of fine fractions of Chernozems, Solonetz, Vertisols and meadow compacted soils in the Omsk, Moldova and Stavropol regions, Russia, respectively, was investigated. after irrigation with fresh water the plough horizons of Chernozems showed increased swelling and contained non-silicate forms of Si. The same processes occurred in the less developed soils. The vertic and compacted horizons were not always enriched with smectites but they always contained amorphous forms of Si. In Chernozems the poorly oxidizable organic matter in the colloidal and subcolloidal fractions was increased together with an increase in their optical density. The COLE value of the fine fractions indicated a correlation between the extent of swelling and the size of the fine fraction and the content of smectite compounds and amorphous Si.