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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 2596

Chapter 2596 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Coleman, T.L.; Tadesse, W., 1995:
Differentiating soil physical properties from multiple band DOQ data

Biggelaar, C. den, 1994:
Differentiating the nature of agroforestry systems and agroforestry knowledge among farmers in Southern Rwanda: participatory and formal approaches as complementary methods

Presa Owens, C. de la; Lamuela Raventos, R.M.; Buxaderas, S.; Torre Boronat, M.C. de la, 1995:
Differentiation and grouping characteristics of varietal grape musts from Penedes region (I)

Rozes, N.; Garcia Jares, C.; Larue, F.; Lonvaud Funel, A., 1992:
Differentiation between fermenting and spoilage yeasts in wine by total free fatty acid analysis

Ishikawa, K.; Jin yama, M.; Saitoh, A.; Takagi, M.; Muramatsu, M.; Itoh, O., 1995:
Differentiation between glycoprotein III gene-deleted vaccine and wild-type strains of pseudorabies virus by polymerase chain reaction (PCR)

Awad-el-Kariem, F.M.; Robinson, H.A.; Dyson, D.A.; Evans, D.; Wright, S.; Fox, M.T.; McDonald, V., 1995:
Differentiation between human and animal strains of Cryptosporidium parvum using isoenzyme typing

Alfredsen, S.A., 1992:
Differentiation between parasitic interstitial hepatitis and mycobacterial lesions in pig livers

Skrzypczynska, M.; Nijveldt, WC.; Grijpma, P., 1993:
Differentiation between the larvae of Resseliella piceae and R. skuhravyorum (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)

Zaayen, A. van; Blank, C.M. de; Bouwen, I., 1994:
Differentiation between two potyviruses in Alstroemeria

Konecka Betley, K.; Czepinska Kaminska, D., 1993:
Differentiation in the content of organic matter in hydrogenic soils of various degrees of transformation

Kochan, G.; Lipowski, A.; Ficińska, J.; Szewczyk, B., 1994:
Differentiation of Aujeszky's disease virus strains isolated in Poland using DNA biotinylated probes

Averbeck, G.A.; Vanek, J.A.; Stromberg, B.E.; Laursen, J.R., 1995:
Differentiation of Baylisascaris species, Toxocara canis, and Toxascaris leonina infections in dogs

Bricker, B.J.; Halling, S.M., 1994:
Differentiation of Brucella abortus bv. 1, 2, and 4, Brucella melitensis, Brucella ovis, and Brucella suis bv. 1 by PCR

Riesenberg, A., 1994:
Differentiation of Campylobacter fetus subspecies by polymorphism of the length of restriction fragments

Freeman, S.; Rodriguez, R.J., 1995:
Differentiation of Colletotrichum species responsible for anthracnose of strawberry by arbitrarily primed PCR

Douchet, C.; Barrabes, A.; Therizol Ferly, M.; Richard Lenoble, D., 1995:
Differentiation of Cryptococcus humicolus and Trichosporon mucoides using direct agglutination

Irokanulo, E.A.; Akueshi, C.O.; Makinde, A.A., 1994:
Differentiation of Cryptococcus neoformans serotypes A and D using creatinine dextrose bromothymol blue thymine medium

Maki Valkama, T.; Karjalainen, R., 1994:
Differentiation of Erwinia carotovora subsp. atroseptica and carotovora by RAPD-PCR

Hering, O.; Nirenberg, H.I., 1995:
Differentiation of Fusarium sambucinum Fuckel sensu lato and related species by RAPD PCR

Stevenson, L.A.; Chilton, N.B.; Gasser, R.B., 1995:
Differentiation of Haemonchus placei from H. contortus (Nematoda: Trichostrongylidae) by the ribosomal DNA second internal transcribed spacer

Dedio, W.; Seiler, G.J., 1994:
Differentiation of Helianthus species by thin-layer chromatography of leaf extracts

Czajka, J.; Bsat, N.; Piani, M.; Russ, W.; Sultana, K.; Wiedmann, M.; Whitaker, R.; Batt, C.A., 1993:
Differentiation of Listeria monocytogenes and Listeria innocua by 16S rRNA genes and intraspecies discrimination of Listeria monocytogenes strains by random amplified polymorphic DNA polymorphisms

Mahmood, Z.; Ibrahim, A.L.; Della Porta, A.J., 1993:
Differentiation of Malaysian Newcastle disease virus isolates using ELISA and a V4 strain monoclonal antibody panel

Huang, Z.; Smalley, E.; Guries, R., 1995:
Differentiation of Mycosphaerella dearnessii by cultural characters and RAPD analysis

Halmschlager, E.; Messner, R.; Kowalski, T.; Prillinger, H., 1994:
Differentiation of Ophiostoma piceae and Ophiostoma quercus by morphology and RAPD analysis

Richardson, A.E.; Viccars, L.A.; Watson, J.M.; Gibson, A.H., 1995:
Differentiation of Rhizobium strains using the polymerase chain reaction with random and directed primers

Matthews, K.R.; Oliver, S.P., 1994:
Differentiation of Staphylococcus species by polymerase chain reaction-based DNA fingerprinting

Daayf, F.; Nicole, M.; Geiger, J.P.ul, 1995:
Differentiation of Verticillium dahliae populations on the basis of vegetative compatibility and pathogenicity on cotton

Eleftheriou, E.P., 1993:
Differentiation of abnormal sieve elements in roots of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) affected by colchicine

Prevel, P., 1995:
Differentiation of avian pneumovirus isolates by monoclonal antibodies to detect turkey rhinotracheitis antibodies in ELISA

Datta, K.S.; Kumar, A.; Varma, S.K.; Angrish, R., 1995:
Differentiation of chloride and sulphate salinity on the basis of ionic distribution in genetically diverse cultivars of wheat

Mouly, P.P.; Arzouyan, C.R.; Gaydou, E.M.; Estienne, J.M., 1994:
Differentiation of citrus juices by factorial discriminant analysis using liquid chromatography of flavanone glycosides

Poznanski, R., 1993:
Differentiation of coefficients of cutting urgency and cutting possibility for stands managed under a shelterwood system with strip/group fellings

Schwaiger, I.; Vojir, F., 1995:
Differentiation of cow and ewe milk cheeses by means of multivariate statistical methods based on selected fatty acid ratios

Naidu, R.A.; Hu, C.C.; Pennington, R.E.; Ghabrial, S.A., 1995:
Differentiation of eastern and western strains of peanut stunt cucumovirus based on satellite RNA support and nucleotide sequence homology

Keserovic, Z., 1994:
Differentiation of flower initials in almond

Louws, F.J.; Fulbright, D.W.; Stephens, C.T.; Bruijn, F.J. de, 1995:
Differentiation of genomic structure by rep-PCR fingerprinting to rapidly classify Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria

Delwiche, S.; Chen, Y.; Hruschka, W., 1995:
Differentiation of hard red wheat by near-infrared analysis of bulk samples

Nikonova, N.N.; Famelis, T.V.; Sharafutdinov, M.I., 1992:
Differentiation of high-mountain vegetation of the Iremel Massif (southern Urals)

Kohli, S.; Agrawal, M.C., 1995:
Differentiation of mammalian schistosome cercariae on the basis of their furcal tip

Nedbal, M.A.; Philipp, D.P., 1994:
Differentiation of mitochondrial DNA in largemouth bass

Capinera, J.L., 1993:
Differentiation of nymphal instars in Schistocerca americana (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Tee, L.B.; Kirilak, Y.; Huang, W.H.; Morgan, R.H.; Yeoh, G.C., 1994:
Differentiation of oval cells into duct-like cells in preneoplastic liver of rats placed on a choline-deficient diet supplemented with ethionine

Abd-Alla, M.D.; Jackson, T.F.; Gathiram, V.; el-Hawey, A.M.; Ravdin, J.I., 1993:
Differentiation of pathogenic Entamoeba histolytica infections from nonpathogenic infections by detection of galactose-inhibitable adherence protein antigen in sera and feces

Chandran, N.D.J.; Kumanan, K.; Venkatesan, R.A., 1995 :
Differentiation of peste des petits ruminants and rinderpest viruses by neutralisation indices using hyperimmune rinderpest antiserum

Ortega Meder, M.D.; Rivas Gonzalo, J.C.; Vicente, J.L.; Santos Buelga, C., 1994:
Differentiation of pigmented grape varieties by their anthocyanin composition

Silva, L.A.M., 1994:
Differentiation of races of peach palm (Bactris gasipaes Kunth. - Arecaceae). I. Characteristics of the inflorescence and flower

Sowa, W.; Arseniuk, E.; Krysiak, H., 1994:
Differentiation of response in winter triticale varieties and lines to Septoria nodorum

Ryll, M.; Hinz, K.H., 1995:
Differentiation of rough and smooth-type of Salmonella Gallinarum strains by gas-liquid-chromatographic analysis of fatty acids

Kohli, S.; Agrawal, M.C., 1994:
Differentiation of schistosome cercariae with a pH sensitive stain

Zeng, X.F.; Rollinson, D.; Walker, T.; Yi, X.Y., 1993:
Differentiation of schistosome species and strains by DNA hybridization

Haeberlein, I.; Wolf, M.; Mohr, L.; Follmann, H., 1995:
Differentiation of six distinct thioredoxins in seeds of the soybean

Esnard, J.; Potter, T.L.; Zuckerman, B.M., 1994:
Differentiation of six strains of Bacillus thuringiensis by hydrolyzable fatty acid composition

Gorlenko, M.V.; Kozhevin, P.A., 1994:
Differentiation of soil microbial communities by multisubstrate testing

Ibrahim, S.K.; Perry, R.N.; Burrows, P.R.; Hooper, D.J., 1995:
Differentiation of species and populations of Aphelenchoides and of Ditylenchus angustus using a fragment of ribosomal DNA

Suhr, M.; Vrese, M. de; Barth, C.A., 1995:
Differentiation of the beta -galactosidase activity of the host and microflora after yoghurt intake

Kuz' min, V.A., 1995:
Differentiation of the composition and properties due to podzolization on the Baikal-Patom plateau

Sin, F.Y.T.; Suckling, D.M.; Marshall, J.W., 1995:
Differentiation of the endemic New Zealand greenheaded and brownheaded leafroller moths by restriction fragment length variation in the ribosomal gene complex

Hricovsky, I.; Gobo, A.; Revayova, D., 1993:
Differentiation of the inflorescence and subsequent yield of two black currant (Ribes nigrum L.) cultivars

Lev Yadun, S.; Aloni, R., 1995:
Differentiation of the ray system in woody plants

Yu, Chai Hyeock, 1994:
Differentiation of the regenerative cells of the midgut epithelium in the cockroach, Periplaneta japonica

Stubbs, S.; Hutson, R.; James, S.; Collins, M.D., 1994:
Differentiation of the spoilage yeast Zygosaccharomyces bailii from other Zygosaccharomyces species using 18S rDNA as target for a non-radioactive ligase detection reaction

Bedford, I.D.; Briddon, R.W.; Jones, P.; Alkaff, N.; Markham, P.G., 1994:
Differentiation of three whitefly-transmitted geminiviruses from the Republic of Yemen

Benavides, G.R.; Sullivan, J.J.; Steurer, F.; McGraw, R.A.; Tarleton, R.L., 1993:
Differentiation of trypanosomatid species by hybridization to selected rRNA probes

Rush, C.M.; French, R.; Heidel, G.B., 1994:
Differentiation of two closely related furoviruses using the polymerase chain reaction

Dawley, R.M.; Flurkey, W.H., 1993:
Differentiation of tyrosinase and laccase using 4-hexylresorcinol, a tyrosinase inhibitor

Shamanin, V.A.; Pletnev, A.G.; Rubin, S.G.; Zlobin, V.I., 1991:
Differentiation of viruses from the tick-borne encephalitis virus complex by RNA-DNA hybridization

Mahmood Akram; Riffat Nazir, 1994:
Differentiation, de-differentiation and re-differentiation of roots in Rauwolfia leaf callus

Barksdale, S.; Baker, C.C., 1995:
Differentiation-specific alternative splicing of bovine papillomavirus late mRNAs

Tyler, G.; Ström, L., 1995:
Differing organic Acid exudation pattern explains calcifuge and acidifuge behaviour of plants

Magnus, M.H., 1994:
Difficulties in assessing drug/food interactions from chart audit in an elderly Barbadian sample group

Nanayakkara, U., 1994:
Difficulties in entering into a market economy in Sri Lanka with special reference to agricultural produce marketing

Mahadevan, A.P., 1993:
Difficulties in implementing existing national and international standards for dairy products

Gazin, P., 1993:
Difficulties in the diagnosis and treatment of malarial attacks in Europeans living in Burkina Faso

Bremer, E.;, E.; Janzen, H.H., 1995:
Difficulties in using 137Cs to measure erosion in stubble-mulched soil

Leclerc, D., 1994:
Difficulties of Norway spruce natural regeneration in the northern French Alps

Nagao, H.; Wakatabe, D.; Iijima, T., 1994:
Difficulty to establish vegetative compatibility of Japanese isolates of Verticillium dahliae Kleb. using melanin-synthesis deficient mutants

Kelly, D.F.; Newsholme, S.J.; Baker, J.R.; Ricketts, S.W., 1995:
Diffuse alveolar damage in the horse

Velez, I.; Agudelo, S.; Robledo, S.; Jaramillo, L.; Segura, I.; Soccol, V.; Restrepo, S., 1994:
Diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis with mucosal involvement in Colombia, caused by an enzymatic variant of Leishmania panamensis

Kessler, R.; Ifoundza, T.P.; Chaouat, A.; Grunenberger, S.; Weitzenblum, E., 1994:
Diffuse nodular dissemination of thoracic actinomycosis

Fernandez-Miranda, C.; Colina, F.; Delgado, J.M.; Lopez-Carreira, M., 1993:
Diffuse nodular regenerative hyperplasia of the liver associated with human immunodeficiency virus and visceral leishmaniasis

Tiris, M.; Tiris, C.; Ture, I.E., 1995:
Diffuse solar radiation correlations: applications to Turkey and Australia

Abdel-Dayem, H.M.; D.F.brizio, L.; Kowalsky, W.; Aras, T.; Sadik, A.; Kempf, J.; Habbab, M.N.; Pescatore, F.; Bag, R., 1994:
Diffuse thallium lung uptake in Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Lescop, J.; Brinquin, L.; Schill, H.; Soulie, D.; Sarrazin, J.L.; Cordoliani, Y.S., 1995:
Diffuse toxoplasmic encephalitis in an immunocompetent patient

Bramhall, G., 1995:
Diffusion and the drying of wood

Nielsen, T.H.rder; Revsbech, N.P.ter, 1994:
Diffusion chamber for nitrogen-15 determination of coupled nitrification-denitrification around soil-manure interfaces

Liu, J.Y., 1994:
Diffusion coefficient of porous solid obtained from isothermal sorption tests

Koura, S.; Ogasawara, C.; Ueda, S.; Kondo, H.; Taniguchi, E.; Kamoi, M.; Tanaka, T.; Noritake, K.; Kataoka, T., 1994:
Diffusion form of quinoclamine (ACN) giant foaming tablet in paddy field water

Bird, N.R.A.; Dexter, A.R., 1994:
Diffusion from instantaneous sources of differing geometries

Tortajada Esparza, E., 1994:
Diffusion models applied to citrus production in Spain

Breedlove, D.A.; Foley, M.E.; Holt, H.A.; Chaney, W.R., 1994:
Diffusion of 14C-flurprimidol in various carriers through excised silver maple bark

Matsunaga, K.; Suzuki, Y.; Kuma, K.; Kudo, I., 1994:
Diffusion of Fe(II) form an iron propagation cage and its effect on tissue iron and pigments of macroalgae on the the cage

Pilarski, J., 1994:
Diffusion of carbon dioxide through the cork and stomata in lilac

Hirase, K.; Koda, S.; Shimono, S.; Nishida, M.; Asano, T., 1994:
Diffusion of chlornitrofen in water from bubbling tablets and its herbicidal efficacy

Robinson, W.H.; Barlow, R.A., 1993:
Diffusion of disodium octaborate tetrahydrate into southern yellow pine to control wood-infesting beetles

Baldi, M.; Marchetti, R.; Marena, C.; Riganti, V., 1993:
Diffusion of herbicides through surface water

Hirase, K.; Shimono, S.; Asano, T., 1994:
Diffusion of naproanilide in water from bubbling tablets and formation of its metabolite NOP

Reps, A.; Iwanczak, M.; Kolakowski, P.; Kulesza, J., 1995:
Diffusion of sodium and potassium from brine into cheese

Mita, R.; Simmons, R., 1995:
Diffusion of the culture of contraception: program effects on young women in rural Bangladesh

Smiles, D.E.; Gardner, W.R.; Schulz, R.K., 1995:
Diffusion of tritium in arid disposal sites

Goldman, S.; Minkin, L.M., 1993:
Diffusion waves in the soil

Denier Van Der Gon, H.A.C.; Van Breemen, N., 1993:
Diffusion-controlled transport of methane from soil to atmosphere as mediated by rice plants

Lindqvist, R.; Bengtsson, G., 1995:
Diffusion-limited and chemical-interaction-dependent sorption of soil bacteria and microspheres

Nijhof, M.; Klapwijk, A., 1995:
Diffusional transport mechanisms and biofilm nitrification characteristics influencing nitrite levels in nitrifying trickling filter effluents

Abdul Baki, A.A.; Solomos, T., 1994:
Diffusivity of carbon dioxide through the skin and flesh of 'Russet Burbank' potato tubers

Nakagawa, Y.; Matsumura, F., 1994:
Diflubenzuron affects gamma-thioGTP stimulated Ca2+ transport in vitro in intracellular vesicles from the integument of the newly molted American cockroach, Periplaneta americana L

Soltani Mazouni, N.; Delachambre, J.; Soltani, N., 1993:
Diflubenzuron and reproduction of Tenebrio molitor: effect on ovarial incorporation of precursors

Sanchez, C.E.; Rodelas, B.; Martinez Toledo, M.V.; Salmeron, V.; Gonzalez Lopez, J., 1994:
Diflubenzuron and the biological activity of Azospirillum brasilense

Barrows, E.M.; Wolf, S.S.; Lynch, D.M., 1994:
Diflubenzuron effect on yellowjacket (Hymenoptera: Vespidae) worker numbers in a central Appalachian broadleaf forest

Prendergast, B.F.; Yendol, W.G.; Maczuga, S.; Reardon, R.C.; Mclane, W.H.; Miller, D.R.; Mcaneney, M.P., 1995:
Diflubenzuron residue and persistence on an oak forest after aerial application

Haynes, J.E.; Wu, D.; Smith, J.W., 1991:
Diflubenzuron: a synergist for boll weevil insecticides

Garcia Fernandez, J.M.; Gadelle, A.; Defaye, J., 1995:
Difructose dianhydrides from sucrose and fructo-oligosaccharides and their use as building blocks for the preparation of amphiphiles, liquid crystals, and polymers

Paperna, I., 1995:
Digenea (Phylum Platyhelminthes)

Nahhas, F.M.; Wetzel, J.A., 1995:
Digenetic trematodes of marine fishes from Suva, Fiji: the family Gyliauchenidae Ozaki, 1933

Ford, R.J.; Kushwaha, R.L.; Gillies, J.A.; Hwang, C.P., 1993:
Digested sewage sludge processing system

Lonnerdal, Bo, 1994:
Digestibility and absorption of protein in infants

Marteau, P.; Flourié, B.; Cherbut, C.; Corrèze, J.L.; Pellier, P.; Seylaz, J.; Rambaud, J.C., 1994:
Digestibility and bulking effect of ispaghula husks in healthy humans

Andrieu, J., 1995:
Digestibility and energy value prediction of green maize forage

Cuddeford, D.; Pearson, R.A.; Archibald, R.F.; Muirhead, R.H., 1995:
Digestibility and gastro-intestinal transit time of diets containing different proportions of alfalfa and oat straw given to Thoroughbreds, Shetland ponies, Highland ponies and donkeys

Sanderson, M.; Jones, R.; Read, J.; Lippke, H., 1995:
Digestibility and lignocellulose composition of forage corn morphological components

Saiga, S.; Fujie, I.; Iijma, K.; Ochiai, I.; Watanabe, K., 1993:
Digestibility and mineral composition of forages grown at grassland in Iwate Prefecture

Galonja, M.; Jurkovic, Z.; Novoselovic, A., 1993:
Digestibility and nutritive value of raw and toasted barley kernels in pig feeding

Conklin, N.L.; Dierenfeld, E.S.; MacLaughlin, K., 1994:
Digestibility and passage of a zoo diet fed to babirusa (Babyrousa babyrussa)

Anglani, C., 1994:
Digestibility and phenolic substances from meals of sorghum without a pigmented testa

Ben-Ghedalia, D.; Halevi, A.; Miron, J., 1995:
Digestibility by dairy cows of monosaccharide components in diets containing wheat or ryegrass silages

Vesely, P., 1994:
Digestibility of a briquetted complete feed mixture with variously treated cereal

Haddad, S.G.; Grant, R.J.; Klopfenstein, T.J., 1994:
Digestibility of alkali-treated wheat straw measured in vitro or in vivo using Holstein heifers

Groot, J.C.J.; Deinum, B.; Lantinga, E.A.; Neuteboom, J.H., 1994:
Digestibility of cell walls of ageing grass leaves as estimated from in vitro and gas production techniques

Martinez de Acurero, M.; Capo, E.; Chicco, C.F.; Godoy de Leon, S.; Acurero, G.; Quintana, H., 1993:
Digestibility of cellulose in vitro using different sources of phosphorus

Drennan, M.J.; Almiladi, A.A.; Moloney, A.P., 1995:
Digestibility of cereal grains, sugar-beet pulp and molasses in cattle

Herzig, I.; Pisarikova, B.; Vrchlabsky, J.; Standara, S., 1994:
Digestibility of chemically preserved blood in pigs

Czachor, J., 1993:
Digestibility of dried perko feed in feeding young fatteners

Czachor, J., 1993:
Digestibility of dried perko feed in young cattle

Roston, A.J.; Andrade, P. de, 1992:
Digestibility of forages for ruminants: data compilation

Mårtensson, P.E.; Nordøy, E.S.; Blix, A.S., 1994:
Digestibility of krill (Euphausia superba and Thysanoessa sp.) in minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) and crabeater seals (Lobodon carcinophagus)

Terzich, D.; Peiich, D.; Bekrich, V., 1994:
Digestibility of morphological fractions, plants and silages of ZP hybrids

Promma, S.; Tasaki, I.; Cheva Isarakul, B.; Indratula, T., 1994:
Digestibility of neutralized urea-treated rice straw and nitrogen retained in crossbred Holstein steers

Alcicek, A.; Pallauf, J.; Walz, O.P., 1994:
Digestibility of nutrients and cell wall constituents and energy value of green rape and clover grass mixture in sheep

Flis, M.; Lewicki, C., 1994:
Digestibility of nutrients and energy of faba bean (Vicia faba L. minor) in pigs of different body weight

Kozowski, M.; Falkowski, J.; Ramotowski, S., 1994:
Digestibility of nutrients and nitrogen balance in piglets fed on a complete diet containing field bean and fat concentrates

Kozowski, M.; Falkowski, J.; V.V.n Son, 1994:
Digestibility of nutrients and nitrogen balance in piglets fed on diets containing different fat concentrates

Lorek, M.O.; Florek, S.; Gugoek, A.; Rusiecka, I., 1994:
Digestibility of nutrients and nitrogen retention in polar foxes fed on a diet supplemented with a fat concentrate

Simecek, K.; Horakova, L.; Rudolfova, S., 1993:
Digestibility of nutrients in hydrothermally treated cereals assessed at the end of ileum in growing pigs

Furlan, A.C.; Tafuri, M.L.; Rostagno, H.S.; Scapinello, C.; Donzele, J.L., 1994:
Digestibility of phosphorus in rice bran, soyabean oilmeal and wheat bran for growing rabbits

Som, J.N.o; Mouliswar, P.; Daniel, V.A.; Malleshi, N.G.; Rao, S.V.nkat, 1992:
Digestibility of protein and starch in malted weaning foods

Sommer, A.; Ceresnakova, Z.; Szakacs, J.; Chrenkova, M., 1995:
Digestibility of rumen-undegradable crude protein of processed protein feeds in the post-ruminal intestinal tract of ruminants

Siddiqui, S.F.; Pasha, M.K.; Ahmad, F.; Ahmad, M., 1994:
Digestibility of some non-conventional seed proteins

Carré, B.; Gomez, J., 1994:
Digestibility of water-soluble pectin and organic acid losses in intact or cecectomized adult cockerels

Nemade, P.P.; Kukde, R.J.; Kuralkar, S.V.; Arbat, S.A., 1994:
Digestibility trials on jowar fodders and their combinations with cowpea in lactating cows

Sadiku, S.O.E.; Jauncey, K., 1995:
Digestibility, apparent amino acid availability and waste generation potential of soybean flour:poultry meat meal blend based diets for tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (L.), fingerlings

Tukur, H.M.; Pardal, P.B.; Formal, M.; Toullec, R.; Lallès, J.P.; Guilloteau, P., 1995:
Digestibility, blood levels of nutrients and skin responses of calves fed soyabean and lupin proteins

Gustavsson, A.M., 1994:
Digestibility, crude protein content and dry matter production in leys. A modelling approach to simulations of changes during the growing season

Schwarz, F.J.; Kirchgessner, M., 1993:
Digestibility, growth and carcass composition of carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) fed different starches

Massiot, G.; Lavaud, C., 1993:
Digestibility-inhibiting substances from alfalfa

Moyer, J.R.; Hironaka, R., 1993:
Digestible energy and protein content of some annual weeds, alfalfa, bromegrass, and tame oats

Han, Y.; Baker, D.H., 1994:
Digestible lysine requirement of male and female broiler chicks during the period three to six weeks posthatching

Noy, Y.; Sklan, D., 1995:
Digestion and absorption in the young chick

Langkilde, A.M.; Andersson, H.; Schweizer, T.F.; Würsch, P., 1994:
Digestion and absorption of sorbitol, maltitol and isomalt from the small bowel. A study in ileostomy subjects

Borel, P.; Armand, M.; Pasquier, B.; Senft, M.; Dutot, G.; Melin, C.; Lafont, H.; Lairon, D., 1994:
Digestion and absorption of tube-feeding emulsions with different droplet sizes and compositions in the rat

Petit, H.V.; Ivan, M.; Seoane, J.R.; Flipot, P.M., 1994:
Digestion and duodenal flow in sheep fed hay or silage with or without fish meal supplement

Dhiman, T.R.; Kleinmans, J.; Tessmann, N.J.; Radloff, H.D.; Satter, L.D., 1995:
Digestion and energy balance in lactating dairy cows fed varying ratios of alfalfa silage and grain

Trager, W., 1994:
Digestion and indigestion in malaria parasites

Southgate, D.A., 1995:
Digestion and metabolism of sugars

Petit, H.V.; Veira, D.M., 1994:
Digestion characteristics of beef steers fed silage and different levels of energy with or without protein supplementation

Van Nevel, C.J.;, S.; Demeyer, D.I., 1993:
Digestion in defaunated and refaunated sheep fed soybean oil hydrolysate or crushed toasted soybeans

Gerhardt, R.L.; Fritz, J.O.; Moore, K.J.; Jaster, E.H., 1994:
Digestion kinetics and composition of normal and brown midrib sorghum morphological components

Sénaud, J.; Jouany, J.P.; Lassalas, B.; Bohatier, J., 1995:
Digestion of a dehydrated lucerne/barley diet (70:30) in defaunated, Isotricha-monoinoculated and mixed-fauna-inoculated rumen in sheep

Dalton, J.P.; Smith, A.M.; Clough, K.A.; Brindley, P.J., 1995:
Digestion of haemoglobin by schistosomes: 35 years on

Trimming, B.A.; Bowsher, C.G.; Emes, M.J., 1994:
Digestion of intraplastidic hexosephosphate isomerase by trypsin in preparations of root plastids

Farley, E.B.; Potter, G.D.; Gibbs, P.G.; Schumacher, J.; Murray Gerzik, M., 1995:
Digestion of soybean meal protein in the equine small and large intestine at various levels of intake

Baglieri, A.; Mahé, S.; Benamouzig, R.; Savoie, L.; Tomé, D., 1995:
Digestion patterns of endogenous and different exogenous proteins affect the composition of intestinal effluents in humans

Stalinski, Jerzy, 1994:
Digestion, defecation and food passage rate in the insectivorous bat Myotis myotis

Hoskin, S.O.; Stafford, K.J.; Barry, T.N., 1995:
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Digital change detection of forest conversion of a dry tropical Indian forest region

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Digital elevation model grid size, landscape representation, and hydrologic simulations

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Digital worlds

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Diluted broth culture as a better charcoal based inoculant for legumes

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Dilution of nonpoint-source nitrate in groundwater

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Dimensional stabilization. Summary report

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Dimensions of agribusiness competitiveness from the food processing industry's viewpoint

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Diminishing marginal utility and aesthetic resources

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Diminishing marginal utility and natural resource scenarios

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Dinoflagellida (Phylum Sarcomastigophora)

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Dioclein, a flavanone from the roots of Dioclea grandiflora

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Dioctophyme renale (Goeze, 1782) in subcutaneous tissue in the inguinal region of a dog

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Diospyros kaki varieties for Azerbaijan

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Diospyros virginiana

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Direct acridine orange staining is not a 'miracle' solution to the problem of malaria diagnosis in the field

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Direct activity of human T lymphocytes and natural killer cells against Cryptococcus neoformans

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Direct and acclimatized rooting potential of microcuttings of apple rootstocks multiplied in vitro

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Direct and after effect of selected treatments on Cd and Zn content of spinach biomass

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Direct and correlated response to the index with constraint in selection for body weight and feed conversion ratio in Japanese quail

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Direct and indirect effects of plant genetic variation on enemy impact

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Direct and indirect effects of prior grazing of goldenrod upon the performance of a leaf beetle

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Direct and residual effect of applied sulphur in sunflower based cropping systems

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Direct and residual effect of different forms and levels of magnesium on yield and magnesium uptake in rice

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Direct and residual effect of farmyard manure, sources and levels of phosphorus in summer rice-rainy-season rice cropping sequence

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Direct and residual value for sulphitation cane filter cake as a nitrogen source for crops

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Direct assessment of the adulticidal efficacy of a single dose of ivermectin in bancroftian filariasis

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Direct cloning into the Autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus for generation of recombinant baculoviruses

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Direct control of Hieracium using fertiliser and trace element products

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Direct conversion of cellulosic material to ethanol by the intergeneric fusant Trichoderma reesei QM 9414/Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCIM 3288

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Direct costs of forest reproduction, bee-cycling and the efficiency of pollination modes

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Direct demonstration of nectar reabsorption in the flowers of Grevillea robusta (Proteaceae)

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Direct determination of nitrate and nitrite in soils by use of a hydrodynamic injection probe based on filtration-dialysis processes

Mora, A.; Hermosin, M.C.; Cornejo, J., 1994:
Direct determination of terbacil in soil leachates by HPLC

Terefe, H.; Blaschke, G., 1993:
Direct determination of the enantiomers of halofantrine and its pharmacologically active metabolite N-desbutylhalofantrine by high-performance liquid chromatography

Powell, J., 1995:
Direct distribution of organic produce: sustainable food production in industrialized countries

Kaul, P.; Meyer, E.; Gebauer, S., 1995:
Direct drift of plant protection products - airplane

Richard, G.; Boiffin, J.; Duval, Y., 1995:
Direct drilling of sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) into a cover crop: effects on soil physical conditions and crop establishment

Devi, D.S.R.; Nayar, N.K., 1993:
Direct effect of gamma rays on sprouting in banana variety Nendran (Musa paradisiaca L.)

Gorny, A.G., 1995:
Direct effects of cyclic selection for longer seminal roots in spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Heinz, K.M.; McCutchen, B.F.; Herrmann, R.; Parrella, M.P.; Hammock, B.D., 1995:
Direct effects of recombinant nuclear polyhedrosis viruses on selected nontarget organisms

Nikolelis, D.P.; Krull, U.J., 1994:
Direct electrochemical sensing of insecticides by bilayer lipid membranes

Zaghmout, O.M.F., 1993:
Direct electrophoresis of plasmid DNA into wheat intact cells of embryogenic callus

Masuda, H.; Oohashi, S.I.hi; Tokuji, Y.; Mizue, Y., 1995:
Direct embryo formation from epidermal cells of carrot hypocotyls

Gurel, A.; Tosun, M.; Demir, I., 1994:
Direct embryoid formation in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) anther culture

Calicchia, M.L.; Reger, J.D.; Wang, C.I.N.; Osato, D.W., 1994:
Direct enumeration of Escherichia coli O157:H7 from PetrifilmReg. EC count plates using the PetrifilmReg. test kit - HEC without sample pre-enrichment

Mateu, M.G.; Camarero, J.A.; Giralt, E.; Andreu, D.; Domingo, E., 1995:
Direct evaluation of the immunodominance of a major antigenic site of foot-and-mouth disease virus in a natural host

Tovey, E.R.; Woolcock, A.J., 1994:
Direct exposure of carpets to sunlight can kill all mites

Moran, M.A.; Torsvik, V.L.; Torsvik, T.; Hodson, R.E., 1993:
Direct extraction and purification of rRNA for ecological studies

Schauff, M., 1995:
Direct farm sales of raw milk and raw milk products according to the new Milk Regulation or adapted regulations concerning milk products

Rey, C., 1993:
Direct field sowing of thyme (Thymus vulgaris L.)

Chattopadhyay, P.; Sahoo, B.N., 1993:
Direct flame atomic absorption spectrophotometric determination of Mn in rocks, nodules, soils and related materials using tartaric acid-KCL-SrCl2 mixture

Waigmann, E.; Lucas, W.J.; Citovsky, V.; Zambryski, P., 1994:
Direct functional assay for tobacco mosaic virus cell-to-cell movement protein and identification of a domain involved in increasing plasmodesmal permeability

Goldberg, D.M.; Karumanchiri, A.; Ng, E.; Yan, J.; Diamandis, P.; Soleas, G.J., 1995:
Direct gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric method to assay cis-resveratrol in wines: preliminary survey of its concentration in commercial wines

Bahramian, M.B.; Zarbl, H., 1994:
Direct gene quantitation by PCR reveals differential accumulation of ectopic enzyme in rat-1 cells, v-fos transformants, and revertants

Ikeobi, C.O.N.; Ngere, L.O., 1994:
Direct genetic and additive maternal effects on swine litter size and weight in a tropical environment

Mateos, P.F.; Baker, D.L.; Philip Hollingsworth, S.; Squartini, A.; Peruffo, A.D.B.; Nuti, M.P.; Dazzo, F.B., 1995:
Direct in situ identification of cellulose microfibrils associated with Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar trifolii attached to the root epidermis of white clover

Healy, F.; Ray, R.; Aldrich, H.; Wilkie, A.; Ingram, L.; Shanmugam, K., 1995:
Direct isolation of functional genes encoding cellulases from the microbial consortia in a thermophilic, anaerobic digester maintained on lignocellulose

Su, Y.A.; Trent, J.M.; Guan, X.Y.; Meltzer, P.S., 1994:
Direct isolation of genes encoded within a homogeneously staining region by chromosome microdissection

Reader, S.M.; Abbo, S.; Purdie, K.A.; King, I.P.; Miller, T.E., 1994 :
Direct labelling of plant chromosomes by rapid in situ hybridization

Edwards, J.H., 1994:
Direct land application of waste paper

Kovacic, D., 1994:
Direct marketing of milk in Croatia

Pentz, W., 1994:
Direct marketing of table potatoes - a many sided business

Shingles, R.; McCarty, R.E., 1994:
Direct Measurement of ATP-Dependent Proton Concentration Changes and Characterization of a K+-Stimulated ATPase in Pea Chloroplast Inner Envelope Vesicles, D.; Srinivasan, R.; Stewart, P.S., 1994:
Direct measurement of chlorine penetration into biofilms during disinfection

Lopez, E.R.; Ferro, D.N.; Driesche, R.G. van, 1993:
Direct measurement of host and parasitoid recruitment for assessment of total losses due to parasitism in the Colorado potato beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Say) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) and Myiopharus doryphorae (Riley) (Diptera: Tachinidae)

Mcnaughton, K.G.; Green, S.R.; Black, T.A.; Tynan, B.R.; Edwards, W.R.N., 1992:
Direct measurement of net radiation and photosynthetically active radiation absorbed by a single tree

Fayolle, C., 1994:
Direct nitrogen measurement

Dumont, B.; Meuret, M.; Prud'hon, M., 1995:
Direct observation of biting for studying grazing behavior of goats and llamas on garrigue rangelands

Ruth, B., 1994:
Direct observation of herbicide action in algae using 10 micro s resolved chlorophyll fluorescence induction kinetics

Osterberg, R.; Mortensen, K.; Ikai, A., 1995:
Direct observation of humic acid clusters, a nonequilibrium system with a fractal structure

Koyama, H.; Toda, T.; Kojima, H.; Hara, T., 1995:
Direct observation of root-elongation of Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings grown in hydroponic culture

Moutoglis, P.; Klironomos, J.; Widden, P.; Kendrick, B., 1995:
Direct observation of spores of vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi growing on sugar maple roots in the field, using sodium hexametaphosphate as a soil dispersant

Goh, C.J.n; Nathan, M.J.; Kumar, P.P., 1995:
Direct organogenesis and induction of morphogenic callus through thin section culture of Heliconia psittacorum

Swanson, M.; Ivancic, W.; Saxena, A.; Allton, J.; O'-Brien, G., 1995:
Direct photolysis of fenpyroximate in a buffered aqueous solution under a xenon lamp

Burza, W.; Malepszy, S., 1995:
Direct plant regeneration from leaf explants in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) is free of stable genetic variation

Pieber, T.R.; Roitelman, J.; Lee, Y.; Luskey, K.L.; Stein, D.T., 1994:
Direct plasma radioimmunoassay for rat amylin-(1-37): concentrations with acquired and genetic obesity

Miceli, G.A.; Watkins, W.D.; Rippey, S.R., 1993:
Direct plating procedure for enumerating Vibrio vulnificus in oysters (Crassostrea virginica)

Wegmüller, B.; Lüthy, J.; Candrian, U., 1993:
Direct polymerase chain reaction detection of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli in raw milk and dairy products

Martin Delgado, M.M.; Torre, A.H. de la; Alvarez Marante, R., 1993:
Direct potentiometric determination of fluoride in beverages. Comparative study of different buffering solutions

Engel, L.; Baumann, W., 1994:
Direct potentiometric immunoelectrodes. IV. An immunoelectrode for the trace level determination of atrazine by separated incubation and potential measurement steps

Ikeda, H.; Takada, Y.; Pang, C.H.; Matsuzaki, K.; Tanaka, H.; Omura, S., 1995:
Direct production of 5-oxo derivatives of avermectins by a recombinant strain of Streptomyces avermitilis

Chen WenPin; D.C.ouXin; Liu TianYu; W.Q.nSheng; Liu DaJun, 1994:
Direct regeneration of plantlets and micropropagation by immature inflorescence culture in ryegrass

Leibovitch, M.P.; Solhonne, B.; Guillier, M.; Verrelle, P.; Leibovitch, S.A.; Verelle P [corrected to Verrelle, P.]., 1995:
Direct relationship between the expression of tumor suppressor H19 mRNA and c-mos proto-oncogene during myogenesis

Lukac Havranek, J.; Kovacic, D., 1994:
Direct sales of milk in Croatia

Eggelston, C.M., 1993:
Direct scanning tunneling microscope (STM) observation of Cr(III) complexes on hematite (001) surfaces

Groot, A.; Adams, M.J., 1994:
Direct seeding black spruce on peatlands: fifth-year results

Sun, D.; Dickinson, G.R.; Bragg, A.L., 1995:
Direct seeding of Alphitonia petriei (Rhamnaceae) for gully revegetation in tropical northern Australia

Rioux, Romain, 1994:
Direct seeding of alfalfa in grain stubble and bromegrass sod

Fleming, R.L.; Mossa, D.S., 1994:
Direct seeding of black spruce in northwestern Ontario: seedbed relationships

Fleming, R.L.; Mossa, D.S., 1995:
Direct seeding of black spruce in northwestern Ontario: temporal changes in seedbed coverage and receptivity

Fowler, J.L.; Tinguely, R.C., 1993:
Direct seeding of guayule as influenced by polyacrylamide soil conditioner, bed shape and seed cover

Foletti, C., 1994:
Direct seeding of live barriers in Chinandega-Norte, Nicaragua

Pigott, J.P.; Brown, P.H.; Williams, M.R., 1994:
Direct seeding trees on farmland in the Western Australian wheatbelt

Tebrugge, F.; Bohrnsen, A., 1995:
Direct seeding. Effects on soil ecology factors and economics

Sedlacek, Z.; Konecki, D.S.; Siebenhaar, R.; Kioschis, P.; Poustka, A., 1993:
Direct selection of DNA sequences conserved between species

Khorana, S.; Gagel, R.F.; Cote, G.J., 1994:
Direct sequencing of PCR products in agarose gel slices

Chikuni, K.; Tabata, T.; Monma, M.; Saito, M., 1994:
Direct sequencing of the promoter region of growth hormone gene from Artiodactyla

Sarul, P.; Vlahova, M.; Ivanova, A.; Atanassov, A., 1995:
Direct shoot formation in spontaneously occurring root pseudonodules of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)

Sueishi, M.; Tanimoto, S., 1994:
Direct somatic embryogenesis in carrot seedlings

Parent, G.; Tessier, S.; Allard, G.; Angers, D.A., 1995:
Direct sowing of forage plants in Quebec: a review

Kovacic, J., 1981:
Direct strengthening of the productivity of private forests

Ooe, M.; Yamamoto, M.; Takagi, M.; Suzuki, T., 1993:
Direct transfer of frozen-thawed bovine embryos derived from in vivo or in vitro fertilization using ethylene glycol

Soengas, J.L.; Fuentes, J.; Andrés, M.D.; Aldegunde, M., 1994:
Direct transfer of rainbow trout to seawater induces several changes in kidney carbohydrate metabolism

Pistorio, M.; Curutchet, G.; Donati, E.; Tedesco, P., 1994:
Direct zinc sulphide bioleaching by Thiobacillus ferrooxidans and Thiobacillus thiooxidans

Janardan Singh; Sharma, H.L.; Singh, C.M., 1994:
Direct, residual and cumulative effects of potassium fertilization in rice (Oryza sativa)-wheat (Triticum aestivum) cropping system

Kerfoot, W.B., 1992:
Direct-reading soil gas flowmeters

Smith, T.P.L.; Rohrer, G.A.; Alexander, L.J.; Troyer, D.L.; Kirby Dobbels, R.; Janzen, M.A.; Cornwell, D.L.; Louis, C.F.; Schook, L.B.; Beattie, C.W., 1995:
Directed integration of the physical and genetic linkage maps of swine chromosome 7 reveals that the SLA spans the centromere

Hong, Y.S.; Ma, G.T.; Ives, D.H., 1995:
Directed mutagenesis of deoxyguanosine site at arginine 79 up-regulates turnover on deoxyadenosine kinase subunit of heterodimeric enzyme from Lactobacillus acidophilus R26

Symonds, N., 1994:
Directed mutation: a current perspective

Tong, P.Y., 1994:
Direction of research on sciences of farming and cultivation for agricultural crops

Landolfa, M.; Jacobs, G., 1995:
Direction sensitivity of the filiform hair population of the cricket cercal system

Cierniewski, J.; Verbrugghe, M.; Biabousz, S.; Chmiel, J., 1995:
Directional character of soil surface reflectance in the visible and near-infrared range

Heide Spravka, K.G. von der; Watson, G.W., 1992:
Directional differences in little-leaf linden (Tilia cordata Mill.) crown development

Russo, D.C.; Grab, D.J.; Lonsdale-Eccles, J.D.; Shaw, M.K.; Williams, D.J., 1993:
Directional movement of variable surface glycoprotein-antibody complexes in Trypanosoma brucei

Michelsen; Rohrseitz, 1995:
Directional sound processing and interaural sound transmission in a small and a large grasshopper

Klepack, B.; Stanko, S., 1995:
Directions and conditions of the agriculture and rural regions of Poland: readjustment to challenges of the market economy

Rosowsky, D.; Fridley, K., 1995:
Directions for duration-of-load research

Van Lill, D.; Purchase, J.L., 1995:
Directions in breeding for winter wheat yield and quality in South Africa from 1930 to 1990

Borojevic, S.; Ivanovic, M.; Skoric, D.; Dokic, P.; orevic, S., 1994:
Directions of change in plant breeding today

Ignacio Ballaster, J., 1993:
Directive EEC 92/46 as applied to equipment for heat treatment

Wagner, M., 1992:
Directives for the design of a trickle irrigation system in the Taiguaiguay Valleys

Delgado Zamarreno, M.M.; Sanchez Perez, A.; Gomez Perez, M.C.; Hernandez Mendez, J., 1995:
Directly coupled sample treatment-high-performance liquid chromatography for on-line automatic determination of liposoluble vitamins in milk

Anonymous, 1993:
Directory of accredited laboratories

Anonymous, 1995:
Directory of bag and bagging machinery suppliers

Anonymous, 1994:
Directory of biotechnology. ASEAN-Australia Biotechnology Project June 1994

Anonymous, 1994:
Directory of bulk materials handling equipment suppliers

Anonymous, 1994:
Directory of fertilizer traders

Anonymous, 1995:
Directory of forestry research organizations 1995

Anonymous, 1994:
Directory of landfill technology and organic waste treatment 1994/1995

Anonymous, 1995:
Directory of national focal points for the advancement of women in Asia and the Pacific

Anonymous, 1994:
Directory of shipbrokers 1994

Anonymous, 1993:
Directory of training specialists in agricultural information

Lavoie, J.C.; Saint Laurent, A., 1995:
Directory of wood converting factories: Lower St. Lawrence

Hubert, M., 1994:
Directory. French development research databases: an overview

Comiskey, N.; Wesson, D.M., 1995:
Dirofilaria (Filarioidea: Onchocercidae) infection in Aedes albopictus (Diptera: Culicidae) collected in Louisiana

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Dirofilariasis in Kuwait: first report of human infection due to Dirofilaria repens in the Arabian Gulf

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Dirofilariasis: an uncommon parasitosis of the eye

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Dirofilariosis in a dog - case report

Muloin, S.; Clarke, F. et al., 1993:
Disability and leisure

Daniels, C.W.; Belosevic, M., 1995:
Disaccharidase activity in male and female C57BL/6 mice infected with Giardia muris

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Disaccharidase deficiencies in Mongolian gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus) protected against Giardia lamblia

Glasbey C.A.; Cooper G.; McGechan M.B., 1995:
Disaggregation of daily rainfall by conditional simulation from a point-process model

Karczewski, J.; Endris, R.; Connolly, T.M., 1994:
Disagregin is a fibrinogen receptor antagonist lacking the Arg-Gly-Asp sequence from the tick, Ornithodoros moubata

Yenish, J.P.; Worsham, A.D.; Chilton, W.S., 1995:
Disappearance of DIBOA-glucoside, DIBOA, and BOA from rye (Secale cereale L.) cover crop residue

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Disappearance of carbosulfan residues in peaches

Yamashita, N.; Hayakawa, H., 1992 :
Disappearance of cow dung and associated coleopteran fauna succession in pasture

Dabrowska, E.; Gowacka, B., 1993:
Disappearance of deltamethrin from pine stands

Nakayama, K.; Nakayama, K.; Negishi, I.; Kuida, K.; Shinkai, Y.; Louie, M.C.; Fields, L.E.; Lucas, P.J.; Stewart, V.; Alt, F.W., 1993:
Disappearance of the lymphoid system in Bcl-2 homozygous mutant chimeric mice

Drabek, Te, 1995:
Disaster planning and response by tourist business executives

Schell, B., 1994:
Disaster relief and what it is to be understood to include

Andrecs, P., 1994:
Disasters in torrent catchments in Austria, 1990 and 1991

Gilbert, D., 1994:
Disbursed costs are the lowest in Quebec

Anonymous, 1994:
Disc filter screens assist sugar production

Aldosari, M.N.; Alhozab, A.A.; Hmeidan, M.; Alothaymeen, I., 1995:
Discarded dates and wheat straw as ingredients in the rations of growing sheep

Anonymous, 1995:
Discerning detection

Tokuda, M.; Namikawa, K., 1995:
Discernment of watermelon fruits using image processing

Anonymous, 1993:
Discharges of waste under the EC titanium dioxide directives

Montgomery, R., 1995:
Disciplining or protecting the poor? avoiding the social costs of peer pressure in solidarity group micro-credit schemes

Braun, P.J.; Pereira, E.E., 1994:
Discocactus crassispinus Braun et Esteves - a new species of Cactaceae from Goias, central Brazil

Azmi, M.I.; Ahmad, S.T., 1993:
Discolaimium rakebi n. sp. and Thorenema punjabsinghi n. sp. from Jhansi, India

Simon, J.; Cunderlik, I.; Matyas, P., 1992:
Discoloration of beech bark as a consequence of immissions

James, J.M.; Williams, S.D.; Osborn, L.M., 1993:
Discontinuation of breast-feeding infrequent among jaundiced neonates treated at home

Knowles, J.B.; Gilmore, N., 1994:
Discontinuation of total parenteral nutrition in a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome: a Canadian perspective

Feingold, K.R.; Pollock, A.S.; Moser, A.H.; Shigenaga, J.K.; Grunfeld, C., 1995:
Discordant regulation of proteins of cholesterol metabolism during the acute phase response

Holecy, J., 1994:
Discount rates for non-wood benefits of forestry projects in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

Brennan, T.J., 1995:
Discounting the future: economics and ethics

Cristofaro, A.; Sotte, F.; Mazzini, A.; Tonnarelli, M., 1994:
Discounts on fuels for agricultural use

Webb, M., 1994:
Discovering dracuvallias

Savioz, A.; Davies, R.W., 1995:
Discovering genes with localised expression in the mouse brain: cDNAs specific to the substantia nigra

Tutwiler, R.N., 1995:
Discovering the quality incentive for increasing durum production in West Asia and North Africa

Walt, J.J.A. van der, 1993:
Discovering the world of pelargoniums

Glen, D.M.; Wilson, M.J.; Pearce, J.D.; Rodgers, P.B., 1994:
Discovery and investigation of a novel nematode parasite for biological control of slugs

Wani, M.C.; Wall, M.E., 1994:
Discovery and preclinical development of paclitaxel

Katsiotis, A.; Forsberg, R.A., 1995:
Discovery of 2n gametes in tetraploid oat Avena vaviloviana

Levy, A.; Lafaurie, C., 1994:
Discovery of Scirrhia acicola. A new foliar pathogen on pine trees attenuata x radiata in the Aquitaine region

Ma, G.R.; Liu, Y.B.; Gai, J.Y., 1994:
Discovery of a cytoplasmically inherited virescent mutant of soyabean

Yin ChihMing; Zou BaiXiang; L.M.iFang; Stoffolano, J.G.J., 1994:
Discovery of a midgut peptide hormone which activates the endocrine cascade leading to oogenesis in Phormia regina (Meigen)

Travassos Santos Dias, J.A., 1994:
Discovery of a new species of the genus Tabanus Linnaeus, 1758 (Diptera - Tabanidae) for the fauna of Angola

Gladyshev, A.I., 1991:
Discovery of a unique example of Glycyrrhiza glabra L. root in the flood plain of the river Amudarya

Maupin, G.O.; Gage, K.L.; Piesman, J.; Montenieri, J.; Sviat, S.L.; VanderZanden, L.; Happ, C.M.; Dolan, M.; Johnson, B.J., 1994:
Discovery of an enzootic cycle of Borrelia burgdorferi in Neotoma mexicana and Ixodes spinipalpis from northern Colorado, an area where Lyme disease is nonendemic

Ciotola, M.; Watson, A.K.; Hallett, S.G., 1995:
Discovery of an isolate of Fusarium oxysporum with potential to control Striga hermonthica in Africa

Shang, H.S.; Cui, T.J., 1994:
Discovery of autofluorescence in Plasmopara halstedii

Denell, R., 1994:
Discovery of genetic definition of the Drosophila antennapedia complex

Gast, R.J.; Fuerst, P.A.; Byers, T.J., 1994:
Discovery of group I introns in the nuclear small subunit ribosomal RNA genes of Acanthamoeba

Wang JunMing; Shen SongLing, 1990:
Discovery of male of Lasiohelea lushana Yu et Wang 1982 (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)

Ghosh, L.K.; Verma, K.D., 1990 :
Discovery of sexual female of Myzus persicae (Sulzer) (Homoptera: Aphididae) with redescription of its alate male in India

Nault, A.; Dumont, S., 1994:
Discovery of the association between Eupithecia borealis (Hulst) (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) and its host plant in Quebec, the wild leek (Allium tricoccum Ait., Liliaceae)

Evans, Gregory A., 1995:
Discovery of the male of Ageniaspis citricola (Hymenoptera: Encyrtidae), parasitoid of the citrus leafminer Phyllocnistis citrella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae)

Davino, M.; Urso, F. d' ; Carbone, M., 1993:
Discovery of tomato spotted wilt tospovirus (TSWV) on periwinkle in Sicily

Colombo, A.L.; McGough, D.A.; Rinaldi, M.G., 1994:
Discrepancies between MIC and MLC values of amphotericin B against isolates of Aspergillus species

Muylle, S.; Simoens, P., 1994:
Discrepancy between Belgian meat inspection legislation and the anatomy of nuchal lymph nodes in horses

Olsson, K.; Hossaini-Hilali, J.; Cvek, K., 1994:
Discrepant effects of angiotensin II and phenylephrine on plasma volume in conscious goats

Morley, C.L., 1995:
Discrete choice analysis of the impact of tourism prices

Li, C.Z.; Mattson, L., 1995:
Discrete choice under preference uncertainty: an improved structural model for contingent valuation

Li, C.Z.; Mattson, L., 1992:
Discrete choice versus open-ended contingent valuation methods - disparity and integration

Leij, F.J.; Toride, N., 1995:
Discrete time- and length-averaged solutions of the advection-dispersion equation

Anandarajah, A., 1994:
Discrete-element method for simulating behaviour of cohesive soil

D.V.sconcelos, M.J.P.restrello; Zeigler, B.P., 1993:
Discrete-event simulation of forest landscape response to fire disturbances

Spakulova, Marta, 1994:
Discriminant analysis as a method for the numerical evaluation of taxonomic characters in male trichurid nematodes

Maffei, M., 1994:
Discriminant analysis of leaf wax alkanes in the Lamiaceae and four other plant families

Arene, C.J., 1994:
Discriminant analysis of small-holder farmer adoption potentials and the prediction of extension cost in Nigeria: a comparative enterprise perspective

Huang, Q.; Wang, X.; Liao, Y.; Kong, L.; Han, S.; Wang, L., 1995:
Discriminant analysis of the relationship between genotoxicity and molecular structure of organochlorine compounds

Giurfa, M., 1994:
Discriminating rewarding from unrewarding flowers by the honey bee: the repellent scent mark as a foraging tool

Newell, S.; Ward, A.; Graham, C., 1994:
Discriminating translation of insulin-like growth factor-II (IGF-II) during mouse embryogenesis

Tagliavini, J.; Harrison, I.J.; Gandolfi, G., 1995:
Discrimination between Anguilla anguilla and A. rostrata by polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis

Bishop, R.P.; Sohanpal, B.K.; Morzaria, S.P.; Dolan, T.T.; Mwakima, F.N.; Young, A.S., 1994:
Discrimination between Theileria parva and T. taurotragi in the salivary glands of Rhipicephalus appendiculatus ticks using oligonucleotides homologous to ribosomal RNA sequences

Overdijk, B.; Van Steijn, G.J., 1995:
Discrimination between chitinase and chitobiase activities in Candida albicans

Watts, N.S.ngh, R., 1994:
Discrimination between common and necrotic strains of potato virus Y by denaturing isoelectric focusing

Maclauchlan, L.E.; Borden, J.H., 1995:
Discrimination between pine shoots with and without oviposition by Pissodes terminalis Hopping (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Pardo, A.; Suso, M.L.; Echavarri, F.; Lomas, A., 1993:
Discrimination between sweet peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) and weeds by means of reflectance techniques

E.B.ghdadi, M.; Suliman, O., 1995:
Discrimination in international trade: against developing countries?

Sappington, B.F.; Goldman, L., 1994:
Discrimination learning and concept formation in the Arabian horse

Cupolillo, E.; Grimaldi, G.; Momen, H., 1995:
Discrimination of Leishmania isolates using a limited set of enzymatic loci

Franklin, S.E.; Bowers, W.W.; Ghitter, G., 1995:
Discrimination of adelgid-damage on single balsam fir trees with aerial remote sensing data

Mayer, MS.; McLaughlin, JR., 1991:
Discrimination of female sex pheromone by male Trichoplusia ni (Hubner)

Ishiguro, E.; Ogawa, Y.; Miyazato, M.; Chen JieYu, 1994:
Discrimination of frost damaged tea fields using Landsat-5/TM data

Zelles, L.; Rackwitz, R.; Bai, Q.Y.; Beck, T.; Beese, F., 1995:
Discrimination of microbial diversity by fatty acid profiles of phospholipids and lipopolysaccharides in differently cultivated soils

Kirchner, W.H.; Gadagkar, R., 1994:
Discrimination of nestmate workers and drones in honeybees

Yamazaki, K.; Beauchamp, G.K.; Shen, F.W.; Bard, J.; Boyse, E.A., 1994:
Discrimination of odortypes determined by the major histocompatibility complex among outbred mice

Wadhams, L.J.; Blight, M.M.; Kerguelen, V.; Metayer, M. le; Marion Poll, F.; Masson, C.; Pham Deleue, M.H.; Woodcock, C.M., 1994:
Discrimination of oilseed rape volatiles by honey bee: novel combined gas chromatographic-electrographic-electrophysiological behavioral assay

Hunter, P.R., 1995:
Discrimination of strains of Candida albicans isolated from deep and superficial sites by resistotyping

Es' kov, E.K., 1993:
Discrimination of the native and introduced breed by the honey bee family

Miyazato, M.; Chen JieYu; Ishiguro, E.; Nanba, N., 1994:
Discrimination of watermelon inner quality to be fixed by means of the vibration response properties - relationship between the power spectrum of curve suited to the auto-correlation function peak points and inner quality

Agoze, M.M.E.; Rousse, D., 1987:
Discriminative ability of the solitary ectoparasitoid Bruchocida vuilleti (Crawford) Hymenoptera: Eupelmidae

Yubedee, A.G.; Arinze, A.E., 1994:
Discriminatory adsorption of polygalacturonases of two isolates of Fusarium moniliforme on plant tissues and the effect on the host range of fungal isolates

Kubera, J., 1994:
Discursive model of construction procedure protecting agricultural machinery against corrosion

Callens, D.; Bulcke, R., 1994:
Discussion of results obtained by the Centre for Weed Research (Gent) in the cropping year 1992-1993

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Discussion of statistical indicators in factorial experiments in fruit growing. I. Analysis and discussion of interaction effects

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