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Dietary survey of the elderly in selected areas of China

Xihe, Z.; Anna, X.; Zhimei, W.; Jin, B.; Xiaoshu, C.

Age and Nutrition 3(1): 78-81


Accession: 002594442

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In 1986-87, food intake was estimated by 24-h recall or 3-day food records for 985 persons 60 to 75 years old and 1183 persons 45 to 59 years old living in 6 areas of China. Average energy intake as a percentage of Chinese Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) was 88 and 84% for middle-aged men and women, respectively, and 100 and 82% for elderly men and women. Protein supplied on average 11 to 12% of total energy. Proportion of energy derived from fat ranged from 17% in the rural area of Huairou to 30% in Beijing. Intakes of thiamin and nicotinic acid were well above RDA for most persons, but calcium and riboflavin intakes were low.