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Delta-opioid peptide receptors in muscles from obese diabetic and normal mice

Peptides (Tarrytown) 16(2): 361-364

Delta-opioid peptide receptors in muscles from obese diabetic and normal mice

Autoradiography was used to study the opioid receptors in soleus and extensor digitorum longus (EDL) muscles from normal mice and mice with type II diabetes. Binding sites for (125I)beta-endorphin were present on the surface membranes in muscles from normal mice. The density of receptors was higher in muscles from obese diabetic mice. The specific delta-opioid ligands DPDPE and (D-Ala-2)deltorphin-II inhibited the binding of (125I)beta-endorphin whereas mu and kappa agonists did not. Therefore, the opioid receptor present in skeletal muscle fibers of the mouse is of the 6 subtype and the number of these receptors is increased in type II diabetes in the mouse.

Accession: 002590253

PMID: 7784267

DOI: 10.1016/0196-9781(94)00185-5

Download PDF Full Text: Delta-opioid peptide receptors in muscles from obese diabetic and normal mice

Related references

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